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Vettel wins Brazilian Grand Prix, Red Bull are Constructors’ Champions
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Vettel wins Brazilian Grand Prix, Red Bull are Constructors’ Champions
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Nov 2010   |  7:36 pm GMT  |  204 comments

Red Bull Racing clinched their first F1 Constructors’ World Championship at Interlagos as Sebastian Vettel led a 1-2 finish ahead of Mark Webber. Fernando Alonso was third and he goes to Abu Dhabi with an eight point lead over Webber. If he finishes second whatever the other two do, he is world champion for the third time.

It was a difficult result to swallow for Webber, who would have been only one point behind Alonso if the team had backed him. But that is not their philosophy and you can debate the rights and wrongs of that. It would have helped as Webber struggled a bit for pace at Abu Dhabi last year, it’s not really his kind of circuit. Alonso has the Red Bull pair exactly where he wants them.

The race start was decisive. At the getaway, Hulkenberg held the lead into turn 1, but lost it to Sebastian Vettel down the back straight. Webber lost a place to Hamilton into Turn 1, but managed to repass into Turn 2. He then forced Hulkenberg into a mistake in Turn 3 and moved through to second place.

Alonso attacked Hamilton at the end of lap one, but then pushed Hamilton into a similar mistake to Hulkenberg at turn 3 and he was through. For the second time in two races Alonso had passed his great rival by forcing him into making a mistake.

Alonso sized up Hulkenberg for a while before making a sublime pass in turn 3 on lap five. But in those first three laps, crucially, he lost 10 seconds to Webber in second place.

Hamilton struggled to follow him, radioing his team that he had ‘no grip’. The McLarens seemed to struggle for pace in the early stages, Jenson Button was passed by Michael Schumacher.

Button was the first to pit for hard tyres on lap 11, which triggered a similar move from Ferrari with Massa and Williams with Barrichello.

Barrichello had a problem at his stop, while Massa pitted a second time, as a wheel had not been fitted properly. On lap 15 Hulkenberg pitted and was jumped by Button.

Hamilton stayed out, now racing Button – who had started 11th – for position. He pitted on lap 20 and rejoined ahead of his team mate.

Alonso meanwhile was on the same pace as the Red Bulls but he had a 10 second margin to Webber from the time lost behind Hulkenberg.

Alonso pitted on lap 25 for hard tyres and rejoined second. This triggered a move by Vettel who pitted on lap 26. Webber pitted a lap later and rejoined second, the pit stops changing nothing.

Nico Rosberg impressively kept his soft tyres going longer than his peers and was running fifth before his stop. he rejoined behind Button in seventh behind Kobayashi who was running long on hard tyres in the opening stint.

Around lap 30 Alonso asked his engineer about his relative pace to the Red Bull cars, weighing up whether to push his engine to try to catch or whether to conserve the engine with Abu Dhabi in mind.

Webber was pushing hard at mid distance, knowing that Vettel’s engine was on its third race while his own was on it second.

Barrichello was forced to pit on lap 36 as he had a puncture after contact with Alguersuari. Hulkenberg meanwhile was down in 10th place, albeit behind Sutil and Kobayashi who had not stopped.

Webber continued to push hard, getting the gap down to 1.5 seconds, as the pair came upon a train of eight cars all fighting for position. Massa was first and Webber lost 3/10ths to Vettel lapping him.

The team told him that his engine temperatures were high, so he had to short shift on gearchanges. Inevitably he felt that it would have been helpful, but he also knew he could not count on it.

On lap 50, Tonio Liuzzi crashed heavily at the Senna S triggering a safety car. This allowed Alonso to close the gap on the Red Bulls and gave Kobayashi a great chance with new soft tyres and a closed up field.

Also taking the opportunity to pit for new softs under the safety car were the two Mercedes, two McLarens and Massa. Rosberg’s race was ruined by a chaotic stop by Mercedes, seemingly not knowing which tyres to put on.

Hamilton was now fourth on new tyres at the restart. Vettel had the luxury of two cars between him and Webber at the restart.

It was a bad day for Brazilian F1 fans, with Massa 15th, Barrichello 17th, Senna 21st and Di Grassi out.

If Red Bull wanted to maximise their chances of winning the drivers’ title they would have prioritised Webber today, but they do not have that philosophy and so the task is difficult for both Red Bull drivers in Abu Dhabi.

“Today is about the team, ” said a disappointed Webber of the Constructors’ Championship success. “People like Adrian Newey, David Coulthard, who out a lot of work in, Christian Horner. We have some soldiers back at base. Adrian pushes them hard. We’ve hit a few logs in the river along way but I want to thank everyone.”

Asked whether he wished the team had allowed him to win, Webber said, “It helps but it’s not in the team’s philosophy. Fernando got some points in Hockenheim, but that’s happened many times in the past.”

Asked whether he would allow Webber through to take the title if the top three in the closing stages of the race were the same as today, Vettel said,

“We will see where we are. Operating those cars on the limit you are never certain. In my case it’s straightforward I need to get the result. We both know how to act. We had some moments we are not proud of. In that situation it is obviously something that we would think of.”

In reality he would have no choice as for a Red Bull driver to hand the drivers’ championship to Alonso in that scenario is unthinkable. But there are many other permutations in the final race of this classic championship.

BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX, Interlagos, 71 laps

1. Vettel Red Bull-Renault 1h33:11.803
2. Webber Red Bull-Renault + 4.243
3. Alonso Ferrari + 6.807
4. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes + 14.634
5. Button McLaren-Mercedes + 15.593
6. Rosberg Mercedes + 35.300
7. Schumacher Mercedes + 43.400
8. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth + 1 lap
9. Kubica Renault + 1 lap
10. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari + 1 lap
11. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1 lap
12. Sutil Force India-Mercedes + 1 lap
13. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1 lap
14. Massa Ferrari + 1 lap
15. Petrov Renault + 1 lap
16. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth + 1 lap
17. Heidfeld Sauber-Ferrari + 1 lap
18. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth + 2 laps
19. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth + 2 laps
20. Glock Virgin-Cosworth + 2 laps
21. Senna HRT-Cosworth + 2 laps
22. Klien HRT-Cosworth + 6 laps

1. Alonso 246
2. Webber 238
3. Vettel 231
4. Hamilton 222
5. Button 199
6. Massa 143

1. Red Bull-Renault 469
2. McLaren-Mercedes 421
3. Ferrari 389
4. Mercedes 202
5. Renault 145
6. Williams-Cosworth 69

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I know a lot of Webber fans will say the team should have fixed the race and let Vettel let him pass, but as an unbiased racing fan I think RBR respect and honour the racing spirit by letting them race, unlike some other teams.

The sporting spirit above anything else, no matter how much criticism it gets them, or maybe will cost them the driver's championship.

And besides, in the last race, if Webber can win it by Vettel giving him the position, he will do it as he said....but it will be a tainted championship in my view, and many racing fans.

Webber should be just faster than Vettel and claim it, not hope for his teammate to throw him a bone.

Also on a sidenote, Alonso kept mentioning overtaking 'Hunkelbur', who is this driver that sounds like a character from Harry Potter 😛



As much support as there is on here for having Vettel move over for Webber, for me it all comes down to the fact that he is still a legitimate contender (many seem to gloss over this little issue), and I think it is right not to ask a guy who can win the world championship to scupper his chances.

A lot of people are opining that if the situation were reversed, Webber would have been asked to move over. Maybe, maybe not. But that is not the case here anyway.


In my opinion not switching them was a horribly stupid move by RBR.

By not switching them they have decided that the chances of winning the WDC are greater with a driver on 16 and one on 8 rather than one on 22 and one on 1. (all behind alonso).

If they thought they had better chances with 22 and 1 behind, then they would have switched them.

The increase in chances for Vettel means that Vettel can now win if

a) Vettel wins and alonso DNFs

b) Vettel wins, webber 2nd, hamilton 3rd, button (if he can quali high enough and hold position) 4th and ________ (kubica to beat and hold alonso?) 5th and alonso 6th.

But they risk

a) Hamilton who was fast there last year and needs to win and a miracle to happen to win, goes for it, notihng to lose, and wins. Webber 2nd, Vettel 3rd and 2010 WDC Alonso 4th.

b) Webber wins, problems for vettel or alonso gets past vettel. Alonso wins wdc.

If they had switched then sure Vettel's chances are dramatically reduced, but even if Hamilton or someone does get a leg up in Abu Dhabi, then RBR can still clinch the title as long as alonso is behind.

And that's really the crux of it. Which one do you think has a bigger chance? Vettel + 4 others beating Alonso, or Hamilton doing what he does best and driving quickly?

note: they shouldn't be doing this early season and the chances of (using the basket analogy) the chosen basket braking is quite high over the season while the other basket is strong enough to fight. Ferrari had to go all or nothing with Alonso. But just as 2007 shows, there is no point having equal treatment for both, if neither wins.


