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Last chance to order JA on F1 2010 Review book before Christmas
Last chance to order JA on F1 2010 Review book before Christmas
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Dec 2010   |  2:32 pm GMT  |  33 comments

Today is the last day that readers in the UK can order the JA on F1 2010 season review – Five rivals, one champion in time to get it delivered before Christmas.

So if you are looking for a last minute present for an F1-loving loved-one, this could be the thing for you!

The book is a collection of the best posts from the JA on F1 website from this season, but after listening to feedback from readers of last year’s book, this year I have written a lot more additional content, linking the posts and also adding more insight and a retrospective feel. Long time championship leader Mark Webber has written the foreword.

Priced just £9-99 plus P&P, the large format paperback book looks in depth at the races which made up the season, the team mate rivalries at McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari, Michael Schumacher’s troubled comeback, the struggles of the new teams plus many other stories. And of course this is all set against the backdrop of one of the most tense title battles in years as five top drivers battled for the right to be champion.

F1’s leading photographer Darren Heath has supplied the images for the book, including the stunning cover shot.

To order just click on the link in the middle of the home page. Remember Monday December 20th is the last day to order in time for Christmas.

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Hi James

I received my copy of your book for Christmas (our peculiar family tradition of requesting your own presents and then looking surprised!).

In short, I thought it was a very enjoyable read and it gets a 9/10 from me! Clearly, the majority of content was from your website posts but it was nice to reminisce on the whole year again. Personally, I think your website and subsequent book strikes a wonderful balance of sharing the insider’s viewpoint of F1 and also brings the collective fan opinions to the sport. Together with all your work commitments, I hope this balance will be unaltered and that we will continue to hear your personal opinions in future.

I did have several suggestions/ and observations which I’d like to share in brief:

1/ I was astounded to read in the introduction of how many people contributed to the site! A mighty effort and thank you from one fan.

2/ I had a big chuckle from the ‘fanboy’ and ‘hater’ comment on p.26. I wholeheartedly agree with your policy. Personally, I think your website would be more ‘colourful’ if we heard more of your personal opinions … but perhaps not to the extent of a Joe Saward rant!

3/ As with reading a selection of posts throughout the year, it would have been also interesting to visually see some of the illustrations from the ‘tech report’. Your descriptions of the ‘F-Duct’ and front wings were vivid, but I felt that a few early and late season comparisons could have been made to better highlight how quickly F1 develops. I’m assuming this was considered and dropped due to cost.

4/ What I felt really let the book down was the choice of photos. They were woeful! The content of your posts are intriguing because they often give a different perspective to a story. And Darren Heath is known for exactly the same qualities in a pictorial format – and yet the majority of photos for the book were quite bland and seemed more appropriate in a broadsheet sports section.

5/ It would have been nice to have re-read Neil Donnell’s post again – which wasn’t included in the book.

6/ Personally, I thought the book ended too abruptly. The summary of the season was all of 2/3 of the last page. I felt that a personal review (similar to what you are providing at the moment on each team) would have rounded the book in a better fashion. And why end with a post on Hulkenberg losing his seat? It seemed to be an unnecessary insert to the Abu Dhabi ending. And if a discussion was started on next year, shouldn’t it also include possible rookies looking to be promoted to F1 and which seats are possibilities?

7/ Again, a wonderful read and the £10 is a genuine bargain for such a book, given that I bought the latest F1 Racing magazine at the airport for £5 and its progressively thinning substance throughout the years meant that I was finished reading it in 40 minutes! I was glad that your book was available for the rest of my Christmas holiday!


Hi James

Any chance of an interview with Darren Heath sometime in the near future?

I’m sure there are plenty of people like myself who would be interested to read about his techniques, experiences, favourite shots and personal take on capturing the passion and emotion of the intense arena that is F1.


Yes, we’ve talked about that. He’s got so much to say which I think many would find really interesting. A video would be good.


yep … sorry, my previous comment was a reply to #12


Hi Frenchie …

Perhaps my response was a touch abrupt!

I agree about the quality of the comments and discussion on this site – it’s second to none, at least in the world of F1 sites, but I’d argue though that this site is interesting enough without the comments, but don’t get me wrong – I think they are an essential part of the whole. Also, it was good to see FluckieLucas’ comment brought up for further discussion, even if I feel he is 100% wrong!

So … the book. It’s just a personal feeling. I like the book how it is, and if it is limited to a certain number of pages due to cost etc, I would much rather just read James’ writing. We can come back here to read any follow up comments.

Anyway, just my opinion, and, as DC used to say on an almost weekly basis when he was driving in F1, “opinions are like a***holes – everyone has one!”



I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Keith Collantine of has been ranking his drivers of 2010. The top 3 were (3. Vettel, 2. Alonso, 1. Hamilton).

I just thought I’d like to share how he finishes his piece on Hamilton. I’m sure you’ll agree with him in the quote below as I don’t think anyone can really argue with that.

“Lewis Hamilton gets the nod this year because whatever state the track or his car was in, he was unrelenting in his pursuit of success and was always the driver who wrung the maximum – and sometimes a bit more – out of his car.”


I received my (free and signed) copy a couple days ago, and I’m in the US. Thanks James!


Hi James,

Great book. So good I actually ordered last year’s copy via ebay.

