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It’s the JA on F1 Christmas Quiz
It’s the JA on F1 Christmas Quiz
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Dec 2010   |  8:58 am GMT  |  45 comments

Fancy you know a bit about Formula 1? Were you paying attention this season? Then try your hand at the JA on F1 Christmas Quiz.

We’ve put together 20 Questions to test your knowledge of F1 from this season and from the past. This isn’t meant to be some obscure chassis-spotting exercise, but a collection of fun questions to answer over the holiday period.

There’s no prize, just see how quickly you can solve it. Try it without using Google first, see how far you get. Good luck!

Answers will be posted on December 26th. For obvious reasons, please don’t post your answers below!!

1. Sebastian Vettel became the youngest world champion this year, but who held that record before him?

2. How many times did the lead of the world championship change in 2010?

3. Who led the 2010 championship for the greatest number of races?

4. Who is the only driver to win a world title, despite having failed to score a single point the season before (apart from the first world champion in 1950)

5. In the last ten years only three drivers failed to win the opening race of the season and yet still went on to win the world championship. Name them.

6. This season saw the latest finish to a championship schedule since the 1987 season which finished in Adelaide on November 15. Which season had the latest finale and where and when was the race held?

7. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix signalled the end of Bridgestone’s involvement in Formula 1. How many races have they won during their time in the sport?

8. Only one team managed to score points in every race this season. Name that team.

9. Which driver completed the most racing laps this season?

10. Which team completed the fewest racing laps this season?

11. Which back of the grid driver led one lap this year?

12. Michael Schumacher failed to win a race for the first time in his career this season. When and where was his last victory?

13. The three most recent world champions were on the podium together in Abu Dhabi this year. When was the last time this happened?

14. And when was the last previous occasion when there were three world champions on the podium?

15. How many circuits on the 2010 calendar were designed by Hermann Tilke?

16. Belgian Jerome D’Ambrosio will line up for Virgin Racing next season. Who is the most successful Belgian driver in F1 history in terms of wins?

17. Nico Hulkenberg became the sixth youngest pole sitter in history in Brazil – name the other five who previously held the record…

18. The world championship has gone down to the last race on 26 occasions in its 60 year history. Only one driver has twice come from behind on points to win the title at the last race. Who is he?

19. Which country has hosted the most final race championship showdowns in F1 history?

20. Michael Schumcher will be 42 years old on January 3rd. How many world championships have been won by drivers older than that?

All photos: Darren Heath

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george cowley ci5

i know this is of topic,but heres a late xmas present for all brit f1 watchers-MR J LEGGARD- has been let go by the bbc,brundle will be main commentator with coultard,sasons reetings…

george cowley ci5

excuse the spelling


What? Linky please!

Although it isn’t there isn’t an allen in that combo that is great news if correct, and I damn want it to be so.

Found a link: Admitadly PF1, so not always the best source but good

James, your thoughts?


14) I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly. Does it refer to any three world champions on a podium before Abu Dhabi?

Or is it about any three world champions on a podium before an event which is a subject of the question 13 (i.e. we have three most recent world champions in Abu Dhabi, then we have the last time that happened before AD and the question is about any three world champions on a podium even before 3 most recent champions had been on a podium prior to AD)? I think I made it too complicated…


bah…. as I read it… rephrased

13) When was the last time the 3 previous world champs were on a podium (e.g. Hamilton Raikkonen and Alonso on a podium in most of 2009 or final race 2008, [neither happened])

14) When was there 3 champions on the podium (doesn’t have to be previous), [e.g. Prost, Raikkonen and Senna all on the same podium (didn’t happen either :))]


I got the question 13, but I think I tried to make question 14 too complicated. I knew it was about any 3 world champions, but I got confused about when those three world champions were supposed to be on the podium and made life too hard :). Thanks.


14) A certain team always claims that one of their drivers was a world champion for 15 seconds. Would it be a correct answer if he had been on a podium with other two full-time champions?


Sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Kimi Raikkonen’s father Matti at the young age of 56 yrs.

Condolences to the whole family…


What about that christmas card from Red Bull teasing Ferrari! So funny!!

“Santa is faster than you…please confirm you understand this message!”

This Red Bull team are a leaf of fresh air!


I don’t understand the first part of question 12:

Michael Schumacher failed to win a race for the first time in his career this season. When and where was his last victory?

