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Hungarian Grand Prix: Who was your driver of the day the Hungaroring?
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Aug 2011   |  8:37 am GMT  |  154 comments

Changeable conditions ensured a thrilling fight for victory with some standout performances all the way down the field at the Hungaroring.

So who did you think was the outstanding driver?

Jenson Button

Qualified third in one of his best performances of the season and made a clean getaway at the start to maintain position. As has been the case in other races with changeable conditions, Button looked after his tyres and made the right calls. Was faster on softs than Hamilton on suoersofts. Enjoyed a great wheel to wheel battle with his team-mate but his decision not to pit for intermediates late on, unlike Hamilton and Alonso, proved inspired and ensured a comfortable victory. It was his second win of the season and the perfect way to mark his 200th grand prix start.

Sebastian Vettel

Looked out of sorts in Friday practice, but bounced back to form with pole position – his eighth of the season – after his team used one of their four jokers to break the curfew and work through the night on Friday. Made a clean getaway but was no match for Hamilton who passed him on lap five. From then on drove a controlled race to finish second, his tenth top two finish this season, and extend his lead at the top of the championship to 85 points over teammate Webber.

Fernando Alonso

Was outqualified by team-mate Massa for the first time this season and started fifth. A poor start saw both Mercedes of Rosberg and Schumacher pass the Spaniard. He passed both of them, but mistakes saw him lose those places before getting them back. Decided on an aggressive strategy which saw him cross the line in third – his fourth straight podium finish. He is the driver who has scored the most points in July.

Lewis Hamilton

A couple of mistakes on his final flying lap in qualifying cost him pole but second was impressive nonetheless. Held off a challenge from team-mate Button at the start and then forced Vettel into a mistake to take the lead on lap five. Drove well at the front, but a decision to move onto the super soft tyres, rather than the softs like his rivals, meant he’d have to make an extra pit stop. Another bad decision to change to intermediates as the rain started to ease off, coupled with a drive-through penalty dropped him down the field, but he battled back impressively to finish fourth.

Paul di Resta

Scored points in the opening two races but has since failed to finish in the top 10 in the following eight races. Was outqualified by team-mate Sutil but drove well in the changeable conditions and won a tight midfield battle with the Toro Rossos, Kamui Kobayashi and Nico Rosberg to claim seventh – the best result of his career. Also did well to avoid Hamilton when the McLaren driver spun his car forcing di Resta to take to the grass.

Sebastien Buemi

A miserable qualifying, which saw him get knocked out of Q3, was made worse by a five-place grid penalty for his incident with Heidfeld in Germany. Starting one place from the back, the Toro Rosso driver fought through the field in arguably one of the best drives of his career. The team made changes to the car as the track started to dry out which alleviated his understeer and the Swiss driver went on to finish eighth in the team’s 100th grand prix.

Jaime Alguersuari

Qualified an unspectacular 16th but made a few positions at the start and managed his strategy in the changeable conditions. Enjoyed a good battle with Rosberg, Kobayashi and team-mate Buemi and clashed with Kobayashi late on which cost him a position or two. Nonetheless, scored his fourth points finish of the season to give the team a double points finish in their 100th grand prix.

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It has to be Jenson but I would like to point out how good the overall driving was by everyone, especially in the first few laps. You could see very twitchy cars battling for positions in very difficult conditions and to have no safety car for the whole race was a credit to the whole field.


Just on the "no safety car" comment. Did anyone think it was odd that there wasn't a safety car for Heidfeld's explosion at the end of the pit lane? I thought it was particularly odd when they moved the car the wrong way up the pit lane as Vettel was exiting.

I should point out that I only managed to see the highlights as my 2 year old didn't fancy staying in to watch the race. Might have seemed less dramatic mid race.


Agreed. It was a very high standard of driving by all.

Well deserved victory for JB.


When you look at it, Mclaren had the best car and the two fastest drivers on the day but they were actually lucky to win this race. That's just how rubbish they are at strategy calls.

They were lucky to win because if Jenson had been in front of Lewis at the end of that lap when Lewis came in for the inters, he would have ended up on inters instead of Lewis and race ruined just like Lewis. Had that happened, they would have probably not put Inters on Lewis (as it stopped raining next lap) but his goose had been cooked already.

Mclaren lucked into screwing the same guy twice rather than screwing both of them.They came within a whisker of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and finish 4th and 5th or worse in a race they should have got an easy 1-2. Even as they celebrated, this must have been playing on the back of their minds.

What I want to know is, how does Mclren make such a blunder, putting Lewis on the wrong tyre (the super-soft) at the third pit stop. Hamilton was in front with a healthy margin over the Red Bulls and Ferrari at that stage so the team should not have been taking risks with him. All they had to do was wait, pit him last by which time they would have known what tyres everybody else was on.

Pitting first and using the undercut works in the first one or two pit stops, but when when it comes to the later pit stops it does not. If you have a healthy lead in front you don't need to be the one pitting first or making a risky gample. All Mclaren needed to do was wait and see what the other's do and cover them. They did it with Jenson, why not with Lewis.

I remember just before they pitted Lewis, Ted Kravitz was saying that Mclaren were going to keep it fluid and see what the others do because they felt Lewis still had 4 or so laps left in those tyres so why did he pit before Vettel and Jenson?

I am a huge Mclaren fan, but at times it feels likes supporting Arsenal, another of my teams, apparently a bunch of chokers who are better at loosing than winning.


Jenson said a few times that he would not have pitted for inters so if he was in front of Lewis his race would not have been ruined.


In other wordes you are saying Jenson would have saved the day by ignoring a team call. Still proves my point doesn't it? Mclaren were well on cause to mess it all up until Jenson chose to ignore them.

Too many bad calls from the pits for Mclaren I am afraid, that's just fact.


Yeah,Jenson with the aid of team McLaren to take it away from the fastest man out there.

Great tyre call for Lewis Martin.


Hamilton made his own calls during the race, this was mention in the coverage and probably explains why he looked a bit sheepish and embarrassed talking to Lee in the Pen. He new he'd thrown the win away with bad calls and mistakes on track. Also, the fact that Button went quicker on the Softs than Ham could manage on the Super Softs kinda says it all really too. He was outgunned fair and square today, accept it. Even Hamilton can't be expected to win them all.


The fastest man out there was also using his tyres up the fastest.... He was not the fastest man on the super softs when Button was on his well managed stint on the softs was he? It is fine being fast on a lap or a burst but it is a 70 lap race and Button was the fastest man over 70 laps.


+1 i'm no longer fan of this team.Somehow bad calls always cost lewis in favour of button.whitmarsh's interview after the end said pretty much everything.Button is nowhere near Lewis as we saw until pit decisions came into play.


