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Something to stir the emotions for F1 fans everywhere
Something to stir the emotions for F1 fans everywhere
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Dec 2010   |  10:42 am GMT  |  94 comments

Check this out: the long form 2010 season review video from the FIA Gala, looking back on the season, but with a sensational historical opening sequence, which sets Sebastian Vettel’s world championship success in the context of all that has gone before in the sport’s 60 years.

It sums up everything that is compelling and irresistable about Formula 1; the speed, the drama, the people, the chaos, the emotion.

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Absolutely amazing! This video should be a part of every red-blooded F1 fan's collection!


except for the gratuitous girlie bits (yawn), by far the best compilation I've seen - encapsulates all we watch the sport for..


To add to that I think it's dumb when the drivers' girlfriends are in the garage. What for? My girlfriend doesn't sit in the dispatcher's office at my job when I'm out making deliveries, and yet I get them done just as fast without her cheering me on.


Oh, and one more thumbs up for the video. I especially liked how they went from Webber happily floating in the sea with a goofy grin to slamming his glass down with the most intense grimace in just a few seconds. haha


I enjoyed Ferrari's stitch-up with a similar piece of quick editing between 'there are no team orders' and 'Fernando is faster than you.'


"gratuitous" girlie bits are the best kind! ;D


Oh come one, the girl bits are part of F1 as well. Wouldn't be the same without them!


I guess they think it's all part of the glamour. I feel female fans are short-changed in the eye candy stakes. I'd be surprised if clips Ron Dennis has quite the same effect on MrsF that the bikini girls have on me.

Superb video though. Webber's crash 6mins in, I really thought his number was up there. That was my biggest heart in mouth moment of the year.


This is going to sound politically incorrect but what the hey. F1 is predominantly a male sport. It's foundations especially but even today. Most times you see women it's because they look nice. The sport isn't going to say no to female viewers (of course) but it's not really geared for them, at it's core. Wouldn't be surprising to see some grid boys or something down the line, I don't know but these changes are more a sign of the world changing, rather then F1. Just my opinion.. There are female fans and bless them it's just that they aren't the core audience. Catering for them would be good business sense more then anything else. If we are going to talk equality or womens rights or whatever, first step get some worthy female drivers. The eye candy is rather pointless either way compared to what happens on track.


So this is F1... and that's why we love it. Fantastic review. Breathtaking.

Still 12 weeks to go...


now thats why i will always be an f1 fan!


That was blumming great James! Throughout the season I was firmly in the webber camp and I couldn't stand the petuchulant child that was vettal, sticking his finger up everytime he was on pole or won, but when he won in Dubai (which should never be used as a championship deciding venue might I add) and was in such a whirl of emotions up on the podium, it brought a tear to my eye, as it did just watching that. On the day webber didn't turn up, vettal deserved it.


Hey, i had a tear in my eye! But thanks.


Really excellent video compilation of the 2010 season, thanks very much to all. Great season, exciting championships, drivers' and constructors'. 85 days to go till 2011 season opener! Can't wait. Happy Christmas All.


Brilliant spine tingling images, the senna monaco shot physically made me breath in to hold the car. Interesting shots of the vettel webber interactions.



Thanks for posting that James.

That was so close to being perfect that it hurts, *almost* absolute goosebump-inducing, hairs on the back of my neck standing up stuff.

But come on how wrong was some of that, women prancing around in bikinis? Sexist, pointless, nothing to do with the sport, a tragic throwback. Don't get me wrong, I love to see beautiful women and I could see what they were trying to do but honestly some of that sequence was just cheap and cringeworthy. They want to show F1 is glamourous, I get it, but the sequence was working until they went all T&A.

Then what the hell happens..... "Flying without wings"??! What genius came up with that backing music, I mean maybe the theme to the Benny Hill Show could have been less suitable but other than that I can't think of a less appropriate piece of music.

Still, I'm getting the season review DVD just for the extra coverage and commentary it has (crafty one Bernie.....) and what an incredible F1 season it was.

