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Monaco Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Monaco Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 May 2011   |  11:19 pm GMT  |  192 comments

The streets of Monte Carlo delivered an exciting Monaco GP from start to finish but who do you think deserves the accolade of Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel
Delivered the goods in qualifying to secure pole position and made a great getaway at the start. A wheel problem caused a delay during his second stop and he lost the lead to Button. The team decided not to pit him again for the rest of race to ensure he got ahead of Button, meaning he had to do 61 laps on one set of tyres. Managed to hold off a charging Alonso and Button late on, with the help of the safety car and red flag, to win his first Monaco GP and fifth race of the season.

Fernando Alonso
Made another lightening start, muscling past Webber at the first corner to run third. Chased second-placed Button and leapfrogged the McLaren driver by doing one less stop. Caught race leader Vettel in the latter stages and was unlucky that the red flag came out with six laps to go to cancel out his advantage. Still, second place was his best result of the season.

Jenson Button
Reported that his steering was feeling ‘heavy’ on the formation lap, but the team sorted the problem and he was able to getaway cleanly to maintain second. Jumped Vettel in the pitstops, when the German had a problem, to take the lead. However, three stops was risky on a street track with safety cars likely and ultimately he ended up third.

Kamui Kobayashi
Starting 13th, the Japanese driver made a solid start, rising into the top 10 when the first safety car came out. Once again showed the Sauber was kind on its tyres and he only pitted once,under the safety car which pushed him up to fifth. He ran as high as fourth after a brave move on Sutil. Lost out to Webber in the dying stages to finish fifth – his best result of the season and fifth consecutive points finish.

Pastor Maldonado
Showed good pace all weekend and qualified a strong eighth. During the race, he kept pace with Massa’s Ferrari and pulled off an opportunistic move on Rosberg, rising as high as fifth at one point. He dropped down the order as a result of the safety car coming out, but looked on course for sixth – his first points finish of the season – before he collided with Hamilton with six laps to go.

Adrian Sutil
Arrived in Monaco with a legal complaint clouding his preparations. Qualified 15th, behind team-mate di Resta, but bided his time and kept out of trouble to run as high as fourth with a one-stop strategy. Clipped the wall late on, picking up a puncture but held onto seventh – his second points scoring finish of 2011.

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Hi James!

Button was deserving of a win but did Mclaren bring him earlier during his second stint even though he didn’t have enough of a gap because they were expecting safety car scenario?

If yes, even if he put on the soft tyres and not stop again, it would have been harder for him to overtake vettel.


Button for me – driving the tyres to much better times than Vettel. I was also impressed by Alonso – he was great, and consistently great too. But Button was so much better in the race than in FP.

I can’t get out of my head that Vettel was lucky. I’d only give him DoD if he actually got to the line on those old tyres. Without that, there’s a question mark, and I don’t think he merits the balance of doubt there. Good Q though.

What impressed me about all three was that they were far enough ahead of anyone else to be able to pit at will, and get out in clean air. *That* says something.


Some say he couldn’t overtake, then he did

Some say he will crack under pressure, and he didn’t for the last 2 race

Some say he lack racecraft, and he defended well and overtook well.

Some doubt his tyre management, and he managed it well.

He is so good, until there is nothing to pick on him, aside from his finger.

Lewis was lucky on raceday not Seb. The cars his collided with, both DNF’ed. He got to fix his broken wings. A penalty that doesn’t change his position. He finish higher than his starting position.


i don’t think a driver of the day can apply at Monaco.

its a complete lottery, any driver that gets to the end has done a good job.

i think its about time they dropped the race, its never going to be a fair race with todays cars & should now be stopped.

i know its off topic, but with all these new races/tracks i fear better tracks are at risk of loosing their race when Monaco doesn’t.

it wasn’t a great race (be honest), the only interesting part was Buttons race & without that it would of been terrible.

worst race of the year.

driver of the day should be Maldonado, he’s proved that he’s not the normal pay driver


Best performer remains as Hamilton. Vettel has the best car and one third of the grid can win in that piece. However, only a few has the courage to do LH moves. I am still 101% committed to his style.


You say courage, I say desperation and an unhealthy dose of sense of entitlement.


I think this is whwere the dividing line is, if you actually want a “race” at Monaco you have to accept there are going to be instances like this, especially when a top racer is coming up to lap less talented slower drivers. In a way it will be self policing, if the move is too agressive the car will break and the driver will be out, if this is not acceptable then overtaking should be banned and we should all just sit back and watch qualifying and then find something more interesting to do on “race” day.


I don’t really understand how Jenson Button can be have majority of the fans’ votes here. He started 2nd and finished 3rd, add to that the slight car advantage and I didn’t really see anything stellar from him. But that’s just my opinion, he still drove a good race.

My vote goes to Vettel on this one: I mean, sure he had a quick car and he was lucky due to the red flag. But thing is, he had to be at the front to get lucky – and he certainly was. Maybe his tires would have gone off had the race ran as normal, but it didn’t and we’ll never really know. At the end of the day, the best man won. An outstanding effort from Alonso as well, might I add: he proved to be the ultimate opportunist and one tough nut! Bottom line, that was a Monaco GP for the ages and the top 3 put on one hell of an epic performance!


Driver of the day:

Obviosly Sebastien Vettel, his race went backwards after that messy first stop and the only way he was gone win that race was by staying out and he did, he was just faboulous on does old tyres.

2º Maldonado

Beating Rubens all weekend on and a very good race up until the accident.

3º Mark Webber

Bad start, bad first stop but a good turnaround of things, keep a cool head and great overtake to Kamui.

Disapoiting drivers:

Lewis Hamilton

To agressive, a litle dangerous and not in control of his emotions.

Fernando Alonso

A good start but nothing else, not even manage a decent atack to Vettel.

Rosber and Schumacher

Just out of pace , i´m sure it´s the car but they were even fighting with a virgin car at some point, this was a terrible weekend for mercedes again!!


¿Fernando Alonso disapointing driver?

Error 404: F1 knowledge not found.


yes, not even an atack!! what was he waiting for an invitation? he disapoited me at the end he had nothing to lose!!

Don´t talk about my knowledge, it´s only my opinion and what i felt.


This is a comment that was posted on another site, and in my opinion sums up Monaco “race” precisely.

Let’s face it, at Monaco, ANY pass can be judged ill-advised so they should arguably all just follow each other round and you could put “no overtaking” signs up all around the circuit.

I agree with those saying it’s a question of philosophy and consistency. Either you want overtaking in F1 or you don’t, and the gap between an OK pass and an avoidable collision is far too narrow at the moment, too arbitrarily judged, not consistently judged and always with the comfortable benefit of hindsight by people in suits – it’s just saying “only have a go when you’re 100.0% certain you can make the pass” and it mitigates against the one thing the sport has been trying to achieve all these years.

At Monaco especially – as you saw when Schumacher passed Hamilton – passes are only made when there’s a level of co-operation from the guy being passed. There are still plenty of cases of drivers “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” but the stewards have a tendency to rule that the quicker guy should have just sat in the queue and not done anything, and it’s never the fault of the guy doing the blocking.

We need to recognize that sometimes if you put a bunch of guys in a broom cupboard with 700 horsepower each, mix them up and tell them to race, some of them actually will and they won’t always agree. There’s such a thing as a racing incident and I’m personally glad that some drivers, like Hamilton and Schumacher today, are prepared to have a go.


Excellent sum up.


Driver of the day – either Button or Alonso but ill go for alonso as button had the faster car in race trim and started two places further up the grid ….Lucky driver of the day – Vettel the red flag saved him ….Entertainer of the Weekend – Lewis hamilton without a doubt especially his post race interview simply hilarious 🙂


Button finished third in what was undoubtedly the fastest car in race trim and therefore should have finished no lower than second.

Vettel won in the second car and for that reason should have finished no higher than third.

