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Timo Glock insists he will continue with Virgin Racing in 2011
Timo Glock insists he will continue with Virgin Racing in 2011
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Dec 2010   |  4:45 pm GMT  |  19 comments

Although the team has yet to announce it officially, Timo Glock has insisted on the Virgin racing official website that he will stay with Virgin next season.

“I am definitely driving for Virgin Racing,” Glock said “There has been a lot of speculation about me wanting to leave the team, but it is not about leaving a team, it is about wanting to do better and keep moving forward. It is not just 99.9% certain that I will stay, as has been reported – it is 100% certain!”

The statement comes on the back of rumours that he was looking for a move up the grid and also the FIA’s official entry list which was published this week with no driver names against the two Virgin Racing entries.

Glock maintains that he has always been in it for the long haul, like Trulli and Kovalainen at Lotus.

“Since the beginning I have had a long-term contract with the team and I said then that I was doing this to help build a team for the future,” he added.

Virgin is clearly waiting to announce both drivers together. As this article on the site appears to be the team’s way of confirming he will race for them next year, that will leave nine empty berths in the 2011 entry list. One of them could be filled by Christmas as Glock believes that his team mate will be named by then.

Glock was the more competitive of the two Virgin drivers this season. The team struggled with reliability issues in the first half of the season, particularly on the bought-in hydraulics and gearboxes from Xtrac. This was a common problem for all three new teams. Of the three Virgin is the only one keeping faith with Xtrac next season; Lotus have a back end from Red Bull, while HRT has done a similar deal with Williams.

Glock outqualified the cars of main rival Lotus on four occasions this season, but had a best result of 16th place. He was extremely unlucky to be taken out in the Korean Grand Prix by Sebastien Buemi when he was en route to a possible 12th place, which would have given Virgin 11th place in the Constructors’ Championship.

As it was they finished last behind HRT. Glock also points out that he has faith in the Digital car approach of Nick Wirth, who eschews wind tunnels in favour of all CFD. “I think we showed that it is possible to design and develop a good all-digital Formula One car,” he said. “Perhaps the way we demonstrated this most is how we developed the car from pre-season testing to the end of the season.”

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Don’t virgin design more of the gearbox than the other 2 new teams?

They dont shout a lot about it but I thought they were using a lot less of the Xtrac stuff than lotus and HRT were??


Hi James,

When are we going to see photos of Sir Richard dressed as an air stewardess?

He lost the bet, so we need to see evidence of him serving his penalty.




According to the article they have a history, those two: “Many years ago Richard Branson employed me so I’m looking forward to him sucking up to me as a stewardess!”

Whats the story there?


Tony was financial controller for Virgin Records in London from 1987 to 1989. Before he went on to make AirAsia. So i guess they met before. 🙂


Branson will have sold virgin by the end of 2011.


I feel for Glock. He deserves better luck but I cant see any way back near the top of the grid for him now.

I wonder if he would be best served being the best driver outside F1 rather and hope a seat comes up during the season at a decent team rather than sitting at the back wasting his talent.


James considering nico hulkenburg turned down drive with hrt does that mean he is pretty confidant for a drive someplace else and better. Or is a 3rd driver somewere at a bigger team better than first driver in terrible car. I would prefer to drive no matter what it was than sit on sidelines for a year


When questioned about switching away from Xtrac, Virgin claimed that their gearbox this year was actually different from the other two new teams, does anyone know what this difference was?

I feel a bit for DiGrassi as he was hampered by the reduction in his running on Friday mornings (especially in his rookie year), he is reputed to give good technical feedback and you are not really getting a fair crack of the whip on a one year deal.


Will 2011 be the year of computational fluid dynamics?

I doubt it.


Glock must have knocked on Mercedes, Renault and Force India’s doors. Virgin came in on a 40 mil ticket – it’s clear this isn’t going to be enough to run a team let a lone be mid field so Glock will want out ASAP I’d say.


I also think that he is talented. But, like for instance Buemi, a lot of times you don’t know that he is there. They are a bit invisible sometimes.


Trulli has made a career of that in races.


If CFD only design was the best way to design an F1 car the top teams would have stopped using their wind tunnels in a second. I think these types of statements are simply an attempt to make what you can afford seem like what you want to afford. Top teams do use CFD but verify designs in the tunnel. Come on, Nick, admit you’d like to do that too.


Even if next year’s car is still at the back of the grid, if the relative performance gap is the same or less, that’s proof of concept. Using a tunnel would prove nothing, and it wouldn’t get a Virgin to the front of the field.


I didn’t say using a wind tunnel would get Virgin to the front; I am sure it wouldn’t. What I said was that CFD is a useful tool, but to be really successful you need to back up the results and go beyond them in a wind tunnel. You can do all the computer calculations you want to, but you have to test the result and approach real life conditions. The only way to really do that is to prove the CFD result with a wind tunnel test and iteratively modify the CFD program to incorporate reality. Computers are great and save the teams a lot of testing time, but you still need to test. I suggest that the small modifications to wing endplates, brake ducts, etc. would be very difficult to generate using only CFD. I doubt the programs have that sort of resolution.


That’s probably what Gary Kasparov was hoping in ’97!


Any news on his team-mate?

D’Ambrosio seemed to be a favourite a few months ago, but Aleshin must be in the running with the Marussia/Russian connection in the team now.


Glock is a great talent, but he’s been very unlucky.

A good debut in 2004, and then didn’t get another break until 2008 after winning the GP2 Series. Again unlucky that Toyota folded just when they were on the up (I would argue…). Ending at Virgin was the equivalent of scoring a goal at the end of a football match whilst 3-0 down… personally I can’t see Virgin improving much next year. Although they’ll close the gap, I think HRT and Virgin will be stuck at the back… expect Lotus to make a leap up to at least Toro Rosso…

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