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New details of co-operation between Sky and BBC emerge
New details of co-operation between Sky and BBC emerge
Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Jul 2011   |  12:31 am GMT  |  313 comments

This evening I’ve managed to get a much clearer picture of how the new SKY/BBC TV deal in the UK is going to work and it’s not what many people think.

First the subject of what the BBC will show on the 10 weekends when SKY has the exclusive live rights. Although FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh says he has had assurances from Bernie Ecclestone today that the race will be shown in its entirety a few hours delayed on free to air, BBC sources say that this is not the case and that the show will be around 75 minutes, meaning extended highlights with brief introduction and post race analysis.

So either Whitmarsh is taking a leaf from Ecclestone’s book and spreading confusion, or he’s taking a negotiating stance, suggesting that the scenario he paints is what would be acceptable to the teams under the Concorde Agreement, which safeguards their interests against F1 going live on Free to Air TV exclusively.

There is more to come on this subject.

The BBC will show these extended highlights in a 5pm or 6pm slot on Sunday night, which is prime time TV, hence the assumption by Ecclestone that the casual viewer will be caught up and in this way the audience may grow.

The extent of the collaboration between BBC and Sky on the production of the coverage is also becoming clearer. The commentary will be shared between both programmes, but the presentation teams will be different. The BBC is likely to have limited presentation as they will want to get quickly into the race highlights action at the start of the show and then there will be some analysis afterwards.

However the on site facilities will be shared, so rather than having two trucks, they will share edit equipment and production facilities. This will mean a major saving for both sides.

This is what BBC F1 boss Ben Gallop means by “shared economy.”

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Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to

find high quality writing like yours these days.

I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!


Amazing! Its genuinely amazing piece of writing, I have got much

clear idea about from this paragraph.


Can i use a bit of common sense here?

BBC = TV license payment

Sky = monthly fees + TV license payment

Stupid move and one that will hopefully change back by next year. Not much point in watching the races that aren’t live and i don’t want to have to go to a pub to watch them either.


if they want to lose me from the audience then carry on. maybe they reckon they can get more with sky. just another example of nmore elitism in sport, now it includes the audiences as well. if BBC can afford to show it previously why would I support sky for wanting to charge more for the same service.


I stopped watching F1 after 2009 season and I don’t regret it. F1 sucks now there’s to much technology involved I miss the old days of F1 when it was actually exciting to watch. Screaming v10s free aerodynamics on the cars and some of the good old tracks which some have been destroyed like Old Hockenheim for example. Am for one very greatful for what the BBC has done with broadcast on the TV so far, full coverage start till finish and a choice to which commentating you wish to listen to while watching the races if your watching it online like me. Some of us can’t afford Sky to much money for people like my family paying like £30+ a month which we can’t afford. This is a mistake the won’t forget. Am through watching F1. Shame that it was once a great sport watch.


BBC Director General Mark Thompson has been asked to appear in front of the Commons’ Culture, Media and Sport select committee, to explain why the BBC effectively blocked Channel 4 from acquiring the F1 broadcast rights, by jumping into bed with Sky.

No one expects him to reveal anything … They never do at these hearings, but it’s a start.


We’ve been sold out by the lot of them, Greedy Ecclestone, FOTA, BBC. Half a season of full coverage is useless to me.

Sky won’t get any money from me and BBC won’t get any more license money either as I only watch F1 on BBC. I’ve had it with them all. After 30 odd years of watching F1, I’ll just walk away.

Let’s all watch in delight 12 months from now and they all wonder where the UK viewers have gone. They can’t say they weren’t warned.


8500 comments on Ben Gallops blog, and now the BBC have closed it to further comments.

I urge everyone to sign the government petition to get this issue into the commons for debate. It could be our only hope…



As of last night http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/sporteditors/2011/07/f1_coverage_to_be_shared_betwe.html is closed for comments. With this the BBC clearly showing it doesn’t care 1 bit, it doesn’t care that there are 8415 negative comments on this sell out deal.

Guess the BBC wants us all to use https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/ to make comments now on the disgrace? 😉


well done bernie you hobbit ,you have managed to kill F1 ,as said sponsors will leave the sport as fans can no longer watch .as a ex sky subscriber ,i now use freesat i will never go back .moto GP for me next year sorry lewis and jenson ,my rocket red shirt is going in the bin .


