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Red Bull boss: No driver favouritism, I don’t care if we lose
Red Bull Racing
Red Bull boss: No driver favouritism, I don’t care if we lose
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Nov 2010   |  4:31 pm GMT  |  346 comments

The Red Bull Racing team goes into the final race of the season with two drivers in contention for the Drivers’ World championship, but their best placed driver Mark Webber has a harder task than he would have had if they had thrown their weight behind him today.

Webber would have been one point behind Alonso if the team had backed him today, instead he is eight points behind, more than the gap between first and second places in the final race.

After today’s race – won by Sebastian Vettel, who now needs to outscore Alonso by 16 points and Webber by eight points – Vettel said he would think about letting Webber through in Abu Dhabi if the points dictated it, while team boss Christian Horner intimated that he would not let the drivers hand the title to Alonso.

Mateschitz: We don't manipulate things as Ferrari do (Getty)

But this morning I picked up some quotes from Austrian colleagues, from Red Bull drinks company boss Dietrich Mateschitz which explain why Red Bull managed the race as they did today. He said that he didn’t want to ‘manipulate’ things between his drivers even if it meant losing the title to Alonso.

Speaking in Austrian newspaper Kliene Zeitung, he said, “Let the two drivers race and what will be will be. if Alonso wins we will have been unlucky. I predict a Hollywood ending. Worst case scenario we don’t become champion? We’ll do it next year. But our philosophy stays the same because this is sport and it must remain sport. We don’t manipulate things like Ferrari do.”

Red Bull is a maverick brand, they pride themselves on doing things differently. For everyone to be talking about them, even if many are thinking that they are nuts, is what they live for. They are a marketing led drinks company, not a car manufacturer. On that basis what happens next is hard to predict.

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I am in awe by their sportmanship! This is the way it should be! And this is why Alonso does not deserve the drivers trophee. But what if Vettel would lead Webber in the Championship?

I am affraid the outcome of Abu Dhabi will be like this:

1. Vettel

2. Alonso

3. Webber

The best thing Vettel could do is to harpoon Alonso - like he did with Button 😉 - in the last corner at the final lap. Subsequently, Montezemolo will go mental and throw his flatscreen out of the window.


Will Alonso drop back to force the Red Bull's to fight if Webber is running second to Vettel ? (a not-so-predictable action to the one of Vettel allowing Webber through to take the title)

What about Massa running light to dictate the pace for Alonso to set-up overtaking moves ??


You're wrong this is the REAL SCENARIO. the qualies will give this result :

Vettel / Alonso / Webber / Hamilton

Webber will try to overtake Alonso and ends up crashing into the Spaniard taking both of them out.

Vettel is heading towards the title but 2 laps before the end, something breaks in his car. We had the engine, the brakes, the suspension (in qualies in Turkey). I'll go for the gearbox this time.

Hamilton wins the title 2 laps before the end which will break my heart and make me leave Formula1.


Well' lets hope Hamilton does it then.


Wake up fellas! Red Bull is it's own sponsor. They have a soft drink brand to sell and they are currently getting the best possible return on investment they could ever have hoped for 1. by letting the championship drama drag on 2. more importantly by positioning themselves in line with their soft drink brand, i.e. different and - especially in this case - on what would be perceived as the good side of the fence. What a blessing Hockenheim has offered them this and that Red Bull is exploiting to it's full extent. Bottom line: of course Mateschitz doesn't care if he loses the driver's title. He knew he would have his name written in the Constructor's Championship and above all, he'll have won much more for his brand.


If so, Redbull boss who is only a businessman

is not entitled to talk loud about philosphy

of sportsmanship, which contradicts with


I hate his hypocrisy and double standerad.

If there is a sportsmanship remained in

F1 though.


No, Montezemolo will throw Stefano Domenicali out the window/over the pit wall*.

That was a seriously funny post Olivier.

*jokes. No violence please.


I don't understand...How would you justify webber winning c'ship with vettel's help and at the same time say alonso doesn't deserve the c'ship??

If webber wins with Vettel's help, and the whole world lived happily ever after, then why wont you agree Fernando winning it with help.


Because Alonso has form and a seriously tarnished reputation. The Latins choose to ignore it, elsewhere fans have longer and more discerning memories.


I firmly believe Alonso's tanned reputation was concocted by B. media at the time of Dennis&Hamiltons vs. Alonso confrontation. That said, here there is a Latin who admire Alonso and Hamilton, and Schumi and Fangio, and most of the other champions. Get tanning nationalism out of sport, please. And in doing so, remember that champions must have a strong 'killing instinct' in order to be champions, disregarding the place in which they are born and rised.


Btw, talking 'bout all this Team orders scandal, that's what I heard last Sunday:

"... I think Formula 1 has always been dirty, and I liked it because it was dirty(...)it's just a new politically correct world..."

Eddie Irvine @ LG GP Show on talkSPORT



"The Latins choose to ignore it..."

Being a Spaniard, I assume I'm inlcuded in that group. I must say that I don't ignore Fernando's bad reputation. It would be simply ignoring the reallity.

But I think that this is common in all F1 greatest drivers ever. If I take a look at the History Book, I see very few nice guys. So I'm not especially worried. Nice guys finish second!


The difference Veeru is that they are letting the drivers decide, they aren't sending coded messages and heartlessly robbing a driver of a much deserved win. If Vettel moves over it will be of his own accord.


I can understand Felipe's pain and agree the pathetic way Ferrari handled the situation especially Rob Smedley.

What I don't understand is that people saying Fernando is not a worthy champion?? Yes, it was due to massa he had those 7 points, but then he drove beautifully in the second half and you cannot take that away from him.

I see a lot of people here and elsewhere in other blogs and former team owners and commentators saying that they would like to see Mark webber as a champion because he is an incredible chap (which he is). It feels like they are sympathetic to him and think it is now or never and at the same time cry foul play at Ferrari as if it has come as a shock to the entire sport.


Oh, yet Massa decided in Germany. Indeed Massa decided twice. The second time when he was asked for in the race; and firstly, I bet it, prior to the race when the team made the agreement by which should Alonso (or Massa) by quicker than the other team mate, the slower had to let the quicker to overpass without necessity of radio orders. Just to avoid recent team tangles 'a la RB' or 'a la McL'. It should be remembered that Massa had hold on a quicker Alonso in two races by the time, and that Alonso assaulted Massa in the entrance to a pit lane to avoid the loosing of more points—very important points as we see now; more than seven were loosed this way. It seemed to me that Massa had forgotten the agreement and the team remembered him quite abruptly. But the team was not abrupt, Massa by his own with the help of his engineer was.


Fully agree. Team orders and team mates help are the same, no matter the moment of the season they happen.


Vettel is very competitive but he's also a smart cookie. While he has at least a decade of winning years ahead of him, if he selfishly torpedoes Webber's chances to win the WDC he won't have many more chances to get his "good guy" reputation back after this year's squabbles so he'll let Webber through if it helps him win. And he's smart enough to do it very subtly (I got the impression yesterday he was dogging it a bit to give Webber a chance to overtake but Webber's engine trouble didn't make this possible).


Harpoon another drive, nice to see you think someone should get hurt, because there is no guarantee that in any accident...someone will not get hurt.


When DID someone last get hurt in F1 ? Surely there hasn't been a driver injured for a long time, it's been nearly always mechanics or tyre people working in the dangerous pit-lane.

Since Schumacher's broken leg at Silverstone & Massa's freak bad luck at Hungaroring there can't have been many actual injuriesin the last ten years.

It shows just how safe things have become, the construction & materials of the cars, the fuel storage on board & the circuits themselves with large run-off areas etc. Remember the old catch-fences with wooden poles & wire netting?

I remember only too clearly the losses to the sport: Piers Courage, Jim Clark, Francois Cevert, Ayrton Senna & the awful injuries like Niki Lauda, Zanardi & Massa.

Thank God we are where we are today, when all we have to is support the driver we like & rubbish all the others.

History, dear boy !


The thing is, and yes I am being very cynical, but; I think that if it were the other way around, with their favorite German Wunderkid Vettel needing help from Webber, they may have seen the whole team orders situation slightly differently.

However if this is genuine, then I am very excited and if they do stick to their word, I will have a huge respect for them as a team management. Which, I guess, is what they want. (not me, but all the fans ;-))

Bring on next Sunday. It would be lovely if Alonso's engine failed and they could just have a good old race between themselves for the prize rather than having to think so hard about it!


Never happen dont be to naive in this world today Fizzy drink company. Most already see what they are and your thinking...lol.. they are cruel big management company not sport just salespeople trying to market drink go to RBR website and see all their Fans are young for Vettel the way they act and there is no way most of them are over 30 and not born even when Senna was racing...lol...so RBR is doing a great job in marketing average age for Vettel fans are maybe 20 if lucky go check RBR site. For RBR sake Alonso 5th or worts for my sake Alonso 4th or second at least The right person won. Webber or Alonso deserve it this year pity Hami is not in contention due to his slower car.



It seems you are a Shammy fan.

But he is craking under pressure (AGAIN), so let's curse Alonso.

Veeeeeery funny.


Alonso's engine failing would be poetic Justis.

then a race to the end between the two Red Bull drivers would be the ultimate finally to a excellent year of racing.

they rule book says its ok even to swap places near the end of the season when it will make a difference to the overall standings, so Vettel if you do exchange places with Mark i doubt you will be penalized as Ferrari were, but will your Boss be happy?


That's some funny rulebook you have there.

Might it be titled "Double Standards"???


"they rule book says its ok even to swap places near the end of the season when it will make a difference to the overall standings"



If entering the last lap the order is Vettel, Webber, Alonso, I can see Vettel allowing Webber to take the lead, then a bit later in the lap "accidentally" running wide and letting Alonso through as well.


haha, yeah, poor Vettel, he is going to have to move over for his team mate, that's going to break his heart...


If Alonso retired, and the order towards the end of the race was a Webber-Vettel 1-2, with Webber in the lead, I wonder whether Webber might suffer a "mysterious" mechanical failure? They would have nothing to loose as the contructors championship is already wrapped up, and then the "favoured" one would be world champion..........

I know this is extremely cynical, but its good fun trying to second guess these things!


LOL... how could this kind of situation explained in English... poetic (in)justice?


nice idea !


well, I'm in awe by your un-sportmanship!


this has nothing to do with sportmanship. Mateschitz does not want to do anything to get in the way of Vettel. period?. so after Webber had 3 mechanical failures last year and was out of the running why did Mateschitz have no problem with Webber saying he would do all he could to help Vettel in the drivers championship. sportmanship is ok. but this is just favouritism with spin.


Yeah agree - absolute rubbish from the Redbull honchos. If Vettel was leading the championship Webber would have been forced to play the support role from long ago.

They blatantly dont want Webber to win. It's Vettel or nothing.


Very true most people will agree to this. Comeon it would be worth gold coin to have the number 1 and 2 on their cars he is kidding himself and putting a spin on it just because he wanted Vettel to market more drink for his cars all big gamble to just trying to put Vettel on the number 1. Than again he is rich hope he fall on his sword.


Webber categorical said he would rather see jenson win than his team-mate how ironic that hes looking for help now!


ha ha ha....funny and witty


Well, but saying that "we don't manipulate things" is rather hypocritical for Red Bull. They have manipulated things in Silverstone, with the front wings, and said they did what they did in order to favor their leading driver!

The big difference is that Vettel is not the leading driver now...


Or what would have happened had the respective positions between Mark and Seb been reversed (points and race positions), would they have asked Webber to let Seb through to take the win....

However that question is pure speculation, Red Bull to my mind did exactly the right thing in Brazil, letting their 2 drivers race.... Both are now in with a shout of clinching the Drivers Championship.

I just desperately hope that the FIA can come up with a workable solution with regard to team orders for next season. My suggestion is that they allow team orders but they have to be contractually agreed conditions before the season starts and that those conditions are made public.


