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A message to JA on F1 readers
A message to JA on F1 readers
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Jun 2011   |  11:54 am GMT  |  241 comments

Welcome to version 2.0 of the JA on F1 website. It has some exciting new features, which I believe it will take the site to a new level.

We’ve done a redesign, as you can see, but the main component parts of the homepage are the same as before. It’s still all about the content and the interaction with fans, with the aim of giving you a better insight into F1 and bringing you closer to the sport.

What’s new is the Teams section. The plan is to have a page for each of the teams, where fans of that team can read JA content specific to that team, leave their own messages and photos and some exclusive behind the scenes content too.

We’re starting out with the Ferrari page and we welcome Ferrari fans around the world sending in your photos. Were you in Canada or one of the other GPs so far this season? Did you meet up with other Ferrari fans? Send us your photos and we’ll upload them to the Ferrari section so Ferrari fans around the world can share in them and connect with you.

Over time we’ll expand this and hopefully, before long, we’ll have a full grid of team pages.

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Great new look. Looking forward to the new features and areas.


is it really worth having massa in ferrari team?

we would like to see kimi or fisecalla rather as alonso team mate. All the best ferrari for rest of the season 2011.


Not his fault he had a puncture


What he said. Bloody love it!



Have you considered implementing a feature which graphically highlights all new replies to an article since the page was last visited/refreshed?

I frequent several other websites which have this feature (non F1 related) and it makes a massive difference to contributors whilst also increasing the overall number of replies to any particular topic.

Basically, new posts submitted since the previous visit are highlighted with colour coding, making them easily distinguishable from those which have already been read.

Obviously the main benefit is dramatically improved ease of use for contributors, as they no longer have to check every single post in an article to find new replies since their last visit, but there are also other benefits which are by-products of this.

It's possible to implement this feature aptly without compromising the visual theme of the site, for example with this current theme, it could simply be a narrow red line down one side of comment boxes for those comments which constitute new replies, like so:


What do you think?


+1 Looking forward to see how this develops.


Exclusively positive changes, James, very nicely done indeed. It's great that you have kep these stories and fans' repsonses central to the site while offering even more knowledge and information to us all in the form of added extras! Truly THE site for F1 fans everywhere.


I second, love the new look, you are writing articles I really want to read too! I would look at page loading though its a bit of a pain the way it loads each page.


over complicated - style over substance.

it was nice and simple and clear before, not sure why the change?


Im liking the changes!


Me too! That's great. Delicious!


JA this is GREAT it really is unbelievable, you have, as you said taken it the the next level.

One to be proud of !!!


Second that,well done James.Love the changes


verry nice. good improvement love the teams section ....nice one james..



Absolutely sweet lay out! Nice features also, especially the interaction with the fans.

Looking forward to the pic's.


looks good so far, bit of a shock when i first came to it. think the banner is a little large at the top. as i hide my screen at work into a small area ! so a bit of scrolling before reading anything.



Really like the new design and layout! Looking forward to seeing more team pages and improvements across the board.

Keep up the great work.


This new website looks cool - I look forward to seeing even more stories, information, facts and opinions.

James your site really is one of the best sources for news and debate on F1 issues.

Keep improving!


Like it 🙂


Very smart!


Love the new look, much more like a professional website married to the outstanding content.

I'm confused about the generic "team" page. What are the articles on that page supposed to represent?


All the JA content relevant to that team will sit on there as long as all the other stuff the fans can interact with.


I was actually thinking of this page, which seems to have some random old articles right now:


The only team specific page so far is Ferrari, which makes sense:


Looking forward to the other team pages too. Are you going to keep teams that don't exist or have changed names? e.g. There's articles about Brawn (as opposed to Mercedes GP) and Lotus Racing (as opposed to Team Lotus). Maybe split that menu into current and historical teams?


I'm a stubborn type and am a bit set in my ways, but I think the changes are a clear improvement.

This has become one of my very favoruite sites, it's a great source of insight and info with very little flannel and sensationalism. I wish you every success taking the site through the next level and beyond. Keep up the great work!


That's really kind of you, thanks


Congrats on the new-look website James! 

It looks sharp and the new features make the site even more enjoyable than before. THANKS!


Excellent new look. Just one suggestion, how about archiving by year rather than month and year? Your blog has been very successful and I feel this may just tidy the page up a little bit?

Keep up the good work, have been reading since Day 1. Few other websites offer such excellent reading on F1 related news.


Thanks, yes I'm not happy with the archiving at the moment. Will look at that


May I suggest some kind of a "search" tool?

The site looks even better. I think that the "Team" page is a great idea. Keep up the good work 🙂


Loving the new look, the site looks great!




Very good looking, congrats.

On the side, I think Fernando will be very pleased to know that he has been the chosen one to make the top of the page for the first time!!!!! let him know!!!

Keep the good work JA, I'm sure it wont be long before The Formula 1 (as a global concept)recognises your great work and contribution to the sport and its understanding.

And finally, go Alonso!!!!, Valencia will be yours this time!!!


great new look mate.........good luck



A-mazing! The new hub for F1 info. I love it.


