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Video: Behind the scenes in Ferrari’s “canteen”
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Jun 2011   |  11:41 am GMT  |  62 comments

I posted recently about the visual symbolism at work at the Montana Restaurant, next to Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, with Fernando Alonso’s presence increasingly clear.

Here is the video I shot there on the night, which gives a better idea.

In that post I forgot to mention that on that two day visit, organised by Shell to highlight their technical partnership with Ferrari, which traces its origins back to the very beginning of the Scuderia, we also visited the race bays in the F1 factory, where the cars are prepared. On the walls there are a number of large photos of past Ferrari glories. Interestingly there are plenty of images of Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari’s last world champion, celebrating victories as well as several Felipe Massa successes. In quite a few of the photos Alonso is there too, in McLaren overalls!!

Anyway, take a look at this video which gives an insight into the amazing atmosphere of Ferrari’s ‘canteen’. If you are ever in the area, I can highly recommend a meal at Montana; the food is exceptional and, as you can see from the video, it’s a unique venue.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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The new team pages are wonderful….and of course the Ferrari is the best 🙂


Thanks James


Perhaps what we need more are changes in the rules of F1 racing. For example, doesn’t anyone think the time given to change tires is too short? The post here traces the successes in F1 in partnerships with big names, but it still can be made better.

–Ri of


Felipe, Fernando more pasta than you, can you confirm you understood that.


Hahahaha! XD

Of “Felipe, Fernando needs more pasta then you, can you confirm you will leave him repeats.” 🙂


Yes, I’m more into the antipasta to keep my weight down to help me overtake that guy.


James, they can put up all the pictures of alonso they want, we all know it was Schumacher who brought them to the top! and that fernando can never do! (otherwise he should have done it with the return to Renault!)


Cool video James, thanks.

I love it that you put some content that is not just racing and politics.

You must have had a terrific weekend in Fiorano. Good on you mate.


Most excellent blog, James.

For me it’s routine now: for breaking news and your blog for real inside F1 enjoyment.



Enzo Ferrari and Montana


Enzo didn’t go to races and watched races in the restaurant. He has a special room for him with a TV set.

He stayed there alone with his lunch and watched his cars perform.


Went to Italy last week (I’m from the USA). Visited Rome, Florence, Venice, and Maranello, for a short day trip. Had an interesting time driving, and my passengers had an especially interesting time navigating! But, all was worth it when we arrived. We went through the museum of course, and walked around the grounds a bit. It was my goal to visit the Montana, and we even started walking there.

Unfortunately, however, we were pressed for time, and were having trouble finding the place. We even asked a couple Italians washing a car where it was, but they apparently didn’t know, or decided to have a bit of fun with us, as they said we were going the wrong direction. So, we went back the other way and dined at a cafe. On the way back to Venice, we proceeded to drive down the same road we had been walking along, and discovered that the Montana was a mere 50 yards from where we stopped and turned back! Oh well, next time…


Did anyone notice that picture of Alonso with the Chef looked completely fake? Bad Photoshop!

Why would he be wearing his racing suit in the kitchens of the restaurant? haha


Maybe he dropped in for lunch during a “filming day” at Fiorano.


Thanks so much for that video James! Looks fantastic… and makes me want to visit Fiorano that much more now. Also reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson’s Italian Job feature, he visited the museum in Fiorano which looked absolutely amazing! Have you been there? I’m guessing you have.

Oh and yey to the team still having pictures of Kimi up. Really miss him. What are the chances of him coming back? Must be slim now I guess, he seems really committed to rallying.

Finally, loved it that you pointed out Martin Brundles helmet still on the wall 🙂


Are the helmets just random F1 drivers or is there a Ferrari connection. I know MB tested one of Schumachers Ferrari’s for a ITV a few years back but I could not get the Roberto Moreno connection.


Where do I find the last article on this, it was very good. I want to share it with my Alonso fan friend..she will love it ( and this one too of course! The last one really showed the older couples love for Schummy and Alonso especially..


Fantastic video clip James – I’m sitting here in a cold, wet and wind swept June ‘summers’ evening in Cork, Ireland dreaming of visiting Maranello and finishing the day with a fine meal in Montana’s afterwards! One of these years! cheers!


How about a D-I-Y from the English Market?