The FIA had a workable solution,they just failed to act on it,again,funnily enough in favour of Ferrari,again.

If I stole what you most revere from you & I was caught,would you want me fined however $million euro with a quiet word about how naughty I've been or would you want your goods back,undamaged & in their entirety or both.Alonso & FIArrari stole those points from Massa 1st followed by RedBull & McLaren,the most apt punishment would have been to strip Alonso & the Scuderia of their respective points for this event,thereby giving F1 back some sporting credibility which has taken huge blows over recent years thanks to perverted dictator who put ego above all,if Fernando hears the drums at season end,F1 will lose a little more credibility.


Whilst I completely agree with you that the WMSC fluffed up the handling of Ferrari, I disagree with you completely that what currently exists is a workable solution.

As has been pointed out more than a few times various drivers have moved over to help their team mate since the ban on team orders in 2002. Admittedly none so early on in the season as Ferrari, when both drivers were still in contention or in such a crude and cack-handed manner.

F1 is a curious sport in that it is both a team sport and an individual sport at the same time but in different ways. To my mind teams should be able to do as they wish, however it should be done above board and cleanly. My suggestions are:

a) That drivers contracts should spell out their position with regards to team orders (when they will come into play and what they might be asked to do - such as giving up positions to team mates, holding up/ slowing down other drivers, giving up positions to none team mates to further team goals e.t.c.)

b) These conditions should be made public.

c) Team orders should be given by a designated person (the team boss) and not the drivers engineer - hearing Rob's voice as he was talking to Massa in Germany was horrible.

Following something along these principles would allow teams the freedom to do what they think best, whilst at the same time giving most fans the understanding of whats going on and why - Really team orders are just strategy calls made for a different competition.

It would also allow drivers to have a truthful view of their position within the team... if teams like McLaren and Red Bull want to have 2 championship contenders driving for them and give them 'equal' billing then good for them. If Ferrari wants to have a distinct no1 driver and a support driver then that is their choice, but they will have to accept that their support driver probably won't be contender material (or staying around that long if they are).


You can review last year's requests from RBR to Webber and see the difference... it is really insulting this attitude they pretend


As Kyle asked, what requests are you talking about last season? Off the top of my head I can't remember Mark being asked to move aside and let Seb past (nevermind the fact that Mark was never really in the running for the championship last season as it took him too long to recover from his injuries).


I don't remember any unfair requests from Red Bull to Webber last year... in fact at times they headed Sebastian off from pursuing him with ludicrous claims that "Mark is faster" (Turkey 2009).

This year there's a case to be made that maybe RBR favoured Vettel at times, but not in 2009, it simply wasn't the case.


Precisely. They won't manipulate things for their number two driver, Webber. But to help Vettel the wunderkind is another matter entirely.


I don't agree with what Red Bull did in Silverstone, but to say that that was a manipulation of the race is crazy. There was only one front wing available, and they gave it to the driver who said he found it the most beneficial.

And besides, Mark won that race!


OK, perhaps manipulate is not the right word but I think there is a point here.. and that is it was not very 'sporting' to take Mark's front wing and give it to Seb because he broke his.. They clearly made a decision based on the drivers individual performance in the championship and not on which driver looked after their new wing and which did not on the day..


Well, there was two front wings, not one. And they gave them both to Vettel. Fair is giving them one each, unfair is giving both to one driver. However, I agree that is not manipulation.


What a breath of fresh air.

Team orders are unsporting.Anyone who supports team orders is unsporting.

Seems simple enough.


I notice Schumacher is conspicuously silent on the topic too.

I wonder how many world championships Schumacher would have actually won if Ferrari had Red Bull's sporting philosophy?


Oh nearly all of the 7 he did win haha. I suspect he would have lost in 03 to Kimi or Montoya though. A shame JPM never won a championship if you ask me. There was a guy who was refreshingly, like the drivers of the old days.


I too miss JPM,he was an aggressive wily no nonsense breath of fresh air that probably would have won a WDC if not for a rubbish call from Sam Micheal at Magny Cours favouring the fashion guru (not)Ralf Schumacher.Notice M Schumacher didn't try his nonsense on the Colombian from Bogota,& when he did he often came off 2nd best.I think he moved to a series where they frown on team like orders as team orders have a way of lessening the perception that its actually a legitimate sport,more a cheap setup that no bookie worth a damn would touch,kinda like the cricket scandals of late from Pakistan.I can see Alonso & Ferrari shamelessly holding their heads high if he prevails,just like he did when Piquet assisted a win for him.


I agree about JPM best driver to leave F1 without a champoinship in his name. Still he did lack commitment out of the car, he loved his pies. Mclaren physically struggled to accomodate his chunky physique into the car whilst he was with them lol


Team orders are part of many sports. If you would be watching F1 like me for 40 years you would also laugh at the PC brigade making something 'fair' that is business from start to end.


Hi Wolf,

i agree F1 has become painfully over-run with the PC brigade in the past decade.

Bring by the 1980's & early 1990's and boys could be boys (Senna v's Prost) & (Hill v's Schumacher)

Nowadays drivers can't even look at each other sideways and somebody flings a fine or penalty in their direction!

F1 has become way to sanitized!


F1 has certainly become too sanitised, but I'm not sure we want to go back to the days of Prost v Senna when drivers deliberately took their opponent out of the race and received no punishment for doing so.


It has become way to sanitized.

Bring back the honor

bring back the balls

and down with political correctness.


"RedBull are proud to have Vettel bring the RedBull team the 2010 Championship!, and hope that second driver MarkWebber can make it a double by also bringing home a drivers trophy at the final race."


RB is 99% a marketing company. That's all!


100% I guess 🙂


Mateschitz for president!

His thoughts on the sport represent every thing that matters to me. The 'manipulation' gibe was not needed though.

Let Ferrari do their thing and beat them regardless.

When was the last time I had sparks in my eyes like he's got? I must look more often in the mirror.


I don't believe a word of it. If the positions were reversed, it'd be an entirely different story. He'd rather lose than let Vettel beat Webber. He's a nutcase.

Vettel himself, on the other hand, has the chance to show that he's a bit more grown up. If it comes to that, and he does, he'll have my admiration.


If positioned were reversed nobody would be worried as everybody would be crowning vettel champ as he would go out and win the race


So I have to bow to RedBull sportmanship and fair play. I would have never believed they were to do this, but it seems that they will keep their principles until the end of the last race. If so, hats off to them.

Anyway, I will wait till the flag in Abu Dabi to make a judgement.

As a side note: under the light of all their behaviour on the last races, it is harder to understand the front wing change in Silverstone, isn't it?


It's one thing to say it and one thing to do it. The Red Bull boss might think this way, but I'm not sure if Christian Horner (and especially Mark Webber) agrees. I will believe it once I see Vetel-Webber-Alonso order on the last lap and Vettel not letting Webber through. Anyway - it's nice to say things like that, but I don't believe they would really like to sacrifice the title in the name of fair play.

On the other hand - they were so critical towards Ferrari after Germany that applying team orders now would be the biggest hypocisy I've seen for a long time, especially that the whole world is carefully watching what they're doing. Difficult situation - stick to what to said so loud and perhaps loose or win but become unreliable.


Yep, Lilla, I fully agree with you. That's why I wrote "Anyway, I will wait till the flag in Abu Dabi to make a judgement."

Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!


I think since the front wing incident RBR have decided not to favour either driver, be they marginally leading the WDC or not. If anything Webber has made a rod for his own back by insisting the team don't favour one driver it's starting to look like it's backfired on him.

Not that I think Webber will be able to outpace Vettel. I can see Seb trying to put a huge gap between Mark and himself in the final race to make it clear to everyone with blinkers on that he's the quicker RBR driver.


Galapago555, last year they requested support from Webber. They have been pretending all year. They swaped the front wing. They are acting as cinically is it can get. And by the way, Horner has already said it will be up to the drivers to let the other pass... so they will do the same as Ferrari (worse, because Massa was not removed any piece from his car to help Alonso nor he was given a worse car, even there was no preference until things were really critical for Ferrari as in Germany) but they will look as if they are the true sportsmen.

Really disgusting, but that is how manipulation works...


"nor he was given a worse car"...

Where from the vast sea of technical failures Webber has had this year do you pinpoint that he got a worse car? OOOOhhhhhh wait.... this is awkward.

I dont really blame them for not backing him if all the suggested intrigue and malevolence is indeed true and not just invented, he did nothing short of burning the team at the stake after Silverstone, back when he didnt need them for his title fight. Actually a little surprised they dint go a little more on the offensive or even sack him on the spot. For a marketing institution, I feel its only logical to distance yourself from people who arent team players.


I don't agree with you. RedBull is probably fairer to its drivers than Ferrari and I'm a Ferrari tiffoso. Ferrari since the start didn't care of which driver won the title as long as it belonged to the team. They favored Alonso because Massa had 0% chance. Even italian drivers don't matter for them.. as long as the scuderia wins.


There's no such thing as "bad" publicity, right -- even if you have to do your own type of "manipulation" to get it. That makes it crystal clear where the true source for RB's lack of credibility lies.


I am really impressed with Dietrich Mateschitz's stand. Considering that Red Bull is probably the largest sponsor of extreme sports in the world I can see where he is coming from.

Dietrich wants to keep sports competitive. This must be great news for Alonso, however I think Mr Honer will have his own plans and the RB boys will want all the glory to themselves.

The flaw with Dietrich Mateschitz's "we will win next year" is that Ferrari are looking very strong for the 2010 season and we don't know what McLaren, Mercedes GP and Renault have up their sleeve.

If Dietrich says to Honer sometime in the future, "why have we not won the driver's championship yet?" I think I know what Honer would say if RB don't seal the championship for one of its drivers this year.


I meant the 2011 season


Why do you say Ferrari look strong for 2011? With a ban on DDs and KERS back it could shake up the grid. Just look at what happened the last time Ferrari and McLaren were competing for the championship in 2008? They both produced a dog of a car for 2009.


I think Alonso is very good at car development actually. In 2008, with Renault, they didn't have a great car at the start of the year, but unless i'm much mistaken, Alonso scored more points in the second half of the season than anyone.

The F10 has also closed the gap to the RB6 much better than McLaren.


@ peter abatan i think you have been misguided alonso was at renault for 2 yrs and did mothing to bring them back to the front his technical genius is a myth look at what kubica is doing at renault now


Alonso is not just a driver, he is a technical genius. He knows what a car is lacking and is able to give precise feedback to the team on what needs improving. This is why he makes a great differnce to what Ferrari can do.

That is why I said expect Ferrari to be strong next season KERS or not.


Ferrari F60 was not worse than F10, look at Felipe's perfomance and you will see.


I (probably) for one applaud them. It is completely refreshing... and I have followed F1 closly since 1992 or so. I really like thier approach to things and believe it or not, I have always considered myself a Schumi fan.


I agree. I detest the Ferrari and McLaren attitudes to racing and championships. Red Bull has really set the bar on how to make a genuine, sporting title challenge this year.

Big thumbs up.


"We don’t manipulate things like Ferrari do.”

No Mr. Mateschitz, you prefer to manipulate things *off* the track, via updates and race strategy to favour your preferred driver. And when this leads to on-track frustration, you pour scorn over the unfavoured driver regardless of the partition of blame.

I hope you've got enough Red Bull to fill that massive hole ...


Webber this weekend had an updated floor, which Vettel didn't have (just like at Silverstone btw, again Webber had an updated floor Vettel didn't have). It gained him at least a tenth of a second, discussed on Dutch, German and Italian media.

You didn't know this of course because you get your 'news' from the English speaking media (filled with Webber friends) who did not report this for some strange reason 😉

So Webber was favoured by RBR this weekend with an updated part which gained him speed and stability, because he is leading in the championship. RBR keeping their word.

Again, ask yourself, why wasn't this on the BBC when they were reporting on alleged 'favouritism'?