You're spot on Jim. Webber has the fastest car on the grid, more experience and apparently a more level head (although that's open to debate given some of his comments). So lets see Webber 'Step up' (as the Americans say!). I don't think he's as quick as Seb, who would have title wrapped up if his car was as reliable as Marks. I still think the McLarens will be a force in the final race and we could yet see Vettel take the title.

Good spot on the Alonso comments, I found that amusing too ! 🙂


Don't worry, Mark webber will not be a champion this year...Vettel wont be doing it.

Imagine a scenario where Vettel starts the race on pole with mark webber in second and alonso in third, and the race is in it's final stages and vettel decides/ordered to allow webber through and then Alonso crahes out of the race...

Vettel would be mad that you cannot even imagine. For this reason, i do not think vettel giving way to webber.

Any thing can happen


If I were Seb, I would park it a yard short of on the finish line and watch the others on a big screen just in case.


All very noble of Red Bull to let Vettel win and see what happens at the end. But boy have they given Alonso a big step up in the final race. I guess Vettel is a much better marketing tool to sell cans worldwide. Webber's head on a bill board obviously does not have the same impact. Still another race to go and who knows what will happen...


Agree with Mark comments.

This is now a fairly straight forward situation.

For Red Bull to let them finish the same as today would gift the title to Ferrari.

Red Bull have got the constructors cup so now is their chance to win the drivers as well.

If Vettel won with Webber second Alonso wins, for a team this does not make any sense at all.

This is likely to happen as it did today as thr RBR pair are so close in times.

Is this all sheer arrogance that RBR will not even contemplate winning the title just because Webber is in the frame ??

I suppose those billboards would not look as good ?


I say this as well because I live between Munich and Salzburg these days home of the Red Bull. I go to Hangar 7 quite a bit for a retreat. When I am there all the cars Vettel has driven are all proudly displayed. Webber's has his name alongside Coulthard's on only one but has driven for the team 4 years running. The Red Bulletin many times features an article on Vettel or he is on the front cover. Then when I am in the supermarket there is the life sized Vettel cardboard cut out standing there in his Red Bull Gear. Even the new GT5 has Vettel driving the virtual car. All the marketing is geared toward him and one can not help but think many of their decisions are influenced by this in the end. Making it a sporting motive is just convenient.

Saying all this Vettel has driven the wheels off his car in the last few races. Shame about the blown motor in Korea. But Webber is still the one in front and the closer one to Alonso.


Thank you for your informative comments, these are details that many people do not know about !


I think this is true. RBR have said that their future is with Vettel. I am all for no team orders and love that but I also feel deep down that should that shoe have been on the other foot this weekend (i.e. Vettel 2nd and webber leading with the points reversed) Webber would have been asked to move over for Vettel so that Vettel would have had the best shot at winning the championship no matter how mathematical possible it would have been for Webber to win. I do not think RBR want Webber to win but if it happens they will accept it.


That is what happens with the cars of the driver with most points at the end of the season, no conspiracy there.

Go to Mclaren and you see Hamilton's, not Kovalainen's. Go to Ferrari, you see Schumacher's, not Rubens'.


Hamilton and Vettel are eliminated from the title


Today result is pretty much expected in a way. RedBull were so much faster than the others it was a no contest. Alonso said that the fact that he was held behind Hamilton and the Hulk was the reason for the gap but I disagree (1st time I disagree with Alonso for a long time now). RedBull were managing the gap I think. The only question was who's of the RedBull's was going to win and to be fair (not being an english or a an aussie ournalist) Vettel was the class act of the RedBulls all this year. Only in Barcelona and Monaco was Webber clearly the faster of the pair.

But as the situation is now Hamilton is obviously out of the title race. It was the case since Korea in my view. Vettel only hope is of an Alonso DNF which is far from a given. The problem is that the infos on engine usage are unknown even for journalists. If Alonso's very low milage engine from Bahrein is in a good shape or this one is still strong and reliable, Vettel has absolutely zero chances.

Webber is in a good position given how fast are the RedBulls because Vettel will let him through in Abu Dhabi (he said it to the journalists). If Webber wins and Vettel is 2nd the title is Webber's.

The problem is RedBull back to back perfect races are very rare, they need one this time and that might happen because I don't think that Alonso might be a threat for them, certainly not in qualifying. The other unkown is how will Webber handle the pressure because next race he won't complain about the team as he will have the leader status, so he has only to perform. Luckily for him, no rain is expected in Abu Dhabi (all year long).

The only problem for Webber is that if Alonso has a DNF, a Vettel victory will hand the title to the german. But as with RedBull, Vettel back to back perfect week-ends are almost impossible.

McLaren was a surprise for me. I was sure that the only way for Alonso to overtake Hamilton is during pit stop yet he overtook him with a greater ease than the Hulk. Hamilton was looking inimpressive for the 2nd straight race and McLaren new aero updates have the usual effect (move them backwards) : reducing the speed. I criticized Button hardly yesterday and he impressed me with his race pace and his spot on decisions. He looked almost on the pace of Hamilton which is a miracle given his recent form. Globally though, McLaren are looking less and less competitve and their season is officially over.

Their 2nd spot in the constructors championship is garanteed for McLaren thanks to Massa's rubbish form. Alonso was hoping that his team mate will challenge for victories to protect his lead. He was closer to the back of the field due to his lack of pace and his rubbish overtaking moves. He really has to wake up. Since Germany, he was no help neither for his team nor for his leader.


I would tend to agree with your comment if it was not almost entirely based on supposition. The fact that Vettel has not had back to back wins means exactly 0. He could go on to win the next 50 races for all we know. It is true that odds play into the hands of Alonso and given his tally, he has, in subjective terms, the advantage. What we all fail to remember is that all contestants start from zero + their handicap over the other ones. All drivers already know what the permutations are, but only in mathematical terms. When we get to the race it is an entirely different matter. Nobody knows what is going to happen. And that is a good thing; we've been privileged to have witnessed one of the most exciting championships and regardless of our choice of driver we should still look forward to the next race.

Make sure you save your fingernails for next weekend.


why would you disagree w/Alonso's statement ? It was clear he was being held up, a gap was being built lap by lap then once he was passed them and in P3, the gap stopped growing. His pace was with that of RBR. Sure, they might have had something extra but we never got to see it as he was never close enough to see them up their pace. Towards the end, he was catching them but after fighting with lapped cars for so long on old tires, time had run out.

Anyway, I was also disappointed by Massa, I hoped he would be in position to help or go for the win but he was lacking pace for sure all weekend. Heres hoping the McLarens and others can spice things up in Abu Dhabi. If the RBRs are 1-2 again... *sigh*


For Massa the double pit stop didn't improve things but he wasn't impressive before or after.


I think Christian Horner did effectively say on the BBC Forum that if the order was Vettel, Webber, Alonso on the last lap in Abu Dhabi then Seb would move over to let Mark win. Which I think is the right call.

But of course who knows what the last race will throw up? Either way, it's been a helluva season!


Exactly! "who knows". Many things can happen to deny Red Bull the drivers title now. If Webber had won today then all he would have had to do was finish ahead of Alonso in the next race. Their car is the fastest and so that would have been highly likely.

I'm really not sure Red Bull have done the right thing here. I suppose you can make the argument that they are maximising their chances by having 2 drivers in contention. If for example one crashes into Alonso or something happens then they always have a backup driver. ...Still though both drivers really have to hope now that Alonso has a major problem next week. they are basically betting that they will have a 1st and 2nd in the next race. Whilst they have the form to do it, they have managed to fail to do that loads of times this season.

...Anyway I suppose it's their decision to make. If they want to do it this way it's their right. Time will tell if its the right choice.

Nicholas Thornton

I am sorry but the safety car rule of not letting the back markers through NEEDS to be changed. Mark would have had a good chance of 1st place had he been right up with Vettel at the restart. Alonso fans must be angry aswell. He would be right up with mark with his "engine" issues. Webber for the title


I'm don't agree. Those back-markers were between the leading cars before the Safety Car came out. Vettel had passed them, Webber hadn't. The cars behind get a big enough advantage from a safety car as it is, they get to close the gap, removing the back-markers as well would just benefit them even more.


Its happened at other races this year. This was compounded by the short track so traffic and lapped cars were everywhere. Still, I don't think it would be that difficult to have them unlap themselves. They shouldn't be mixed in there whatsoever as today, they clearly showed they were going to hold up the front runners to protect their own race. I want the drivers in the proper order on eachother's gearboxes. The SC needs to stop being a lottery, its just not right. Theres debris or a car crashes/stops in a "dangerous" position and someone's race is compromised ? Ridiculous! The SC should pause the race then it should resume as it was, with only the gaps coming back down. Even thats a bit unfair honestly. SCs should just be removed, I think the drivers would be able to manage. Racing is supposed to be dangerous right ?


I'm quite surprised by threatment of Blue flag rule. After SC restart Alonso was held almost half of the lap by Sutil and more than half of the lap by Buemi (if I am right). Of course, maybe it wouldn't have changed anything but why we need a rule that some blind wannabe cool guys do not obbey?