Alonso finished second in a car that deserved to finish no higher than fifth.

Of the top three, Alonso was definitely the driver of the day/weekend.

I doubt that the finishing order would have been different without the race being stopped, but there are always going to be people who argue otherwise and their arguments can never be disproved.

For this reason I pick Kobayashi, just ahead of the highly unfortunate ‘pay driver’ Maldonado. The latter also displayed a level of humility that was sorely lacking from some of his rivals.


Why ‘should’ Alonso have finished fifth – because you think the car is no better than that?

That means that Alonso is out-driving the car to the extent of three places………At Monaco?

I did a post the other day asking why the Tifosi insisted that Ferrari is the fourth fastest car, when it is obviously quicker than the Mercedes, so that makes it third.

I now realise that it is not the Tifosi (Ferrari fans) who are doing this, but Alonso fans, to boost their hero’s stock.

Cunning plan!


The alternative would be that some drivers did not perform to the full potential that the equipment at their disposal provided.


Not yesterday, but other races the Ferrari has been the fourth behind Mercedes or tied with them. Fernando is doing a superb driving, only bad moment in Malasia with Lewis’ help.


Hmm, not sure I can agree that Buttons car was the fastest in race trim, I think it was the fact that he was on a three stop strategy and was on the supersofts while the others were on softs.


Agree with GENO. What have to do Vettel to be driver of the day? He is going to win second tittle without any price 🙂


Hey, could have voted for any of the podium guys. I gave my vote to JB because in reality the whole race excitement came down to him taking a gamble to win the race on a three stop strategy forcing the other guys to react, and I think had the chips fallen his way would have worked. Vettel and Alonso also drove great races.


I voted for Kobayashi on the basis of the result acheived with the equipment available. There was very little coverage of his race as the TV rightly concentrated on the main protagonists but he must have been doing something pretty good to end up where he finished. Of them the result was determined by good and bad luck of strategies rather than any particular driviing.


All these people that say Hamilton had a great race and that his overtaking moves were fair have played way too much Playstation!


That you should try it yourself. I think he acted well.


Fernando Alonso most definitely, and it was a real pity that last incident with Lewis and Pastor, the Venezuelan did a great race and was abot to score hist first ever points in F1. However, drivers didn’t really make the difference but rather the red flags, they all came out right at the perfect time for Vetter at qualifying and the race!


Voted Jenson, as I think the first SC robbed a victory from him. Alonso did great too, but was massively helped by the first SC. Vettel drove a superb defending race, but was also helped by the last SC/red flag, so don’t want to vote him either.


why do u think the first safety car robbed button. im interested in your opinion because i think he would of still have had to overtake vettel on track because he was on a 3 stopper. agree on the vettel at the end being helped but he still drove very good yesterday.alonso was helped by first sc but lost out to last sc so it all evened its self out after vettels first very bad pitstop.


Vettel, he make an error to be an opportunity and win this game.


I guess this is turning into a debate simular to the one of Prost vs Senna: Senna was more emotional and perhaps faster, but Prost nursed his car, made no mistakes, was technically brilliant, and became 4 times WDC. He may not be the racing fans choice but was a fantastic driver.

Vettel is doing an amazing job at the moment. He might have the fastest car, but he is also getting the most out of it: Got 5/6 poles, 5/6 wins, and when he wasn’t winning or on pole he was still 2nd. He lost China because of strategy. He got lucky here, but there is no denying he drove a great race, managing tyres very well, making no mistakes under intense pressure. I also love the underdog, but one should not deny the fact that Vettel has been faultless and very fast this season so far.


Have to agree with Geno here. This was Vettel’s (the driver and not tha car) show, especially the last 20 laps before the red flag. This forum should give him more credit.

Am an erstwhile Ferrari fan (pre- alonso era, though i think alonso is an awesome driver, but am not a fan )

Btw, i think Hamilton is probably the most taleted of the 3 (vet, alo, ham) and would have given vettel a run if not for mclaren’s quali blunder, but there is no way one can make excuses for his over-eagerness in the race. Petulant and not ex-champion worthy at all.

And this was Button’s best race this year. The gap he pulled on vettel after the first pit stop was unbelievable.


How anyone could vote for Hamilton is beyond me. There’s a massive difference between “having a go” and driving dangerously and stupidly.

Brundle said it perfectly… “The problem with Lewis is, it’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it?” Time to man up.


My vote went to Maldonado. Shame he was punted off he was having a great race for Williams. Alonso and Button were my next two choice.

Wonder will Vettel beat Schumachers record of wins in a season..


Alonso for me. Started 4th and possibly would have won in a car that was at least 0.5sec off the pace.

Can’t understand how button gets a mention? The guy after his 3rd stop was a second a lap quicker than alonso and 2 seconds quicker than vettel and he was always going to finish 3rd and smile on the podium. Alonso was looking like challenging and button was just sitting there happy with 3rd. Can’t imagine what will happen if he wins I’m sure the BBC will go into meltdown!!!


HOw come u know exactly what I was thinking. well said +1!!


Alonso was fast and superb but what can one do on a circuit when overtaking is virtually impossible except for a chicane and may be on one turn.


Hard to make a sensible call, but I voted for Alonso, however, Vettel and Button were definitely in the same league. These three drivers offered supreme driving, good strategy, and performance that no one else could match.

I doubt that Alonso would have won if the red flags weren’t there, and I was bitter right on SC appearance.


Lewis Hamilton. For trying to do a thing we all came to watch – racing.


Racing, or a Demolition Derby?


Well if i had to choose either Button: “I’ll follow them and hope they crash so i can take the lead” or Hamilton: “There is a gap and i’ll go for it” then i would pick Hamilton any day.

Yes it there are no ways to overtake, yes the person in front has to make mistake, yes the person going to be overtaken must agree with it, does that mean drivers should just follow each other? If i want to see tail-to-nose racing for 2hrs i’ll go watch the trains instead.


Perhaps if he’d done his racing with any degree of competence he could have been DOTD.


All three deserved their place on the podium yesterday.

Once again Vettel did what he had to do and picked up maximum points. Alonso and Jenson were smiling at the end, both knowing the gap to RB has closed.


Allan McNish…


How is Vettel not leading this poll by a landslide?

Got 55 laps out of Pirellis and kept Alonso behind him for a dozen laps, right after keeping Hamilton behind him for an extended streak just last week.

Maybe he can get a little bit of respect?


I wouldn’t hold your breath.


I agree with you.

How could Vettel have done better?

If the team didn’t messed up his stop, he would have a comfortable win, but even with this long pitstop and wrong set of tires, he managed to win.

All drivers on the list did a fine job, but Vettel is the driver of day.

Like him or not.


What could Alonso or Button have done better then? All three did well IMO which is why the voting is what it is. If we have seen the race to the end without a red flag and Vetttel had held on then I am sure he would have got more votes:-)


With a car that is 1 sec per lap faster? He never needed to push, to overtake…he could simply control his performance. Alonso and Button needed to push. Alonso has a car that is definitely behind Red Bull and McLaren.

Any questions?


mclaren was apprently the faster one“`


Voted A L O N S O.

He was a ‘hunter’ chipping off his time closing in on V E T T E L. And J E N S O N on F E R N A N D O, likewise.


What a race! One can only imagine what would of happened had Vettel been forced to finish the race on his old tyres. He lucked into the win (IMO).

Who said Monaco was boring??? 🙂

Pranav Haldea

Hi James

Heres a question for you..

Schumacher took Rosberg at the hairpin. The move worked as Rosberg gave enough room to MS. This move was exactly the same as Di Resta’s and then later Hamilton’s on Massa, for which thye got penalised, except that these 2 guys did not get any room from the other driver.

