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A message to JA on F1 readers
A message to JA on F1 readers
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Jun 2011   |  11:54 am GMT  |  241 comments

Welcome to version 2.0 of the JA on F1 website. It has some exciting new features, which I believe it will take the site to a new level.

We’ve done a redesign, as you can see, but the main component parts of the homepage are the same as before. It’s still all about the content and the interaction with fans, with the aim of giving you a better insight into F1 and bringing you closer to the sport.

What’s new is the Teams section. The plan is to have a page for each of the teams, where fans of that team can read JA content specific to that team, leave their own messages and photos and some exclusive behind the scenes content too.

We’re starting out with the Ferrari page and we welcome Ferrari fans around the world sending in your photos. Were you in Canada or one of the other GPs so far this season? Did you meet up with other Ferrari fans? Send us your photos and we’ll upload them to the Ferrari section so Ferrari fans around the world can share in them and connect with you.

Over time we’ll expand this and hopefully, before long, we’ll have a full grid of team pages.

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I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. thanks for sharing.


I just enjoy following these stories. It truly makes my day.


Jaaaaameess! Why did u do this to me? I read you on my blackberry (yes, some people stil have them)… I was going blind trying to read your articles zooming in to fit the column into the screen (either that or going cross-eyed scrolling left-right). Now I am also dying of boredom waiting for the site to load! Please, help me stay healthy and give us a mobile version!

BTW, I checked on my computer and I think it looks great. Now bear in mind I don’t know what floating text is…

Keep up the good work, your content is superb and the quality of your readership is an excellent witness to it.


I like the design change. Looks very professional


I might be a little late, but here is a suggestion for your site:

It would be easy and useful when we click the name of the races under Race Calender column, your web site could pick up your articles about that particular race. For instance, if I click Turkish GP, results will be the articles you wrote about/during Turkish GP.


Right, I’ve given the new format some time to sink in (and have avoided reading anyone else’s opinion, so if anyone has already said what I’m going to say, my apologies), and I’ve figured out the reason I’m uncomfortable with. Two reasons:

a) it’s too cluttered and busy – the old layout was much easier on the eye.

b) there’s so much red, it makes me look for prancing horses everywhere, and despite the clearly decent relationship you, James, appear to have a Ferrari (which is no bad thing), there’s no indication of pro-Ferrari bias here!

Apart from that, the journalism continues to be excellent – it’s just the visual styling that needs some simplification.



Jimi Down Under

Yes, upon living with it this last week (I am a new reader btw), I also find it too cluttered and busy.

Not enjoying it as much as I used to. Whereas previously with the full article on the main page AND the articles being the focus, it was a cracking read.



Quick techinical Q: When new news stories are posted in the teams section, say for instance a new rear wing for Williams, will it show up on the homepage?

Just a little concerned that the comments pages will become too regimented along ‘fan’ lines and some of the excellent contributors might stick to their own team and the cross-team ‘banter’ might suffer a little.

Without being too cheeky I am unlikely to flick through the McLaren or Ferrari pages but I might have to to avoid missing out!


No, content like that will pass through home page first. You’ll see how it works as we go along.


Have you considered implementing a feature which graphically highlights new comments in an article since the page was last visited/refreshed?

I frequent several other websites which have this feature (not F1 related) and it makes a massive difference to ease-of-use for contributors whilst also tending to increase the overall number of replies to any particular topic.

New posts submitted since the previous visit are highlighted with colour coding, making them easily distinguishable from those which have already been read.

It’s possible to implement this feature without compromising the visual theme of the site, for example with this current theme, it could simply be a narrow red line down one side of comment boxes for those comments which constitute new replies, like so:


What do you think?

P.S. Hopefully the reference image hosted for viewing at this site doesn’t contravene any redistribution or reproduction requirements.


I am fairly new to this site, but the quality, depth, and variety of content as well as the maturity of the discussion threads are top notch. I also like the new format. Good job Mr. Allen!


Looks great, works well for me. Congratulations and I wish you well with it.


Horrible. Really horrible. The information I actually come here looking for is relegated to a tiny, narrow column. If you don’t think your comments are worthy of a greater presence then don’t be surprised if your readers think likewise.


It’s the same width as it was before. We’ve always had the three column structure.


Site looks great, though the header isn’t loading for me and there’s a big white box up there.


I say you’re a (design) elitist snob. I don’t like the design either fwiw.


I am seeing a gigantic white header…

OSX 10.6.7

Chrome 12.0.742.91

Screenshot available if you want.


One thing i liked about the old page was the ability to read one article after another by just scrolling down. It would be great if that could be brought back and users need to click for the comments.


Well, that was shock when I loaded the site this morning. For a second I thought I’d gone to the wrong place!!

Mixed feelings on the redesign, on the one hand it’s taken it away from just looking like a (very well run) blog to a proper website. (The blog comment is not meant as a criticism)

On the other hand it does seem like the articles are squashed into about 25% of the width of my screen. Also on the old site you could read the whole article on the homepage, you can’t any more. That was a feature I used to like as it meant I could just quickly ready through all the new articles on the one page.

One last comment, I’m using Chrome and there’s a vast whiteness where I assume the banner should be.

NB: For those suggesting Ferrari bias in the choice of colours – have you checked out what the corporate colours for F1 are? Black, White, Red and Grey…the same colours James has used.


I have the same issue on the banner, using firefox5. not tired IE yet.

Personally i am not keen on the new layout; that said i really liked the simple approach of the old version. this now looks a little like planetf1 (not a good thing).

sure i will get used to it, its the content that most important anyhow.


Hi James, really nice looking website.

Is there a “print version” of colums? On web it’s great but for those of us who print it to read it afterwards, it’s not practical: the section devoted to text is small.

Kind regards



Well, I think you have visually lost lot of your personality…

Your writing is more in-depth and more calm/analytical than on any other F1 site. Let’s say that you are clearly ‘the intellect’ among F1 journalists.

Your old site design, with almost ‘academic’ simple look, reflected that beautifully. Even the photo choices for top banner were often clever.

This new one does not reflect that personality. For me that is a shame.

But maybe you want to expand, and be more of an ‘overall entertaining media brand.’ I do understand that. But even in that case, you should have something that expresses the unique personality of your brand. This one is much too bland/neutral/generic/typical F1 site.

But naturally, I’ll keep reading everything you write 😉


Awesome, Love your work and continue to love your site! Thanks for all you do in F1!


Wow – I have to admit that it is not often that I look at a “new”/”designed” website and say “Wow” – It’s normally “Oh hell, now where do I find everything ?”

This is a fantastic step forward – it has that “fast F1” feel too it as well 🙂

Keep trucking JA – we love it.



One more thing: the new look website seems to be slower to upload on my Nokia handset.

I realise it is no easy fix. My own website has issues displaying on phones and just hope the might that powers you can make it smartphone friendly.


Hi James,

Congratulations on the redesign of the website.

It looks neat and a lot more visually appealing thanks to the use of boxes and colour scheme.

I look forward to seeing more teams added to the new section.

I also didn’t know you had a facebook page so glad to see the path to your ‘Like’ button.

Kiril Varbanov

Absolutely lovely new design – very professional looking and neat at the same time, readable.


James, i’m sure alot of people would agree with my in saying that your website clearly surpasses formula1.com (even before the redesign, for the record.

I always check this site for updates first, as it gives greater insight with views from teams and the media etc. rather than just the official news.



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