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Video: Kubica doctor speaks of ongoing risks to hand
Video: Kubica doctor speaks of ongoing risks to hand
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Feb 2011   |  11:23 pm GMT  |  141 comments

Following seven hours of surgery this evening the doctor treating Robert Kubica has said that he believes the Polish driver will not know for one whole year whether his hand will regain functionality.

I’ve shown it to medics here in London tonight and it is clear from Dr Igor Rossello’s words that the extent of the reconstruction is massive, forearm, tendons, blood vessels, nerves. Kubica’s hand was obviously severely damaged and there are ongoing risks.

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My brother also nearly lost his hand after a rally crash. He still has limited use of his right hand and has had to learn to write left handed. He can no longer drive a manual car.

Robert may be able to return to F1 as the gear boxes are semi automatic and provided he has the strength in his hand to hold the wheel and sufficient movement to engage the gear paddles he should be fine.

If he had the same injury 20 years ago his career would have been over but I would expect him to make a full recovery


@ James Allen

Do you think that Raikkonen is also an option for the position?

Cos I think that Renault really have a good car and with Senna, liuzzi, Heidfeld or Petrov they don’t really have a star driver who can deliver like Kubica did. In my eyes those candidates are just not good enough. Petrov is not ready to carry the team and quite frankly I think he lacts the talent to be no 1. Is it realistic to go after Raikkonen? I know there’s been a dispute last year with the Renault team and Kimi, but now that he has seen that the Renault is good and he won’t have to compete with Robert (In my eyes the main reason he didn’t want to come back with Renault) so If I was teamboss, he would be the man to get and none of the drivers on the shortlist would fulfill my needs. If Raikkonen was unreachable i’d go after Hulkenberg. Your thoughts?


Sounds like he’s not. It’s Heidfeld, Senna or Grosjean


This is really sad. I have always rooted for Kubica. He truly seemed to be in the sport for the enjoyment of driving. Just when he found a home that suited him and was able to build a competitive car for him, he has this happen to him.

Unfortunately, it reminds me all too much of former F1 driver Alessandro Nannini and his helicopter accident in 1990.

Speedy recovery Robert. I wish you well.


Professional athletes are known to heal much faster than us ‘normal’ ppl, sometimes verging on miraculous.

Whether its from their conditioning or mindset or whatever isn’t known or understood.

Lets hope thats the case here.


Guys, I bet it would take a ridiculous amount of money to convince Kimi to cancel his rallying program for this year. I don’t think it will happen.

I CAN see Kimi cancelling his rallying program, but as I said, the amount of money thrown at him would have to be ridiculous for it to happen… I think chances for this are extremely slim and I think people are being unfair to Kimi by dragging him into these speculations. He has got nothing to do with the team, he is out of F1, YES he would be the best one for the job, but that’s about it. This is not about what Renault wants, this is about what Kimi wants. Kimi doesn’t bow to F1, he has never done so and I can’t see him start now.


Just heard that Renault say RK will be out ‘for about 2 months’. Doctors being ‘over cautious’.

Fantastic news………if true.


Wish you a speedy recovery Kubica.

And there has been loads of people questioning his wisdom.

The thing is racers are racers, they risk their lives for their passion let alone their careers or reputation (This statement is also directed to those who questioned Schumacher come back)


… best comment ever!



Onboard video from the next car driving the same rally stage. It seems to show the guard rail penetrating the complete length of the car. 🙁


THere’s nothing sadder than a stricken car with someone still inside it.

I recognise that stage from the playstation game Richard Burns Rally


Sounds very serious and grim. Best wishes to Robert for a complete recovery.

As far as Renault goes… marketing concerns would point to Senna. Experience and quickness? Heidfeld.


Very sad news!


I really hope this big nose can race in F1 again.

With best wishes!


Some of you probably doesn’t understand nature of this accident. Below picture says everything. Barrier got right through the car (including trunk):


His pilot doesn’t get ANY injuries. That was just bad luck…


Sounds like the early signs are encouraging this morning, with Robert showing some ability to move the fingers which is probably as good as we can expect. The next few days are key though, as restoring full circulation after an injury like this is extremely difficult.

My dad suffered a very similar injury to this 10 years ago and after a 17 hour surgery and two years of rehab, had full use of his thumb but could only bend the 2nd and 3rd knuckles of the first three fingers and had no use at all of the little finger. Kubica will have the best medical care money can buy and hopefully reconstruction techniques have progressed since then. Knowing how my dad fared makes it hard for me to be optimistic about Robert returning to F1, sadly.

