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Brazilian GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Brazilian GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Nov 2010   |  10:43 pm GMT  |  107 comments

I really enjoyed the Brazilian Grand Prix today, there was some very good driving, especially in the opening laps, with some sublime overtaking.

So who is your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel
His fourth win of the season after a strong qualifying performance in tricky conditions. He has outpaced Webber since Monza. He won out at the start and then drove away from the rest. Webber pushed him, but he always had something in hand. Has scored eighty points in the last five races despite an engine failure while leading Korea.

Mark Webber
Had plenty of work to do at the start, boxed in by Hulkenberg he lost a place to Vettel and Hamilton but repassed Hamilton in Turn 2, then passed Hulkenberg very skilfully. Had to turn the engine down in the second half of the race due to overheating.

Fernando Alonso
The wily Alonso will feel he has the Red Bull drivers where he wants them going into the final race. He had the same race pace as them, but lost 10 seconds passing Hamilton and Hulkenberg at the start. Came back at Webber in the closing stages and was frustrated to have traffic in the mix when the safety car was deployed.

Jenson Button
After a poor qualifying session he came through from 11th on the grid to challenge team mate Hamilton for fourth place at the time of the pit stops. He pitted first, triggering a spate of stops, but Hamilton held on to the place. Finished fifth.

Nico Hulkenberg
More for his performance on Saturday than anything else. He did an exceptional job in qualifying in very difficult conditions. Drove maturely at the start to hold his position where feasible.

Michael Schumacher
Another strong afternoon for the seven times champion, who has been more competitive in the last few races. Today he let Rosberg through to sixth place as the younger man had fresh tyres.

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Yesterday I wrote here that I voted for The Incredible Hulk as driver of the day becaubi se of his superb performance to get the pole position.

Today, Alonso produced a great race, overtaking his friend Lewis after pushing him to make a mistake [second time in two races, as JA pointed on his race summary], so I guess he is happy about it. The result is fantastic for him, as a 2nd place in Abu Dalooks within his reach.

But at the end of the day, if I look at the final standigs and I consider the whole race, I have to vote for Vettel and his almost perfect drive from lights to flag.

Can't wait for next weekend!!!


I am a long standing Hamilton supporter and will continue to be but I am a touch disappointed with him at the back end of this season. Brazil was the second time in a row that Alonso scared him off the track (as a Hamilton fan it hurts to admit that but it’s absolutely true). Then there was the start where he had the inside line on Webber and basically did what I have never seen Hamilton do before - he bottled it. I know he has history this season in this circumstance but prior to this Hamilton has always done the intimidating not the other way round. Even Koby outbreaked him when Hamilton went by, and it looked to me like Hamilton only got by because Koby was surprised he had outbreaked the McLaren. Brazil was the time for Hamilton to go balls out and do his thing, not settle for fourth - and he didn't do it. Rather he seemed content to moan and whine his way through the race with comments that seemed more targeted to viewing audience than for his engineers. Not all together convinced by his wet weather performances this year either, certainly he has not stood out in any way in this area. I desperately hope the fire has not gone out in this thrilling, talented driver.


Not sure Alonso scared Hamilton of the Road? Lewis has a driving style which is aggressive and as a result kills his tyres in no time at all. Perhaps you have all forgotten his stirling drives in Spa etc? Lewis throttles the car and while he is not going to be a world champion this year I dont think for one minute he has lost any of his ability!

Alonso looked like a no hope come silverstone but look where he is now, thinks can change so quickly and may just do that over the close season, misaligned comments like some that I have read have no substance.


Yes, I know about Hamilton's ability to destroy tyres unfeasibly quickly. However not sure that he had already done this by the time Alonso breezed past him in the last two races. Could be wrong but the radio messages smacked of justifying his mistakes to the fans rather than telling his engineers anything useful. I wouldn't dream of moving my support to any other driver, I have watched Hamilton since before F1 and would support him in a Hispania but I will not be blind to his errors and the back end of this season has been a little like the first half of Alonso's - disappointing. Here's hoping Lewis isn't being over 'domesticated' or F1 will loose something magical.


And who would be to blame for that fire going out if not the overcritical fans and press who slate him when some of those audacious moves go bad as in Singapore against Webber - if Lewis is getting soft, the fans made him so lets not whine for getting what we wanted. We wanted a Lewis Button and now that we are getting him we are wondering ...


Last thing I wanted was a Lewis Button and still don't. I want Lewis to be himself and not get cowed by the jeering every time he makes a mistake. What I am saying is that Brazil was actually the time for Lewis to throw caution to the wind and do what he does better than anyone - attack. I agree with the above comment - Lewis is not Alonso's weakness, rather Alonso has been Lewis' weakness in the last two races. Damn I hate saying that as a long time Hamilton fan!


