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Monaco Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Monaco Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 May 2011   |  11:19 pm GMT  |  192 comments

The streets of Monte Carlo delivered an exciting Monaco GP from start to finish but who do you think deserves the accolade of Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel
Delivered the goods in qualifying to secure pole position and made a great getaway at the start. A wheel problem caused a delay during his second stop and he lost the lead to Button. The team decided not to pit him again for the rest of race to ensure he got ahead of Button, meaning he had to do 61 laps on one set of tyres. Managed to hold off a charging Alonso and Button late on, with the help of the safety car and red flag, to win his first Monaco GP and fifth race of the season.

Fernando Alonso
Made another lightening start, muscling past Webber at the first corner to run third. Chased second-placed Button and leapfrogged the McLaren driver by doing one less stop. Caught race leader Vettel in the latter stages and was unlucky that the red flag came out with six laps to go to cancel out his advantage. Still, second place was his best result of the season.

Jenson Button
Reported that his steering was feeling ‘heavy’ on the formation lap, but the team sorted the problem and he was able to getaway cleanly to maintain second. Jumped Vettel in the pitstops, when the German had a problem, to take the lead. However, three stops was risky on a street track with safety cars likely and ultimately he ended up third.

Kamui Kobayashi
Starting 13th, the Japanese driver made a solid start, rising into the top 10 when the first safety car came out. Once again showed the Sauber was kind on its tyres and he only pitted once,under the safety car which pushed him up to fifth. He ran as high as fourth after a brave move on Sutil. Lost out to Webber in the dying stages to finish fifth – his best result of the season and fifth consecutive points finish.

Pastor Maldonado
Showed good pace all weekend and qualified a strong eighth. During the race, he kept pace with Massa’s Ferrari and pulled off an opportunistic move on Rosberg, rising as high as fifth at one point. He dropped down the order as a result of the safety car coming out, but looked on course for sixth – his first points finish of the season – before he collided with Hamilton with six laps to go.

Adrian Sutil
Arrived in Monaco with a legal complaint clouding his preparations. Qualified 15th, behind team-mate di Resta, but bided his time and kept out of trouble to run as high as fourth with a one-stop strategy. Clipped the wall late on, picking up a puncture but held onto seventh – his second points scoring finish of 2011.

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Hi James!

Button was deserving of a win but did Mclaren bring him earlier during his second stint even though he didn’t have enough of a gap because they were expecting safety car scenario?

If yes, even if he put on the soft tyres and not stop again, it would have been harder for him to overtake vettel.


Button for me – driving the tyres to much better times than Vettel. I was also impressed by Alonso – he was great, and consistently great too. But Button was so much better in the race than in FP.

I can’t get out of my head that Vettel was lucky. I’d only give him DoD if he actually got to the line on those old tyres. Without that, there’s a question mark, and I don’t think he merits the balance of doubt there. Good Q though.

What impressed me about all three was that they were far enough ahead of anyone else to be able to pit at will, and get out in clean air. *That* says something.


Some say he couldn’t overtake, then he did

Some say he will crack under pressure, and he didn’t for the last 2 race

Some say he lack racecraft, and he defended well and overtook well.

Some doubt his tyre management, and he managed it well.

He is so good, until there is nothing to pick on him, aside from his finger.

Lewis was lucky on raceday not Seb. The cars his collided with, both DNF’ed. He got to fix his broken wings. A penalty that doesn’t change his position. He finish higher than his starting position.


i don’t think a driver of the day can apply at Monaco.

its a complete lottery, any driver that gets to the end has done a good job.

i think its about time they dropped the race, its never going to be a fair race with todays cars & should now be stopped.

i know its off topic, but with all these new races/tracks i fear better tracks are at risk of loosing their race when Monaco doesn’t.

it wasn’t a great race (be honest), the only interesting part was Buttons race & without that it would of been terrible.

worst race of the year.

driver of the day should be Maldonado, he’s proved that he’s not the normal pay driver


Best performer remains as Hamilton. Vettel has the best car and one third of the grid can win in that piece. However, only a few has the courage to do LH moves. I am still 101% committed to his style.


You say courage, I say desperation and an unhealthy dose of sense of entitlement.


I think this is whwere the dividing line is, if you actually want a “race” at Monaco you have to accept there are going to be instances like this, especially when a top racer is coming up to lap less talented slower drivers. In a way it will be self policing, if the move is too agressive the car will break and the driver will be out, if this is not acceptable then overtaking should be banned and we should all just sit back and watch qualifying and then find something more interesting to do on “race” day.


I don’t really understand how Jenson Button can be have majority of the fans’ votes here. He started 2nd and finished 3rd, add to that the slight car advantage and I didn’t really see anything stellar from him. But that’s just my opinion, he still drove a good race.

