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Jackie Stewart joins forces with Genii, the Renault F1 owner
Jackie Stewart joins forces with Genii, the Renault F1 owner
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Feb 2011   |  5:06 pm GMT  |  22 comments

When the Renault team launched their new F1 car earlier this week, one of the sponsors on the car, alongside Lotus, was Genii Business exchange. Genii Capital is the company which owns 100% of the Renault team and was set up by tech investor Gerard Lopez.

Today it’s been announced that Sir Jackie Stewart has become a partner of Genii Business Exchange and will represent them in building new links with manufacturers and automotive companies.

Lopez’ vision for the F1 team is to use it as a platform to develop his business activities particularly in the automotive and technology sectors. Genii owns major stakes in a large number of companies, from solar and alternative energy companies to in car internet and software businesses.

According to Genii’s statement, “Sir Jackie’s mission will be to reinforce the existing commercial, technological and industrial links between the world of racing and the motor car industry, as well as Genii’s core sectors including new technologies, infotainment and cleantech related industries.”

Since retiring as a three times world champion Stewart has proved adept at integrating himself into global businesses, enjoying 30 year long relationships with Ford and Rolex. In recent years he worked with Royal Bank of Scotland in F1. They have now pulled out of the sport.

In addition to the work he will do behind the scenes on Genii’s behalf, leveraging his relationships with industry, Stewart will also be very useful to Lopez is in his ability to get valuable air time on TV. As his opinion is always sought on every issue in F1 from driver behaviour through to politics he gets a lot of camera time on TV networks around the world. He always has prominent branding on his shirt and this has enormous media value.

Also he joins Bruno Senna as someone whose name gives heritage value the team, giving the Lotus-backed team a greater media clout in its battle over the Lotus name with Tony Fernandes. Stewart never raced a Lotus F1 car in Grands Prix, but he is one of the most famous ex-drivers around.

Lopez and Genii are clearly plotting a powerful media strategy for this season.

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This exercise amounts to little more than ‘putting lipstick on as pig’- D-B and Lotus et al can cover themselves in whatever they like, but they will never be Lotus, as in the former GP team, was. Period. Same for the other Lotus crew. They are all attempting to trade on a long defunct teams name and past glory.

As for those now associating themselves with them, Mansell, Stewart and Co; I have little time for them selling themselves, regardless. They really should know better. I mean, Mansell is, apparently, unable to get his facts right, him claiming that he, quote:

“I am delighted to see the return of Group Lotus to Formula One through its acquisition of an equity stake in Renault F1…”.

Really? When was Group Lotus ever in Formula One? (rhet)


It is odd, isn’t it, all this backwards looking in a sport that relies so much on invention and technology.

It is difficult to say how dead the Lotus of Clark and Chapman is without difting into a parot sketch. It’s a shame. Clark’s driving is what brought me into F1, and the stunning ’67 49 is still to my eyes the epitome of what an F1 car should look like. Or the 25 come to that. Mind you, the black and gold livery . . .

Why can’t we just let it go? There are three teams left from the old days. All the rest are newcomers regardless of which badge they put on the nose.

Are we going to have BRM back? Perhaps Brabham just to milk the memory of the beautiful BT54.

If I was setting up a team and thought it good, I’d want my choice of name.


I’d love to see Baher play the ‘Fernandes is just buying heritage’ card now…

Mansell is an ambassador for Lotus Cars

Alesi comes in aswell

Senna is picked up

Old JPS livery

Stewert also paid.

That said, as much as Baher looks like a word that JA would not appreciate having in his blog, Lopez looks to actually care, and that is great for F1.. a major investor that isn’t a car manafacturer.

That combined with Virgin (another non car company using it in a different way) are both providing great lights for F1


reanult i hope wins at least a couple of races in 2011. I like pretty much everything about them. Even the black and gold livery looks good.


Stewart’s first GP drive was as a substitute for the injured Jim Clark in a Lotus in the non-championship Rand Grand Prix held on 12 December 1964 at Kyalami, South Africa.


How about a nice big JYS in gold letters on the sidepods now? Or will the subliminal advertising hacks tell us it’s too close to JPS? Maybe people will subconsciously want to eat haggis…


I’m in the middle of reading his autobiography at the moment. What an amazing story.