Let's not lose sight of the fact that Hamilton has the third fastest car and set the fastest lap in the race (given, he had fresh tyres). People have been applauding Jenson's fifth place...


Couldn't agree more - actions speak louder than words, and despite Whitmarsh and Lewis himself claiming he wouldn't change his approach to racing after successive retirements, it was clear that he was careful and tepid in Brazil.

Two races in a row that Lewis hasn't taken the fight to Alonso. In the BBC's interview with Lewis, he was asked what he thought were Fernando's chinks in the armour, and Lewis said that the competitive rivalry increases on the track when they were close to each other and that was Alonso's weakness.

I think that in actual fact it is the reverse - Lewis' weakness is that he is beginning to show too much respect (possibly unconsiously) to the likes of Alonso and earlier in the season Schumacher on track. And it shows.


I concur, Vettel produced another stunning display. Showing the world yet again he is the faster of the two RBR drivers, and by far the more deserving of a title if truth be told.


Vettel - Superb - Flawless -

Mark - Superb - Battling ( just a few tenths behind in Quali )

Fernando - Superb - achieved what he wanted -

Lewis - Good - ( Car is not as good as RBR or Ferrari )but STFU with the complaining. ( or change your driving style )

Jenson - Superb - How does he keep getting these good results .... he must be doing something right.

Great race.. it keeps getting better !!!

Many congrats RBR.


Had to give it to Vettel. Led from the start and controlled the pace. As much as I want to rip Red Bull for now letting Webber pass, he didn't have the pace. Vettel was top dop today. One thing everyone seems to forget about Germany was Alonso was clearly faster than Massa. A pass was inevitable, and they chose to order the pass rather than risk a tangle. Good on Red Bull for letting their drivers fight.


Funny.. It seemed that Mark was catching Seb at over half a second a lap .. Then miraculously had to turn his engine down.. I reckon Webbo was quicker but this mysterious hot engine problem intervened.........


That was because 1. Vettel got the backmarkers earlier than Webber, just a yoyo effect which is why Vettel then was 5 tenths faster than Webber and 2. Vettel wasn't pushing it, saving engine, Webber just tried a sneaky trick that didn't work out.

Anyone who thinks Webber is the faster driver, I mean seriously 😛


I agree about the yo-yo effect from the back markers. I think many people have written Webber of in the past, but consider that he is giving the wunder-kid a run for his money. Vettel is at most a few hundredths quicker. I will concede that Vettel is able to qualify better, but again only just so.

I think Webber has proven his worth this season. He is a superb driver.


I think that Alonso was the best driver of the day. I'm saying that because he had a difficult situation to handle were he was stuck behind Hamilton (with McLaren top speed) and the Hulk to overtake knowing that the RedBulls were disappearing in the front. His move on Hamilton was particularly impressive. I also enjoyed his relentless charge after the safety car.

I want to mention the Hulk who impressed me with his wheel to wheel racing abilities with an inferior car. He made Alonso battle to overtake and kept Hamilton behind until his pit stop.

Jenson showed also a great racing pace as he finished behind his team mate eventhough he started so far back.

Vettel did his usual perfect race but the RedBull is so quick with uneventful race in the front that it's hard to mention him which is a bit unfair.


I agree, with the fastest car everyone looks flawless. There was no risk for Vettel in the whole race apart from the start. Hamilton on the contrary had a poor grip and looked very grey, but I think he made a good race. Car has to be taken into account


Worst driver of the day


My worst driver of the day (from what I saw) is Felipe Massa. The team didn't help him but when you see that Alonso was able to overtake Hamilton, Schumacher with a Mercedes overtook Jenson. He struggled to overtake anyone at the beginning and when he was way back the field (due to his team mistake in the pit stops) he was struggling overtaking the slow cars with a couple of offs and lost places.

The disappointment is bigger given that I thought he would race at the front near Alonso. Today in post race comments, nobody mentioned that Felipe could help Alonso in Abu Dhabi by splitting the RedBulls or going for the victory neither in English nor in Italian media. Everybody knows it's impossible.

If he keeps this form next year, the Italian medias will turn his life into a nightmare.


His poor observation of blue flags was a blot on his copybook too. In fact his collision with one of the Torro Rossos happened while there was someone stuck behind waiting to lap him.


Reply to David Hamilton : Are you saying that a faster car, out of place for some reason, can NEVER unlap himself ? That if he passes and disappears up the road without holding anyone up, he'll be penalised ? That can't be right. And if it is, it needs to be changed.