Surely there must have been many races Michael didn’t win before this season!


this was the firstg full season of Michael’s career when he failed to win a race…

obviously, he has not won every race he competed in…


Just off topic James, what do you make of the 2011 Mclaren clothing changing from silver and red to black and red? Are they planning to change their livery now they have sort of split from Mercedes?

In the meantime I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year.


Good spot. Will look into that. Maybe, Merc will always be the silver arrows, but this year Merc merchandise was white, which was the German racing colour in the pre war days. Some of the M&S McLaren merchandise was in black and red, so maybe they are finding a new style.


Does Hockenheim count as a Tilke designed circuit? He didn’t design the circuit originally, but was responsible for the re-design of part of the circuit in the early 2000s.


I class Hockenheim as a “Tilke butchered circuit”. It was a good track, then he ruined it. Worse than creating a new rubbish track in my mind


Hockenheim was in financial trouble the time and they couldn’t afford the old track but they decided racing has to stay at the circuit. The cars may not pass the jim Costco memorial any more but at least it’s still visitable on a race weekend


a more intersting question would be without rain/SC/people crashing/twilight etc… extras which of his tracks have provided great races


Patrick McLaughlin

Happy Christmas James and to all contributors to site ! Looking forward to reading the 2010 Review (which is under the tree for me)tomorrow. Keep up the great work !


(5) is a staggering stat if you think about it!

It means 70% of the time the season is over after 1 race.

Just think how ‘green’ F1 could be if they eliminated the other however-many there are now!


Thanks for a fantastic year of blogging James, i’m going into the winter feeling content and thoroughly look forward to JA on 2011!



Terribly sorry! Only just read the “Don’t post here” bit!

Have a great Christmas one and all! 🙂


Great Quiz! I know many of them by head but others i will have to google it!!

Merry Christmas everyone , specially to everybody that as contributed with something to this great site.

Thanks to James and all the Crew that keeps this site rolling…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


15) Far too many… btw What is wrong with a designer creating a spa or a suzuka or a silverstone? Why couldn’t they create an Albert Part (aus gp) either?

Surely a great way a great way to do it would be like the driver stewards panel, in that you get a bunch of drivers with brains and trophies to work it out. I’m sure it would be great for someone like Alain Prost to do so, and having a GP track partially designed by a group of drivers including such noteables would really add confidence to those willing to fork out for something unknown.

Merry Christmas from Australia (yes it’s already time!) James!


11) Jenson Button ???


Just like Galapago, I’m having my Christmas Eve dinner tonight, so I’m in a rush of preparations. I’ll answer the questions tomorrow, but I think I know the answers to over a half of them without Wikipedia and Google. Some seem tricky!

Now – Merry Christmas James, thanks a lot for your work and for the great insight into the world of F1 you provide us all with. And also Merry Christmas to all the readers!

I know there are some Polish people here, so Wesolych Swiat 🙂 to you guys, and to all the Spaniards: Feliz Navidad :).


Muchas gracias desde España!

Many thanks from Spain. Also Merry Xmas for you, Lilla.


Don’t think this is a spoiler:

15. Too many!! 😉

Cheers James, will give me something to look at later on!


>15. How many circuits on the 2010 calendar were >designed by Hermann Tilke?

Too many!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to James and all the readers and contributors to the site. Loving it and looking forward to reading the book on my plane journey Sunday…


The answer to 15) is clearly “too many”!!


Merry Christmas to you James, your team and all the people who use this site!


Thanks and to you


oopps Sorry James – just read the “don’t post your answers here” comment….

Merry Christmas anyway !!


15. How many circuits on the 2010 calendar were designed by Hermann Tilke? hmm too many…

Happy Christmas to you James.


That was my first thought

Merry Christmas to all


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Happy New Year!!! (I’m leaving on Monday for my winter holiday)


Nice one, great quiz! Best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year.

Cheers for a fantastic website throughout the year!



I’m at work right now, and my in-laws will be arround this eveningn, so I will try to solve it tomorrow evening.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

PS: The answer to Question #15 is pretty worrying, isn’t it?


Yea! And the funny thing is, to work out the answer u take 19 and subtract the number of good circuits from it! ><


I do a better job than Hermann with my scalextric.


more worrying is the fact the number is going increase over the next few years 🙁


yeah, the correct answer is Waaaaaaaaay to many

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