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Brazilian GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Brazilian GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Nov 2010   |  10:43 pm GMT  |  107 comments

I really enjoyed the Brazilian Grand Prix today, there was some very good driving, especially in the opening laps, with some sublime overtaking.

So who is your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel
His fourth win of the season after a strong qualifying performance in tricky conditions. He has outpaced Webber since Monza. He won out at the start and then drove away from the rest. Webber pushed him, but he always had something in hand. Has scored eighty points in the last five races despite an engine failure while leading Korea.

Mark Webber
Had plenty of work to do at the start, boxed in by Hulkenberg he lost a place to Vettel and Hamilton but repassed Hamilton in Turn 2, then passed Hulkenberg very skilfully. Had to turn the engine down in the second half of the race due to overheating.

Fernando Alonso
The wily Alonso will feel he has the Red Bull drivers where he wants them going into the final race. He had the same race pace as them, but lost 10 seconds passing Hamilton and Hulkenberg at the start. Came back at Webber in the closing stages and was frustrated to have traffic in the mix when the safety car was deployed.

Jenson Button
After a poor qualifying session he came through from 11th on the grid to challenge team mate Hamilton for fourth place at the time of the pit stops. He pitted first, triggering a spate of stops, but Hamilton held on to the place. Finished fifth.

Nico Hulkenberg
More for his performance on Saturday than anything else. He did an exceptional job in qualifying in very difficult conditions. Drove maturely at the start to hold his position where feasible.

Michael Schumacher
Another strong afternoon for the seven times champion, who has been more competitive in the last few races. Today he let Rosberg through to sixth place as the younger man had fresh tyres.

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I said months ago that this Championship may end up as it started-Alonso on top.And that we would see many others in between.

So far,so good.


The one thing I don’t understand is why Force India pitted Sutil when the safety car came out. It looked to me like he was still unlapped at that stage, so if he’d waited (yet) another lap he could have followed the Mercedes strategy and secured 8th place, also extending FI’s lead over Williams. He was running just ahead of Schumacher, the Hulk and Vettel when the crash happened, though the latter had been lapped by the time the SC boards went out.

Not that I’m complaining about this tactical error, as a Williams fan.


Alonso was breathtaking, Lewis seems to be making mistakes under pressure from Alonso, which he did twice.. in Korea and in Brazil. Alono’s pass on Hulk was the best overtaking of the year 2010 PERIOD.

Redbull was simply outstanding they thoroughly deserve the 2010 constructors’ championship beyond any doubt. HATS OFF TO THEM.

Both Redbull drivers drove immaculately.. simply faultless.

As far as the WDC is concerned, It’d be Mark Webber who would be the World Champion, or Vetel… No logic, just my personal hunch… Alonso is only human, while Ferrari is a couple of crucial tenths down on the Redbulls.. so even though he leads by 8 points it looks bleak for Alonso. But one thing about Alonso this year as the previous years.. He always had a car deficit and surprised us with his results.. no wonder he is the most complete driver along with Michael Schumacher of course 🙂


Vettel.Because I don’t recall him trying an outside pass into the Senna S.

I know,show ’em you are THERE,stay in the mirrors.

But this harassment,intimidating way of passing is a bit overdone.I would stay in the slipstream until the last possible second-you would not know it was coming until it was too late.I do have total respect for these guys,especially Alonso(what a persona and talent);but I also know how I would fare at racing,and I see drivers taking chances that put themselves and others at risk.

But hats off to young Sebastian.He made it look easy.At Interlagos?Not easy.Give him credit for improvement since Spa as well.


My “Driver of the Day”, is whoever the policeman getaway driver is who got Jensen Button safely out of harm’s way.


Am I censored???


My vote is for Jenson. to start 11th and end up 5th id a great effort.


Vettel, no doubt. He absolutely had to win this race, had all the pressure to do it, and he dominated practice, lost pole only due to a great tire call by the Williams team, then executed a near-perfect start from the dirty side of the grid, and was never once threatened in the race. That just about does it for me. I would say Button and Rosberg were the 2nd best performers.


James, do you know what the financial difference is between finishing sixth and finishing seventh in the Constructors Championship? Might Hulkenberg’s four points be worth anywhere near the amount of sponsorship money Maldonado might bring?


Difference between 4th and 5th is €8 million, so probably a bit less than that for 6th and 7th


It seems to me that RBR and Seb have much better races when they don’t start on pole!


It has got to be Michael Schumacher for his common sense and teamplay.

What Red Bull and Vettel did to Webber is just plain cruel. Webber has a mountain to climb. He needs Vettel to become world champion. Oh wait, I get it …


If you compare the results with Massa? This is a big joke, Ferari only works for the spaniard.

I´d like the work of Rossberg, and i can t undestand how, with the disaster did by the team in boxes, he comes six. I think the team works for MSC, and the next year we can see this.

In other case, the best of the day, was Vettel, in the upper nivel, was the faster all the weekend, and drove a perfect race fo the win


Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso for their comical performances in the press conf.

Webber couldnt fit two words together without fitting in multiple “urrm” “aaahh”s in. No wonder RBR want Seb to be champ…

But fernando was amazing. The way he said “uncleburt” when referring to you know who, made me roll around the floor crying with laughter.