Although there might be an element of truth in that, I think you're being a bit harsh.

Massa is performing in front of his home crowd, which is something he normally thrives from, but this year he is dealing with the backlash of Germany, and I would say the pressure just got too much for him.


As I think James has said, he's a confidence driver. Sad really that he is struggling since it seems they've really broken him down at Ferrari.


Broken him down? Ferrari have given him every chance to excel. He simply isn't living up to the challenge. He is not as fast as his teammate, which is the ultimate test of a driver.


In Germany, he could have just gone faster. In China, he could have defended his position. Massa's relegation to a #2 status is his own doing. He must drive faster than his teammate if he wants to undo this. I hope he does, I really like him. I do not, however, like how people seem to think that Ferrari is somehow doing something untoward regarding Massa. Ferrari are a racing team, not a charitable organization. I mean, why isn't anyone up in arms that I am not their #1 driver? I am a nice guy and deserve a chance too.


Every chance to excel? like Germany? Or like China where he was passed by Alonso into the pitlane? These things are what I mean by breaking his confidence (not just Ferrari but Alonso too).

Despite being "mollycoddled", he is number 2, and he has been affected by it, clearly. I agree that he is not living up to the challenge, but its because he is not as strong minded as the best of them.


Anyone else see Massa overtake Rosberg, even though Rosberg was a lap ahead, and hold it at least for 1-2 laps?

Heidfeld correctly got a penalty for not letting Rosberg through, but why didn't Massa get a penalty too?


Is there any rule that says you're not allowed to unlap yourself if you feel you can go quicker ?


No there isn't, as long as he then immediately gives it back within 3 blue flags. But that's a misleading argument since Rosberg was clearly being held up by traffic.

Either Massa was under so much pressure from the car behind that he felt he had to overtake to avoid being overtaken himself, or (more likely, IMHO) Ferrari's pit crew weren't correctly keeping up-to-date with who was on the leading lap.

Even if it was a genuine mistake, then it still should bring a penalty, as happened with Heidfeld who apologised to Rosberg afterwards.


Yep! If your name was Irvine and you did that to Senna you get punched...


Another excellent race at Brazil. Appreciate its got its safety issues, but it always creates good racing.

Very composed drive from Seb today. always thought he had enough to keep Mark behind him.

Will be very interesting in the last race, as I think Alonso and Lewis will be quick in Abu Dhabi as well (if Lewis can stop toasting his tyres...)

Great achievement by the redbull team as well today. Confounding the rumour that nothing good ever came out of Milton Keynes ! 😉 (joking)


No way McLaren will be quick there


Oh yes they were 😉


Andy, I'll have a fiver against your statement that the McLaren will be fast in Abu --- It's gonna be behind RBR and Ferrari.



I couldnt resist refinding your comment after Abu Dhabi and replying 😉

Do you want to post the cheque to my home or office address 🙂

Maybe you'll donate it to the mechanics trust.


Rickee, no probs mate. It gave me a chuckle when I was sorting through my emails. Seb definitely went out there and won it so hats off.


Andy, you declined the bet and it was then changed to a Sportsmans bet - ... I'll give you that that super flat surface definitely assisted the Mclarens to 2nd place and not 3rd, zilch suspension needed - Have to say that in my video of the race I did notice a blue car leading and it seemed to going fastest but everything is upside down here. ( So pleased for Jenson and at the end of 2009 really hoped that Jenson's abilities with tyre preservation would have more been more of an influence in 2010 - but it didn't work out - although he definitely showed that that this is a string to his bow. Getting a Fiver 12 Thousand Miles is a bit difficult as I only have funny dollar things although I'm a Brit.... I live in Auckland on a beach .. Have seee one ???

Am I welching ... not sure as you declined the bet ..... but admit you are one up on me but ............

After the race I bottled Fernando Alonso's Face and we are now marketing it as Pure Evil.

Thought Seb's speech's were superb and many congrats to him - he did honestly deserve it. I would have been happy with any of them winning it - ... but Seb went out and won it - and so he thoroughly deserved it..

Best Season ever - and it will be hard to top that.

( EJ antics on the grid walk were friggin embarrassing - Thanks especially to MB - his conduct and professionalism continues to shine through a sea of verbal rubbish from JL - Dear BBC I agree JL fills in every available silence with talk - its just that its rubbish.


This is not a betting forum Rickee 😉

How do we quantify fast?

If I'm wrong I'll make a donation towards the Mechanics good cause that James was talking about?


Only Sportsman mate - No biggee - Just an opinion. Still feel the hard suspension hampers fast and now even Abu's slow corners. Will be good to see that gone next year.