I think Blue Flags work in principal ... and they normally work when the situation is relatively straight forward. But it was utter chaos today, with all the squabbling. I'm not sure how else you'd organize it!


Blue flags were flashing properly; problem was some pilots ignored them.


Agreed, Sutil appeared to actually move across the track to block an overtaking move by Alonso at a time when he was obliged by the rules to let him past (aside from the blue flags i'm sure there is a rule about deliberatly impeding other drivers), Massa also seemed to hold up Webber for a long time. I can't believe that those drivers teams had not informed them on the radio who was behind them at the re-start.


The Hulk impressed me with his defending qualities. The pace of the Ferrari and McLaren is so much better than his yet he made their life miserable particularly with Hamilton.

This guy is showing what he's made of in wheel to wheel racing. Really impressive week-end.

If the German carry on bringing new talents it'll be Formula Germany.


Great race, great result for us fans... Yas should be an awesome race!


It would be very interesting to see Vettel leading from Webber and Alonso on penultimate lap in Abu Dhabi. Would they switch positions?


It may not be easy to switch positions. If Freddie is very close behind in his ferrari, a switch could go horribly wrong....


I believe they'll switch earlier in the race in such situation. Ch.Horner might talk whatever he wants but RedBull must be total fools to lose WDC in such situation


Hi everibody. What a race! Next weekend gonna be crazy. Incredible Alonso-Hulkemberg overtaking I almost suffered a heart-attack!


Red Bull seem to be just one tiny mechanical problem away from the most impressive U-turn in F1 history.

That's when we will all be able to admire Little Jack Horner's foot-speed as he backtracks away from the moral high ground.

"We'll see where we are ..." is just not a good enough answer after spending a season issuing sermons from on high.


I think you're missing the point completely.

Yes, all season long Mr Horner has been saying his drivers will not be the subject of team orders and will be allowed to race. I can't find the quotes now, but I'm sure he also eluded to the mathematics as well - i.e. if one of them will be mathematically unable to win the championship then the other will get preference.

What he's now saying is that if the race looks like finishing as it did in Brazil, then Vettel will let Webber overtake him. That's not a team order. And even if it is, Vettel can't win WDC if Alonso is coming home third. Mr Horner's integrity intact in my view.


... Of course. Even if it might promise to give you wings it cannot not ever make you an angel.


Congratulations to Redbull on the WCC- but does anyone really even remember the WCC past the end of the year?

I happen to think their philosophy is bankrupt and strongly suspect had the situations been reversed they would have moved Webber over for Vettel.



As you wrote after the Singapore GP Fernando had 2 engines available for the last 4 races. The ones used at Spa and Monza.

Do you know which one will be fitted for the last round?

Hungarian TV commentator suggested that Ferrari will use the engine which was replaced after the Bahrain qualifying.

Do you see a chance for that. It would be an engine with small amount of running but with risk of failure.


THe same one he used today. It's the Monza/Brazil/ Abu D engine


It is confirmed? What about engine from Bahrain which was changed because of heating issues? As far as I remember Alonso is allowed to use it for the last race, isn't he?


I thought that engine was the one that blew up in 1st practice on Friday. I could be wrong though!


Most comments I read said that the Bahrain engine had a failure in China FP.



Do you have any insight into the engine situation at Red Bull and McLaren (for Lewis in particular)? It would be very interesting if you could do a piece this week on the engine and gearbox situation for the front contenders.


Among Jenson Button declarations today "We just have to build on this for next year, I don't think there's a team out there stronger than us."

I don't know what happens with people going to McLaren thinking they're the best. They believe their own bla bla by the look of it.

Someone should tell them to look at the figures and stats from time to time.


Martin Whitmarsh makes positive statements about their team's aspirations and hopes with their upgrades and you mis interpret them with a negative spin. Perhaps McLaren could be accused of being optimistic but your "blah blah, blah" betrays your real thoughts about McLaren. One could say pretty much the same about the other teams!


Unfortunately some of their fans believe all of the "blah blah blah" as well. Other teams have no trouble attracting discerning fans though...


Hopefully in 2011 such people will learn to discern the different types of advantage that a driver can gain when going off the track.


Perhaps far more honest than the explanations given by Domenicali for the Ferrari driver swaps at Hockenheim or the media day which was an excuse to covertly test their car. Discerning fans from other teams spot when they are being taken for fools by Ferrari's spin!


Jo - I think Jenson may have meant their driver pairing relationships are strong. Jenson and Lewis are a strong pair together, unlike Vettel/Webber and Alonson/Massa who, from my perspective, seem to have fairly unstable relationships. This must echo down through the team, and certainly the amount of media coverage it generates seems to substantiate this. Martin Whitmarsh seems a good boss, and generally makes good decisions, but I don't have so much confidence in Horner or Domenicali. No doubt their cars are fast, and they deserve their victories, but as a total entity, McLaren do look strong team.


Mclaren are a strong team but the car is & has been up to a second a lap behind the non fixed wing car all season.I've often wondered how Red Bull can get so much extra compared to the team Renault car.History would suggest something shady to be this dominant,a la DD Diffuser,hidden traction control etc,one equalizing factor is the Aussie stockcarman has done his best numerous times to undo the advantage they have,taking his team mate out,getting airborne behind the Finn,spinning out in Korea whilst trying a repeat of his opposition ending move into Ham this time targeting Alonso,but missing.Here's hoping for a half decent car from Macca for 2011.


yeah..agreed with u.what i've understood from button comments is their driver pairings is the best among any other top teams.That what he means by 'I don’t think there’s a team out there stronger than us.”

Button came from 11th to 5th just behind lewis as look like as defender teammate.And it always shows from previous races too. And with that i agreed with button, lewis-button pairing is the most stable compared from others and that make mcca team look stronger internally


I don't think Alonso has the Red Bulls where he wants them: Yes, all he needs now is a 2nd to clinch the championship, but now Vettel is also a factor, it's not just a 1 on 1 race with Webber.

If both Red Bulls are ahead of him in the last race, there's no doubt in my mind Vettel will left Webber pass, and even try to slow down Alonso to make sure Webber has a gap. If Webber's car fails for some reason, Alonso will still have to be 4th, so any failure will be doom him.

Given how much better the Red Bull car is, I'd not give him even odds to win the championship right now. What he really needed was to be ahead of a Red Bull car today in Interlagos, but it was never even close. Abu Dhabi will be an even better track for Red Bull.


If Vettel lets Webber past, he would be foolish to try to slow down Alonso. If Alonso were to get past him, Alonso would take the title.


On race trim Alonso package is faster than Webber.

Alonso needs of qualifying behind the two red bulls and put pressure, something that he could not do in Brazil.


not sure that Alonso is faster than webber in race trim, RB6 is the out right fastest car, and that includes Webber being behind the wheel. the gap to alonso would have been bigger had it not been for the overheating issue Webber suffered.


I completely agree here, I don't understand how Alonso has the Red Bulls right where he wants them at all. He can only hope that something goes wrong with one Red Bull so he can win the title, and that is assuming that Alonso stays true to form and is in 3rd place. It is obvious that Red Bull will use team orders should they be 1st and 2nd and Alonso 3rd.

The pace of the Bulls is such that, should Alonso even luck out and one of them finish behind him in qualifying, he'd struggle to even hold one off in the race. The points are such that if this arose and the chasing RB and Alonso collided, the other RB driver would scoop up the title by finishing 2nd. I believe team orders are fair and RB made a good choice letting them finish in this order today. Alonso really needs a miracle now...that miracle being either a RB puff or smoke or more importantly, that Ferrari can actually give him a car remotely on pace with the RB.


By deciding not to switch Vettel and Weber positions today (which clearly means they do not support Webber but Vettel), Red Bull has increased Alonso's position.

This is just crazy.

Of course everything can happen in Abu Dhabi (including the worth for RBR!), but securing now the position would have seemed the logical thing for everybody... except for Red Bull!

Now McLaren looks to be out of the game, none of the RBR driver has his destiny in his hands:

- Even if he wins, Vettel can't be champion if Alonso is third.

- Even if he wins, Webber needs Vettel to finish second.

When you're facing such a wild animal as Alonso is, this is stupid...

I do not wish Alonso to win the WDC, but this would be a good lesson for the RB management. History does not remember world champion constructors. History remembers drivers.


If the Red Bulls can keep up their pace in Abu Dhabi, Webber will most likely be world drivers' champion with another Red Bull 1-2, only this time with Webber in front. Of course Vettel will let Webber pass provided that Alonso is well placed enough.


Things tend to happen in life. It never works out how you expect. In the vast majority of races this season Red Bull have had the fastest car and their aim has been to get a 1-2, but yet many times they haven't. Of the 18 races we have had so far Red Bull have achieved 4 1-2 finishes. That's not a great batting average.


Really???? How many 1-2's does Mclaren have? Ferrari?

