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Perez keen to get back in the cockpit
Perez keen to get back in the cockpit
Posted By: James Allen  |  30 May 2011   |  6:06 pm GMT  |  21 comments

The Sauber team has done a decent job since Saturday of keeping information about Sergio Perez’ condition coming through when appropriate and today’s bulletin is decidedly upbeat.

Perez: Aims to be back in Canada (Sauber)

In the aftermath of the accident some of the drivers were told that he may have broken his right femur (thigh bone) but thankfully this turned out not to be the case, instead he had some bruising on his thigh and a concussion.

Under measures put in place in F1 by Professor Sid Watkins, it is standard for a concussed driver to be told he will not race and Perez was also kept in for observation on Saturday night and was released today (Monday).

He says that he’s aiming to be back in the car for the next race at Montreal, “I’m pretty sure I will be driving in Montreal,” he said.

“I feel okay. I have little bit of pain in my leg and in my neck, but this comes from muscles and is nothing to worry about. On Sunday I still felt a bit dizzy but that is all. Thank God I’m healthy and I’m looking forward to being back in the car soon.”

“I don’t really know what caused the accident. My race engineer told me there was no problem with the car. I can only guess that I might have been a bit offline or braked on a bump.”

It is to be hoped that the concussion goes and he is cleared to race in Montreal, as the F1 world certainly has him on the radar. He has managed to impress the other teams with performances in Australia and Spain in particular in his rookie season.

He is well backed; Carlos Slim junior was in Monaco this weekend to check on Perez’ progress with Sauber and seemed very engaged in what is happening with the team.

And the team is clearly in a good place competitively as team mate Kamui Kobayashi has had a string of five consecutive points finishes, including 10 points for fifth place at the weekend.

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Hope Perez all the best, he is a great racer and has a bright future in the sport, he also can learn a lot from his team mate and Peter Sauber.



Hello James,

Is Kobayashi on the radar of any of the top five teams? Somehow we don’t see his name being associated with the the likes of Ferrari and McLaren. Do those in the know have a less glorious opinion of him? Or does being Japanese make him less marketable in a top drive than other drivers?


Watching the slow-motion replay of this crash, it’s clear the FIA should think about what an F1 car does when it loses several or all of its tires in a high-speed impact. Perez’ car retained a few tires/wheels, which clearly helped slow his car before impacting the barriers. But if you look closely, only one or two were making meaningful contact with the tarmac. A worst-case scenario would be a car sliding along without wheels. I can’t see a wood plank and carbon fibre providing much friction to slow the car.

James: Has the FIA considered adding some sort of abrasive surface to the underside of cars for this scenario? While closed-wheel racing is boring in comparison to open-wheel, the closed-wheel racers at least retain the ability to mash the brake pedal during most crashes, allowing them to slow themselves before smacking into barriers.


Hopefully our immediate concern for the welfare of the injured driver will be followed by a serious examination of the braking area leading down to the chicane.

This particular section seems to have a disproportionate share of incidents, and because of the speed and nature of the corner…to wit, the potential to not only impact a solid structure, as in the Perez accident, but also to rejoin the track at high speed, as in the Rosberg accident, thus possibly encountering other cars traveling considerably slower…the Principality, or the FIA, should deal with this issue before another race is held, or another driver is injured.


Glad Perez will be ok to race,same with Petrov.

Rubinho's Keyfob


Is there a reason why Sauber’s reserve driver wasn’t allowed to race on Sunday? We saw the car in the garage, rebuilt overnight, so presumably had Sergio been able to race it would have been possible.

Why then was the reserve driver not given the seat? Is there a subtle rule at play here (such as the reserve driver has to take part in Quali if they are to race)? Or is it just that Sauber thought their reserve driver (Gutierrez?) wouldn’t be ready to take over at such short notice with no practice?


It’s the same after Glock’s accident in quali for Japan, Kobayashi couldn’t race eventhough he had done a free practice that weekend.


Yes he has to qualify


Seems like another rule that needs to be addressed.

Team travels with all the hardware, and with clearly a car which is capable of the speed as it was in Q3. Let the reserve start from the pit since he set no time, but let the car start.

Team gets the exposure for sponsors which I’m sure every team wants at any race, especially Monaco.


Is it more of a case that Perez took part in qualifying? If the sauber driver had for example done FP1 and posted a competitive time, then Perez had trashed it in FP3 meaning the car wasn’t available for quali would he possibly be allowed to race under Whiting’s discretion?


Seems like a top guy does Sergio, I wish him a speedy recovery.


Mr Allen outside topic, but Sir, would you not

agree that the Gods above have smiled not once

but twce on Vetel,Hoever so disapointed that

Fota/Fai have beat the drum in regard giving

more raz-ma-taz to the fans at the F1 races.

Yup, allowing to change tyres while waiting to restart really done the trick.

Shame on you Fota/Fai for depraving fans of a

exciting finish.


although it is almost guaranteed with the current level of safety in F1 cars that drivers rarely get seriously injured, but still, cannot help but felt the heart sink watching that extracting procedure live (in fact for a moment it reminded me of senna’s accident) . Shame couldn’t see him do another “perez” with the tyre-easy sauber around monaco with kobayashi, cudve been a big day for sauber. anyways voted for kob for Driver of the Day, hopefully someday the big guns will take these 2 drivers seriously. i dont know if it is just me but i just have the feeling that the top teams dun take kobayashi seriously but merely someone who can pull an overtake stunt here and there and entertaining and all that. have that feeling probably because whenever you hear a potential driver deal between teams you still dont see kobayashi being mentioned very often. yet ppl started talking about a potential move of Di resta to Merc straight after few point-finishes. is this the case james? would be really nice to know how the teams rate kobayashi. thanks!


PDR has been with Merc for a while now, before this season he was driving Mercs DTM cars(and winning), so it was no coincidence that he ended up at a team with a Merc engine, if MSC retires he will probably end up at Merc GP.


I cannot help to think that if Kamui Kobayashi was a Finnish, British, Brazilian, German or French driver that a big team would have done a pre-contract deal with him already.

I seriously think that because KK is Japanese (and walks in the footsteps of “spinners of the year” (as James Hunt once called Aguri Suzuki)) he is being overlooked.

Please James with your paddock inside info tell us that KK is not being overlooked.


He is not being overlooked, there arent any seats available at teams bigger than Sauber.


I’d expect the total opposite is true. He got his break due to being Japanese his GP2 record on the main series was pretty ordinary.

He might be an option for Red Bull so far they’ve failed in the Japanese energy drink market.


Sauber is definately my favorite team this season, they have a positive and unpretentious image, a very good technical director and two great young drivers. It’s great to see them getting points and doing good races in general. It’s a shame Perez could not compete, cause I’m sure he could have been 4th surely. Still great that Koby secured 5th and has been in the points in every race. I hope they do well in Montreal, and perhaps we see one off them (or both) on the podium this season.


Greats news. Could be another good race for Sauber, they might be able to get away with less pit–stops

What’s the feeling on tyres for there. With the double DRS overtaking should be easier and make it more critical to be on the quicker tyres. Might we see some 4+-stoppers?


Go Perez!


Excellent news. The battle between these 2 reminds me of the Kimi Heidfeld battle. I think Perez will be the one taken by the top team even though Kobayashi at present is grabbing a lot of headlines.

In truth, I hope they both get a top team as I always felt Heidfeld was affected after Mclaren/Mercedes chose Kimi over him.

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