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Listen to the FOTA Fans Forum discussion – Part 2 and Part 3
Listen to the FOTA Fans Forum discussion – Part 2 and Part 3
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Jun 2011   |  11:51 am GMT  |  12 comments

On Thursday night the FOTA Fans Forum took place in Montreal, offering fans from Canada and the USA a chance to meet face to face with the competitors in the sport they love and to ask questions and put their points of view across.

Here is the full audio soundtrack of Part Two of the evening, which features Team Lotus chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne, and driver Heikki Kovalainen as well as Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg addressing questions and points for view from fans including overtaking, DRS wings, Pirelli tyres, banning technology mid-season, tyre saving in qualifying and the idea of Fridays becoming all day test sessions.

Montreal Fans’ Forum – part 2 by James Allen on F1

Montreal Fans’ Forum – part 3 by James Allen on F1

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Hey James! Wondering if the sessions from the Canada forum are available for MP3 download like the ones at McLaren are? My download graphic is grayed out on those from Montreal.



Yes, go back into the June archives and it’s all there in the posts after FFF2 in Montreal


Great job by you and F1 getting out and speaking to the fans.

F1 will always struggle in the US until it understands that Nascar’s roots come from the common man and F1’s roots come from elitist class. History proves Americans do not respond well to elitist attitudes.


Thanks so much for uploading the full audio!


James this is a great initative by FOTA again something that I could not see happening only a few years ago. One comment. I understand the teams/ broadcasters are restricted due to the Concorde agreement, can you pass onto FOTA that when in negotitations that social media/internet is to become easier to access the information us fans want. F1 is the pinacle and thus should be the pinacle in terms of interacting with technology with the fans. Some teams have already done this but we need greater support throughout the whole F1 community. Would love to see

1.BBC tracker live feed etc available to everyone as a standard for F1 fans. I wish every F1 fan could get it

2. Fanvision type faciltities available to all F1 fans including more radio communication (like NASCAR)

3. More freedom with what the teams can do in communicating to the fans

Just a few thoughts.


the driver tracker & onboard channel stuff (which all comes straght from fom) is avaliable to all broadcasters, however only 2 or 3 actually choose to broadcast them.

in america for example speed channel could show them online if they wanted but decided only to use there online rights to show practice 1 & 3 which are not shown on tv.


Interesting I’m in Australia and One (who show F1) says they can’t show any sessions online unless they are broadcast on TV as well due to restrictions which seems incorrect. I will have to ask One on this.

The only way i can see practice is live timing or through the F1 app. Have not heard the tracker could be utilised in other countries as well.


so far everyone is going on about how much overtaking were getting but nobody is talking about what sort of overtaking were getting.

I actually think the levels of passing were seeing & the way its happening has completely devalued overtaking.

In the past watching the build-up to a fight for position was exciting, watching the 2 (or more) cars in close contact fighting for position was exciting (Alonso/Schumacher @ Imola 05/06) & any overtaking which did happen was truly exciting to watch.

With the DRS, KERS & Pirelli wear rates in 2011 most of the time I’ve started getting excited over one car catching another only for the car behind to get by the other car with reletive ease once he gets there with no good fight over the position with the car ahead been completely defenceless to hold the other car behind. Also when you get 2 cars on tyres at different stages of wear the pass is inevitable which takes away from the excitement.

You saw at Barcelona Vettel on fresh tyres drive up behind Button & Webber & pass them instantly because of his fresher tyres. There was no fight, no great battle & the passes were dull to watch.

I read some comments from Mark Webber about his drive through the field at Shanghai & how he didn’t find it as satisfying as he has in the past because cars he was passing had nothing to fight him with & it summed up my feelings.

Were getting a lot more passing this year but watching it happen isn’t as exciting & doesn’t have me on the edge of my seat like I have while watching great battles for position & passes over the past 23 years.

Its almost like nascar now where there is so much passing happening so often that seeing a pass happen no longer really means anything.


This what I kept saying all last year and 2009. F1 doesnt need pasing, it needs battles. It needs 2 cars being able to run close to each other, even if there is no pasing, the battle makes more exiting. I didnt get a chance to watch Spain this year, but I bet watching Hamilton chase Vettel lap after lap was exiting, and thats what F1 needs. The pissibility that a pass might occur.


watching hamilton chase vettel for the final laps at spain was a lot more exciting than watching vettel blow by button & webber on fresh tyres with them on old tyres been totally defenceless.

i agree with steve, most of the passing we have got in 2011 has been unexciting. its either been on a straght with drs or because the car been passed is on older tyres and has no grip left to defend with.

in past years watching passing was exciting, sadly this year it hasnt been.

during the bbc practice coverage at barcelona david croft & maurice hamilton touched on this and made the point that what we really want is quality passing & not necisarily just the quantity we have been getting.

i think everyone is so caught up that were getting a lot of passing that nobody has really took a step back & actually looked at how low the quality of much of it has really been and how little truly exciting racing & truly exciting passing there has actually been.


Really great idea to have these forums, James, and nicely done.


Hey James,

Just saw you interviewed on a Montreal channel, your French is excellent!

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