Hard to say really the top 3 just had the 3 fastest cars and one of those was compromised; not outstanding candidates.

Suppose it goes to Vettel for winning, wouldn't say he outperformed Webber though. Marginally faster in quali where he had the advantage of a slightly drier track.


Unbelievable amount of votes for Button...? The team saved his race by deciding his strategy.

Driver of the day has to be Vettel - excellent start and controlled the race from there. No contest really.


I supposed the team also overtook, Rosberg, Petrov, Sutil, Kobayashi and Massa.


Yep, well... The team and I am sure Hamilton helped out too!


It's great how great you can be when the team gives you the fastest car on the grid all season long.


I think Hulk defended well today with Kamui good performance as well,knowing no point wasting time defending those whom he were not racing.Good Late pitstop and some overtaking as well.


If last race Alonso was driver of the day just because he won the race despite it was a gift, I hope now that Vettel has won it he can be driver of the day.


Really simplistic don't you think? A driver with the best car must win, other thing is failure. This year is all about RBR losing points with a massively dominant car


Vettel was supreme. But Rosberg did bloody well too. Saying that, I can't for the life of me work out how he finished sixth. He had 3 stops!


Reg, the timing of the safety car was such that the eventual top 7 effectively gained a lap on the drivers from 8th backwards - Schumacher was next in line to be lapped when the SC came out, with Rosberg a little further ahead. The SC picked up the leaders with Hulkenberg and co close behind while the Mercs drove around unimpeded to the tail of the queue, where Rosberg could pit knowing his pursuers were bottled up and couldn't catch him.

He did that twice because they gave him the wrong tyres the first time. Add that to his scheduled stop earlier on, et voila! 3 stops, 2 of them basically given to him free. Cracking drive all the same, and the old bloke in the other Mercedes wasn't too shabby either.


Well, he had a great start, and jumped Schumacher following the stops, as Schumacher came out behind Sutil and couldn't get past, losing time every lap. Two of his stops were during the safety car, so he didn't lose any time, and Schumacher let him through at the restart. So, there you have it, good strategy, coupled with a poor strategy from the cars that had been ahead of him, namely, Schumacher.


I'd go for my man, Alonso and thats probably completely biased. Unfortunately, the time lost behind Hamilton and Hulkenberg gave him an impossible bridge to gap and then what could have been an exciting battle after the safety car was ruined by lapped cars in the mix. It was fun to watch but I'd prefer having the front runners on eachother's gearboxes considering whats at risk. Still, he was the only one on the pace of the RBRs and got by who he needed to.

I find it puzzling that whenever Mark is behind Vettel lately (not to mention his lack of pace), he never seems able to pressure him. A pre race agreement maybe ? Considering that Alonso in an inferior car can do it, its weird that Webber in the sister car can't. In fact, since Turkey (and turn 1 @ subsequent Silverstone) I don't think we've seen them battle.


With all the bickering and nastiness going on between the same team drivers all year,it was such a refreshing change to see the maturity and wisdom of Michael Schumacher coming into play when he allowed Nico Rosberg to overtake,thus giving his own 6th place to Nico.

This is what makes MSC such a legend,he unites the team and drivers as one -- not divided,as with the other teams.He did this for Ferrari and he will do the same for Mercedes GP.(dv)


PS...Forgot to say,my vote for driver of the day was undoubtedly Michael Schumacher.


I can't respond directly to your comments, hence the response here. Oh and thank you for the belated "respect of my opinion" comment 🙂

Nope, no sour grapes or re-iteration from me... so you can take your defensive hat off now Mrs Schumacher 😉 Correct, I don't know all of his ex-team mates... but I have spoken to Johnny Herbert and Martin Brundle directly\in-person about their time at Benetton alongside him.

Sure, he includes everyone in HIS team... but they are working for one person and one person only and that is Michael. In the past, he's expected his team mate to kow-tow, to become subservient to his demands... that's fair enough. But, in my view that does not "unite drivers"... it may "unite" them behind Michael though.

This season he's been different (humility and smiles), but then he's had to be. Pre-season he claimed he was going to be fighting for victories, podiums and the championship... hasn't quite worked out like has it? 🙂

Take it easy Dianna... Peace! 🙂


"he unites the team and drivers as one"... err, Dianna, with all due respect, he may well unite the team (behind him and only him!), but I think you need to do some research regarding what his ex-teammates would say about uniting the drivers.

I'm fairly sure that if the Merc GP cars were in the championship battle, Mr S would not have let Mr R by. What makes Schumi a legend is his 7 world drivers championships - nothing more, nothing less. What I've seen with Schumi this year is a little more humility and a few more smiles.


