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Last chance for UK Fan Ambassador to Abu Dhabi nominations
Last chance for UK Fan Ambassador to Abu Dhabi nominations
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Sep 2010   |  1:32 pm GMT  |  32 comments

Thanks to everyone who has put in nominations for the UK Fan Ambassador to travel to Abu Dhabi next week for a once in a lifetime experience, meeting other fans from around the world and seeing exactly what it takes to become an F1 driver.

We have been surprised and overwhelmed by the response and by the many amazing, heartfelt stories you have told in your nominations. Thanks for all your fantastic entries. We have to bring it to a close and so the nominations will end at 6pm this evening UK time.

It’s going to be very hard to choose only one winner, but we have a panel of people, including me, who will assess the merits of each one and announce the winner tomorrow morning – Tuesday 21st – at 10am UK time.

Once again apologies to those readers outside the UK, who couldn’t take part in this competition. But don’t worry, we are already thinking about something you can take part in soon.

We are always interested to the hear the voice of the readers so let us know who you think is the person most deserving of this opportunity.

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I wish I’d seen this post earlier 🙁 Was at a wedding at the weekend so didn’t get time to check things out, and of course the Wedding featured F1 tracks for table names 🙂


I would like to nominate my son Laurie Troke.

He balnaces his F1 passion with studying Mechanical Emgineering at Northumbria University and the demands of playing rugby for the university. He is always frustrated at missing qualifying on Saturdays when the two seasons clash but the summer months see him obsessing about F1 missing sunny days and socialising to follow the whole weekend from start to finish.

I think he would not only gain a vast amount from such an opportunity he would also learn so much about his other passion engineering.


I’d like to nominate my husband Andreas Voniatis. He’s attended the Fans Forum, he watches all the races and the qualifying sessions and even gets up at ridiculous hours of the morning to watch the races live (whilst waking me up in the process!).

What saddens me most is that he’s never visited a race due to the high cost, despite following the sport since 1988 with his father Peter. Although he justifies this by saying it’s a sport made for TV and makes no apologies for it.

On a more positive note, he reads this blog every day, and other blogs, official team/driver websites, tweets and whatever information he can muster online and in print. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about the sport, the business, the people, the history and the technology – thanks to his cross referencing of information (and this blog) and often makes speeches about F1 at his local public speaking club.

By the way I must add that Andreas brought the competition to my attention, he has left it to me to formulate my own decision for nomination and how I would choose to write the nomination.

I believe his passion, knowledge and his love for the sport (on and off track) would make him an excellent candidate and good representative of the fans as the UK Fan Ambassador. Please select Andreas!


PS I’ve signed him up on fitness training and sports nutrition just in case!


A superb competition, James. I’ve not known of a better one, or even as good. Well done. You’ve set the bar very high. I can’t wait for you to top it.

No chance of one for us fatties is there? That ‘fit’ bit was rather cruel.

Please emphasise to the winner that we all hate him or her.


“Please emphasise to the winner that we all hate him or her.”

LOL… finally a sincere comment!! We all saying “congrats to the winner” and all that politically correct stuff, but you have made it clear… great point! 😉


James – Sorry, I know this is completely off topic, but I wondered what you thought of Eddie Jordan’s claims, that Schumacher may retire at the end of the year?


He seems very keen on saying it, doesn’t he? His info has been quite good on Mercedes in the past, but I’m not sure whether Michael has made his mind up yet. He seems pretty determined to do 2011, when I’ve asked him about it


Good to know, thanks



So when is the weekly James Allen on F1 podcast starting up?

I loved the talk sport show you did. We need more.


Thanks. It’s something I’m evaluating at the moment


The sooner the better James!!!

Something wonderful about podcasts which makes listening a pleasure.



10 out of 10 for this competition and congratulations to the lucky winner.


Congratulations to who ever won!

Hope that you have a great time!


I would like to nominate my classmate and friend Ambrish. He has just completed his masters degree and would be a great reward after 4 years work. He is a avid F1 fan with McLaren being his team. He would have got higher marks in exams and coursework if he didn’t spend crucial time watching F1 from Friday to Sunday and because of the excitement of he can’t start work until after the coverage finishes for the day. If McLaren don’t do to well in particular Lewis then there is a period of “mourning” and he just can’t do any work for the rest of the day.


I would like to recommend by brother Tom for this trip, as he’s the biggest F1 fan I know! He finished his degree in journalism last year and his major ambition has always been to be a Formula 1 journalist, and so this trip would not only be a great experience for him but may also be the first step he needs to build contacts and relationships with other journalists which will make that dream more accessible.

