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Something to stir the emotions for F1 fans everywhere
Something to stir the emotions for F1 fans everywhere
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Dec 2010   |  10:42 am GMT  |  94 comments

Check this out: the long form 2010 season review video from the FIA Gala, looking back on the season, but with a sensational historical opening sequence, which sets Sebastian Vettel’s world championship success in the context of all that has gone before in the sport’s 60 years.

It sums up everything that is compelling and irresistable about Formula 1; the speed, the drama, the people, the chaos, the emotion.

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Maybe the fact that the video has been taken down is worth further investigation. I understand that events like Fans Forum are now taking place but it seems crazy that it’s so difficult to find footage of classic or controversial moments from F1.

I sometimes get the impression that F1 feels that it’s doing us a favour and providing us a sport to follow rather than fans’ contribution being valued. People want to be able to review moments from different angles, comment and discuss. At present, we’re limited to what the F1A decides is fit for us to see on F1.com and a few days of under the radar viewing on YouTube.

Any news on how the sport is likely to act in making content a little more accessible to fans?


These clips are always great. I love the 2005 wrap up – Kimi’s searing speed in the unreliable McLaren, trying to chase down Fernando for the championship – GOLD!

Shame Bernie and his legal hounds sniffed this out. Seriously Bernie, what harm is there in leaving it available on youtube for fans? The clips are not even made avaialable on the official end of year season review DVD! Fans always get a raw deal from FOM.


[mod] Where can we see this content now? Nowhere! And it was just the type of video that F1 fans would like non F1 fans to watch, so that they can better appreciate what F1 is about.
Great marketing strategy from FOM. Brilliant promotion for F1!


Precisely…I sent it to my friends (non f1 fans) only to realise it had been taken off…

The clip surely would have captured their attention..



Youtube have taken it off, do you know anywhere else I can see it? Would really like to take a look.


Too late – Bernie’s pulled the plug!


Indeed. I procrastinated too long and now it’s removed. 🙁

Hopefully http://www.formula1.com will have it up soon!

PS. On that site, I just watched Nico’s pole lap… amazing. He EARNED that pole, for sure.


that was awesome…..right up to the part where Vettel won the WC


The winner takes it all.

I remember the 2006 F1 Highlights video who appeared Schumacher as a real contender. In this video there is nothing at all but RB and “other guys”. No history. Bad script ore well planned.

The producer has forgotten some spectacular actions by LH: waving, overtaking SC and even racing with Vettel very close to mechanics. Those Japanish producers…

Get a RB drink.


Probably very enjoying even for not F1 fans.


Yeah, when I first saw it I was enjoying it a lot and was getting ready to send a link to all the people I’m trying to get interested in F1 — until I got to the extended “babes in bikinis” segment. Always useful to be reminded of the role women are expected to play in F1!


Something else to ‘stir the emotions’ is that a film based on the life of James Hunt is in pre-pro.



Mark Webber really was making a lot of waves this year wasn’t he? In media terms he pretty much dominated the middle part of the season with Alonso occupying the start and finish.


just a thought of what’s coming in 2013. Engines with 750 bhp. 150 of those coming from the kers. Only used a few times every lap. Son don’t full yourselves. F1 will be the a formula with 600 horses. Less than gp2. and other championships. The fact that the manufacturers want to come back is not something that will give the fans more enjoyment. The path f1 it’s taking, it’s still wrong from my point of view.


Excellent video, loved the early stuff and then it really takes off with very clever editing of comments and events. Ace of Spades just sets it all off, too.


I’m not that impressed with this, considering what they had to work with. Painful voice over at the start reading standard pompous-modern sports coverage drivel. Worst of all; no Kobayashi moves. I’m surprised, as the fans seem to love him!

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Great video apart from that monotonous twit who does the voiceovers for the “clever” Guinness adverts.


Oh that opening sequence…

Ayrton you have become a God!


The accompanying music is AWFUL.

Still despite the ghastliness of the music it won’t stop it from showing what a wonderful season 2010 was.


Great stuff, the 2010 Champion certainly deserves his crown.

Its only when I see the season in full retrospective that the long term pattern is obvious.

Webber clearly had the upper hand for a while, he out-qualified, out-raced and out-politicked Vettel for about 6 races in row.

Red Bull just wore him down though, he tripped in Korea, stumbled in Brazil and fell over the line in the last race.

James you were right, it was Webber’s to lose


Just posting those links above got me thinking… many of Antti’s video’s get pulled from youtube for copyright infringement, which is such a shame as all he is doing is expressing his love for this sport and sharing it with the world to enjoy. It only helps to promote F1 in the end…

Instead of banning these sorts of video’s (which the FIA do often) why don’t they embrace them? They should hold an ‘F1 fan movie competition’ on their website where the winner gets a pitlane pass for Monaco or something really special. I certainly won’t win but I’d very much enjoy watching all the entries.

I’m sure F1 fans could offer so much to this sport if we were given more of an opportunity…


Great video!

Hopefully the history and archival footage of F1 is used more by the FIA to promote it, particularly on the official F1 website.

If you ahven’t seen them though, try and find any of Antti’s F1 video’s on youtube. He is the master. Here’s one of his best:


His 1 hour, five-part series on Senna is simply awesome. Here’s part one:


Enjoy and merry xmas!


A little too much Ferrari & Redbull for me – I *know there were other ppl racing this year – but overall a fantastic video.


I know that Vettel’s finger is a really small thing, but it somehow totally annoys me and I can’t stand it. It’s one of the things that make me not like Vettel too much in fact, though I know how silly it is of me.

It struck me now that somewhere around 3:00 his finger suits the music so well that it almost looks cool and doesn’t annoy me at all!

I must say: brilliant job, whoever made this video, I’ve never thought that there’s anything in the world that would make Vettel’s finger waving look good to me.

Christmas definitely is a time of miracles!


Perfect..Just perfect..Except the women.Its too unnecessary and too stretched.Takes away from the true meaning of Formula1..The worlds best drivers in the best cars going for it.


great peace thank you James for sharing it


Great vid, best bit for me was Webber slamming his glass down as the beat kicked in.

It’s a shame we don’t see some of these images throughout the year. They can be very telling.

Be great to hear full radio transmissions next year as well – bleeped if they have to be. It gives so much insight and shows the passion behind the scenes


Thanks James….Absolutely fantastic and artfully done.

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