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FIA World Council: Eco engine confirmed for F1 in 2013, team orders ban lifted
FIA World Council: Eco engine confirmed for F1 in 2013, team orders ban lifted
Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Dec 2010   |  4:12 pm GMT  |  260 comments

The FIA World Motor Sport Council met in Monaco today and two significant things came out of it. First the WMSC approved the small capacity turbo engine which has been under discussion for some months and second it dropped the controversial rule banning team orders from F1 with effect from 2011 onwards. This follows the unsatisfactory outcome of the hearing into the Ferrari team orders incident in Germany this season.

The FIA statement on the engines said, “The WMSC approved the introduction of a new specification engine from 2013, underlining the FIA’s commitment to improving sustainability and addressing the needs of the automotive industry. Following dialogue with the engine manufacturers and experts in this field, the power units will be four cylinders, 1.6 litre with high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm.

“The engines will deliver a 35% reduction in fuel consumption and will feature extensive energy management and energy recovery systems, while maintaining current levels of performance. In 2013, five engines will be permitted per driver, but each year after that the limit will be four.”

So from 2014 onwards engines will have to last a minimum of five Grands Prix, as opposed to the two/three race engines now.

As for team orders, the WMSC said, “The article forbidding team orders (39.1) is deleted. Teams will be reminded that any actions liable to bring the sport into disrepute are dealt with under Article 151c of the International Sporting Code and any other relevant provisions.”

There were also some other changes to the regulations including gearbox life, which is extended to five races, rather than four.

A full analysis of the significance of these changes will follow later.

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I cherished up to you will obtain carried out right here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored material stylish. however, you command get got an impatience over that you want be delivering the following. in poor health definitely come further earlier again as exactly the same nearly very steadily inside of case you protect this increase.


sound perfect when F1 concern eco-friendly. hopefully every engine designer always think about eco-friendly that be better. care earth sound cool !!


How will the cars sound at much lower revs? Ferrari road cars at 8500rpm sound awesome, but no way near the high pitch if an F1 car.

Team orders: as far as I am concerned, I don’t like them, period. Let drivers race, best wins. No one wants to be a patsy. I like Ferrari, but have no allegiance to any team. What they did with Massa this year made me annoyed, if the race if fixed or pre-planned, why bother watching? What’s the difference between this and match fixing in football or any Other sport?


How about maximum engine size of 3.0l or 2.4l and whatever cyclinder combination the team wants ?


Lifting of TO, that must be great news for Massa. His season ends even before it can begin. *sighs*



Why does n’t FIA try and sort out Flexi wings for 2011…or more accurately, figure out how to introduce more robust testing rules for 2011 than continue to rely on the use of static weights?

It seems that FIA is bringing F1 into disrepute by failing to resolve the problem of drooping wings. Why let the issue rumble on into the 2011 season?


They are working on it!


Regarding the new 2013 engine regulations i can understand the need for more “green” fossil fuelled engines,what i can,t quite understand are the issues about “addressing the needs of the automotive industry”?

I can only read far to many ambiguous statements here,none of which make much sense.

Since when have F1 engines have ever been related to road car use,and if they are to be in 2013 what is the relevance? KERS? hardly green and will we see the showroom salesman explaining the virtues of pressing a button to overtake the car in front?

This is about manufactures who wish to enter F1 with small capacity engines and with proven knowledge using small turbo,s,ie Cosworth who appear to be calling the shots.

Engine capacity does not relate to efficiency even with a turbo added,if it does lets see diesels in F1.

Commercial trucks are all turbo diesel charged,why?


There’s already aggravating developments regarding next year’s championship and this year isn’t even over yet.

A Green Faux-tus and a Black and Gold Faux-tus are both contributing to a farce. Neither deserve to have any connection to the great Marque. Buying a name and expecting some sort of instant credibility stinks. It’ll have Colin Chapman rolling over in his grave, or his beach chair, if you know what I mean…

And ratifying the use of movable rear wings, but, only if the cars are less than 1 sec. apart, only in certain parts of the track , etc., etc. is just plain stupid and dangerous. “Moveable aerodynamic device’s”, have always been illegal up to now, and should remain so. If they went back to metallic rotors, it would accomplish 2 things: dramatically reduce costs and increase the braking zones. And carbon rotors have no relevance to the non-racing world. What ever happened to the idea of limiting driving aids anyway?


Yup based on the information that is available right now I think I would rather watch an entertaining nutcase GP2 race than the new 2013 cars.

If we are going turbo again they have to be special like the old turbo era F1 cars. They were were amazing, brutal and hugely powerful things with proper wide tyres (I still dont like how narrow the modern F1 cars look in comparison).

The turbo engines should be highly stressed mechanical marvels with insane power outputs that take lions of men (or women if any are about) to drive. Truly skilled and brave people that deserve the privilege of piloting one of these things and not just the richest kid who can steer acceptable well.

On a side note it was interesting seeing Adrian Newey’s concept ultimate F1 car. Cars are so much safer now so why cant we go along these lines and F1 be about being FAST FAST FAST! OK maybe every track in the world would have to be redesigned for safety but hey it would be great.