Similarly, Hamilton overtook Schumacher at the 1st corner cleanly. At that point, the move being hailed as ‘brilliant’, ‘awesome’ etc. He tried the same move on Maldonaldo, for which he was again penalised, and it didnt work as PM didnt give any room and turned into him.

Is this fair? Are penalties going to be a function of whether or not the competing driver leaves enough room for an overtaking maneuver?



As stated before you can easily judge the passing move and the contact by the result of the contact.

If the passing driver is ahead and the outside driver turns into the apex it will cause damage to his front wing against the front tire or sidepod. Think Petrov passing Shumi in Turkey.

If the passing driver is even and the other driver turns in they will bump tires but the move will still stick.

If the passing driver is too far behind he will always spear the driver turning in on the sidepod or back tire spinning the driver in front.

If Hamilton could have somehow gotten alongside and survived the contact to make the pass on Maldonado stick he would have had to give the place back anyway for cutting the corner and clearly running over the bollard.


Yes, in my opinion the penalties are fair because it’s the responsibility of the driver making the pass to ensure he can pass safely…all you must do when you get passed is to hold the line, that’s all… it doesn’t say anywhere you should make room and invite others to pass you, lol.


Because Lewis had braked so late,he was able to be side by side with Michael when coming to Sainte Devote.But that was not the fact of Hammy-Maldonado move.Lewis was still half-car length back,so he didn’t own the corner.

IMO all the passes at the Loews Hairpin are extremely difficult and dangerous.So if your opponent turns in when you make the move there, you are to blame.

At the moment,Felipe wanted to avoid the back of Mark Webber,so he must turn in,otherwise he would have hit the back of the Red Bull.


He did hit webber, that’s how he damaged his front wing.


Yep,they did touch…

I just want to say that Felipe had to turn in at the moment.


If a driver (Maldonado) gets to a corner first he has the line & can turn in as he likes. It’s up to the following driver to overtake where there’s room.

There was not room so the attempt was destined to fail. Hamilton was not sufficiently alongside or even on the track to make a pass. Why was the plastic post there, that Hamilton hit head-on?

To mark the edge of the track from the pit exit road.


Kobayashi is my driver of the day. All the actions displayed on top three drivers. But looking at the stats, Kobayashi didn’t make mistakes and made full use of the car’s ability to get to 5th place.

Sutil also did well if only he didn’t crash and only manage to get away because the race stop (which he caused).

The top three guys… there is nothing between them. To me it is just luck that Vettel end up on top.


Vettel: just because he made the prime tyres last for so long. Would it be possible to get a report on the condition of those tyres?


Top 3 guys did very well, all of them deserve to be driver of the day, but I’m going with Alonso. From 4th to 2nd in the third best car of the grid, Bad lucj with red flags in qualifying and race. As a F1 fan can’t wait to watch him in a better car, he is a joy to watch.


I thought it was a great race, right up until RedBull / Vettel decided to stop ‘racing’ and use the poor overtaking advantages of the track to block both Alonso and Button (knowing that the others wouldn’t want to risk a collision, which would have been so easy for Vettel to arrange). I hope this never becomes a de-facto strategy around here.

The restart then effectively gave Vettel a ‘free’ pit-stop and handed him the race. I think the rules should be changed about restarts and you should continue on the same set of tyres, otherwise it offers an unfair advantage.

Driver of the day, for me, was Button; changed strategy to jump Vettel at the pitstop (and would have done so anyway, regardless of Vettel’s long stop), charged when he needed to, and IMHO should have won the race, or at the very least have come second behind Alonso (who also drove a very good race).


Wow! more than 1000 votes and no comments. For me it was Kamui and Sutil, though were lucky due to first SC, they still held on their spots nicely without making mistakes apart from coming together.


For it should go for Seb.

He made a right strategy call and fend Fernando and Jenson well.


You have to say, “Driver of the day” this season is a bit of a moot point.

The race is decided too much by tyres, not driving speed.

I liked F1 far better when it was a game of tenths (sometimes less) every lap. But the “tenths game” is too subtle for a popular audience so we’ve had to go along with this “yum-yum” sideshow spectacle with wacky tyres, boost aerodynamics, and other flufffy toys.

I just think there really should be one formula in the world where you sprint for the finish and whoever is better by a tenth wins.


How is the race decided by tires with one tire supplier?

The truth is that with slightly less rear downforce and less durable tires the difference between drivers is amplified.


It’s the same rules for everyone, so of course it’s still a race by tenths… Racing is also about strategy, so i’d much rather a thinking race plus speed than just speed


My driver of the day is Lewis Hamilton. He made several superb pass that no other drivers dared to make. At the end of the day, it was too much for the FIA so they had to penalize him.


FIA want overtaking. When someone overtakes, he was punished. Massa … forget it, he will crash somewhere anyway.


FIA wants overtaking not drivers punting another off the track, maybe the move Massa pulled on Hamilton at Fuji 08 was also legal yeah? What Hamilton done in Monaco was twice as bad as Vettel’s errors in Turkey 2010 and Spa 2010 but yet Vettel got slated like there was no tomorrow, Hamilton gets a pat on his back, if Hamilton was so fast then where was all the purple sectors when he had clear air? He had the fastest car but no pace, face it Vettel, Alonso and Button had champions drive, the only 1 throwing toys is Lewis Hamilton.


ACtually very close between alonso n vettel. Really impressed with vettel, he managed his tyres for so long n maintained good pace. Alonso was once more ruthless n drove the 150 italia to the limit. he’s gained a lot of respect in my eyes. I’d say it’s a tie between vettel n alonso


A really enjoyable race.

Who would have thought that Monaco, usually a procession unless in the rain, would turn out to be the best race of the year thus far?

RB read the stats on safety cars (71% likelihood) and got this one absolutely right. Very brave strategy with SV.

JB did deserve the win though, and who knows, if the Red flag hadn’t come out…

Regardless, looking forward to Canada and two DRS zones. Should be great fun to watch.

I have never enjoyed F1 so much as this year. Good stuff.


Obviously it’s Lewis Hamilton, a true champion and warrior not like some fingertip drivers.


OMG 2…




“The team decided not to pit him again for the rest of race to ensure he got ahead of Button, meaning he had to do 61 laps on one set of tyres.”

Didn’t he change tyres on lap 16 and then at red flag on 71? I think you have taken the distance – 16 to equal and missed the red flag in your calculations.

Either way, its a stupid rule. Lots of stupid rules. Hamilton penalties that didn’t move any down any places. An exciting finish were we would see racing taken away by red flag tyre changes. AHHH

WEll done to Maldo though, never was a fan, still not. He has crash in more GP weekends than not. Did well though.

Kobayashi up with 10 points in the end great job aswell.

Button is a ??? He did well, had pace, qualied well and then was he going to able to pass in the end, was he holding back to allow Alonso to tire (pun) Vettel out and both destroy tyres? We’ll never know.

Alonso did well, but given yb the fact he did well this weekend he probably will be lapped in Canada.

Vettel…. needed luck to win. Strange to say so. But is true. Accidentally got the softs rather than SS in pit stop and a lucky red flag did it for him. Fresh tyres and a running start = equal ‘racing’.

MASSA… did quite well. Caught up, but then made a pass, went well until crash. Though he was much better this weekend


Alonso to be lapped in Canada

Here we go another (Anti-alonso fan / Brit)

Unocv12 Do understand Fernando is the best driver in F1

It’s not every race weekend hamilton or vettel will lap him

Your comment totally does not make any sense

Hamilton or button does not deserve any mention

Kobayshi yes he did well, nothing great about it

Massa – Utter joke and non-sense driver, i often wonder why (anti-alonso fan or Brits)are so obsessed towards felipe. He is the worst driver ever in F1. (Please see his last 3 race weekend performances)

If you say he did quite well. You have to say alonso was fantastic and sublime to watch

Let’s see who is going to get lapped in Canada (i wish to see lewis and jenson getting lapped by someone)

In 2010 as well mclaren had strong car compared to ferrari and mclaren drivers screwed up to lose the title

If you say lewis is good. To certain extent i agree.

