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Here’s your chance to attend the FOTA Fans Forum in Montreal
Here’s your chance to attend the FOTA Fans Forum in Montreal
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Jun 2011   |  6:19 pm GMT  |  49 comments

If you are attending next week’s Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, here’s your chance to meet face to face with leading figures from the sport; team principals, engineers and drivers at the FOTA Fans Forum in Montreal on Thursday June 9th at 6pm at the Omni Mont-Royal Hotel, 1050 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal.

The FOTA Fans Forum, launched last summer at a pioneer event in London, is a unique opportunity for the fans and the sport to come together and exchange ideas. In no other sport do the competitors engage with the fans in this direct way.

Fans will have the opportunity to ask questions and to offer their points of view on all the key talking points in the sport at the moment – such as the overtaking, DRS wing, Pirelli tyres, F1 in North America, the internet – the floor is yours, you set the agenda. I will be the moderator.

The panel discussion for Montreal is split into three sessions, each of which will last 30 minutes.

Martin Whitmarsh, FOTA Chairman, Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
Eric Boullier, FOTA Vice Chairman, Team Principal, Lotus Renault GP

Heikki Kovalainen, Driver, Team Lotus
Mike Gascoyne, Chief Technical Officer, Team Lotus
Nico Hulkenberg, Driver, Force India F1 Racing

Adam Parr, Chairman, AT&T Williams
Gerard Lopez, Chairman, Lotus Renault GP*
Luca Colajanni, Head of Motorsport Press Office, Scuderia Ferrari
John Allert, Group Brand Director, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes,

(* to be confirmed)

The aim of this event, which we are organising in conjunction with the Formula One Teams Association, is to bring the fans closer to the sport. It offers the chance to engage face to face with the key decision makers and to have your voices heard.

There will be further FOTA Fans Forum events in the UK on June 30th and Italy on September 7th. More details on how to apply for a place on those events will come out nearer the time.

If you would like to attend the Montreal event please send an email to or if you like to stating your name, your email address, home town, contact telephone number and any question you would like to ask. We will try to get through as many questions and points of view as possible in the 90 minute session.

A response email from FOTA will be necessary for entry to the event.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Really enjoyed this! Thanks James. Hopefully it will be an annual event.


Hi James, if there’s a no show from some of the invitees, can some of us be accommodated then?



I somehow managed to wrangle an invite, and am quite looking forward to going. It is a long drive tomorrow to get up to Montreal, but totally worth it.

I really can’t believe that I was even picked.


Well, i received an email saying thank you but there is not room

for you at this time! 😛

I feel like rejected from a job interview!!! LOL

HAVE FUN EVERYONE ELSE!!!! . . . I’ll be at the track and through the streets of beautiful Montreal!! 🙂

The Fans’ Forum in Montreal has proved to be very popular with fans and we much regret not to be able to please everyone due to oversubscription. We have applied a first come first served policy and are really sorry that it didn’t work out for you this time.

We hope to welcome you on a future occasion.

With our best regards,

FOTA – Formula One Teams Association


Really sorry, it’s been very popular and it’s always first come first served.


Hi James, I had mailed a request on Friday but don’t know if I am selected or no. Please please if you could accommodate .



FOTA operate a first come first served basis. You should get an email today. It’s very oversubscribed

Luke Desjardins

How long did you thing ,it,s gonna take for having the air-bags in the racing car !


Hi James. Looking forward to attending forum. Got email saying invite forthcoming but not yet rec!d. Also requested if I could bring 1friend (travelling with 4). She has forwarded an email (J Devellis).leaving Wed am, just starting to panic a bit ;), thanks again, can’t wait. Sorry to bother.


Thanks for the info James! I’ve submitted a request to the email provided and have my fingers crossed to attend the one at the Montreal GP this weekend; I think that would blow my father’s mind, in addition to it being Father’s Day weekend and all here in Canada!

Also, do you have any idea if the Senna film is going to be shown sometime during the race weekend here in Canada?



I won’t be at the forum but I have two questions I’d very much like discussed.

1). DRS. I believe the DRS is an equaliser to compensate the trailing car for loss of overtaking opportunities due to turbulence. Is that the case?

If it is and as I have heard many disagree with that point is it possible FOTA could provide data, etc to educate the fans about why DRS was introduced and how it is working? Also would the media (you) be interested in publishing that info?

2). Tyres. During a GP it is extremely difficult to follow which tyres have been used and sometimes it’s impossible (i.e. Turkey). Could coloured dots be added to the live timing, and perhaps the TV too to indicate which tyres have been used and which tyres are on each car?

Thanking you in anticipation.



I sent the request to attend!! Hoping I can get a YES from them to be there! .. . Very excited!

thank you!!


Sounds like a great agenda.

I wont be in montreal, but if anyone else is going I’d love to know why they are looking to cease the idea about ground effect in f1.

The DRS idea has been successful, but is essentially masking the fact that cars cant run close enough to each other through fast corners.

Removing the reliance of over wing and increasing floor based downforce would surely assist.

Yes it would cost money to develop, but the change is needed.



