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JA on F1 looking for UK Fan Ambassador for all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi
JA on F1 looking for UK Fan Ambassador for all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Sep 2010   |  5:46 pm GMT  |  416 comments

How would you like an opportunity to become a Fan Ambassador, to represent the fan base of the UK at a unique event in Abu Dhabi?

Formula 1 visits Abu Dhabi this season for the second time. The fan base in the UAE is small, but growing fast. The UK represents a very mature market for F1 enthusiasts and I have an opportunity to take a Fan Ambassador to a unique event on September 28-29 where you can engage with fans from around the world and from the UAE, share your ideas and find out first hand what it takes to become an F1 driver.

Thanks to the people at Yas Marina Circuit, I am offering you the chance to come with me, all expenses paid to Abu Dhabi to take part.

But it won’t all be talk – you also get to take part in a very special two day driving programme on the Grand Prix circuit and you will feature in the video content we produce from the event, which will be seen all over the world.

Drive on the Abu Dhabi GP circuit (Darren Heath)

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does it takes to become an F1 driver?”, then here’s your chance to find out.

You will have “an entire racing career in two days”, starting in karts, working your way up through single seaters and GT cars to F3000, until recently the threshold of F1.

Alesi, Senna and BIanchi will help you to master the Abu Dhabi track (Darren Heath)

Yas Marina Circuit’s amazing two day event demonstrates all the mental, physical, and race craft skills that F1 drivers need to master. Nicolas Todt’s ART Grand Prix organisation has structured an exciting programme, bringing in top specialists from the world of F1, who will put you through all the behind the scenes training which real F1 drivers undertake – mind management, stress tests, diet, and physical assessments.

You’ll get tuition in karting, junior single seaters, F3000s, Aston Martin GT4s, and, to cap it all, laps in Yas Marina Circuit’s F1 two-seater.

On hand to give you their professional guidance will be F1 legends Jean Alesi, current F1 driver Bruno Senna and up and coming superstar Jules Bianchi. There is also expert advice from GT1’s, Jamie Campbell Walters.

The event is open to a select group of media representatives from around the world – Jake Humphreys will be there with a BBC crew – and as Yas Marina Circuit is committed to bringing the fans closer to the sport there will be fans from other countries including the UAE with whom to enjoy the activities and discuss the key issues in the sport.

We’ve done some interesting work with the Yas Marina organisers, including the on board lap viral last season and this is another great fan-centric initiative.

Now the twist is this isn’t something you can enter yourself. What you have to do is nominate someone to come with me as a Fan Ambassador, giving the reasons why you think they are the right person. I will choose the one who comes up with the best reason.

Note: If you want to come yourself, then you’ll need to get one, or a few of your friends to nominate you.

Post your nominations in the comments section below.

There are some restrictions on who can be entered. These are important so please check them carefully for eligibility.

*Must have a full driving licence
*Must be able to travel to Abu Dhabi between Monday 27th and Thursday 30th September
* Must have a reasonable level of fitness

The competition is free to enter.

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Hello, this weekend is good in favor of me, as this occasion i am reading this great informative paragraph here at my residence.


I’d like to nominate my younger brother Josh for the simple reason that I do not know, and am very unlikely to ever know someone more passionate about F1. From a very young age he has been, for lack of a better word, obsessed with F1. Unfortunately saying that does not come near in any way to describing how much F1 means to him. When he was 5, he decided he wanted to be an F1 driver, and went through all the stages of playing the games, reading the books (some well above his age range) and in a way, dedicating his life to the sport. He started in junior karting with such passion it was scary, but unfortunately this came to a (for him at that age) devastating end when the realisation that due to his genetic build, a career in F1 was not really feasible, due to the fact already by the age of 10 he was a lot taller than any of his peers (and now at 19 he is 6’3!), and with being tall at that age came the unfortunate ‘lankiness’ and slight mal-coordination, which although completely gone now, is not ideal in any sort of competitive driving. This however encouraged him to find another way to be heavily involved in F1, and decided if he wasn’t going to be driving the cars, he would in fact be building these machines, and went on to do the appropriate exams to get on to a degree course heavily focused on racing engineering, which is where he is at now. He still has the same childish passion about F1 to this day, and was lucky enough to gain work experience at Virgin Racing last summer helping the design team, which he did for 3 months, working very long hours, with no pay, something only a true fan would ever put themselves through…

