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F1 fans – Send your get well messages to Robert Kubica
F1 fans – Send your get well messages to Robert Kubica
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Feb 2011   |  1:03 pm GMT  |  55 comments

Yesterday at the F1 test in Jerez the drivers sent their get well messages to Robert Kubica and his team carried a message to him on the car. Today the Pole has said that “I have to return this year” in his first interview since the accident.

So many JA on F1 readers have been in touch since his accident on Sunday to say that they want to do the same, I’ve been in touch with the Renault team to set up an email address to handle the messages.

You can write to Robert at fans@lotusrenaultgp.com

The team assures me that the messages will be passed on to him at the hospital in Italy, where he is recovering.

Please let him know how you feel, whether you are a Kubica fan or not. He’s a great driver who finds himself in a very difficult place with a very long road back to fitness. He has remarkable determination and will no doubt push hard to come back. But it will be a lonely journey and knowing he has support from fans will only speed up that process. So drop him a line.

The Pole has given his first interview since the injury to Pino Allievi at Gazzetta dello Sport. He says, “The fingers work, the arm as well. But only after working really hard will I know for sure. I’ll be stronger as a driver, in the head. I have to return this year. My right arm feels better now than when I was hit by a drunk seven years ago.”

Interestingly Kubica says that he liked rallying as much as anything else because it helped him to stay sharp with so little F1 testing nowadays. I did wonder about this side effect of the testing ban on drivers.

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Robert, I wish you a speedy recovery, I will see Alonso. Keep struggling with lots of encouragement and patience and that the Universe will bathe with their healing energy and fill you with blessings. Kisses from Spain. - [Mod note for foreign language users: Please send your message in English, using Google Translate to convert - we did this one for you!]


James I heard it will take 1 year for Robert Kubica to recover.

But I hope he will be back in mid-season.


I would really love to see Robert back on track this year, and back in rallying - winning Ronde di Andora 2012!


My best wishes. We need you on the grid, Roberto!!!

Alonso Fan, from Spain.



Get well soon Robert and can't wait to see you back in a F1 car soon!


Thanks for this, i have sent my message. appreciate the link.


Think of you, get well soon the sport is missing you already


Hmmm so the team is assuming all the "Kubica Fans" are "Lotus Whatevers" fans 😕 Why this attempt to get mileage out of their lead driver's ill timed accident. They could have just set up an email-id for Robert Kubica couldn't they.....

I see inkling of that Team Lotus-Vs-Lotus silly race to get fan approval.

And this comes from someone who has been a Renault Fan (Minus their Blue goggled unethical exBoss) and admire the achievements of the team at fraction of budget as compared to Ferrari/McLaren.

Robert - Get Well Soon. We are waiting for your strong comeback!!!


Everybody - As much as I want to be romantic/sensitive, modern F1 is not wrongly called the piranha club.

For a change we have a dare devil driver like the ones in olden days of motor sports and the old school person in me really wishes him speedy recovery and return to F1.

But can't help but feel team is using this as a chance garner some fan support for itself.

The id is quite a give away, if it was all about Robert creating specific id wouldn't have been too much for the team.

If teams can come up with specific liveries a dedicated id would have been simpler...


a bit insensitive Williams4ever


You're being picky. That's just an address anybody can use to contact the team, I guess most of F1 fans sending their wishes to Robert Kubica (me included) won't even notice what's exactly written in the address.

There's no need to search for a hidden meaning and concealed intentions in this situation IMO.


if i'm honest i thought the same thing.


This is no time to be cynical. The team is called what it is called and that's the address to write to.

Tom Haythornthwaite



Get well quick Robert, there will be a spark missing from this season, but hope to see ya on track soon. Maximum respect for a top driver.

Baron Von Awesome

Top bloke. He's got true grit and some incredibly steely determination. I think we will witness one of the great comebacks this year, and certainly I'm going to send him my encouragement:)


Thank you James is away


Thanks very much for that James! I've sent my email and I REALLY hope to see Robert back this year. I think if anyone can do it, he can


really encouraging news, and wish they just keep coming. F1 can't be ultimately the best when he's absent 🙂


Szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia Robert! May your massive determination bring you back to delight us all as soon as possible.