Steve I would like to add,although our perspectives differ,I still respect your opinion 🙂


Why Steve,do you know his ex team mates personally?...............

No of course you don't, you are only reiterating what you have read in the papers,books,online etc.,so a case of sour grapes I would say. You know no more than anyone else,unless you are his brother in disguise?

On to your next statement >If the Mercedes GP team were in the final MSC would not have let Rosberg pass.

No I don't suppose he would have,so no Rocket Science necessary to answer that,only common sense.

Now in your final statement,we come full circle around to the real reason why Michael Schumacher holds all the F1 records there are available,and that no other driver has come anywhere near his record,or is likely to in the near future.

Shall I tell you why? because he doesn't isolate himself within a team,but he includes all the engineers,aerodynamicists & factory background workers etc., as a whole totalling "ONE" united team - yes,and :)nearly forgot, in this team is the other driver also.


On the issue of Felipe Massa, if he keeps his place at Ferrari next year, this will be a great show, I think even extreme confidence shown for the Brazilian team. Ferrari should be fighting even for the Constructors' Championship, Felipe however has failed to compare the potential of Ferrari throughout the season.

Vettel's race I think it has benefited from 2 cars a lap down and sandwiched between Webber and 5 slow cars interspersed with Fernando after the safety car. Without this I think today would have seen a different ending and rather more exciting


A tough choice, but I think the nod has to go to Alonso for driving a great 'tactical' race.


I must have watched the wrong race,so did the other commentators from BBC.

Were was Webber outpaced by his team mate he was certainly beaten by him but, if not for the safety car and some hold ups in traffic he was certainly catching him in the last half of the race.

He might not have passed him when he caught him but he certainly had the pace and speed to match.

It could have been very interesting if the had been together when tha safety car left the track instead of having two cars between the them.

Alonso was controlled all race by the Redbulls, he made one real pass on Hamilton which was a error by Hamilton then couldnt pass the Hulk, in a car that was so slow it was lapped by the end of the race.

How does tha qualify for driver of the day

If the safety car hadnt turned up he wouldnt have been close,

In regard to your comments to Monza, I would make the point Red Bull could have done the same stragety with Mark but didnt, then the result would have been that Vettel was behind.

I have noticed that when Sebs in front they never run Mark for longer. I know you can say they did before Monza but I am replying in context to your statement.

The RB are that good they really should do a 1/2 in the last race with Alonso 3rd the problem is that If Sebs leading then it will likely be he will let Mark thru at end.

I can hear the screams now and everybody saying he shouldnt have won the WDC.Lets hope that he can beat both other drivers on the track.

I can only laugh why anyone would pick Jenson, didnt qualify in a much better car than most of the field of course he is going to pass people and so he should thats what he is paid for driver of the day no way.

Driver of the day Vettel a close second to Webber at least he tried to take the fight to his team mate.


What rock are you living under? Alonso DID pass hulkenberg and Hamilton who Alonso pressured into making a mistake for the second race in a row 🙂


Well if its a rock its a hard one , if you read my post where does it say he didnt pass Hulkenburg, obvoiusly he did it took him a lot of laps hence the reason he couldnt challenge RB.

I think maybe its you who should get his head out of the sand.


Alonso pressured Hamilton to make a mistake, and thus overtook him!!!

is this not considered as an overtake??


I would have to say Webber. He was catching Vettel quickly until he was forced to turn his engine down.

I guess he had some luck in that his 'overheating' went away once Vettel was 5 seconds clear and Alonso was his gearbox.


Vettel...He was untouched in the race.

Congratulation RBR for constructors champion


Seconded... 🙂

Considering it was Brazil and the first turn into the Senna S always provides over-taking, I felt it was quite a lacklustre race. I thought the safety-car might throw a spanner into the works, but of course there were so many lapped cars in-between the leaders that no one was able to apply any real pressure. I wonder if any teams had made set-ups changes for wet-quali which then affected their dry pace?

Anyhow, onto Abu Dhabi, where I can see Vettel grabbing pole and holding off his team-mate to allow Alonso (in 3rd) to take the title, thus creating carnage on message board\forums as people bemoan the Germany result and RedBull's reluctance to back Webber. Whilst Mr Marko says RBR were right and Horner looks mightily ticked off that one of his drivers hasn't won the WDC 😉


Woahhhh complain complain...leads Webber 4.2 sec nough said.


My driver of the day: Seb Vettel.
In yet another high pressure weekend, he kept it clean,maintained a healthy gap from Webber and took the checkered flag.If he is indeed the unofficial 'No.1' within RBR, he thoroughly deserves it as we have seen from many a races this season.

