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Announcing the JA on F1 2010 Review Book: Five Rivals, One Champion
Announcing the JA on F1 2010 Review Book: Five Rivals, One Champion
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Nov 2010   |  2:55 pm GMT  |  150 comments

I’m delighted to announce that my season review book “James Allen on F1 2010 – Five Rivals, One Champion” will be published on November 29th.

But as from today you can pre-order your copy by clicking on THIS LINK or on the front cover icon to the right.

The book is large format paperback, 248 pages with 8 pages of colour photos and costs just £9.99. All copies ordered through the JA on F1 website will be signed by me and sent out on November 29th. We are printing a limited number so it’s wise to order sooner rather than later. We sold out last year.

The book is a collection of the best posts from the season, plus plenty of new material. Having listened carefully to readers’ comments on last year’s book, I’ve added a lot more retrospective material, to provide a more rounded picture of the season.

Once again the photography is by Darren Heath, F1’s premier photographer.

It’s been a fascinating season and the JA on F1 2010 book shows the arc of the key stories of the year, from the feud between Webber and Vettel, to the Ferrari team orders row, the struggles of the new teams and the troubled comeback of Michael Schumacher.

There is plenty of thoughtful analysis on all areas of the sport, including the contrasting approach of Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari to prioritising drivers, a red hot topic at the moment as the season reaches its climax.

And readers will find plenty of behind the scenes colour on the everyday soap opera of life in F1.

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Hi James. Your book is very very interesting. I`ve got this book 2 days ago and I`m already on the chapter 5.

But why you put only a few pictures and all in a middle of the book ? Is this a matter of costs ?


Hi James, will this book be available through Amazon again? I have some gift vouchers to use up and this will do very nicely!


It will but not for a few weeks


hello James,

will the events of last Winter* also be included in this book? Or does the book start with the Bahrain race?

* Jenson’s sudden departure from Brawn, Schumacher’s shock return, the Mercedes Brawn merger, the race of the new teams getting ready for Bahrain and the demise of USF1. What a hot Winter it was.

And it looks like this Winter will be no exception with the ongoing yet confusing Lotus feud: Group Lotus is trying to rewrite the history books. Historically, Group Lotus and Proton have nothing to do with Team Lotus. Bring on the black/gold cars!


hi there James, is this the first year you publish this kind of book? sorrry for my lack of knowledge, but i started following your blog this year. btw, just ordered the book two minutes ago!!!


Ordered, I await with anticipation. Il take this opportunity James to thank you for providing this website, I think this is by far the best F1 website out there. Your insight and stories into our quite hard to follow sometimes sport, are superb.


Thank you


Ok, i ordered!

I’m in Canada and it’s costing me a FORTUNE!!

Better be good! and definitely a feedback will do! 🙂

thank you!


James, if you had the chance to go back and write about another Formula One Season in terms of your book format. What year would it be?


Will there be a movie ?

Maybe with Sylvester Stallone playing the part of Mark Webber :-/



Will there be a movie ?

Maybe with Sylvester Stallone playing the part of Mark Webber :-/

Sign me up.

Ordered this year’s book, will sit nicely alongside last year’s, before we know it we will all be ordering next year’s. 2010 has flown by so quickly, what a fantastic F1 season.

Have read this website everyday, Thanks James.


It’s been this year that I discovered this site and it’s been a nice addition to races and a great insight into F1. Thanks a lot :).

What’s more this is going to be my first book about F1 :).

And I was just wondering – what one has to do to get the authograph of the author in the book ;-)?


I will sign all books ordered through this site. Thanks


I ordered it but I’m in the US. Wouldn’t the postage be different for sending it over the Atlantic?


The pre-order link has been subtly emailed to my other half. Hopefully father christmas will be leaving it as a stocking filler. 🙂


Pre-ordered my book! Cannot wait to get reading it, I will have another read through last years book just to refresh my memory!

May I make a special request?!

You and Martin Brundle must do a book today, I think you worked really well together, with his racing background knowledge and your over-all knowledge of the sport. I’m sure their would be plenty of interesting stories between the two of you!


James, hi.

I pre-ordered the book yesterday but have no email confirmation yet. Will you be able to check it?

Order Ref. No. is 303309

Will you be able to check if the order has gone through? A posting at the same time was never picked up either.


May i please know if these will be available in the Philippines or anywhere in Southeast Asia?


Hi James,

Is it shipped within GB/EU only?

I’d love to get it but couldn’t order with delivery to Moscow (Ru).



We can do Russia. I’ll forward your mail to the distributors.


I’ve ordered 2 books with delivery to Russia, Moscow, there was no problem at all.


Thanks! F1 is coming alive in Russia


After last years debacle where I made so many hints to my girlfriend (now fiancee so she is forgiven) that I wanted JA book – imagine my incandescent rage on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my presents to find – socks-ties-jumpers-and a raft of other extremely useful stuff and a mixture of toys but no JA book.

This year im getting it for myself…


Looks like it will be a great read…

I’m interested to know if you had any thoughts on if/how Jenson’s season has been compromised by the situation with his race engineers illness since Canada? At this point he seemed to be right on Lewis’ pace, whereas since then there more often than not been few tenths between them ?


Yeah, shame on me. I opened your blog this morning even before I checked my mail and it was already sorted.

Already ordered!

Thanks James! Roll on Abu Dhabi!


Hello James,

I’m from Brazil and I have your first book which is really great. I had no problem ordering it.

However, I proceeded to pre-order the 2010 edition and sadly my country does not show on the countries’ list.

How can I order it again?

On a side note, if you ever need a translator to release your book in Brazil, contact me. I’d be glad to help this book see print in Brazil!



Our e commerce partner Grand Prix Legends is working on this and has your email address. It will be sorted


Just ordered it and I’m really looking forward to this, it’s a great idea. I love the this site and the way you go about things. I’ve also enjoyed your editorials for one HD (TV Channel in Australia). Keep it up I’m loving it!


Thanks for that. Please give me feedback on book when you get it


Hi James, Hope it is ok I have posted a link on our forum telling our members about your book.




One is travelling for Croatia.

Just ordered it.

Only i can’t understand why are shipping costs so high.

100 km from here and difference is 4 pounds…

Lokking forward to receving it…


ordered with pleasure!


Just preordered it!

This is actually the first F1 book I have ever bought, and considering how great this blog is there’s no doubt this book will be a fantastic read.


Thanks, please let me have your feedback


Thanks James. Looking forward to it.

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