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Petrov feels the Glock effect: helping someone else to the title
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Petrov feels the Glock effect: helping someone else to the title
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Nov 2010   |  3:02 pm GMT  |  169 comments

I see that Vitaly Petrov has been speaking in German newspaper Bild about the abuse he’s taken on his Facebook page from irate Alonso and Ferrari fans. The Russian managed to keep Alonso behind him for most of the race in Abu Dhabi after Ferrari made a bad strategy call which brought their contender out behind the Renault driver.

In doing so he played a direct hand in the outcome of the world championship and has been attacked from partisan quarters for doing so. The same thing happened two years ago with Timo Glock, who was passed by Lewis Hamilton in the final corner of the last lap in Brazil to give Hamilton the fifth place he needed to become champion.

Glock took a lot of abuse and was cruelly accused of having deliberately slowed to let Hamilton catch and pass him. In the final stages of the race, if you recall, the rain was falling and Toyota had gambled on leaving both cars out on dry tyres. Glock was caught and passed because his tyres lost temperature and grip. The proof of this is that Trulli set similar sector times to Glock in the final two laps.

As with any driver, Glock was only informed of his time gaps relative to the car in front and behind. So he would have had no idea that Massa had won the race, nor of the circumstances. The abuse he and the team got from the anti-Hamilton brigade was horrendous, I’m told.

So now Petrov is feeling what it is like to be the “other guy” the one who plays kingmaker and inadvertently gives one of the title contenders the crown.

“I kept Alonso behind me for 39 laps,” said Petrov, “But no-one told me on the radio that by doing this I would make Sebastian world champion. In any case even if he had passed me he would have had to also pass Rosberg. I did my race.”

Alonso was furious, pulling alongside Petrov and making an abusive hand gesture to him on the slow down lap. He had clearly forgotten the praise he drew five years earlier when he held Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari behind him for the last part of the San Marino Grand Prix. Granted he was fighting for the world championship, but Petrov was fighting for position in the race and there is no reason why he should have let Alonso through.

“I know he was beside himself, ” said Petrov of Alonso’s gesture, “But his manners were not elegant. I was just faster than him.”

Petrov’s drive certainly gave the Renault F1 team management a positive way to remember him as they deliberate on whether to retain his services next season. I sense that there is a lot of potential Russian sponsorship money the team is chasing and they would prefer to keep him for that reason.

Of course the ongoing saga with Group Lotus taking a stake in the team and a title sponsorship rumbles on and may have some bearing on this situation.

The deal was due to be signed the week after the final race, but as yet there is no announcement as the political arm wrestling with Group Lotus and its Malaysian government own backer Proton on the one hand and Tony Fernandes’ Lotus Racing o the other, continues.

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A lot of the comments are saying Petrov should have moved over as he was not a title challenger.

Suppose today was the last day of the Premiership football and as it stands any of the top teams – Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea can win it with similar winning permutations to what we had here between Hamilton, Vettel, Webber and Alonso.

Imagine they were playing against the bottom three, who at this moment in time are Wigan, Wolves and West Ham. Would any of these three stand aside and let the three top teams score 40 goals one after the other to “help” their chances?

Of course they wouldn’t and they would play the best they could to try and win their respective games.

It is the same thing here in Formula 1, all the guys are there to race.

End of.


Back in the real world, spoilt brat [mod] is yet to personally apologise to cool, gentlemanly Petrov and is yet to personally congratulate superb ‘after all I’m only a boy’ Seb -true champ- Vettel.


It is difficult to maintain a reasonable amount of equanimity when it comes to Alonso’s behavior.

I suppose if one was treated as royalty at Ferrari, in Spain, and just by a world of adoring fans it might become easy to expect others to take a knee when appropriate.

Perhaps Vitaly didn’t realize he was…”in the presence of…”

The championship outcome was probably for the best I guess, as it would have been difficult for Alonso to drive next year in a royal purple Nomex robe…


1. Petrov was not faster than Alonso, Abu Dhabi is not a track designed for overtaking for those who understand. Then why are they wanting to alter the track, simply because it will be a processional track. What happened to Hamilton?, did he overtake Kubica with fresh tyres, of course not.

2. Alonso’s hand gesture to Petrov was not sporting but it does add colour to the circus. Schumacher has done worse, like getting out of the car and almost throwing punches. I’m not against all these gestures as it’s part of being human. All racing drivers have tempers hidden within and will be revealed when hunting for championships. Didn’t Vettel look like a madman in Turkey gesturing Webber was a cuckoo.

3. After Alonso cooled off he did sing praises on Petrov’s perfect drive. Not many mentioned his remark.

4. Petrov is desperate in trying to keep his seat at Renault, what a better time to sing as loud as possible to be noticed. Strike while is hot is an old philosophy.

5. Most of all, Ferrari botched up the pit stop and you can’t change that, What a shame, but that’s motor racing.

But all in all 2010 was a fantastic season.

Lilla My, I’ve read all your posting on this topic and felt it was fair and justifiable. Very level headed postings. Keep up the good work Lilla.


The Glock abuse was outrageous, as it was Glock – by choosing to stay out on slick tyres despite the rain, which was almost the cause of Hamilton losing the title to Massa.

As you rightly point out James, the temperature in the tyres went and Trulli also on slicks recorded a similarly slow lap. Only the dumb people once examining the data believed Glock had any part.

In this case, Petrov actively held up Alonso, so fans of Alonso legitimately have a gripe with Petrov. The reality is though that Petrov was within his right to defend. In my opinion Alonso had to go for a do or die attempt, I don’t think Petrov would want to be involved in an accident with a championship contender. Therefore this was Alonso’s best chance.


I’m sorry, but this ‘Alonso mistake at the start in Australia’ keeps being dragged up, even Martin Brundle mentioned it in his bbc blog. Does nobody remember that it was in actual fact Button that mis-calculated and hit his side, spinning him round?


I do smile at some the comments,i just wonder if Petrov was in the same position as Alonso what his reactions would have been,i admire Petrov,s tenacity and more so not to give in with such pressure from Alonso,but exactly what did he expect a pat on the shoulder?

A double world champion fighting to win a third on a track which offers little overtaking,he a rookie driving a car which we know was at least 5kph faster along the straights,the Renault having a new engine which could have its neck rung to its limits every lap,is it any wonder Alonso was frustrated.

Its all very well saying how the McLaren boys handled the situation,Button was having fun and Hamilton had little chance if ever,to win the WDC come the final race.

I like Petrov very much,he has shown great skill in the final race,and seems to be under huge pressure from Renault for him to continue next year,they appear to be playing mind games with the Russian which i find distasteful,frankly if he wasn,t so young to F1,i,d tell Renault to take a run and jump,he has talent beyond the monetry value his team aspires to.


Poor Alonso/Ferrari partisan fans – they will forever deny the truth that their beloved driver/team were beaten square and fair. As usually in such case the will try hard to dump the blame on somebody else (Petrov this time round) in an effort to get rid of the ‘loser’ feeling.

No one, I am afraid, can explain to them that it is OK to lose and you only become real loser when you fail to learn the lesson that follows. God bless them.


Alonso’s gesture is par for the course for a guy like him… lost all respect for him when he defended Flavio Briatore post Crashgate.


Why Petrov had to let Alonso go, there is no logic.

If Alonso want to be a Champion, do it yourself !!!, when you want to be Champion, why you said ‘ Let me go, please. . . sound so stupid.

It is Alonso reponsible to try to pass, not Petrov responsible to let anyone pass. . . Alonso drive for Champion bet, Petrov drive for his future too. . . . if Alonso become Champion, Petrov may get the word ‘Thank from Alonso, but from Renault view, he will devalue himself, which way is more resonable for him to do.

Petrov is not faster, but Alonso wasn’t faster enough to pass him. . . . Sorry man.

Many people or Alonso fan may hate the track design that it is hard to pass, but the fact is Alonso put a lot of pressure to Petrov, but he didn’t crack. . . Petrov didn’t make mistake . . sorry for Alonso FC.

Don’t blame the track, Webber can pass Toro Rosso, Kubica can pass Kobayashi. Alonso must admit that he is not faster enough to pass.