He’s the only person I know who watches F1 with three screens, one for the race, one for live timing and one for the driver tracker – worryingly he spends more time looking at the timing screen than the actual race, but we don’t call him “Statto” for nothing. He evens plans his holidays around F1 – last year he combined a holiday in Barcelona with the Spanish Grand Prix and the year before his holiday was to go to the Belgian Grand Prix. He’s fortunate he has a girlfriend who also enjoys F1!

I doubt there’d be anyone who would enjoy the driving side of it more than Tom either, we used to go karting once a month and you could see how much he loved being out on track. He was pretty good (not that I’d ever admit that to him!) until he had to give it up to focus on his studies. When we go on the odd occasion you can still see what a buzz he gets from it – although the fact he’s usually at the sharp end of the timing screens does help!

All in all, Tom is a massive F1 fan and this experience would mean a huge amount to him. Not only would the driving and the trip be an unforgettable experience for him, I hope that it will also help him to get on the ladder towards his dream of being an F1 journalism. The chance to meet yourself and other journalists there at the same time will hopefully open some doors for him. It’s what he’s spent the last few years studying for and opportunities are very limited, so hopefully this will be his break! As an ambassador for the sport, he’s young, extremely passionate and very knowledgeable, so I think he’s the ideal candidate for the role!

Kind regards



That’s just great James: your contest is posted on your web site on September 17 and it ends 3 days later. That’s just great.


and what’s wrong with 3 days?


Thank you James!.. Fans in the US are looking forward!


Hi James

Although i can’t be part of this spectacle (I’m in Africa), i’d like to convey my gratitude & happiness in you guys introducing such an initiative. It’s really something great & i will really be happy for the lucky individual who wins this once in a life time spectacle. I really hope you introduce it in Africa SOON, i’d really love to become a F1 Fan/ F1 Ambassador for Africa, as i believe the popularity of the sport is growing at a rather rapid speed. I really hope we have our first African Grandprix by 2013 & luckily i think our country (South Africa) is on pole position to host it, ecspecially after our Word Cup success. Being an F1 driver was my dream & it never happened but winning this competition in future would be the nearest thing to achieving that dream. Goodluck to all you UK F1 fanatics & may the best man/woman win….Please represent us!

Thanks again to you James Allen & your team.



May i take this opprtunity to wish the lucky person all the best ,have a good day



I would like to nominate my boyfriend Thomas Reid as he is an F1 fanatic, with a background in marketing and PR so would be great at networking and engaging with other fans as an ambassador for the UK and for F1.

He is also a keen amateur racer and would be very competitive behind the wheel of each and every one of these vehicles.

Who knows, JA on F1 may help unearth the best F1 driver you’ve never seen (Apart from Tommy Byrne and the numerous speed demons chopping down trees in Siberia!)


This girl lives and breathes motorsport. For a bird, her commitment seems unbelieveable. Flippin petrolhead


Such a great competition!

Can’t wait for something for people outside the UK :).


Hi Lilla, have not seen your posting for a while.

Hope Alonso wins the Singapore GP.



I’ve been quite busy lately and I can hardly find time to read most of the things I’d like to read…

Fernando’s always been strong in Singapore and Ferrari has some upgrades, so I really hope for a great result. It’s such a fantastic end of the season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


My friend Andy , nothing ever seems to go wright for him , at work home or play . He is the nicest person you could meet, and everyone takes him for granted . He is the biggest f1 fan I know and this would make his life worth living .


Glad you’re going on ‘most deserving’ James; there are way more people out there who deserve this than me. So I hope you are able to find someone who has genuinely never experienced anything like this before, and who never would without this amazing chance.

Talking of deserving, can I humbly suggest fellow JA-F1 readers saunter over to the Silverstone site and nominate Murray Walker as the name for the new Pit and Paddock complex. The man is a legend, and deserves to be celebrated at the home of British motorsport.

Link here;



Two very nice points, mate.

I second both of them.

Cheers 🙂




James, on an unrelated note, now that the Singapore track has been resurfaced, and the bumps are not as bad, do you still expect McLaren to have issues there ?


I would like to nominate my brother Andrew who is a very keen F1 fan. Andrew went to the recent Fans Forum and then gave all his ‘goodies’ and autographs to my 9 year old F1-mad son who then took them all to school to do ‘show and tell’. I know my brother does a little bit of lunchtime karting from time to time so he has an idea of what it is like to be on a track – it would be great to see him on the telly!



I would like to nominate my boyfriend Paul to be you UK fan ambassador. He has been following the sport for the past few years and has introduced the sport to his friends at uni who initially couldn’t understand his obsession! They are now as hooked as he is. He religiously watches free practice. qualifying and race day without fail! I think he would be a perfect ambassador for the sport as he is passionate and always wants to understand more and more about it. He has currently only been to Silverstone and Monza and I think he would love this once in a life time opportunity.

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