2 quick questions (not for this, but general given the topic of questions)…

1) If a driver gets a puncture between the end of his quali lap in Q3 and the start of the race. Does he have to start the race on a punctured tyres? Surely this isn’t safe, and used tyres might be the fairest way? Is this correct?

2) If a driver isn’t happy with his/her run in Q3, say if Hamilton hadn’t jumped the chicane and ended the quali lap 9th out of the 9 can he change tyres and lose his Q3 quali time?


I’m stuck in Vancouver..and..flippen frozen in frustration at not being able to attend. *Grunt*


I’d be interested to know what the FOTA angle is on the impending FIA engine regs are.

Bernie seems to think the new rules will hurt the sport. Anyone who’s been to the 24 hour Le Mans and heard the LMP 1’s will know that although they have an interesting sound, they really are a world away from an F1 engine note. In fact, they sound more like an over powered hair dryer as opposed to the imminent destruction of the universe.

FWIW, I think the changes made to F1 this year have really improved races. Gone are the race days when we’d all sit down for the start and then head off to make a coffee 15 minutes later…these days I daren’t leave the telly for the whole race in case I miss some action.


PLLEEAASSEEE film the entire thing and just put it up unedited on youtube. We’d like to hear every question that was answered, not just a selection!!

Thanks 🙂


Thanks James! I’ll be there along with 7 other friends. I hope there will be enough place to accommodate all of us. Maybe I’ll get you to sign your 2010 book? The weekend looks better and better every day. I love it already!


Have you already sent in an email to FOTA? I will sign your book with pleasure! See you there


James, a question you could put forward, if you agree and don’t mind: (You might wish to re-word…)

With one of the recent aims in F1 being to create more overtaking opportunities, coupled with the seemingly increasing use of penalties for ‘Racing incidents’, as has been discussed at length on the net since Monaco’s, well, incidents… Is it time for a slight tweak in the rules that favours the potential overtaker? Such as:

“If a car attempting an overtake is alongside a leading car, (alongside = should they move towards each other on the same line they would touch, ie Front wheels to rear wheels minimum) the leading car must ‘attempt’ to give enough room to the trailing car when cornering”

The rule seems to exist on straights; pushing a driver off the track such as MSC and BAR in Hungary’s Wall incident, so why not at a corner?

The aim would not be to hand penalties to leading cars, but instead the hope would be that less penalties would be required all round as drivers would understand they can’t “shut the door” on a car if there is nowhere for it to go.

At the moment it feels a bit too similar to road rules; “the following car is always at fault” etc.

Thanks for the site, I always check in.

Michael Prestia

I’m arriving in Montreal on Thursday morning to head to the track to get driver autographs! Now I find out about this and YOU have just made my day James. I will be at the FANS FORUM!!

Michael Prestia

FYI James… I sent you an email and I received a bounce back indicating that your quota has been exceeded.


Don’t worry. We got it. Thanks


My question deals with tv media coverage of F1 in N America (specifically Canada). Would like to send you details!


Sent my reuest to teamsassociation, tried sending copy to james@…coming back quota exceeded, I think there are problems with host server?? Jules.


We got it, thanks


Went to the London event at BAFTA last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Won’t be in Montreal, sadly, but would recommend it to any F1 fan who will be.

Given the increased prevalence of Twitter in F1, some greater interactivity and live-blogging would be great.


Hi James , I tried sending an email twice to, but I get a mail return delivery, I would live to have the opportunity to attend!

Enzo Carrelli

Thanxs and have a good day


We got it, thanks, no problem

Michael Hutchinson

Any chance of getting questions asked if you’re not in a position to attend?

Like, for instance, why FOTA hasn’t taken a stand on Bahrain yet?


Well said.

If F1 decides to go to Bahrain I for one would like to suggest it is boycotted by those who care. I for one pledge not to watch it.



This is a huge issue. Bernie’s desire to ensure the Bahrain race is typical of someone who has no understanding of what is really important in this world.

No matter how passionate one is about a sport, the people of a country, and of this planet, are far more important.


Sorry to push the point James, but just to give you an idea about how far-reaching this is, have an online petition looking to gather 300,000 signatures to convince Red Bull to not take part. Sure, RB are being singled out, but there has to be a focal point to collect the energy.


Thank you for this link.

Just signed it.

This is more important than sales of a drink.


That’s a fair question. There will be many questions from those there on the night, but we’ll add it to the list


Well, unfortunately, I’m stuck in my own country, so I cannot attend, obviously, but I have just one question that continuously pops into my mouth: “What is FOTA’s position on changing certain tracks’ layout in order to improve overtaking and safety ?”

This, I think, is one of the main calls that have to be maid. If we had a decent tracks, we wouldn’t need DRS at all (humble personal opinion.)

Thanks in advance if there’s a chance to ask this question on my (and other fans) behalf.


I bet Ferrari and Mclaren would love to have Mr Newy on the panel and then get some fans to drill him on his genius !


Sounds like a great idea. But I hope the fans will be civil what with all the Vettel and Hamilton sniping of the past week. Someone (sorry, but I can’t remember who) once said ‘Sports car racing is full of nice people. Formula 1 is full of Formula 1 people.’


Yes, but this is about being open minded, discussing a sport fans and participants have a shared passion for.

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