Worst driver of the day: I think its a tie between Massa and Buemi. After such knucleheaded driving from Buemi where he blocked drivers through multiple moves, or ended up pushing them off the track, i am surprised that he was not penalized.

Massa, that suspension spring has really knocked the wind out of the little Brazilian. I refuse to believe that he was never fast and that a erratic Kimi and a aging Schumi made him look good. Massa fought tooth and nail with Kimi,Hamilton and Alonso in 07 and 08, and was doing a good job before his accident, but something has changed since then.

Point 1) I think the hurried replacement of Kimi at Ferrari made Massa think that he'll never be trusted to win titles with Ferrari.

Point 2) Alonso's authoritative personality, Ferrari's ready love towards the Spaniard must have gutted Massa's confidence. Race after race,the difference between him and Alonso is increasing,this cannot be good for the little Brazilian's career.

Point 3) This years car suits Alonso's driving style better than Massa's.Alonso was on the pace right from the start, we could well see a different Massa next year.


Massa did fight in 07 & 08, but only because he was in the fight.

As for the 3 points:

Point 1) Huh? Ferrari didn't want Kimi? More like Kimi didn't want Ferrari.

Point 2) Ferrari loves Alonso because he is fast, period. You can have all the spirit and attitude in the world, but that will not gain the prancing horse's affection.

Point 3) This year's car suits Alonso? How is that possible? Alonso was in Renault last year, perhaps this year's Renault suits Alonso. This year's Ferrari suits Massa and Raikonnen. Next year's Ferrari will suit Alonso, everyone better watch out!


Button for me and the every improving "TEAM LOTUS"


Webber must be on the noise with your readers or your closing the poll to early. Remember in Australia it's Monday morning and most people are at work after a late night/ early morning watching the race.

I thought he deserved a larger vote than that 80. He was boxed in at the start, had to pass Hamilton and Hulk before he caught Vetel,then he had to nurse the car home when it started to over heat.

Had to get permision to turn the rev's up when Alonso started to catch him.

In saying that Vetel drove a great race.


Hmmmmm,like usual praise Jenson when the only 2 drivers he overtook on track were Petrov and some1 I cant think of.

Driver of the YEAR is Lewis Hamilton,with a donkey car still in the title hunt.Superstar.And destroyed yet another WDC teamate.


button overtook petrov massa sutil and kobayashi 4 drivers not 2


I wouldn't say Schumacher is the driver of the day but I think he is getting better and better lately, just like the Hulk. He looked very strong in Q3 until the team made the wrong call.

I strongly feel that testing ban hammered the new comers in a big way as you can see guys like Hulk and Schumi taking too long get where they want to.

Hulk is a guy who was an active,highly competitive racing driver last year. And even for him, it took a while to show his talent.

Compare to him, a 41 years old's (with 3 years laid off) learning curve is not too bad after all.


Well, Schumi is being hurt by the current tyre regulations. His style has always been, charging, aggressive and inevitably tyre intensive.

Now it's all about nursing your tyres. First softs to make them go that little bit longer, then hards to make them last till the end.

See what happened to Lewis in Brazil: he overworked his hard tyres quite quickly, and was rapidly loosing pace with some 20 laps still to go. Then luckily for him he got a free stop with that safety car.

Give Schumi back the refueling&tyre change, and he will be flying again.

Driver of the day? Vettel, of course. Overtook Hulkenberg immediately, then controlled the gap to his liking. Saved tyres just in case safety car comes out - and was therefore able to go incredibly fast when the SC came back in again. Perfect!


I am a huge fan of him but I think he tried to neutralize the pressure from media with that statement. He has been adapting every single changes lap after lap, season after season and I don't believe certain type of Tyre can hammer any world class driver like Alonso or him in his early days.

I strongly believe that F1 is the same as any other sport when it comes to practice. You cannot simply out-perform other very successful professionals (millionaires) with limited practice.

Different cars & tyres mean different sport under the same name. We have seen champions struggled time after time, Seb Bourdais, Hulk etc..And there is a reason for that.

The interesting bit is that Lewis actually struggled to match Kimi's pace in 2006 using Michellin tyres. He was supposed to run with Kimi when Montaya left. But he was off the pace and thats why Pedro took over him.

Then he had testing with Bridgstone tyres so he practiced more than Alonso did in 2007.

Let's not go down to the route of Lewis Vs Alonso, but the point is that without some extra practice there is no way a rookie can beat a champion. Kimi & Massa got pounded by Nick so was Rosberg by Mark Webber.

I would appreciate if JA corrects me if my observation is wrong here.