F1 2010 - thanks for the memories 🙂


And if you don't like the tone of the "flying without wings" music then I have two explanations of such a choice: first, people who made this video didn't really concentrate on the music itself but on lyrics (and I explained above my interpretation of this choice), second - this music was chosen absolutely on purpose and it's once again very perversive (just like the whole video): the music is kind and gentle and together with the slow motion pictures and the lyrics should indicate happiness and bliss. Even the pictures of the guys jumping happily into the water suggest that it's so happy there. But then you think about the second level of "flying without wings" - which is Webber being forced to drive without (the new) wing in Silverstone as this presumbly wonderful team took it away from him. And it all contradicts each other - blissful music, happy images, slow motion suggesting some kind of harmony together with lyrics that theoretically suggest happiness as well vs. the subversive meaning of the words in this very context of Red Bull and Webber. I think it was very smartly done. That's just my theory but whether you like the caption or not is a totally different issue :).


Well as always it's only my personal opinion, but.....

I found the "Wings" segment cheesy to the point of annoyance and the music choice was a desparate and lazy tie-in with the Red Bull slogan. Different music and that segment would have worked.

As for the beautiful girls, they just went that little bit too far. It was working, then for no apparent reason we have girls jiggling around in bikini's and panning shots up a girls legs which end just before her bum. I mean, what?! The rest of it yes it showcased the glamour and beauty which follows the sport, but about 30 seconds of it was just purely exploitative.


Yeah... it was a bit cheesy, I must agree. But I concentrated on the purpose of such a choice and it didn't annoy me then.

For me the capture of that pale girl with blue eyes and red lips was a bit too long, but I guess it was there for something too. However, as a woman, I wouldn't mind if all the shots of the girls lasted 30 seconds in total (actually I don't need them at all, but I know that they are there, so they should be shown) the rest being racing, pit stops, interviews and so on. But I guess you have to suit all the tastes somehow.


I though "flying without wings" was a great thing - you know - "red bull gives you wings" and then the Silverstone affair with Red Bull taking Webber's wing, so he was "without wings";-). And I thought it was funny, the way Webber was trying to get out of water with Vettel pulling him - as if he was really handicapped in a way, because they took away his wings ;-), while Vettel was the privileged one (standing on the ground already).

And the women... well, you know, they are in a way a very important F1 part. You can actually say that grid girls have nothing to do with the sport itself, because they just stand there. But they are there, so they are a part of it, just like all the fancy parties e.g. in Monaco. So theoretically - no connection with racing, but then - they are a part of the whole thing called F1, so they have to be shown in the video.

I think the video actually covers all aspects of F1 - speed, emotions, competition, beautiful women, glamour and parties.


F1 especially attracts the coolest girls in their briefest costumes. If they were there, why should we leave them out in the video. Hero worship from the opposite sex is quite understandable.


The girls serve a decorative purpose. They are used to attract male audience and it works. As long as they are appropriately remunerated it is OK I suppose, but it tells a story about our skin-deep-beauty, image-is-everything culture of this day and age. The whole F1 is possible because it fits the culture.

Paris Hilton asked a rhetoric question: "who doesn't like fast cars?". And you may add: "who doesn't like looking at beautiful girls?"


Haha... I'm a woman, so F1 without girls wouldn't make much of a difference to me ;-). But as long as they are pretty I can also watch them. And they are a part of F1 so I'm used to them, but you're right that their presence tells a lot about our culture.


The best Gala season review clip since 2006 in my opinion. Last year's was rubbish, this is brilliant!


I still think the 2005 review of the Alonso /Raikkonen battle was the best one ever. But this one certainly came close.


Nice one, but still wondering what has to do a flamenco dancer on a F1 video. I hope it is not for Fernando being a Spaniard. I mean, flamenco music is not popular in Asturias. Flamenco culture is from Andalucia, some 1,000 kms from Asturias. It's like if a Welsh wins the WDC and we see Scott pipers on the video.

Another ridiculous approach to Spain, IMHO.


I haven't seen that one. Is it to be found anywhere on the Internet? Because I can't find it somehow...


superb !!!

Thank you !


Nice vid, not sure about the accompanying music though!

Have a good Christmas James!


"... This is Formula 1" Simply outstanding. Well done for posting


I think it's made with a great dose of humour. I guess the begining suggests that Vettel is not only joining the greats from the past, but that he's also making history himself, as he keeps on breaking all those "youngest ever" records. And in the end of the video, it looks as if he was waiting for a sentence, which builds up the suspense, even though we know the outcome.

The way Webber's comments about the great RB atmosphere are opposed to the examples of this atmosphere is just hilarious. Btw: I didn't know Webber smacked his glass of water like this (and his face is so priceless there). And where is that heated converstation between Webber and Vettel from?

