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Videos from Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg
Videos from Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 May 2011   |  9:47 am GMT  |  44 comments

I came across these two videos of two of F1’s leading drivers Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg, formerly team mates at Williams.

One is a video blog, the second that Rosberg has done from the back seat of his Mercedes limo as he speeds toward the private aviation terminal at the airport, no doubt.

It’s good to get a driver to share his thoughts immediately after the race, like this. Rosberg reflects on Mercedes pace in the race and his own performance. He lost the start to his team mate Michael Schumacher and couldn’t get back in front.

The other was sent to me by an Aussie colleague and is a You Tube upload of an advert for Canberra milk in which Mark Webber sings.

It’s one of those things that shows Webber’s heart is in the right place, but he looks (and sounds) a little ill at ease. Judge for yourselves.

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Maybe the MW advert relies on knowing the Oz TV market but does seem “almost” funny just not quite there to me!

But surprised no one has posted this advert, great use of Hamilton/Alonso rivalry



Mak Webber is an underrated human being after seeing this ad! He does SO MUCH for causes outside the sport and should be congratulated for not taking himself too seriously, as others have during the peak of their career.

Anyone know how much money for charity he raised doing this? And thanks to everyone for posting alll the other ads, brill !!!


The Mark Webber one looked like a hostage tape!


That Canberra milk ad is shown so often during the GP that by the end of the race it’s stuck in your head. I get up Monday morning humming the tune! I miss the BBC’s no ad coverage!


I’m a bit of a fan of Nico, but to be honest I dont get his whole image makeover thing that seems to be going on right now – I’m not even talking about the hair-do or the stubble, just the way he is being presented to the world … the “Nico Now” videos being a good example. The interview in F1Racing mag a few months back where he mentioned that he felt he wasnt talked about enough seems to have been the start of it all. Weird. He seems like such a nice guy, but this completely out of place publicity drive needs to take a back seat. It’s making him look like a bit of a “look, look, look at what I can do everyone” spoiled kid.

He’s effectively number 1 driver for a championship-winning team – clearly the fact that he hasn’t won a race yet is having an odd effect on things..

Anyway …


That car taking nico to the airport wasnt hanging around, reckon Keke was driving.


Hi again James,

Ive been thinking about the possible Hispania protest over the EBD.

Surely Knowing the uproar that this would create, could hispania then get charged with bringing the sport into disrepute?



The ‘bringing the sport into disripute’ rule is one of the sillyest rules ever in F1 and that is saying something.

If it was illigal then the FIA should have done something about 25 races ago after testing for 2010. Or after the race, or after everyone got it or after 2010.

Asking low teams to protest, whihc is pretty much what they are doign AFTER allowing it for 24-25 races is beyond stupid and almost brings the sport into disripute 🙂


No. It’s a legitimate protest as Charlie Whiting said that he thinks its illegal.

Marty McSuperFly

The track that Mark is racing that carton of milk at is in Aylesbury, England. I’m not affiliated with it in any way, but just thought I’d say…its a decent track.

Alistair Blevins

The best advert featuring current (and past) F1 drivers is this one from Mercedes featuring Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher…


Very funny.

Marty McSuperFly

at least we know what Gary Neville is now doing 😉


The Canberra milk ads are shown at every ad break here in Canberra when the F1 is on – complete saturation marketing

It must be an Australian thing, because over here we have numerous cheap ads like this for all sorts of products advertised by all sorts of well known people, because the majority of them are actually quite amusing. Regardless of whether its a local milk company or a bank making billions of dollars.



Mark missed his calling as a member of the Wiggles.

Grayzee (Australia)

Oh dear! Well, being an Aussie, I can say that you probably have to be an Aussie to “get” Marks add. It was done totally tongue in cheek, and not meant to be serious.