I feel that most the fans overlook the practice factor, and most of us think drivers either have it or they don't.

Surely some adapt faster than others which differentiate the goods and the greats but I think a sport takes huge amount of practice & preparation to make up the experience.


Is must be Alonso. Especialy when you compare his performance on track to Massa's


Because Massa is not performing does not mean that give Driver of the day to his team mate, especially when there was a floorless performance from Vettel.


Another race to me where Vettel was better than webber by about a tenth. Thats all there is between them (probably down to their difference in height) and its whats costing Webber the championship. I don't really buy all this "Vettel had something in hand," "Vettel is dominating Webber," talk, if Webber could have found 7/100s in Suzuka, 8/100s in Korea and 1/10 in Brazil he would have won every race (when has he not converted a lead after lap one into a win?). Credit to Vettel for getting those poles- he has a real knack for doing so and is great under pressure- but really I think its naive to think Vettels dominating Webber when Button and Massa are getting trumped by their team mates by 7/10s to 1s every quali.


Yup, everyone seems to overlook this but even with identically weighed cars, Webbers will STILL be carrying a higher COG than Vettel's. Not by much, lets call it say 1 tenth tops?

Now think of how many times the 2 Red Bulls were separated by less than that in quali. Hmmmmmm, poor Webbo, many blokes would give anything to be over 6ft, but it doesn't help in f1 as a driver unfortunately 🙂


sorry by COG I mean (C)enter (O)f (G)ravity


Is Webber going to use a different engine for Abu Dhabi?

Also, why weren't the cars allow to unlap themselves behind the SC? That would have made a massive difference!


Winner of the Day, again.


I am starting to believe this Schumacher/front tyres business. In quali he seemed to be doing a great job on the inters, but when he switched to slicks, he was hopeless. Sure, he had one less lap to get heat into them, but I think he actually is struggling to work them properly.

Considering that it's proving to be such a problem for him, I think he's been doing a decent job. He should be able to drive around it, though?

I'm not sure what that first pit stop was all about by the way, surely he had enough in his tyres for a lap or 2 extra to get out in front of Sutil? That was a waste! Unless I've missed something.


The Hulk!I hear Willi Weber is on his way to Maranello today!!!!!The perfect driver for Ferrari next year but Alonso probably wouldnt like it!



Why did they not change tyres for MSC during the SC? He would not have lost a place.

Is that a tactical error from RB?



I'm sure the last thing you want right now is suggestions for more work, but it would be great to hear your inimitable slant on a couple of things, of which one is for the off-season:

1.How do they move the entire FIA circus from Brazil to Abu Dhabi? What goes with it - safety car? podium? lights? ops room? start box? Ditto the F1 teams.

2. One for the off season. Further explanation of SC periods, including some of the weirder - but real - possibilities like what happens if the leader pits when he is in front of a load of back-markers, what happens if they all pit at once, when is overtaking allowed behind the SC, when does the SC period start - before the SC is on track? It can get quite confusing even to those of us who've watched for year [maybe that's why we're confused...senility....]. In Brasil I missed 20 seconds at the start of the SC period and was thoroughly confused for the next 5 minutes.


I fully second this commet, James, especially the 2nd point. I would suggest that some reflections on SC regulations could be added (e.g. what to do with the backmarkers caught between two front runners during SC period: should they give place, as if a blue flag were waving?).

Re the 1st point: I think I've read somewhere there are two "complete sets" of all this paraphernalia travelling around the world during the season. Therefore, the "second unit" could be right now in Abu Dabi, waiting just for the cars and teams to arrive. Is it true?


Some things they have 2 sets of, like some pit equipment etc. But the cars and all the TV stuff goes from Brazil to Abu Dhabi


You have to give it to Vettel for a flawless race. But half marks go to Webber who had to manage an engine problem, keep up with Vettel and keep out Alonso. And Alonso third because of the he kept 'at it' despite not being dealt the best cards on the day.


Much to my chagrin, I need to vote for Vettel. He has strengthened his title challenge, won a race from the start (almost) to the finish. It is an emphatic response to the engine issues he suffered in Korea and to his team-mate.


Logical choice would be Vettel or Alonso, as they both maximised their car package on the day.

But - I must say that Schumacher really impressed me in Brazil. Not so much in raw speed, but more so on fighting fairly on the track and also obligingly letting Rosberg through. If anyone watched the qualifying on Saturday, you would have seen Schumacher spotting the biggest grin when he saw that the Hulk grabbed pole. What happened to the old Schumacher? I'm finding it hard to hate this new version!