If Alonso is not in WDC fight, and Lewis want to pass Alonso to be WDC, will Alonso let Hamilton pass easily. . . No way, right ? . . . let think about it.

Don’t be selfish. . . . Petrov is not your Teammate . . OK


VET and PET are cool and getting new fans in Spain, where zombiebank’s pay driver is being exposed as a bad loser (he did not apologise in person to Vitaly there and then and he did not congratulate Sebastian in person there and then) and a mere FAD of a noisy, delirious mob, definitely non-F1.


All racing drivers are there to race for position in the race regardless of the Driver’s Championship. In my opinion, the fact that Alonso was unable to past Petrov for position to me means that Petrov was racing for position in that race as he should.

I think the only reasons you should yield to the driver behind you is if you are a not racing for position (e.g. back marker or have a problem with your car) or have cut a chicane to gain an advantage.

If, and that is a big if, Alonso wants to blame anyone for not winning this season’s Driver’s Championship, I suggest he starts by looking in the mirror then look around the Ferrai team before looking for others to blame.


For those among you that are able to read Spanish, here are two links with very different opinions on this matter from the same “journalist”, Carlos Miquel.

In his analysis following the end of the 2008 WDC (“Alonso,

the best driver of 2008 WDC”), he wrote:

“…I have little to say about Glock. It rained more on the last lap, and he gave up as he felt unable to fight anymore. I don’t like his attitude, the same as the drivers that gave way to Schumacher in Brazil 2006…”

“…as all the drivers must give their best every time, I didn’t like Alonso losing one place to Kovalainen in China’s first curve because, in his own words, he didn’t want to “meddle” in the war against Massa. It’s true that he knew that his single-seater was unable to engage the big ones, but I, as a spectator, always want a fight. That fight that Timo robbed from us by going aside to the right two turns away from the end…”

Two years later, in his article “Renaults’

new engines were key to Alonso’s defeat” he writes:

“…his [Petrov’s] behaviour is not objectionable in any way from a sports’ point of view, but it is [objectionable] in the drivers’ inner code, they usually don’t interfere in WDC’s fights. It’s something like a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” unwritten rule that provoked the ensuing Asturian’s [Alonso’s] recrimination…”

In brief: Glock should not have let Hamilton past for the sake of the spectacle (the fact that he was on slicks under heavy rain doesn’t matter), but Petrov (and of course Rosberg and Kubica, too) should have given way to the Great Alonso the same way Massa was forced to do earlier in the Championship because of the “drivers’ inner code”. Go figure…

Sorry if my English and translation attempts are not good.


thank you, your English is very good.


Its so simple really, Alonso should have just found that famous “6 tenths”


I used to be an alonso fan , but little by litle I have lost any respect for him

this incident was the last straw for me

I am now in the anti-alonso camp

and would people please stop insulting glock over brazil 2008 ; look at the data and you will see that he did wonderfully well to just stay on the track on slicks , and that his gamble to gain places was a good one!


I think Petrov is enjoying this situation! it is all about ‘free publicity’, he is only trying to be on the papers, so he keeps on talking about it.



I was just reading something from jenson saying that adjustable front wings are not on the cars next year?

That was something that I must have missed. Is it just that they would have too many buttons on the steering wheel? The adjustable front wing actually helped the drivers dial the car in as it changed during the race.

On Kers, are none of the new teams using it next year? I’d have expected Lotus (the current one) to use it.


Oh, is that topic still active ? Petrov and Kubica were both running with totally new engines, while Hamilton and Alonso on almost three races old engines – that’s the simple reason. Other that that, it’s hard to argue that Renault are faster than Ferrari and Maclaren.


We all do and say things in the heat of the moment that we later regret. Alonso himself and people who wrote on VP’s wall are probably the same.
It’s the same throughout all sports.

Alonso was out if line but in context of it he spent 90 minutes trying to pass someone because of a mistake made by his team and he knew he was losing the championship. His anger must have been building up the whole time. We all hate to lose but for a sportsman at the top it must be excruciating.


Stupid, stupid of Fernando alonso to think you win a championship by drivers moving out of the way for you.

So is he honestly saying that Pertov AND ROSBERG should have moved out of the way for him ? Absolutely idiotic of him to make those hand gestures afterwards. such a solre loser. such a shallow minded person.

Stupid of any true ferrari fan to think that Ferrari OF ALL TEAMS should win championships by not just drivers from ferrari moving out of the way BUT DRIVERS FROM OTHER TEAMS ALSO !! the Stupidity of Alonsos behaviour, NO AMOUNT OF TALENT WITHSTANDING is just incredible!


I’m sure this has been stated… Why should he let Alonso past. It’s for position… I’m a longtime Ferrari man.

I was sad I would not want it any other way.


If he holds up Alonso, he changes the title outcome.

If he lets Alonso through, he changes the title outcome.

There is nothing to discuss bar, hopefully, the length of Petrovs new Renault contract.


Alonso participates in a sport, but he has shown several times in the most stomach-turning ways (spying, Singapore, Abu Dhabi) that he is no sportsman. Considering his repugnant personality, I’m sure that Renault loved sticking it to him this year after having to put up with him for the last few years and getting very little return on the £25 million he was paid.


It’s interesting how do drivers react on a hate towards them from some desperate “fans” over internet. It seems Petrov spends a lot of time on facebook reading all that crap and he is so embarrased that he must tell it to newspapers. On the other hand, Lewis tells it loud on twitter that he doesnt give a f**k, yet i believe he does, otherwise he would’nt write such thing at first place. I can remember Seb Vettel telling about: how awful feedback from everywhere he got after his incident with Button and i wonder how bad Michael Schumacher cares for opinion of Bild’s readers after 2010 season. It’s hard to be a celebrity i say you…you can hear a lot of bad words over the internet about yourself 😉


If the Tifosi and Alonso fans are mad,they’ve gotta aim their ire towards Ferrari strategists and not at Renault or Petrov. The decision makers at Ferrari have been shooting their own foot since 2007,and this was just yet another occasion when they were caught with their pants down.

Having said that, i think it is preposterous to claim Petrov was ‘faster’ than Alonso. Petrov drove well and on a track like AbuDhabi there is no getting past unless you make a huge mistake.

Alonso certainly has it in him to win more championships,but he is a bit impatient.If Ferrari think they’ve gotta another Schumacher, they are certainly mistaken. Alonso will not persist and persevere for half a decade with the same team for 1 title,if he cannot win another title within the next 2 years,i see him hopping to another greener pasture yet again.


Nobody told Petrov: ” Fernando is faster than you” so he didn´t moved aside like Massa did.

Now on a more serious tone:

Petrov did what he had to do, he raced hard like everybody should do.

It´s not Petrov´s fault that the track doesn´t give good places to overtake or that Alonso was never close enough to try to pass.

Red Bull are also powered by Renault and they helped a litle.

As for the Ferrari fans they should blame Ferrari for the lost of the championship not Petrov.


Hi James,

Although I agree with most of your view points, I think you are wrong here.

Alonso defended from Schumacher in a fight for the fictory and for the world champinship. Petrov defended against a Fernando that was fighting for the championship, with nothing at stake between themselves.

Alsonso was angry at Petrov no doubt, but his gestures were more like “What was on your mind?” then a threatening gesture. It was a gentelmen agreement that in the last race you let the protagonists fight and not interfere. But Petrov is not a gentelman, now we see.

Renault was upset with Alonso, but also could not call Petrov off, as that means money for the team… So Petrov had to make a call and he did not.

Your comparison of Petrov-Alonso situation with Alonso-Schumacher (Imola) is wide off the mark and really inaccurate. I’m sure you can do better…


Exactly why I am so furious and will beat up Petrov I assure you. My Question is.. WHERE IS THE SPORTING SPIRIT? He was not a title aspirant so he should’ve moved over. The only reason that idiot didn’t was if under instructions to do so for Helping Renault Engined Driver winning the Championship. My Question is How much Help did Vetel need? He had the best designer, a team mate who he managed to bully, his rivals making errors and now his engine supplier helping him. Not an Outstanding Accomplishment now is it?


>> WHERE IS THE SPORTING SPIRIT? He was not a title aspirant so he should’ve moved over. <<<<

Are you crazy?