It's funny how they connected Massa talking about lack of team orders in Ferrari with the capture of the events from Hockenheim - the combination of these two shots was quite obvious, but the jolly music in the background makes it so fiddly. And Rob Smedley hitting the table with his fist (wasn't this from Brazil actually?) with the sound effect and the camera movement and cutting the scene abruptly is just great.

To even it out - if they show Red Bull and Ferrari in a perverse way, then maybe it would be worth to show McLaren in a similar light too. But maybe McLaren didn't give anybody any reason to do it (though the converstation between Hamilton and the pit wall about Jenson not passing him in Turkey had some potential).

The speed of the video changes quite nicely as well and it manages to show the mixture of various emotions. All in all - a really nice piece of work.

I think it's much better than the official F1 Abu Dhabi edit, which actually in many aspects is a repetition of this video (I mean, it repeats many captures and follows more or less the same radio transmissions from the Abu Dhabi part). This one was presented during the FIA Gala, right? And the edit was out on Monday, after the Gala, if I'm correct, so you can't probably say that the edit was modeled on this one, but the Abu Dhabi section is quite similar to the edit anyway. Were they made by the same people?


I believe the heated conversation your referring to between Webber & Vettel was the one that took place after the Chinese GP. I think you'll find that they weren't so much arguing with each other but talking about the move Hamilton put on Webber at the last safety car restart which pushed Mark off track & stuffed up Vettel's restart.


James, I've never heard of FIA Gala - is this the normal official F1 review of the year - with a big pic of Seb on the cover?

If not, where can I get my hands on this DVD?


Cool video - especially the opening scene! Can't remember FOM piecing together anything as spine tingling as that.

Someone from the comments section of Youtube pointed out to 6.45mins of the vid. It is funny, but if I were Stefano Domenicalli or Luca di Montezemolo, I'd probably see that as grounds to fire or suspend Rob Smedley: You don't show your dissatisfaction with boss' instructions when he's right beside you!

Roll on 2011!


Great stuff. Highly emotive. Goose bumps. Truly, there is nothing like F1.


Only one thing to say:

Best season ever!!!


It's a brilliant video and it portrays Formula One in the light it deserves to be shown in. However, there's only one thing that concerns me. When they're going over the history of the sport, past champions and greats, they don't mention Schumacher. They show a lot of old Ferrari cars, and maybe a small flash of him, but they don't do justice to THE best driver of all time!


Nice video, but F1 testing in December would please be a lot more... BRING IT BACK!


Brilliant! The stuff at the start gave me chills.


Excellent intro, but I think the 2007 one just pips it for me...


I thought FOM didn't like these or other F1 vids being on youtube (anyone know where the 2009 one is?). Has there been a change of heart James?


Maybe FOM has a bigger heart, but for sure Sony Music doesn't. I tried to open the link and it says that it's blocked in my country, so even if they are nicer now, then it doesn't apply to all the public all over the world :(.


An emotional stirrer without a doubt. Surprised at the comments complaining about the girls though; I mean come on, I'm a girl and I didn't mind them. It's part of F1, always has and always will be GLAMOUROUS. Ask the Drivers! A brilliant montage for the best sport ever. Thank you.

Looking forward to next year - bring it on 2011!


An emotional stirrer without a doubt. Surprised at the comments complaining about the girls though; I mean come on, I'm a girl and I didn't mind them. It's part of F1, always has and always will be GLAMOUROUS. Ask the Drivers! A brilliant montage for the best sport ever. Thank you.

Looking forward to next year - bring it on 2011!


hearing Vettel crying always makes me get tears in my eyes as well... (just cant help it..) great season great drama... lots of crashes too... in this video we see more crashes than overtaking manuevres...

but nonetheless a great recap.

one point though: F1 does come across as a male dominated sport and industry. as previous have commented... i am not against seeing beautyfull women but letting them pose and parade like that... hmmm i dont know if that makes me proud to be an f1 fan.

Sure all the drivers on the grid are men, and there will be no women looking at junior categories, but also in the management of f1 you do not see any (or many women). Only sauber has a woman high up in its management team right?

But even the more leading edge teams like mclaren dont have any women in the top...

i am not for positive discrimination etc... but it would be nicer to see more women working in f1 (except only as press officers)

maybe bernie should handover to a woman! how cool would that be.

(ps. and i am a man)


Maybe you should watch some Club racing at a local circuit, lots of 'eye candy' . . .driving.