What a lovely idea James, thank you for sorting this out for us. My email is now winging its way to Robert and the team.


Thank you for this James!

I have sent my email already - in polish. I hope he will really read it!

There are 2 strong memories about Kubica:

1. Press note in the 90's in Polish version of La Gazetta dello Sport (I still remember it!) about 10yrs old Kubica and a title: Is he the first ever Pole to drive F1 car? It's funny but for the next 10 years I was sure that Kubica will drive F1 car very soon. And it happened.

2. June 2008 - I was sitting at the stadium in Klagenfurt (Austria) watching my mobile instead of the game of Poland vs Germany, where Germans were kicking our a**es @ EURO 2008. I paid fortune to get a ticket to be there but was more interested in watching my phone for news about Robert in Canada (he won it 1 year after accident).

I hope to be at the first GP with Robert driving again! And it doesn't matter if it happens this or next year. I only hope that it will be in Europe so I can afford it:)


Hi James

Great website - any working day would be incomplete without at least one trip to the JA website.

Keep up the good work

PS.Did you notice that the Ferrari on your testing times banner is shown as the F150 still

Paula&Richard Prosser

The speediest of recovery's Robert.


Thanks James, That's a nice opportunity. I hope they will pass it to Robert :).


I'm going out on a limb here (no pun intended). Robert will be back in a racecar before this season ends. Racers mend quickly, far quicker than anyone expects and he will rise above this and come back more determined than ever. I have every confidence in him.


Well, it's good to see he is positive, the human body is pretty amazing and todays surgeons and technology is so advanced. I really think is everyone gets behind Robert, and he is determined, he'll be back in that car.... and that will be an amazing moment!

I think James has hit the nail on the head, banning testing might just be having a knock on effect, OK so he could have had a bad testing accident, but is banning testing really that money or whatever its to do saving worth it??


Thanks, James. Good show.


Thank you for this, James!

As everyone else does, we Japanese fans are worrying about Robert's situation.

We'll wait hopefully for good news!


This may sound insensitive i'm not sure, but the thing that makes this even worse, is the fact that he is so good.

I'm not saying I wouldn't want to wish a less good driver well etc, but I think I wouldn't care or be as angry as I am at having lost Kubica from the grid.

Anyone agree or am I an idiot?!


I would put it differently: I would CARE for any driver suffering such an accident, but once the season starts, an absence of a "worse" (in quatation marks) driver would be less visible for an average viewer. It wouldn't change the fact that the accident and loss would still be great no matter which driver it would be. I don't know if you get what I mean though...


*wouldn't care as much not wouldn't care!!


Excellent news, there's nothing like having a goal to motivate a young man to recover quickly. Fine motor skills might take a bit to recover, but I'm glad he's determined to come back.

Perhaps the FiA and FOTA will re consider the testing limits, young drivers need more time behind the wheel and the veterans want to stay sharp as well. Simulators have their limits.


James, a great idea. Hope Robert knows how many people out here are wishing him all the best. I've already sent my message.

Robert, please, get well soon.


I've just read that Kubica wants to back in a car this year.

From what I've read of his injuries I cannot conceive that Kubica will back in any sort of racing car this year let alone an F1 car. I'm just thinking back to Schumacher's neck injury of 2009 where that was just a small fracture in his neck, and he wasn't able to drive for Ferrari in August, when the injury happened in February. Although if he was in F1 that season I doubt whether he would have been racing Motorbikes at all, but still it puts Kubica's injuries in perspective.


Seems to me that, yes, you're frustrated. But nobody will be as frustrated as Robert -- particularly when the red lights go out at the start of the first race.

As well as wishes for a speedy recovery I've sent him a good joke which I'm sure he'll appreciate in his current state. If I'll be permitted, here it is...

Two women were playing golf. One teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly towards some men playing the next hole. The ball hit one of the men who immediately clasped his hands together at his groin, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in agony.

The woman rushed down to the man, and immediately began to apologise. "Please allow me to help. I'm a physiotherapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you'd allow me", she told him. "Oh, no, I'll be all right. I'll be fine in a few minutes", the man replied.

He was in obvious agony, lying in the foetal position, still clasping his hands together at his groin. At her persistence, however, he finally allowed her to help.