If Alonso try to move and he defend very hard such as close the door or do something like 50 50 to be the accident, that OK to call he interfere the Champion race.

but Alonso never have any try to be alongside Petrov, why he have to just lift the padle to let him pass easily.

Alonso lose because of Ferrari mistake, that put alonso behind Petrov, Ferrari make the wrong decision why Petrov have to correct it for them. . . . Blame Ferrari, not Petrov.


If Petrov had moved over as you suggest, he would have no right to be in a Formula One car. You do not reach that level of motorsport by constantly jumping out of faster cars’ way, and expecting him to do so is very unrealistic. I would also advise that threatening violence on anyone is not a particularly wise course of action either. Alonso ultimately lost the title because both he and Ferrari – much like the other title protagonists – made too many mistakes and, unlike Vettel, did not have the pace or form to make up for it when it mattered.


I did make that first point in the piece.


Well done Petrov!!!

Love your ride.


Let’s be really honest. Most of what is being said here is about people’s opinion’s re Alonso. Petrov is a complete zero as an F1 driver. One of the worst ever perhaps. He held up Alonso at a critical time during the championship and now that’s what he’s known for. The criticism he is receiving comes with the territory. This is his 15 minutes of fame. As for all the comments about Alonso’s “rude” behavior immediately after the race, get real. The guy was gutted. He’s a human being and is allowed to show emotion. Senna stalked across the paddock and choked Irvine for unlapping himself in a race that had nothing near the importance of Abu Dhabi this year. So, why are a few hand gestures and some errant words said in the heat of the moment by FA receiving so much attention? The guy will be back next year and if Ferrari put a decent car under him he will make another run at the championship. Unlike some British “racers” Alonso doesn’t need the best car to challenge for the title. And let’s be honest, that’s really what all this prattling on about “rudeness” etc. is really all about.


Petrov achieved more in his debut season than merely holding up Alonso at the final race, and to say he is “one of the worst ever” is with respect utterly baseless. I would recommend looking at some of the drivers who have failed to finish or even qualify for a single race to award that accolade. I can undestand Alonso feeling gutted and hold nothing against him for that – quite the opposite – but that does not condone what he did just as it does not condone Senna’s actions towards Irvine, hence why few if any HAVE condoned them. Alonso is a very talented racing driver, but on that day I feel James’ old commentating partner Martin Brundle hit the nail firmly on the head.


What exactly did Petrov achieve this season? Can you quantify your claim please? How many points, podiums, wins? How did he fare against his teammate? You know, the normal metrics that F1 drivers are measured by. Then let’s talk about “baselessness” mate. -_-


In summary:

– 27 points in debut season

– 5th place in Hungary, 6th place in Abu Dhabi and 7th in China

– Out-qualifying Kubica in Hungary and Abu Dhabi

– Finishing 13th in the drivers’ championship, ahead of GP2 champion Nico Hulkenberg

If that’s what you call a “complete zero” season then you’re going to have to flunk all 14 drivers who finished behind him in the championship, not to mention Alonso and Webber’s performances in the final round. He may not have matched arguably one of the fastest drivers on the grid, but based on the above I feel he put in a decent enough performance and that your claims about him being one of the worst drivers ever are quite inaccurate.


I’m sure Alonso wouldn’t have wanted to win by someone moving over to let him past.

Also Alonso did apologise on multiple occasions for his actions at the end of the race.


Perfectly said! I think Alonso has already clarified post-race in Abu Dhabi that he thought Petrov drove very well that day and that he was more frustrated about how he (Petrov) very aggressively tried to defend his position without concern for both cars. Like the instance when Alonso tried to make an inside pass and Petrov just sharply turned in on him to cut him off, nearly dislodging the Ferrari’s front wing. Also, at one time during the race when Fernando had to go through the run off area at the marina section to avoid hitting the back of the Renault, where it seemed like Petrov brake tested him.

Fernando himself already said that he has no hard feelings, so really this is old news. Vitaly should stop bringing it up over and over (if he is guilty of doing so). I mean, he was in the right place at the right time (to convince Renault). And for Fernando, it was the complete opposite – the wrong place at the wrong time.

If Alonso supporters (like me!) and the Tifosi would like to solely look at Abu Dhabi as the race that lost Ferrari the championship, then I think although it’s logical to point the finger at Herman Tilke and his design of the circuit, it is still invalid. The blame should be laid on Ferrari’s management alone: the AD Circuit was designed that way and Fernando was doing everything he could and everything he needed to do that day. Until that crazy call from the pitwall……

If Ferrari wants to win the championship, they also need to look at the people who run the team. I think, Luca di Montezemolo himself should go too, btw!

Nando does Chicken

So by reading comments on here stating that Petrov was not faster than Alonso,

I would like to ask ,can someone tell me than WHY Alonso in his Ferrari didn’t just SIMPLY overtake Petrov??

Even if Petrov let him by what if Rosberg stood his ground, i mean it would his facebook targeted by abuse …. LOL!

Typical sore loser Italian mentality, like losing to a smaller team in the World cup and than blaming it on the ref and other possible conspiracies.


I’ll say it again – if the track wasn’t so very very poor we’d not be having this conversation.

Oh but wait it has lights and a 7 star hotel… that makes such a differance to 99.9% of fans…


Bit tired of all this whinnng over Petrov. I don’t hear anything about Alonso unable to keep Button behind him off the grid!


On that special Sunday in Abu Dhabi, where Vettel won his first WDC, i want to say that during that actual race i was a Petrov fan! and not because of any dislike towards Alonso, more so because of the way Petrov kept him tame.

You don’t move over for no one Mr Petrov and good luck with next year



At the end of the day it was the circuits fault. Fernando was miles quicker than Petrov. It’s a shame we race at places like this, only for the beeb and other journalists to hide it with ‘wow this track is amazing, the facilities are fantastic’.

Completely missing the point :/


I agree. After going to a view Silverstone races over the years, which is pretty basic, I’ve never once thought “This place needs a 5-star hotel, a technology center, and lots more millionaires milling around the place, looking bored.”

One of my happiest race memories was watching Hamilton win at Silverstone. I was drenched and had to either stand up or sit in a puddle. I also had the tricky logistical challenge of carrying 2 hot chocolates and 2 bacon rolls back to where my “pen” was. But I was there for the racing and loved every minutes of it.


About Glock. Just saw it again from the on-board camera mounted on Hamilton’s car and see sector times for Glock and Trully at the final lap.

For me, at first, Glock just let Vettel pass him without any fighting, he even moved to the right for some unknown reason, as soon as Vettel line up with him and Hamilton passed him due to the that moving to the right.

On that last lap: Glock was about 1 sec faster vs Trully at each sector (1 and 2), but accidentally 2 sec slowly on sector3, how come ??? He was about 5 second faster on previous lap70?

If he just did what Petrov did – racing for himself (keeping his racing line) we would have Massa instead of Hamilton in 2008.


Debunking Glock conspiracy theory:

At Brazil ’08 Glock finished 5.4 seconds behind Hamilton. Your claim that him having a 2 second slower final sector than Trulli is somehow suspicious is thus irrelevant.

Why was his final lap slower than his penultimate lap? Because it was raining; the track was getting wetter, so his dry tyres got slower.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Petrov drove very well to hold off the pressure and has behaved like a gentleman since…unlike someone else.

Some of you think that he should have forgotten about his sponsors, the team and his own career and let Alonso pass so that he could beat another Renault engined team?

Petrov was not being lapped, there were no blue flags and did not interfere with the championship.


Nice post James. Highlights why I can’t stand Ferrari or most of their fans, the whole contingent seem to think they have the right to win everything and sod everyone else…

Alonso is nothing more than a sore loser, if he was faster he should have been able to overtake on track. Like he did at Germany or Italy… Oh yes I forgot, the first he benefited from team orders and the second one he only managed to get past the slower Button from a slightly faster pitstop. You can only be F1 champion if your the best overall, and overtaking has not been Alonso’s strong point this year.


“You can only be F1 champion if your the best overall, and overtaking has not been Alonso’s strong point this year.”

Hasn’t really been Vettel’s either.


i think you also forgot to mention that he get past hamilton two times.