I must say, the current crop of drivers are simply outstanding - everyone fought fairly, and I can't remember a time when rookies were so mature in their drives. Hulkenberg defended cleanly from the front and even the reputedly ragged Kobayashi didn't get tangled with anyone.


its a close call between Alonso and Vettel. Vettel did what was expected from him to win from the front and Alonso did what was expected from him Maximize his position and get on to the podium. But I will go with Alonso for the overtaking maneuvers he pulled out in the race when it mattered


Schumacher did a good job, but could have been much better were it not for the timing of his pit stop. This has happened too many times this season. Good starts and pace and poor decisions from his team. Rosbergs strategist seems to have a much better handle on things.


Things will improve for Mercedes GP next year,new cars, engineers etc although not sure if Ross will be on the pit wall - I hope he will be as Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn have their souls set in stone together.

Next year the car(s) will have been designed for the drivers from scratch,so no more hand me downs.Let us hope the tyres suit MSC more.

I wonder how the younger MSC would have handled the car as it has been this year.That must be the million dollar question.


Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso for their comical performances in the press conf.

Webber couldnt fit two words together without fitting in multiple "urrm" "aaahh"s in. No wonder RBR want Seb to be champ...

But fernando was amazing. The way he said "uncleburt" when referring to you know who, made me roll around the floor crying with laughter.

I cant believe you kept a straight face after that...amazing stuff james. For that you deserve a trophy.


If you compare the results with Massa? This is a big joke, Ferari only works for the spaniard.

I´d like the work of Rossberg, and i can t undestand how, with the disaster did by the team in boxes, he comes six. I think the team works for MSC, and the next year we can see this.

In other case, the best of the day, was Vettel, in the upper nivel, was the faster all the weekend, and drove a perfect race fo the win


It has got to be Michael Schumacher for his common sense and teamplay.

What Red Bull and Vettel did to Webber is just plain cruel. Webber has a mountain to climb. He needs Vettel to become world champion. Oh wait, I get it …


It seems to me that RBR and Seb have much better races when they don't start on pole!


James, do you know what the financial difference is between finishing sixth and finishing seventh in the Constructors Championship? Might Hulkenberg's four points be worth anywhere near the amount of sponsorship money Maldonado might bring?


Difference between 4th and 5th is €8 million, so probably a bit less than that for 6th and 7th


Vettel, no doubt. He absolutely had to win this race, had all the pressure to do it, and he dominated practice, lost pole only due to a great tire call by the Williams team, then executed a near-perfect start from the dirty side of the grid, and was never once threatened in the race. That just about does it for me. I would say Button and Rosberg were the 2nd best performers.


My vote is for Jenson. to start 11th and end up 5th id a great effort.


Am I censored???


My "Driver of the Day", is whoever the policeman getaway driver is who got Jensen Button safely out of harm's way.


Vettel.Because I don't recall him trying an outside pass into the Senna S.

I know,show 'em you are THERE,stay in the mirrors.

But this harassment,intimidating way of passing is a bit overdone.I would stay in the slipstream until the last possible second-you would not know it was coming until it was too late.I do have total respect for these guys,especially Alonso(what a persona and talent);but I also know how I would fare at racing,and I see drivers taking chances that put themselves and others at risk.

But hats off to young Sebastian.He made it look easy.At Interlagos?Not easy.Give him credit for improvement since Spa as well.


Alonso was breathtaking, Lewis seems to be making mistakes under pressure from Alonso, which he did twice.. in Korea and in Brazil. Alono's pass on Hulk was the best overtaking of the year 2010 PERIOD.

Redbull was simply outstanding they thoroughly deserve the 2010 constructors' championship beyond any doubt. HATS OFF TO THEM.

Both Redbull drivers drove immaculately.. simply faultless.

As far as the WDC is concerned, It'd be Mark Webber who would be the World Champion, or Vetel... No logic, just my personal hunch... Alonso is only human, while Ferrari is a couple of crucial tenths down on the Redbulls.. so even though he leads by 8 points it looks bleak for Alonso. But one thing about Alonso this year as the previous years.. He always had a car deficit and surprised us with his results.. no wonder he is the most complete driver along with Michael Schumacher of course 🙂


The one thing I don't understand is why Force India pitted Sutil when the safety car came out. It looked to me like he was still unlapped at that stage, so if he'd waited (yet) another lap he could have followed the Mercedes strategy and secured 8th place, also extending FI's lead over Williams. He was running just ahead of Schumacher, the Hulk and Vettel when the crash happened, though the latter had been lapped by the time the SC boards went out.

Not that I'm complaining about this tactical error, as a Williams fan.


I said months ago that this Championship may end up as it started-Alonso on top.And that we would see many others in between.

So far,so good.

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