Updated floor? Really? Are you just making this up? How come Mr Honer never mentioned this in the lots of coverage RB received?


Horner did mention it on German TV when they asked them about new parts on the car for this weekend, and on BBC no one asked him of course.

Fact is Webber had an updated floor Vettel didn't have and it gained him a bit of speed and stability, and still he was slower.


Horner never struck me as the most media-savvy of the team principals; if Webber was to receive an upgrade first as per the development cycle, he may have thought it unimportant.

Or he may be under orders from Mateschitz not to mention it, so they won't be accused of favouring one driver, so DM can claim that he wouldn't engage in such manipulation as Ferrari.

Dietrich, I see what you did there!


If that is true, it is indeed really weird that i haven't heard a thing about it... Strange


Link to this ascertion?


Why would Webber have an updated floor at Silverstone if he was not leading the WDC? Maybe it was to compensate for using Vettels reject chassis?


And that disproves my point how?

JA has quoted Mateschitz saying that he would not alter the situation to favour one driver over the other, when Red Bull clearly have and will continue to do so. Which driver they favour is irrelevant. It's the hypocrisy of DM favouring either Vettel *or* Webber while criticizing Ferrari for doing the same that irks me.


James is what Dark Horse reporting true ? Which italian media did report that ?


Yes, my BS detector went off when I read that too!

Undoubtedly, they have good drivers, good cars, and good luck this year. Congratulations are due. But don't forget that great marketing is Red Bull's core competency.


Second the motion, Red Bull has won another world Championship this morning, the BS WC.


Nice to find some common sense!


i seconds that too..

Webber's comment "not bad for a no.2" explodes this myth.....


I figure if it is Vettel-Webber 1-2, with Alonso 3rd or 4th, that it's obvious he'll let Webber through, no matter how begrudgingly - of course he'll wait til the last lap, which is sensible after all, there's no point doing it earlier in case Alonso's engine blows or something. But not because RBR told him to (after all, as pointed out in this article, it could mean a whole lot more cash to the Red Bull company due to the extra advertising the "bad press" will drum up), but because he will be absolutely slammed by the media (not to mention all the other drivers, apart from Alonso). Nobody would willingly decide to accept the "villain" role when the only upside is the satisfaction of screwing Webber.


What would happen if Alonso's engine did blow up? Would Vettle win on count back. WOW that would be interesting.


From my calculations, if Vettel wins, Webber 2nd and Alonso 5th, they ALL finish on 256 points.

On countback: Alonso will have 5 wins = Vettel 5 wins > Webber 4 wins. Webber eliminated.

Alonso 2 x 2nd places = Vettel 2 x 2nd places.

Alonso 3 x 3rd places = Vettel 3 x 3rd places.

Alonso 2 x 4th places < Vettel 3 x 4th places.

So Vettel would win by having more wins than Webber, and more 4th place finishes than Alonso.

Don't think you'll ever get any closer for deciding a championship.


I did the same calculation but you beat me to it. That would be an amazing outcome.


Yes he would. If Vettel were to win with Webber 2nd they would be tied on 56 points. The, if Alonso were to retire or finish outside the first four, Vettel would win on countback as he has won more races.


Funny, I don't remember him speaking up when Webber was told to support Vettel at the end of last year.

I don't agree with the stance that some people are taking over this. Hockenheim was arguably too early on the season - and quite harsh on Massa, as he wasn't out of the race mathematically at that point. But if its the last lap of the last race and Vettel can't win it but Webber can if he is let through, then why on earth wouldn't they switch them? Thats just cutting off your nose to spite your face. Surely a Webber WDC is better than no WDC at all?

Its things like this which show why Webber is making these "outbursts" in my opinion. He was told to support Vettel when he couldn't do it, and I think all he expected in return was the same if the situations were reversed. But this doesn't seem to be happening.


Webber was out of the title race last year, Vettel is very much in it now, huge difference you forgot to mention.

And of course Webber last year literally said 'I rather help Button win the championship than Vettel'. Class guy who thinks about his team, right?

Isn't it ironic, after that quote of Webber of last year while he was out of the championship race, he now wants Vettel to give him the position while Vettel is still in the championship race?

And Vettel actually will do it, if Alonso isn't 5th or lower on the grid, so do not worry Webber fans. He will get his hollow championship, thanks to Vettel.


"And of course Webber last year literally said ‘I rather help Button win the championship than Vettel’. Class guy who thinks about his team, right?"

He didn't say literally say that. Some random who emailed the 5live team claimed he said that, but I've seen no real quotes to back it up.

Anyway, yes Vettel can still win at the moment so no, I wasn't saying that he should go into the race supporting Webber. But if Alonso is 3rd or 4th, then its over for Vettel. In that situation I see nothing wrong with with him letting his team mate having a crack - in fact it would be totally wrong not to. No driver is bigger than the team.

And it wouldn't be a hollow championship in my opinion. If Vettel yields, its because he won't be able to do win it himself. And seeing as Alonso has already gained 7 points through team orders, how can you say that Webber wouldn't deserve it? It would even out.


You should not take it seriously what 5live team mention as they all talk rubbish to make matters just sensational.

I call them yellow journalism.

Shame on them!


Quite right and Red Bull deserve praise (unless of course we are just hearing another version of "football manager speak" ie rubbish being peddled to the public in the guise of "mind games" with the opposition).

If Webber is sore about those points then he need only look to his performances in Valencia and Korea to see where the shortfall was. If Vettel wants to give way to him on the last turn of the last lap then that should be a matter for Vettel.


I agree but as Horner has said to Webber, the team come first.Now that's done they should look at who has the best chance to win the championship when the pits are due, and just have a wheel nut problem to switch them around. They did this to Webber last year.

Your correct again that Webber should be trying to Win on mert. If Webber is good enough he will be Champion.


Big words... but let us see what happens if, on the last lap in Abu Dhabi, Vettel is running first, Webber second and Alonso third...

Btw... I wonder if Mateschitz would use the same words when Vettel had 238 points and Webbers 231.



Pure marketing.

We should remember that Alonso is leading on a slower car. And doesn't deserve victory? Even Ham recognices he does... (my respects to him, by the way).

Do you imagine Ham helping Alo in the last race?


Very disingenuous from Mr Mateschitz given Silverstone's clear policy towards favouring their golden boy....

The team would be a laughing stock if they choose to not get themselves the drivers title if they have the opportunity to do so given that by allowing Alonso to win it effectively endorses Ferraris clear manipulation and 8 point benefit.

They can talk all they want about principals but its been clear enough that Red Bull Racing aren't above team orders as long as it doesn't go over the radio.


I'm really stunned by these news James. Everything Vettel and Horner suggested before and after the race lead us to believe that in a case of a 1-2 result with Vettel leading in the last lap he will let Webber through. Horner with a huge amount of hypocrisy added that it had to be Vettel's decision. We all know that if it was up to Vettel, he won't let Webber through so it has to be a team order.

But what Mateschitz just declared is just absolutely nuts. If his team keeps this policy for ever, it will earn them a special place in Formula1 history forever (which is a smart advertising idea). Afterall they always want to set themselves apart and this is a great occasion.

But there are 2 issues with what he declared :

- Many people in the media and among the fans will think that the decision was made only because it's Webber ahead. If Vettel was ahead, it would be different.

- The bigger issue in my view is that the people in Milton Keynes aren't RedBull related emotionally. For them RedBull re only money backers. They are racers and they work very hard to achieve victories and titles. And to loose a title stupidly because some Soda Maniac wants to set himself apart must be heartbreaking for them and might weaken their commitment to the team and their will to fight. Such a decision might even push some of the key people to go look for somewhere where the ethics are less constraining. If Mateschitz wants to impose such a policy he has to convince his employees first. As we know Formula 1 is very competitive and the lightest chunk in the armor won't go unpunished.

I must confess that the idea is brilliant if RedBull keeps it as a principle and achieves success with it if not this year in the future, that will make their successes much more rewarding and will set them apart.


Come on people, stop being so naive!

Of course team orders are in place!

Just because there won't be a radio transmission saying to let Webber through, or "Mark is faster than you.... do you understand?", it doesn't mean there are no team orders, they'll just happen before the race. Or more likely have already happened.

To me it is inconceivable that pre-race (away from radio transmissions), Vettel will not be instructed in advance to move over if Webber can win the championship by passing him. Of course he will!! RB will look utterly ridiculous if that didn't happen and Alonso became champ.

It will probably come out in 15 years in Vettel's autobiography.


I agree 100 % with u, Jo Torrent, this is brand building for RB, but as they say, build the brand essence first within your internal consumers, before your external consumers, I hope the Racing RB team has bought into this Red bull the sponsors objectives.

Red bull gives you wings, they don’t manipulate results...THIS IS one of the greatest brand asset idea


I think he will let Webber through. I say in the piece that the quotes explain why RBR raced as they did in Brazil



Throughout the year Christian Horner has said that the drivers race for themselves, and when it is not realistic that one driver can win it himself, he then must help the team and therefore the other driver. Why has he now gone back on his word?

Can anyone seriously imagine these comments if it was Vettel in the position Webber was in?


What goes around comes around in F1. If Vettel knows he can't get the title and lets Webber through, Webber owes him one in the future.

Speaking of which, it was quite magnanimous of Michael to let Nico through. Does he sense that the 2011 Mercedes might be a potential winner and he's setup Nico to owe him one later?


That is a very good point. He is quite capable of that. Schumacher brain works like a computer and he would be reading all these front runners very keenly on and off track. He would maximise any thing to give him event the slightest advantage.

The only thing that could stop him from winning again would be his age not motivation


But James, here the big boss himself allows him to go on with his own race and not care about Webber. Why would he do that ? Webber has never been kind to him or to any team mate before by the way. I am sure as I presume you are that deep in his heart Vettel believes he has a chance and if he can't he prefers to have Alonso win the title. Basically every driver on the grid would rather see someone else rather than his team mate clinch the title.

So why would he give it to Webber now that Mateschitz himself allows him not to do so ?


Well, how very honourable...! 🙂 However, there is something nagging at me, which says that if the Red Bull drivers were reversed in their championship positions... then their attitude might be slighty different.

It will be interesting in Abu Dhabi to see Ferrari's reaction, if (and it is an 'IF') Alonso's running third, with Webber 2nd and Seb up-front... and then the two Red Bull drivers switch positions.


All would be probably different if Vettel was in Webber´s position. Everybody knows that so, end of the question.


if vettel was in webbers position we would not have all this has vettel will go out and drive for the win and its been 3 races now since webber has needed to win and has not delivered


This is crazy. Team orders have always been a part of the sport - it is a team sport after all. Towards the end of the season, I think the vast majority of people would agree with that.

What the public do not find acceptable is one driver pulling over for another early in the season when there are still hundreds of points up for grabs. It's ridiculous - and Ferrari would have looked pretty stupid if Alonso was injured later in the season...

The difference is a team letting it's drivers race, until the last moment, when only one of them can win, and a team that chooses their winner before the season starts, and manipulates the situation from the off.

If Vettel and Webber are 1 and 2 on Sunday, with Alonso third, Vettel not letting Webber through is an absurd thought. If nothing else, it evens it up with Alonso/Massa...!


You can't tell me that RB do not favour SV over MW.

The shear frustration and downbeated look of MW after finishing second in brazil let alone how he has looked for the last few months and the things he has said whilst in this downward spiral.

I really feel for the guy, to see the team shift their impetus to his opposite number half way through the season with the wing and then when it counts at the end of the season to go completly against that and say no interferance. Rubbish team tactics. I'm with you Mark. Go and win even if it means beating my favourite Fonzy.


Unlike so many who have been following F1 only for the last 5 or 10 or 15 years, I have been following since since the 60's some 40 years. This is what these fans do not understand: Formula 1 is a TEAM sport not a contest between individuals like tennis and team orders have ALWAYS been an essential part of it. If you check your F1 history you will find not just a few but many, many examples of team orders occurring in every decade right back into the 50s when drivers would pit and vacate to let the #1 driver take over. Get over it.