TYPICAL media bias, creating the Ferrari team page first. 😉


Made me smile - new look is now as smart and professional as the content.


I love the new look!



Any reason for the large splash of red everywhere?

Does this reflect any hidden loyalty to a particular team, especially as you are using a team that uses the same colour or is that just coincidence??



Any reason for the large splash of grey everywhere?


I understand that there are drivers who wear red overalls, but who do not drive in red cars...have we noticed something? 🙂


You could try reading the whole message, might help and give you a hint...


Could it be because a Ferrari fans' page has been set up? I presume that the Ferrari page was added first due to the immense popularity of the team.


I wondered if someone would complain about the colours. I thought to myself it would be impossible.

Amusingly, I was wrong. 😀


Amusingly, I noticed the the same commentators pushing the red colours at every opportunity 🙂


I am sure that a fan page for the McLaren team, whose worldwide popularity rivals that of Ferrari's, will be constructed soon.


I am sure you would have commented the same had the colours coincidentally reflected the McLaren team with a McLaren banner and a McLaren car in the centre of the photo and also a McLaren team link! 🙂


I think that he would have read the introductory information and appreciated that every team will have a fan page in due course.


Is it a Ferrari theme?!!!


looks very nice, & much convenient is the way the database is managed, perfect!


Looks great. But looks a bit like you're off to join Ferrari for the Head of PR soon!


And I suggest you to use auto-spam plugin instead of manual censorship for comments.


Looking good James. Like JB's driving style - very slick!


Great work! The new design is great and the team sections is also a fantastic idea. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

I'm a new reader but this is definitely the best place to get balanced, well thought stories on F1. Keep up the good work.


Great update James, love the new design and ideas for team specific pages!


Very nice, James 🙂

Sidenote: is there any reason why we have a link to Ferrari Page in particular and not other teams? Will it change so that you'd post links to various teams pages there?


As we add new team pages, we'll have the links to them.


though one thing I have to add, after your recent visit to Maranello, you could digest a lot of RED 🙂



Fantastic, looks great...nice one!


Ooh, just noticed something really minor you may wish to have changed.

When a comment is awaiting moderation, the text "Your comment is awaiting moderation" is inserted where the date should be, and the date is forced down onto a new line and aligned incorrectly.

Might look better if the text is inserted AFTER the date, on a new line, so as not to break the formatting.


It's a bit cluttered, I suggest using more width as most screens are now 16:9 as a starting point.

A button to show comments, sometimes the list is very long and requires alot of scrolling.

The main column, where the article is should be wider and in the centre enclosed by the other 2 columns.

Would love an RSS feed with links to latest news from various f1 publications such as autosport.

But it definately looks nicer


The content column is still ridiculously narrow. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks that using less than half of page's width for displaying real content is kind of weird.


Agree with this comment. I really liked the simplicity of the last site compared to other sites; it was clean. For me there's too much colour and clutter, detracting from the content. But I would seem in the minority given other comments!

Agree with other comments re the site being to long compared to 16:9 screens.

But glad to see the site thinking about itself - not enough do.


I agree with both of these comments as regards clutter and the simplicity of the old site. Also, could the latest article not be displayed in full? I don't mind clicking to read more of an older article but, I want the latest one there, ready for me to read.

Can't argue with the content though; keep it up James!


Add another to the minority. New site has great impact, great photos but the old site made it very easy to see the information.


Oh! Excellent mate. Almost want to make it my home page 🙂


Great improvement. Look forward to reading many more articles.

On another note James can you give any advice on the FOTA fans forum in Woking. When will we know if we are successful with our applications. Indeed is it a case that those that are successful already know and unsuccessful applicants will not be advised. May be another reader can help here.

Thank you.


Message should go out soon. I'm not delivering it this time. It's 5x oversubscribed so if you got in early you should be ok but if not...


Looking very smart, and it loaded quickly too.


Great website.... just went from "blog page" to full on F1 website...


Thank christ you've got a proper indent on the left hand side of the page! Finally 🙂 Apart from that I'm conservative and prefer the old version 🙁 Partly due to the amount of red on the site which really stands out and distracts. This is actually one reason why even say Ferrari is careful with it's site to tone down the amount of red and temper it with neutral greys etc.

I think if you went a bit more neutral instead of every heading, every title and every button/link being bright read it'd look much more pleasing and ultimately/most importantly readable.

However the site loads nicely, not too many heavy graphics so the browsing speed/experience is excellent.


Positive change, good work.


great new look and lots of handy stuff, but this website's usp is you james. dont forget that 🙂


Oh, and I'm looking at this on a very very large screen and 40% of the page is taken up by the JA logo and menu, really need to cut that down, no one should have to scroll down for ages before getting to interesting content. Indeed only about 10% of the page at the very bottom actually features anything content worthy, ie an article title.


excellent stuff ... looks great


Sorry James it's ghastly, why is everything in the left half of the screen? This new site takes 3 times longer to load on my mobiles gprs and then I can't easily find anything without having to refresh with which takes the same tme all over again to load. So many website designers have lost the ability to make good websites that load really fast even over gprs2.5 , fit onto my nokia browser screen and actually load what I want (the complete blog in your case). Please try to make the website as useful and fascinating as your excellent reportage. 😉


Yes I hate to be 'negative' but I noticed the new website took longer to appear on my simple computer, reminded me of Speed TV website that they upgraded some months ago and now takes amany seconds to get, presumably heavily laden with stuff (forgive my lack of correct technical terms!). I also disagree with a posting above asking for WIDER screen - we DON'T all have widescreen computers! So don't forget your 'little people' James!