JB, strategy and control are also skills.

Apart from the spin and the tyre call which like Jenson he could have contested, he did drive an excellent race taking Webber and Massa in unusual overtaking slots.

Lewis's downfall IMO is his outright speed. He sets his sites on his objective and doesn't consider the consequences. I watched the live timing on the official formulaone website and like clockwork Lewis's tyres dropped at the same point and Button started to reel him in.

If Lewis could manage his tyres better and see the overall race rather than just racing by the lap we would see an even greater racer than we already have. He isn't ready to take that crown just yet even though he is one of the two best drivers currently in F1. I have no qualms as Button fan saying Button isn't the other one.


Would the other one be Alonso? I saw an article saying that they (Lewis and Fernando) hugged at Jenson's 200th Party. Lots of comments of "Oh so they're friends now, or is it an act". I suspect that they have mutual respect for each other. They're both aggressive, win at all cost, drivers and I think that's what makes them great to watch. Like a pack of Lions you can't have two alpha males in the same pack, so it'd never work with them together and I think they realise that, but also admire each other's skill (when they're not getting in each other's way).


Did martin also spin Lewis car? I'm a mcLaren fan, but cant believe how if Lewis wins people say its all him, and if he loses its all the team.

Whatever happened to winning and losing as a team?


If I were LH, I'd not be proud of many of my supporters. I'd want supporters who allowed room for others to exist. Why supporters act so blindly is interesting and nothing to do with LH. I think it says more about what they personally lack and need than anything to do with LH who at least gives credit where it is due... "The best man won today" (clue: not a wedding).


Agreed completely. The first half dozen laps were incredible with the lack of grip. The aerial views gave a great view of the cars and the difficulty. The drivers, all of them have worked for their pay over this and GB race. Well done for no SC's and only minor tangles


button just covered vettel when changed to softs. he didn't care to win, he just maked sure not to lose second. however that was the key decision. if button would have changed first to softs than it would have been the fabulous drive every one is pretending.


That was going to me my comment too, I was waiting for a few coming togethers, but thankfully we got to see some great scraps instead!


Ditto for me too. That safety car doesn't get much running thiese days unless its tipping it down!


Oh yes, wasn't it a joy to behold seeing all that horsepower throwing the cars into and out of the corners sideways. Astounding driving by all of them from the front to the back of the field!

Were it not for the spin (which he could probably do nothing about as he was the first to hit the rain shower)I would have said Hamilton drove at least as well as Button this race. But driver of the day must include strategy calls, in which case Hamilton blew it and Jenson was supreme again.

JB has to start winning in normal dry conditions though before he develops a reputation as a driver who can only win when it's rains!


Lets not forget that Lewis spun as well. So it wasnt just about strategy calls.

Jenson mentioned on BBC that he'd been asked to pit as well, but he wasnt going to. In the end McL told him not to so he didnt pit.


He already did it in Brawn - and is there a need to "develop a reputation" from a driver who already has WDC in his bag AND 200 GP starts? I guess it's rather a matter of you admitting his racecraft or not 🙂


I guess that after 2010 and first half od 2011 he already proved that he can be a match for Lewis. By the way, where do you think is the moment when a driver doesn't have to prove himself against the others, if it isn't winning the title after years of underdogging?


His drive with Brawn was under different circumstances and during a different phase of his career and with a car that was miles ahead of the competition for over half the season. He stopped winning routinely when it wasn;t so far ahead. I'm not knocking JB, I'm a new convert, but I am talking about in this phase of his career up against hamilton rather than Barrichelo.


Buemi has to be driver of the day! he started 18th finished 8th, exactly what he said during the race build up, the other driver of the day who gets no mention is Ricciardo!


Surprised there was no mention of Buemi's magnificent start in this post! He made up a full 9 places on the opening lap alone!!


It has to be Buemi for me. To come from 23rd must of been a great drive, sadly we didn't see much of it.


Unoc12, you're dreaming. Button went faster on the Softs than Hamilton could manage on the Supersofts.

Also, I counted 4 mistakes from Hamilton during the race. His call to stay on a third Set of Super softs which would never have got him to the end of the race, his spin on those tyres, his decision to do a donut into oncoming traffic and his decision to switch to Inters. He's supremely quick but the team made it clear during the race that the tyre choices had been his call. Strategy is his weak point. If it's sunny and he's got a quick car he brings the win home but when he has to use his noggin he comes up wanting.

Hamilton had no speed advantage over button this weekend, it was Button's ability to exercise a little circumspection and not shred his tyres that netted him the win. The minute Hamilton took the 3rd set of Super softs it was Buttons race to lose.


That's the interesting aspect to the whole BBC/Sky deal and sponsorship. We really didn't see Buemi much on the live programme so how much airtime would he get on a highlights programme?

Sponsors will note that the live audience in the UK on Sky will be a fraction of what it would be on the BBC (10-20%?).

If those sponsors are working with a mid-table or lower team their UK tv exposure will be negligible unless the car is involved in an incident. Where is the incentive to sponsor especially if your primary market is the UK?



I can't see how it should be Hamilton. Hamilton made 1 mistake (for which he scored a penalty). But absolutely destroyed Button in pace and overtaking.

The result was determined by stratergy.

That is why Vettel ended up 2nd, because Alonso went through the pits 4 times to Vettel and Button's 3.

Webber went through 6 times I think. Hamilton as well!

It's was Hamilton's to lose, and his race engineer lost it for him.

Hence I see Hamilton as doing slightly better than Button and Webber and Vettel as not much between them due to different stratergy LUCK.

Buemi for Drive of the day. Alonso for driver of the season. He may not have the points of Vettel but in a much worse car (almost always 3rd best and even was lapped in Spain), he has scored more in July than anyone else as JA says above and has been continuosly on the podiums bar the one DNF in Canada (when he was taken out by winning driver Button).


Interesting that Sebastian had featured in 9 of the 11 'drive of the day' top five slots and not once has he got the most votes. I think people need to come to terms with his consistency and matured head above his shoulders which dish out performances week in week out. One glitch from him and the swords will be out. Yes he has beaten Hamilton and will beat him again and will dethrone Fernando from the "youngest double wdc" mantle as well. Yet, he has not impressed some! Amusing really!

Meanwhile, I will give this one to Jenson. Took the fight to his teammate and correctly ignored the call to put inters. He has got this amazing feel of grip level and a smooth driving style, a perfect recipe for triumphs in changing conditions. That said, McLaren is more than handy in the wets and they have won three of the four cold races so far. Alonso was just picking up pieces while Vettel calmly extended his lead. Beat that he says!


If the question had been 'Quali of day' there is no doubt SV would have won EACH of the 11 times. The question has always been 'DRIVE' of the day and, sadly, Seb hasn't been the 'driver of the day' on ANY of those days.


