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Join in the JA on F1 pit stop competition
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Jul 2011   |  5:06 pm GMT  |  148 comments

Here’s another great opportunity to get closer to F1. Ever wanted to experience the thrill of an F1 pit stop from behind a wheel gun?

Well here’s your chance because next Wednesday July 6th we are going to have a JA on F1 pitstop competition.

We have been given the opportunity of bringing 16 JA on F1 readers to an event organised by Hilton, a partner of the McLaren team. The event will take place between 2pm and 3pm outside one of the Hilton Hotels in Central London.

We’ve been given a McLaren car for an hour. So readers who fancy learning how to do lightning fast wheel changes using latest spec wheelguns on a real F1 car can come along and give it a try. I’ll be there too and will do a post on how you get on.

Also, to make it even more fun, we’ll be timing you – once you’ve got the hang of it! And as an incentive, as there will be two people working on each wheel, the fastest wheelchange pairing of the two groups of 8 will win 2 tickets (general admittance) to the British Grand Prix.

So if you fancy doing something different during your lunch break or you’re sure you can be in Central London on Wednesday afternoon please apply for a place in the comments section below. Entries close Monday 4th at 5pm.

If we have lots of entries, as anticipated, we will do a ballot to select the 16 who’ll get to do the challenge.

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Ricky Woolway

Hey James

Hows it going ? Anybody lost a wheel yet or been signed up by Mclaren? 🙂


Fastest was 5.5 seconds. It was good fun, harder than any of them imagined


Wow! nice one James. Sure wouldn’t mind it. Always liked the sound when the nut is being removed and attached.

Looks like numerous new teams can be formed, LOL.


You really want to rev F1 up. Do something any thing in New York City. Some kind of promo like these NASCAR guys do driving their cars down Broadway from Times Sq. Something like a mini race between a Ferrari and a Mac. I mean 10,000 people showed up at Wadkins Glen to see that seat swap between Hamilton and Stewart. There’s a least 10 times that amount going thru the Times Sq. subway turnstiles during rush hour. Then run a contest for THAT!

By the way, hey Jim Allen you didn’t post my reply to “john”. What’s up with that? Does my view about NASCAR fans offend British sensibilities?


Hi James,

What a great competition, please put my name into the draw. It sounds like it will be great fun. 🙂




I’d come up with a pithy, witty comment, but it probably won’t help in a ballot! Please add me to the names in the hat though 🙂


Count me in too!!



sounds like great fun, please chuck my name in the hat!


Yes please!! I’ll take the day off, no problem.



Hi James

Count me in please!

Is it open for the people who don’t win to watch it?


No, apparently the council are nervous about numbers, hence why we’re only telling the winners which Hilton it is!


another idea might be not to tell the council which Hilton it is….


Count me in too Please. Handy with the spanners and wheel gun !


Hi James,

I’m used to keeping the wheels on big projects so I guess could a take a few off a McLaren.

Love to do it, work in central London and can clear my diary.



Sounds like a pretty cool thing to do, I’d love to have a go. Either way I’ll come and watch!


I would like to be included in the draw!


Count me in for this! Sounds like well good fun!


I’d be up for it, sounds like an absolute hoot, please add my name to the list 🙂

Andrew Woodruff

I’d love to do this James. I work in central London so could definitely make it!



Christopher Whyte

James, thanks for the opportunity, would love to give it a go.


Please add my name to the list.



I’d like to apply please! 🙂 thanks for the opportunity James!


Here’s my entry!


I’m in!!!!!

I live in the midlands but can easily drive into London and Wednesday is perfect for me.


What a great idea – count me in!

Ricky Woolway

Hey James

Would love to be part of this

Please stick my name in the hat cheers !


I’d be well up for this! Put my name in the hat please!


Please sign me up James. I live in Milton Keynes and I’m available all day on Wednesday.

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