I swear what I’d like to say about Bernie is just…er bad taste and maybe a little inappropiate but after the problems he caused for Donnington and even Silverstone he’s contempt for UK fans was never hidden

He should have gone with Mosely. but I to fear this is the end of F1 as we know it. Like Boxing, Football, Cricket and every other sport on pay tv it’ll become a vauge topic and not the living organic drama its become over the years….RIP F1


Im worried what this means for F1 in the UK in the future.

How are they expecting F1 to generate new fans to the sport when the most comprehensive coverage is locked on a digital channel that is highly expensive and completly out of reach of many people cost wise? We are all being forced to tighten our belts, wages are not going up whilst prices for gas/electricity/petrol/food/clothes is constantly rising. Are you really going to pay £40 on Sky when you are struggling to pay for your heating? Of course not.

So less fans coming into the sport and this has a knock on effect for the industry. F1 is big business for the UK. Most of the teams are based in the UK in some form, and they employ lots of people and this has a knock of effect to the motor industry etc. If we cant generate new fans, where are the new engineers, designers etc going to come from? Why would they want to enter an industry they cant access and get excited about?

And what if the sponsors etc decide that its no longer worth their time being in the sport? Imagine Vodafone pulling out of Mclaren, or if RedBull decided it just wasnt getting the coverage it wants? Teams collapse or are forced to shed thousands of jobs. It would be a disaster for the UK.

(This is why our government are run by total idiots who dont have a clue. They had a chance to protect F1 in the UK and decided not to. God help them if things go really wrong because of this).

A bad decision. The only good news I heard is that the BBC/Sky commentary etc could be shared. Sky needs to come with a deal that allows the BBC staff (Kravitz/Brundle etc) to work for both and this allows Sky to keep the excellent BBC team in place IMO.

Sky would be idiotic to try and bring in their own staff who have no clue about F1. TBH tho I suspect this will be exactly what happens. They wont have the balls to admit that the BBC do an incredible job and will try to do it their own way. We will end up with a glamarous presenter flanked by celebrities who have next to no idea about F1, the rules or regulations etc.

I despair, I really do.


Read: Swimming with the Sharks and you know that the only thing that motivates F1 and everything around it is money. The BBC is jut not interested in the TV license payer. Just switch to Le Mans…The best racing ever. No need for silly DRS (moving flaps) to see passing…… and there is also the occasional amateur who races for the love of the sport!


Sad day for F1. This decision will be the death of F1 in the UK.

With current viewing figures in the region of 6m viewers, I would guess this will drop to 1/10th of this when it goes to PayTV. (£600 a year to get F1 in HD on Sky).

The result will be that sponsors won’t be willing to pay anything close to what they currently pay.

I hope Bernie is proud of himself, as this is the end of F1 in the UK.


F1 is sidelined by the BBC to enable them to keep BBC3/4 and their cultural offerings such as “Snog Marry Avoid”, “White Van Man”, “Viva Blackpool”, “Geordie Finishing School” etc. etc. They certainly do have their finger on the button knowing just what the British public want. Bernie you’re a traitor to the fans, when by doing the right you could have been a hero.


The BBC could gave saved some money through the last 2+ years by not sending so many people to each race. More than half of them are surplus to needs – you only need to read their website to see that.


I would have been less angry if the non-live races are going to be shown in their entirety.

I am aghast that the BBC has struck up a deal involving the Murdochs given that they have corrupted our police force, government and press.

On a personal level I only care about full race and qualifying coverage. I could live with half of the races not being live but the NEED to be shown in their entirety with a quality commentary team.

For one I am not convinced that the Martin and David are good commentators. Martin is bais towards certain drivers, has a penchant for waffling and if we are all honest their commentary is littered with errors andnot to mention condescending. They should research what Crofty and Ant do and you should really tune into Toby Moody and Julian Ryder for the Moto GP on Eurosport. I have been thankfully watching the Moto GP deferred on Eurosport to get away from the abomination that is the BBC MotoGP commentary.

How much is the BBC paying their Millionaire club commentary team? I suspect that Martin’s salary is more than that of the complete Eurosport Moto GP team.

As for being told that in the UK we have had it too good for too long. Well, I might have a few space pounds if everything in the UK was not vastly more expensive than in the rest of the world apart from Sweden. Musical instruments, electronic goods, fuel, internet etc etc are around double the price of continental Europe and North America. In many I ways we subsidise other countries getting things much cheaper. I think that most Americans would be horrified if they had to pay what we do for a mere 8MB internet connection and they would take to the streets if they had to pay our prices for food.