I can’t be expected to remember every lap of every race, but my point still stands…


I think it would have been out of order had Petrov defended his position too vigorously (ie risked wheel banging with a championship contender). But he didn’t do that, so why should he move out of the way? Wouldn’t he just be hurting another championship contender by doing this?

I understand Alonso’s gesture, borne I’m sure out of pure frustration (the same frustration I was feeling, wishing to see a real fight for the title). Passions run high, and while the abuse directed to Petrov is not cool, it’s part of the territory of such a tense, emotion-filled situation.


Alonso, though not my favorite driver, has had a very good season considering the car at times. His gestures on the in lap are pure human nature – who would not react that way in the same situation?

As a Button fan I would still have to say that the best man won this year and look forward to next, with the new regulations, that quite often mix up the established front runners.


Can I offer that, having participated in sports my whole life, I would not have reacted the way Alonso did in that situation? In fact, I would have complimented Petrov. Most sportsmen and sportswomen would have complimented him, and Alonso would have gained a vast number of fans if he had been noble or just a decent human being.


I too have participated in sports most of my life and would like to change my statment from:-

“who would not react like that in the same situation” in response to your comments to:-

“Who, that have a winners mentality, would not react like that in the same situation?”

Alonso went up in my estimation by the passion he showed and I totally disagree with your “Most Sportspeople” statement or how you can assume he is not a decent human being.


I agree that Federer and Nadal would shake hands with the other in a final etc but would they shake hands with, say Murray, if he was a loosing quarter finalist that shouted abuse at them the whole time thru the final at critical moments from the sidelines?

That is a rather fairer comparison in this case I think.


I’m sure neither Roger Federer nor Rafael Nadal would react like Alonso did…or Mika Hakkinen for that matter. They all don’t have a winner’s mentality probably lol…


Okay, how about this? Have you ever seen the loser in a Wimbledon final (and remember tennis players are far more ‘solo’ in their sport than racing drivers are) not be sportsmanlike and shake hands and congratulate the victor? And so on for just about every sport that is played on the planet. I assume he is not a decent human being because of the spying episode; other episodes have confirmed that assumption.


imo it is just petrov trying to take some attention. almost everyone know there are some

useless ppl doing things like that on net.

also i really dont understand why all this big noise about alonso. after the race he said he over reacted in the heat of the action.

if im not wrong hamilton accused renault drivers to help redbull after the race.

2001 monaco, ron dennis openly threatened poor enrique bernoldi as he will do everything to be sure he will not drive in any f1 team, just because he didnt let coulthard to pass for 44laps.


It is in no way Petrov’s fault that Alonso isn’t champion – perhaps the anger would be better vented at the track’s designers and/or those responsible for the failure of the Overtaking Working Group’s proposals in creating overtaking.

It is slightly different from the Glock-Hamilton situation in that Renault are engine suppliers to the team that really benefitted from Petrov and Kubica’s finishing positions so this issue of sympathetic team orders was always likely to be raised after Vettel took the title.

I am surprised that more people did not question the length of time Kubica stayed out on hard tyres ahead of Hamilton, allowing Vettel to pull away unchallenged, as the Petrov-Alonso thing was simply a result of overtaking being ridiculously difficult at certain tracks with the current aero configurations.

It was interesting to hear Vettel drawing inspiration from James Hunt’s title win in 1976 and to see the team wearing their tribute “Breakfast of Champions” patches prior to the race. Strangely no equivalent patches on the other side of their outfits reminiscing about the equally colourful Alan Jones though…mmm…where was he from again??? ;o)


Yeah, I saw those patches too Brian… didn’t quite have the same wording as was on Hunt’s overalls though… 😉


Ferrari are pointing fingers at everyone else to try and hide the fact they screwed up.

It would be interesting to see how Ferrari would do if they had to race on equal terms with the other 11 teams.

i.e.: No ‘special’ payments and incentives from schedule 10 of the new concorde agreement.


Judging by post-race interviews and internet articles/videos, Ferrari quickly took the blame and admitted they screwed up. They didn’t point fingers at anyone, they even commented on where they went wrong.

Unequal terms in the racing? Ferrari didn’t receive any favouritism in stewarding decisions this season that I could see. (Some others got off perhaps a bit more lightly than expected.)


For me the biggest problem was not so much that the gesture was made (whatever variant it was, it certainly wasn’t pleasant), but that Alonso nearly forced Petrov off the track in the process of remonstrating with him. Petrov ended up jinking left to force Alonso to change his line, and that to me was not acceptable behaviour from a twice world champion. As others have said, he – like those who are behind the abuse towards Petrov – should take a leaf from his teammate’s book. Not the moving aside bit obviously…

On the Lotus-Renault story, does anyone know whether that actually is going ahead or not? The rumours first came out some time around Brazil if I recall correctly and made it sound like it was pretty definite, yet since then there has been no further word on anything remotely concrete. If the collaboration is as significant as rumoured then that is quite surprising.


Seemed from reading Tony Fernandes twitter comments it didn’t read to me like he felt like rolling over…..

Seems like the Renault deal pivots on whether group win the high court case.


Is this discussion necessary? In racing the fast guy is supposed to pass the slow guy. Alonso couldn’t. End of story. And yes, Frankie shoulda kept his finger to himself.


Well said….

Kamui just makes a ridiculous lunge when there is no way past. A la Jean alesi….


I know this is off topic, but Aldo Costa commented today that Ferrari’s wind tunnel was a bit dated and that their technical ability wasn’t at full strength during 2010. Could you please shed some more light on that James?


Petrov was perfectly within his rights to hold his position, Fernando showed immaturity with his gestures after the race, but then, he was frustrated.

On a different note, James, I was driving home this evening, stuck in traffic when I heard a distinctive voice commentating on Coco Pops! Brilliant advert, really cheered me up, good to here you commentating again! Cheers!



Hi James, how are you?

I don’t think the gesture of Alonso was an abusive one. It’s was just the typical “Mamma mia”. Is not the same just one high finger than four fingers in front of the thumb one.

Really, chek it again, it was the “Mamma mia” signal.

Nothing abusive, just an skepticism gesture.

Cheers from Spain and lloking for your new book.


“I hadn’t known there were so many idiots in the world until I started using the Internet.”

— attributed to Stanislaw Lem


That is brilliant. Comment of the season for me 🙂


Alonso is a great driver but has a pathetic attitude. We seen it at McLaren and we seen it with Petrov in that race. Any Ferrari or Alonso fans who are writing abuse to Petrov have serious mental issues.


Petrov, like Glock, didnt do anything wrong. They both did the best the could, in the best conditions avalible. Alonso & his fans are/were just annoyed that it had to be when they needed Petrov to do what he had done for the bulk of races and crash out, didnt. But actually performed well. But their anger is misplaced, it was Ferrari that opted to bring Fernando in at that time, it was Ferrari that didnt notice that Rosberg & Petrov pitted early and would be infront of Alonso when he excited the pits. Petrov is to be blamed for many things (in the way he’s crashed out anyway) but loosing Alonso the WDC certainly isnt in that list, and neither was Glock in 2008.


Last time I checked I was pretty sure that it was a race they were in and that Ferrari team orders don’t really apply to other teams. It’s Hil-f’ing-larious that Alonso was mad at Petrov instead of himself. What great character.


Alonso has shown his true colors plenty of times. Outing the folks at McLaren comes to mind. The Renault scandal a 2 seasons ago. He may be blindingly fast, but Alonso is certainly not cut from the same cloth as Phil Hill, Jack Brabham, and Jackie Stewart. That said, as serious Schumacher fan, this is a blood sport and it was up to Alonso to get past by all means and he was never even close enough for a banzai pass!


I hope Fernandes’ group gets to keep the Lotus name.

Group lotus are mad not to just accept the free publicity Fernandes’ team gives them.


My feeling is that VP will be retained by Renault for another year. Renault-Nissan Group has recently bought into Lada/Auto-Vaz via Russian Technologies company that’s Petrov’s main sponsor and Lada’s main shareholder. Proton are also keen of Renault’s know-how so in principle both car companies can boost their visibility via RF1 team. Russian GP may happen or may not but it certainly boosts Petrov’s chances plus Gerard Lopez is very keen on Russian market (until another revolution happens).