Kent you are absolutely right.However,the big difference is that this year THERE IS A RULE FORBIDDING team orders.They should not have put it in front of everybody and then allow Ferrari to ignore it.If it is a rule it must be enforced.FIA proved again to be a pathetic joke.


There was a reason why FIA was re-named Ferrari International Assistance!


Well, no argument with your last comment. I think the FIA didn't give any thought at all to that ridiculous rule. I think what they meant to say is: "Do not make any team orders obvious." In that were the case then the $100,000 penalty Ferrari paid seems appropriate.

They should instead specifically state that team orders may and should be applied as the team sees fit. This is the way TEAMS function. The individual is ALWAYS subordinated to the group in a team.


There is, although it has been made a mockery of. I wish they would just get rid of the rule if they will not enforce it.


Very well put. The big problem is that history means nothing to many 'fans'.

It's almost as though everything revolves round a 'Last race - next race' basis.

A bit like the X-factor.


James, what are the rules on drivers from rival teams allowing each other through?

Say for example on the penultimate lap in Abu Dhabi the order is Vettel, Hamilton, Webber, Alonso.

Conceivably, could Lewis let Mark through if he wanted to help a friend? Is that allowed?

Lewis wouldnt be giving up a win, and he would then allow Vettel to give webber the lead, which he would as Alonso was not 5th or lower therefore meaning Vettel could not win. Would REALLY annoy Alonso would it not? 😉


M Schumacher used to do this sort of thing for R Schumacher.


I'm not aware of any specific rule against it but I suspect they'd be at risk under the "bringing the sport into disrepute" rule.


Effect on Webber


On Lee McKenzie tweets she posted this "Webber told me was up at 5:30am desperate to get to the track He's happy it's back to back as it cuts down number of sleepless nights".

The guy is already stressed and here comes another blow from within the team and this time it wasn't Dr Marko, it's from the big boss himself Mr Mateschitz. Webber was lobbying for a leading status since Suzuka. He won't get it even if Vettel has 0 chance to clinch the title. That must hurt I guess and this time I want to see if he has enough guts to criticize the big boss in front of the media.

I learnt during the Brazilian week-end that last year Webber declared that he would rather help Jenson clinch the title than Vettel. By that time he was out of the title hunt. So I guess that in some respect he deserves what's happening to him. Don't forget that he has a reputation for politic use of the media and pressuring his team mates. Poor Pizzonia still remembers I guess !

He's not the victim some of you are imagining.


"We will win next year?"

Can anyone remember the Robert Kubica situation at BMW when he wanted to push on for the title, and BMW said they had already met their objectives for the year. We all know how that went.

At the end of the day, Mr Mateschitz pays the bills and its his team, so he wont give two hoots about my opinion.

I am allowed a personal opinion though... and i agree with James comment on another post yesterday, they will be a laughing stock if they blow a drivers title if they had the chance in the next race to win and don't.

Maybe it wont be an issue as if they cant be faster than Alonso its all over anyway.

They will continue to build their team around vettel next year...... and his new team mate.

I suspect this would have been totally different if it were Vettel in front.

I do wonder what Christian Horner and Adrian Newey think about this behind closed doors....


Win next year? They must be joking? Things change in F1 so quickly, they are hoping deep pockets and the current talent will keep them on top, deep pockets are not enough, ask Mr Toyota that spent several Billion dollars! If the tyres go aginst them, or the Kers, they may lose key designers, drivers etc.(Vettel wont hang about at RBR mid pack for long) and go back into the wilderness... Never to win a WDC


I will be interested to see, wont it. The one thing they have is Newey and a very good engine, tech team.

Neither toyota or BMW ever got such a strong team together.

If Toyota ever let Mike Gasgoigne get on with his job they would have been a lot more successful.


Or maybe its just a very clever way of stirring up a storm before the race. And even more publicity (I bet they get it with these comments)

Then he does let Mark through anyway 🙂

Lets see in Abu Dhabi 🙂


Parllel Webber/Vettel and Alonso/Hamilton


There’s a parallel we can draw between the Webber/Vettel and the Alonso/Hamilton situations. Both older drivers felt that the team treated them fairly technically but badly emotionally. I still remember the McLaren mechanics going nuts when Hamilton managed a pole and much less when Alonso did. It’s understandable because both youngsters have been developed by their respective team. If you develop a driver and see him growing and rising and living up to your expectations, the bond between you and him is much stronger and you love him almost as a son so there’s absolutely nothing vicious or unhealthy there. Besides, Vettel brought to RedBull their 1st pole and victory in F1 first with the little team ToroRosso and then with the bigger RedBull. For Dr Marko particularly, Vettel not only is close emotionally but justifies all the investment in RedBull’s driver program.

Add to that that Hamilton is British in a British team and Vettel is German in an almost German team (Austrian) and you have all the right circumstances for them being the beloved sons.

Now if you put it from Webber (or Alonso’s perspective before that), it’s very hard emotionally to handle. They might easily get paranoid and think that the emotional unfairness extend to technical unfairness. Luckily for Webber, Vettel had much more technical issues so he won’t have 2nd thoughts about it. But imagine the opposite situations where all reliability issues have hit Webber and none Vettel. What would Webber have thought and what would we have said ? For Alonso it’s even worse because he is the double world champion, the one who stopped Schumi’s dictatorship and the team must be under his feet. They hired him to bring them world championships back and he must felt (wrongly I think) betrayed because they didn’t care enough about him. I think 99,9% of human beings would have felt the same Alonso did.

These situations are simply unsolvable in my view. After all, even parents don’t love their childs equally. How can we ask of Formula 1 teams to do so with their drivers.

The only fair team manager is Enzo Ferrari, he didn’t love his drivers, he only loved his cars (the exception is maybe Gilles Villeneuve).

An interesting point here is for those of you who are fanatic British fans (I know most of you aren’t) who supported Lewis against Alonso and now Webber against Vettel.

For me, if you’re rational about it, you can either support Webber and Alonso or Vettel and Hamilton because of what I explained before but we all know patriotism is a great but stupid feeling.


The "we don't manipulate things" is a bit more like sour grapes. Who hasn't manipulated things in this sport ?


The point is that any team strategy now would obviously be to favour Webber, so Dieter's trumpeting of 'no team orders' rings a bit hollow. The real question is whether, if Vettel had been a similar number of points aheard, Webber would have been imposed upon to play the team game. The lack of team orders simply goes to accentuate rather than diminish the sense that Vettel is Dieter's (at least)chosen son.


Yes, for all this noble spirit, none of it was in evidence after Turkey (Red Bull: it was Webber's fault; Rest of the world: WTF?!?!?!) or Silverstone. Your words are worth nothing if your actions don't match them.

Marketing is 99% b******* and I should know because I work in it!


Congrats James, you're ahead of the dedicated websites


Sorry if I'm repeating what has already been said but I think Red Bull learned a real lesson in Silverstone. The negative feedback a wing allocation gave must have made him them sit up and notice.

Mateshchitz has done an unbelievable job building the Red Bull brand so you have to expect that he cares deeply for it and knows how to manage it. Rather than burying his head in the sand and saying "we know best" like some of the more established teams he has realised that could ultimately be a bad decision and he is prepared to protect the brand and play a longer game.

The Red Bull brand image isn't about winning, it's about taking risks and they are leading by example. In the slightly closed world of F1 this might seem like a crazy decision but for long term business it probably makes a great deal of sense.

Even if they lose, they win and that message is being drip fed out now so that everyone understands.

With the WCC they probably already have the marketing tool they need or wanted.


I wonder if they would have this policy if the situation was reversed and Vettel had the best chance and he was running second in Brazil...

...I think they were mad for not changing that result. Red Bull rarely get 1-2s (rarely vs their car performance advantage at least) and there is a good chance one will drop out/behind and the person most likely to pounce is Alonso.

Those 6 points for the Ferrari swap in Germany are likely to make the difference now...

Having said all that, I must confess I am biased on this one - I would hate Alonso to win, don't feel much better about Vettel doing it and if Hamilton can't win, I'd want Webber to do it... so yes, I think Red Bull are mad for not doing the swap, but assuming I didn't want Hamilton or Webber to win (and I was a neutral) then it has made the title decider great.. 3 have a very good chance (Vettel surely has the best chance a 3rd place man has had before) and we have Hamilton as an outside bet.

I'll be gutted (as always) when the season ends, but I can't wait for the last race!


Well, the big boss has just given Vettel permission to not pull the old switcheroo this weekend if they're in a position to deny Alonso the title.

If, IF Vettel let Webber through, that would almost certainly be humiliating for Webber surely? Especially after all the bad feeling between them.


The guy is a crypto-Ferrari fan. He 'll do anything he can to get Alonso the WDC!


Wonder how Newey will react to this? His moral philosophy is clear and consistent with that of the rest of the F1 (re: consistent liberal breaking of the intent of the regulations) and presumably he wouldn't be happy to lose the WDC by not following Ferrari's lead.

Can already what will happen next year if Vettel needs help, they will move Webber over and say "they've learnt from the lessons of last year".

Mateschwitz needs to get rid of Marko if really wants to make it appear that Red Bull don't favour one of their drivers. Marko still working at Red Bull makes it very difficult to believe what they're saying.


I doubt Newey will be concerned. His car has won the constructors title and been shown pretty much all season to be the best car on the track. From a technical perspective, that is mission accomplished.


I wonder if there is any kind of political game being played here. If Alonso wins the title by less than 7 points (entirely possible), could Red Bull use this as some kind of bargaining chip with the FIA (ie we followed the rules, Ferrari didn't)? As the "sportsmanlike" team, maybe they could publicly pressure the FIA into having the team orders rules the way they want them (ie no team orders or you face disqualification)? That said, I agree that this is an absolutely brilliant marketing coup. The whole world is talking about what fantastic sportsmen Red Bull are.


I respect Red Bull's stance. However, hubris hardly ever pays out. Mateschitz may say, "We’ll do it next year." But there are no guarantees that Red Bull will ever be in this position again, especially if they do not capitalize on the great opportunity they have today. Many near-miss teams for driver's titles in the past have seen their momentum reverse itself the following season. Red Bull is gambling with fate by not taking maximum effort to win the driver's championship.


Stateside coverage of the race provided a sad commentary for our times. The commentators, in self-righteous splendor, went on and on about how Red Bull dug this hole for themselves by allowing their drivers to race and painted a picture of the team as the fool of F1.

Maybe team orders have always been a part of the sport, but no one has ever bragged about them before. If they are that important to the script, maybe professional wrestling is on to something.


Beautifully put.


My opinion is a combination of comments from AP,Sergio,Galapago and J Jay.

This REDBULL boss is ANOTHER man who's mind is full of rights & moneymaking just like Bernie and he favours Germanic like infamous Marko(German), a good friend of Berger.

Those old men are far from sportsmanship and fairness as many genuine fans already know.

So sad that those men have caused corruption of F1 , like Ferrari Fix & front wing change at Silverstone this summer.


So you are saying he is corrupt because he doesn't want to rig the result of a race in favour of your Webber, who cannot beat Vettel on the track?

Haha, ironic comedy.

In fact, he is standing up against that corruption in F1 you talk about and people actually attack him for this.


Totally agree with Phil about Webber.

You must remember that he has retired only

twice this year, not by engine troubles,while

vettel has. You know why?

I assume there must be some connection with

Vettel's driving style as some clever ppl say.

Grow up& do not jump to conclusion.


I correct myself you right Webber only retired twice sorry for that, my mistake for being fantasy. But i stand with my other comments.