I stumbled across this competition on twitter, and had to nominate my brother as he TRULY deserves a prize such as this… The fact his birthday is two days before makes this an even more perfect prize for him, and a perfect way for him to emerge from his teenage years. Also, if successful this entry will undoubtedly be combined with his birthday present securing me the position of best older brother in the world!!

Every major decision Josh has made has in some way had F1 at the focus. Meeting yourself would with out a doubt be a of great interest to him, as is always the case when he meets someone who shares his passion about the sport, and I truly believe the reverse will also hold true. He is a fun young passionate F1 fan, therefore making him a perfect ambassador for the fans in the UK. Despite all of this, I can guarantee you will have a lot of fun with him on this trip if he is chosen.

Many thanks,




I am sure that after reading everyone else’s comments that you would like me to keep this short and sweet :o)

My husband would love this opportunity. I once considered getting tickets in the past (to earn some wife points) but I have to admit, I didn’t realise the cost of F1, so I failed :o(

My husband loves the F1 and has had to endure sitting with me asking 20 questions about who is who and who do they race for, and never does his patience run out.

On he odd occasion that he does have to miss the race, we have it taped ready to go and until he can sit down and fully enjoy every second he will avoid the radio, newspapers and the internet, especially all those people on facebook who have the results as their status updates!!

Please consider my wonderful husband who would love every single second of this experience (and help me gain those precious wife points) and it would certainly be one to tell the grandchildren in the future.

Thank you for reading.


Sorry the competition closed on Monday


I would like to nominate Giles Hindle, my work colleague. He is a huge fan of F1 and pretty good on the race circuit as well.


I nominate Richard Butler for the F1 fan ambassador and endorse earlier supporters. This great idea provides such an opportunity for a genuine F1 follower to experience your gift and make his dreams come true.


I nominate a friend of mine, Alex Roache.

After all, someone needs to sweep the Yas Marina track for the F1 guys!

Seriously, though, Alex has what it takes to be an ambassador for UK F1 fans.

He has an impressive depth of knowledge about the sport, and gets pretty animated when he talks about it.

I think he’s also quite good at karting, so he’d hit the ground running in Abu Dhabi! Just don’t get him started on where he thinks F1 should be five years from now, unless you happen to be stuck in a 747 with him for seven hours…



I’d like to nomiate my husband to be Clifton Green for the chance to go to Abu Dhabi and be the Ambassador for the Fans.

He is the most dedicated person I know. Not only to F1 but to everything he persues.

We have a son who is 3 in a few weeks and he is catching the F1 bug because of his Dads love for the coverage. Whe the F1 is on I know that I will be able to get on with jobs that need doing as they are both glued to the TV cheering away.

Clifton does not get to go and see the F1 at the tracks as our life just hasn’t permitted it yet. Getting to go out to Abu Dhabi would be a dream come true for him. It would give him a well deserved treat and our son the chance to perhaps see Daddy on TV.

He would be perfect for the role as he is a clever, polite and whitty, knows almost all of the faces that pop up on the screne by name, what they do and who they work for. He would prepare for the role and have questions to ask if there was a need for this. I don’y know how much time he spend on his iphone lookig at F1 feeds but I do know he does it a lot.

He is a dedicated gym goer, sometimes twice a day. His physical fitness would not be an issue as he throws Javelin as a hobby (in his teens he threw for GB). He would keep up the pace and do you proud. There is no doubt in my mind.