I met Petrov a couple of times – he’s a morbid fella but whatever. It’s RF1’s choice, I felt Aleshin was a much nicer chap when I spoke to him a few years ago.

I think Alonso fans have over-reacted, VP shouldn’t pay attention to that. In any case, Alonso fan club will drop out of F1 once their hero stops racing, it’s a bit like Senna fans – none of the old Senna fans are following F1 right now. Every sport is full of these sycophants, Alonso is not F1, just like Schumacher is not F1. They’re part of the game but the sport will live on regardless.



I follow your web page and have it as my first line of Formula 1 info.

But i dont agree with you that Alonso’s gesture was abusive.

Taken it may not have been elegant, but to me it most certainly was not abusive.

Being mediteranian i know very well what his gesture means. Put simply, it means “What are you doing!!” or “What was that!!”.

I am sure that many will agree that there was no abusive conatation to that.


i agree with you. And people that are ignorants on what the tipical italian jesture means, keep talking what allen affirmed. I expect more knoledge from a traveled man who speaks italian, and work for the rai.

Don’t confuse the fans james.


Please guys, look at the video again.

Its not a fist, his fingertips are grouped together and pointing upwards. The common italian gesture.

If it was a fist i wouldnt be complaining.

That gesture itself not abusive.

Get your facts right.

Good on Petrov for driving like a champ, no complaints there by the way.


If you watch the video you will see Alonso was actually driving into Petrov while making the hand gesture. Alonso was going to the right and Petrov had to avoid a collision by going right too, leaving the track almost.

Then Petrov firmly turns left into Alonso and then Alonso goes away, intimitated by Petrov.

Watch it, you will see this.

Alonso was abusive, out of control, arrogant, conceited and frankly, stupid.

If Hamilton or Vettel had done that, you all would be asking for their heads.


Yeah, I noticed the ‘jousting’ too, brought quite a wry smile to my face. Good to see a rookie give as good as he gets.

The question is, in the ensuing fallout will the Italian or Russian Mafia come out on top? My money’s on the Ruskies.


Ummm…. speaking of “out of control, arrogant, conceited and frankly, stupid…” that is a much better description for what occurred between the two “choir boys” (Hamilton and Vettel) in the pits earlier this year – with plenty of mechanics around etc.


Huh Alonso fan, no offense mate everybody knows what fist meant in any country. He did that a couple of times when lapping bad markers which is ok because he was right. But this time he wasn’t


Everyone does know how the crybaby whines when things are not going his way..It was a very unsporting gesture from a driver whose drive in Malaysia with stuck gear was as good as anyone else’s..Agreed that it was in the heat of the much as I criticize him..I admire him for his offense to Nando’s fans..but a very personal opinion..


Well this fits with the Ferrari attitude that they must always have an advantage over all other competitors.

Special privileges for Ferrari in the Concorde agreement. Extra money from Bernie. Banned for other teams of course, but they are allowed cigarette sponsorship in return for thinly veiled Marlborough advertising on their cars.

Budget restrictions? Not for Ferrari!

Why should any other driver dare to fight for position when Alonso wants to pass, they should pull over, bow and doff their caps!

I am afraid that Alonso’s action typified the arrogant Ferrari mentality and that of it’s fans.

Another reason for the Concorde agreement to be published so we can all see the facts.


Petrov had an excellent drive at Abu Dhabi–I think his best of the year. The Alonso cultists need to back off.

Without testing, these new drivers need to be given more of a chance to prove themselves. Petrov is reasonably quick, and apparently is fine under the pressure of being chased by World Champions.


Any driver that expects another driver to just let him pass is not worth being in a racing car.

Especially not a driver who won 2 championships because of a car with illegal parts on it, determined by the FIA.

Alonso and his fans should get off his high horse and eat the pie Petrov, yet another rookie, served him.

Besides, as Petrov said, if Alonso had so much trouble passing Petrov, he would have had an impossible task to pass Rosberg who was faster than Petrov.

If Alonso had won the championship, it would have been a tainted title anyway, because Ferrari did something illegal in Germany (teamorders happen all the time or not, they did it way too obvious).

Sweet karma served back, you cannot cheat your way through things all the time.


I thought Petrov did a very good race. And Alonso should be ashamed of himself! He was very rude and unsportsmanlike to Petrov, and was not even man enough to congratulate Vettel with the WDC after the race. I am normally Ferrari fan but Alonso spoils this for me and I was glad he did not win. I hope Massa will give him a hard time next year, as Massa has shown that he can both win and lose with decency and good manners! And could we please bring Kimi back to Ferrari, with him everything was so much more straightforward, without dodgy politics and stupid tricks.


Well, I suppose it gives him something to talk about for a change, other than what caused him to crash this time.

“I was faster than him” – Nope, the track is a disgrace for F1 racing as far as overtaking opportunities go.

The only reason Petrov will keep his seat for next year is sponsorship.

F1 is in a very bad place currently, when money with no talent is keeping talent with no money out of seats.


Well… he started the race behind him and finished ahead.. to me, thats what I call “finish the race faster”, he did it in less time than alonso.


This just shows you how ignorant some fans could be. I glad his final race was very good. He has been under a lot of pressure all season considering his was the first Russian to make it into F1. I am sure he will even do better next year. And if he gets the chance to prevent Alonso from winning another WDC, I hope he blocks him again just for the shear fun of it.


It just a very sad reality really. People watch to see their favorite team/driver win regardless how they win it, needless to mention that every championship point must be “earned” legitimately.

I think the main problem was the Alonso’s infamous gesture because his fan boys will think “That a hole must let him pass because he is not fighting for the championship”. But what they don’t understand is that having an opportunity to interfere the championship picture is a luxury for F1 drivers.

From Renault perspective, I think they rather enjoyed it instead being disappointed. Yes Alonso won championships with them but when he said he is having the best time with Ferrari, I am sure it is a sweet revenge.


I really feel for Petrov for all the stick he has been getting. It could be argued that he was racing for more than Alonso. Alonso may have been fighting for the 2010 championship, but Petrov was fighting for his future in F1, and that drive may just have convinced Renault to keep him for another season.

That said, its irrelevant really as they were racing for position. It was up to Alonso to pass him. If he’s not fast enough, thats hardly Vitaly’s fault is it?


It’s a shame he was subject to abuse and likewise that Alonso gesticulated after the race.


I think the track was to blame as much as anything, but also i remember not so long as other drivers who were not in the title fight doing their best to keep out of the way to make sure they didn’t influence the out come. It was a respect thing…..


But Jamie, getting out of the way and letting someone past is also influencing the outcome of the race!



I have no doubt that the current Renault team will be Lotus Renault and that Tony Fernandez will have to look for a new name to his team. They’ll have to agree on a financial compensation that’s it.


On Petrov next year drive


I don’t think that Petrov showed enough talent to deserve a drive next year. He’ll keep his drive though thanks to his sponsors and the Russian surging interest in F1. He’s lucky enough to be in the right circumstances to keep his seat. The Hulk or Heidfeld are worthier candidates to that seat in my view.

His ability to keep Alonso behind was proof of Renault F-duct efficiency rather than Petrov driving qualities.


I completely disagree. You have to give these young guys a chance. Criticise him next season.

They are expected to jump into an f1 car with little real test mileage then prove amazing in one season. I think he is worth a chance for next season. He’s shown some good potential at points this year.


Alonso can take some of the blame for the abuse Petrov has received. He didn’t exactly set a shining example with his petulance on the slowdown lap.

Massa showed how to lose a title with grace in 2008. Alonso showed his true colours in 2010.


I feel Spanish shame for those so-called “Alonso and Ferrari fans” that attacked Vitaly’s site. I don’t want them around my favourite sport. They aer not F1 fans, they are simply bullies.

I am not especially happy about Fernando’s gesture towards Petrov on the slow down lap. But I can understand that it was in the heat of the moment, just minutes after loosing the title. I do not feel the same about the abuse against Petrov’s site.

Vitaly did his job. And he did it almost perfectly. He was defending his position, so he did not have any reason to yield to Fernando. Those hooligans should blame others for the title lost, not Petrov.