Is there still a testing ban for 2011? I think they should at least do a few group tests at Barcelona and Silverstone during the year

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

For those of you who are worried about hoe F1 will sound… should be…

Just listen to how uninspiring this footage is:

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

12,000 revs? 1.6 litres. So will we expect the track to sound like a Renault Clio Cup race.

Screaming engines are the soundtrack to F1.

Let’s leave things alone….this was a great season.


It’s a pity they’ve limited engines to 4 cylinders. I think it’s a good idea to limit the fuel amount, revs, and capacity, then let the engine supplyers decide how many cylinders they wanted. 4 cylinders, that’s ridiculous, and with the turbo they’ll sound like Formula Ford on fast forward–BOOOOORING!!! Also, I’m biginning to think the powers that be are making the cars too complex and relying too much on electronics and computor controled stuf! When you think about it some of the most exciting racing around the world comes from some of the most basic vehicles with no computor controled stuf, except ignition and injection, and minimal areodynamic aids that allow slipstreaming and passing!

Wots da wurld commin too? Huh?



The thing with the engines is that, yes, it should open to any number of cylinders, limited only by the capacity and the fuel consumption. What I think they are trying to do is stop engines suppliers from expending all kinds of money, which in turn hurts the smaller teams. Will the new engine formula lead manufactureres to have to expend tons of money? Yes, but it becomes even worse when supplier A comes to the 1st race with a 3L V10 and suppier B comes to the 1st race with a I4 1.6T and the I4 1.6T becomes the engine to have. Then they spent all that money, and now they have an engine that is obsolete even before the 1st race is over, they then go back to the factory and desing the I4 1.6T and in the process expend all that money AGAIN! ANd it becomes an arms race.

Formula 1 is not about traditions anymore(sadly), we’re not in the times when we all knew that Ferrari was going to have a V12 simply because they are Ferrari. This era has become about having the best convination. Look at this year, McLaren had the Fduct, and everybody copied it, same thing with the blown diffuser and the double decker last year.

By agreeing to unified engine formula it saves ALL the teams money in the long run, the Ferraris and McLarens and the HRTs and Virgins.

I dont understand why everybody is so against it, in the 80s they had the turbi 4s, and they were some of themost exiting years of F1, the difference is that it wasnt agreed, all the manufacturers just migrated to that type of engine because it becam the one to have.

I do disagree with the 5 races per engine, that rule should stay the same as it is now. Who knows, we still have 2 seasons to go, they might change that rule.

Can somebody tell me for sure if these rules were imposed by the FIA and the agreed to by FOTA, or if FOTA agreed to the rules and the FIA is just following what FOTA wants? They way I understand it is the rules were drafted by FOTA, independent of the FIA. James?

James I want to thank you for allowing us to make more than one post at a time, it was annoying when when we had to wait for one post to be moderated before we posted another one, THANKS!!


Rules can be proposed by any stake holder, but the FIA only have a mandate over safety rules, all other rules have to be voted on, and some need 100% agreement.

However FOTA have 1 vote per team (12 votes), the FIA have 1 vote only as do FOM, so ALL rules apart from rules concerning safety are basically FOTA’s rules.


>setting the number of cylinders <

And I guarantee you that when the engineers setting all these specs finished the meeting, *each one was thinking "ok, here's how we get around that rule".

The foxes guarding the henhouse…

Sadly, most suggestions I see here are waaay too simple for the engineers to enjoy trying to 'beat' them.


Won’t be attending another GP after 2011. Without the noise, half the spectacle isn’t there.

Well done FIA. Watch those gate receipts plummet…


Right everyone, I will now set the rules for F1…

Team orders ban gone – good, better to have it out in the open instead of all the coded message cloak and dagger nonsense, they got that one right.


No no no no no, I dont disaprove of changing the engine formula, far from it, I think its due a change (anything to get rid of those bland V8s). Whats with all this setting the number of cylinders, power output, compression ratio blah blah..

No, the best way to go about it would be to give them a max displacement, state whether turbos are allowed or not, and a fuel limit per race. The fuel limit should be small enough so that it is a real challenge for the engineers. Other than that leave it up to each designer, that way it will start a ferocious competition, nothing advances technology faster than hard competition, (that big competition between Germany and the rest of the world a few years back did wonders for technology)

Get rid of the number of engines limit, not enough cars retire from the race if you ask me, i used to love it when the likes of Jean Alesi was flying round the track in his time bomb of a Ferrari that would probably run out of fuel anyway. No retirements mean that the race result is very predictable (within 2 or 3 drivers / cars) no chance for the further back teams to play it safe and pick up the pieces for some glory, boring.


We dont need false moving wings, they are all racing drivers, they know how to overtake (I think Mr Kobayashi should give them all a refresher course though).

A combination of the tracks and the cars is at fault. Overtaking is possible at some tracks (mainly the older ones) but not others. In all of the modern tracks the corners always have one line through them, this means the cars have to go through one at a time, this makes the offline part of the track very dirty, this means that if someone goes onto the dirty part to try some overtaking he will fall off.