All of this back webber stuff is really making my blood boil, firstly because he has done nothing to rally the team to his but rather running their name into the dirt everychance he gets. In the business world you would get fired for that, and second, all these parrots saying RB should back webber are the same puppets who were calling for Ferrari to be disqualified after hockenheim. Get over it, most of these same people who rant on about the integrity of the sport blah blah blah would probably be happy if vettel parked it on the finish like like Rubens did for Schumi

sorry for the rant


I was looking at the situation coldly. I was thinking about the tactics of winning a world championship. I'm more a Lewis Hamilton fan myself, although not in a fanatical way.


As much as I applaud the outward efforts of Horner talking about allowing his two drivers to fight amongst themselves (despite previous history), I can't shake the belief that had it been Vettel ahead of Webber in the Championship but behind him in the race, something - either a deliberately slow pit stop or a veiled team order - would've been put into effect on the premise of getting within a point of Alonso. I might be wrong, and I might be misjudging Horner's genuine efforts to maintain some sort of equilibrium, but with everything that has gone on this year it's a hard suspicion to shake - Red Bull will be as synonymous with supporting their German as Ferrari were as far as I'm concerned, whoever partners Vettel in the future.

Although I'm not so much of a conspiracy theorist to suggest that Mark's engine was turned down for reasons other than overheating.. I'll leave that to Mystic Eddie Jordan.

Good first half of the race though - went a little flat towards the end despite the safety car. Magnificent drives from Rosberg and Button today - ironic that he should lose his championship and yet put in a really world class drive. Rosberg would get Driver of the Day for me when James puts the options up.


Really excellent achievement from Redbull. To achieve so much in only 6 years against McLaren and Ferrari is brilliant.

Couldnt help but chuckle about EJs claim to have signed Newey and then sold him to McLaren. No amount of money would have made that good business sense. Anyone know if thats true?

In terms of the WDC, now its down to 3. I cant see Alonso not winning it now.

We knew Mark wouldnt be allowed through, and that they would be racing on merit all the way to the flag in Abu Dhabi. Its not the teams ethos, unless Seb is leading ;0)

I havent worked out what circumstances would allow Vettel to win the wdc, but even mark has a very slim chance now. Lewis is their only chance of beating Alonso to 3rd place in Abu Dhabi.


Well, there is a lot to talk about after this race but I agree with those people who say that if Vettel would be in Webbers position Red Bull's so called philosophy would be different.

The most interesting thing is - if somehow Alonso does no manage to finish in the final race and Red Bull are 1-2 during the race, it could get interesting because then both of them have a chance of becoming WDC. Then both will have nothing to lose and go for it...

I can actually understand what Red Bull are doing because anything can happen...But on the other hand there is this philosophy which would be different if Vettel was in front of Webber.

Also something is not right with Mclaren. I agree with BBC guys who said that something is missing. The drivers are good, the car is maybe not the best but also not the worst. Something is missing. Maybe they can't optimise the set up, maybe the reason is that Hamilton and Button have different styles and preferences. A lot has been said about the car itself...perhaps a lot will change for next year.


I can't work this one out either Lewis complained he had no grip yet he was all over the back of Hulkenberg for a few laps, maybe he was too aggressive on the tires. He did manage to set fastest lap (albeit with fresh rubber) so the car must be quick..

And Button seemed happy with his performance..


I think it's frustration at having the championship slip from him and not having a car to fight back with. The car is good, but not good enough that he as a driver can make up the difference.

Also I imagine he is frustrated by his mistakes in the last number of races. I think in this and the last race there may have been a technical reason for them, but they were still mistakes....and they have cost him. Just think where he would be in the championship if in Monza he had settled for fourth, in Singapore he hadn't tagged Webber, and in Korea he hadn't braked too late into turn 1 at the restart.

I'm a Hamilton fan by the way. 🙂


With Ifs, we can rework the world. In this championship, if you use the "IFS" there's only one winner Sebastian VETTEL.


Well, I think that Singapore and Monza were the most important ones. If at least one of them he finished, he would be up there. Even then maybe it would not be enough, but still...

To be honest, all of the contenders have made mistakes and have had bad luck...

I disagree with those who say that this season Hamilton has been very unlucky...Up to a certain point he drove very well but then mistakes and bad luck cost him dearly...But because of that we can't say that the whole season he was unlucky...It was the other way round for Alonso - the first half of the season was average, but then Ferrari got better and also Alonso improved. Yet some people say that this season Fernando has been lucky. It is not true if the whole season is analysed.

The same can be said about Vettel and Webber. Button is a completely different story. We do not know how his season would have unfolded if he was more at the front.


To Nick F

I get the hint that you're trying to say Hamilton is somehow the best driver out there but this season especially the second half that assumption is false, the mclaren and Ferrari has been evenly matched with sometimes mclaren faster and sometimes Ferrari but what has been happening is that alonso with an inferior car to the redbull has taken the fight to them whilst Hamilton has faded somwhat in the last few races, it's like 4 races in a row that Alonso has out raced Hamilton and pressured him into mistakes, passed him and had better race pace, you also have all this ifs and buts but what about all Vettel's problems never happened? Or what if Alonso didn't make mistakes? So just face it the best driver in F1 is Alonso and the fastest is Vettel with the potential to becoming the best.


I think that maybe all the recent updates have given speed but are degrading the tires more quickly. Mclaren had no tire problems early in the season. Now they have had them since about Singapore.

I hope that they have learnt a lot from this year and know what to do for the next one.

If I understand correctly, they need more mechanical grip and better traction. The car should be something similar that they had at the end of 2009 - it still was not a great car but it was great on slow and twisty tracks (something that Mclaren allways excelled at - at least the previous seasons).

Of course they should decide which is better over the course of the whole championship - be better on twisty tracks or tracks with fast corners. The best would be a universal car (like the one that Red Bull has but I do not know if they can build such a car). Of course they know more than we do and know better what to do.


Christian Horner is clearly a brighter individual than I, as he is leading a Championship winning F1 team, but... what could possibly be the logic in letting Seb win from Mark today? Beggars belief, that does.


Why would they have fixed the race today as you just never know what will happen next week and if Alonso develops engine problems or gets taken out, then Vettel (and the team) will never forgive themselves for handing the championship over to Webber too soon as they would be in a straight fight but Webber would have been over 20 points ahead.

At least now it's in all their hands for any of the top 3 to win this.

Also, something I thought was very interesting was that if Vettel hadn't taken out himself and penalised Webber in Turkey, the top 3 would now read: Vettel 249, Webber 248 and Alonso 244.


It is simple. He doesn't want to put his eggs in one basket. Webber has hardly helped his cause by his constant attacks on the management throughout the season? Maybe, if he had kept his mouth shut and driven excellently like he has red bull would have been more inclined to support his bid earlier on in the season, when Vettel was going through a tough patch?


Another scenario that is possible though with small probability is that in Abu Dhabi Webber and Alonso make contact , Webber is out and Alonso needs to pit. Then suddenly Horners decision looks like a stroke of genius. By the way, I personally prefer Webber to win over Seb, as I like the guy and it does seem last his last and only chance at it. However, and I think deep inside Webber also agrees, it is much better to win the title by out-pacing Vettel in Abu Dhabi quali, and then having a Redbull 1-2 ....


What beggard belief is Webber fans demanding fixing the race and forgetting racing spirit, namely, you want to win? Drive faster than the other guy.

Remember, last year around this time Webber literally said he would help Button more than Vettel to win the championship.

Also, the irony here, Webber and Webber fans will win the championship THANKS to Vettel throwing him a bone in the last race. It will happen, don't worry. But will a Webber championship be a real championship... 😉


Well, let's hope that's a better bone than Seb threw his teammate in Turkey, then. Oh, and the one in Fuji 2007...


Weak reply, seriously. He said Webber should just drive faster than Vettel and then there is no need for looking for handouts from Vettel. Perfectly normal argument and the truth too.

You talked about something that happened long time ago in Turkey and cost Vettel more points than Webber (who finished 3rd, 15 points and Vettel DNF, 0 points).


So where are we now with the WDC? I know that if Webber fails to win or Alonso comes in second next time out that Alonson will win the championship. However, I make it that if Vettel and Webber can pull off another 1-2, and Alonso can only manage 5th, then all three will end up with the same number of points.

Who will be champion then?


Wow, so it looks like Vettel would be champ. That's really interesting. Thanks for all the replies.

So, if half way through the final race Vettel is leading and Webber is second, Vettel would keep driving for the win. He would only consider letting Webber by if he were absolutely certain that Alonso was going to come in 3rd or 4th (final lap, I guess).

It will be interesting to see how it all actually pans out (could be Hamilton leading them home - who knows).


Talking about finishing on the same number of points - Under the old points system if Vettel comes in first and Webber second they would have the same number of points (104) and Alkonso 5th he would have 105 points - so this years new points system has really spiced things up!!


Vettel, because of best race positions overall.


It won't be Webber. It comes back to most wins which would tie Alonso and Vettel (5 wins). Then it would go to most 2nds which i don't know?


A thought - Under the old points system the above scenario would throw up the following:

Vettel and Webber would both have 104 points and Alonso would have 103 points so to balance the scores Alonso would have to finish 4th. So what has the new pionts system really theown up?