Theres a solution: Get someone to pony up the cash and get Danica into some good equipment and you'll have *both some eye-candy and a seriously aggressive driver.


They cheaped out with the 480p res.


All this 2010 season glorification kills me. You have no idea how much I loathed F1 this year.

Pray that someone in the ranks brings back full-blooded racing in the coming years.


If you loathe F1 why not watch some other sport?

Someone in the ranks? How the bleeding heck is someone "in the ranks" going to change a sport as successful as F1?

It was a truly great season, undeniably one of the best since the late 1990's, massively popular with F1 fans around the world, the only ones moaning seem to be partisan Alonso fans with chips on their shoulder.

As a fan of F1, not a particular team or driver, the competition was extreme and intense, hard to see how you want it more "full blooded" than that mate.


I concur with the OP.

F1 is no longer about racing. It's just a political farce about money.

Even the drivers are now selected on the size of the wallent, and skill is totally irrelevant.

I wonder who the FIA will pick to be the WDC next year, while giving as a bunch of fake races to put us to sleep.

F1 is dead for geniuine race fans.



found it on YouTube a couple of days ago and I watched it at least 10 times since. It's absolutely great, even better than single race reviews on the official F1 website. But I agree with previous comment, 80 second of bikinis is just too much.

I especially love the part after Monaco, starting with Webber and his glass of water - and it just gets better when "The Aces of Spades" kicks in.

Truly great movie, I hope FIA won't ask to remove it from YouTube. Is it possible that it happens?

Robert in San Diego

Bloody fantastic! Including the girls. After all isn't F1 the sexiest sport out there? Incredible, thank you James and a Happy Christmas to you and all the JAF1 fans.


A season review without a single overtaking move by the world's fastest sushi chef?

Send it back to the editing room 😀


great video. would love to hear more of the uncut radio transmissions they sounded quite interesting as to what the drivers really thought and said to their teams. also catching webber slamming his glass down never seen that before




Two words...




Incredible. God I love F1.


Wow, what a great video, for me 2010 season was the best in years, heres hoping 2011 will be better with the new rule changes. Happy Christmas to you James and to everyone on here.

p.s. I'm half way through 2010: five rivals, one champion and it's great. Well done.


good stuff. If they just could increase the power a bit. e hac+ve a good mix of drivers and teams. Bring back the V10's.


Best review I've seen for this season, great video thanks for sharing.


The only thing lacking from that video was BANZAI KOBAYASHI!!!!!!


Call me old fashioned... (and no doubt you will!) but ANY video of an F1 Review should surely concentrate on the actual racing, I can deal with flashes of the glamour which is obviously part of it! But it skipped the Monaco GP in favour of some ladies (admittedly... very nice ones!).

Anyway, rant over! I forgot how good the Hungarian GP actually was this year, what a race! Drama non stop! The music in the video was perfect for each part! Also can't fault the beginning, spine tingling!

Thanks for posting this James!


Excellent, nice to see some of the old cars at the start too, whose collection was it James?

Slight confusion with the posterisation effect and slow frame rate, was it my conection?


Thanks James....Absolutely fantastic and artfully done.


Great vid, best bit for me was Webber slamming his glass down as the beat kicked in.

It's a shame we don't see some of these images throughout the year. They can be very telling.

Be great to hear full radio transmissions next year as well - bleeped if they have to be. It gives so much insight and shows the passion behind the scenes


great peace thank you James for sharing it


Perfect..Just perfect..Except the women.Its too unnecessary and too stretched.Takes away from the true meaning of Formula1..The worlds best drivers in the best cars going for it.


I know that Vettel's finger is a really small thing, but it somehow totally annoys me and I can't stand it. It's one of the things that make me not like Vettel too much in fact, though I know how silly it is of me.

It struck me now that somewhere around 3:00 his finger suits the music so well that it almost looks cool and doesn't annoy me at all!

I must say: brilliant job, whoever made this video, I've never thought that there's anything in the world that would make Vettel's finger waving look good to me.

Christmas definitely is a time of miracles!


A little too much Ferrari & Redbull for me - I *know there were other ppl racing this year - but overall a fantastic video.


Great video!

Hopefully the history and archival footage of F1 is used more by the FIA to promote it, particularly on the official F1 website.

If you ahven't seen them though, try and find any of Antti's F1 video's on youtube. He is the master. Here's one of his best:


His 1 hour, five-part series on Senna is simply awesome. Here's part one:


Enjoy and merry xmas!