Webber only retired twice this year??? what kind of F1 you are watching, your F1 fantasy?? Webber retired 4 times this year and 4 of them on crashing:

1. Crash on Hamilton in Australia

2. Crash on Heikki in valencia

3. Crash with Vettel in Turkey

4. Crash into wall cause of his amateur drive

For vettel, car failures has cost him 73 points this year. If car failures has connestion in his driving style why Renault not putting the blame on Vettel instead they apologizes on the engine failure? that's not good for their image as engine maker. Btw which "clever" people you are talking about? And Phil isn't it childish to call people idiot just because they have diff perspective.


'Webber, who cannot beat Vettel on the track'

Despite Webber having more points than Vettel?

You're an idiot. Webber has been a better driver than Vettel this year. Evidence? More points!

Alonso has been a better driver than Webber, evidence more points, (even if you take away the swap in Germany, Alonso would be 1 point ahead of Webber).

Oh yes, but Webber, Korea, Valencia I hear you say.

Yes well, Vettel, Turkey, Spa.

Oh yes, but Webber, Korea, Valencia I hear you say.

Yes well, Vettel, Turkey, Spa.


If you have allegations like that, just get your facts right. Mateschitz, Marko and Berger are all Austrians.


If you are able to do it, read Austrian, even German, fora and you will see that Vettel is actually the driver who is not really liked...


I said Germanic as a race,not German as a nation.

You should know they speak virtually German(not high),which is a common sense,lol.

I have German and Austrian friends in real life.

Besides, many ppl know Marko is the very person who falsely accused Webber instantly at Turkey cuz of nothing but favorism for Vettel.

You also should know that Berger,who again falsely accused Webber that he had attempted to hit Alonso or Hami out at Korea GP. IS a good old friend of Marko.

Roger Carballo AKA Architrion

Yes. I read the Mateschitz's comments and ran like a possesed man to drink a Red Bull.... cheers.

Oh.... what a gentleman and sportive man. I wonder what he will say next week after swapping drivers to make one of Red Bull's drivers win the championship....


Anyone who believes that Red Bull wouldn't manipulate the race outcome, if vettel was in the best points position, is deluded.


No, you see everything through Webber glasses.

In a few years you will read this all back and say, this man was right, sporting spirit above all and in 2010, they actually kept their word.

And don't forget, all Webber has to do is be faster than Vettel and he wins it. Yet here you Webber fans are, already confessing Vettel will beat Webber, yet again and he has to throw Webber a bone to make him win it?


Sorry but please don't tell me you seriously believe Mateschitz? You must be a marketers dream come true to believe this "sporting spirit above all" stuff.

Of course Vettel has been told he must move over if the situation arises!! RB just do it in a far more intelligent way than Ferrari; they make themselves look fair, and Vettel gets to look the gent by looking like he made the decision on his own.

Dear me, people will believe anything.


.....NO you see everything through RB glasses...called SV


That's rubbish mate. I'm a pretty neutral fan to be honest, and would have liked vettel to win it before he turned into a petulant child during the summer.

I'm all for letting the drivers race between themselves, but at RBR they try to pull the strings in the background in favour of vettel without admitting it. It's happened numerous times during the year.

It's just a fact.


Cogratulations Red Bull! 2010 World Champions. A job well done. It's a team sport and winning as a team is all that matters. Who cares which player wins the MVP trophy; even if its a player from an opposing team.


front wing ring any bells ?

would it still be the same if the positions were reversed in Brazil? doubt it very much indeed.


This reminds SO MUCH to what happened in 1981,that year Williams did NOT want Reutemann to become champion and him and Patrick Head did as much as they could to sabotage his run,they wanted Jones to be that one but that year the argentinian was much faster and better than the australian and it was a hard pill to take for the two.

At the end Piquet won the championship and now Williams had one less trophy in their cabinet,I am sure they regret their behavior.


Massa seems to have deflated completely. To see such a lackluster drive from him for his home race was sad.

Would Ferrari have been fighting RBR for the Constructor's title until the last race if Ferrari had let Massa win in Germany? What's your take on this James?


While it might be career sucide, I have the feeling that Felipe has been tanking it, so he doesnt have to help Fernando. Thats just my opinion


This is a brand-new conspiracy theory, there are great minds at work here. Congratulations!

I can't wait for the next one to come along.


Ya Massa hasn't really ever recovered his hunger to win or even get points since his accident last year. Every race he seems to be finishing further back - it was sad to see him slugging it out back - markers for position. It would have been great if Massa got his 'mojo' back in 2010 and Ferrari could have fought RBR for the constructors title. Now it's even doubtful they will be able to beat McLaren for second place.


It been doubtful that Ferrari would beat McLaren in the WCC almost since the first race of the season with Massa's poor showing.


Surely it's since Germany, not since his accident?


RBR would "manipulate things" if it were for Vettel. They have done it this season and they will do it again.

In such light their constructor's title looks insignificant.

Twice a given.


Nonsense. McLaren and Ferrari have manipulated as well. The team with the least errors wins the championship.


James, can you please tell me what the contract status of Mark Webber is? I have a feeling that if he does not win the world championship he might be leaving the team.

I think Red Bull is missing the point. Winning the drivers world championship does not come around often. So support Webber in Abu Dubai and win the trophy. Going to Milton Keynes with the constructors championship is not good enough, especially as Red Bull has been the most dominant car this season.


He has a contract for 2011 with Red Bull. But it could go either way, if he doesn't win the title


The elephant in the room is the brand damage that is happening to F1 through this talk about team orders.

If Alonso wins WDC, the talk will be about how he needed team orders to get there.

If Webber wins WDC with the help of Vettel, it will be about team orders.

If Vettel wins the race and Alonso wins WDC, it will be about Vettel's failure to move over.

The stories should be about this increadible season, the racing and how it is the closest points chase in recent history.

1) Vettel 1st, Webber 2nd or

2) Webber 1st, Vettel 2nd.

Either will make the 2010 F1 crown the WDC it deserves to be


Kimi back in F1 next year.. mmm


I disagree Mark.

Like anyone, Mark wants to win. A seat at Red Bull Racing is the best way. Mark has said many times Red Bull will be his last F1 team. Their isn't a drive at a really top team up for grabs, why would he leave?

I don't think he's done racing.


Mateschitz has got what he wants, aka WCC for bonus, good marketing and exposure. WDC would not add much more to his marketing achievements so why should he care?


Despite being a Mark Webber fan, what Red Bull are doing is exactly right, they are keeping it fair till the last moment. If Webber is being outperformed by Vettel, which he has been for the last few races, no amount of whining in the world will make it right for Red Bull to give him preference, World Titles shouldn't be handed to someone on a silver platter just because they can moan the loudest. For Webber to comfortably win the title, he needed a win in the last 3 races, which he hasnt been able to do, so it has gone down to the wire. It will make an interesting finale, who knows what is going to happen?

On a side note, I have been hearing around the traps that despite Webber having an engine in hand over Vettel and Alonso just a few races ago, it is now Alonso who will have the freshest engine for the finale, with Webber's Brazil race engine being fried beyond repair. Any truth in this James?


Football is a team sport with 11 players per team.

Formula 1 is a team sport with 2 players per team.

Wether you have team orders or not it remains sportive.

Kobe Bryant thanked Gasol for helping him winning the MVP Finals last season, even if it was an individual price. If your teammate is stronger than you or is in a better position by chance, the sportive thing to do is help him. The unsportive thing to do is to be selfish.

Red Bull is a marketing machine. I think if Vettel would have been better placed Webber had played second fiddle.


F1 is a TEAM sport...the car is built by the TEAM, pit crew is the TEAM, so should be the drivers. They can race each other and compete, but it's going to be stupidity to let Alonso grab the title instead one of your TEAM-mates.

Matter of point of view.


This man deserves a standing ovation for keeping the sporting spirit alive in F1.

Even if they lose the championship, he cares more for his word and honour than a shiny trophee.

If you do not agree with that statement, you are biased, as simple as that. Because the opposite means, 'screw homour and sport spirit, rig everything until you win it!'. There is already a team who does that, go support them, haha.

Of course Vettel will give Webber the title, if he is 1st and Webber 2nd. And it will be thanks to the man you all hate, Vettel, that Webber wins it...irony at it's best and it would make Webber's title comical actually. So whatever Vettel does, he wins.


Do you think that if Vettel was leading Webber in the title hunt he would still let them both race? I don't think so...

It is really convenient for him that Webber is in front so that his protege Vettel can still fight for the win, he wants Vettel to grab the title, everyone knows that.

For him its great publicity and great timing.


I think DM's comments are extraordinary. No real racing team would have this attitude. To have the World Champion driver and number 1 on your car is paramount.

It reminds me of BMW with their corporate attitude when they stopped development of Kubica's car to concentrate on next year's just when they were on a roll. We've met our targets for this year was the reason. They just assumed they'd do better the following year.

If there's one thing you cannot assume in motor racing it's that next year will be better than this one. There's only one target in F1: winning the title. And a real racer will do almost anything to achieve it.


Well, I've just quit buying and drinking Red Bull. These people are clearly nutters and therefore don't deserve my cash.




Please please Mr.Dietrich, spare us the BS. Your team has been in the news for all the wrong reasons throughout the season. You were saved some media spotlight by the Kiddo Massa and his nanny Rob Smedley's immature actions in Germany.

Now can we talk about Silverstone, front wings, Turkey crash, Helmut Marko etc. Sportsmanship? seems like you are being fed the wrong news sir, RB are much worse than they seem they are at sportsmanship.

And if you are still persistent over sportsmanship, please practice what you preach at Abu-Dhabi.

Maybe, Red-Bull should add some content in their drinks which will give them sense instead of wings:-)


All right then, lets buy some Red Bulls to celebrate Alonso's WDC!

That way everybody feels like a champion.


I love this so much. It's *almost* enough to make me go drink a Red Bull!


If Alonso wins the WDC on Sunday - I'll celebrate by buying my 1st can of Red Bull! 🙂


Oh snap! My friend and I are going to drink our first cans of Red Bull ever during the race to keep Alonso at bay. Let us see who prevails! 😉


OMG.....Just found that Red Bull Drinks will make others forget something....if not....how can he forget who asked Webber on fuel save mode in Turkey and let Seb pass.....and who swap front wing in Silverstone.....LOL...


There is a difference between favoring a driver (i.e. Front wing to leader in points on day) and asking a professional racer to let his team mate thru. I can't believe webber would want that anyway. I'd feel likes fraud of I won the world championship cause my team mate pulled over. As such, I'm loosing a lot of respect for Alonso, and it's casting a whole new light on the Schuey years. Maybe this is just the way the italians have always worked?

Anyway, webber should be leading the championship after Korea. Instead he makes a mistake all on his own and hits the wall. If he hadnt binned it, he would have inherited the lead when seb's enhine went pop. Now Seb's supposed to help him!? Give me a break.


So they say no driver favouritism and yet they said that they are building the team around Vettel, hmm seems slightly hypocritical to me.


While I'm gunning for Webber, Vettel is in a pretty good position, albeit one that relies on an Alonso DNF. If that happens, and it's a Vettel/Webber one-two, Vettel wins the tie-break. I think that, of course, is foremost in Vettel's mind; the letting-Webber-through question that most are focusing on is completely secondary.

Webber just needs to win on his own, the rest he can't do anything about.


Unfortunately, I don't really believe that if Seb was in Marks position the team would take the same approach. nor do I think mark would have behaved the same way Seb has done... Mark is a decent bloke who would have done the right thing.

Red Bull is being nieve with Ferrari. Saying we dont behave the same as them gives them nothing. Liken it to having drugs in athletics, if the IAA did nothing about stopping it, and the drugged competitiors were allowed to compete against genuine runners, then inevitable they would loose... it would be no good saying well at least we did it fairly... at the end of the day history only remembers the winners... so in the end everyone would take drugs or give up, OR the IAA kicks the drug takers out.

Well the FIA is no IAA and allows non clear rules, and so as much as it pains me, either follow Ferrari or kick Ferrai out (ban team orders) but bleating on about we don't do it that way will not help.