Vettel I believe. Alonso and Vettel will have 5 wins to Webber's 4. which counts out Mark. Then on countback, they will have also each achieved the same number of 2nds and 3rds but Vettel will have had one more 4th place. So wins by countback. What a story that would be.


Well , that is a nice question, and if it indeed happens it will create what I believe the most mathematically close finish to a drivers championship ever. The driver with most victories should win. That eliminates Webber , but still lives Alonso and Vettel tied with 5 victories each. Remarkably poring at the 2010 results, it seems that in that case also the number of second place and third place podium finishes for Alonso and Vettel is equal, and by some poetic justice Vettel would become champion by achieving two more 4'th places than Alonso ....

For reference here is the FIA part of the sporting regulations dealing with this conundrum :


7.1 Prizes and points awarded for all the positions of competitors who tie, will be added together and shared equally.

7.2 If two or more constructors or drivers finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship (in either case) shall be awarded to:

a) the holder of the greatest number of first places,

b) if the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places,

c) if the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.

d) if this procedure fails to produce a result, the FIA will nominate the winner according to such criteria as it thinks fit.


Seb wins, because he has more 4th places than anyone else ... so says the BBC, at least.


Thanks James. Can't wait for your updates and analysis over the week to come.

Good race. Especially the first couple of laps. Alonso managed to salvage a pondium again and he is still on target... Congrats to RBR for their 1st constructors championship. It had their name on since the start of the season.


Does anyone know what is the situation with Alonso's engines? How much milage will he have on his Abu Dhabi engine?

If his Ferrari will stay reliable I would say he is pretty close to clinching his 3rd title. He's far too good and too constant not to take this one.

Too bad for all the Vettel's reliability issues and rookie mistakes, otherwise he's probably the fastest guy out there.

Although they might lose the WDC I must admit I'm impressed by Red Bull's no team orders policy. But the question is, would they act the same if Vettel had more points than Webber?

I would prefer Red Bull to win, not only because I would love to add a new team to my 1:43 diecast WDC collection and because RB6 looks better than F10 :)))

Just kidding. Bring on Abu Dhabi, let the best man win!


What a ragged race.The BBC commentators were so muddled & confused who was where and what was happening, that in the end I switched the sound down and just watched.So were some of the pit teams when changing tyres!!

A solid,good but totally expected result for Red Bull,with Alonso looking quietly confident in the background.Lewis seemed desperately disappointed,and Jensen Button had a very sound race to finish 5th although now sadly out of the Championship race.

Mercedes GP had a solid race,Michael Schumacher graciously allowing young Nico to pass him on fresh tyres.I feel this will be the team to watch for 2011.


High engine temperatures? That was very convenient for the RB management.


Maybe, maybe not.

Overheating engine could have been code for "hold position, don't get close to the other redbull car and bring in a 1-2" because today the priority would have been the constuctors championship.

Everyone in redbull (except maybe the drivers ) would have been looking at sealing that.


Me too, I have trouble to stop believing that F1 is staged.


Michael Schumacher should also get a mention, he really seems to have improved his game over the last three races and it is nice to see the stories of him going also fading.

I would be interested to hear what the stories and rumours are in the paddock regarding Schumacher, surely he must be confident of a good season next year?


Mercedes pit stop call for Schumi was really an awesome mistake, they did compromise his race completely.

Even without that, seeing Michael of today and being happy with his performance is showing how far from his own standards he has become. The former Schumacher would've lived this season as a complete nightmare.


I totally, agree. Seems like Shovlin and Schumacher has made some bad pit stop calls this year whereas Nico and his engineers have been pretty smart about it. Maybe Ross needs to take charge in terms of making strategy calls, like he used to in the Ferrari days.


Didn't MS got ahead of his team mate thanks to a screwy pit stop?


Michael's race was heavily compromised by that easrly first pitstop and then he joined the "Sutil Train".

How many times this year have we seen Michael making good starts only for his Race Engineer to bring him in for a early pitstop and then thats the end of it.

I am glad he is getting new Race engineer next year


Hopefully he will do very well in the next season, seeing him triumphant would somehow give me hopes for my future (lol).


After today I'm expecting another 1-2 in Abu Dhabi for RedBull but it will be very interesting to see in which order.

Vettel will never move over for Webber - it just doesn't fit in the teams philisophy which is one word... VETTEL!


Sammy, spot on. Red Bulls philosophy, "Vettel at all costs." Alonso is crowned WDC at Abu Dhabi in a weeks time. Guaranteed.


Lets hope so!


I disagree. I think he would if the alternative was a Ferrari champion. Red Bull would be a laughing stock otherwise!


I'm amased about all feelings/opinions regarding my comment but let's have a closer look at RBs philosophy:

fact 1 - drivers can race eachother.

fact 2 - no team-orders.

fact 3 - it's obvious Mark is the number two driver.

fact 4 - Horners continuesly disaprovement about the Ferrari team-order in Germany. My opinion is that if you give a teamorder in early/mid or end season, it still remains a teamorder.

Conclusion: if it will be the case that Vettel would be right in front of Webber, they will make themselfs rediculous whatever the outcome may be.

But... on the other hand, if Vettel will move over on the last lap, he can pretend that he took the initiative in behalf of the team.

Let's wait and see. Can't wait.


I'd rather Red Bull be the laughing stock than have F1 be the laughing stock when the championship winner is handed victory on the last lap of the last race. It would leave a very bad taste in what has so far been a fascinating season.


Ahh but look at 2007. Alonso wanted Kimi to take the title over Lewis anyday of the week! Yes there was very bad blood there but why would Vettel not feel the same!

Turning up to race next year with a number 2 on the car....! I dont think so...


James, Then how would Christian Horner explain the fact that he was frustrated with Alonso winning those 7 points cheaply. He was the one who made a lot of sound after the German Grand Prix pointing at foul play.

How would he explain that it was not a team order that made Webber the Champion.


Not in my opinion, firstly it is in Vettel's intrest to lose the title to Alonso than to Webber, if he loses to the latter, his career will forever be tainted by the fact that he once lost a WDC to someone like Webber and as we all know how unforgiving f1 is to minor details such as those. Secondly Mark will probably leave) with a characteristically smug parting shot in he wins, that will make) a laughing stock because they would not be able to credibly market their drinks using Webber after those shenanigans that's why I feel) should not back Webber


I think that Vettel will let Webber pass if Alonso were to win the WDC. Otherwise it would be like a mad stab at Webber and the team.

I also believe that Webber's earlier tantrums cost him the support of the team in the later stages, I don't know if he got any advantage from such earlier behavior.

Mr James, what do you think that would be the actual situation if Webber would have remained cooler earlier in the season? was him being truly disadvantaged (technically) by his team?


They took Mark's front wing and put it on Vettel's car. If that isn't a statement of who is the favored driver then I don't know what is.


I partly agree with you James, but consider this scenario:

Vettel 1st

Webber 2nd

Alonso 3rd

up to the last lap of the race. Why should Seb give the place to Webber? He could very well argue that Alonso's engige could/might/... explode in the last corner and then he is the Champion.

Why give the position away?


My prediction is that if Vettel is leading Webber he will wait till the last lap...and maybe even the last corner to let him by.

...Hm. Although I suppose if he does that it endangers himself. If he pushes to the end I suppose he might have a reliability problem or Webber might try a wild lunge that has them both off.


Because the team would be a laughing stock if it handed the title to Ferrari


I'm struggling to understand why Red Bull didn't take the option of making both championships a little more secure. A webber victory would have pretty much given them both championships, now it looks like Alonso will bag a great third title next weekend.


Quite boring race. Liuzzi's accident was bizarre very "Piquetish".


No, I really think Luizzi's really is that bad. He didn't half destroy that Force India. I feel sorry for his mechanics.


If Vettel lets Webber pass in Abbu Dhabi, then would be Webber a dirty champion? It's a team order, isn't it?


If Webber wins it because Vettel let him pass, it will be a devalued championship. Even Webber will feel awkward knowing he got it thanks to Vettel and will have to live with that.

If Alonso wins, it will be devalued too because of Germany GP and FIA failing to punish illegal activity in a race.

If Vettel wins, it will be 100% honest and deserved.

Funny how most root for the first 2 options, which are the most laughable ones.


The crash kid wins the wdc! Hmmm... don't think your argument stacks up.


What Mr James say is spot on, and I don't think that Vettel will need an order to let Webber past.

If Vettel sillily lets Alonso win the WDC wouldn't his position in the team be compromised?


May I guess at your country of origin Merc 🙂

If either of the three wins it wil be because they got more points than the others. Its not about just 1 result for me.

Whoever wins the WDC deserves it as they've had the best results.

Each year 2 drivers in 1 team have the best car, its about what they do with it.

It has been an excellent championship which I've enjoyed immensely.

My moment of the year, Hulks pole yesterday. Its the first time I've been up and punching the air since last year. Excellent news for F1 and Williams.


