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Singapore GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Singapore GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Sep 2010   |  6:45 pm GMT  |  90 comments

We had a number of very strong performances in the field today, so it’s a tough call for driver of the day. Who’s yours?

Fernando Alonso – Took pole with a strong lap, defended robustly at the start from Vettel and pulled away at 3/10ths per lap in the opening stint. Drove a perfect race, despite intense pressure from Vettel in second phase when the Red Bull was clearly faster on the hard tyres. Has now scored three wins in five races.

Sebastian Vettel – His first podium for three races, the so called “crash kid” put in a faultless drive on Sunday, pressuring Alonso all the way. But he will be kicking himself for a tiny mistake in qualifying which handed the pole to Alonso.

Mark Webber – by his own admission Singapore is not a Webber circuit, despite his dominance of similar tracks Hungary and Monaco. Never really got into the groove of the front two, but responded well when the team gave him a challenge to try to jump the McLarens by switching strategy. Pulled it off to finish 3rd despite sever vibration following collision with Hamilton

Nico Rosberg – Another fantastic drive from Rosberg in the not terribly competitive Mercedes. Fifth place was the absolute maximum he could have achieved and he was miles faster than Schumacher all weekend. He’s now 76 points clear of his illustrious team mate

Robert Kubica – The Pole had the misfortune of a suspected puncture in the second half of the race, forcing a pit stop on lap 45 which dropped him from 6th to 13th. In the remaining 16 laps he fought back to finish 7th.

All photos: Darren Heath Darren\'s Website

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Am I the only person who thinks Webber was clearly to blame for hitting Hamilton? I’m increasingly frustrated with the analysis on this incident. Hamilton was on the normal racing line for that corner. He even moved to the left as he appraoched the corner. Webber’s line was clearly an overtaking line. He was never going to make the corner. On board with Webber you can see his desperation. That’s the sort of line you take in karting when the red mist falls! Rant rant!!


You’re certainly not alone Giles, I agree for one! 🙂


Thank God for that; a sane individual!


My vote for Alonso: First Grand Chelem on years, in a car that is still a tick behind the RBR and in the most competitive season i remember.


Reading cliptheapex web, i see this year, f1 arr in numbers of 1988-1991..

412 total overtakes up to Monza..

Far away from 190-250 of previous years(1995-2009)but we don’t see a lot of they on Tv..

FOM must improve this!

Andrewshould be working

How much longer will the McLaren drivers put up with such ineptiude from their pit wall. Throughout the season both RBR and Ferari have out thought them and either failed to act in time or made a shocking call only for Martin Whitmarsh to gloss over it. In an earlier post it was well noted that it was a case of Mclarens men against the RB6 machines of Red Bull. While they had a chance in that struggle the addition of the now dominant Alonso in a competitive care with their lamentable race managment makes the skills of JB and LH ineffective. Wake up and give your drivers the support they deserve.


I agree mate, the fact that they failed to cover off Webber with an earlier pitstop was ineptitude at it’s best, Brundle called it when it started happening a few laps before they actually stopped.

And they couldn’t have been worried about tyre wear surely, Webber was already on hards for most of the race.

They cost Hamilton by putting him behind Webber when he shouldn’t have been, if he didn’t have to make that move he would have finished 3rd comfortably IF they brought him in when Webber started going quicker than them.

James, you should ask them some hard questions about this, they cost Hamilton dearly here!


Hamilton never had the gap to Webber to make the stop and come out ahead. He came close, but not close enough.


Quote “James you should ask them some hard questions about this, they cost hamilton dearly here!”

Well surely mclaren were aware of the situation at the time.

Im stumped as well as i was watching hoping they wouldnt pit Ham (web fan).

But you mclaren guys need to be asking what was Jenson doing ? His attack on Webber with old tyres and a vibrating car after the collision with ham was, well, weak, wasnt it ?


2011 mercedes gp drivers line up Nico Rosberg and

Nico Hulkenburg.


Alonso, with special mentions to Kubica & Rosberg. Alonsa/Ferrari especially impressive following a win at a minimum downforce circuit with a win at a maximum downforce track. If we’re not all totally bored with the team orders saga, didn’t Petrov jump out of Kubica’s way quickly! $100,000 fine coming up?


Kubica did great job on the track. Ofcourse – Alosno has best race. Very good was also Rosberg (yes!). He was able to beat both Schumacher and Kubica. So – hard to find very best driver. During whole race – Alonso. Second half – Kubica.

But Rosberg did very good work – again.


So with Sutil and Hulkenburg penalized 20 Sec., and demoted to 9th and 10th. Did anyone notice that Petrov pulled way off the racing line and slow waaay down to let both Alonso and Vettel through and not affect the potential finish. If he had been less of gentleman and let them thru one by one he would have finished 9th.


In my opinion Kubica was the best one! Best overtaking maneuvers I have ever seen.


Kubica all the way! He was overtaking by the minute at one stage!


only Kubica, that was fantastic to watch!


Robert Kubica is the Best!


Alonso delivered a stunning drive on Saturday to set himself up for another win on Sunday. For all the raw speed Red Bull has designed into their car it didn’t get them to the top step of the podium. You would have to say that Alonso is looking stronger as each race goes by.