To my mind, Ferrai neh Alonso - perfect marriage - are suited in this way, and as was predicted when the FIA gave its pathetic repsonse, Ferrari will win by less than the points the gained by team orders.. sad...

Even now Red Bull cannot do what Ferrari did because the rules were not cleared up after the verdict..


it is always better to keep in mind, f1 is a very unstable game and who ever made big talks before, usually regretted what he said.

actually i found his statement as an unlucky one.they may easily find themselves in a position to support one of their drivers next year.


James - any chance you could update us on the engine situation?

Everybody must be using tired engines by now, but how many races has each done (and crashes for that matter).


Hi James,

By all accounts, Adrian Newey is a fiercely competitive person, what do you think he would feel about the RBR management jeopodizing their best opportunity to win the WDC by not supporting webber in brazil? Plus I think that DM's comments re winning next year if not this year are a little cavalier...


I think they will support Webber in Abu D if the alternative is Alonso winning title, but the question is why they've made it harder to achieve that by not acting in Brazil. I'm not saying they should - it's up to them what they do - but most racing people would have acted here not waited til Abu D


I respectfully disagree James. As a massive Webber fan, I really want him to win the WDC; but I believe that drivers should not be favoured unless one mathematically cannot win. It would be massively unfair to ask either of them to step aside (a la Massa) when they still are in with a chance. Who knows, those 7 points for Vettel may turn out to be vital, and he should be commended for fighting to stay in the hunt.

If Webber is in front of Alonso in Abu Dhabi I suspect Vettel will be too, and I want see Vettel let Mark through because he respects Mark and the team, not because he is ordered to.


ohh yeah with the big money involved and the status of being world champion - its all going to rest on the respect for each other! Rubbish! they're paid employees and should do as they are told! 'Webber is faster than you!'


Then it makes me happy that Red Bull are not most racing people. 🙂


Clearly, in other words, "we don't want Webber to win the WDC". ie. Vettel or nothing. This is ridiculous, what team wouldn't want to try and maximise its gains, i thought that was the one of the benefits of having 'team mates'.


Hmmm.... how's about Webber takes out Alonso? Leaving Vettal to cruise home and take the title? Nah That would never happen....


What a load of b******s! Throughout the season RBR are the one team to come across as the most consistent manipulators. I don't trust a word that Horner bloke utters and as indeed RB is all about marketing and very little else I don't feel inclined to listen to the owner either.

In hind-sight, at least Ferrari have the balls to be open about it.


I don't think so. Ferrari denied the implementation of team orders at Hockenheim preferring to treat F1 fans for fools!


Well in hindsight I believe that Ferrari played it the way they did to try and avoid sanction from the FIA - and in effect they succeeded. Like the majority of F1 fans I didn't like it either, but it has to be said that their strategy may well land them the WDC and from their perspective that's a tremendous success given RBR's dominant car this year.


Judging by replies on your site, James, I'd say most of your readers swallowed this news as if they have no nose to smell this smoking pile of BS from a mile away.

I mean, am I supposed to believe this?


You're right, it's been swallowed hook, line & sinker.

And also discussed ad infinitum. I'm glad the race is this weekend & not next. I couldn't stand TWO weeks of agonising over team orders!


I personally have no preference for team orders, seeing positives and negatives for either side of the argument. What I really hate, though, is hearing a lot of people arguing for the case of team orders based on the fact that they were dominant, in F1, in the past. There should never, in any aspect of life, be any continuation of a rule or law based purely on its longevity, but instead, a constant re-evaluation of its necessities based on positives and negatives.

Hypothetically, if at the start of the last lap Vettel leads Webber, who leads Alonso then as a spectator I'm not really sure how I would feel about Red Bull swapping their drivers about. I would love a race to be won by the best driver (in the race), but I would also be disappointed by Red Bull, essentially choosing, to give the championship to Alonso. It would be sporting to let their drivers race, but it would be very unsportsmanlike, to have the chance of a greater victory within your hands and choose not to take it. Considering how hard the team has worked, I think I would prefer to see them take the opportunity to take away two championships, not just the one.

Although like many hypothetical scenarios, this may not come to pass, thus this decision might not have to be taken.


Quite a stance! as you say James, this is more about positioning the values of Red Bull as a brand than F1.

Although I think in F1 terms they are completely stupid.. I kind of like the "Red Bull stance".

Is Red Bull rewriting the fa(r)ce of F1?



we must agree with Matesitz, if they have a chance of winning WDC and still let Alonso win it, that this is definitely something different. Something nobody has ever done.

It would definitely generate a lot of PR, but whether this PR would be positive or negative, its debatable. But you know the saying: There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is NOT being talked about.

If Red Bull lets Alonso win, this will be as big news as Alonso's championship, at least for a couple of days. But history will only remember Alonso's 3rd title.


As an unbiased F1 fan, or well, I root for Kobayashi but he is not in the hunt:

If I was Webber and I won the championship thanks to my faster and younger teammate, whom I dislike a lot, who gave up his win and said 'after you mate, thanks to me you win this, do not forget this', I would be embarrassed and annoyed for the rest of my life everytime someone mentioned I am an F1 champion.

Webber has to win it on his own, for the title to actually mean anything. He has to be faster than Vettel the entire weekend, be on pole, win it with a 10 seconds gap and PROVE he is the champion.

If he wins it because Vettel let's him pass in the last few laps, this entire season will end with an anti-climax of the biggest magnitude, a joke. And I cannot understand the amount of people who are actually rooting for this pathetic end of a great season. Of course all biased Webber fans.

Instead of saying 'Go Webber, be faster than Vettel, claim your win and championship!' all I hear is 'Vettel has to give it to him, although he is the faster driver and does all the hard work, he has to hand it to Webber on a plate, or they will be the laughing stock'.

No, if Webber doesn't win it on his own merit, the title will be hollow.


Was Kimi embarrassed by Massa giving up a race win for him to steal the championship? I don't think so.

On the other hand I'm pretty sure Massa did what he did because it's the right thing to do for you team-mate and team, and I imagine Vettel's not so immature and selfish not to do the best thing when the time comes. It's one thing being ordered by the team, it's another deciding for yourself to help your team mate.


You'd have to say the same if Alonso wins the championship, think the support of Red Bull supporting Webber is more about not letting Alonso get away with it. Two wrongs, don't make a right obviously but it would make Alonso/Webber morally equal in some ways.

It would be different again if Lewis was leading, Alonso retired, Vettel 3rd-5th with Webber 6th. In that situation they'd get far more stick for swapping the drivers.


If the positions were Vettel, Webber, Alonso in Abu Dhabi and Vettel were to let Webber through, then my respect for Vettel will grow by a significant amount.

If he doesnt let him through, then it will be interesting as to what will happen next year between the duo, relationship/chemistry wise



Let me point out that in some European countries, Red Bull is banned, due to possible adverse effect on your health.

So, before any of you start treating DM like the second coming, ask yourselves how a man with integrity would put people's health at risk.

As someone pointed out: Red Bull is 99% marketing. There's no substance to DM words.


"Red Bull boss: No driver favouritism, I don’t care if we lose" : i guess thats what you have to keep saying when you have already said that a Alonso win with less than seven points is manipulation.



Hi James, have you any insight into the new digital camera technology which will be tested in Abu Dhabi. I have heard about some computer generated 360degree shots that will be used for the first time?


Did you see the Moto GP in HD at the weekend! was stunning - they had a HD camera on one of the Honda's also. Its time F1 spent the extra 10% and crack on....


No but I will look into it


looks like the point Alonso stole are coming into play ????

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

He means..."if Vettel doesn't win the championship then it could go to the dogs for all that I care"

For Dieter the prospect of Webber winning the championship would be more "sauer" than Alonso winning.

They should change the Red Bull slogan to a variation of the one that Mercedes uses...

"Der Vettel oder Nichts"


Seems daft. They are ultimately there to sell more cans of drink. A Red Bull world champion would get that logo everywhere.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Sounds like Dieter wants Webber to win as much as Michael Schumacher wanted Irvine to win in 1999.


I'm willing to bet that if it were Vettel leading the WDC, he won't be saying "no favortism"!


The Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper reported Niki Lauda's reaction to Red Bull's stance as "fair in the sporting sense but at the end of the day Alonso must be laughing."

Interestingly the same paper also states that Helmut Marko said that Red Bull said at the beginning of the year that the drivers should sort everything out on the track and that nothing has changed.

None of this is looking good for Webber. He really needs to grab the initiative himself in Abu Dhabi as I am sure he does not want to be handed the win (if this happens) in an obvious "look at me I'm so magnanimous" way by his team-mate...


Sad but podium in Abu Dhabi will look like this:
And just because Vettel will let Webber through. Good news - F1 will have three new clean angels: Helmut Marko, Christian Horner and, of course, Dietrich Mateschitz who, not like others, not only talk or do b***it but do both at the same time.


On pure pace alone, you would expect an RBR front row again in Abu Dabbi, and Alonso either 3rd or 4th (to Lewis). If we assume Alonso finishes 4th (which logically would be the worst he could do), that's 12 points for him, meaning Vettel would not be able to overtake him even with a win (25 pts, he would need 16+12=28), so only Webber would be able to win the WDC, if he won the race. In fact, with a race win Webber would win the title even if Alonso finished 3rd (25 pts vs 15 pts, Webber wins title by 2 pts). So if I were RBR and hell-bent over winning the WDC as well, I would have told Vettel to support Webber by ensuring a front-row start for the 2 RBRs, then yielding to Webber during the race (pitstops ?), or even better telling him to yield pole to Webber. I have a hard time believing Matteschitz will just give the title to Alonso. And actually that works well for Alonso, since if he wins it, he will have earned it - meaning he really cannot afford to start the race in 3rd place. He has got to start on the front row and drive to win the race.


As a huge Webber fan I was dissapointed he couldnt get a win in Brazil but he really only has himself to blame. He just cant seem to knock Vettel off in qualifying for the second half of this year. If he was beating Vettel in qualifying then he wouldnt need any gifts from him.

It would be perfect if Webber could get Pole in Abu Dhabi and just drive away with it, let Vettel be his rear gunner and take the WDC.

I have a feeling Alonso is going to come out and destory them both in qualifying though and if he does he deserves the championship, especially seeing he came from a terrible start of year so strongly.


It doesn't matter anymore, Red Bull are finished.... Adrian Newey is off to a different team and so is Webber and/or Webber will retire.


LOL Making stuff up? Where did you read Newey is quiting RB?


Newey:"I'll be at Red Bull for a while to come," http://motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=393857&FS=F1

But if according to your imagination that Newey does live Red bull, probably it will be a problem but Webber?? I don't see any problem from it there are still plenty of drivers better than him to be replace


Red Bull, the energy drink company, is lovong this! Red Bull is in the mouth of millions of F1 fans all over the world! They really dont care if Alonso wins it, they already got their return on investment. As far as the team goes, I get the feeling that they dont care who wins as long as its not Webber. Webber is going to have to earn it next weekend, as he should, even though if it was my call I would tell Crash Boy to move over, or at least to be slow to get away at the start. I want Webber to win it, rather him than Fred or Crash boy.


Is this guy (Mateschitz) for real??? I've never seen or heard about anyone in F1 (so) openly willing to lose the drivers title! How sure is RBR that they'll be competitive next season? They don't know that for sure.

I'm not the biggest fan of team orders, but I do understand its nature. After all, people are in F1 - should be in F1 - because they want to become world champion(s), so I suppose it's understandable (to a certain degree) if they do everything they can to win it. But oh well, whatever floats their (Red Bull's) boat! To each his own then!

Regardless, congrats to the team for winning the World Constructors Championship!


James, very nice article, and as usual, giving a different and interesting view on F1.