Merc, no doubt Vettel has been absolutely on it for a little while now, and I dont think Mark has been. I agree, I'd like to see this genuinely decided on the track. That would be a good way to end what has been a very good year of racing.

I was joking about the nickname by the way 🙂

Redbull should have had this sewn up either way a long time ago, fuly agree there.


You would guess my country wrong, I am from Britain...just like you 😉

You cannot deny that Vettel is the better driver, especially since Monza, Webber is just weak, relatively speaking. He is actually waiting for Vettel to throw him a bone and moaning in the press about this and that instead of doing the job on the track.

Why not just be faster than Vettel and claim it? Everyone already talking about how Vettel must give him the position in the last race...clearly admitting Vettel is the faster guy, we aren't even there yet and you all already know Vettel will be faster and Webber weaker 😉

Again, the irony, if Webber wins it, it will be thanks to Vettel in the last race, not his own skill. The man Webber and his supporters dislike the most and paint him as some villain, while he is just the faster driver.

And to me, who is unbiased (unlike you suggested because of my nickname, I am actually for Button, not Vettel or Germany) I see a Webber and Alonso championship as tainted. A Vettel one not at all, especially considering his 4-5 mechanical problems in the season that lost him at least 60-70 points, easily while the others had no such losses with their mechanical problems. Without those he would have been champion 2 races ago.


Everything gets forgotten the moment the race ends in Abu ... It's the World Champion and his car that gets remembered. So forget the empty calls. (Actually all three have fought tremendously)

( It's even difficult to remember the pain Jenson went through during the end of of his season)


No,he would not be dirty champion. Because the guy he would beat is Alonso, the guy that was slightly helped as well(Hockenheim). There should not be any fuss over team orders.

Vettel may pull over when he thinks its right, or if he decides that winning is not for him that day. "Mark is faster than you, do you understand?" type of radio messages will be avoided I think. If they can handle the case in a more "delicate" way(which is very doubtful, it is Red Bull we are talking about!), no penalties should follow.

Team orders or not, I think Alonso loses his title only if Hamilton(who else but him) sneaks through to third(and RB takes 1,2).


If Vettel lets Webber through this must go to FIA hearing with most honest man on earth - Christian Horner - in front


Was Raikkonen's dirty when Felipe let him past in Brazil?


No, Vettel will decide that. And if he does so, Webber will have to repay later. I think it happened before, between Kimi and Massa.


So would Alonso.


What a showdown it's going to be!

James: Alonso passed Hulk on L7, I think.



Red Bull's philosophy is not to prioritise Webber over Vettel. They would easily prioritise Vettel over Webber though! Silvestone says...

Anyway, Forza Fernando!


I thought Horner said earlier in the season that the driver leading in the WDC standings would get priority, why didn't Webber get to pit first?


He said that only after Silverstone. I suspect it was the excuse they came up with to justify what happened with the front wing.


Vettel has no class. Alonso was all class it has to be said.

Looks like Alonso is laughing all the way to his third. My dream of Webber winning is fading. I think Red Bull just don't want to pay the WC bonus to Webber. They thought it would never play out this way, so they agreed to a crazy championship bonus for Mark?


Jesus, you're watching way too much bad television.


Brilliant comment!!


Webber has no class for saying last year he would rather help Button win than Vettel.

He should just drive faster than Vettel, problem solved. Why are you all demanding Vettel to drive slower, fix the race so your champ can win it? What is fair and classy about that?

All Webber has to do is be faster than Vettel, easy right because you guys claim Webber is much better?


Red Bull is basically his own sponsor and has no or few things to account for towards other investors, or am I wrong? Meaning RBR can probably afford keeping the championship alive knowing it has two contenders with a car that is so obviously superior. What they (moderately) risk in terms of drivers championship, they get back in publicity and good will. So by not using team orders (I'll bet until the last race that is), what is RBR's real strategy? Just fair play? Or a greater return on investment? This is a great championship, but Horner should be ashamed not to have wrapped them both up already. To be honest, I only half admire the team.


I disagree -

I have to admire everything Red Bull have done for sports - their Extreme Sports / Extreme Photography has propelled the world challenge to whole new level -

I don't disagree that it is part of their marketing strategy but I have to admire their whole philosophy ( not including F1 ) - It's been refreshing in this Big Business world and the young adults and youth are 3000% behind them.

I think their problem is their philosophy meeting with the World Big Business model and F1 World Championship.... and the old world part of ..... World Championships actually are a remembered thing as opposed to putting on an EXTREME SHOW.

michael grievson

Great race and I can't wait for next week. I can't help think Alonso is going to win it.


james, which car will suite abu dhabi best? Is it another red bull circuit where theve got massive advantage? Also the ferrari looked quick up the straight up the hill today, do you think alonso could av challenged the bulls if he managed 2 get past hamilton and hulkenburg on the 1st lap?


I think it will be closer than today more of a Ferrari track than this one


So if vettel wins and webber comes second they tie on points with seb ahead on 5 wins. but if alsonso comes 3rd or 4th he wins the title with more points. If alonso comes 5th they all tie with vettl champion on wins. on current form I can't see mclaren boys beating fernando, so my bet is vettl handing webber the win but for this to happen mark has to already ahead or 2nd ahead of alonso... sounds plausable but in f1 nothing ever runs to prediction! my gut feeling is the unpalatable one that alonso just scraps the title by the illegal points in Germany that the fia didn't have the guts to take away. shame...


I understand everyone has a point of view...but Good god...I am so tired about hearing about team orders and 'illegal points'. Team orders have been around forever. My new and improved two cents, I hope whoever wins the WDC wins it via team orders, and I hope the 'fans' who must be new or apparently the most honorable human beings on earth, have to swallow that whole. Please let that happen. I'd rather they leave F1 with that bitter taste in their mouths (If you are wondering what that would taste like, I'd like to call it 'life'...as in life is unfair).

Woe is me for the poor F1 driver who had to move places for a team, how will they ever live with themselves...? They are only fulfilling their lifelong dreams of driving in F1 and are highly paid world superstars...but surely that one coerced lift off the throttle will crush them entirely! F1 will move on with or without these 'fans'. Go team orders and go illegal points 🙂 !


RedBull were untouchable today,just the way they have been many a races this year.

Question out of curiosity: After Rosberg's late pitstop and the trouble with tires, how did he get in front of Schumi? The commentators on SPEED TV mentioned that "Schumi let Rosberg through", if this is indeed the case, is Schumi a practicing buddhist now?


He did let Rosb through because Rosberg had fresher tyres and could have a go at Button


What????? Team orders! Fine them $100,000



"ahhh to be fair it was Schumachers choice to move over! like Massa in Germany."

Coercion perhaps? Massa didn't look very happy after the race for someone who made the decision alone without any interference from his team!


ahhh to be fair it was Schumachers choice to move over! like Massa in Germany.


very nice race.

I am sure now Fernando will win WDC.

Although I back Mark to win, I don't believe anymore.

Fernando will be very worthy champion, after what he showed us in second half of the season though


James first of all you were right about Vettel's dominance in the last races.

True is that talking about number 1 and 2 and blah blah blah sells more papers but for me the key of this season has been red Bull's poor reliability,Vettel should have won easily in Bahrain,Australia and Korea;had his car made it to end those 3 races we would be talking about what a great champion the german is.


Thanks for spotting that! He's been faster than Webber since Monza. Not sure if it's because the car has evolved to suit Vettel more or if Webber's just lost that edge he had in mid season.


James, why would Alonso be champion if they both finish on the same amount of points? If Webber wins the next race then they would have 5 wins each.


Webber wins on countback of second places


how could they be tied on points

Alonso 1st Webber *** ----Alonso wins

Webber 1st Alonso 2nd ----Alonso by one point

Webber 1st Alonso 3rd ----Webber by 2 points

Webber 2nd Alonso 3rd ----Alosno vettel(1st) tied (alonso by countback)


If Vettel 1st, Webber 2nd, Alonso 5th, three people will have same points (256), but Vettel will win because he has 5 wins, 2 runner-ups compared to Alonso (5 wins, 1 runner-up) and Webber (4 wins, 4 runner-ups).... Please correct me if I am wrong....


first of all, congratulations to rbr for wcc.

massa was once again useless today, alonso easily got pass nico, massa was circulating behind rubens before his pit stop, he even couldnt got pass buemi. he was as good as kimi, but it seems he is not a match to alonso as he was exactly not a match to schumacher.

as for alonso, i think he showed once again why he is the best driver for now, he got every thing from the car again.


If Alonso has a bad race or does not finish and Vetel wins the race and Webber is second then Vetel will be World Champion.

Do you really think Vetel will move over?

Mark's chances are in his hands only,if he did not crash out in Korea he would be world champion


As an FA fan I must say that we have to give respect to Horner for today’s decision, he really put it on the line by not making a switch.

If order in Abu Dabi is Vettel, Vebber, Alonso with few laps to go, than Vettel is MATEMATICALLY out and giving Webber a win will be right thing to do, no hypocrisy, untill than Seb is in the hunt.