It would be so fantastic if Clifton won this chance of a life time. Especially knowing that I helped the dream come true by writing to you.

You will definately not regret making Clifton Green the Ambassador for Fans, you will however realise that you could not have made a better choice.


I would like to nominate my Dad. He never misses a race, even when we are on holiday. If we have to be out of the house when the race is on, he won’t let us listen to the radio in the car just in case it is mentioned in the news so he can watch it on record when he is back and its a total surprise! He has watched it for my entire lifetime and cars are his passion! Not only is he a massive fan, but he is a great Dad and deserves something like this as a “thank you”. He has had a tough few years and really could do with something life changing like this opportunity as it would make his day! It would also be a great thing to remember at his 50th in a couple of months! Please consider him!



I would like to nominate my friend Dave Clifford. He is a massive enthusiast of F1 and goes to as many meetings and circuits as his budget will allow. His greatest wish is to visit the F1 circuit at Dubai even if he had to ride a pushbike round and to have his chain changed in the pitstop would be the ultimate dream come true.

He is fanatical about F1 to the exclusion of all else. Dave is well-travelled and extremely well-informed and would be an excellent ambassador for F1.


I nominate Jesse Charlebois as he must be the biggest,and most knowledgeable fan of F1 on the bloody planet. He lives and breathes those races and he wont miss one if he can help it. He threatened to have his ipod on during his sisters wedding!!!!


I would like to nominate my friend Gemma. She is my best friend, and recently has had a very rough time. This opportunity would mean the world to her…and as my friend, that would make me happy too!


I would like to nominate Madhawa Ratnayake. He is boyfriend of my daughter. When I know him, I did not believe that can be someone who loves racing sooooooooooo much. But exist, our Madhawa is the biggest fan of racing and F1. And he loves LeMans. He was watching it 24 hours without sleeping. He always checked some information about laps in his computers. He showed me it, but I really dont understand what these numbers mean.

So I really believe that you will choose him and he will represent you like your ambassador. He is a nice man with huge racing heart.

Thank you



I’d like to nominate my son Daniel for this fantastic and once in a lifetime opportunity.

He’s currently saving up money so that he can go on a track day (mainly for the chance to drive in one of the single seaters)

I know he secretly wishes that he’s going to go there and set a quick time and impress (as they have in football), a talent scout that could possibly be watching. Who could then help him get his feet on the first rung of the F1 ladder.

Everybody deserves that single break in life to make their dreams come true and where better than with this trip to Abu Dhabi.

I’d like to grant him his dream of following in the footsteps of his hero Jenson Button and even if I could allow him to experience just a 1/10 of what all F1 drivers feel and witness then I know he would come back a totally different man.





I would like to nominate ROY KNAGGS.

An AVID fan of F1. What Roy doesn’t know about F1 is not worth knowing … a PERFECT ambassador, with an overwhelmingly huge passion for the sport!!!!!!


Another nomination for the pot…

8 months ago, I knew nothing about F1 and the note of a 2.4 litre V8 normally aspirated engine on a Sunday had me switching channels with a shudder. And I didn’t know what a 2.4 litre V8 normally aspirated engine was.

Then Ben came into my life. It wasn’t until our 3rd date that I noticed him sneaking looks at his phone. Perhaps I was rubbish company, but all the same, it was quickly clear that I was dating a real fan with a troublesome addiction to F1 fan forum sites.

Fast forward to now, and I know far too much about F1 (see 2.4 Litre V8 etc etc above). I can’t say that I share his passion but he’s given my 3 year old son the bug. Now I can’t drag either of them off the sofa on a sunday.

But why should he win? Apart from to give me a Sunday back, he’s the most big-hearted man I know, generous with everything, to everyone. He simply deserves something for him, and this would make his decade. He’s a great driver, very charismatic, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport with an irritating ability to drum the tiny details into everyone around him. So even I can’t fail to understand the drama, the politics, and the passion underneath what used to look like a load of tin boxes racing around a track.