And, of course, the nature of the track, Gallapago.



I wanted to write almost an ideantical comment. These are exactly my thoughts.

People say that Petrov influenced the outcome of the race (and championship) by not letting Alonso pass, but if he’d let Alonso through then he would have influenced it as well. maybe then Vettel’s fans would blame him…? If we don’t want anybody to influence the last race, why don’t we make the last GP only for the title contenders (that’s just theory and I think it’s totally absurd)…

As much as I wanted Alonso to win the championship, I think Petrov did the best he could have done – he drove his own race and did not think about influencing/not influencing the result.

As an Alonso/Ferrari fan I also feel ashamed for the insults addressed at Petrov – actions like this make people think that Alonso’s fans are not civil.

On Alonso’s gestures towards Petrov: not a nice thing, but (I say it over and over again) – show me one person in the whole world who has never ever overreacted their frustration in a crucial moment on somebody, who wasn’t really to blame for the failure, but who somehow became an innocent (and easy) victim. We all do that from time to time, the only difference is that smaller amount of people see that, but we still criticise others for such a behaviour. Alonso got mad and Hamilton said something not really nice about Renault (and Kubica) after the race. Drivers get emotional from time to time and it would be boring if they didn’t ;-).


Amen to that.


I thought that it was the heat of the moment but I was stunned when Vettel said a week after the race that Alonso didn’t congratulate him for the title. Phones exist !

As much as Alonso is great behind a steering wheel, he’s not a likable character outside.


Well, I know that Alonso congratulated Vettel during an interview on TV after the race (I can’t put a link here, but you can find it on the Internet). Christian Horner also said (I think on BBC) that Alonso was one of the first persons to come to the Red Bull garage after the Abu Dhabi race to congratulate the team and probably he and Vettel didn’t come across there. Maybe Alonso simply thought that going to the team with congratulations and congratulating the driver on TV is enough. It is enough for me at least. You can say that he still should have done it personally (and maybe you’d be right), I just want to say that he’s not such a villain as some would like him to be and he did not act as bad as some people say. IMO he acted normally and quite well.


He was given the opportunity to step into parc ferme during the weigh in, so it wasn’t like he was going to be in the middle of the RB celebrations. A quick handshake and pat on the back would’ve been plenty, but Alonso’s too small a man even for that.


maybe he should have sent him some flowers and a card as well.


Sorry then but I read an interview by Vettel where he said Alonso didn’t congratulate him. By the way his not the worst in my view. The one I dislike most is Hamilton. If Button beats him fair and square next year everybody will see the Real Lewis. But he’s too talented for Button.


Remember, Jo, nice guys finsh second!!

I read an interview with Fernando some days ago, and he said something like “I congratulate Seb for his Championship”.

You know I am Alonso fan, but I fully agree with you he would improve a lot just working very little on his PR.


As an Alonso fun it sometimes makes me mad that he’s always the bad guy of F1 and that no matter what he does, it’s always bad and when he does somethin right, nobody notices it (I think e.g. many people don’t want to remember/know that Alonso went to McLaren in 2008 to congratulate Hamilton on his title, because it does not suit his image).

Anyway, I think that maybe Alonso has nothing against this villain image of his. Hamilton worked on his image to become more likeable. Alonso must be aware that people consider him to always be the bad guy no matter what (I remember him saying lately in one of the interviews that the thing he hates most about F1 is that people often twist your image and come to wrong conclusions about your character), so I think if he really didn’t like this image, he would work on it.


On the abuse


It’s a shame to witness such a behavior from fans. All Petrov did was defend his position and that’s how racing should be. He said that he didn’t know Alonso needed to pass to have a chance to clinch the title. Even if he did know, he should have defended his position and I’m a Ferrari fan.

The Glock episode were you’ve been commentating James is different. I saw replays of the race and it looked as if Timo Glock stopped on the track and I really suspected that he let Hamilton through. I’m not yet sure about that episode to tell the truth.

That race allowed Massa to show his class in that event. He not only congratulated his opponent despite hard feelings and he sent his brother to the Toyota crew to tell them to avoid keeping Toyota branded clothes on them while leaving the track due to Brazilian fans anger at the title loss. It would have been the 1st Brazilian world champion since Senna.

On the contrary, Alonso wasn’t classy in his anger towards the Russian but mainly because he didn’t congratulate Vettel for the title till now as far as I know.


Cool . . . Massa

Great Loser


About the Glock thing – the truth is that he and Toyota made a huge gamble in staying out on dry tyres to try and pass Hamilton… and it very nearly paied off.

If they wanted to ‘gift’ the championship to Lewis (or rather not get involved), then they would simply have pitted for the wet tyres with everybody else. They would have held the 6th place they were in, and finished about 20sec behind Hamilton.

But they saw the opportunity to pass Hamilton, and they nearly made it stick.

Glock was still the fastest car on dry tyres at that point.


God, not Glock, who give the Champion to Hamilton.

God give the final heavy rain on time for Hamilton, if the heavy rain came in 30 second Later, Hamilton won’t be the World Champion.

Thank God, not Thank Glock.


Exactly, now THAT is how a champion should behave. Massa was dignified that day


but one thing i have to say here is after the abu dhabi race, horner was asked by bbc if any one from ferrari had come over to congratulate he mentioned “fernando” …. and now apparently he couldnt meet vettel for what ever reason …. May be we have to give this guy a break 🙂


Stunning drive by Petrov in Abu Dhabi. First year in Formula 1 and you get put alongside Kubica in a Renault, it was always going to be a difficult season, and I think he has shone. Yes, there have been a few mistakes, but he has shown sufficient speed to merit an extension. Could be a great driver for the future.

Plus access to the Russian market makes him hot property. But did I not hear that he was self funded rather than corporate backed? I think it was on this blog, that he stumped up the rumoured $10 mil to drive

I think those who have left hateful remarks against Petrov must have him confused with Massa – cue team orders slanging match :p


“I know he was beside himself, ” said Petrov of Alonso’s gesture, “But his manners were not elegant.”

I think that’s probably the best description of events I’ve heard…well done Petrov.

You’ll notice I didn’t quote the bit about Petrov being faster than Alonso – I would put that more down to the track than anything else. Still, a sterling effort (and this from an Alonso fan!).


Good on Petrov and what are these Ferrari fans thinking. Why on earth would Petrov let Alonso past, he isnt Massa. Petrov was racing for position in the race and to keep his F1 career alive. Alonso’s gesture at the end was just spur of the moment frustration and stupid. I for one am very glad Alonso failed to win the title. I dont think anyone can argue that Vettel was a deserving champ as he had more than his fair share of breakdowns and had to race his team mate tooth and nail to win it. Now Alonso can hardly say that now can he with Massa pulling aside for him.Ferrari got what they deserved.


I think the abuse is wrong whether online or in newspapers, i know it can be upsetting to some people, but the greatest thing is that Alonso may have lost or people thought Petrov had something to do with it, i dont believe so, Alonso made life harder for Michael at Ferrari where Alonso clearly had a superior car and there were protest made in Monaco a few years and Michael was punished and lost many points, Alonso won the heart of Ferrari. So in a way things changes so fast that we may see Petrov in Ferrari in future, he drove a solid race. I read recently from an F1 magazine that Senna could have ended up at Ferrari and this is the man who took championships away from Ferrari in a rival team. Sports and politics are two different things.

I also wanted Ferrari to win but Red Bull did the best job and Ferrari will have to try again next year as McLaren etc.

Driving the F1 2010 game on XBOX, require special skills to be on top and you just have to feel that these guys are special, not to mention the whole team operations.

For Me the greatest highlights will be the great races we have had this year than a single race that decides the champion. You remember Turkey, Spa and many things that happened that were memorable.

Seb is a deserving champion without a doubt, a true number 1, but he must know that there will be many teams knocking on his door to steal that number 1.


I must confess that British fans are the best in the world. They support very much their favorites without insulting or destabilizing the opposition. It’s much clearer in other sport such as football or rugby.

I don’t know why they are so educated. It’s impossible to find it elsewhere and certainly not where I come from. For a British all other fans must look savages I guess.