So Alonso and Ferrari still have job to do, Alonso will have to race Webber for the win till the last lap.


Hi James.

What is idea about Abu Dhabi track?

Is it Red Bull track or Ferrari?

S2 for Bull

S2 for Ferrari

S3 i do not know?

Any idea.


More of a Ferrari track than Interlagos


I am sick of Red Bull's non-willingness to back their points-leading driver.

I really wish for Alonso to win this thing, for this to haunt Red Bull, but more over because Alonso is a MEGA driver.

Today after the restart I expected him to be in trouble from Hamilton on fresh tires. Instead Alonso ran off like a rabbit, doing a much better job with the back markers, he extended his lead on Hamilton lap by lap.

That was for me the proof of total class!


James, during the post-race interviews I noticed an interesting dynamic between the 3 podium finishers and I was wondering if you saw it, or were you too busy conducting the interview?

When one or the other RBR driver was answering your questions the other two were either looking straight ahead or around the studio. However, remarkably, when Alonso was speaking the other two were hanging on his every word!

Did you notice it?


Yes, I did...They were locked on Alonso


//Also taking the opportunity to pit for new softs under the safety car were the two Mercedes, two McLarens and Massa//

James,Michael never pitted behind the SC.Did you watch a different race 🙂

Can you please clarify what the rules say about the SC and the lapped cars.It was chaos out there today with the ones who got lapped fighting for position and not making it easy for the likes of Nico and Michael

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

James, I don't think that Hamilton was forced into a mistake. He just had no grip and understeer.


That is the mistake my friend. He braked fractionally late into the corner and missed the apex


It's going to be such a long week waiting for the race in Abu Dhabi next weekend!!!

I'm a Ferrari fan but think Vettel is worthy of the winning the drivers championship this year.

I haven't any time for Alonso and his antics! As for Massa - he's a nice lad but he's been a total disaster the past few races! Can Ferrari and Red Bull agree to swap Vettel & Alonso for 2011 please???


Ferrari would lose with the change.

This year, with RB's car, Alonso had already won... No doubt.


i dont think vettel would be in a position to fight for wdc as a ferrari driver with this year's car. Actually i dont think anyone other than a younger schumacher would do the samething alonso did.

overall alonso is the only complete package for now, schumacher is old others like hamilton vettel kubica rosberg are still learning.


Hi Earnst,

Ya I agree... I hear what you're saying but I was never really much of an Alonso fan in the past, and I'm still finding it hard to warm to him as a Ferrari drive. But I maybe next year I will feel differently!


The Redbull seemed to bottom out a few times along the pit-straight, well I presume that was what the sparks were.


I have always been a Ferrari supporter but I'm an Australian and passionately support Webber. I think most Aussies would agree it would be a hollow championship victory should Vettel let Webber past on the last lap with Alonso third. I know Massa let Alonso through previously but for me I want Webber to win this last race on his merits. That comes from me not as an F1 fan (in that scenario i'd have no problem) but as a sports fan.

Screw this talk about Vettel needing to let Webber through, Webber YOU ARE the better all round driver at the moment, just go and win!

Sidenote: Alonso has shown this year yet again he is so far and away the best driver on the grid. The championship would have been over 8 races ago if he were in a RedBull.


I think most passionate Aussie (or most other nationalities come to think of it) F1 fans would smash their TV's in disgust if Vettel winning meant Webber lost the WDC to Alonso.It would be the ultimate in F1 stupidity.Red Bull would be my enemy forever...hahaha 🙂


I'm an Aussie too. This is Webbers last chance to win a championship. I would be beside myself if he could clinch it next week whatever the circumstances. 20 years from now no one will care who helped who, his name - only the 3rd Aussie next to Black Jack and Jonesy, will be on the Champions Trophy - the same trophy that has Senna and Schumachers names on it too. 😉


Vettel produced a truly crushing display today and whilst RBR's apparent even-handedness is to be admired - I cannot help but feel that if Webber had been trailing Vettel in the championship by the same margin then this would not be allowed to play out as it is and Webber would have been asked to help ensure a result in Brazil which would have maximised the team's likelihood of taking the driver's title in Abu Dhabi...whether he would have moved over or not is debatable of course...

RBR now have no insurance so even if they are running 1-2 in Abu Dhabi then unreliability could easily hand the title to Alonso. He is the one who can really take the most satisfaction out of today's result.

It kind of reminds me of 1999 where some people seemed to doubt that Ferrari really wanted Eddie Irvine to win the title. Does Red Bull's marketing department REALLY want an ocker old Aussie winning the title - or will its objectives be better met by blowing it all in a supposedly sporting gesture and waiting a year for its favourite to take the crown and vindicate its hitherto fairly unsuccessful (in F1 terms) young drivers' programme in which it has invested so heavily?


As pointed out earlier by other posters, webber chose not to help Vettel last year and even then the team did not "make" him. So why should Vettel be made to do anything for Webber?

All the people slamming Vettel for not moving over do not remember what Webber didn't do for Vettel when he could have in the name of team spirit. This was probably the start of the deterioration of the relationship dynamics between the two.

And I would not feel that RBR would be deemed a fool for not letting webber through - they would have to lose so much bonus to Webber if he got the WDC and then webber in turn would have bragging rights and he would def make diva demands on the team or he'll take the no.1 to another team ala Jenson. RBR would be the bigger fool then.


I was very surprised how difficult the Mclarens found it to overtake the pack despite fresher tyres.

It's a shame that if Alonso wins the title by less than 7 points, all the negative publicity will be on Red Bull for not breaking the rules like Ferrari. That's a messed up situation for anyone to explain to non-F1 fans.

Maybe with the constructors title in the bag, they're not going to lose too much sleep over losing the drivers? I don't entirely believe that, but if the do lose the title because of their "no team orders" philosophy, it makes a good basis for changing that next year doesn't it? Horner can claim that they have no choice but to back one driver from then on as they have to combat Ferrari. No shame in changing your attitude next year if fairplay has cost you the title this year.


I belong to a group of fans who used to get together to crticise one-anothers' favourties during the race. Now we communicate by email in the main. But some things remain the same: we've never agreed.

But now even this remaining tradition has ended, and on two aspects:

1/ If the relative positions of Webber and Vettel had been reversed team orders would have come into play, one way or another.

None of us are insiders so this opinion, shared by all, is based on nothing other than prejudice but for RBR I don't think this nicety matters. If this is the general opinion, and it seems to be that of the majority on here, then their PR has failed miserably.

They are seen as partial and, to put too fine a point on it, as misleading. They are damaged.

2/ That they have needlessly handed Alonso a strong chance of the championship.

None of us feel team orders have much role in F1 and that what Ferrari did earlier on was both morally wrong and cheating. But in the situation that existed at the begining of this race, and especially after both had passed Hulkenberg, there is no real excuse for not having a plan to maximise their chances of a WDC.

If RBR lose the WDC they will be a bit of a laughing stock.

We have a rabid Alonso supporter (is there any other type?) in our group and he had a side bet with a Button fan - poor lads the pair of them - that Vettel would let Webber through. Anything else would be 'idiotic'. At evens none of the rest of us would take it.

Ferrari and Alonso will come away from 2010 with a lot of credit. If they also come away with the WDC then the blame will lie with RBR.

It was good to see Williams on pole. And Hulk drove very well. One wonders if this has pushed up his price.


Another safety car caused by a Force India, it seems to me 2/3 of all accidents this year have involved Force India and/or Sauber I'd be interested to know the actual figures.

No big surprise that after all Christian Horners holier than thou declarations about team orders, his tune has changed now they suit his objectives. I suspect he would have liked to started backing Webber a few races back but the powers that be at Redbull have prevented him from doing so.

Was an interesting bit of insight in to driver mentality in the press conference when Hamilton said Alonso passed him on the straight (i.e. blamed the car) when he was actually passed on a bend as a result of running wide (driver error).


Massa a key for Ferrari ?????

Am I the only one to see a Lewis with a fair chance to steal the title and Massa as a crucial driver to impede him ? (and therefore win the title for Alonso.)

the 3 guys in front will be flat out with a do or die attitude, nobody will watch a title slipping away without taking a huge risk and overtake at all cost.

DNFs of the leading drivers are very likely in such a situation, and Lewis could just pick the pieces.

Unless Massa beats him.


good point Igor K,

exactly what i thought. hamilton still has a chance. the last race will not be easy for the 3 drivers, especially for alonso since he has not the car to disappear in distance even if he somehow manages to be at front of two redbulls.

now if you think a race like Singapore, i dont think vettel will spend all race at the back of alonso without an optimistic passing move. it is same for all the 3 drivers.

the only thing i dont agree with you is massa, this year he was usually useless. imo his chance to interfere with the other 4 drivers are slim.


Red Bull's philosophy is all well and good, but you can't help but wonder if they would still cling to this position if Vettel was the one who was ahead.



if vettel pulls aside for webber in the last race and webber wins the WDC. can redbull be pulled up for team orders? what happens when their is NO radio communication and Vettel just slows? No proof of team orders is their?