My vote goes to Vettel on this one: I mean, sure he had a quick car and he was lucky due to the red flag. But thing is, he had to be at the front to get lucky – and he certainly was. Maybe his tires would have gone off had the race ran as normal, but it didn’t and we’ll never really know. At the end of the day, the best man won. An outstanding effort from Alonso as well, might I add: he proved to be the ultimate opportunist and one tough nut! Bottom line, that was a Monaco GP for the ages and the top 3 put on one hell of an epic performance!


Driver of the day:

Obviosly Sebastien Vettel, his race went backwards after that messy first stop and the only way he was gone win that race was by staying out and he did, he was just faboulous on does old tyres.

2º Maldonado

Beating Rubens all weekend on and a very good race up until the accident.

3º Mark Webber

Bad start, bad first stop but a good turnaround of things, keep a cool head and great overtake to Kamui.

Disapoiting drivers:

Lewis Hamilton

To agressive, a litle dangerous and not in control of his emotions.

Fernando Alonso

A good start but nothing else, not even manage a decent atack to Vettel.

Rosber and Schumacher

Just out of pace , i´m sure it´s the car but they were even fighting with a virgin car at some point, this was a terrible weekend for mercedes again!!


¿Fernando Alonso disapointing driver?

Error 404: F1 knowledge not found.


yes, not even an atack!! what was he waiting for an invitation? he disapoited me at the end he had nothing to lose!!

Don´t talk about my knowledge, it´s only my opinion and what i felt.


This is a comment that was posted on another site, and in my opinion sums up Monaco “race” precisely.

Let’s face it, at Monaco, ANY pass can be judged ill-advised so they should arguably all just follow each other round and you could put “no overtaking” signs up all around the circuit.

I agree with those saying it’s a question of philosophy and consistency. Either you want overtaking in F1 or you don’t, and the gap between an OK pass and an avoidable collision is far too narrow at the moment, too arbitrarily judged, not consistently judged and always with the comfortable benefit of hindsight by people in suits – it’s just saying “only have a go when you’re 100.0% certain you can make the pass” and it mitigates against the one thing the sport has been trying to achieve all these years.

At Monaco especially – as you saw when Schumacher passed Hamilton – passes are only made when there’s a level of co-operation from the guy being passed. There are still plenty of cases of drivers “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” but the stewards have a tendency to rule that the quicker guy should have just sat in the queue and not done anything, and it’s never the fault of the guy doing the blocking.

We need to recognize that sometimes if you put a bunch of guys in a broom cupboard with 700 horsepower each, mix them up and tell them to race, some of them actually will and they won’t always agree. There’s such a thing as a racing incident and I’m personally glad that some drivers, like Hamilton and Schumacher today, are prepared to have a go.


Excellent sum up.


Driver of the day – either Button or Alonso but ill go for alonso as button had the faster car in race trim and started two places further up the grid ….Lucky driver of the day – Vettel the red flag saved him ….Entertainer of the Weekend – Lewis hamilton without a doubt especially his post race interview simply hilarious 🙂


Button finished third in what was undoubtedly the fastest car in race trim and therefore should have finished no lower than second.

Vettel won in the second car and for that reason should have finished no higher than third.

Alonso finished second in a car that deserved to finish no higher than fifth.

Of the top three, Alonso was definitely the driver of the day/weekend.

I doubt that the finishing order would have been different without the race being stopped, but there are always going to be people who argue otherwise and their arguments can never be disproved.

For this reason I pick Kobayashi, just ahead of the highly unfortunate ‘pay driver’ Maldonado. The latter also displayed a level of humility that was sorely lacking from some of his rivals.


Why ‘should’ Alonso have finished fifth – because you think the car is no better than that?

That means that Alonso is out-driving the car to the extent of three places………At Monaco?

I did a post the other day asking why the Tifosi insisted that Ferrari is the fourth fastest car, when it is obviously quicker than the Mercedes, so that makes it third.

I now realise that it is not the Tifosi (Ferrari fans) who are doing this, but Alonso fans, to boost their hero’s stock.

Cunning plan!


The alternative would be that some drivers did not perform to the full potential that the equipment at their disposal provided.


Not yesterday, but other races the Ferrari has been the fourth behind Mercedes or tied with them. Fernando is doing a superb driving, only bad moment in Malasia with Lewis’ help.


Hmm, not sure I can agree that Buttons car was the fastest in race trim, I think it was the fact that he was on a three stop strategy and was on the supersofts while the others were on softs.


Agree with GENO. What have to do Vettel to be driver of the day? He is going to win second tittle without any price 🙂


Hey, could have voted for any of the podium guys. I gave my vote to JB because in reality the whole race excitement came down to him taking a gamble to win the race on a three stop strategy forcing the other guys to react, and I think had the chips fallen his way would have worked. Vettel and Alonso also drove great races.