F1 is not a sport in its purest sense. It was conceived by car manufactures to promote their brands. So I am being asked to pay money to the family that has corrupted our country to watch a car advert.


Hi All

There are several F1 petitions out there, I am trying to get them altogether to get 1 massive petition, here is a petiton that I would like to ask you all to sign and again pass it on, We may end up signing several different petitons for the same thing, but we need to do it

http://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petitio … -2010/3290

Thank You for your support

Omsk 2 (Mytram Zynom)

Obituary: Formula 1

With her awesome noise and eclectic car style, Formula One, 61, who has been fatally wounded in Budapest (Hungary) this week, won comparison with some of the great racing series such as CART, IndyCar, A1 or Superleague Formula.

But like another championship, A1, she had a talent for self destruction, and fought a long battle against fan abuse. The FIA Formula One World Championship was born on 13 May 1953 in the deserted area of Northamptonshire, north of London.

Her petrolhead father, the FIA, was a motor racing enthusiast and often took Formula One to post-war races where she had met legends like Tazio Nuvolari, Giuseppe Antonio ‘Nino’ Farina, Wolfgang von Trips or Enzo Ferrari. She then trained on various racing circuits around the world and started to attract even more attention from a number of used car dealers, most notably a certain Bernard Charles Ecclestone who tried to marry Formula One but had to make do with extended partnership (the Concorde Agreement) over the years.

Ecclestone, 80, is also being held in connection with Formula One’s murder. Mr Ecclestone’s lawyer, Michael Levy-Bernstein, made the following statement: “On behalf of Mr Ecclestone I’d like to say that the shooting, sadly resulting in Ms Formula One’s untimely death, was intended to protect Ms Formula One from hundreds of fans that had gathered outside the Hungaroring circuit in order to ask for an autograph.

“Mr Ecclestone felt that you can’t have an autograph for free and decided to fire some warning shots in order to scare off the crowd. He was then going to sell them a very attractive autograph package for €666,99 but instead the police took him into custody which I find totally outrageous. The plebs must know its limits and I believe its place is firmly in the sh#t. Oops, sorry.”

Ms Formula One will be buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris next week.

Omsk 2 (Mytram Zynom)

Hey folks, if I were you I’d expect yet another lovely announcement from BBC somewhere in March about them deciding to drop F1 coverage altogether and more ecstatic comments from F1’s leading lights on what a fantastic situation this is for the fans: insane ticket prices combined with pay-per-view TV broadcast will surely make the sport extremely popular because I mean Europe is blooming right now and who in the F1 paddock would believe people are making less than 100,000 euros per month, it’s a joke, right? These guys in the grandstands – they earn the same amount money as F1 drivers? Yes? Then we should sell tickets at like 10,000 euros for Friday Practice… because that’s what we’re here to do, as a team… FOTA=FOM.


just made my complaint to the BBC

I am absolutely outraged at you decision to scale back F1 coverage next season,i understand the need to make cuts, but could’nt this have been done in other areas ie BBC3 and 4. F1 is a highly viewed sport in this country as you know by the viewing records this season. I believe us licence fee payers should of been consulted in such a high profile decision, no F1 fan is going to be happy with half a season and some half baked highlights with a voice over.

I believe this deal needs to be looked at again.


Formula One is a business designed to make super rich individuals even richer. The broadcasting rights decision will have been made to maximise the amount of revenue that the owners of the sport can make. The interest of fans is not an important consideration.

The BBC will have had to make a pragmatic decision about how it can best use a diminished revenue base given the economic problems in the UK. I would totally agree with reducing the expenditure on “sport” and using the savings to fund high quality drama and documentaries.

Note the quotes around “sport”. I tend to view F1 as “sports entertainment” not sport. For real sport watch the ITU triathlons where each competitor has a real chance of winning



I really hope you’re going to go to town on this. We’re relying on you to get the low down. Not likely to get a comprehensive coverage elsewhere without at least a bit of spin.


Sorry fella, no pressure or anything 😉 You are the man in the know though 😀


When will we know exactly which races will be hosted by the BBC? Monaco, Silverstone and the finale are apparently confirmed, but what about the others?


As of this moment (0.48 a.m. Sunday )

there are 5,324 comments to the BBC ‘coverage shared’ blog.

Haven’t read them all, but I would bet every one of them is negative…..!!!

Take that BBC and Bernie.


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