Part of the problem is that modern formula one is played out on our television sets and so we like to watch 'entertaining' drivers. The Hamiltons/Kobayashis of this world light up our screens with their do, or die attitude. Sebastian is just too consistent. On the road I'd argue that Alonso would be similar (if he were in the same car), but at least he has the Latin temperament to balance things (televisually). The problem with Sebastian is that he is mister consistent both on the road and off. Of all the racers I'd bet he (and Button) would be the nicest to chat with, but he needs to make the occasional mistake, then force his way back past people to grow in my estimation.


Define 'Modern' it was that way in the 80's as well.

Everyone remembers and classes Senna as sooooo much better than Prost. Senna being the greatest of all time and Prost being the guy most can't remember.

Yet Prost wont 4 WDC's, beat Senna in the same car and had some great races between the two.

Senna is great to watch and entertaining, Prost is more technical and genius like rather than prodigy child. Everyone likes one and fins the other boring.


I think we're in agreement that the more exciting drivers are the ones we remember more. By 'modern' I was excluding the era before live TV broadcasts. Saying this, in UK at least, people like Stirling Moss are held in high regard and he never won a world Championship, so perhaps it has always been this way?

Oh and I should add Kovalainen to my list of drivers who lack the killer instinct, but who would be nice to chat with.


The fact is these sites are full of Hamilton and Alonso fans who will never ever vote for Vettel even if their life depended on it.

Just look at the amount of people who voted for Hamilton as driver of the day for proof.

Most times these polls are popularity contests, not who really did the best job or this poll would have gone to Buemi, easily. Like the last one would have gone to Kobayashi easily (as a few more races where he did the best job with his machinery). But James didn't even mention him.


In your opinion, you mean.


That is an excellent point you make KK,I have ignored SV's results for too long myself being a Lewis fan but I have to admit Seb V's got the right stuff alright.He deserves the WDC with ease this year,Mr consistent is Mr Vettel.


vettel has the best car by far, but in the last 3 races has been pwned by LH and JB, not exactly convincing unless you wish to see it that way....

yes, he is very good and consistent at quali, truly impressive, but SV is clearly not even the 5th best racer in F1.

Impressive work from Diresta and Buemi, Ricciardo too, as well as the whole field as others have said.


Sometimes thats all a championship leader like Vettel needs to do to win the championship. If he was being very agressive and making costly mistakes that result in him retiring from races , people would be calling him impestous, careless, not focused on winning the championship and so forth.


"Best car by far" is an opinion only, one that I don't buy into.

There has been a great demonstration of herd mentality by many assuming that if Vettel is winning a lot of races, it must all be down to the car. I think Webber's performances give lie to that.

Yes, the Red Bull is a very good car, especially in qualifying, but not the "best by far".


Webber's performances are due to 2 things

1) Reliabilty, Australia, Malaysia, China and Canada all featured a chassis problems throughout the weekend (quali and race), KERS problems during quali and/or KERS problems at the start of the race. COmbined with Valencia nursing his gearbox home rather than racing, amongst other issues it's not hard to see what he hasn't had results. It's one thing for Vettel to fly away from pole in a race, and then possibly have a problem with his radio or something 15 seconds infront of anyone else, it's another to be passed by 10 cars in 1 lap or to start down in 18th.

2) It's Webber. He's 30-something, he was never called the greatest thing since Senna, people don't go around saying 'oh, if we had Kimi Raikkonen, Schumacher, Alonso or Webber then we would have won'... It's Webber who Vettel is barely beating in quali last year and now that Webber has got with his tyres, is hardly beating this year. Silverstone Webber > Vettel, Canada Webber (+ .4+ seconds due to KERS) > Vettel, Germany Webber > Vettel in quali.

Alonso beat guys who were classed as giant killers like Trulli and Fisi (back 7 years ago). Hamilton has gone up against double WDC Alonso and WDC Button. Vettel has gone up against 1) A guy that was dumped from a jr team in F1 and 2) A guy who was never brilliant and is now aging.

I don't think people will happily accept Vettel as being that brilliant until he beats someone in equal machinery who we know to be a top class driver or top class driver destroyer. Someone who people can rate others against.

That and the RBR6/7 are the fastest things since the MP4/4.

Vettel wins from the front, however if you put someone in front of him no matter how slow then he can' overtake. Silverstone, Spa, Singapore and Turkey were examples of this last year. Germany this year.

Raikkonen has amongst other race Suzuka 05, Hamilton has driven through the field on several occasions, Alonso has the whole of the lsat half of last year despite being in the 3rd best car, 2nd best at a few tracks.

Vettel hasn't had any races were you think 'wow, how they hell did he do that' or anything were you think 'ofcrouse he will get through the field'... just if hes infront he will go fast if he isn't he wont.


Unnecessarily harsh. You often think that about his qualifying laps for a start, like last weekend. And his judgement in races like last few laps in Spain etc was exceptional. IT's very tight in F1 at the moment with many variables from strategy and conditions and his results are what they are. He deserves some respect for that


Alan that's rubbish. The Hungaroring is all about downforce, and had McLaren's driver not cocked up their qualifying laps they both would have beaten Vettel as the McLaren had more pace, wet or dry. The fact is Lewis and Jenson didn't extract 100% on Saturday. Vettel did, and that can cloud who has a fast car. Look at Webber though, his performances give a better overview of the RBR pace.

KK makes very very valid points.

I'd actually argue that perhaps what we've seen in the early stages of his season is Vettel consistently outperforming his machinery. Only in Nurburgring have we seen Seb struggle, but 4th place on a bad day is still credible.

With Spa and Monza coming up I think we'll see the 3rd and 4th races in a row where RBR don't have the fastest car. I also expect Ferrari to be faster than RBR at both of these circuits.

Vettel is proving he's world class this year. Yesterday was an extentsion of that, with a mature, calm, sensible drive to pick up P2 in a car which quite obviously was not match for the McLarens.


Have you seen the lap Vettel did? The first sector was hyardly impressive, bordering on terrible, yet he still got pole. It is the car.


1. as if quali is all that matters in F1 at a time when there are overtaking aides like DRS, KERS and Pirelli tyres

2. as if Renault's straight line speed is a match for Mercedes and Ferrari power. Webber, while has hunting down Lewis, with DRS, was just 5 kmph (292) faster than Lewis (287) without DRS. It's to their good that the Redbull drivers qualify well and don't let themselves vulnerable to trouncing from others.

3. as if quali pace is race pace

4. as if McLaren didn't have the fastest package in wets in Canada, Silverstone, Germany and Hungary.