Still, don’t give up your day lob, Mark. 🙂


from the us, here, and i thought it was the funniest thing i’ve seen in a long time. 😀


Mark grew up about a ten minute drive from Canberra. So he actually is a “Canberra milk kid”. I’m sure that’s why he agreed to do the ad – but I still cringe everytime I see it…


Is it because of singing for the Canberra Milk video that Mark Webber doesn’t even talk in the Swisse vitamins commercial?

At least, Christian Horner reminds us that Mark is a Grand Prix winner in that new ad (which we also see a dozen times in Sydney over a GP weekend). Something a lot of people could be forgiven for forgetting.


Good man that Mark Webber : Highest paid sportsman in Australia yet he goes home to his hometown and shoots an ad or two for local TV, lets himself look like a complete tosser, then (apparently) donates his fee to charity. A credit to my Country and I’m damn proud of him for being the sort of human-being that he is (even if he never wins another race this year or ever again).


It’s not a credit to your country, it’s a credit to Webber.

The location you or he were born in has nothing to do with it.


Thanks for posting… but seriously I don’t like F1 drivers looking all slick, well trained in communicating… saying the things with a lot of thinking etc… it’s all too PR perfect.

That’s why I love Webber in this sense. He’s the only guy out there to speak his mind.. Maybe Rubens a bit (but no one listens to him)

But I really wish we had more characters… Irvine’s… even Kimi… the anti PR type.

So great of Rosberg to share it with us… but it is too perfect.


I’m pretty sure the kart had a double diffuser, ban him!


Meh, I must have time traveled or something, I most certainly do not remember Webber & Rosberg being teammates.


You don’t remember Rosberg then because Webber destroyed him.

Grayzee (Australia)

erm…nup…me neither!


The comment from Nico I picked up on was that he liked being able to work the electronics to make a difference, seeing this as a competitive advantage over other drivers.

It made me wonder what the workload was like in other eras, did Sterling Moss have to poke and fiddle with mixtures, timing and brake balance as he drove – when were the simplest times and which were the hardest.

What makes F1 interesting is that it is not a pure driving sport but requires a meld of strategy, teamwork and intelligence.

It would also be interesting to see their pit-boards, as he listed a large number of parameters that the team were successfully communicating to him – strategy, KERS and engine settings. It would be interesting to analyse as one question that has been raised is whether pit to driver communication is a good thing or whether the driving should be left to the driver.


The Canberra Milk commercial is shown during each F1 Race about 12 times and I live almost 3 hours away from where Canberra Milk is shown. There is another one were Mark questions the script writing of the commercial.


Really? I haven’t seen it but on youtube…. I only get the swisse one..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHH51XeKuww – link for 2nd version Johnty was refering to.

My favourite F1 ad though is another I saw on youtube:


And one of the top comments is so try. (If you replace Mika with Kimi then it would pretty much just be the 2007 season)


Haha! I love the fernando lewis ad… it’s creepy how prophetic it became…


Montoya and Raikkonen also tops it:



Oh dear..

The advert with Mark is truly awful, and not even ‘funny awful’ – it’s cringeworthy. Surely he must’ve got a big sack of money for putting himself through that one..


He got a sack of money and gave it all to charity. Perhaps some of those people that made absurd and unfounded comments here a couple of weeks back regarding Mark and other F1 drivers personal financial contributions to charity should take note…


Right on.


Love reading between the lines, Nico! Mark – please sign with redbull and spare our ears from this potential career move 😛


Oh my lord, I hope Webber sacked his agent after that one!

Marty McSuperFly


this has to get an auto-tune remix no?


I’m pretty sure it’s already been auto-tuned!


Mark Webber what a legend. That is so funny.


I can’t imagine anyone else but him getting away with such a cheesy commercial. Imagine if Unigate employed Hamilton to resurrect their “Look Out! There’s a (Jake) Humphrey About” campaign… He’d be ridiculed.

Mark cna do this because he’s down to earth, and unpretentious. Top bloke IMO.

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