We'll look into that, thanks


Just on that, I dont know if anyone else has noticed, but I dont seem to be able to select a body of text to copy/quote in a response.

The cursor selects random chars.


Good stuff, I like that its an evolution of the previous version, as that wasnt at all bad either.

Its good to see the additional feature...but one thing I would love to see are wallpapers. Your pics are great, just too small 😛


Fantastic re-design, nice & clean.

Now you need an iPhone App 😉




Awesome stuff James! The red on the banner headlines is a tiny bit too bright for my liking, but that's just nit-picking, overall it's great.


Hello James,

This looks great! the content is excellent and now the new look makes the website even better!

Great work!


Loving the new design James. Looking good!

JAF1 is definintely the premier place for F1 news and discussions.


Wow! 🙂 great site.. Keep up the good work, but don't work yourself to hard.


Looks great,James. How about a small section for MotoGp too ?


http://www.motomatters.com/ might be what you're after.

David Emmett is a key contributor. He does the race commentary on the TV feed that Australia gets.


Sorry, this is F1 focussed.


Nice - very quick and easy to navigate.

I think the banner is a little large but as it has a Ferrari on it I'll let it pass... 🙂


Hi James

The more professional design looks great, but I'm not convinced about the narrow content column. Does this really make the site "all about the content"?

Perhaps it would be nice to leave the grid as 2/1/1 on the home page so all the links are clear, but then go to 3/1 (in favour of content) when you click through to an article?


Better still if the contents were allowed to run across the other columns when there is nothing there. So much of the webpage actually is only using about half the screen.

I'd still prefer plain text......


I like the layout but....

It's starting to look a bit too like other F1 websites and I really hope you don't start attracting comments and posts which are inflammatory or sometimes bigoted. The reason I come to your site is for the depth of analysis and the quality of the discussions. I have however detected recently (especially regarding comments about Lewis/Jenson/The British) a rather worrying degeneration in quality of comment to your excellent articles.

Overall though your site is great - and now looks great too.


No danger of that. Thanks.


As a long time reader/follower of your site/tweeting I do like the layout but have to confess that what I really enjoyed about the previous setup was it was very clean and immediate.

Your articles were always very detailed and informative and I hope they still appear like that.

I'm sure over time I will get used to it.

I've also said to you before that it would be good if your @JamesallenonF1 account had a different picture than your @JAF1Tweets.



Content won't change, of course.


"Over time we’ll expand this and hopefully, before long, we’ll have a full grid of team pages."

Love this very much and will need a 14 day week to follow your site.

Great work from you as always. Thank you James.


Hi JohnBt,

Long time no see. Thanks for your invaluable feedback for Malaysia. It was really helpful.

See you in Singapore maybe?


Hi Damien

You're most welcomed. How time flies and the Singapore GP will be arriving soon.


Hey James, at the end of the day it's the content and quality of the writing/information we want, so all is good. The look of the site is secondary. But one request, please avoid using any flash on adverts etc in the future. This cr*p slows down loading times on autosport etc and sometimes causes computers to crash. It's a right pain in the {mod} excuse the expression. I know the adverts bring in revenue to keep the site going etc which is great, but some F1 sites have unruly loading times because of the abundance of crap ads, which users will learn to loathe these products as a result of load times/crashing.


Awesome. Onwards and upwards I say!.


nice work james and co! the site looks awesome, can't wait for the new content, keep up the excellent work!


Looks like it fits in the new decade, well done.


LOL. This is my second attempt to post a comment.

The first attempt ended bad.

I wrote: "Looks very good indeed.

Great works guys."

And when I pressed the "submit" function it came up with a message that I am posting too fast and to slow down.

Weird. I hope this is not a new "feature" and posting hasn't become difficult.

Anyway, the new look is great.



Keep trying, patience is rewarded. Thanks for the comments


The best F1 site on the net just got even better. Great job James. Really appreciate your effort in connecting with the readers of the site.


love the new design - i actually had to double check what website i had typed in 🙂

Just one little suggestion - I think there needs to be a clearer separation between the sectioning containing "Posted By, Category" etc and the Headline of the next article


This is without doubt the best site in F1! Congratulations to you and your team James. Love the Ferrari page - can't wait to see what you come up with next...

Am looking forward to the JA on F1 / FOTA event next week!!!

Keep up the good work...


The new pages look great

...and a fantastic banner!



I cant wait for McLaren page!


Much better. I like the grey b/g colour. Good clear typeface.

I don't think I'll be really interested in the 'teams' pages because I'm not a fan in the sense that I follow any particular team or driver. I'd rather have a 'technical' section where there's a more in-depth discussion of the car development across all the teams. However I'm sure you know your audience better than I do, James!