I think you should be asking, who had the best stratagy? Hamilton and Webber drove very well, but stratagy let them down.


just how did Webber drive well? Lousy start (again), and clearly couldn't keep up with his teammate (Vettel came out of his 2nd stop just ahead of Webber but then simply pulled away).


Look you clearly will only see what you want to see. Vettel did a good job, infact I think today,s racing was fantastic and DRS and Kers did not dominate the outcome. Webber was looking at 3rd and Hamilton was looking at a win up until the last pit stop, I didn't think the drive through was such a big deal for Hamilton's race. You need to take off your Blinkers.

Today's result show's Mclaren has the most balanced drivers line up.

Button is the best wet weather driver in the comp, Hamilton is argubly the best dry track racer.


He was the only driver not to lose it on track all day! He made up one place while his teamate lost one place, he was not in the fastest car. The start was lousy but all the even numbers got a slowish start.


i think finishing 5th in what was probably the 2nd-fastest car (after the McLarens) is hardly an achievement. And while Vettel may have gone wide a couple of times (if that's what you mean by "losing it"), he still finished miles ahead of Webber.

Omsk 2 (Mytram Zynom)

It has to be - JB! To be!

Staged an experiment yesterday: didn't watch the race live but had it recorded. Followed comments on BBC F1 website and kept an eye twitter updates from a couple of favourite teams - worked out just fine. But I won't attend any races next year (I normally do 1, not a huge amount I know but this stuff is expensive for me) and will boycott testing. What's done is done; also, no F1-related merchandise for me in 2012, I'll cut spending in that area too. Hope others do the same to produce a good effect on F1's earnings.

Treat the others as you wish to be treated yourself. Adam Parr speaking out in Bernie's defense and also stating that FOM fees are very low and everything around F1 is cheap is outrageous. I've lost all respect towards Parr and Whitmarsh. The only team to openly condemn the decision was LRGP on the their team blog. I haven't heard anything from the "fan-friendly minnows" and "inspirational" freedom fighters elsewhere. Now we know who is after the money and who goes racing for real.


A bit of an over the top reaction don't you think? If you lived in an other country you'd soon realize that the UK has had it good for far too long and it was inevitable that this was going to happen. I'd happily pay for a coverage and service that could match that of the BBC but I can't.

If they produce a coverage that is better than the BBC, for example a red button service where you can watch the entire race with the in car camera then I'd wait and see.


Yesterday just watch the race live, no pre-race comments, post-race comments and no red button.

I don't think that is going to bother too much but this year onwards I'll watch just the race nothing else and from next year no more F1.

They just go for the money so no more F1 products.

By the way Jenson Button demostrated once more how good he is on weather changing conditions he read very well the track status.


oh - in my anger I forgot to mention that I fully agree with you on JB being the driver of the day to!


Fully agree Mytram.

Parr's comments infuriated me the most out of all the hypocrisy I read, and Whitmarsh's completely surprised me - I've long been a fan of his, but it makes the whole FOTA Fans Forum thing look like hokum now, doesn't it? "We really care about what the fans think.....oh wait, bugger off because there's a big bag of money over here!" I actually went to the FOTA Fans Forum at the MTC. What a waste of time that was, it seems!

I too will be making my feelings known by spending less on F1 related products from now on - if money is all they understand, then that's the only way it seems I can make a difference. I'm guessing I spend in the order of £500-£700 a year on F1 related products/events etc so it's going to be quite a nice saving for me. And my wife gets me back on Saturdays & Sundays, which she is VERY happy about!


Your rant makes no sense. You're going to stop spending money on buying F1 merchandise etc because you refuse to spend money on watching races on TV?

Which is more important?

A new team shirt every year (which they do deliberately for that exact purpose)


Actually watching the races? Which have become more exciting than MotoGP this year.

BTW, I have no choice but to watch it on a pay channel in South Africa.


For starters you are in a country where this affair with the BBC doesn't affect you as it does us. Secondly, we are already watching it on pay TV - the BBC costs a compulsory £145 per year. Thirdly, we are being asked to pay up to £600 per year more, in addition to the £145, for what will almost certainly be an inferior product (regardless what Sky would like people to believe). Fourthly, it's not just about the money for me, it's the principle of how the real fans have been treated here in the UK - if you re-read my post you will see that.

I understand that some people in other countries won't understand all the local issues involved - but then I probably wouldn't comment on issues that I know little about that are going on in South Africa!


For the record - this is no place for "rants" - not interested. Please remember in future


I will not be renewing my McLAren team membership of buying my annual t-shirt after Whitmarsh's 'cautiously good news' sickenig statement that is for damn sure.

Thanks to Parr, Williams is rapidly slipping down my mental team favourits list (was always first or second) but I will not be patronised by that man.


I had a strop like that in a supermarket once.

I was six......my Mum boxed my ears.

michael grievson

Has to be button. He drove brilliantly and although its a shame Hamilton didn't win he did make mistakes


Jenson pips it on a weekend when so any put in fabulous performances. What a great display of driving to justify the decision to keep the safety car parked.


By the way, anyone notice how much non-DRS overtaking Hamilton has managed this year? Outstanding!


yes, he has done a lot. But of the leading contenders i would say Webber has done more, mainly due to his mechanical problems with car in qualifying leading to poor or lower than expected grid spots and his poor starts. Haven't got any stats just my recollection with following him.

However his pass on webber was opportunistic which is a good trait of LH. Takes his chances


Yes, regardless of which driver has made the most, I was more making a point about cursed DRS. I don't think we need it AND comedy destrcuto tyres. One or the other please!


Hamilton was gifted the webber overtake.


That is so untrue!


By James Allen...

"He passed Webber for 4th on lap 63 as the pair negotiated traffic. Kobayashi got in their way on very worn tyres and Webber lost out. Kobayashi pitted at the end of that lap."


The slower driver didn't move over and was in Webbers way.

I could have driven a truck through that gap.


I think Jenson has to be driver of the day and to win on his 200th Grand Prix, in slippery, changing conditions at the same circuit he won his first race at just adds to the quality of the win.

Originally I thought Lewis would win it, and it was looking great for him - I thought his driving was superb with all the wheel to wheel racing with Jenson right up until the spin on the curb of the chicane. With the tyre change to inters with it having to be a team decision due to the radio problems where McLaren couldn't hear Hamilton also wasn't great, but he had to stop again anyway. I thought the way Lewis handled the media and appologised to Paul di Resta was very good, and I think his head is in the right place now, so he follows closely behind Jenson for driver of the day in my opinion.


For me the real hero was Heikki Kovalainen. For many laps he made miracles.


1) I agree, he was doing very well running ahead of some of the bigger-team drivers. Sadly, thanks to FOM's world feed we saw next to none of this (how is it that we now have points down to 10th and TV coverage down to 5th?)