I voted for Kobayashi on the basis of the result acheived with the equipment available. There was very little coverage of his race as the TV rightly concentrated on the main protagonists but he must have been doing something pretty good to end up where he finished. Of them the result was determined by good and bad luck of strategies rather than any particular driviing.


All these people that say Hamilton had a great race and that his overtaking moves were fair have played way too much Playstation!


That you should try it yourself. I think he acted well.


Fernando Alonso most definitely, and it was a real pity that last incident with Lewis and Pastor, the Venezuelan did a great race and was abot to score hist first ever points in F1. However, drivers didn’t really make the difference but rather the red flags, they all came out right at the perfect time for Vetter at qualifying and the race!


Voted Jenson, as I think the first SC robbed a victory from him. Alonso did great too, but was massively helped by the first SC. Vettel drove a superb defending race, but was also helped by the last SC/red flag, so don’t want to vote him either.


why do u think the first safety car robbed button. im interested in your opinion because i think he would of still have had to overtake vettel on track because he was on a 3 stopper. agree on the vettel at the end being helped but he still drove very good yesterday.alonso was helped by first sc but lost out to last sc so it all evened its self out after vettels first very bad pitstop.


Vettel, he make an error to be an opportunity and win this game.


I guess this is turning into a debate simular to the one of Prost vs Senna: Senna was more emotional and perhaps faster, but Prost nursed his car, made no mistakes, was technically brilliant, and became 4 times WDC. He may not be the racing fans choice but was a fantastic driver.

Vettel is doing an amazing job at the moment. He might have the fastest car, but he is also getting the most out of it: Got 5/6 poles, 5/6 wins, and when he wasn’t winning or on pole he was still 2nd. He lost China because of strategy. He got lucky here, but there is no denying he drove a great race, managing tyres very well, making no mistakes under intense pressure. I also love the underdog, but one should not deny the fact that Vettel has been faultless and very fast this season so far.


Have to agree with Geno here. This was Vettel’s (the driver and not tha car) show, especially the last 20 laps before the red flag. This forum should give him more credit.

Am an erstwhile Ferrari fan (pre- alonso era, though i think alonso is an awesome driver, but am not a fan )

Btw, i think Hamilton is probably the most taleted of the 3 (vet, alo, ham) and would have given vettel a run if not for mclaren’s quali blunder, but there is no way one can make excuses for his over-eagerness in the race. Petulant and not ex-champion worthy at all.

And this was Button’s best race this year. The gap he pulled on vettel after the first pit stop was unbelievable.


How anyone could vote for Hamilton is beyond me. There’s a massive difference between “having a go” and driving dangerously and stupidly.

Brundle said it perfectly… “The problem with Lewis is, it’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it?” Time to man up.


My vote went to Maldonado. Shame he was punted off he was having a great race for Williams. Alonso and Button were my next two choice.

Wonder will Vettel beat Schumachers record of wins in a season..


Alonso for me. Started 4th and possibly would have won in a car that was at least 0.5sec off the pace.

Can’t understand how button gets a mention? The guy after his 3rd stop was a second a lap quicker than alonso and 2 seconds quicker than vettel and he was always going to finish 3rd and smile on the podium. Alonso was looking like challenging and button was just sitting there happy with 3rd. Can’t imagine what will happen if he wins I’m sure the BBC will go into meltdown!!!


HOw come u know exactly what I was thinking. well said +1!!


Alonso was fast and superb but what can one do on a circuit when overtaking is virtually impossible except for a chicane and may be on one turn.


Hard to make a sensible call, but I voted for Alonso, however, Vettel and Button were definitely in the same league. These three drivers offered supreme driving, good strategy, and performance that no one else could match.

I doubt that Alonso would have won if the red flags weren’t there, and I was bitter right on SC appearance.


Lewis Hamilton. For trying to do a thing we all came to watch – racing.


Racing, or a Demolition Derby?


Well if i had to choose either Button: “I’ll follow them and hope they crash so i can take the lead” or Hamilton: “There is a gap and i’ll go for it” then i would pick Hamilton any day.

Yes it there are no ways to overtake, yes the person in front has to make mistake, yes the person going to be overtaken must agree with it, does that mean drivers should just follow each other? If i want to see tail-to-nose racing for 2hrs i’ll go watch the trains instead.


Perhaps if he’d done his racing with any degree of competence he could have been DOTD.


All three deserved their place on the podium yesterday.

Once again Vettel did what he had to do and picked up maximum points. Alonso and Jenson were smiling at the end, both knowing the gap to RB has closed.

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