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Alonso’s Silverstone win loaded with historical significance
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Jul 2011   |  11:08 pm GMT  |  32 comments

Fernando Alonso gave Scuderia Ferrari its first win of the 2011 season at the British Grand Prix. The victory marks 60 years since the Scuderia’s first ever Grand Prix win, at the hands of José Froilan Gonzalez on the same track in 1951.

Before the race, Fernando Alonso commemorated the anniversary with an exhibition lap of the Silverstone circuit in the 375 F1 driven by Gonzalez at the 1951 British Grand Prix. The car now belongs to Bernie Ecclestone. It was driven around Silverstone 10 years ago by Michael Schumacher when he was a Ferrari driver.

“It is a very special win,” said Alonso of his 27th career win. “I think Silverstone is a special event for every driver competing in Formula One. We know the history of motorsport here in the UK so it is special Grand Prix.

“Also today I had the privilege to drive the Jose Froilan Gonzalez’s car. It was the first Ferrari win in Formula One and this year it is 60 years ago that one Ferrari car won the first grand prix in Formula One. Today we won on the same circuit with the same passion, with the same group of people, working for this fantastic team. Every year competing in Formula One right from the beginning so this is the big thing about Ferrari. The passion, the victory and the love for competition so very happy to drive this car and achieve this success again.”

It was also the 60th anniversary of Shell’s first victory with Ferrari in F1; “And to be able to celebrate 160 wins during Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari 60 years on is a remarkable achievement.’ said Richard Bracewell, Shell Global Sponsorships Manager.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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also Alonso’s 27th win which equals Jackie Stewarts’ record


Ferrari don’t need Hamilton. Alonso is more than capable of winning a WDC.


It looks like a lot of spectators really enjoyed Fernando doing a proper lap with this car.

The Goodwood Revival may attract quite a few more visitors should they decide to harness this demonstration run by Alonso.

With age (I am in my only 30’s though), I have really come to appreciate historic racing after attending the Tasman Revival last year in Sydney.

I am hoping to attend the Goodwood Revival in 2012 after a visit to Monza the weekend prior to that.


Wow Damien, Monza! now I’m full of envy. Thanks for the invitation to Facebook. Will sort that out soon.


I only need to convince my wife now. 🙂

She’d prefer going to Canada so as to combine a visit to New York, would you believe!


The rule change was requested by McLaren (believe it) and HRT. Are they also part of the Ferrari International Assistance?. Vettel said it all, Alonso deserved his win. Lets give credit where it is due.

Very sportingly, Ferrari agreed to revert back to the previous rules- Fact.


Unsporting antics by Ferrari under Todt?

The worst example of unsporting tactics is to steal another teams designs and tactics for the season… for which McLaren were found patently guilty and fined.


I have never been a fan of Alonso or of the unsporting antics of the Ferrari team under the Todt regime.

However, I have the greatest respect for the history of the team and Mr Ferrari in particular.

That’s why I was so pleased to see a Ferrari win at Silverstone.

It was a fitting tribute to Mr Ferrari and a just reward for Stefano Domenicali who has restored a sense of cooperation and fair play within the team.


As we say in Italy

il mio sedere fa male


Photos such as the one above remind us of the greatness of our sport.


Alonso is the new “El Cabezón”


Having won so far 2 WDC and 25 races more than the original José Froilán González…


Very very cool…a modern driver..and a champion at that…in a vintage F1 car…and a Ferrari at that! Cool stuff.


Great photo of Alonso driving the 60 year old Ferrari. The helmet and harness he is wearing however make such a contrast with the car and the era that it represents.


Well,you can’t really expect him to wear 50’s style helmet right before the actual race,can you?


Did he also take his moulded seat? I’m not sure this look like from the period seat from the picture above.


FIA really does stand for Ferrari International Assistance. They changed the rules to allow them to win this race which has historical significance for them. The fact they have changed back to pre Valencia setup makes it even more fishy


No it means that they haven’t developed off throttle diffuser blowing to its potential as much as RB and Macca have. And since silverstone has the lowest amount of braking and off throttle corners on the calendar, its importance was minor anyway. Face it Ferrari have made steady improvements for the last few races while McLaren have stayed the same or gone a bit bakcwards and it bugs the crap out of you.


further more it was cosworth and mclaren that wanted the OTEBD rules changed, AND even thouhg ferrari WON with the new rules, they agreed to revert BACK to the valencia rules.


No it doesn’t, it means Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile.

You can check in here



Noun: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.



Noun: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.



Alonso’s 27th win also equals him to the great Jackie Stewart which is significant as well – doing it at Silverstone even a better way to honour him!


Would’ve been so much more significant if its validity hadn’t been called into question by the FIA’s fiddling of the rulebook.


Dont think there are any questions about its validity, The Ferrari was massively quick over the second sector on which there is practically no braking, So any effect of off throttle diffuser blowing would have been little to non existent! It was the sheer brilliance of Alonso and the hard work of the men back in Maranello!


and as today’s practice times suggest, it was not simply rule changes that led to their victory it has been legitimate upgrades that have led to their increased performance.


I concur.




Very beautiful words from Fernando in such an emotive moment… Being both a Fernando and Ferrari fan, when I watched on TV the press conference I couldn’t help but think that this words were somehow prepared before the race just in case Fernando or Felipe could have won it. Don’t you think so, James?


Who says Bernie isn’t in bed with Ferrari…

In fairness to Alonso, it looked like he pushed the car quite a bit, good to see!


It was also the 30th anniversary of the first victory for the Ron Dennis-led McLaren team. However, it is both understandable and fitting that priority is being given to Ferrari’s accomplishment.


And the McLaren team duly chose to celebrate this achievement by short fuelling Lewis and letting Jenson rejoin the track on three wheels!

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it. :-))

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