2) I voted for Buemi as he epitomised the race well from a low position that I feel "driver of the day" awards should be about. Not to take away from Jenson and Sebastien's very strong drives in tough conditions. Why don't we get "driver of the weekend" polls, to give credit to the occassional Toro Rosso/Williams in Q3 or Lotus/Virgin in Q2?


Nice to hear from you Mrs Kovalainen. Please say Hi to your son from all of us at jamesallenf1 when you next see him.


Agree. He has keeped much more faster drivers behind him for a long time.


Button was awesome, definitely my driver of the day. Buemi deserves a mention, di Resta too.




I'm slightly torn here, I see three exceptional drives.

1.) Jenson Button. He (and LH) had the best car this weekend, and really we should have seen a McLaren 1-2 in both qually and the race. Neither JB or LH managed a great qually lap and thus VET beat them. In the race I think Jenson showed yet again that he can race Lewis and more importantly he doesn't make the same number of errors. Additionally Button seems able to judge grip vs tyre choice, which Hamilton evidently cannot do. A great performance.

2.) Vettel. Out performed his car in both Qually and the race. On race pace the McLaren's were both considerably quicker, yet he managed to hold them both back for a number of laps and then hang on in there. The Ferrari of Alonso also had RBR beating pace, and had he not made so many errors 2nd place was his for the taking. With that in mind, and the relatively few errors (2? the same as JB?) Vettel made his performance on Sunday was very impressive.

3.)Di Resta. This one has been coming for a while now, Paul is proving he is a real talent and to pick up 'best of the rest' was a heck of a drive. Kudos for him not slaming into LH too when he decided to perform a doughnut on the racing line.

Emotionally I give this to Jenson, as it was his 200th race, the scene of his first win and I support him. Hungaroring however is a demonstation of who has the most downforce, and as mentioned a McLaren 1-2 should have happened. So whilst I think a McLaren should have won I don't think the Red Bull had any right to pick up P2, and the reason it managed so was largely down to a calm driver, who made the right calls like JB and an exceptional qualifying lap - I think in similar circumstances earlier in the season people have raved about both Alonso and Hamilton.

Heart = Button

Head = Vettel


Odd that you acknowledge that both Vettel and Button went off the track twice (as did Vettel and Massa), Lewis only did so once but you make the statement that Button doesn't make as make as many errors. Lewis was punished for his error far more than the others however in terms of time lost even before the penalty.

I think the only person to stay on the track from the top 4 teams was Mark Webber, when was the last time there were that many off's from the top guys?


Spa 2010, again, only Webber did not go off.


Opening up the car in a slide and using the run-off isn't much of an error compared to laying the power down on a wet curb and spinning it.


Vettel absolutely devoured Alonso in the 3rd stint (I believe). Both on fresh super-softs. The Ferrari was third fastest, no question.

Button, Buemi, Di Resta 1,2,3.


I think Jenson had a fantastic drive, outqualified by Ham but had a faster race pace & conserved his tyres better than Ham. Even without Ham's drive through Button was always on for the win after the 3rd pit stop & Vettel was always on for 2nd. I voted Di Resta as he has had a few poor races, had to drive in mid field during exceptionally tricky conditions & kept it togethter (except one rally experience) to beat his team mate. He was also lapped one less time than his team mate.


Ha, even though James doesn't give us his driver of the day. I think his lists show who he thought was the driver of the day in descending order Lol.

Right, my driver of the day has to be Jenson too for not only because he won but by the fact of all the drivers, he was able to make his tyres last and each time was able to reel in Hamilton & before Lewis' off, he had brought the gap from 8 seconds to 4 seconds.

Of course Jenson wanted to do the business on track by passing Hamilton and that's why he had to point out he he didn't win because of the rain but because he was faster.

But I would put Hammy's drive ahead of Vettel and Alonso for Lewis' was just let down by strategy & not him as a driver unlike Vettel and Alonso who had numerous offs and most times couldn't get past slower cars.

Anyway yesterday was a bad day for us in the Hammy army, I guess we can't win them all.


Well, Hamilton's spin was down to him. Without it (and the penalty stemming from that) he would have finished 2nd or 3rd.


Agree with your comments about JB. He was the quickest and used his ‘feel’ for the track the best.

Vettel had one off (maybe two but aerial wasn’t clear) which was more running wide as most did at some stage. LH had a major spin and the following move has been discussed elsewhere. He was lucky not to be ‘collected’ by following cars.

Both Vettel and Alonso passed slower cars so not sure on your comment there. LH move on Webber was due to MW being baulked by slower cars, but fair play to LH for taking the advantage. Webber deserved 4th as he rolled the dice first on all the tyre changes.

Vettel deserves to be runner run on the best drive of the day.

Side note: Why is it that when Lewis wins he is rated ‘one of the best’ by some but when he has off days its always due to team strategy and bad calls…JB and MW showed today that drivers can control their own strategies, maybe LH has to do the same. He is a great driver.


Yes, he has to be Jenson. He didn't make mistake at all and did well not to listen to the team all the time. They could've ruined his race as well.

I'm a huge Lewis fan, i feel a bit disappointed now. Not because he didn't win but he still unable to read a race and make his own calls. Mclaren aren't the best at strategy so I don't see how he will win another WDC anytime soon. Since 2008 i've been waiting for him to be double world champion, every year i say next year will be the year. but it still not happening. I fear he won't win another WDC anymore. It's sad because he has a huge natural talent but the McLaren-Lewis combo isn't working.

Lewis needs a stronger race engineer or he needs to man up and start thinking and look after himself, he relay too much in the team. That's hurting him. That's why he's not yet a complete driver just a pure talented racer. I don't know if other Lewis fans feel the same way as i do...


"That’s why he’s not yet a complete driver just a pure talented racer."

Very well put. I do feel the same. Lewis seems to be his own worst enemy at times.


I think it is close between Vettel and Button, lets not forgot the McLaren was the fastest car out there in the dry and has an even greater advantage in the wet due t its great mechanical grip. Vettel was in third fastest car on race day yet he finished second, Button having the fastest car was expected to finish either first or second to his team-mate, however Hamilton once again made mistakes when he had the best package.


excellent, truly an epic analysis in just a few words. I have been crying about it Hamilton had the fastest car in Barcelona, Monaco and Hungary apart from Germany and he won just one of those four races 😉 In the wets, with their traction and mechanical grip, McLaren is simply unbeatable.


I'm sorry, but how on earth is Lewis even a contender? A driver who gets a drive through penalty should NEVER be a contender for driver of the day.



In Hamiltons case: I suspect that Lewis would get a large chunk of votes on this website without even turning a wheel.


Reading it last week you would have thought he'd wrapped up the WDC already.