Jenson- Is he a top driver ? surely nope for 100 %

He drove just ok in a very good mclaren which had the pace to beat sebastian in monaco atleast

When you speak of fernando, just look at what ferrari provided him. A 3rd or 4th fastest car on the grid, again see felipe’s aweful monaco drive

However alonso the genius punched above the weight of his car to get a very worthy second place

Bravo Fernando you are the best always


Hard one here. I picked Alonso for his fearsome and overwhelming drive in an underdog car to finish 2nd, and even challenged Vettel in the final moments.

Jenson, Koba and Pastor Maldo all deserve a pat on the back as well.


The final accident really was caused by Sutil re-entering the track on three wheels, right into the path of a fast moving train of cars?

Wouldn’t it be smarter and less dangerous to have waited for the track to be clear before wobbling back on and heading for the pits…on any track not just Monaco?

Isn’t there a safety rule about that?


He couldn’t really have stopped, that would have caused even more problems. There wasn’t really anywhere for him to go.


Kobayashi and Sutil were with Heidfeld, they just got lucky with the safety car, Everyone behind Nick lost almost a lap (Petrov was just 6 seconds ahead before his pit stop, there was no way he’d finish ahead of Heidfeld if not for the safety car, he was then 1 minute 32 ahead at the restart).

Button was mighty in Monaco, good for him


Vettel, Alonso and Button were all brilliant and I can’t fault any of their drives, was brilliant to watch!

Chump of the day is far easier to call: Hamilton.

I thin Lewis can learn a lot from the top 3 today.

Vettel showed him that a driver can change a team’s call (as he did by doing a one-stopper) and then bravely see it through. He did not blindly follow their strategy and then blame them when it went wrong, something Hamilton is increasingly doing.

Button showed him how to be gracious in defeat, but above all show respect for your team and your opponents. It’s the difference between being a boy and being a man.

Finally, Alonso showed him that, against all the odds, growing one’s facial hair does not necessarily mean one has to resemble a rather sinister looking leprechaun.


That is the best post I’ve read on here….I think ever! Well done sir.

Couldn’t agree more about the contrast between him and Button. But the sinister leprechaun, priceless!! While watching the controversial ‘interview’, instead of being surprised by his words, I was gaping in bewildered awe at that terrible beard/line/thing he had. Sweet lord.


I feel bad for Pastor losing his 6th. Similar to how Sutil was crashed out of the same race by Kimi a few years ago. I’m not sure how he “collided with Hamilton” when he was in front and Hamilton jumped the curb and crashed into the side of his car.

Alonso was the driver of the day. I really wanted to see Button’s race pay off even with the bazaar strategy they put him on but Alonso just kept his cool after a great start and drove a clean race.


It’s pity that red flag robbed us a promising end.


NOT Maldonado, his retirement was 100% his fault. He can’t expect to turn in as if theres nothing going on around him when someones front tires are on his sidepod.


check the replay and you will see pastors back wheel connects with lewis’s front wheel. lewis’s fault all the way. 2 vets in the comm box agree it was lewis’s fault and they been racing all there life.


Thank you for a bit of objectivity here. The Lewis witch hunt after every race gets a bit tiring. If he gets overtaken and closes the door on the other driver, it was his fault and he should have yielded. If he overtakes and the other driver doesn’t yield, it was Lewis’s fault for being to aggressive. But one Sebastian Vettel can torpedo a Button in 2010 and take him out of the race and that is just fine because Vettel is F1’s golden boy. I am rather miffed that he won to be honest…


I don’t know if you were around Spa 2010 and the week after that but Vettel was totally bashed and destroyed in the media and fans alike for his Button move…so what do you mean that is was just fine?

Hamilton took out 2 drivers in 1 race and made other weird moves, he should be happy he was not black flagged.

Be honest now, if Vettel had taken out Hamilton like Hamilton did Massa/Maldonado, would you be praising Vettel for being so aggressive and a racer? And if Vettel had been going berserk in the interview like Hamilton bklaming everyone but himself, would you praise him for speaking his mind and he is so right?

Be honest.


I think we’ve come to realise now Hamilton is [mod] getting blown away by a younger more talented driver in Vettel just like what happened to Schuey in 2006, and he is also struggling to match an older and better allround driver in Alonso.
I’ve got no doubt Hamilton will win Montreal because his style and car is tailored for that track and I’m afraid to say the Mclaren now look the fastest car out there so Vettel has a fight on his hand.


Yeah, you are right, I am biased towards Hamilton. I, in all likely hood would bash Vettel for those kind of moves, but that is because I look at the past performances as well and take them into account. Vettel would have to do a lot of overtaking in a lot of different situations to earn my respect as an overtaker. I would defend Kobayashi the same way.

But I also try to look at it objectively. Although I sometimes fail. Turkey 2010 I sided with Vettel. I am of the opinion that Webber didn’t leave him enough room once the move was made and initiated. Vettel’s lack of race craft there eventually caused them to collide, but Webber forced the initial cause of the crash.

But in return to the 2 incidents in Monaco, they were pure racing incidents. IMHO. Massa forced the collision, if you look at the racing lines of Webber and Massa through Loews hairpin. Webber in front of Massa takes a wide line with a late apex with Massa following suit, Lewis positions himself into the inside corner, Massa realises it and changes tack, forcing Lewis over the curbs and running into Webber in his move to cut Lewis of at all costs. When Schumi did the same thing to Lewis, Lewis yielded, avoiding a collision and saved Schumi from the same penalty.

We complained that F1 turned into Formula Yawn because there was no overtaking. Now that there is, the stewards are penalizing those that actually do race and try to give us fans what we want.

The same thing with Maldonado, he turned in way early once he saw that Lewis was attempting a pass. If Maldonado would have yielded in that move, he would have finished 7th instead of crashing out and would have earned Williams a 7th and a 10th place. By forcing a crash and getting to blame Hamilton, he gave Williams a 9th place finish. Which situation is the cleverer one?

And yes, using Spa as an example was the wrong one to take, as per my reply to 69bhp above. We can take Singapore then. Webber takes out Hamilton and it was deemed a racing incident. Now tell me what is so different between that move and what Lewis did now in Monaco?

And finally, Senna used to race like that as well. He used to put himself into a position and it was always left up to the other guy to decide if they were gonna crash or not. I do not know ,as there was very little F1 coverage in my country that time and I only started to really be a able to follow F1 since 95′- 96′, was Senna crucified in the press about those kind of moves?

That is the one thing that kind of irks me about F1. One can draw a lot of parallels between similar incidents and the resulting blame and punishments are never the same. Right and wrong are constantly redefined and there seems no consistency either from us fans or from the ruling body of F1. And yes, I cannot exclude myself from that since I redefine right and wrong from race to race as well. Guess that makes me as much a hypocrite as everyone else.

I still believe that Vettel should not have won that race and Lewis should not receive those penalties.


just a reminder that Vettel was given a drive-through for that move and was also universally panned in the press. So I don’t see your point.


That is indeed correct. I apologize, bad example from my side. There are probably better examples out there.

But I am not happy that Vettel got this win. And I am not happy that Hamilton receives that much criticism. That is my point and personal opinion.


Webber once again shafted by Red Bull. Every race this season he has had to endure a compromised strategy by his own team. Wish the media would have the guts to speak up.


There was an interesting tweet during the weekend (sorry can’t recall who it was from) that said Flavio had claimed that Webber is getting inferior equipment from Red Bull.

My first reaction was “what would Flavio know”, but then I remembered that Flavio was/is(?) Webber’s manager, so chances are if Flavio think that, then Webber may too.