Go back to steel brakes, the braking distances are too short. Basically every lap the driver stamps on the brake as hard as he can as late as he can. This is not conducive to overtaking. With “old fashioned” brakes doing that every lap would mean you get a very spongy pedal very quickly. This gives someone following a chance.

Go back to manual gearboxes, the drivers as a whole dont make enough errors (good for them, bad for us) bring back the possibility of missing a gear and of destroying a gearbox with over enthusiasm. This will also bring back the forgotten art of heel and toeing, this alsop places more emphasis on driver skill.


I couldn’t have put it better myself…


The sound is very important. The worst sound they made was when traction control kicked in when leaving a corner. That was pitiful. Thank god that is gone.

I’ll just have to play my CD of the V-16 BRM – awesome !

I read the banning of team orders as “no change” carry on as before.


The whole eco thing is a joke! F1 is supposed to be the PINNICLE of motor racing – not an economy run! The whole eco/cost saving thing is a sham! If we had limited days testing – or say the day AFTER a GP – costs could be cut because the facilities etc are already paid for & everyone is there!Have any of the above children heard in real life the Ferrari V12 engines (unrestricted) from the past!


Finally, Turbo has returned. Oh I hated the move to normal aspiration seeing the sleek, smooth lined cars of 1988 lost in time. I for one can’t understand everyone’s love of having their eardrums half destroyed by V12’s V10’s and V8’s. Remember we’ve watched F1 cars with big air ducts above the driver’s heads now since 1989, Ugly cars compared to the sleek beautiful cars of 1988.

Turbo will bring back the Engine manufacturers, Audi or Porsche Tag on behalf of VW, Toyota and Honda. In a nutshell, I have waited for the return of the beautiful, sleek, Turbo’s for years. Turbo is the future, I don’t care how it sounds, its the overtaking, fuel management (Prost) and strategy of waiting to lead and that free for all in balancing boost vs running out of fuel. I can’t wait!


The new 1,6 turbochargers are the way to go. Great decission of the FIA. The world and manufacturers want greener engines and if the F1 wants to survive, the have to go with the flow.


Well, Jeroen, maybe they better do something quick about the planes that transport the f1 circus around the world! (And the trucks/transporters). One plane on one flight can use as much fuel as one F1 car uses in a whole season, or more!



James, do you think the new engine regulations will make it better or worse for the cars to overtake?

Also on the subject of overtaking, do you have any stats on which circuits have produced the most overtakes and the least??



Back in the day (the ’80s), there was always the option of turning up the turbo boost to get past a slower car. I’m assuming that option is going to return, so it should help with overtaking.

Actually, as there’s been no mention of a boost limit, I’m guessing that the fuel-flow limit will be the limiting factor in terms of horsepower.


I think it will make a difference if they give the engines a lot more regenerative energy and set usage terms so it’s being used at different times by different cars.


I find the new engine rule absolutely ridiculous!

If the manufacturers want to go green, fair enough, but Formula1 has always been a glomorous sport and no one should change that. Its all about the champagne, diamonds, good looking girls, fast cars, burning fuel for fun and that georgeus noise! Please do not take that away from us…

I really hope common sense is gonna kick in and its not gonna go through but if it does its not gonna be the same anymore


Why must we have Green politics thrust upon us ?

When did they win an election to take over every aspect of our lives ?

Is there a single F1 fan out there who gives a monkeys about halfwitted Green posturing ?

Posturing is all it is, the net effect will be less than a billionth of a percentage point of difference.

However, developing engines and technologies that relate to road cars, is of clear use….

What is going on with the Team Orders being un banned, but mention being made of the “Bringing the Sport into disrpute” … as they cannot “prove” team orders are they now seriously threatening to use this rule as more of an effective weapon.

Endless arguments about just how many extra points Alonso has shamelessly cheated do detract from the whole thing. We want a level playing field, a great, straight, close fight between the Vettels and Hamiltons, without Alonso being allowed to steal an advantage.


6 Tenths, your “developeing engines/technologies relating to road cars is usefull” comment is interesting. Tell me, does Mum really need a multi valve multi cam engine made of unobtanium, capable of reving out to 12 grand to take the kids to school and get the groceries? I don’t think so! And I don’t need one to go to work in, nor does my mum and dad, and the youths certainly don’t need one to rap themselves and my doughter (or your doughter) around a lamp post or a truck or a tree or a bus. That takes care of most of the population, then you’ve got tourists and foreigners who either can’t drive safely or don’t know where they’re going! Anyway, nowadays way too many people are getting around in bloody great 4wd suvs that are blocking the roads/vision and rarely go fast enough to get out of grandma’s way, and she doesn’t go fast. Personally I can’t see the connection between the general public’s car and F1.



Cont’d., Althought, Sixtenths, I must admit a computorised adjustable wing could be useful on my car! (I’m not sure why, but I’ll think about it).



Its not green politics. Its all about the sponsors, thats where the “green” thing comes from. Sponsors need to present themselves to the consumers as being “green” and there’s always some nut that will want to boycot a product because they sponsor a “wastefull” F1 car.


F1 Eco = F1 is dead.

Team Orders Ban Lifted = Slap in the Inquisitors Face This season.

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