Well, yet again we saw that Lewis is the fastest driver out there and is the best overtaker in the business, by a huge margin.

McNish penalising him was a joke.


Really? What about Button in Montreal, or Mark Webber in Germany in 09 when he blitzed the field?

Not advocating for Lewis here btw - just disagreeing with the drive-through comment.


hahahaha - so the driver that forces Vettle into cracking (again) in the opening laps - then builds and maintains a 7 second advantage whilst Button can't overtake Vettle and loses 3 seconds to him - and then Hamilton gets screwed by the team - being put on the wrong tyre and asked to find 19 seconds - sure he made a mistake and spun - but then overtook Massa and Webber fantastically - but no, can't a contender for driver of the day. What a joke. Sure Button didn't have any luck last couple races - but he certainly had all the luck y'day. If Vettle had pitted for his 3rd stop a lap earlier - I think he would have won and not Button.

To be fair the one person in that list above that shouldn't be there is Alonso as he made quite a few mistakes in the race - running wide a couple times and a couple more serious excursions from the track.


Are you blind? Jenson did overtake Sebastian Vettel. Judiciously, out of Turn 1.


Lewis is contender for driver of the day. The winner is based on coolective opinions, not one persons. If you think was driver of the day then you should have voted for him. It's your privilige.

Lewis drove brilliantly as usual, regardless of how fast he disappeared into the distance at the beginning the evidence is there, Button reeled him in each time and ended the race about 55 seconds a head of him.

It was a great and very entertaining race. Driver of the day for me was the rain driving down early and providing us with a really great show of skill from all the drivers.


Of course they should be in the running! Webber winning his first race in Germany a couple of years ago springs to mind. Fighting back from a penalty can showcase a driver's talents and a dubious decision by the stewards doesn't stop them being the best out their on the day. Besides, if we went with your rules, Hamilton would NEVER be able to win driver of the day 😉


Pardon? Are you therefore suggesting that all drive through penalties are justly awarded? In Formula One? Seriously? I have seen drivers get drive-through penalties for the most ridiculous so called offences. I am guessing by your creative username that you would be posting anti-Hamilton comments regardless of how well he did.... Despite the fact that he out qualified his team-mate (again), outraced Vetell (again) and was the class of the field for 70% of the race (again)? Come on man!

Still has to go to Button on the day, though.

It's just that blind 'I am going to hate Hamilton so much that I'll even create a user name that is offensive to him' posts are so very irritating.


I'm going for Paul Di Resta. He finished 7th - his best position yet - and 7 places higher than his team mate.

Button had a good race too so it was a tough call between the two.


Jenson, though it's really not clear cut. There were a lot of good performances, and you couldn't say Jensons was truly great - just a little better than the others.

Hamilton's spin and tyre decisions (copying Alonso by putting the supersofts on then webber with the inters) cost him the race. People will argue about the rights and wrongs of his Penalty, but by the time he served it his chance of a Win had gone.

Alonso had to make an extra stop for tyres and was off the track at least once.

Webber went off track and made the same mistake with inters.

Vettel made an error under pressure, passed Alonso with such a speed advantage you couldn't call it an overtake and looked pretty ordinary all day.

Massa survived backing the car into the barrier and still got a decent result minus a large peice of rear wing end plate - which would have done nothing for the handling.

Jenson got the calls right on the tyres (by luck or judgement) and made fewest mistakes.


I think it was Vettel that went off not Webber. Jenson was tops though.


Certainly Jenson enjoyed this win, must have taken extraordinary concentration to keep the car on the track during the first stint. McLaren has made strong progress and it will be interesting to see if this continues. Overall the fans witnessed another exciting race.

Honourable mention to Lewis, has put recent troubles behind him, very mature display all weekend. Pushed hard despite difficult conditions, just what fans want to see.


Wasn't it Webber and Hamilton that went for inters? I thought Alonso went to, and stayed on, primes


He did but his mistake was he'd gone for supersofts on lap 36 just before Butt and Vett went for softs. Alonso went to softs on lap 47


So, his tyres were 11 laps fresher and still he was barely a second faster. Doesn't it mean Ferrari was relatively slow on soft?


Interestingly James, on twitter when Jenson stayed out you mentioned it was going to hurt him badly didnt you 😉

I must admit it was looking dicey when the guys were running off the track.


Jenson Button always seems to have a better strategy, especially in damp/wet races, as he said he was told to come in for intermediate tyres at the same time as Lewis, and he ignored his radio, giving him the upper hand, and the race win, had he come in, then it would have been a different story. Paul Di Resta also deserves a mention, for yet another solid race...

Oh and here is a different angle of Hiedfelds side pod explosion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9tF7g3CwK8


Hi James

Sorry off topic..

Having problems with error messages on posting...message reads ...posting too fast. slow down....and then closes on me. Are others having problems or is it me. I know you had this problem early days.

Or are you just too popular??



Sorry. One or two have said the same. Tech guys are looking at it. Thanks


Does nobody else think di Resta over-reacted? Two other cars passed Lewis without going off-track and since he performed his reverse 180 on the spot, there was certainly no need to to go rampaging across country like that, a wheel off-track would have perfectly adequate.


It might've looked that way from the armchair, but he had no way of accurately predicting where Hamilton's car was going to end up. Paul's evasive action gave him the best possible chance of avoiding the collision, even if he did end up moving further off track than he ultimately needed to. It was also no mean feat of car control on his part.

Is di Resta overrated? It's difficult to say. He's certainly getting a lot of hype in the British media and it seems like his errors are often glossed over a lot of the time. Paul is a class act though and I've no doubt he'll go on to be a race winner in F1. He's made mistakes but has generally looked very quick and has picked up a few points finishes. In years gone by, that would be considered a strong first-season performance but Vettel and Hamilton have done rather a lot to reset expectations.


In watching the incident again it looks as if Lewis' car actually reverses (or jumps back) into the path of Di Resta. He may have over-reacted by going fully on the grass, but that's a tight corner, jenson was coming through on Di restas right and F1 cars are bloody long when you see them side on, so he may have just reacted to the sight of this car sideways in his path and overdone it. It's a close call anyway but I think Di resta said he was coming off the apex wrong because of traffic and I think Lewis came as a surprise.


Once again, Webber finishes top 5 but is left off your list James. It is becoming all too obvious that you have about as much respect for Webber as Helmut Marko. Incidentally, any comment on Helmut announcing Marks retirement to the world without Marks knowledge and secondly when Helmut was discussing Daniel R, how poor is the form of not referring to Mark by name but to quote Helmut... as "the other Australian"

Obviously hates Webber so much he can't bring himself to utter his name.




just why should Webber be on the list at all? He had a dismal race.