Not happy to see Ferrari as the first page setup James 😉

The site will be full of spam before we know it (joking)

Looks great. Andy


Any true motor racing fan has to respect what Ferrari means to motor racing and vice versa. While it's not my fave team I'll concede that pride of place here is justified.


Oh dear, after reading all the compliments I do feel some what bad about having to criticize a little bit here. The dark grays clash a bit with the bright red. A suggestion is to just dull the red a little bit maybe... And no, this has nothing to do with me being a Mercedes rather than a Ferrari fan.

Otherwise, great job. 🙂


Nice job, James.


James, the site looks great, just a tiny comment though. having 3 columns seems a bit too much, the area for the content got very small. May be optimizing the website for a higher resolution or combining the two columns on the right might be better.


It always was the same three column layout. Same space for content down the left..


Liking the changes. Keep up the good work.


The site looks great. The old one was good, but too blog-like.

Still can't get enough of the Montana restaurant. Must go there one day.

And have lunch.


Very cool James, the best F1 site just got better.


The new page is not an example of good graphic design

work. Sorry, but it is an assault to the eyes, to the extent that I will probably reduce my visits. Of course I don't

expect this comment to be published, but this page looks like an insert ad you find in a tabloid. Most unfortunate.

And to those who think it is wonderful, I say : You

wouldn't know good design if it walked up and slapped you in the face.


The site is professional, clean and easy to navigate. Function has not been sacrificed for style. There's a few glitches and minor issues (like comment numbering would be good to keep track in long comments sections), but nothing major.

Most importantly it has elevated JA on F1 beyond a blog to a source.

Good job James.

BTW, I have run a professional branding, strategy and web design company for the last 20 years and I think it works well. Please don't judge what other people will know or do not know. If you don't like it that's a personal opinion.


Why do you only have a Ferrari team?


One step at a time..


Good work!

Jimi Down Under

Recent reader to this website, which I have been thoroughly enjoying. I like everything about the new layout, however I found it refreshing to have the full length article on the main page as in the previous format. Given that there's only a few articles a week that appear on the website, this was really engaging and refreshing as opposed to most other sites that ask you click on more to read the full length article. So my only suggestion would be, love the new format, please retain full length articles on the main page. Thanks for all of your great insight into this beautiful sport.


very nice, well done.


My first impression was that I clicked grandprix.com icon instead of jamesallenonf1.com!


Looks nice. I have to say though, at first glance it looks a lot like a Ferrari fansite!


So did I, but all in all James fantastic new look and ideas.


Very smart indeed, James, with a convenient, logical and accessible layout. Your journalism has been the best going for some time but the appearance of the site always looked, well, like a fan-run site rather than a really professional undertaking. Now the brand names (especially the messy BBC F1 homepage) need to follow you!

One slight niggle: the current points table, I think, belongs on the homepage for easy reference.

And one amusing observation: I love the Ferrari team page in McLaren colours! Seriously, I was wondering whether the teams might co-operate with individial pages in their corporate colours.

Keep up the outstanding work.


I need a 'click here' for mobile version. Some reason, iphone reverts to full version on it's own, but sometimes desktop goes mobile... Strange!


Fantastic!!! Looks truly awesome!! Very well done!!

Everything is well laid out and easy to read. Super upgrade.


I'll be a bit of a devil's advocate here. (Not to just be a wet blanket but to add some other constructive perspective.) I prefered the old sites look and feel. Here's why: It didn't look too commercial. This new look embraces full-speed commercialism. Not that there is anything wrong with commercialism, it's important, though, to treat it the the correct emphasis. Your old site had the unique look and feel of an almost private information dossier on the sport, and your content most certainly lived up to that "priviledged news" kind of status. With this new treatment you risk losing that high rank in the pantheon of F1 websites. It's sort of a "less is more" kind of careful balance you have to strike. I really liked the old FOSA mailed newsletter, and you had nicely elecronically filled that gap with your old sites look and feel. It was simple, genuine and authentic, as opposed to flash. Hope you don't take umbrage here, just adding my two cents, or two pence, for whatever it's worth; or if it's not broken don't fix it kind of lament. You get it. Thanks for the opportunity to comment by the way...that's a very genuine feeling behavior and thus advances your cause in my book.


Yes have to say I agree with main sentiment expressed here - some sites lose that 'personal touch' through becoming too 'Professional', sometimes 'simple is best'. (Sorry James - I know, 'can't please all the people all the time'!!)



In order for a site to be commercial, you need to sell....and there is nothing being sold here.

It looks modern...


Minimally, James Allen's image is what's being sold here, and that's the important thing we fans have to help recognize and maintain. His vast expertise needs to be protected and conveyed in a serious authentic tone and manner, I believe. And now with it all jazzed up, it just might diminish that really genuine-feeling tone a bit.


Nice surprise, although like somebody said before i hope it still centers on the quality of the content and info rather than a commercial approach.


Like it

Seán Craddock

This looks really good James, well done!

I think this new team page idea is brilliant, really nice way for the fans to get involved.

I've only been using JA on F1 since November, but already I love it and it's one of my top visited sites, thank you


I'd love to share my photos from the Canadian GP...is there an email address I can send them to?




