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Listen to the FOTA Fans Forum discussion – Part 1
Listen to the FOTA Fans Forum discussion – Part 1
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Jun 2011   |  12:42 am GMT  |  15 comments

Last night the FOTA Fans Forum took place in Montreal, offering fans from Canada and the USA a chance to meet face to face with the competitors in the sport they love and to ask questions and put their points of view across.

Here is the full audio soundtrack of Part One of the evening, which features McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh and Renault’s Eric Boullier addressing topics including Bahrain, the 2013 engine rules, and the importance of the US to Formula 1.

Montreal Fans’ Forum – part 1 by James Allen on F1

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Am I banned James?




If FOTA really want to interact with the fans, why don’t they set up an internet forum?

Then every fan with internet access could engage with FOTA, rather than a tiny select few.



You’re missing the point – this is a great initiative by James and his team. I was lucky to go to the one last year in London and it was fantastic.

There’s plenty of sites I can use to speak to fans online (the comments area on this site being one of the best) – but James has created a live forum for fans to speak to the guys running the sport. I can’t see these guys sitting in a chat room all day – especially not 2 days before a race!

Good on you James – this is a fantastic initiative. Do you have more planned this year? Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


No I think you’re missing the point.

All it currently is, is preselected questions that FOTA want to provide answers to.

They think it’s better than a press release and less dangerous than any F1 fan asking them questions they don’t want to answer.

I even e-mailed them to ask why they still haven’t released the full findings of the fan survey … and the silence is deafening, I suspect it’s because several of the questions didn’t solicit the answers they wanted, so those were quietly dropped from the release data.


That first part is nonsense. Listen to the audio of Thursday night. There is a lot of spontaneous stuff from fans. Wevask them to submit questionsaid so we can see from the volumes on each topic what the burning topics are. Don’t know why you have such an agenda against.


Yes, one in UK later this month and one in Milan in September


Teams should be able to use engines that they can afford, for example since Ferrari manufacture both 12 cylinders & 8 cylinders they should be able to bring in V12. Millions of Ferrari fans like myself would love to hear the V12’s in the Ferraris again.

The FIA should give what the fans want, not what they want. This green movement is a serious mistake since climate change is a hoax, and is a step backwards. If we are to have a Turbo era again the engines should be mixed with V8, V6 & V4 like in the 80’s, that’s what brought the classic Turbo era and some great racing. FOTA should be the ones who enforce the rules not the FIA. The engines should be mixed so we can have engine wars like we used to have.

But if I had to choose which engines to have for 2013 onwards I would bring back the V12’s, V10’s and the current V8’s. It would be good to have it like the early 90’s. Let’s hope FOTA can continue to listen to the fans and give us what we want.


I dont understand some people. So pinnacle of motorsport is having a FROZEN engine as we have now? That’s what you want?

If we continue in this route I have no doubt that Le Mans will have the more advanced cars.

PS: current V8s sound like annoying mosquitos whenn compared the the glorious V10s of the past.


F1 is not this mythical “pinnacle”.

LMP has that distinction.


I commend FOTA for having a dialogue with the fans, but what is this fluff supposed to achieve?

We have a forum of fans who are worried about the sound of future engines, yet none of them seem to be worried that engines are spec’ed, frozen, and horsepower capped. None of them seem to care that FOTA is a one-dimensional aerodynamics organization who specialize in building upside-down airplanes, not engines.

The issue is simple and the politicking of these forums is not terribly productive, imo.

F1 is at a crossroads. It hasn’t been at this crossroads for nearly 50 years. In the early days, manufacturers built the entire F1 car, but with spaceframe technology and stressed engines, manufacturers left the chassis construction to small racing companies like Lotus, Cooper, Brabham, etc who were better chassis constructors. Eventually, the chassis builders branched out into aerodynamic downforce which was also relatively useless to production car manufacturers. These companies were basically the ancient ancestors of FOTA.

Today, F1 is in a similar situation with the manufacturers. The manufacturers are no longer interested in building high displacement, naturally-aspirated engines with high cylinder count. The manufacturers want to build hotted up Focus engines and they want to put variants of the core engine design in every vehicle they race from WTCC to WRC to F1. So what are FOTA going to do?

Whitmarsh swears FOTA are interested in repairing F1, but the only major change in F1 during the last half-decade has been a successful coup by the aerodynamicists. Engines are viewed as F1’s identity, but the engines are spec’ed, frozen, and hp capped. Aerodynamics are widely viewed as F1’s problem, yet aerodynamicists sit on the F1 throne while the FIA try to force the F1 engine rules into a box the manufacturers like. The situation doesn’t bode well for the future of F1.

If I could ask FOTA a question, I would ask them if they are ready to stop relying on the major production car manufacturers to keep them supplied with engines. I am by no means part of the tifosi, but Ferrari are in a position to continue building proper racing engines. Will the rest of FOTA answer the call, or are they going to continue begging the manufacturers for engines while they play around with CFD and windtunnels.


Many thanks James. I was selected to participate and it was very thrilling. Although the drivers drew the most attention, I thought the first and third sessions were very interesting.

This is the kind of venue that should be at races so the fans can interact more. Being from Canada are F1 media coverage pales to the European media coverage.

If F1 wants to break into the US, I think more of these events is the way forward versus the current shroud of secrecy to make F1 a mystique is outdated

Anthony from Adelaide

James, as F1 journalism goes, you are a true pioneer in this digital age. Thank you so much for these insights. Lord knows how long it will take FOM to get it ?


I second this. An excellent initiative and super coverage.



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