That's a bit harsh on JA. Never has that come across anytime anywhere on what i have seen or read. .and i watch ONE HD...JA always speaks highly and constructively of Webber here and abroad.

On Helmut though, well i was also very surprised bY his complete lack of any 'whatever' in the way he represented Webber in the interview. Geez, I'd love to be behind doors with these guys at RB and Helmut,forget the tech stuff!


I'm afraid you couldn't be wider of the mark. I work closely with Mark on ONE HD TV coverage for Australia and have always got on well with him and have great respect for him, as he well knows. This is a classic example of drawing a conclusion based on almost zero knowledge or understanding.


Webber finished on Hamiltons tail at the end of the race so I don't understand how he was not included in driver of the day. Secondly you did not answer the real question. The disrespect shown to Webber by Marko is breathtaking and disgraceful. No one individual has done more for the disunity in the Red Bull camp than Helmut.


Has to be Button. He qualified right up with Hamilton in the dry and once again showed how he's the king of changeable conditions. Jenson just has a different level of confidence on a drying track and his pace was good throughout. On a day made for mistakes, he made only very minor ones and his duel with Hamilton will make a great advert for Letting Your Drivers Race!

Buemi drove a fantastic race also. It's so easy to be wiped out in the overtake in such treacherous conditions so to come all the way from 23rd to 8th is really something. If Toro Rosso can unlock that car's one-lap pace both Seb and Jaime could easily be up there challenging the two Saubers, such is their confidence at the moment.


It takes a thick skin, and a good understanding of your own mind to be a journalist with a comment section following everything you write.

Kudos to you for being able to react in a measured way when attacked by thin skinned fans of drivers who see everything through tinted glasses, and a skewed view.

Keep up the good work.

Mark in Australia

Nice one, James! We all love your coverage here in Australia through One HD. We only wish we got mire coverage and more if your insights!!!

But by the way, what did you think of Helmut's comments, as eluded to above, James?


McLaren allowing both drivers to fight constantly are the real PR winners after Red Bulls nannyish behaviour recently. Though I did like Jensons claim that he ignored the pit call for inters.

As a McLaren fan, and a fan of both JB and LH, I sometimes wish they could engineer a hybrid of the two! If JB could sort his qualifying aggression out (as we say here) getting near the front regularly, he'd be winning a lot more. And if LH could sort his strategic thinking and ability to hold it together more like JB, he'd not throw away wins that he clearly deserves. Seriously, McLaren have some amazing technology, can't they do partial personality swaps with these two? 🙂

Apart from the sad spectacle of the BBC/SKY debacle hanging a cloud over this, it was a genuinely exciting race and 70 laps seemed to fly by. I'd hate to have to cut that down to a 75min BBC highlights package as there was more or less some battle, incident, spin or exploding renault firework worth following on every lap.

And although not a fan (as he is the Enemy - capital E!) Vettel gets a lot of respect. This year he's simply taken a great car, driven it fast in quali, made very few mistakes and getting a 4th place is considered him 'falling apart'. Like many I'm not convinced he's the ultimate passing racer, but then few are and as he'll soon be a double WDC he earns respect.

Frankly there's not many drivers it's okay to dislike anymore! Even Schumi seems to be mellowed and happy to be around now...Someone needs to step up and be a pantomime villain when Sky take over. Bung Vettel some cash to grow a twirling moustache and laugh evilly whenever he romps home. Fact is, he mostly comes across as a very young and grounded individual. I suppose we have Helmut Marko to play the dark side.


Agreed, nice post for a change in paying compliments to an 'enemy'. As a Webber supporter, there is a lot of 'mischief' written about all the leading drivers and it's good to see a balanced opinion. Geez i wish old webber could scratch a few more 'tenths' out though.

Stuart Harrison

So many choices for DotD; another faultless driver from Button, Vettel made few mistakes and didn't crack under pressure, Alonso was let down by strategy calls but otherwise drove an impressive race.

Even Massa warrants some attention IMO, it's rare you see him overtaking in dry conditions, let alone in the wet. I must admit to being bowled over by how well he performed.

Hamilton is worthy of mention too - an exceptional first half, followed by a couple of mistakes and some bad judgement (by himself and his pit wall); can't really fault him for that given the intense entertainment value he produced!

Excellent result for Di Resta as well, and Buemi.

How do you choose a winner from that lot? 😀

I'd have to vote for Hamilton. He's just such an entertaining guy to watch - pure edge of seat stuff!


"his decision not to pit for intermediates late on, unlike Hamilton and Alonso, proved inspired..."

I'm pretty sure Alonso never pitted for intermediates, his race was: Intermediate-Supersoft-Supersoft-Supersoft-Soft.


Firstly, another great race. Really good to see Ferrari and McLaren are starting to reel in Redbull (although personally I think its much too late).

Secondly, excellent drive again from Jenson. Of course there are already a load of he was lucky statements being put down on the comments section. He cant possibly win all of these wet dry races on luck alone I'm afraid, so those thinking he can are just dellusional.


the one thing that intrigues me as a McLaren fan, is that it often seems to be Lewis on the wrong end of a strategy mistake.

Is it just that Jenson has better discussions with his engineer and is more involved? Is Lewis just unlucky? For me he appears impatient and sometimes makes the odd questionable decision. I just cant work it out.

That said I think Jenson proved once again what a fine driver he is.

Hopefully McLaren will have a strong finish to the season, and we'll be seeing Rocket Red on the MTC sign soon enough.


Two possible answers:

1) Each driver has their own engineer. Perhaps Jenson's engineer is simply better.

2) If McLaren gives equal advice to both, perhaps Lewis accepts it unquestioningly, whereas Jenson gives his opinion and they come to a quick conclusion. Take, for example, when they said "box" to Jenson, but he said he wasn't going to pit anyway; he was planning to stay out no matter what the team said.

The best "team" is one that gets good information from the data AND the driver, processes it properly, and makes a good decision. I think McLaren tends to look more toward the data and less to the drivers when making a decision, but Jenson also compares his own judgement to theirs, and makes a more balanced decision in the end.


McLaren must have a fight on their hands to keep Button, and rightly so!

Had Button not had two previous retirements - which I doubt Hamilton would have taken as elegantly, Jenson would be looking good for second in the championship.



He got to the finish and didn't bin it. Not even a spin from what could be seen.

He finished in front of a couple of others including his team mate and looks to have improved from last race in regards to not losing too much time getting out of the way when being lapped.

Alright maybe not DoD, but still I thought it was pretty darn good.


1. Button. Arguably best weekend of the season, best quali, good start and a flawless race in his 200th. The way he dealt with his car in this changeable conditions was a masterpiece, also proved that he is the best strategist among all the drivers out there.