James@jamesallenonf1.com. Thanks


Vodafone McLaren James Allen on F1 is pleased to bring you this new look 😉

Looks slick though!


My favourite F1 site just got even better, can't actually see any negatives at all. Any way of getting people more involved and informed works in my book and the contributions made by readers on here tend to be of a high standard so I see this as step to further promote that. Best of luck with it and I look forward to continued success.


good work james...big big fan of your analysis. While it looks great, the greatness about old JAONF1.COM is the emphasis on the matter..that is the CORE. sure i visit bbc.co.uk/f1 but for ANALYSISi come here. because it is simple.

anyway i gues it will take a little time to get used to it.


I like the new look. If before it was all about content, now it also looks fresh, nice and neat. Hope that it will remain mainly about the content though. Just one little remark: I think that the left portion with the blog entries should be wider than the right portion, although it may be just on my screen that they appear equal.

Good job!

Andrew Halliday

I'm usually adverse to changing something that's already good but this is really good! I like how the site is now pretty much like an online magazine with a photo at the top of each story. Nice and smooth all the way through.

I don't really expect you to answer this but something I've wondered since you started the site is how do you finance it? Surely it's not cheap to run such a site and I know that following F1 is expensive - flights, accommodation etc all adds up, your efforts are very much appreciated!


First of, congrats on your redesigned website James!

Just some suggestion:

Your site's strong point is about content (yours and responses from readers), so more features should be added to the comments to add its readibility.

1. Use a collapsible button (as in the F1 2011 CHAMPIONSHIP collumn) to hide/unhide individual or group (base on leveling) comments. This way will help following conversation better.

2. Bring back the number (at least for the main) comments to make it easier for reference and to follow response as it progresses.

Another one for suggestion is to bring the _newest_ content in full in the main page so that visitor can read the newest content without needing another click. It will save a lot of time and bandwidth if we visit your site frequently.

just $.02!



Looks very nice - very impressive.

However... The big thing I want from a website is ease of use, and for this type of website, that means ease of access to the stories.

The old website was predominantly text and the entire article was on the home page - so it loaded quickly and you could scroll up/down to read whatever you wanted. If you wanted to read the comments you needed to click and go to another page. This was a perfect compromise.

The new site takes alot longer to load and each story needs to be expanded by navigating to the comments page in order to read the actual article. This means that the slow page load is made alot worse because you need to navigate back and forward between pages to read the articles.

All of this is made alot worse on a phone over 3G. I would strongly urge you to consider putting the full article on the home page (as before) and/or having a mobile version which has little graphics - and full text from the articles.

I love the in depth analysis and the fact that you call it as you see it, but I also used to love how easy it was to use the site. It now looks more flashy but is less functional...


Great site James, improvements are fantastic!!


Not another website where you are required to click the 'more' button to read the entire article.

Please change this to show the whole article on the main page.



I loved the simplicity of the original site, and you've improved it without losing what was good about it. A rare feat. Congratulations.


That's the best comment we've had today. Thank you. Looks like most people are happy. You expect quite a few to push back whenever you change something but great thing with our readers is that they know that the content will be on the money and the fan interaction will be the heart of it all.


I clicked, saw the page and went WOW. WOW is a very good word.


I think the header image is miles too big, and the body text font is far too small. The reader shouldn't have to lean forward to read the content.

Thank goodness there is an RSS feed so I can read it at a decent size and without distraction.

It certainly fits a certain corporate look, but sadly has lost a little bit of it's charm.

However, I'm sure that your journalism will continue to be the best in Formula 1, and that is all that really matters to me.


Honestly, I miss the old layout. I suppose I'll get used to this new look.

Also, how come my iPhone doesn't always pick up the mobile version of the site ?


James, is there any reason for the comments not being numbered now? It was very useful, many times in order to post replies or just to comment on previous comments.


We've had a few comments on that. Something we should look at. Thanks


New website look is great, but i am in the minority. No interest whatsoever in readers comments, it clutters page and detracts from journalists articles.


Well sorry, but the comments and the interaction are the heartbeat of this site.


Glad and relieved to discover that you feel this way.

The comments section of this site and the quality of discourse within is exceptional.

A true credit to yourself, the moderators that keep things in check and of course the contributors on this site.

On balance I think the moderation of comments on this site is dealt with extremely well and the moderators deserve recognition for their work.

I can't imagine how many comments are submitted which don't make it past moderation due to breaking the "Rules of the blog" - speaking of which, where have they gone?

***On a somewhat related note, thanks to whomever was responsible for allowing me a second chance to participate here, following my "ad hominem" attack against a fellow contributor several days ago which resulted in a temporary ban from submitting comments.

I apologise for that and I'll try my hardest to avoid making such comments in future.

I understand that you may wish to delete the section contained in asterisks from my response. Just wanted to apologise and say thanks but I don't know where else to do so.***


You weren't blocked, just the comment was blocked - mod


Looks good James, but could you bring back the comment numbers?


Hi James

Long time reader first time contributor...sorry about that BUT....just tried sending a message and after hitting the SUBMIT button i got a 'error messgae about sending too fast, slow down????...not good for an F1 site!...AND SAD FOR AN 'OLDER' FIRST TIMER!!