And I always suspected Flavio of pulling that trick at Bennetton / Renault when Schumacher and Alonso won their championships. The relative performance of their drivers was puzzling sometimes.


I agree entirely Jim.

James, any idea why Mark always get called in a lap after Vettel pits, whatever his position in a race?


Hi Jim Although I somewhat agree with you and I am getting increasingly frustrated by Redbulls incompetence, in both strategy and reliability(Kers). I dont think we can blame them for Webbers poor starts.

Cheers Shayne


And I don’t think we can necessarily blame Webber for the other 99.9% of his racing, the compromised practice sessions, illogical race strategies, mechanical unreliability, compromised pit stops or the lack of genuine encouragement or support from the team.


He’s only had to run a compromised strategy as he can’t make the tyres last!


Alonso for me. Out-performed his car. Button was great also but the cards didn’t fall his way.

Also an honourable mention to Maldonado. He really deserved to get his points here. Bit of a rough start to the season but at the last 2 races he’s looked like the real deal. Like him.


Watch him weaving down the straight here.Poor driving.


Okay fair point. I didn’t pick that up.

While we’re posting links, Hamilton thought it was okay when he did it –

Matt Cheshire

Vettel has to be the pick of the drivers. He had his lead thrown away with that pit stop, drove an error free race, held his composure when Button had the race sewn up. He gambled and won with the tyres.

I was impressed he stayed out. It was going to be an epic fight protecting his position with destroyed tyres. But he was up for it. How many drivers would have pitted to preserve third? The risk of ending up in the barriers was huge.

Clearly the RB7 wasn’t an advantage, and his team let him down at the stop. Vettel won it despite Red Bull.

There’s no sign of “crash baby” now.

Imagine if Hamilton had driven Vettel’s race, and vice versa. Lewis would have 90% of the vote and the comments here would be calling for Vettel’s licence to be revoked.

I was supporting Webber and both MacLarens but Vettel won this.


It’s a tough call because everyone who saw the checkered flag is a winner on this tight course. But I certainly know who is not the driver of the day: Hamilton. Just yesterday I thought that he has matured a bit since his first two F1 seasons, but recently he seems to be spending as much time with the stewards as he was back then. Maybe the media are putting too much pressure on him in terms of being the king of overtaking or whatever, but he has to cooldown, and stop blaming others for his own mistakes. He’s getting as arrogant as Ralf Schumacher back in the day.


Has To be one of the hardest ever drivers of the day I think. There wasn’t one stand out drive in my opinion. The top 3 were differed class. Over a minute clear at one point. I voted for alonso just because I’m a Ferrari fan but you could make points for button or vettel and you couldn’t argue much. All 3 was more or less perfect. Vettels lucky the redbull has mighty traction tho. Thought was a great race even tho we lost the last 10 laps or so with the way it was before the red flag. If that accident hadn’t of happened think we would of seen something truly eppic and would be remembered for years to come but can’t complain. If vettel wins in Canada now but season is over if it’s not over now 🙁


To be fair Webber probably would have been in that pack if a botched pit stop hadn’t put him behind Sutil’s slow moving train.

James is there any word on exactly what the hell happened with Red Bulls pit stop? Did Vettel pit during the window meant for Webber or vice versa throwing everything out of whack?


Vettel said the front wheel wasn’t ready


Christian Horner said after the race (on BBC Forum) that they put the wrong tyres on Vettel’s car, thinking it was Webber coming in. They sent Vettel out & Webber immediately arrived in the box. Horner said he wondered how the hell they were going to get out of this mess.


When he came in I could see the guy on the front right still had the tyre in it’s blanket, and was stood up while all the other guys were knelt down at their wheels.

He seemed to be looking for confirmation from the garage that he should put it on, or questioning whether they had the right set.

Looks like miscommunication in the team rather than equipment not being ready – the tyre was sat that waiting to go.


Button was very in-lucky not to win today. Vettrl proved that he is a worthy champion and displayed champions luck!


Hamilton – my driver if the day. Entertainment and desire to succeed. Not his fault Massa binned it!


“Maldonado collided with Hamilton”? Really? More like Hamilton deliberately punted Maldonado off of the track.




Vettel and Button both had fortune and misfortune. Alonso great drive in a slower car but was also fortunate with the safety car. Really couldn’t give it to Vettel as I don’t think he’d of won without the red flag.

Just about gave it to Kobayashi although he also had a huge slice of luck.


Of course the Brit gets more votes, proving these polls are a nationality contest, nothing else.

I mean Button started 2nd, ended up 3rd while having the fastest car in race trim. How can you say he was driver of the day? Go figure.

Kobayashi is it clearly, no bias, just cold hard numbers and facts add up to it. Just like last race he was driver of the day, yet his name was not even in the poll.


Oh give it a rest, Button was on fire yesterday and round the ultimate ‘driver’ circuit. Some of you will always refuse to give him credit, but if the McLaren was so much faster yesterday where were Hamilton’s purple laps? I think yesterday was the first time Jenson has had a clear pace advantage since he joined McLaren.

Kobayashi drove a great race also but don’t forget that although the Sauber didn’t have great out and out pace, there wasn’t another car out there capable of making that strategy work. It seems It seems rather biased to dismiss Button’s race as being down to his car and then immediately neglect to mention that Kobayashi was helped enormously by the characteristics of the Sauber!

All in all, it was a day for great performances and I’d also pick Alonso and Maldonado out as doing especially well and driving beyond their cars. Vettel too, for absorbing the pressure and not pushing his tyres ‘off the cliff’. Such a shame that we didn’t get to see how that final three-way battle would’ve unfolded.


So you are saying the Sauber is comparable to the McLaren.

Now I have read it all .

Button did nothing special, he had clear air no one else had after the 1st pitstops and Vettel on the wrong tyre was no match thanks to his team screwing up yet again.

Kobayashi was stuck behind Sutil half the race and when Sutil was lapping 4 seconds a lap slower than race leader he made the move and it stuck, no one got take out and 1 lap later Kobayashi was 3 seconds up Sutil.

Anyone watching tyhe race knows Button had the fastest car in the race and all he managed was from 2nd to 3rd, waiting behind Alonso for a miracle.


Ok James but please in your hand on heart oppinion do you still think that Hamilton is faster than Vettel on raw speed?


Well no, I clearly stated that the Sauber wasn’t particularly fast [mod] What the the Sauber is is unusually easy on its tyres though and no other car was capable of one-stopping yesterday, which gave Kobayashi a big strategy advantage. He drove a very strong race, but it’s not fair to dismiss Button’s drive as being down to the car and then in the same breath build up Kobayashi, when his performance was only made possible by the unique behaviour of his own car.

Basically, there are a lot of people who will point blank refuse to give Button credit where it’s due. Always. So you’re basically saying that Hamilton spent every one of his stints on the Option tucked up in traffic? At no point did he get several laps in clear air to catch up to the next car? [mod]. Alonso was just starting to get stuck into Vettel. Why ever would you tuck up behind him and wait to join their accident when you had the pace to drop back and see what resulted? Once Fernando had made his move, Button could’ve either steered around their accident or started attacking himself. There seems to be a school of thought who feel that racing should be all out attack, all the time but it’s something only an armchair racer would actually believe.


If you attack each other and use snide language we’ll mod the whole post out. Please be civil. If you cannot then there are plenty of other forums where you can use aggressive language. This goes for all readers wishing to leave comments. Thank you


@ .