It’s nice to get your opinion post season in the paragraphs between blog posts. What I also like about the book (and your website) is the writing style suits those that aren’t native English speakers. I think this is an important point for such a global sport.

I’ve sent you an email with a bit of feedback and a couple of typos in case you do another print run. I’ve seen another one on page 96 (SutilForce).

I’m sure you receive millions of emails and I have put my email address (one of those that do not allow me to post on your blog) in the website field to trace it back.

As Mr G mentioned, more pictures would be great. F1 is such a visual sport and Darren Heath takes so many beautiful pictures it is almost a crime not to insert more. You know I’m a big fan of the Singapore race and the front wing the McLaren had at that race would have deserved a shot there. Same goes for the flexing of the RB6 front wing in Hungary.

I’ve read over half the book and haven’t come across a tech report yet. This is one of the sections I look the most forward to after races and maybe worth an inclusion despite the lact of comments on those posts on the website. In years to come, I’m sure an explanation of how the F-duct or blown diffuser would be great.

Maybe also an inclusion of some of the most pertinent and interesting comments from readers too. As you mention in the book, there’s a lot of quality comments on your blog. I love to read what others think and this could bring another perspective to the year.

Thank you for your work in 2010; both website and OneHD.


Please don’t add comments!!!! Sorry, but … please don’t!


Hi Jonas,

Interesting feedback. What’s your reasoning for being against some of the feedback from readers who help make this site such an interesting place to visit on a daily basis?

I thought the comment James digged out a couple of days ago was worthy of interest; even if I don’t agree with the opinion of FlukieLucas. There are a lot more readers of JA on F1 who post interesting material.


As I said on another post, I received the book a while ago and read it in a few sittings – to sum up; it’s tremendous.

If you have read this blog throughout the year and wonder if there is any point in reading it all again, let me tell you that this was my first thought when I saw the book available, but I quickly found that re-reading all the articles together in this way was the best retrospective of a season I have come across to date. The quality of the writing is way above the standard I often find when reading an F1 book – the absence of any tabloid-level obsession with irrelevancies is refreshing to say the least. Choosing Darren Heath as the featured photographer was another smart move.

This is a book for real F1 fans, by which I mean it’s passionate about the sport, not that it’s too technical for casual followers, and I’ll be looking forward to next year’s book arriving in the post just as much as I look forward to receiving the official FIA review DVD.

Best wishes for the xmas period to James and all the readers … roll on 2011!


Hi James – Love the book.. it’s sitting with my 2009 edition, waiting to be read =)

Thank you for the signed copy – a nice surprise. I don’t recall reading about a signed first edition (like 2009).

Keep up the good work in 2011 & thanks from Down under.


Hi James,

Uganda is not available on the list of countries so I can’t make an order. This is funny because I actually ordered and received last year’s book without any problem.

Please look into availing a PayPal payment option too, thanks.


I read my copy and finished last night.

I have a signed copy and had the book last year as well.

The reading is compelling despite we all know the finale.

I really liked the actual way the book is written, it is like a revolving story and not a look back into the past.

I would love more images that epitomose the season, I think it will work incredibly well.

If you are passionate about F1, it is a really good read and he has many moments where James is looking into the driver psycology and the teams insight.

I have recommended to many of my friends and I think it will awesome to read thsi book again in 5-10 years to see where certain drivers were at the time.

Great work James !!!!

I am looking forward to the next book


Thanks for that


Hi James, I have a few words for you, I’d like to read this book on Kindle, its not funny to carry the book everywhere, I would love to read it on my new iPad but the book is not available as an ebook to buy it via the Kindle software from


No, the idea is that it is a collectable for the readers of the site. There is a limited print run, we do one every year. We might look at Kindle edition next year


James will signed copies be available after Christmas?


Yes, but it will probably sell out some time in late Jan, early Feb at this rate. We only do a limited print run



Keep reading that Legard is off from the Beeb, and that DC (of all people) is coming in for 2011. Any info? Did you get asked for the gig?

p.s. have really enjoyed the blog this year, thanks and keep up the good work!


I doubt James would answer this sort of question. If you remember he received similar to Legard’s, if not bigger, amount of criticism over his own performance as a commentator, so it must be a delicate issue.


yes I’ve heard/read similar. James can you shed any light please?


The book was dispatched 13 days ago going by the email I got. Delivery is to the US, when should I reasonably expect it to arrive?


Well I would have thought it should be there by now. We’ve had terrible problems with weather in UK. Check with GP Legends


GP Legends’ email advises waiting for 28 days before it can be considered lost. Fingers crossed!

I found a copy of the 2009 book on eBay. It should be fun to read that too, escpecially since I didn’t follow the blog till this season.


James, I already wrote about the book when commenting your previous article “Montezemolo insists…”, so no more today.

I’m just writting to wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

Also Merry Christmas to everybody reading this fantastic site. And to all those leaving comments. Even the ones that do not support my hero Fernando LOL.

Hope to have a 2011 F1 year at least as good as 2010, and to keep reading and posting here. Lots of things to learn and to enjoy.

Keep up the good job!! 😀


I’m already reading mine! Nice :). I’ll give you a bigger feedback James, once I’m finished.


Please do.


got mine and looking forward to flying on boxing day (or being stuck at Gatwick) so I can get stuck into it.


Still waiting for the book,it is not fun anymore.


When did you order it?


Got the book,it took 21 days but is finally here.


Well worth the wait, I’m sure!

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