It is more to do with the British attitude Jo 😉

We are certainly no better educated or less irrational than others. We just don’t always say it 🙂

That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with passionately supporting your drivers 😉


“It’s much clearer in other sport such as football or rugby”

Totally agree re Rugby fans, not only British, but also Irish and French. Absolutely amazing his full sportmanship. Fantastic.

Also agree that most all British fans in other sports do have a very good behaviour, cheering their favourites players or teams with plenty of respect to the other contenders.

Nothing to do with Brit football fans. Do you seriously mean that you admire them? I have seen them when they go out of the Islands to support their teams and they are not precisely what you could call “good boys”, are they?


Um, Nico, the Barmy Army are cricket fans known for their engagement with the game, friendly attitude and charity work. Don’t understand what you’re talking about there mate.


Nico – I’m guessing you’ve never actually been to a cricket game, nor met any of the Barmy Army. They are by and large great guys and they most certainly do respect opposition players. Sure they sometimes taunt the opposition, but its certainly not from hatred nor disrespect.

I’ve met quite a few of the BA members in pubs here in Australia during several Ashes series and while we have a bit of banter, its always good natured, and they’re always the first to turn around and praise the efforts of the opposition. And they’re always up for a knowledgable chat.

I remember a few series ago bumping into some of them in the pub and talking about the days play where England were looking very handy, and one of them turned to me and said “but Ponting* tomorrow can easily take the game from us”. And sure enough the next day that exactly happened.

*may not have been Ponting, I can’t remember exactly who they said.


Ever heard of the Barmy Army? Their sole reason for existence is to abuse the opposition and their fans.


I really don’t know why I get the odd feeling that someone out there ( up here ….) don’t like Mr. Alonso at all and all he really cares is from all the rest : “let it be anybody but Mr. FA”.


Or alternatively petrov just drove well.

Alonso is an excellent driver in my opinion. One of the top 2. But I don’t think anyone has a given right to be let past.


Petrov has got it exactly right. Alonso needed to pass Rosberg as well, and if he couldn’t get past the number 2 at Renault what chance did he have against the number 1 at Mercedes? Besides, Petrov drove flawlessly during those laps, it was Alonso who was going off of the track in desperation, losing his head.

If the non title contenders jump out of the way in the last race then that will only favour those in front. If it was a rule, written or unwritten, that those out of the championship hunt had to take it easy with those still involved then Vettel would not have had any chance to be champion this year, and Hamilton would have been champion in 2007. Kobayashi was lauded last year for his defence against Button in Brazil, he was a rookie in his first race dicing with the WDC leader.

The reaction of the fans does not surprise me, and I feel that whichever driver had lost out in the way Alonso did, a portion of their fans would have behaved in that way.

What disappoint me is the contrast of Alonso’s reaction in Abu Dhabi to that of Lewis and Jenson; the images of Hamilton and Button hugging Vettel and then smiling as they poured Champagne-substitute over Vettel for the photo that graced most F1 columns stands in stark contrast to Alonso incorrectly blaming an innocent driver for his failure to clinch the WDC.

And before anyone says that it was in the heat of the moment, Hamilton and Button lost just as much. Button was handing over the WDC to Vettel and Hamilton was a contender in the final race, and permanently lost his record as youngest WDC.

I admire Alonso a lot, but instead of blaming Petrov for losing the WDC, he should look in a mirror while playing relays of the start at Australia, the start at China, Free Practice 3 at Monaco, his crash at Spa, not conceding his illegal overtake of Kubica in Silverstone, his qualifying at Turkey and losing his head at Valencia regarding Hamilton, instead of focusing in his own race.


Whats even more dissapointing is that he still hasnt spoken to Vettel to congratulate him on the championship, and he is the only one who hasnt. Hopefully with Red Bull winning both titles without team orders (officially) then the FIA can ban them altogether, and then we will see just how good alonso is!


Team orders where totally banned this season. Aparrently it only costs €100,000 to break the ban! Is that how good Alonso is? 😎


Sorry, I think I missed Alonso’s apology to Petrov and praise of his driving style. All I heard was a non-apology, straight out of the Michael Schumacher playbook, and a thinly veiled suggestion that Petrov didn’t have the right to fight him like he did.

But if you want to get the rose-tinted spectacles out, that’s up to you.


Alonso’s situation when losing the WDC this year could be compared to Webber’s (in terms of emotions) if you really want to compare it to anybody…

Yet Hamilton or Button were in totally different situations! Button lost his chance in Brazil so he was used to the fact that he’s not ging to be the champion again in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton, on the other hand, needed a miracle to get the title, so I think he was also prepared to lose it. Alonso was leading the championship and he was prepared to win it, especially after the qualyfying when he had Webber (considered to be his gratest threat) behind him. Ferrari was prepared to celebrate not to mourne. Alonso and the team were, I guess, quite shocked to lose it, unlike Hamilton and Button who were ready for it. Thus, I think the argument of “the heat of the moment” is totally justified.

Plus – after the race Alonso said that the championship was lost not in Abu Dhabi but throughout all season in many races and it was caused by the team’s and the drivers’ (that means his own as well) mistakes. So I think he did look in the mirror. He also didn’t blame Petrov – he got mad, that’s true, but later, when he cooled down, he praised Petrov for faultless race and that’s hardly any blaming.

Also Lewis, some time after the race accused Kubica of holding him up and allowing Vettel to escape. I don’t think such an accusation is a sporting behaviour either.

I don’t really blame Alonso for his gestures (though I didn’t like them, I think he just got too emotional and lost control) the same as I don’t blame Hamilton for his accusations of Kubica. In fact, I used Hamilton’s example not to point my finger at him, but only to show that many drivers do unsporting things, but it’s always Alonso who gets criticised for everything he says and does.


So you’re justifying unsporting behavior by saying that he was “prepared to win it” and the others not…. great!


According to, Hamilton said that Vettel had an additional team-mate at Abu Dhabi.


I didn’t see STR help him at any stage during the season. I am not sure that Kubica and Petrov were doing anything other than running their own races either.


Vetel was being spoon fed by entire Redbull Team, Kubica, Idiot (Petrov), Jamie, Buemi. So Vetel is not just the youngest world champion but also the most helped.


Hamilton made the comment after the race in an interview with the BBC. If you saw the video of the remark rather than just reading the tabloid printed version of it then you would know that he he said it in jest.

Regardless, Kubica holding up Hamilton was totally different to Petrov holding up Alonso. Petrov was racing Alonso for position and thus if he conceded the place he would have finished one position lower.

Kubica was not racing Hamilton for position, as Hamilton was always going to finish ahead of him. Now, of course, that is not a reason to let Hamilton go, except for the fact that defensive driving usually slows you down. Now given that Kubica finished 9 seconds behind Rosberg it probably made no difference, but holding up Hamilton probably cost him anywhere up to half a second a lap. Had he finished less then 4 seconds behind Rosberg then it would have cost him a position having gained nothing by not Hamilton through.

And before you say that is never happens, look at Kobayashi in Japan. Hamilton exited the pits behind Kobayashi and Kobayashi let him straight through because he was on a different pit strategy and he knew it would only hold his own race up.

Now, before you come in here and think I am suggesting Kubica should have let Hamilton through, that is not the case. However, unlike Petrov who had absolutely no reason to let Alonso through (both had pitted, neither had to pit again, conceding the position would be a definite loss of position), Kubica gained nothing by holding up Hamilton, unless his pitstop was going to materialise him back in his pit bay 20 seconds before he entered the pitlane.

However, it was a mute point because if you saw the interview, Hamilton was clearly joking with Lee McKenzie. Neither he nor Alonso had anything to complain about. Alonso’s gesture at Petrov was petulant, and the way a spoiled child behaves when they are beaten to something they have believe they are entitled to.

I have a huge admiration for the skill Alonso has demonstrated behind the wheel. However there was no excuse for his hand gesture at Petrov. Petrov drove clean, he never defended hard. Alonso never even made a move on Petrov (unless you count the times he went sailing off into the run off area) – had Petrov defended hard, made a move that was 50-50 or incosiderate, then sure raise the hand in anger at the end. But raise your hand because the driver drove solidly, kept his car on the race track and you were unable to find a way past him? There is NO excuse. Absolutely none. And if Hamilton, my mother or myself acted the same way I would criticise them just as much.