Very well said

Only lewis and jenson will be driver of the day / weekend beacuse of brits

Both drove very poorly during the weekend, hamilton does not deserve any mention for monaco

Jenson did just ok. Nothing superb

Mclaren provided them a very good car capable of fighting with sebastian and strategy was not too bad considering the circumstances

It’s not a big suprise to see jenson leading the pole despite others being better than him

Both drivers (lewis & jenson) shout or comment @ mclaren for strategy or mistakes, however when they commit mistakes it’s fault of stewards or massa or torro rosso and even mclaren engineers

Jenson should have won with mclaren at his disposal, he never attempted to pass sebastian so mclaren pitted him

Then latter in race also he was sitting pretty and waiting for some crash or mistake by fernando and vettel, that never happend

Driver of the weekend (without doubt whatsoever) Fernando he drove a slower ferrari superbly to the flag for worthy second place red flag prevented him from a stunning monaco victory

Three great performances in a row (sub-standard ferrari)


Let’s see, this site probably predominantly has a British audience, however, you’d be surprised how little many British fans actually like Jenson Button. I’ve seen on many sites a huge amount of vitriol poured over his achievements by British fans. You don’t know the English especially, we’re not a very supportive nation. We prefer to highlight the negative rather than encourage the positive (excluding me of course).

So no, I don’t think this, rather trivial result has much to do with nationality. You could equally say that when Alonso wins it it’s because the board was populated by Ferrari fans.

All 3 drivers drove fine races and for those who know how F1 works they know that Jenson’s P3 was not an indication of his performance, that he drove well and up until the red flag was in contention for a race win.


Incorrect – 40% British the rest for all over the world


I think a lot people have voted for Button cos he made the race exciting. But even without the SCs I think Button may have struggled to have won on a 3 stop as by stop 2 he had lost track position to Vettel. Button would have had to overtake Vettel at some point and, assuming Vettel’s tyres would have held on, it’s hard to imagine him doing that.

Button really should have been second. He lost third because of McLaren’s strategy of not putting him on the soft/prime at his second stop. Alonso would have been covered then. I don’t know why they went supersoft again… well obviously they expected Vettel to stop. So Button though Button came 3rd, that wasn’t due to a lack of performance from himself.


yip i agree. lots of people are saying the safety car had cost button the race but it actualy didnt because he would still would have had to of overtaken vettel and he couldnt do it after the safety car anyways. think lots of people are missing that point tho thats not to say that without the safety car that vettel would have stuck to his one stopper.


Agree with your points, but Christian Horner told Martin Brundle (BBC F1 Forum) that they put the wrong tyres on SV’s car at the pitstop (he should have had Super-Softs not the Soft Tyres), RBR were planning two stops! A combination of the Safety Car and the need to rescue the situation resulted in Red Bull putting SV on the one-stopper after the mistake in the Pits. What we don’t know is, how much longer would SV’s tyres have lasted?


Mmmm.. not sure about that


So he did nothing wrong or nothing special, like 12 other drivers.

Half a dozen drivers did more impressive things than Button, like Kobayashi (midfield car ending up 5th with a 1 stopper), Vettel (1 stopper, being 3rd fastest car half the race, still winning race), Sutil, Alonso, Maldonado, etc.


Kobayashi and Sutil, etc, lucked into their positions thanks to the safety car. Kobayashi was also had a clumsy overtake and could easily have had a penalty. They didn’t do anything impressive you could say either but any driver who gets through Monaco in the points deserves due credit I say!

I would have given it to Vettel if the race hadn’t been red flagged and he’d held on for the last 8 laps but he got a get out of jail card didn’t he.

Button deserves credit for daring to try something different. In hindsight, as I said, the team should have two stopped him to ensure 2nd, but in fairness his second stop came before the SC and wasn’t a reaction to Massa’s crash. Button just did his race and did it well, others had more luck thrown their way in my opinion.

As for Hamilton, he battled hard but it was a sloppy day for him and he still had red mist from qualifying.


Kobayashi? what cold hard numbers are you talking about? Without the safety car he wouldn’t have finished 5th. Plus hitting Sutil’s car trying to overtake him and giving him a slow leak on his right rear (which led to the carnage shortly after).


From Sutil’s post race quote.

“It was then that I ran wide on the marbles at turn 12, which gave me a right rear puncture.”

So it turns out it was a fallacy the coming together caused the puncture.

Hell without the red flag Kobayashi would’ve been only one step away from a podium.


1 stop pre-planned strategy, a car that is midfield, ending up 5th in front of Mclaren, Mercedes, Renault.

Safety car helped many people, including Sutil, your point? That is part of racing.

Experienced F1 fans know what Kobayashi did was special.


and what he was any more special than Vettel who also had one slow stop (same as Kobayashi) or Alonso. Kobayashi had a good race but hitting someone and ruining their race doesn’t make them driver of the day to me.

That must just be my unexperienced opinion.


What about Lewis? He should get it for the funniest ever comments after a race. Absolute Gold.
Lewis “Of course I get the penalty, which is usual. He held me up in qualifying and I got the penalty. He turned into me and I got the penalty.

“When I went up the inside of Maldonado, you can see on the screen that he turned in a good car length too early to stop me from overtaking him, and crashed into me.

“I mean, it’s ridiculous. These drivers are frickin’ ridiculous and stupid.”

Made my day!


…certainly not Hamilton who was lucky not to get black flagged IMHO


totally agree. he will soon tho because all his reprimands and drive through penalty’s are not making him respect other drivers. what he did yesterday to pastor was worse thn what michael did to rubens at hungary and michael got a 10 place grid penalty. i mean hamilton put pastor in the fall and basically got no penalty and michael got a penalty for nearly putting rubens in the wall lol.


Lewis already inside and have half the car inside already, when Pastor turn is too early before the normal turn to the corner, mean he just try to turn to defend Lewis, but too late to cover it because Lewis is there already and Lewis also try to turn to avoid that too and he hit the curb.

If someone still think this is Lewis fault, go back to Singapore last year when Mark hit him, very much the same. Mark hit Lewis back wheel mean his nose just at the rear wheel, not even in the mid of Lewis car, and Mark didn’t try to avoid the accident. That time when Lewis was hit, Mark got away with nothing.

To be fair, these 2 accident is pretty much the same, Mark vs Lewis@singapore is worse than Lewsi vs Pastor@Monaco.


The Schumacher Rubens comparison is far from comparable, especially when you consider the width of the track in relation to the coming together. What is comparable is when Webber took out Lewis in Singapore last year without a penalty. What F1 needs is either to let the drivers drive and allow toe to toe racing, or be more consistent in their definitions of the rules…what exactly constitutes an avoidable or an unavoidable racing incident.


Again, in Singapore last year the accident was caused and dictated by Hamilton, he cut across Webber with a message like: “either let me through or we crash”! Well I don’t blame Webber for not not letting him through, in fact I’m glad he didn’t! Hamilton is finding out the hard way that not only is he an slightly inferior allround driver than Alonso but he is being blown away by the best driver in the world in Vettel, now we know Vettel can win in any situation, in the rain, in a slower car, from behind, from pole, a chaotic race, race with a crippled car that has no tyre left, a controlled race where engine was turned down and had to look after tyre, the list goes on…


Not a driver but my hero of the day was, or rather were, the marshals who scarcely had a moment to rest. Monaco must surely be the toughest course for marshalling and they’ve been kept busy all weekend. So kudos to them.


agree i almost fell off the sofa at how quickly they removed maldonado’s car at the end. the best marshals by far. i was certain was going to be an other safety car but thanks to there quick work we got the race finished under racing conditions.


Moving Maldonado’s car in that amount of time was just incredible, even by Monaco standards. I think having the cranes everywhere is so helpful, it’s a shame the more sprawling circuits can’t use them to the same effect (as one crane in Monaco seems to cover several corners etc)


As much as I respect Jenson a great deal, i’m afraid starting 2nd and finishing 3rd does not make him driver of the day by any stretch.. He is currently winning the vote as I type this!

I’d go for Kobayashi myself, but Vettel is right there too, a great win, albeit with a little luck in the mix too.


He raced well and was very unlucky and was only 2sec behind the 1st driver.