As for who will keep his seat warm, I’d expect it to be Senna for the next test but with a replacement longer term. Personally I think it’ll come down to Heidfeld or Hulkenberg. If Renault are content to run two sophomores, you’d have to question why they’d take Senna when Hulkenberg is potentially available. He’s contracted to Mercedes of course, but I’m sure they’d do a deal to get him some more race time (not to mention some hands on experience with Renault’s bold new car). Conversely Renault may look to experience precisely because they’ve gone with an aggressive, cutting edge design, as there will be a lot of work to do on Fridays to work the kinks out and really get it flying. Heidfeld would surely be your first port of call, although Ant Davidson could be an outsider thanks to his years of testing at Honda and extensive simulator work for Brawn and Mercedes.


A very sad day for the sport. I wish Robert a full and speedy recovery.



you have to wonder what is the point of teams having reserve/3rd drivers if they are not automatically considered/promoted to the race seat if anything should happen to the teams driver’s


PR and $$ come to mind immediately.

But perhaps also a driver of suitable caliber might not accept such a role.

Would Heidfield have been content to sit on the sidelines all season as a backup to both Kubica AND Petrov? No way.


Maybe a cost effective solution if the regular driver is out for a weekend due to illness or minor injury, but not for the lenght of time expected in this instance…

Problem for Renault is that both drivers would be a relative unknown…..if they are down the grid is it the car or the man in it. If you have a known quantity (Be it Heidfield / kimi or whowever) then it will be easier for Renault to judge their own performance compared to the leading teams.


Terrible news for Kubica and I hope he recovers.

I does beg the question as to why, one week into pre-season testing, he was allowed to do this. I don’t buy Eric Bouiller’s argument about not wanting a corporate robot. Surely he wants a fit and healthy driver who can lead the team. Now he hasn’t got one.

What interests me is the longer term implications of this. If Kubica is out for a year or more (and I hope he isn’t) then that scuppers the idea that he’d replace Massa at Ferrari from 2012. In fact, I can’t see Ferrari going with someone who races rally cars in the pre-season test period.

So that potentially vacant seat at Ferrari next year, assuming they don’t retain Massa. Vettel has the performance clause in his contract which you reported on the other day James. So who might be a contender I wonder?


I feel really sad for Kubica. Surely the replacement should be Heidfeld. I thought it was unfair the way he got shuffled out of F1 when he’s not a bad driver. When Heidfeld and Kubica were team mates they were on a similar pace. Kubica seemed to be a bit quicker but Heidfeld often finished ahead in the race. Kubica was younger then, and Heidfeld is older now, but even so with Petrov in the other seat Renault need a driver capable of consistently demonstrating the full pace of the car.


BBC reporting that Renault team boss thinks Kubica could be back within a year:


and also that they are thinking about who will drive – if it’s short term then one of the reserves, if it’s longer term (presumably the whole season) then they’ll look at others.


For all the nay-sayers here who think Kubica’s career is over,think again. There was once an ‘animal tamer’ by name Mick Doohan who got his leg turned into pulp,reconstructed with a bunch of hardware shop materials and yet won 5 back to back titles on bucking bronco of a NSR 500. I am sure Kubica will be back,he’s made an appointment with the world title and i’m sure he’ll keep it.


Really like your kindred spirit.
Let’s wish Robert a complete (and speedy) recovery !


Terrible news, get well Lad.


I have a good friend who suffered severe wounds in a road accident to his arm which damaged his tendons and nerves. It has taken years for him to get his arm fully functional again and from what we have been reading it sounds like Robert will have the same difficulties. Getting the dexterity back to work in an F1 cockpit would be very difficult as well.

From everything I have read of Robert Kubica he seems to be one of the smartest and most liked guys on the grid. Lets hope he stays involved in F1 and if he doesn’t get the chance to be a champion on the track he can hopefully become one off it.

I do hope I’m wrong and he drives again.


All the best to Robert Kubica for a speedy recovery.

Good to hear that Alonso was at the hospital visiting RK yesterday.


Started as a worrying story about RK missing the opener of this season and now that seems like quite a trivial worry. I am absolutely gutted about this, I can’t even explain. I know Robert is a fighter and a hard worker so I hope and wish for a speedy recovery. Talking about blame and irresponsability is total out of order at the moment, anyone with a real passion for this sport that brings us all back to this board should be feeling nothing but grief at the fact that one of the best drivers of our generation is in such a bad way. I know my Polish is a bit dodgy but I think I speak for us all when I say:

“Robert, Wroć prędko do zdrowia! Wracaj do zdrowia!”


Wishing Robert a full and speedy recovery. F1 drivers are tough nuggetts, lets hope Robert can get back to the cockpit very soon.


🙁 Poor Robert … he must be devastated.

With this great tragedy (and it is a very, very sad tragedy to lose an F1 driver as talented as Kubica), it will bring an opportunity for someone else.

I hope Renault are giving young Daniel Riccardo’s management a call …


Wish you a speedy recovery. You’re a very gifted pilot and F1 needs you.

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