Apart from that, at first i was surprised, looked a little messy but after a good look, and seeing that team pages will be added, your site will continue to be the best F1 read about. This with your sessions on oneHD and RPM, we are getting it good down here for a change.!!WELL DONE


Looks ok, 2 points though maybe?

The front page loads vastly slower on mobile internet than the old version. And I assume people on slower internet will notice this too? Not everyone is on the fastest internet at akll times.

Also, could the grey behind the text in your articles be of a much lighter shade of grey? So the letters jump out more? It makes a huge difference in reading comfort and feeling. Thanks.


Love the new look James.....what was already a great site made even better!


A couple of quick points, I liked having the full article on the home screen rather than having to click more. My mobile also seems to have gone straight to the desktop site >_< and I find the red too bright but that is personal taste and as this site is free I cannot complain. Thanks


I think the new look is spiff!

This site just keeps getting better!


I care more about contents but this makes it so much cooler. James, this site is still the best, thanks so much.


My only comment would be to add the 2nd and 3rd columns together so the articles and these comments would be wider, its way to narrow on the 1st col.

Apart from that, nice job. 🙂


Like the new look, but I am going to miss the fact that the homepage no longer displays full stories.

Any chance to make it so we can read the whole stories on the homepage again? It's much more convenient.

Fulveo Ballabeo

Looks fine. But evolving from focused raison de etre, to scope creep.

I look to "JA on F1" as a deep, rich, authoritative, opinionated blog. Not as a broad website.


A couple of minor quibbles - that red is just tooo bright! And the header picture way too big. All-in-all though, pretty darn nice!


The site looks better, but please include the full article on the front page.


Hi James,

I like the concept of team pages, is it coincidental that all the title banners are the same red as Ferrari? Or is it subliminal advertising?

I hope that Ferrari are not a secret sponsor... And harm any impartiality.

I'm also having the same posting problems as the guy above mentioned...



Coincidence! That's just colour palette.


Hi James,

I love the new website it looks fab - bigger and better! My wife isn't gonna be too happy though as I'll be spending even more time on your website now! lol

One thing though.... I'll happily pay you a yearly subscription to enjoy your fantastic F1 coverage free from advertising... it's just a suggestion! 🙂

Keep up the great work!




Hi James,

As we've come to expect a level of excellence from you, this certainly did not disappoint!

I love the new look, layout, colours, etc... This is a GREAT new site.

Thanks James, for showing your fans how much you care about them. You put in a great deal of effort for us and it is greatly appreciated.




Good to hear. Thanks for your view


Brilliant, love the new site.


It looks nice James. Great to see you really developing your niche on the internet.

To be honest I dont care what your site looks like I read it because you have the best articles and insights, period.

Congratulations on your work with ONE HD as well. Great to see you on TV again.




Agreed. Content is everything. Can I have a plain text version please? saves me battling past banners, ads, formatting, etc.?





Get yourself a good RSS reader and you can make James' site a delight!

Mine looks like this: http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff35/vincentaltair/reeder.png


Can you do a count down to the next practice session instead of next race, the bbc used to do this and I miss it this year.


James, how about adding a forum for members to post. There's nothing really around for that apart from a F1 site called pitpass.


Hey James,

Congratulations on the new look. It was a bit of a shock when the page open and had to double check what bookmark I clicked on!

The overall feel, colour scheme e.g. the use of different shame of greys, and the little boxes make it far more visually appealing. Considering how much of a headache I am having with my site, I know the effort or the money that it takes to make this happen.

I know curiosity killed the cat, but just wondering a couple of things:

- did you move away from the wordpress platform?

- Is there also a limit on the number of replies as per the old design? It was a bit of hindrance when engaging with other fans but it does not seem to be the case on this article, as far as I can see.

PS: I added you as a 'Like' on facebook personally and for my site's FB page. I didn't even know you had a page. I shall tell the other #JAfans on twitter.


Hi James!

This is one of my favorite F1 sites, and I think you put a lot of work into it. I think it's great that it is expanding from a blog into more of a site.

Therefore it pains me to say I do not like the new design. In my eyes it does NOT look professional at all. Please allow me to tell you some reasons why:

Black text on gray background has poor contrast values and therefore makes it harder on the eyes to read. Ultimately it's about reading your words, and you want them to have maximum impact. That is achieved by using maximum contrast, and that is black on white. Black on gray was used mainly on Windows back in the day to counter the flickering of pure white on cheap CRT monitors.

Way too many lines and frames. Every line you put in a graphic design takes up attention. Attention that could instead be directed to your text. Please consider the following examples:

Pull out the pictures to cover all the column horizontally, removing two vertical lines.

Remove the line before the "comments" block, keep the one under that separates the articles. Now the comments block floats between the articles graphically. Remove the line and color change between the "Posted by" and "Share" sections.

Keep the color the same between the header and the "posted by" section. They are already set apart by the font size. Etc, etc.

Thanks again for your excellent writing and best of luck to you.


I really like it. You have still kept it simple and easy to navigate while making it more visually appealing. As others have said the "more" button is hit or miss though I understand why it may have been added. Perhaps a decent compromise would be to have the most recent story displayed in full while older stories have the "more" button.