Kubica was a joy to watch, fighting through the mid-field at the end. There must be many teams, Ferrari included, trying to get his manager on the phone. Can Renault afford to keep him next season?


I’m going for Alonso as well. The most important moment of the weekend was Saturday qualifying, he got his car on pole with a faultless lap, in a car that is still a tick behind the RBR in pure pace.

His drive on Sunday was also faultless, ruthless at the start but never put a wheel wrong anywhere.

His current form in the second half of the season reminds me of Kimi in the second half of 2007, Alonso has 3 wins out of 5 now and I can see him adding more.

We all know how Kimi’s 2007 season ended up, lets see if Nando can repeat that 😉


Personally I think that most entertainment provided Kubica with his overtaking. But crown goes to Alonso for

A perfect race.

Kubicas future is got to be with Ferrari or Redbull with Webber.


Alonso was sublime, and Vettel didn’t give him an opportunity to be anything less. Apart from Vettel missing the likelihood that he could’ve had pole, a flawless weekend from both.


I am going to say Vettel, for nothign else that he got his act together and didn’t drive like the Vettel we have been seeing recently, he drove his heart out to make Fernando earn his win, and I actually am not of the opinion that the ferrari was a worse car on this type of track. We should all remember Alonso was comfortably controlling the weekend in Monaco earlier this year until he chucked it into the barriers in FP3 thus missing quali and starting at the back. If anything the Redbull had to do some catching up this go’round. Redbull did darn well in Alonso’s absence at Monaco but they are much more suited to track like Hungary and Turkey with tight but fast flat-out high downforce high speed corners. Suzuka and Abu Dahbi come to mind, well really the rest of the calendar.

It aint over yet though woohoo WDC2010!


Out of those five… I couldn’t actually put a vote after last race as a few of those drivers had a very good race last night.

Alonso clearly had a fantastic race. He didn’t put a wheel wrong all night long and got a deserved win. Vettel was never far away but Alonso just kept going around cleanly. Inspiring.

Vettel seemed wholly different from the past few races as well, other than the little slip-up in the pits, which didn’t make a difference anyway, Vettel did great chasing Alonso to the end, and it was amazing the last few laps how close it really was.

Kubica was having a decent race as it was, but the way he overtook quite a few opponents in the final stages was very entertaining, and no mean feat on a street circuit such as this. Sure, he was on a lot fresher tires than anyone else, but still.

Rosberg wasn’t all that visible during the race actually, but he once again beat Schumacher by an enormous margin and I do think he got a bad car to a better position than it deserved, no mean feat either.

And finally there’s Webber. Hmmm the way the people around me in the stands were mostly aussies and the local presenter on the track was kind of biased as well, made me not appreciate his drive as much as I might have otherwise. He did OK I suppose.

My vote would go split between Alonso and Kubica.


Sorry to here that, Were they being a bit naughty?


Definitely Kovy!


How could it be a tough call?


Magic Alonso, of course. 5th hat-trick in his career, 2nd in a row and 1st Grand Cheleme in 6 years. The “most perfect” weekend I’ve ever seen. Special mention for Robert and Vettel.


Alonso was magnificent.


What about an honourable mention for Christian Klien? I thought he had a great quali and decent race up till retirement – surely HRT will give him another run out as he is there best chance of being in the right place at the right time to grab a flukey 12th place finish


The fact that Klien was almost a second faster than Senna the entire weekend speaks volumes. As I heard one of the commentators asking on the night, “do you think Senna has a future in F1 after this season?”


Yes and Alguersuari, who qualified a brilliant 11th and was with Buemi in the race despite starting in the pit lane


It has to be Alonso – it was his weekend.

But Vettel had him in his sights all weekend – so very close.

And Webber – what a race – asked to do the impossible he did it.

One has to ask – why were the Virgin Rabbits mixed up with the big boys in the critical restart?

They were mobile bollards in the wrong place at the wrong time – just had end in tears or worse.

On the Stand at Turn 17 after the race:

Spanish supporters delirious

Hamilton fans had very stiff upper lips

Webber believers relieved and proud

Vettel followers wished for more

A great race enjoyed it all.

On the circuit the FIA should mandate all tracks have a sharp hairpin bend (with plenty of run-off and wide entry and exit) at the end of a decent straight to allow overtaking.


And Webber – what a race – asked to do the impossible he did it.

>> If by that you mean taking out Lewis, Massa too did it last week 😛


RBR showed great confidence in Webber abilities to venture such a risky strategy. And Webber delivered in spades to minimise the damage to his championship lead.


Can’t separate Alonso and Vettel. Both drove a flawless race, and cleared out from the rest of the field easily. Good to see the two of them looking calm and fast after both had arguably lost the plot not so many races ago.

Speaking of which, that’s the big challenge for Hamilton now – stay calm and focused after the two DNFs. He looked ropable immediately after the crash, but I hope he can put it behind him, because he’s still in the fight.

Finally, it’s off-topic, but was anyone else watching the Red Bull front wings? I noticed at Monza that they were hardly moving compared to the big deflections we discussed earlier in the season, but of course Monza is a low-downforce circuit. However, here at high-downforce Singapore the in-car footage from both Red Bulls showed hardly any deflection…

It looks as though RB did make some changes as a result of the new tests, despite Horner’s denials.

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