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JA on F1 Christmas Quiz – The Answers
JA on F1 Christmas Quiz – The Answers
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Dec 2010   |  11:18 am GMT  |  25 comments

Happy Christmas to all readers and for those in countries where Christmas isn’t celebrated, thanks for bearing with us through the holiday period.

Hope you had fun with the Quiz over the last couple of days. Here are the answers, did you get them all? Did anyone manage it without reference books or Google? There is a clarification on the question about the only driver to win a world title without scoring a point the year before. I meant a driver who took part the year before but didn’t score…

Sebastian Vettel became the youngest world champion this year, but who held it before him?
Lewis Hamillton, 2008 world champion

How many times did the lead of the world championship change in 2010?

Who led the championship for the greatest number of races?
Webber- led points table six times

How many circuits on the 2010 calendar have been designed by Hermann Tilke?
Six – Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Bahrain, China, Turkey and Korea

Nico Hulkenberg became the sixth youngest pole sitter in history in Brazil – name the other five who previously held the record…
Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Rubens Barrichello and Andrea de Cesaris

This season saw the latest finish to a championship schedule since the 1987 season which finished in Adelaide on November 15. Which season had the latest finale and where and when was the race held?
1963 – East London, South Africa on December 28

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix signalled the end of Bridgestone’s involvement in Formula 1. How many races have they won during their time in the sport?

Only one team managed to score points in every race this season. Name that team.

Who completed the most racing laps this season?
Fernando Alonso – 1,120 out of a possible 1,129

Which team completed the fewest racing laps this season?

Which back of the grid driver led one lap this year?
Sebastien Buemi

Michael Schumacher failed to win a race for the first time in his career this season. When and where was his last victory?
China, 2006

The three most recent world champions were on the podium together in Abu Dhabi this year. When was the last time this happened?
Phoenix 1991; Senna, Prost, Piquet

And when was the last previous occasion when there were three world champions on the podium?
Canada 2010; Hamilton, Button, Alonso

Who is the only driver to win a world title, (having driven but) failed to score a single point the season before (apart from the first world champion in 1950)
Keke Rosberg

Belgian Jerome D’Ambrosio will line up for Virgin Racing next season. Who is the most successful Belgian driver in F1 history in terms of wins?
Jacky Ickx, 8 wins

In the last ten years only three drivers have failed to win the opening race of the season and yet still gone on to win the world championship, Name them.
Vettel 2010, Alonso 2005, Schumacher 2003

The world championship has gone down to the last race on 26 occasions in its 60 year history. Only one driver has twice come from behind on points to win the title at the last race. Who is he?

Nelson Piquet (1981 and 83)

Which country has hosted the most final race championship showdowns in F1 history?
Japan (1976, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003)

Michael Schumcher will be 42 years old on January 3rd. How many world championships have been won by drivers older than that?

Five – Fangio (1954,55,56,57) Farina (1950)

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Good quiz! Here’s a question for you all – thought of it this morning and i surprised myself when i realised what the answer was…

If Schumacher wins the title next year, he will do so having failed to win a race in the previous season. Apart from Jenson Button, who was the last driver to win the championship off the back of no wins in the previous year?


Dear James

Good site etc etc and wish we could find a way for BBC to get you back into the commentary box, however your quiz – although a bit too geeky for me “how many bridgestone wins”, come-on who, apart from Bridgestone PR, who would know that – but please put the answers in the same order as the questions i got very confused (small brain addled by xmas excess) – carry on.


How many circuits on the 2010 calendar have been designed by Hermann Tilke?

Six – Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Bahrain, China, Turkey and Korea

Tilke gets a lot of Flak, but…

Abu Dhabi: Looks great, racing is just ok. Not the best track for sure but it’s no Hungaroring either.

Malaysia: I actually like the Sepang track. It had some interesting racing before, and I don’t think it’s bad at all.

Bahrain: Fail.. Seriously fail. Especially the layout they used this year which is Epic Fail.

China: It’s ok. Another ‘average’ track.

Turkey: There may be empty stands but this track is bloody great. I’ve virtually raced it in a variety of cars, including F1 and it is lovely to drive too. Easily his best.