I cant believe you kept a straight face after that…amazing stuff james. For that you deserve a trophy.


Schumacher did a good job, but could have been much better were it not for the timing of his pit stop. This has happened too many times this season. Good starts and pace and poor decisions from his team. Rosbergs strategist seems to have a much better handle on things.


Things will improve for Mercedes GP next year,new cars, engineers etc although not sure if Ross will be on the pit wall – I hope he will be as Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn have their souls set in stone together.

Next year the car(s) will have been designed for the drivers from scratch,so no more hand me downs.Let us hope the tyres suit MSC more.

I wonder how the younger MSC would have handled the car as it has been this year.That must be the million dollar question.


its a close call between Alonso and Vettel. Vettel did what was expected from him to win from the front and Alonso did what was expected from him Maximize his position and get on to the podium. But I will go with Alonso for the overtaking maneuvers he pulled out in the race when it mattered


Logical choice would be Vettel or Alonso, as they both maximised their car package on the day.

But – I must say that Schumacher really impressed me in Brazil. Not so much in raw speed, but more so on fighting fairly on the track and also obligingly letting Rosberg through. If anyone watched the qualifying on Saturday, you would have seen Schumacher spotting the biggest grin when he saw that the Hulk grabbed pole. What happened to the old Schumacher? I’m finding it hard to hate this new version!

I must say, the current crop of drivers are simply outstanding – everyone fought fairly, and I can’t remember a time when rookies were so mature in their drives. Hulkenberg defended cleanly from the front and even the reputedly ragged Kobayashi didn’t get tangled with anyone.


Much to my chagrin, I need to vote for Vettel. He has strengthened his title challenge, won a race from the start (almost) to the finish. It is an emphatic response to the engine issues he suffered in Korea and to his team-mate.


You have to give it to Vettel for a flawless race. But half marks go to Webber who had to manage an engine problem, keep up with Vettel and keep out Alonso. And Alonso third because of the he kept ‘at it’ despite not being dealt the best cards on the day.



I’m sure the last thing you want right now is suggestions for more work, but it would be great to hear your inimitable slant on a couple of things, of which one is for the off-season:

1.How do they move the entire FIA circus from Brazil to Abu Dhabi? What goes with it – safety car? podium? lights? ops room? start box? Ditto the F1 teams.

2. One for the off season. Further explanation of SC periods, including some of the weirder – but real – possibilities like what happens if the leader pits when he is in front of a load of back-markers, what happens if they all pit at once, when is overtaking allowed behind the SC, when does the SC period start – before the SC is on track? It can get quite confusing even to those of us who’ve watched for year [maybe that’s why we’re confused…senility….]. In Brasil I missed 20 seconds at the start of the SC period and was thoroughly confused for the next 5 minutes.


I fully second this commet, James, especially the 2nd point. I would suggest that some reflections on SC regulations could be added (e.g. what to do with the backmarkers caught between two front runners during SC period: should they give place, as if a blue flag were waving?).

Re the 1st point: I think I’ve read somewhere there are two “complete sets” of all this paraphernalia travelling around the world during the season. Therefore, the “second unit” could be right now in Abu Dabi, waiting just for the cars and teams to arrive. Is it true?


Some things they have 2 sets of, like some pit equipment etc. But the cars and all the TV stuff goes from Brazil to Abu Dhabi



Why did they not change tyres for MSC during the SC? He would not have lost a place.

Is that a tactical error from RB?


The Hulk!I hear Willi Weber is on his way to Maranello today!!!!!The perfect driver for Ferrari next year but Alonso probably wouldnt like it!


I am starting to believe this Schumacher/front tyres business. In quali he seemed to be doing a great job on the inters, but when he switched to slicks, he was hopeless. Sure, he had one less lap to get heat into them, but I think he actually is struggling to work them properly.

Considering that it’s proving to be such a problem for him, I think he’s been doing a decent job. He should be able to drive around it, though?

I’m not sure what that first pit stop was all about by the way, surely he had enough in his tyres for a lap or 2 extra to get out in front of Sutil? That was a waste! Unless I’ve missed something.


Winner of the Day, again.


Is Webber going to use a different engine for Abu Dhabi?

Also, why weren’t the cars allow to unlap themselves behind the SC? That would have made a massive difference!


Another race to me where Vettel was better than webber by about a tenth. Thats all there is between them (probably down to their difference in height) and its whats costing Webber the championship. I don’t really buy all this “Vettel had something in hand,” “Vettel is dominating Webber,” talk, if Webber could have found 7/100s in Suzuka, 8/100s in Korea and 1/10 in Brazil he would have won every race (when has he not converted a lead after lap one into a win?). Credit to Vettel for getting those poles- he has a real knack for doing so and is great under pressure- but really I think its naive to think Vettels dominating Webber when Button and Massa are getting trumped by their team mates by 7/10s to 1s every quali.


Yup, everyone seems to overlook this but even with identically weighed cars, Webbers will STILL be carrying a higher COG than Vettel’s. Not by much, lets call it say 1 tenth tops?

Now think of how many times the 2 Red Bulls were separated by less than that in quali. Hmmmmmm, poor Webbo, many blokes would give anything to be over 6ft, but it doesn’t help in f1 as a driver unfortunately 🙂


sorry by COG I mean (C)enter (O)f (G)ravity

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