Today, we have seen RBR winning the constructors title and Alonso winning the drivers title. If RBR had a slight degree of intelligence, they could have simply swaped Webber and Vettel to allow Webber with a good chance to win the title. With Vettel's lack of engine reliability, it will not be enough for Webber to win the next race if Alonso finishes second, or for Vettel to win the next race and Alonso third. So this is a really stupid behaviour from the RBR team even if they clearly don't want Webber to win or stay long. Vettel is a clear future champion, but handing the drivers title to Alonso is no way of competing especially with their behaviour towards Webber this year.


Any rumors if Webber will lose his seat next year? If so, who could be his potential replacement? With Vettel establishing himself as a clear no.1, i think Massa would make a great no.2. Besides, i think Massa needs a fresh start to re-ignite the old spirit..or Hulkenberg.


Although Alonso is in poleposition for the 2010 World Drivers Crown, it is still far from over.

Red Bull won last year at Abu Dabi and Vettel would love to repeat his victory of last season. Webber will probably not match Seb for pace at this circuit and it would be great if Mclaren can step up and deliver a good result at the end of this season. Button and Hamilton were strong there last year aswell so don't count out the team from Woking.

I wouldn't be surprised to see both Red Bull and Mclaren finish ahead of Ferrari at this race. I would not be surprised to see Vettel jump from 3th in the standings to 1st, like Raikkonen did back in 2007.


All I will say is, respect for Red Bull Racing. They have won the constructors championship and after hearing what Christian Horner had to say post race forum in BBC, I presume if they have to, they will let Webber pass Vettel. But even if they don't, I for one will have tremendous respect for the because they respect the sports something that Ferrari doesn't show.

As for Alonso and Ferrari, they will never be respected because they doesn't deserve this WDC.


Mark Webber, as I understand, has never asked for anything other than equal treatment in the team. I doubt he would want it any other way. If he wins the F1 Championship he would want to know he had done it on his own merits winning fair and square. On the other hand that stunt in Turkey when Vettel nearly took out Webber is still a mystery and should haunt Red Bull as team tactics gone really wrong. That is what might need to be squared-off in Abu Dhabi.


I don't care who wins as long as it's not Vet-tool.

I've been watching F1 for a long time and I can't remember a driver that annoys me more.


What would really suck is if Vettel yields 1st place to Mark Webber in Abu Dhabi with Alonso in 3rd on the last lap, and then Alonso's engine gives way before the chequered flag.

If that happened, Vettel would've effectively handed HIS drivers' title to Webber in the last lap.


All this talk about Vettel letting Webber pass to win. It sounds like a foregone conclusion with most of the media. So many possibilities. I would like to think there is more to Mark Webber than the popular projection of events.

(a) Alonso is either first or second no contest.


(b) Alonso is higher than 5th and Vettel lets Mark through.

How about Mark wins without assistance from Vettel. What ever else eventuates, I don't think he would wish to win either the race or the championship as a result of Red Bull's saying they had no other choice.


If Red bull are 1,2 with Vettel winning near the end next week, and they do swap they will merely be effectively taking back the 7 points Alonso was given. So its all square again.

The FIA stated the rule was not important to them, its not going to be enforced point wise which determines the champ, but by a tiny slap on the wrist fine , they have set the standard.

The FIA need to clear this up for next year.


It would have been funny if RBR did something like:

"Seb do us a favour, let Webber pass for championship and we will try to make your life in a brazilian prison as relaxing as possible for the next 6 years."

Would the brazilians have really done it? So even FIA allows team order again next year, what is with countries who have fair play laws to protect the people who do bets? So good bye brazilia in formula 1 if you keep this law?

I think that by let them race (at least for this brazilian grand prix with its problematic laws) was the right tactic. Not just because of the law but out of mathematical reasons too.

In a race everything can happen, so even Webber's car could fail in Abu and robbing 7 points from Seb would have been a big mistake in this case.

If Webber will rightfully claim himself world champion he should be faster than Alonso anyway. Vettel will do all possible to stay in front of these two ( at least till the last lap) to proof that he had deserved it.

But i think he will let Webber pass if Alonso is third in last lap.


It's looking very likely that Alonso is going to win this championship with tainted points. If that happens, can it really be called a "classic championship"?


I think the type of race that will see in Abu Dhabi depends mainly on the Ferrari engine mounted on Alonso's car. If it holds up in the the 35 C heat, he ll be the champion. If disaster strikes and Alonso DNFs, then Vettel and Weber will fight to the bitter end. Even Hamilton can win the championship if the two RBRs manage to take each other out.

Let's see who'll find his oasis in the desert...


@pdac If "Alonso can only manage 5th, then all three will end up with the same number of points.

Who will be champion then?"

Sebastian would win because while he and Fernando would be tied on wins and tied on 2nd place finishes, Seb currently has one more third place finish than Fernando.


Well deserved congratulations to Red Bull. It wasn't so long ago that it was touted that only a 'constructor' team could win!

Red Bull showed that you can win in the right spirit of competition between their drivers - and they continue to show that they pursue their own directions: both in marketing and technical solutions. Adrian Newey never looked happier! Remember, this was a burnt-out designer who wanted to sail off into the horizon not so long ago.

Off the track, I think the team (perhaps the buck stops with Horner) has only made two errors all season.

1/ Showing 'favoritism' at Silverstone. The front wings should have been left on Webber's car.

2/ Letting Helmut Marko in the Red Bull garage. If his real mandate is really the head of the 'Red Bull young driver program', he should be firmly planted in the Torro Rosso garage so that he can 'emotionally' support Buemi and Alguersuari, and not be a destabilizing thorn at Red Bull.

Bring on Abu Dhabi. May the best man win!


I disagree with Mr. Allen.

RBR like all other teams value the WCC very highly, maybe even the most, since it brings in the money afterall. Also it was very refreshing to witness fair sportmanship on the track with racing instead of manipulation.

The WDC is for the drivers to compete about, RBR already have the highest prize, WCC.

If Alonso takes the WDC then RBR won't be a laughing stock, on the contrary it will be the team that played fair and gave the equal chances to both drivers, just like they did last year.

The smearing campaign over Vettel has been shocking to witness even for a neutral F1-fan. Also the fact that whatever Mark says in the media is taken as the truth although he changes his opinions according to situations that suit him the best.

Mark has been given a winning car, heck they have even taken into consideration his weight when giving cars to their drivers. To bash your employer in public must do wonders inside the team since the millions spent on him (salary, car, personnel) is suddenly made look like it isn't enough for him... Could he at least tell us which team would be better for him if not Red Bull?

That said Mark most certainly has alignated him from his team all by himself. I wonder how many of us can go and bash our employer in public and get warm hugs for it? Is he so sure that when he has a contract in his pocket he can go and do as he pleases showing utmost disrespect towards his employer?

It looks like he uses every opportunity to bash RBR. Take the freaking front wing for example; why do I remember him telling after Friday Practice that he isn't satisfied with the new wing and prefers the old wing instead? Suddenly he wanted the wing very much. Is Mark the only driver in F1 who's new part has been given to the team mate who leads the championship? Hardly. They just don't make a media-event out of it.

The latest I heard was that after the press conference Mark went into his personal room and waited for the mandatory photograph to be taken without even staying to thank and congratulate the team or chat with the VIP-people after they won the WCC. Can't wait for his upcoming interviews...

Summa summarum: If Fernando wins the WDC it's no shame for Red Bull since they have provided us viewers real racing on track during the whole season.

No doubt the team has supported Vettel this season, afterall he is the one who is bashed in the media even by his team mate and it would be unnatural if they would show some warmth to the one causing it in the first place.

So it's not that simple afterall yet it's clear to me that Red Bull will be respected for letting both drivers go after the title - fair and square - even if it doesn't suit Mark.


Has anybody noticed that there is a chance to have THREE drivers on the same number of points after the last race?

Current Standings

Alonso - 246

Webber - 238

Vettel - 231

If Vettel wins, Webber is second and Alonso is 5th, they are all on 256 points. Vettel would be crowned World Champion as he will have five wins and 3 seconds to Alonso five wins and 2 seconds.


Vettel is out for title chances unless Ferrari's engine blows...

If Vettel get the pole and Webber be 2nd in Q3 and Alonso 3rd, Vettel should give up position to Webber I think. Gentlemen would do like that I believe...


That's very cool thanks for pointing that out


Talking about finishing on the same number of points – Under the old points system if Vettel comes in first and Webber second they would have the same number of points (104) and Alonso 5th he would have 105 points – so this years new points system has really spiced things up!!


I would also like to point out that the Abu Dhabi track is a very similar layout to that of the Singapore GP... and we all know what happened there! So I don't really expect to see Red Bull having such an advantage. Good traction and stability under braking is needed and Ferrari has plenty of that to offer. It'll be very close between Fernando and the Red Bulls! It's the kind of track where Webber may struggle so in my opinion, its advantage Fernando. May help if Massa can get in the mix but I doubt he really needs him 😛


Congrats to RB!!!!! Well done and deserved!

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