And didn’t realise his brother was a driver in f1 too before him.

I really chuckled when Robert had that brilliant quote referring to lotus as sponsors 😉


Gerard & Dany can get as many high profile F1 related names (or sons of) in their association as they like (positive marketing is the priority it seems) but they will still be further away from the spirit of the original Team Lotus than Fernandes & Gascoyne are.

How gullable do they think we are with their blatant associations and underhand methods to undermine Team Lotus? (Gerard’s comments about Fernandes at the Renault launch were disgraceful)

Marketing & Selling cars by buying an F1 team and relabelling it is their game so that puts them in the same league as Jaguar in my book.

I just hope they don’t kill the spirit of Renault F1 in the process (before they pull out again) like Jaguar did to Stewart GP.


I am really getting bored about the “real spirit of colin chapman….” Times have changed, you know. Fernandes nor Gascoyne, nor Lotus Renault have any connection with Chapman but it is TF who is always talking about this great man and comparing himself and his team with him. It is so pathetic !!!!

Lotus cars just want to promote their own brand; what is wrong with that ?

All that Colin Chapman rubbish is getting on my nerves.

Just let them race and we’ll see who is in charge. It is not about names; it’s about racing and engeneering. I have always been a huge Ferrari fan but also a Lotus fan and I never felt any kind of symphatie for TF team.


Is the spirit of F1 to trample on teams that are built from scratch and work there way up to succeed or is it to buy into something to help with marketing multinational companies and pull out when the going gets tough?

Compare Stewart GP to Toyota or Jaguar.


Werner….. you miss the point completely and i suspect deliberatly. Prostitute is your opinion also.


Then why buying an iconic name and prostitute it ?


Maybe it was actually Graham Chapman’s family that inadvertently turned up at the Renault launch. He always did enjoy a laugh at something ludicrous.

Anyway … it’s a shame to see Sir Jackie becoming a part of this.


Exactly. First TF said ” we are a direct continuation of the original team lotus” , and then when that was rightfully called blasphemy by the fans he changed his tune and started saying hes a new era et etc. The dude cant keep his story straight. Just re-name your team after one of your own brands and STFU.


Please, no tartan. At least allow us that.


I’m hoping this means they’ll be dropping their disfigured version of the JPS paint scheme, and replacing it with a nice white livery with tartan stripes 🙂


Why Jackie, why?


Oops, what will Tony say on Twitter – “the good do win” (meaning JYS will become an official baddie in Fernandes land) or maybe something about weeping Lotus mechanics (like the other day on Autosport), that one was very South American soap opera mixed with Soviet propaganda.

Just shows Lopez is serious about building a foundation for technology transfer and bigger ties between motor racing and global car industry. Nice one. Looking forward to seeing JYS in the LRGP garage in proper team clothes.


JYS was the gentleman 🙁 who said RBS and I have a contract which they will honour when the bank had collapsed and many were losing their homes. Genii and (I know this articcle is not about them) Lotus-Renault can try to buy the heritage they wil never earn all they wish, class will always show through and Mr Stewart has none.


JYS got tons of class, not sure what are on about. He’s there to work for the future of LRGP and the sport; JYS alone is bigger than any F1 team past or present.


No he’s not there to work for the future of Renault but to collect a whopping big paycheck.


Mr Stewart was paid $4.5 million to represent RBS when it was not owned by the British tax payer, after the bank collapsed and the government bailed them out, the British tax payer was loathe to meet the bonuses wanted by the banking world in the UK as the months passed post crash. JYS was questioned about his very high salary and $10,000 a night hotel suites while at F1 races and his answer on camera was “I HAVE A CONTRACT WITH RBS AND THEY WILL HONOUR THAT CONTRACT”. When you have everything in life and the average Joe could be losing their home in the following recession because of the lending policies in the world at the time, do you not think Iberian M.P.H that a role model (supposedly) like JYS should do the right thing and not take the rest of his contractual funds?

I do and that is what I am talking about, it might have hit home Sir if you saw that interview when a loved one in your family was having their abode repossessed by RBS at the time.

I have zero respect for RBS or JYS.

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