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F1 Testing time prediction: competition winners announced
F1 Testing time prediction: competition winners announced
Posted By: James Allen  |  13 Mar 2011   |  10:10 pm GMT  |  16 comments

Many thanks to the over 200 of you who entered predictions as to what the fastest lap time of the week in Barcelona would be from the McLaren and Mercedes cars, both of which needed to improve after disappointing early tests.

As we’ve come to expect with our readers, there were many, many people who were within a few tenths, even hundredths of a second from the right answer.

However most of you thought that McLaren would be faster than Mercedes, which is interesting. In fact Mercedes’ new update did the trick and Michael Schumacher set the fastest time of the winter on Day 4 of the test.

Anyway with rain on the final day the answers were there early if anyone cared to gamble on them and our two winners did just that.

Richard Howson [#140] posted the 1m 22.888 set by Lewis Hamilton on Day 2 – Wednesday March 9th (with three days testing still to go) and gambled correctly that the team would not set a faster time in the remaining days.

Likewise Robert Nurnberg [#179] saw that Michael Schumacher had done a 1m 21.268 on the morning of Day 4 – Friday March 11th and took a punt at 1pm that neither Schuey nor Nico Rosberg would go faster on Friday afternoon. He timed it perfectly. By that time it was already forecast for rain on the final day.

Congratulations to both of them. They will receive a signed copy of the JA on F1 2010 Season Review. If you missed out you can still buy a signed copy for £9-99 through our shop (click through the book icon in the middle column). It was a limited print run collectable and there are only a few copies left, so we will be closing that sale page very shortly.

For those who have already read the book, many thanks and please send your comments and feedback to We will incorporate the best suggestions into next season’s book.

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Time is money, so go through all the entire tedious testing process.

This specific procedure takes around six to ten weeks. s USP is its tranquility and panoramic beauty, but there are other surprises awaiting you as well.


James, I would like to buy a copy of your book, but I can’t find the name of my country in the list. It’s Kazakhstan.


James- I posted quite early on, I’m sure it was a 1m 22.888 for McLaren. Does the website sometimes have problems with posts? Seems to with mine!


That was good fun. Thanks James


There will be plenty more..


#148 went really close on mercedes, 0.057 less than the actual time.

and even on mclaren he wasn’t that far.



Right. . .

So the two people that have won have basically just noted down existing times that have been posted?

To me this is kind of ridiculous and defeats the point of “predicting a time”.

As I stated in your original article for this competition. Times should only be counted if they are predicted and not stated on an existing time that has been set – other wise you just get some clever fool waiting on his computer for them to set, was is likely, to be their fastest time of the week. I know they could still have set a faster time, but the odds for that person is 10000 times higher than those who are guessing down to a thousandth of a second! (i.e. 1.21.459)

Do you not see my point!?


Luke, that’s still a prediction – for example I’m out of the game, as I didn’t foresee that Mercedes will post such a quick time, so I guess this makes it a good call. Congratulations for the competition, it was intriguing.


But actually Robert Nurnberg [#179]read the time sheets and predicted that conditions were not to improve during Friday afternoon, so he entered the time set by Michael on the morning.

Congrats for him. It looks like he did the right call about tyres while conditions were changing, LOL, a la Jenson Button in Oz last year!!


James, I predicted Mercedes to lap in 1:21:951. I post my comment on March 9th, @11:54.

Not a bad prediction for the moment it was made…By that time, all comments were giving Mercedes times far above 1:22.


Hey James

I have to agree with Luke A on this one.Was it not supposed to be a “prediction” and not a .. see the time , write it down and hope im right game ??

Anyway … Who cares when the season is starting next week 🙂 … Bring on F1 2011 and Forza Ferrari !!!

PS: Still a great site with great info james. Just sour grapes on my part i suppose 🙂


Well I saw this as a tactical game as well as a game of simple predictions as we have done before.

I wanted people to balance making their predictions early, or waiting until they saw a time they thought wouldn’t be beaten – as in the McLaren case on Day 2 of 5. That’s why we said deadline was morning of the last day.

I still think that’s a good way to play it.

But I see what Luke is saying, however and don’t want to cause any bad feeling, so I’ll give a book to the people who had the most accurate predictions before the actual times were set. Who claims the closest prediction?




By the way, I appreciate all the effort you go to, in maintaining your wonderful blog for us fans. So don’t take my criticism the wrong way, just pointing out that ‘prediction’ was the wrong way to describe your competition.


No, it’s just a prediction based on some data as opposed to a wild guess.

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