Korea: It’s pretty nice isn’t it? Ok, it did have rain this year which always helps but it’s not a dog.

All in all, I still don’t get the general dislike of ‘Tilkedromes’.

I don’t think he designed Spore, but if he did, the track is pretty cool, though they do need to fix the last part which is too much stop’n’go. There are plans of fixing the Singapore track up though, for this year.

And for Valencia, it’s amazingly fun to drive in F1 2010 but apparently produces very boring races. Somehow I always missed Valencia though, so I wouldn’t know.


sigh… ok I promise to pay more attention *next year. I mean, you never *said there’d be a quiz! 🙁


6. 1962 – East London, South Africa on December 29

Sorry, my first post here. Excellent site Mr. Allen. I’ve been reading it for almost a year now. And always enjoyed it. However this is my first comment here. Thanks for the good work!


Someone that remembers Bernd Rosemeyer. Awesome! 🙂


I thought 6. was 1962 as well, and was also unsure about some of the Hermann Tilke circuits (particularly the Hockenheimring ambiguity). A good quiz though with some interesting questions.


James, thank you for the answers. However, as for the Tilke question, weren’t Valencia and the new Hockenheimring layout also Tilke designs?


I suspect that like the Rosberg / Prost question James didn’t quite ask the questions the way he meant to.

As a street circuit, Valencia wasn’t completely designed by Tilke I would imagine – he may have strung the various bits together but most of the roads would already be there. Similarly for Hockenheim, he made some changes but wasn’t responsible for the overall design.


Thanks James for your work here this year. Though I’ve had criticisms of the action, your coverage of the the human achievement side of the sport has made this blog especially worth following. You do a great job too of making the sport accessible to the fans, highlighting the subtle yet significant bits, and giving your own views. Happy New Year to you.


I got 14 correct by myself.

However, the question: “Who is the only driver to win a world title, (having driven but) failed to score a single point the season before (apart from the first world champion in 1950)” had originally a different form in your previous post, James (it was: “Who is the only driver to win a world title, despite having failed to score a single point the season before (apart from the first world champion in 1950)” – there was nothing about driving in that season) and led me to an obvious conclusion that it was Alain Prost in 1993 after coming back from his retirement. The new form of the question casts a different light, but as it wasn’t that clear yesterday, I’ll give myself 0.5 point for it ;-).


I only had 5/20 as totally correct! Gee that’s not great for someone who thought themselves to be an F1 fanatic!

I’m not sure if I’m correct in saying this James, but weren’t the Valencia and Singapore Street circuits also designed by Hermann Tilke? I think I remember reading that somewhere but could definitely be wrong.

Fantastic quiz though, thanks for posting it!


nice to see some stats.. i feel that F1 should have more stats for viewers of races…

For example the 1120/1129 laps completed by Alonso says a lot about Ferrari’s reliability and Alonso keeping it on the track this year.


It also says a lot about their lack of speed, I think. (Or Alonso’s mistakes).


O.K. Small number of completed laps tells something about the lack of speed (e.g. new teams), but Alonso’s number doesn’t say anything about Ferrari’s lack of speed ;-). I hope you were rather referring to the former than the latter, right?


Alonso only failed to comlete 9 laps all season. If he had the fastest car / wasn’t making mistakes, then he should have walked the championship. If Vettel had completed that number of laps, he would have wrapped it up many races earlier. The mistakes I’m referring to are th qualifying ones that meant he started lower down the grid than he should have.


And how does the number of completed laps translate to a lack of speed?


Did Hermann Tilke not design Valencia Street Circuit and the Marina Bay Street Circuit?


also I Hamilton never held the record for youngest Pole Sitter! He was second to Alonso at one point…Which of these answers are correct?


That’s true. He never had the record. When he got his first pole he was older than Alonso had been when getting his.

This answer refers to 5 drivers that got pole at a younger age than Hulkenberg, but not necessarily breaking the record.

That’s how I actually answered it, but now I see that the question was a little unclear.


and was the 1962 South African GP not the latest at December 29th?


I thought so!


I though Morocco 1958 was the latest end but Dec 28th in South Africa is even later and I’m surprised to say the least


Sorry wrong one. US 1959


Please disreard the previous comment. I misread the question

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