Hence the smilie face ....


All positive from my perspective.

Personally love the count down to the next GP. That saves me going to another website to find out when my next F1 fix is.

Like Darren, I enjoy your work on ONE HD.

Keep up the good work.


A couple of people have mentioned it, but I'll +1 it - Not having the full articles on the main page is a bit of a frustration. I've gone from loading up the site once daily without (generally) having to click on a thing, to now having to click through and back across two pages. While this doesn't sound like a lot on the surface, it essentially means that I have to spend twice as long doing things that I could previously do on the site. In an age where people want information to be readily available, on demand with a minimum of fuss, I see this as being a bit of a step backward. Perhaps a compromise for those daily visitors such as myself is to have a full article listing at least for posts that are less than, say, 3 days old, with summaries for others?

Other than than, the new site looks as professional as I would expect from a presenter of your calibre and I look forward to reading more of your outstanding and detailed coverage of the world that is F1 (hopefully without having to click on "More" buttons).


Two thumbs up!


amateur website mistake to think that 'upgrading' your template is a useful thing to spend time on. the old template was perfectly efficient at presenting the content you have. unless you did it to increase ad revenue, in which i can't help you because our motives are at odds.

there is already one major useability drawback, and that is that the articles are not displayed in full on the front page.

that means i have to click through everything, and can't skim.

usually when websites make that change it's intentional, to force clicks to raise metrics used for selling advertising. that or they fail to consider that they're offloading work onto their users and only thinking of aesthetics.

regardless, i'm already very put off by it.


Hi James.

Like the new format, but for one aspect. I liked the old site that allowed me to read the whole story on one page versus having to click for more of the story now. It's all about click counts and minimizing my time on my mobile phone to read a whole article.




I've read this great blog since it was created in 2008 and this is a brilliant change James! Well done! I always said it was the best f1 related website around and it just got A WHOLE lot better! Tough luck for those other sites I guess! Massive well done and keep up the great work.

Lonny K Johnson

I hate having to link thru to a following page to finish a story. I will surely be reading fewer stories all the way to the end.


Nice look. It's a bit slow to load / scroll through... Suspect too high res pictures throughout. Main picture of Ferrari on top takes 5-6 secs to load after rest of page(from Canada, but that shouldn't matter). Slows everything down. Decrease res or use alternatives.

Content is the main thing, and that as usual, is impeccable.


Wow! Looks great!!

Content is king, but a nice look doesn't hurt 🙂


At first sight of this new version, I thought I was going to the Ferrari homepage!!!

Two issues:

1\ There's no number of all the replys. I always read the comments within a couple of days as there are a lot of replys, and I remember the number of the reply I last read and the next day I read from this reply onward.So, James, will you add the numbers to all the replys like before?

2\ Like some people above, it's a little bit dificult to read on my mobile,there's too many contents to scroll before the contents I'm interested in.

Generally, good job of this new version,always appreciate your hard work and the change.


Thanks for the feedback


Also something weird going on with the script behind the "Reply" buttons. Not working - click "reply" and a bright yellow stripe comes up the side of the page. Dead "reply" button. (using IE, will check this out on FF also for you.)


OK, this is through FF: so my IE, version 90811216421, does not like the reply button. Works great under FF, no problems.

I've restarted and all, same issue. Might be local, but might be script also.

Then I click "Submit" and get this: "You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down."

My forefinger goes: tap...tap..tap...tap...tap..tap...interesting...tap...tap..tap...tap...tap...etc


Too cluttered for me.

Ask me again in a week when I am used to it!


Sorry, not a fan of the new layout. Far too much going on visually... this site is about the content: deep insight into F1 and behind the scenes stories. Flashy layout is totally un-required, and frankly quite distracting. As others have pointed out, the loss of complete posts on the homepage is significant. I come here to be informed, not wowed by graphics and gizmos.


James, i'm sure alot of people would agree with my in saying that your website clearly surpasses formula1.com (even before the redesign, for the record.

I always check this site for updates first, as it gives greater insight with views from teams and the media etc. rather than just the official news.

Kiril Varbanov

Absolutely lovely new design - very professional looking and neat at the same time, readable.


Hi James,

Congratulations on the redesign of the website.

It looks neat and a lot more visually appealing thanks to the use of boxes and colour scheme.

I look forward to seeing more teams added to the new section.

I also didn't know you had a facebook page so glad to see the path to your 'Like' button.


One more thing: the new look website seems to be slower to upload on my Nokia handset.

I realise it is no easy fix. My own website has issues displaying on phones and just hope the might that powers you can make it smartphone friendly.


Wow - I have to admit that it is not often that I look at a "new"/"designed" website and say "Wow" - It's normally "Oh hell, now where do I find everything ?"

This is a fantastic step forward - it has that "fast F1" feel too it as well 🙂

Keep trucking JA - we love it.



Awesome, Love your work and continue to love your site! Thanks for all you do in F1!



Well, I think you have visually lost lot of your personality...

Your writing is more in-depth and more calm/analytical than on any other F1 site. Let's say that you are clearly 'the intellect' among F1 journalists.