I've got only a 'but'. Vettel need to outscore Alonso by 15 points and Webber by 7 (not 16 and 8)


I have been pushing for Webber all year, but RedBull have put themselves in the right place to make this work. If they had swapped in Brazil, any problems for Webber in the last race will make it hard for Vettel to win and visa/versa. It seems that MW is not really too disadvantaged by the points difference. If he had say 3 more points, it would be better, but if RB can get to the last corner with a 1/2 and swap then, it will be fine.

It will be funny to see the last lap in Abu Dhabi, Vettel leading Webber, leading Alonso. 2 seconds covering all three of them. Then watching Alonse trying to dive into the same gap that Vettel has left for Webber. 🙂


BS Mr.Mateschitz. RBR concealed their favouritism very well but it's so obvious and well manipulated and the worse part is their hypocrisy.

Vettel is your golden boy and Webber is an inconvenience.

The one and most important character about Webber is he speaks straight, that's what I like about him most.

Strong hunch that Webber NOT Vettel will let Alonso take the WDC, I hope I'm very wrong here. You'd think Vettel want Webber to win the WDC. Don't bet any dime on it.

During post race Vettel mentioned loud and clear that he hopes Alonso's engine blows up.

All the maths have been posted and we know the outcome of the iffys.

With all the speculations, Abu Dhabi will crown the worthy or unworthy WDC, is only an opinion. End of he day fans only want to remember the WDC not the WCC.


It won't matter which RBR driver wins, Alonso won't allow a RBR 1-2. The only thing that will prevent him (Alonso)from the WDC is a car failure. Neither Vettel or Webber have the talent to drive with Alonso under these circumstances.


Translation - "There will be no favourtism if our no 2 driver is ahead in the world standing"


hi all....What a great season and i have everything crossed that Webber can win next week. What i am hoping is that he wins it on track with one of his dominating performances. That way there is no need for anyone to let anyone else through.

But......F1 is a team sport. Team orders have been around for ever and will continue no matter what the rule.

If it wasnt a team sport then every team would only have one driver. If Vettel is leading and can't win the title then he should be told to let Webber through.

I am hoping that i will be celebrating a great champ whatever the result.


He is either a) an idiot or b) maniacal.

All teams switch drivers to win.. It's a team sport for goodness sake. That's part of what makes it so interesting. That by having two drivers up there you CAN switch them, but you firstly need to have two drivers up there which wont happen if you always switch them (see ferrari and massa's lack of ocnfidence).

So either he a) hasn't entered a sport not wanting to win...

or b).. and this could just be my cynical brain.

The MiltonKynes team want to win the WDC and will switch them if need be. BUT, don't want to make a furor about it and hence are saying they don't care, and if vettel 'decides' to let webber through presuming webber isn't already ahead, then we can all say

'wow, vettel is such a nice guy, and red bull played it fair, and they won both'


Dietrich, you're THE MAN!!!

Thank you for keeping F1 a sport.


CJ the 2cnd, probably...

This is probably too far down to be read much but I'll have my say anyway.

It occurs to me that if RB management and sponsors hold the 'sporting' line but SV gifts the win/position to MW to secure the WDC, that could be portrayed as a driver's decision leaving RB to claim the moral high ground over Ferrari over team orders. All nonsense of course.

Personally I hope that MW wins outright, it would end the arguments but more important it would not be a tainted result.

All of which leads to what I really think. Unenforceable law is bad law. It is not possible to ban team orders because it is easy to disguise them; and please don't suggest open and published driver contracts as the solution, there are many ways of bringing pressure to bear. Team orders should not be banned. I think they were first introduced to prevent a team from actively hampering the opposition in support of their own driver (if SV were to take FA out at the start for example) but there are now plenty of rules about drivers' conduct. The problem with enforcing rules about team orders, whether as blatant as Ferrari or more subtle, is that they depend upon proof of intent, a tricky area indeed. So, allow team orders but rely on the sporting code for driver conduct, at least that way the judgements are made on the basis of actions not impenetrable intentions.


I have never drunk Red Bull, I don't feel the need for wings, unlike MW perhaps!



I beleive the no team orders press release is just plain pr stuff by redbull. Their finish in brazil was the way they wanted the race to finish with vettel first and webber second. I am pretty sure had the situation been reversed webber would have been ordered to move over for vettel.

A webber win in brazil would have meant that vettel's chances of being wdc would be a lot more difficult now, whereas webber has to finish in front of alonso. With the brasil result, webber has to win and alonso 3rd or lower.

Redbull has the fastest car, they beleive that in abu dhabi they will be up front with alonso. all they have to do is see where alonso is. if he is running 3rd i'm sure vettel will let webber through if webber is second. If alonso is running lower down the order the redbull drivers will race it out for the wdc.

Clearly, the brazil result gives redbul a better shot at winning the wdc over alonso as they have 2 drivers who are capable and it would be easier for redbull to manipulate the wdc results in abu dhabi.


As many of you may have already mentioned above.

It's plain and simple.

Vettel: RBR gave him preferential treatment when they removed it from Webber's car and put it onto his, with justification that 'Vettel' was leading the championship.

Webber: RBR is not giving him preferential treatment despite the fact that he is leading Vettel in the championship with one round to go.

It massively frustrates me that despite this, RBR claim no preferential treatment.

Let's see what happens next year. Although Webber will still be up there in the championship, Vettel will be challenging much more closely (with better luch next year).

Let's see the hand RBR will play in terms of preferential treatment...


Yes next year will look different as MW will be in a red car.


what a load of bs...

they're just playing the moral high ground as an excuse to keep vettel in the title hunt.

if roles were reversed, they would've made webber move over for vettel in brazil for sure.

i hope webber wins the drivers wc, then leaves red bull and tells mateschitz to stick it up his you know what...


Sorry Mr. Mateschitz - Appreciate your putting things in perspective by highlighting that it's a "sport", but it doesn't sound sincere. Wonder if you have said the same had SV been ahead of MW?.


Well, as one of the people that spoke out against the Ferrari shenanigans in Germany I welcome this. I would prefer Webber to win the title, but it is the best stance.

DM clearly sees fair play as a more marketable asset over a WDC, which to be fair does more for the driver.

By any measure Vettel is still in with a decent shot of the WDC, I don't think he should be compromised.

Whoever wins this will be a thoroughly deserved champion.


End of the day, the team that interprets/manipulates the rules the best wins. How Red Bull's front wing can flex is brilliant interpretation of the rules, Ferrari directing Massa to allow Alonso first place is brilliant manipulation of the rules.

Hopefully Seb would move over for Mark if they are running 1 2 and Alonso in 3rd.

The best thing for F1 is too have Alonso's engine pack in during qualifying (and suffer a grid penalty) and then have the 3 show who is the driver of the day and win the world championship.


Vettel may not be the faster of the two at Abu anyway. He hasnt been faster all year, just the last few races.

If Mark does get pole and can hold the lead for a few laps, history proves he may run away with it. Of course we need Alonso to finish further back.



What would you do if you were Redbull boss? Do you, incase vettel leads webber and alonso would ask vettel to move away for the sake of your team not getting laughed at OR as the real boss says doesn't care about who wins??

Just to know more about you?? Be Honest!!!


i just thought of one BS scenario

omg this one is too hectic...

if vettel 1-2 webber

and alonso 5th...

then 4th place retires on the last lap

after vettel has already crossed the line

so alonso takes it! and red bull can regret not letting mark win it...

...that would be like massa vs hamilton


Seeing Alonso's over confidence in Ferrari and his car and himself, I would love to see his engine blow and let the fair sportsmen fight it out to win the WDC. Maybe lewis might win it in that case as the RBR guys might just take themselves out....


He's not the only driver to have confidence in themselves and their team. And confidence might actually be a condsidered a good thing you know.


Webbull made a big mistake in Korea.I think he and Vebbull had an agreement in Brazil-may the better man win....well,Seb pulled away.

But then Mark had an overheating problem,according to him.

To "manipulate" assumes two healthy cars.This was not the case.

To slow Vebbull down could have meant an Alonso victory-the top three were fairly close at the finish.

And there is no one in the world I would rather have asking those drivers questions than you,J.A.


Hi James. Excellent article. Being a F1 fan and being based in Oz land the only communication and information is what i get to see on the internet in relevant F1 sites.Thanks for your excellent and insightful reporting. Many F1 fans are indicating in their responses that it is a given that Vettel will definately be in front of Webber in Abu Dhabi! Could it be a possibility that Webber's car will be hooked up that just a little quicker than Vettel?Perhaps there is no need to plan a switcheroo that is if the RBR is the quickest of the field in Abu Dhabi.


Last year Vettel was faster there than Webber, it's not really a Webber type of track. Ferrari will be stronger there than in Brazil, it's going to be a fght for 2nd place in my view between Webber and Alonso. 2nd place for Alonso makes him champion whatever happens


It may not be Webber's type of track but I am afraid this is the ONLY chance the Aussie have to land the title. A kind of Massa in 2008. So Webber will need to drive like mad to get the best he can and then pray to God too.


true... But last year webber didn't have the championship to go for!

Addded to that Webber won Brazil last year, Vettel won it ths year.

Interestingly Vettel has all but said that he will hand over first if webber needs it. He said something along the lines of preferring a red bull driver over alonso and he knows what needs to be done if the case arises.

The RBR team (from the gys back at MK to those working on the cars at each race to Newey and co on the wall) would all obviosuly love to have a WDC to go with the WCC.

Given way DM has said, what do you think are the chances of Red Bull Racing switching them subtling in a pit stop to get them the WDC if need be? Or is there too much authority in DM's words?


Maybe, but James remember what Alonso did in Singapore qualifying.


Red bull gives you wings, they don’t manipulate results...

THIS IS one of the greatest brand asset idea


Well, it's basically a BS statement, they did manipulate things to favor Vettle in UK.

What they are actually saying is that they rather see Vettle win or lose the championship. They don't want to see Mark Webber taking the title away from their product.

Partly, it's a marketing exercise off course.

But the thing is opportunities like this may not come every 10 years, ask Renault or Williams.


I think he just said this to save himself the possibility of a $100000 'bill' if they do end up miraculously changing places. Smart man.



Completely aside, there seem to be some serious power struggle behind closed doors in the FIA. I read this article http://www.422race.com/2010/esclusivo-cosi-todt-ha-ottenuto-lok-alla-modifica-degli-statuti-fia/

and it seems that some aren't happy about Jean Todt measures for the FIA. I remembered what Bernie said about the fact that Max Mosley should go back to the FIA. Do you think Max and Bernie are launching a war against the Frenchman ?


As a "died-in-the wool" Team Lotus fan (let's not go there, it's too painful) I am heartened by Mr. Mateschitz's view of letting the cards fall where they will. Mind you was it Bernie who said "First you get rich and then you get a conscience"? Having said that I suspect their management at Red Bull will be more savvy next year.


I'm sick of reading that if Webber wins the WDC by Vettel letting him through it will be a hollow championship (and the same with Alonso). It is part of the sport and part of the business. It has happened all the time. Yes i am a Webber fan and i would prefer him to win it with a win but could accept team orders. The championship is over 19 races not 1 so its unfair if people judge the champion (whoever it is) over one race.

I think Mark's main problem with Red Bull has been with Dr Marko. For all you Webber fans out there i found this the other day that i think you will all enjoy (i think James will get a laugh from it too)


i really hope the last race is a cracker like most of the season has been.


I agree but Vettel not letting Weber through will allow Alsonso to win due to blatant team orders, for the sake of RBR and F1, Vettel should do it.


Ten quid on Vettel letting Webber through on last lap, with Alonso's engine blowing a few seconds later.


Consider this.

The order is Vettel, Webber, Alonso... On the last lap, Vettel lets Webber through... then 300 yards later Alonso's engine blows up or he crashes. Will Webber then give the place back to Vettel?

They will only have half a lap of the race left to consider this scenario.


They would probably crash each other and give the title to Lewis. 😀


.......well not now, you just told them what is happening so now they have time to work it out. 🙂


would you give the place back.......????