Yup I guess that will be as good as it gets this summer! lol


Really nice James!


James, I’m am very jealous. I told my wife that going to Maranello (and Montana) would be a great Fathers day gift but I won’t hold my breath (as we live in LA). Anyone F1 fan would love to be there. Great video and again, you certainly make the wait between races more exciting with your articles.

Thanks James!!


Nice one James,

now I’m hungry for the next race and some aglio, olio, con peperoncino (garlic, oil and chilli)


James, do you know Roberta Vallorosi personally? Could you tell something about her? 🙂




you mean she’s Italian !


Looks like a scene from Goodfellas 🙂


Spaghetti with oil, chilli and garlic? So that is what put the fire in his belly!

Anything of the ’99 almost-man Eddie Irvine in there?


From what I gather Eddie is still very much part of the the Ferrari family. I am sure I heard him talk about having dinner with Luca Montezemolo on a regular basis on the radio.

It may have even been on the radio show James did with him.


A helmet


That’s a bit harsh.


Kimi’s only the second driver in the last 30+ years to deliver a drivers championship to Ferrari, I’d not have thought it was that interesting he’s included in their memorabilia.


Exactly. The close-knit Latin familia atmosphere at Ferrari notwithstanding, bottom line they are about racing and Kimi is still one of the best, and the guys who actually worked on the race cars and knew what they were capable of would respect that more than anyone else around there. Kimi is considered an introvert even in Finland which is a land of introverts so he gets a bum rap from the extrovert-dominated world that are usually baffled if not outright offended by introversion.


Absolutely great and insightful look into the Ferrari DNA and possibly what’s missing now??


When Ross Brawn worked at Ferrari he put on a load of weight. Presumably it was their pasta that was responsible then!


i see adrian newey on the official f1 website saying that one engine in particular has a been advantage over the others. i assume he is meaning mercedes but i have always thought the ferrari engine is as good as it. i remember in 08 mark hughes saying the reason that ferrari’s were 4 mphs faster down the straights in valencia was because there v8 had more power that the merc v8 in the mclaren. how could that have changed so much in an engine freeze then. think is this newey trying to make it out to be worse for his team so renault can get more power from there v8. also the ferrari engine people said to james i think that there engines retain there power better than everybody else after its been used so i think this is newey playing games.


I think you read Adrians engine comment incorrectly mate.

He said “… today with the frozen engine regulations it is very difficult for one engine manufacturer to have a big advantage over the others”.


I think its taken for granted that the merc and the Ferrari have a few more horses however the Renault uses less fuel


There was an article in F1 Racing magazine some years ago (around 2002 or 2004) which had spectacular pictures of the place, were you can see and feel the warmth inside the place, that special Ferrari “mantra”, specially focussed at that time in Schumacher. Thanks for the video James, definetelly should be worth to pay a visit when i got to Italy some time. Regards


Very nice little video James, very insightful.

Will you be doing an article on Ferrari’s new $480 Million, 3 Year Mega Deal with Marlboro? Just what exactly do they get for their money? And wasn’t tobacco sponsorship banned about 5-6 years ago? Does this ban not apply to Ferrari, or is there a loop hole that allows them to be the title sponsor as no “logo” is being displayed?

Many Thanks


The ban is about Tobacco ads on the cars. As long as no tobacco brand is on the car livery, it’s ok. Afterall, If Mr Morris is happy to pay that much to have his name on Ferrari press release which only journalists read, who cares ?

By the way, why Alcohol ads are allowed. It’s as harmful as cigarettes and even more when used by Adrian Sutil.


You could even argue that alcohol is much more responsible for domestic violence and for traffic fatalities then smoking!

Problem with smoking is that it really is not healthy, but people who drink as much as an average smoker smokes, aren’t getting any healthier either.


spot on, a smoker only harms himself, where as alcohol can harm others, in terms of drink driving etc.

so its seems a stupid rule for me.

by the way i drink, i dont smoke. so there is no bias there


If you think about it, there is no Marlboro adds on the Ferrai. But everyone associates Ferrari with Marlboro.


That might be true for presumably seasoned fans like yourself and I, but for newer viewers to the sport, I don’t think they would have that same history association between Ferrari and Marlboro, *especially* now that Ferrari don’t have that non-Marlboro inspired(so they say) barcode logo on their car.

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