Your old site design, with almost 'academic' simple look, reflected that beautifully. Even the photo choices for top banner were often clever.

This new one does not reflect that personality. For me that is a shame.

But maybe you want to expand, and be more of an 'overall entertaining media brand.' I do understand that. But even in that case, you should have something that expresses the unique personality of your brand. This one is much too bland/neutral/generic/typical F1 site.

But naturally, I'll keep reading everything you write 😉


Hi James, really nice looking website.

Is there a "print version" of colums? On web it's great but for those of us who print it to read it afterwards, it's not practical: the section devoted to text is small.

Kind regards


Well, that was shock when I loaded the site this morning. For a second I thought I'd gone to the wrong place!!

Mixed feelings on the redesign, on the one hand it's taken it away from just looking like a (very well run) blog to a proper website. (The blog comment is not meant as a criticism)

On the other hand it does seem like the articles are squashed into about 25% of the width of my screen. Also on the old site you could read the whole article on the homepage, you can't any more. That was a feature I used to like as it meant I could just quickly ready through all the new articles on the one page.

One last comment, I'm using Chrome and there's a vast whiteness where I assume the banner should be.

NB: For those suggesting Ferrari bias in the choice of colours - have you checked out what the corporate colours for F1 are? Black, White, Red and Grey...the same colours James has used.


I have the same issue on the banner, using firefox5. not tired IE yet.

Personally i am not keen on the new layout; that said i really liked the simple approach of the old version. this now looks a little like planetf1 (not a good thing).

sure i will get used to it, its the content that most important anyhow.


One thing i liked about the old page was the ability to read one article after another by just scrolling down. It would be great if that could be brought back and users need to click for the comments.


I am seeing a gigantic white header...

OSX 10.6.7

Chrome 12.0.742.91

Screenshot available if you want.


I say you're a (design) elitist snob. I don't like the design either fwiw.


Site looks great, though the header isn't loading for me and there's a big white box up there.


Horrible. Really horrible. The information I actually come here looking for is relegated to a tiny, narrow column. If you don't think your comments are worthy of a greater presence then don't be surprised if your readers think likewise.


It's the same width as it was before. We've always had the three column structure.


Looks great, works well for me. Congratulations and I wish you well with it.


I am fairly new to this site, but the quality, depth, and variety of content as well as the maturity of the discussion threads are top notch. I also like the new format. Good job Mr. Allen!


Have you considered implementing a feature which graphically highlights new comments in an article since the page was last visited/refreshed?

I frequent several other websites which have this feature (not F1 related) and it makes a massive difference to ease-of-use for contributors whilst also tending to increase the overall number of replies to any particular topic.

New posts submitted since the previous visit are highlighted with colour coding, making them easily distinguishable from those which have already been read.

It’s possible to implement this feature without compromising the visual theme of the site, for example with this current theme, it could simply be a narrow red line down one side of comment boxes for those comments which constitute new replies, like so:


What do you think?

P.S. Hopefully the reference image hosted for viewing at this site doesn't contravene any redistribution or reproduction requirements.



Quick techinical Q: When new news stories are posted in the teams section, say for instance a new rear wing for Williams, will it show up on the homepage?

Just a little concerned that the comments pages will become too regimented along 'fan' lines and some of the excellent contributors might stick to their own team and the cross-team 'banter' might suffer a little.

Without being too cheeky I am unlikely to flick through the McLaren or Ferrari pages but I might have to to avoid missing out!


No, content like that will pass through home page first. You'll see how it works as we go along.


Right, I've given the new format some time to sink in (and have avoided reading anyone else's opinion, so if anyone has already said what I'm going to say, my apologies), and I've figured out the reason I'm uncomfortable with. Two reasons:

a) it's too cluttered and busy - the old layout was much easier on the eye.

b) there's so much red, it makes me look for prancing horses everywhere, and despite the clearly decent relationship you, James, appear to have a Ferrari (which is no bad thing), there's no indication of pro-Ferrari bias here!

Apart from that, the journalism continues to be excellent - it's just the visual styling that needs some simplification.



Jimi Down Under

Yes, upon living with it this last week (I am a new reader btw), I also find it too cluttered and busy.

Not enjoying it as much as I used to. Whereas previously with the full article on the main page AND the articles being the focus, it was a cracking read.


I might be a little late, but here is a suggestion for your site:

It would be easy and useful when we click the name of the races under Race Calender column, your web site could pick up your articles about that particular race. For instance, if I click Turkish GP, results will be the articles you wrote about/during Turkish GP.


I like the design change. Looks very professional


Jaaaaameess! Why did u do this to me? I read you on my blackberry (yes, some people stil have them)... I was going blind trying to read your articles zooming in to fit the column into the screen (either that or going cross-eyed scrolling left-right). Now I am also dying of boredom waiting for the site to load! Please, help me stay healthy and give us a mobile version!

BTW, I checked on my computer and I think it looks great. Now bear in mind I don't know what floating text is...

Keep up the good work, your content is superb and the quality of your readership is an excellent witness to it.


I just enjoy following these stories. It truly makes my day.


I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. thanks for sharing.


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An annual gas safety check could save lives.

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