Sorry but i think Red Bull is more hypocrital than Ferrari. They have clearly prefered Vettel to Webber all the season ( see Turkey,etc.), trying to give hidden team orders in several ways, unfortunately for then they have chosen the wrong pilot and now they are embarassed with Webber in front of Vettel.

They have for sure the stronger car but not the stronger pilots


Whatever happen in Abu Dhabi, the Reb Bull brand has been forever established in F1 and globally.

So Mr Mateschitz has achieved his goal to make the world aware of this brand.

Now there are more people involved in the F1 team, Christian Horner, Mr Marko, Adrian Newey and all the guys in the pits and in Milton Keynes. They want to win because they are racers and they live and breath F1.

Horner will be able to be one of the few that has defeated Ferrari and McLaren in recent years, everyone still considering RB a small team but nobodyknows how much money went into the team for the last 6 years< i guess as much as Ferrari and McLaren.

Adrian Newey, a genius when designing cars, will be the most successfull F1 designer in recent years and one of the most innovative and daring as well.

Mr Marko has to justify his young drivers program and he is hoping that Vettel will be able to clinch the title instead of Webber.

The team in the pits and back at the factory in Milton Keynes deserve the title as much as any other crew or factory in F1, the dedication, passion and hard work is second to none.

But at the end of the F1 season, Red Bull has already achieved, as a drink brand, what they set to do 6 years ago, make the brand global and as a marketing tool this season has been the best they could hope for.


next year don't exist for RBR, a new era begin alo-fer, vettel has born talent but he finish just hope


I hope Webber wins the Championship.

And I remember Webber saying he needs to win one more race to take the Championship; he hasn't done it yet.

Come on Webber! Australia needs another World Champion!


Amen. Doesnt it just get you that he would have most likely won in Korea had he not gone off. #@#$!



Think about your fans, you will lose many of them if Alonso wins due to RBR not doing everything they can do to have on of their drivers be WDC. It is all about the Brand and the Brand will be stronger if there is a Red Bull world champ rather than allowing Ferrari to be it.


"I don’t care if we lose" - subtext: I don't care if Mark Webber loses.

Only Webber has anything to gain from team orders, so I'm not surprised Mateschitz has decided there won't be any.


Hard to argue your point. Fairly obvious who they would prefer. Makes you wonder if Weber will be with RB next year. What it should also show ...to everyone... is the mental strength that Weber has shown in the face of immense pressure combined with the obviousness that he is a secondary concern at RB. Sure Vettel is good...but hes being coddled by the team and massaged every time is ego is bruised. Getting hugs in Korea from Helmut Marko was gag worthy... Yes...im a Weber fan. 🙂


Quite amused to see Horner say live on the BBC that they would switch the drivers if its needed in Abu Dhabi. Hypocrites. I guess it's only damaging to the sport when Ferrari do it.


If you believe the hype, Seb will be good for at least 3 titles in the future. So I think he afford to let Mark win one this time around.

(BTW my judgement is still out on the hype, let's see how Seb gets on in 2011 against Alonso, Hammy, Button, potentially the defending WDC Webber and a stronger showing from Mercedes)


i just had a thought.......

maby webber has said he will leave the team next year.... what does that mean?

well if he wins the title and leave the #1 and #2 will no be on redbull cars next year.

maby that is why the rbr higherarchy is acting like this what do you think james?


If on the last lap Vettel is leading with Webber second and Alonso fifth, I am sure Webber will stop and let Alonso win.


Mateschitz can say whatever he wants before the race... during the race the "brain" is Horner and if the situation dictates he will surely do whatever he thinks is right without having to pick up the phone and ask Mr Mateschitz for his opinion.


I admire him saying this, but surely he can't be serious? If it comes down to the last lap in Abu Dhabi and Vettel is leading Webber, with Alonso third, surely they are not going to allow Alonso to take the title? Red Bull would be the laughing stock of the paddock for years to come if they sat back and allowed that to happen, and their image would be damaged far more than if they had asked Vettel to let Webber through.

Having said that it would be a shame is Webber ended up as champion because his team mate moved over for him on the last lap. For Webber to win the title in style he needs to win the race under his own steam, beating Vettle on merit.


Agreed. What I hear them saying (in your scenario) is they are leaving the decision (and reputation/image of the company) up to a immature kid (admittedly he is improving) who has proven as much through out this season. Whos their favorite son again? 🙂


Sorry, off topic, but can someone tell me how much input does Adrian Newey give towards designing the cars?


Would you go as far as to say he is the most important person in the team?

Is it true that Webber is responsible for the throttle device that helps them in Qualifying?


What about driver involvement? Do u think DC and Webber helped Red Bull a lot in R&D?


I think that in case Abu-dhabi final laps position will look like




the pressure from Alonso would be so huge while Vettel's motivation would be so low that he would just let him, Alonso, through.

Just look at it with the eyes of a racer - in this scenario he's not only not-motivated, in fact he's gonna be frustrated that his effort of holding Alonso back means NOTHING for him...



How do you think McLaren and more specifically Hamilton will be in Abu Dhabi?

He has no pressure on him and last year he blew everyone away in qualifying. They should be good on the long straights and if they get their car hooked up like it was in Singapore then they shouldn't be too far off, in-fact if you compare this track with Singapore you'd expect them to be a bit closer. There are very little high speed corners for Red Bull to eek out that huge advantage.


It is evident from Lewis' body language and his radio communications that the car is not competitive. This will not change in 6 days time.


The pace of a car could change within a week. Just look at the pace of Red Bull from Hockenheim to Budapest compared to the rest.


Hard to say, they've gone off the boil a bit. Last year the KERS helped them a lot in Abu Dhabi. Red Bull has fixed some of the problems it had on that type of track. For me the key battle is Alonso vs Webber for P2, I've got a strong feeling that's what it will come down to.


I think you are spot on here James and if their cars are pretty close in speed (which they have been last races) then it comes down to who can keep it cool. My money is firmly on Alonso in that matter regardless of how much I like the aussie and would not mind him winning it.


It is interesting that if Alonso had helped Hamilton in the last race of 2007 when he knew he couldn't win then Lewis and McLaren would have been world driver champions. Not saying he should have but if Hamilton hadn't had the gearbox problem then he would have won the WDC.

Thats sport!


There is no way Red Bull are going to let a drivers title slip through their fingers! Of course they will make the switch if they need to.

All these Mateschitz comments are just designed to get people talking about 'Red Bull', its great marketing. Let’s not forget Red Bull F1 is a marketing arm of Red Bull.


RBR Management (Dietrich Mateschitz & co) must have more money than God! Not worried if they don't win Drivers title? What will be, will be?

No wonder MW has the sh*ts with the lack of support/direction from RBR Management.

Of the top 3 contenders, Webber has the "fresher" engine/car combination.

Abu Dharbi is one of the higher speed circuits on the calendar -it will be interesting to see if reliability issues play any part in the result?

JA - enjoyed your work on ONE HD in Oz this year. I see that Greg Rust is going to be at Abu Dharbi this weekend. Looking forward to seeing "Thruster" at his exuberant best.


You are forgetting 1 thing.

All Webber has to do to win the championship is be faster than Vettel 😉

This begging for Vettel to hold his hand, by Webber fans and Webber is now pretty embarrassing. You all already concede Vettel is the faster guy and the slower guy must win it by Vettel handing it to him on a platter.

Webber should take pole, win the race and prove he is a champ. That is racing, not fixing the result to suit the slower driver.


If Vettel is so fantastic and the "faster guy" as you put it - why is he currently 3rd in the championship ?

Since when has winning pole positions / fastest laps counted for anything - it's who has the experience to finish 1st on the last lap that matters.

If crashing into other cars / not knowing the rules of the safety car and blowing up engines was anything to be proud of - then Vettel wins hands down.

If Vettel is the "fastest guy" - why then is his skills not being sort by other top shelf teams ?


I'm looking forward to doing loads of live stuff with him this weekend


OMG!!!! Greg is going to Abu Dhabi, please extend the pre-race programme to 2 hours. And really looking forward to Mark's season review before the pre-race programme.


All very noble but its about to cost them a double championship. Is it lost on Mateschitz that the drivers title is just as involving of the team as the constructors? The crew of either car would be ecstatic to win the drivers title...and what about the factory...the PR people etc etc.... On the flip side its refreshing for Mateschitz to take a stand against manipulation. However the sad reality is that no other team will ever follow suit...however ground breaking and noble it is....and Red Bull finds itself on an island on this point. But good for him...hes a character... which F1 certainly needs!


First, i dont believe one word from horner or his boss... had vettel taken the lead as early as webber had done then they d ve immediately backed vettle as no 1 driver.. now they don ve option as they ve to back both drivers ...

as per fernando , i ve not seen him win one championship on his own caliber, 2005 kimi deserved it , 06 won after micheals engine blew, now he s gonna win because bulls are gifting it to him...

well if i own a team and invest millions and pay millions to a driver to bring home the championship and would not see 2 monkeys fight for the fruit and drop it from their hands only to see another monkey waiting to catch the leftover and eat.

Alonso might be an opportunist of highest order but thats not the thing i want to se in driver..i d rather want him to join the two monkeys and snatch it from their hands..


Those factors may have aided Alonso's wins but come on, its not exactly a fluke that he's won two WDC's. He has to have SOME modicum of talent.



I was "interested" to read Adam Hay Nichols article in a public london free newspaper with a blue heading (sorry for plugging a different publication).

Unless I read it incorrectly (i got to it just as I was pulling into Waterloo), he was saying Mark is a lot like Nigel Mansell in that he was driven by an element of paranoia (the siege mentality if you like).

How do you find Mark? Does he use the siege mentality (i.e everyone is against me) to push himself on?

I've always thought he's played a fairly straight bat, and his concerns about the team are probably more than justified.


He's like Nigel in many ways. Not sure I agree with Adam on this point. He does like to see himself as an underdog and a fighter


I agree that Mateschitz and Red Bull are copping a "holier-than-thou" attitude that simply masks the truth -- If the roles had been reversed (between Weber and Vettel) they would have implemented team orders already for Brazil. It is noteworthy that they are the only team to be pontificating on the evil travesties of Ferrari -- all others are keeping their mouths shut because they know that, were they in the hunt for the title, they would not hesitate to do the same (as Ferrari did). It is finally more than hypocritical and confusing that all (including, it would seem, FIA) seem to think that team orders are ok in the closing stages of the season. This defies an understanding of the complicated dynamic of the world championship; teams know which circuits favour their cars. Furthermore they will take a view on whether their star is on the rise or on the wane. If they feel that important points are on the table and the pecking order between drivers is evident (either explicitly or, in the case of Ferrari, by virtue of the year's tally to-date), they will take the points. It's a no-brainer and anyone who claims otherwise is in denial or simply is anti-Scuderia from the get-go.


Christian Horner said that in the future the team will be built behind Vettel.

That tells me that they will have team orders, just not in favor of any of their drivers except Vettel.


Mateschitz's attitude is interesting, but I can't imagine people working in a race team, for example mechanics, race engineers or designers, giving up a chance at a world drivers championship. Even if they wait until the last lap to see what happens with Alonso and he pulls over on the pit straight, I don't hold it against them. If it's their only chance at the drivers title, they should definitely go for it. Great season, really one of the best ever!


So, Alonso is faster than you !!! only done in a underhand, under the sheets kind of way.

Bad management like this in the real world would lose them their jobs. What’s weird is if they had openly backed Webber and cited it’s a business or such rather than doing everything in their power to avoid that, and favour their golden child by inaction.

I would have put my hand in my pocket again for new merchandise won't be happening; at least the other teams have been upfront and transparent in their favouritism.

This is nothing more that favouritism with spin that has been said all the way through the comments on here. I'll buy them other team colours I think.


Ok we get it, you Webber fans wants all races to be rigged and cheated until Webber wins it, cool.


This outcome is insane. This sport really is a test over an entire year coming down to just a few seconds.

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