JB finished third, not because of any mistake he made or lack of pace. I wouldn’t argue with your selection (we’re all entitled to our own opinions), but we should look at the other factors that affected the end result. It was also good to see him accept the tyre choice of the team with no whining – LH take note!


A hard call to make today but it really has to be one of the guys who ended up on the Podium.

For the whole weekend, it has to be Sebastian for his spectacular qualifying lap but for the race alone it could be any of the three.

Maybe Jenson just shaves it ?

Unfortunately his teammate gets the wooden spoon for this weekend : I always admire Lewis for his speed and for his out-and-out racer attitude but the two overtakes that ended the races of Filipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado were foolishly optimistic on the streets of Monte Carlo.

I hope when Lewis watches the race again he will realise this and apologise for blaming both drivers for turning in on him.


So difficult to pick a driver of the day when there was so little to choose between all the drivers.

Slightly easier to pick “Luckiest” driver of the day: Vettel

Or “Most entertaining (for all the wrong reasons)”: Hamilton


Keeping very fast cars behind you on old tyres was a large part of what won him the race, as was a good lap in q3 and keeping his head when his team messed up his pitstop. None of that was luck. He had a slice of luck with the red flag, yes, but there is a strong argument to suggest he’d have won the race anyhow.


Right this is annoying me now, all Hamilton fans do is discredit other drivers no matter how good they are/do, So Lewis can do no wrong??? He was at fault for the Massa and Maldinado incidents and to get away with basically no penalty is just plain ridiculous! It wasnt exciting what he did it was reckless and to take out 2 drivers and not affect his position really is a joke, just face it Mclaren had the fastest car this weekend just like the race in Barcelona and the winner of both was still Vettel who is now the fastest, most intelligent and the most consistent driver in F1, Hamilton will win Montreal but with his attitude and disregard for rules has really gone down in my estimation.


I think that’s very unfair and presumptuous. I’ll admit to being a Hamilton fan, but the reason I’m a fan is because he’s consistently entertaining (even if for the wrong reasons, as noted above). Vettel is consistently unentertaining.

Let’s not forget the point of sport – to provide entertainment. Hamilton (and other drivers) are entertaining precisely because they are flawed. How fantastic the past few years of F1 have been – 2008 where Hamilton pipped Massa on the final corner of the final lap of the final race; 2009 where Button had a start as fantastic as Vettel has now but it was slowly chipped away race by race; 2010 where it was anybody’s season until the very last race. More of that please.

I don’t (and I’d hope I’m not alone in this) want a repeat of the Schumacher years, but if Vettel continues as he is we will and fans (myself included) will leave in droves.

The sport thrives on uncertainty and unpredictability. You watch because you want to see how the race unfolds, how all the details play out, not to watch Vettel lead from the front for 95% of the race and never put a foot wrong. It’s dull and a massive turn off.

There’s very little entertainment to be extracted from winning pole by a huge margin, then leading the race to the chequered flag. He doesn’t do it on every race, but it’s dull when he does; you have to look for entertainment elsewhere and the names that crop up again and again in this are the ones who tend to be put forward for driver of the day again and again because they fight for every inch of racetrack – namely Alonso, Kobayashi, Webber and, yes, Hamilton.

I greatly admire Vettel’s skill, but that doesn’t make him entertaining. Give him a medal, ask him to retire and let’s get back to fighting for every point the championship has to offer.


No way you admire Vettel’s skills, why can’t people in England just admit he is the fastest most consistant drivers, Hamilton’s title in 2008 [mod] – if Vettel and Alonso was in competitive cars he wouldn’t of had a chance that year. Vettel will win the 2011 title.


Please control the aggressive language or the whole comment will be moderated out – mod




Odd to pick Dino’s comment for your Hamilton rant – he was hardly pro Hamilton in what he says, and you can’t deny Vettel got lucky yesterday.

As for Hamilton’s crashes – yes he is certainly to blame for his first attempt on Massa at the hairpin, and the one that took out Maldonado.

I do not believe, though, you can blame him for when he actually did pass Massa that led to Massa’s accident. He was side by side, no contact, and all Massa had to do was lift and let it happen. But he kept his foot in on the dirty/marbled side of the track and paid the price.

James van Bregt

Voted and saw JB leading this poll. Seems odd, Jenson drove very well, but Kamui and Pastor both outperformed their equipment, in my humble… and all that.


I too (as a Button fan) am surprised JB leads this poll. He did well in qually, but perhaps the McLaren was the faster car all weekend long. Additionally JB lost a place overall and never really threatened to overtake Vettel or Alonso despite his far superior tyres.

With that in mind surely driver of the day has to go to one of Vettel, Alonso or Maldonado.

Alonso drove a great race, passing Webber at the start and really looked like he could pass Vettel. Great effort in the third fastest car.

Vettel, supreme race from him, really drove the wheels off the RBR after his team messed up his strategy. His holding off of Alonso and Button reminded me of Schumi/Alonso in San Marino and Senna/Mansell at Monaco. Maybe the red flag saved him, but just maybe he would have held on and won it? A real champions drive, people would rave about it had Ramilton completed such a drive.

However for me driver of the day was Pastor, brilliant drive in an uncompetitive Williams. 6th place in that car was looking like a mighty impressive result until Ramilton speared him across the track like he was playing on a Playstation. A real shame, old school drivers would have had serious words about that kind of move in the Paddock.

Now onto Lewis. Awful drive, awful attitude and has the cheek to blame others for his errors. The Monaco summary:

– Blocked by Massa in Q3?
Not at all, yes Massa was in-front of him, but he was so far up the road that it was no block. Ramilton lost concentration seeing Massa ahead and fluffs his lap. Blame: Hamilton

– Ramilton has his fastest Q3 lap removed.
Correct decision, blatantly chopped across a chicane. Blame: Hamilton

– Drive through for move on Massa.
Given what had happened with Di-Resta it was obvious the outcome would be identical. A very straight forward penalty IMO. At least Paul had the decency to admit his move was perhaps a little too ambitious. Blame: Hamilton

– Penalty for move on Maldonado:
Another very straight forward one this, you cannot go leaping across the inside of a corner, taking out the marker and having your plank scraping across the top of a large kerb and spear into the rear side of someone’s car and then blame them. Blame: Hamilton

Lewis needs a serious look at himself after this race…


Oh and just to add when Schumacher was in his early days I feel he would have taken a minimum of a 1 race ban for that sort of driving and comments afterwards. Lewis is a luck boy the FIA is now run by Jean Todt not Max, as otherwise he might have not being on the plane to Canada.


What? No Lewis Hamilton in the list? 🙂

It’d think it was close, there was no absolute standout driver. Button & Alonso were both great to maximise there potential, but both were seriously unlucky with the red flag – and stupid rule allowing work on the cars.

I’m giving my vote to Pastor Maldonado though. Drove a great mature race towards the points. He deserves so much more than being dumped in the barriers by an angry young man who should have learned by now.


Lewis Hamilton was clearly on a charge for most of the race and if he had been successful in the overtake moves where he caused accidents, worthy of penalty, he would have finished much closer to the lead and would have been a worthy candidate for driver of the day. As it is, he needs to go back to school and relearn how to overtake cleanly. He also needs to learn to avoid trying to point the blame on other with radio messages like “he turned in on me” when he was clearly responsible!


As the rules stand Hamilton deserves his two penalties. He was driving on emotion and frustration today, which is his main weakness as a driver. However, Massa did contribute to the accident by turning in early. Hamilton could have taken the same approach on the opening lap and caused and almost identical incident with Schumacher, instead he chose not to ruin his own race and took a wider line, letting the place go. I still think it is Hamilton’s fault for even attempting to overtake at Monaco but Massa could learn something from Hamilton’s opening lap.