@mo kahn

I am not sure if you are being serious or just attempting to provoke a response, but using your logic – that those out of contention should have to let championship contenders through then before we arrived at Abu Dhabi the only possible outcome would be an Alonso WDC.

Petrov was fighting for his position against Alonso. Had he not pitted, and Renault had deliberately kept him out until the final lap and then pitted him, you could have said they were manipulating the race (albeit within the rules) however that was not the case. Petrov had pitted, Alonso had pitted – they were both driving to the flag and thus Alonso had to earn his position on Petrov.

Petrov has even come out and said that had Alonso made a move on him he would not have defended it, but the fact is Alonso was not able to even do that. So it is not like Petrov did any dirty tricks to keep Alonso behind him, he was just faster on the straights and Alonso was never able to attack.

CJ the 2cnd, probably...

Alonso petulant? heaven forfend…..

And it’s a moot point, we’d never hear a mute one!


You see Kobayashi attacked and passed Alonso in Valencia and was hailed as a hero even I did.. but he did that at a point when the championship was wide open, he did not impede anyone’s whole year of hard work and the point at which this idiot petrov did clearly establishes the fact that he was not driving in good spirit but to make a Renault Engined Driver a World Champion. Precisely what Kubica was doing to Hamilton. And both Kubica and Idiot Petrov have wronged the sport by interfering in the outcome of this year’s World Championships. Any other race if Kubica or Idiot Petrov would’ve done it, it would’ve been unacceptable to the point of even taking Alonso or Hamilton out we would’ve called it a racing incident. But a Title Decider has different unspoken rules and ethics. And the Entire Renault Clan shamed the sport more than the Ferrari did this German GP.

All Renault was doing was spoon feeding Vetel win the championship.

If Renaults would’ve not intervened than Hamilton would’ve had Vetel for Breakfast even if he was in third race with the same engine. And Alonso would’ve been a world champion, for Webber was driving like an old lady.


Oh for goodness sake.Its a whole different story having victory snatched from your grasp and not having a decent chance to begin with.Button was already out of it in Brazil.He did not blame Petrov for losing the WDC.It was a heat of the moment thing and he even praised his driving later on.


winning or losing brings the best or the worst of anyone,and alonso losing the WDC brought the worst out of him, it was not a heat of moment thing, he is above all an ultra alpha male.


Considering Button won the championship in Brazil I am not quite sure how you work out that he was out of it?


Really? You think? Because I thought Button was 2010 WDC.

In my first post I wrote:

“Kobayashi was lauded last year for his defence against Button in Brazil, he was a rookie in his first race dicing with the WDC leader.”

To which

“Button was already out of it in Brazil.”

was written in response.

I was attempting to highlight that my original post had not been properly read. But clearly, instead, I came across as someone who had interpreted the events in Abu Dhabi to mean Button had somehow won this year’s WDC.


I think you’ll find that Vettell won the championship, and in Abu Dhabi.

You might be thinking of last year…?


I think he means Brazil this year, after which Button had no more chance mathematically of winning this year’s championship.


Kinda funny how Petrov usually has poor races puts in his best performance of the season in the deciding race. Pretty sure Renault wanted to get Alonso back for his comments about his relationship with Ferrari.

Petrov did as he should. He raced Alonso and beat him.


It has nothing to do with Alonso’s comments on this year being his best ever in F1 despite winning back to back titles with Renault. If he said nothing, Petrov wouldn’t have made it any easier.

Alonso wasn’t extremely happy there despite the title. He was even called “Alone-so” by his crew or some Renault employees.


“But his manners were not elegant. I was just faster than him.”

Man, he said it — Alonso’s manners definitely *were not* elegant. I don’t know if that’s a bit of creative translation, there, but I think that’s my favorite quote of the day. 🙂

The idea that Petrov should have let Alonso past is just ludicrous. Was that race supposed to be among only four drivers, with the others nothing more than — I don’t know — people there to just helpfully lay rubber down on the track and stay out of the way? Petrov, as many have pointed out, was racing for his job. Alonso’s inability to overtake him was not his problem.


Petrov should’ve moved over for he was not a title aspirant and should’ve viewed F1 as a sport.. Where sportsman’s spirit I ask?

Ideally, Petrov (idiot) and Rosberg should’ve moved over and Webber should’ve attacked Alonso harder. Then it would’ve been sport like scenario. Abu Dhabi turned out to be a silver spoon feeding race for Vetel by Renault.

It is not a Ferrari thing… Kobayashi overtook a whinning Alonso in Valencia and the world applauded, even I did. For that happend at a point when someone’s world championship was not at stake.

It is a matter of Sportsman’s Spirit.. If you all still consider F1 as a sport that is.


Petrov and Rosberg should’ve just moved over? Where is the sport in that? If Alonso had three drivers (Massa, Petrov, and Rosberg) working to secure the title for him, how could his win be

Fact of the matter fella is that Vettel did was he had to do in order to win the title, from day 1. He gathered date during p1, 2 and 3, went out and secured pole, then held No. 1 position after the lights went out.


I am trying to decide if this is the most ridiculous comment I have read during the entire season.

Alonso wasn’t good enough, get over it.


You know in a way its good… Alonso was being lambasted for some just and some unjust reason.. with losing out the championship in this manner he has salvaged his image… we all know he will attack harder then he did this year and the entire Ferrari unit will be focused harder which would result in fewer strategic mistakes that they’ve been making to a point they made it their habit… so yes… Ferrari and Alonso will attack the next season with lot more venom and focus n’ I really hope they don’t take any prisoners next year n’ I hope Massa gets his tires issues sorted out.. if that happens… you know what they are capable of doing 🙂

Piers Courage Fan

The Russian word is, I believe, “Nulkulturny” which is usually translated as “uncultured” or “un-gentlemanly” – but “not elegant” describes it very nicely!


agree, and why did kobayashi overtook someone at the same track


He was demonstrably not faster than Alonso. It is just a case of Abu Dhabi being a god awful racing track.

I think such comments will not endear him to irate tifosi / alonso fans around the world.

Still, as the first sentence suggests, the person that should be getting hate mail is Herman Tilke.


I totally agree, Aaron, and I’m really worried about what the Texus track is going to be like! I understand Tilky is going to design it.



And Alonso.


Why does he need to endear himself to the tifosi or Alonso fans? Any of them who think Petrov should have moved over and gifted Alonso a run at the title, have no grip on reality.


No1 said he should of moved over like Glock did on what was basically the home straight but to say he was ‘faster’ than Alonso is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all year! Petrov you done well but it was a track you couldn’t overtake just like Hamilton couldn’t take Kubica even with fresher tyres and more straight line speed it’s not a real accomplishment, all you did was help the fastest driver in f1 become the youngest champion, pay driver like petrov doesn’t deserve a drive hand over to kobayashi please.


Shakes head says it all – Poor track for passing But THAT IS WHAT – BARRING TEAM ORDERS – FERNANDO HAD TO DO – and he didnt – end of


fact is, he finished ahead of Alonso which makes him faster over the course of the entire race, just like Vettell was the fastest driver over the course of the season.

Sure, Alonso may have been capable of faster speeds, but Petrov was legitimately ahead of Alonso and continued to stay ahead of him and therefore was surely the faster of the pair.

The Renault had the higher speed through the speed traps on the main straight – including the McLarens – which also makes him and Kubica faster. That was why they were able to hold off their respective opponents, greater speed in a straight line and were not vulnerable at the entry to the corner at the end of the straight.


Pay Driver or no pay driver, he was in a race. God awful track or not, it was up to Alonso (God’s gift to Racing according to some very one eyed “supporters”) to find a way past. Congrats to Petrov for a fine drive. The only one that should be getting roasted should be Alonso and for his reaction on the slow down lap. To me, that showed the world what type of “racer” he is. Alonso is a fine driver but needs to realise there is only a race where there is more than one driver on track. Otherwise it is a demostratin run. The other drivers have a right to race and I didn’t see Petrov cutting chicanes etc like the Hulk did at Monza to Webber. Thought he drove a clean and mature race


Well done to Alonso for hiding from the storm and not even trying during 2008 and 2009.

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