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Ferrari plan to have a winning car by Canadian Grand Prix
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Ferrari plan to have a winning car by Canadian Grand Prix
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 May 2011   |  10:10 am GMT  |  12 comments

Ferrari have been worth watching this weekend, as they attempt to claw back ground lost to their rivals at the start of the season. And team boss Stefano Domenicali said that the turnaround won’t happen over night, but that the target is to have a winning car in Canada.

On Friday they ran a wide range of new parts on the car, some for use this weekend, others for possible use in Barcelona in a fortnight.

There was a new front wing, with many detail changes from the previous model, a rear wing, which seems to have got the thumbs up, a new floor, new brake details and they even ran two different exhaust configurations, one on each car.

They lost some track time with Alonso’s car due to hydraulic problems, but Massa managed to get through everything.

Having realised that their wind tunnel was giving misleading numbers, it’s all about evaluating the new direction which they believe they should take for the rest of the season.

“The most important thing (this weekend) is to confirm that we are on the right track,” Domenicali told my Italian colleagues. “We are seeking to correct quickly the mistakes from the wind tunnel, but we need time. We cannot expect a fast turnaround. The plan is to be ready to win in Canada.”

Canada was the start of the Ferrari turnaround last season, after they lost their way in April and May, having won the opening race in Bahrain.

Domenicali said that he would not make any predictions about Monaco as it is “a race where anything can happen” as Alonso knows only too painfully. He had a chance of winning last season, but crashed before qualifying and didn’t even go out in qualifying.

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With Alonso’s master car developer skills, superior leadership skills and phone calls in the nights to the engineering staff, Ferrari should win the titles with ease.


The commentators on the Sky TV coverage said that tests have shown that Ferrari’s problem was that the winglets on the front wing were moving. They have apparently attached titanium struts to stop the movement and the car is now behaving as the wind tunnel predicted. Will the FIA stewards be looking at this as, clearly, Ferrari were employing moving aerodynamic devices?! With so much attention being focussed on Red Bull’s front wing, maybe Ferrari will get away with it!


Well there’s hardly anything to get away with is there? as clearly there was no advantage but rather a disadvantage by having the winglets move 😉


Hasn’t stopped the stewards in the past – Sauber lost their first points this season because their ear wing was illegal but gave no advantage. In previous years teams have lost points or been disqualified for a variety of reasons including cars being too wide (by 2-3mm) because tyre walls bulged too much!


If the wind tunnel data is truly the culprit, is anyone from Ferrari saying what the problem was?


Scaled up from 50% to 60% and the correlation from tunnel to track went awry


James, I give you my personal credits for being the first person to suggest in public that THIS was exactly Ferrari’s issue. I read many F1 sources, but honestly the rest just copied the news, so kudos.

I was amazed to see Ferrari making such a big progress, honestly, I was expecting 5-6 place. They also thanked Toyota for providing their tunnel in Cologne, so I hope to see the red team back in the game, challenging Red Bulls.

Once again unlucky Massa, however, and last, but not least, I was thrilled to see a wet session, and I admit I kinda miss wet races already.


Am I right in thinking that Ferrari upped their scale modelling in the wind tunnel to 60%? if so, how does this relate to the other teams?

Clearly there are problems at the moment but when it’s sorted, will they have a big advantage?


What a sneaky plan! You have to hand it to ol’ 3-Car Monte, ’cause he sure fooled me!

*I thought their plan all along was to have a winning car by the *first of the season!

How silly of me…


Never underestimate Alonso and Ferrari.

Sure they will have a stronger second half of the season.

Conrad M. Sathirweth

Talking of front wings, James when Vettel crashed in FP1 the pictures of his wrecked car showed wires coming out of the front wing and also out of the struts that connect the wing with the nose cone. Do you know what the wires are for?


Sensors, they were electrical wires, not structural as some have suggested

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