Partly agree

Lewis is quite aggressive at that U turn. but Lewis got half the car inside Massa already, Lewis already there and no place to give up or avoid, Massa is the one who know if he turn in, it will be the touch for sure he is the man to have the space to avoid as Lewis let MS go on the first lap.

in other word, it is a bit to late for Massa to just turn in to close the door on Lewis. if Massa didn’t leave to room there, Lewis won’t try. with Lewis instinct, when he saw the space of tryiing and he is close enough to attact, then he did so.

Overtake here is possible if there is some co-operate between the driver, if he know he is to loss the place, he must accept that instead of just defend when he know it to late to protect without touching each other.

if Lewis did the same as Massa for MS on the first lap, MS might get penalty but his race wouldn’t go any further. Driver have to learn how to loss the position too, when you will loss you must accept it, not just defend and crash.

As I remember, I rarely saw Lewis stupidly close the door when he was overtaken, but too many time I saw Massa just close the door when it too late and both car hit, MS also popular for doing that several time.

In the tunnel, Massa crash by his stupid defend, no touching and lewis get inside in the tunnel, the only thing Massa should do is lifting his paddle when he is on slippery line, he must accept the loss but he still try to defend by driving side by side and end up at the barrier.

I am not stand on Lewis side, but many time that I saw Massa turn in like no one is beside him



What are your thoughts on Vettel “falling off the cliff” had it not been for the red flag? Do you think he would have held on?

p.s. it was a massive shame they were allowed to change tyres under red flag conditions, seems a very strange rule


Ruined the race!! If Vettel and Alonso Needed to change Tyres then a Penalty needed to be applied. It effectively gave them 20 seconds over Button who did not finish that far behind. Vettel did not win that race the rules gave him it.


Why are you assuming that Vettel needed to stop? He had already used both sets of tyres once.

He had managed his 2 pursuers just fine for the 15 laps before the red flag when the top 3 were driving nose-to-tail. No reason to believe that his tyres would suddenly go off in the final few laps.


at that time His tyre age is about 50 lap and almost die, 10 more laps mean a lot to be getting more worse and worse.

No one said he couldn’t alive for the rest 10 lap on old tyre, but there is more chance for the one behind to attact him if his car is getting undrivable stage. with bad tyre, less and less tool to defend or he might hit the barrier somewhere, who know, anything could happen.

with new tyre car become perfect again, he is possible to do the Qualifying lap time at that stage.


The data indicated that the Tyres would do the Pirelli “Fall off a cliff” within the next 3-5 laps. Given the number of laps left to do exceeded this, it is more than possible that Vettel would have had to pit leaving Alonso and Button to fight out the remaining laps. Alonso’s tyres would just about made it with Buttons still working fine.


Straw poll of engineers says yes Vettel would have held on. Tyre change rule has to be there as often race is stopped for heavy rain


Could they just make it a discretionary thing by the stewards/race control?

Just as they can choose those disable/enable DRS and choose to start behind a saftey or choose to red flag a race, can’t they ‘allow tyre changes’ if needed.

A race like yesterday was ruined because of the rule, but if it was banned unless allowed by stewards/race control then it owuld be good.

2 situations

1) Monaco 2011: No tyre changes and the red flag due to petrov and cleanup. The Red Flag simply pauses the race for 15 minutes or so.

2) Korea 2010: It was raining and the red flag last for a considerable time. Stewards can then allowing tyre changes and work on the cars. This red flag isn’t a ‘pause’ but isn’t a unncontrollable halt because of weather.

That way no one gains an advantage through luck like in monaco, and there is no danger as the stewards can see ‘oh, it’s raining’ and allow it.


The other alternative is that any driver who has a change of tyres (Or repairs made to the car) must start from the pitlane… The only case where tyre changes should be allowed is if there is a sudden rainstorm, and the stewards want to mandate that everyone must re-start on Extreme wets!


Does anyone know if someone had been running the soft tyre from the start and then changed to the super soft during the red flag, could they have completed the race without making a pit stop?


but surely it is simple to have a distinction between a red flagging for heavy rain and thus allow a tyre change for safety and a red flagging for accidents that does not effectively give people a lucky free pitstop?

it did effectively unfairly give an advantage to Vettell – Vettell had made his gamble that he could hold off the other drivers from first place due to difficult overtaking at monaco. he was only able to do this by virtue of not having lost time in another pit-stop. to then have a “free” pitstop he has had an unfair advantage over the others who lost the time pitting.

it does seem rather simple to change…


Tire changes should be in the pits, then the end of the line like every other series in the world. Allowing them to change tyres is not necessary. Wet conditions can have a special phrase in the rules for safety, without totally ruining the race strategies of of some drivers while handing an advantage to others. It is possible to write a rule that doesn’t advantage or disadvantage anyone.


Someone will always get an advantage, no matter what the rules state. If no tire change was allowed, the advantage would have been with Alonso and Jenson, as it would’ve been much easier for them to pass Seb at the start than during normal racing. Also, Alonso got his pitstop “for free” due to SC, giving him a huge advantage next to Jenson, should pitstops during SC’s be forbidden too?

Sterling Mindenhall

Couldn’t they just add a qualifier? “In the event of wet conditions…”

If the Both Compounds rule needs a formal declaration from Race Control that the session is officially wet and drivers no longer need to run two compounds during the race, then there’s no reason it can’t be handled similarly.


Could they not amend the rule so that tyres could be changed if the race is stopped due to heavy rain, and otherwise they can not?

Obviously the red flag could not have been helped but felt a bit cheated about the tyre change when in this situation there was no reason for it


But it didn’t rain, so why would that rule be invoked?

It completely changed the dynamics of the race.

Now, if you one stop & the race is suspended, you get a free pitstop to put on new tyres to see you to the end.

That can’t be right. A red flag stops the race, but NO work should be allowed, the cars should see out the balance of the race as they stopped, unless they opt for a pitstop. My non-motor racing visitors couldn’t believe a ‘sport’ could be run like that!


+1 re no tyre change should be allowed in situations like this.

Rule should say something like “only a change from dry tyres to full wet ones [if needed due to safety reasons once the race has been stopped for heavy rain] will be allowed during the race suspension”.


Lewis Hamilton


There really should be an option for Kinky Kylie winning the 69th running of this event. Very appropriate indeed.


Massa should be punished for the clearly deliberate turning in, funny how many turn to double standards in their desperation to knock Hamilton.

The examples we saw of MH vs LH and, then, LH vs MS, show it should be done, shame on Massa and to some extent Maldonado for failing. nice to see Felipe exiting the Tunnel on Karma’s Marbles



Reckless, petulant, angry, sarcastic, fatalistic, with father issues, a best mate who likes to rumble and the ability to pull in the FHM Top 100.

Now, that’s what I call a racing driver!


That made me laugh, very true though


Ahahah comment of the day by far.


the guy needed a plough attached to the front of the car not a wing – i would love to have heard his opinion if roles had been reversed in each of his ‘overtake’ attempts.

no question that he is a decent racer, but yesterday he had a shocker, school boy driving

Dimitar Kadrinski

Luca, roles had been reversed!!! M Shumaher overtook him on the same place at the start… he didn’t moan did he?


I meant if he (lewis) was turning in to take the corner and some other desperate driver tried a late move up the inside… when Lewis gets frustrated and emotional at the wheel he ends up doing and saying silly things.

He’s a good driver but at times he can be his own worst enemy


good one!


Seen stills as well as video. Massa and Pastor leave gaps See Hamilton and drive into him. Butlin’s Go Kart moves. Massa needs to go that move in the tunnel was the act of a desperate man!


Hamilton should clearly be in that list.


Agreed, started 9th finished 6th, had a damaged rear wing on the first corner, a plethora of drive through penalties, a pit stop with no tyres, a smashed front wing, several stevie wonder overtakes, a totaled rear wing at the end, a 20 second time penalty and a great interview to finish with.

‘Driver’ of the day easily.

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