Just posting those links above got me thinking... many of Antti's video's get pulled from youtube for copyright infringement, which is such a shame as all he is doing is expressing his love for this sport and sharing it with the world to enjoy. It only helps to promote F1 in the end...

Instead of banning these sorts of video's (which the FIA do often) why don't they embrace them? They should hold an 'F1 fan movie competition' on their website where the winner gets a pitlane pass for Monaco or something really special. I certainly won't win but I'd very much enjoy watching all the entries.

I'm sure F1 fans could offer so much to this sport if we were given more of an opportunity...


Great stuff, the 2010 Champion certainly deserves his crown.

Its only when I see the season in full retrospective that the long term pattern is obvious.

Webber clearly had the upper hand for a while, he out-qualified, out-raced and out-politicked Vettel for about 6 races in row.

Red Bull just wore him down though, he tripped in Korea, stumbled in Brazil and fell over the line in the last race.

James you were right, it was Webber's to lose


The accompanying music is AWFUL.

Still despite the ghastliness of the music it won't stop it from showing what a wonderful season 2010 was.


Oh that opening sequence...

Ayrton you have become a God!

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Great video apart from that monotonous twit who does the voiceovers for the "clever" Guinness adverts.


I'm not that impressed with this, considering what they had to work with. Painful voice over at the start reading standard pompous-modern sports coverage drivel. Worst of all; no Kobayashi moves. I'm surprised, as the fans seem to love him!


Excellent video, loved the early stuff and then it really takes off with very clever editing of comments and events. Ace of Spades just sets it all off, too.


just a thought of what's coming in 2013. Engines with 750 bhp. 150 of those coming from the kers. Only used a few times every lap. Son don't full yourselves. F1 will be the a formula with 600 horses. Less than gp2. and other championships. The fact that the manufacturers want to come back is not something that will give the fans more enjoyment. The path f1 it's taking, it's still wrong from my point of view.



Mark Webber really was making a lot of waves this year wasn't he? In media terms he pretty much dominated the middle part of the season with Alonso occupying the start and finish.


Something else to 'stir the emotions' is that a film based on the life of James Hunt is in pre-pro.


Yeah, when I first saw it I was enjoying it a lot and was getting ready to send a link to all the people I'm trying to get interested in F1 -- until I got to the extended "babes in bikinis" segment. Always useful to be reminded of the role women are expected to play in F1!


The winner takes it all.

I remember the 2006 F1 Highlights video who appeared Schumacher as a real contender. In this video there is nothing at all but RB and "other guys". No history. Bad script ore well planned.

The producer has forgotten some spectacular actions by LH: waving, overtaking SC and even racing with Vettel very close to mechanics. Those Japanish producers...

Get a RB drink.


Probably very enjoying even for not F1 fans.


that was awesome.....right up to the part where Vettel won the WC


Too late - Bernie's pulled the plug!


Indeed. I procrastinated too long and now it's removed. 🙁

Hopefully http://www.formula1.com will have it up soon!

PS. On that site, I just watched Nico's pole lap... amazing. He EARNED that pole, for sure.



Youtube have taken it off, do you know anywhere else I can see it? Would really like to take a look.


[mod] Where can we see this content now? Nowhere! And it was just the type of video that F1 fans would like non F1 fans to watch, so that they can better appreciate what F1 is about.
Great marketing strategy from FOM. Brilliant promotion for F1!


Precisely...I sent it to my friends (non f1 fans) only to realise it had been taken off...

The clip surely would have captured their attention..


These clips are always great. I love the 2005 wrap up - Kimi's searing speed in the unreliable McLaren, trying to chase down Fernando for the championship - GOLD!

Shame Bernie and his legal hounds sniffed this out. Seriously Bernie, what harm is there in leaving it available on youtube for fans? The clips are not even made avaialable on the official end of year season review DVD! Fans always get a raw deal from FOM.



Maybe the fact that the video has been taken down is worth further investigation. I understand that events like Fans Forum are now taking place but it seems crazy that it's so difficult to find footage of classic or controversial moments from F1.

I sometimes get the impression that F1 feels that it's doing us a favour and providing us a sport to follow rather than fans' contribution being valued. People want to be able to review moments from different angles, comment and discuss. At present, we're limited to what the F1A decides is fit for us to see on F1.com and a few days of under the radar viewing on YouTube.

Any news on how the sport is likely to act in making content a little more accessible to fans?

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