2. Vettel. I'm not a vettelfan, but he drove very mature race, not pushing above his limits seeing that he can't catch the McLarens. I would take a bet that if Hamilton would be put in his place he would rather end the race in the gravel or on the wall. The question still is about Vettel being a true racer or not. But I think that we won't get the answer until he will be put into an underperforming car like Lewis in 2009.

3. Buemi. For me he always was a shadowdriver. Never seen, never shown on TV, but then you realise he finished the race on a pretty decent position, overtooking dozens of cars. He may only end as a craftsman rather than master of the art, but he can be a damn good one. Ones like Perez, Maldonado, also Kobayashi in his debut season - often remind their lack of experience in crucial moments of the race. I've forgotten that Buemi is a debutant after his first two races.

Mentions also for Di Resta who finally managed to outperform Sutil not only in British media but also on track, and for Ricciardo who actually finished on podium of his own league in just third race 🙂


It's interesting that on a day when Button comprehensively beats Hamilton, Hamilton makes mistakes and Hamilton himself says the better man won, there are still 16% of the voters giving DotD to Hamilton over Button...! That's a loyal fan-base...


Difficult one. Button had the complete race strategy wise, but he wasn't as quick as Ham early on and even his super-softs seemed badly grained. Managed the conditions well and brought the quickest car home in first.

Disappointment for me was Alonso, too many mistakes early on putting on the backfoot he could of been pushing for a victory.

Hamilton may of been handicapped with the radio but the spin rules him out. Had some entertaining battles with Button, Vettel and Webber.


Either evertone pro-Hamilton had a change of heart or James added a 10x vote multiplier factor for Button votes.

Can't believe the results so far. Not that I lean one way or the other in the Lewis Jenson camps. I think this is the first time I didn't fully expect this voting result.


And my vote goes to Lewis =)

As I already told here (in some other article), if Lewis would have kept out of trouble on the first laps and remain cool from then, then he would have annihilated the field...

He nearly did that. I am a bit shocked by team's decision to keep him on Super Softs, when everyone was going for Softs... but even from there he could have managed to win if his tires would last and keep him faster than everyone (as the first half of the race before that). Unfortunately they did not. And then he made a mistake, then the team "shot" him with inter tires bullet, then came the penalty...

Yes, I am a Lewis' fan and as such might be a bit biased, and I am sure he is disappointed, but I also know, that he will bounce from that. He knows, that RBR is vulnerable now, that inherently he is again the fastest out there… and this will push him and the team further.

Bring it on, Belgium! (btw, my favorite track!)

Christopher Snowdon

James, is it impossible to design a car that will work well on all the different compounds of tyres, if so, I think its great 🙂


Hello James, OT a bit - I wanted to send you my photographs from Hungarian GP. I used the email address that was suggested, however the email was not delivered. Would you know why?


We got them, thanks. Watch this space


Jenson was the best, but plenty of good drives.

Ricciardo had a good result, a lap up on his team mate. Did Liuzzi have a problem?

Watched James interviewing Mark Webber on 1HD in AUS - all seems okay


That's a difficult one! I vote for JB since he was just mighty, and very controlled, when others around him were not. Also, Buemi had a great drive from the back of the field, shame we didn't see much of it. Di Resta was also great once again, especially managing to avoid Kamikaze Hamilton by taking to the wet grass.

Great racing all round - I loved seeing those cars sliding around on the drying track! Great racing!


Not a big fan of Button, but on Sunday he was superb. On a day when everybody else made mistakes, he kept his cool and drove a perfect race, hats off to him. He's surely not the fastest driver around (not the slowest either, obviously), but he's definitely one of the smartest. He's come a long way since his early days, hasn't he? (One wonders what could have been of many other drivers who were not given so many chances, but that's another topic...).

Hamilton and even Alonso could definitely have won, but didn't mainly because of their own mistakes. Being fast helps, and so does keeping the car between the lines!

As for Vettel... I think he's doing the math already, and so he should be. We won't see his real measure this year unless sombeody poses an unlikely threat to his title.

Finally, a suggestion. James, besides the Driver of the Day, how about a Team of the Day?


Vettel: managed to pick up good points with a slower car so a fantastic piece of damage management. Like last week, the race was Mclarens to lose, they have really picked it up and now have the fastest car in race trim by a fair margin.


I don't know word "contemporizar" in English (I think is temporize) but it's the key to define Jenson and Lewis, one because he got it, and other hasn't.

Speed without mental control is great and spectacular. No hesitation about consequences is very atractive if you throw your dices and they show them 7, but F1 is more than playing hard or fast. This is the line beetween good and the best. Jenson Button lost a lot of points in previous races (2 in a row). Not by their fault. We are seeing how English Media are talking about Hamilton that or what, but other guy, the non Schumacher or Senna inheritor deserves quite more than being n1 in a mere poll. From 50 points avalaible he scored 0 in two races thanks to Ron's team but he is only 12 under his team mate. No doubt, Hamilton brings entertainment and their consequences in market: merchandising-marketing-sales-info, a golden share to protect, but when we are talking strictly of F1, JB is the package. Is F1 sport or business? I nominee Jenson for his interpretation in a supported role.


Button, for keeping his cool.

Honourable mention: Hamilton, for driving his wheels off. And Martin Whitmarsch for letting his drivers RACE!


Well deserved victory by Jenson! And congrats to him!


Has to be Paul Di Resta for me.

Not only is he still in his rookie season with limited knowledge of the track before Friday, but he finished 'best of the rest' after McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari.

It's good for the sport to see a small privateer team like Force India, with a fraction of the budget of the larger teams, doing so well and beating some of the big names like Renault and Mercedes along the way...


Lewis Hamilton is a faster driver than Jenson Button. - He's proven it time and time again. Strategy won the race for Jenson. The relative pace between them other than their own inate speed is dictated by tyre condition and temperature. Let's not forget many of the top drivers had been off the circuit - Vettel, Button, Alonso, Webber, and of course Hamilton. Hamiltons tyre choice was a team decision coupled with poor communication lead to them following the weather with intermediates rather than softs. Some of the grid went one way, others the opposite. It's all a bit of a lottery in those conditions, and it's easy to be clever in hindsight. I'm just glad it was McLaren at the front, but pity it was not a McLaren 1-2.


The other question of course that really it is a tyre conservation exercise rather than out and out racing. If we had more durable tyres then we would see precisely who is the fastest on the grid. True racing ability is actually stymied with these tyres.


Got to give it to JB. Of course if Lewis had got the right tyres or it had carried on raining he would have won.

But Jenson wasn't lucky, he's just a solid plodder. Sure he's never going to set the world on fire but he just keeps going, and he was there when it mattered to take Lewis' points. Well done.


A True British Victory, when Jenson wins.. it always is 🙂

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