She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, loosened his pants and put her hands inside. She administered tender and artful massage for several long moments and then asked, "How does that feel"?

"It feels great", he replied, "but I still think my thumb's broken."


Like it!


Thanks James, I've sent a message. There are times technology is useful and this is one such time. Here's hoping a proper personality of F1 (so many drivers seem 2D!) makes a comeback


Nice one James.


Get well soon Robert,

Formula1 will not be the same without you. Hope your recovery goes well and all the best for the end of the season when your back in the car. Peace brother


Good call James - thanks for setting this up so that we have an opportunity to send Robert best wishes in person. I remember reading an interview with RK when he described rally drivers as having 'really big balls'! It certainly takes a real driver to risk your life rallying on the weekends between F1 tests. Great driver and top bloke - F1 needs more like him.



This a crash reconstruction from Polish media:


It looks horrific and he is very lucky to be alive.


Wow. Makes me go cold. I hadn't realise the barrier speared all the way through the car and came out the rear. It's a miracle neither Robert or his co-driver were killed.


Hi Robert, needless to say that I wish you the speediest of recoveries and pray (and I am sure you will) that you are back racing before the end of the year.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the joy that you bring to racing aficionados like me. That you are a racers racer is but stating the obvious, and I believe I speak on behalf of all racing fans the world over, that we love you admire you for it. You’ve already proved doctors wrong with your recovery thus far and with your will and spirit I am sure we’ll soon see you doing what you do best (drive the wheels off the car ). Good luck and God bless.


I will pass that on, thanks


Thank you too, James for such a wonderful platform.


Thank you for providing that. I am sure that the support will help him recover faster (though, from his recent interview he seems determined enough!).


Good on you James for forwarding Kubice the good wishes of his admirers, the tip of the iceberg I would say. We all know that his absence diminishes F1 but we care that more importantly he is well. Let Robert know he his fan base is collecting Horseshoes on his behalf as he is quickly running out of Good Luck! If he did not have bad luck he would have no luck at all!



I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that you recover quickly and that you can return to doing what you love! You kind of remind me of a cat with 9 lives! Hope to see you in F1 soon!

Your fan,

Becky G.


In Poland we are probably the biggest fans of Robert and we are keeping our fingers crossed for his quick return to health.

On behalf of all the F1 fans in my country I want to thank you for everything what you do for Robert.

I hope that he will come back to full strength this year, this is probably dream of every fan of Robert and F1.

Let the words of Flavio Briatore, ...''he will be ready for the European Grand Prix'' will come thru which from the bottom of my heart I wish Robert , you and myself.

Best Regards from Poland



Please let me show you interesting idea of polish fans of Robert Kubica:

I'd like to show you nice action of Polish fans of Robert Kubica. They want to collect 15,000 photographs of fans' faces and use them to make a big mosaic of Robert's face with best wishes for him. If they collect this number of photos it'll be 150 cm wide and 200 cm long. This mosaic will be given to Robert personally.

If you are interested, you have to visit this link:

http://f1zone.pl/rejestracja.html and register your account (it's necessary to avoid spam, fake photos etc.). Send your login and email by pushing "Zarejestruj" [eng. Register] button. Password will be send on your email, look for it in field "Twoje hasło" [eng. Your Password].

Use your login and password to sign in in top right corner. Than, you will see field in which you have to choose your photo - by clicking on "Wybierz" [eng. Choose]. Photo must be max 5 Mb, and min. 120x160 pixels. After selecting your photo press "Wyślij" [eng. Send] button. Now, you can crop your photo properly. After that, finally, you should press "Wyślij" [eng. Send] button. Your photo was added

When action will be finished, you would be able to download the file with poster and find your face

Hope you'll join!

Best regards,


Justin R. Gulbransen

Thank you James for helping to set up the email!

If anyone can make a come back from an accident such as this, it is Robert! I will be holding my breath until then (hopefully not long!)...

Kubica: Driver's Champion 2012!!!

Marky an Becca

Get wel soon mate your a legend frommarky an becca from essex in england



I wish you well in your recovery; please get well soon, F1 needs you on the grid! Next, please come to Indianapolis and race in the Indy 500!



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