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Senna: JA on F1 fan screening tickets sell out in 40 minutes
Senna: JA on F1 fan screening tickets sell out in 40 minutes
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Mar 2011   |  1:42 pm GMT  |  60 comments

Tickets for the JA on F1 screening of the documentary film “Senna” in London on May 3rd, went on sale today and sold out in 40 minutes.

Many thanks to all the readers who bought tickets and to those who missed out there will be another chance to get your hands on a pair of tickets in a competition nearer the time.

This will be a rare opportunity for fans in the UK to see the film before the premiere.

Kapadia (L) and Pandey will talk about making the film

The film opened in Japan and Brazil last Autumn to rave reviews and recently won the Audience award for world documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. Using only archive footage, it charts the story of Ayrton Senna, considered by many to be the greatest driver in the sport’s history, from his arrival in F1 to his death on May 1 1994.

I think it’s a masterpiece both in its telling of a thrilling but tragic story and the way it brings the sport to life so vividly, in all its good and bad shades.

Much of Senna’s life was lived on public display and there are some extraordinary scenes in this film, simply because he had a camera on him so much of the time.

After the screening Director Asif Kapadia and writer/producer Manish Pandey will do a Q&A session with me on stage and we will have some very special guests who played their part in the Senna story.

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Note to anyone in Toronto. There are two showings at the Hot Docs festival on May 4 and May 6. Both showings are at the big theatre at the Lightbox. Just got my ticket for the premiere.


Hi James, so happy to have got two tickets,i cant wait. Just wondering what the dress code will be?


Hi James

Are the seats allocated already or is it first come first serve on the evening?



There are some seats allocated to VIPs etc, but it’s free seating for bought tickets. Thanks


I’m baffled by the general propensity towards Senna hero worship.

I must admit he is indeed my favourite F1 driver. But that’s all he was, a driver. And one that often drove dirty, to boot. Your average A&E worker at the local hospital is 12 times the hero Senna was. Which is to say, Senna wasn’t any kind of hero. He was out for No. 1, which is absolutely fine and I don’t criticise him for it. But nor do I put him on a hero’s pedestal.

I’d also point out that as good as he was, he’s probably nothing special by today’s standards. I say this because in just about any sport where objective measurements are possible, running being the simplest example, sports people just keep getting better (ie faster). In some running events, the heroes of 30 years ago wouldn’t make the final heats of today, much less win gold.

The likes of, say, Fangio were frankly amateurs compared to the honed and carefully manufactured drivers of today. Of course, that doesn’t make today’s drivers interesting characters or good to watch. But one really must be realistic. It’s difficult enough to know who is the quickest driver in F1 at any one time. And that’s the only reason why people are even able to entertain the idea that drivers from 30 or 50 years ago are as good as today’s. If objective measurements were possible, that illusion would be immediately blown apart.


Yes but you can only judge a sportsman to the standards set for him at the time. And the fact is Senna was the best. Would Senna of the 80’s/90’s get beat by the 00’s/10’s drivers? Probably. If he was a part of 00’s/10’s drivers would he get beat? Who knows? But I suspect he would have risen to the challenge. He would have been as fit or fitter and used all the technology available to him to compete with the best. You also can’t underestimate his raw talent. This is what help set him apart in his generation.

You can’t compare an A&E worker to an F1 driver and it just makes no sense to do so. Of course an A&E worker is doing great, and in some cases heroic things. That is their job and there will be some A&E workers doing it better than others.

Senna did not only drive and race F1 car better than anybody else in his generation. He gave millions of dollars to Children’s charities in Brazil, something he kept quiet during his career. Is this not something alone that is worth recognition?

The man is a hero in F1 and Brazil and this is the standard he is being compared to.



Is there a dress code for the night?



Smart casual, I guess. Would you like it to be white tie?


Well your the host for the night so il leave that one up to you. 

Any hints on who the special guests are??



Nuts! I was hoping to go to that.

Still, it will be on general release at some point.


3rd June it will be on general release


Great news. I blinked and I missed the GA release.


Hi James, are any of the proceeds going to Charity? Senna donated a lot during his life so it would be nice if so.

Do you know if the wider release/eventual DVD release will have links to charity?


Read the info – proceeds to the Grand Prix Mechanics Trust, some of whose members were Senna’ mechanics. It’s for mechanics who fall on hard times or who need medical or other help/advice.


Checked at lunch….nothing on jaonf1.

Must have been about 5 min too soon….life is so cruel sometimes!

Congrats to those who have tickets, you won’t be dissapointed (but you know that already)!


Wow! Just… wow.


There is no way I would pay a premium to pay the film. I can wait a month, but I think it is deplorable that people in Germany, France and Spain before we in the UK do. I carried out my own investigation and the answer is that situation is outside the family’s control. Universal Pictures controls the distribution of the movie and they, unfortunately, decide when and where the movie’s gonna be launched. The family were hoping they would bring the UK date forward together with the other European countries, but apparently they didn’t. Very poor.


Wow! Tickets were gone in an instant.

Will have to wait a month longer, but I’ll see the film eventually.

Congrats to those lucky ones who got them.


Really pleased to have got tickets for this, I’m not surprised they sold out so fast. Looking forward to it!


Gutted to have missed this opportunity….

Please please would you consider a second showing?!!!


Looks like there will be a second one.

And if you miss it again Senna will be in cinemas from June, unless you’re really after the extras like the talk afterwards and seeing the filmmakers.


Fingers crossed for a second one!! It was the q&a more than anything and obviously not having to wait another month! Oh well, still so excited about it!


So glad me my dad and my bro got tickets.

Is there a dress code for the night??

Any hints on who the special guests are?


Yes; ten gallon hats.


Is that the hint or the dress code? 


I check my F1 blogs fairly regularly and I’m gutted to have missed this… I had dropped by 3 times today but missed this narrow window 🙁

Hope it goes well, but any chance of a second showing for the same good cause?


Ah that sucks!! Sold out!… glad I have the DVD arriving next week so.

What happened to the competition you were going to have for tickets? Was back when you first mentioned the possibility of a screening for JAonf1 fans.


To those of you lucky enough to have got a ticket, well done.

Can’t say how jealous I am.

Missed JA’s tweet and only just saw it.

Hope it’s a great film and you all enjoy it along with the opportunity to get Q&A with JA and MP the director.


Oh and if anyone for any reason can’t make it please save the tickets (2 please for me)

Pretty please.


James, since you are doing the Q&A, could you please pose this question:

When is SENNA going to be released in South Africa?



Covered my friend on our work’s reception at lunch whilst also organising our Comic Relief cake sale, came back, found this was sold out.

Guess that shows no good deed goes unpunished!!

Have fun all those who are going, guess I’ll just have to make do with the DVD I’ve now ordered from the Senna store 🙂

I expect to hear all about it in lots of detail on here once it’s taken place.


Sold out? Mental


Wow that was quick! Congrats to those who got the tickets.

James any plans to video the Q&A for your site?


We will produce a video of the event, yes. Not necessarily the whole Q & A.


Looking forward to this James. There are quite a few of our readers going too, a drinkies party is being arranged for after the show…!


Nuts, sold out already. I’ve been checking as often as work allowed.

My office is just by the Curzon – so if you have any spare seats on the night please let me know!


Crickey it sold out almost instantly – lets hope my local odeon show it – because it promises to be an excellent film from all of the comments I have read about it on here



Thank you so much for arranging an event like this for us diehard Senna fans , this is going to be such a special and emotional night, can’t wait !!!

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