I’d like to nominate Laura Mohess.

This is the only time I have nominated someone for something in 28 years (giving away my age a little there!) – I am 100% certain that Laura would make an amazing FI UK Ambassador and so felt compelled to break the trend 😉

I could write a dissertation sized piece on Laura’s passion for F1 – however as a former colleague, I think this visual imagine sums it up: Laura sat in a financial services firm in Canary Wharf (where the walls were off-white and the artwork… also off-white!) with a shrine to F1 and all the fabulous things that come with it plastered all around her desk space!!! We loved it, as it was great to see someone so passionate about something and willing to share it.

The great thing about Laura’s interest is that she can express well-thought out and intelligent viewpoints and have a lively and credible discussion with fellow fans. The even greater thing is that she can successfully do the with people who don’t know as much about the sport, people who may be embarrassed to ask a question about it (me!) in case they look foolish/deluded and even people who hadn’t given it much though (and surprise themselves in the process by actually getting excited about it too.. and subsequently it giving it a lot more thought)! There is no smugness or dismissiveness when it comes to Laura’s interest- it is a pure infectious excitement open to all who want to be involved (and believe me – most do!)

Aside from the passion, Laura is extremely personable and dependable. Laura is the only person I have known to get on well with such a diverse group of people, in a really sincere way. It’s not a coincidence, it’s more that she goes the extra mile for people. Of over 100 people who worked together before being made redundant – I would place a bet that Laura is the strongest link in terms of people keeping in touch (chances are that Laura met them for coffee last week and is genuinely interested in what they are doing and how they are).

Laura takes responsibility very seriously and can be depended on completely. She has a great way of engaging with people and makes a great natural leader as well as a brilliant (and very fun!) team member. Laura once did a presentation in front of a large audience and despite saying that she was apprehensive (as everyone is!) did one of the best speeches we had ever seen! It was one of those moments where everyone just stopped and listened. It was a tough audience as she had to introduce a new company process that up to that point was seen as a potential hinderance by experts in that particular field). The result? She received a bundle of thank you notes from them and offers of help!

I should probably conclude by saying…. Laura lives and breaths F1. She lives to drive!! This combined with her ability to engage/collaborate with a diverse and widespread group of people on different levels makes her the natural voice!

Please make this F1 fan very happy (…before she gets a big head from all these compliments/nominations! 😉



Dagmara Kascakova

Hello, I would like to nominate my boyfriend Madhawa Ratnayake.

He is crazy about cars, and formula and everything what have something with strong, powerfull engine. He loves cars. Sometimes I think, he loves them more than me 🙂

I have funny experience. We were eating some pizza and Mardy was looking through the window. I was soo angry, because I thought he was looking at some girls. But I was wrong. He admired some old bus, its style and how it looks. He was soo exciting like little boy. He had this sparkle in his eye. This motor sparkle 🙂 He can talk many hours about cars.

So if you want to choose someone, you should choose him. I think he is the best ambassador you could find.


Dagmara Kascakova


Hi James, I would like to nominate my brother Martyn. Sorry for posting this on both entries, not all the comments were showing on this one so I wanted to be sure!

He is the person who got me into to motor racing many years ago (I’m 23 now, he’s 32) so I think this would be a great way of repaying him! I’ve enjoyed many years following motosport, and am now trying to break into motorsport journalism, all because of Martyn’s passion that I picked up on when I was young.

He took me and my other brother karting for a number of years, and on a shoe string budget, but we had such a great time! I will never forget it, and will always be thankful. Martyn used to be pretty good (I would never admit that to his face obviously), so I’m confident that if he were to win this experience, he’ll make full use of it and won’t be overawed by the machinery on offer!

And, just to prove what a motor racing fanatic he is…. he has just entered the Silverstone Half Mararthon, just so he can run round the track 3 or 4 times and see the circuit from the drivers perspective!!!


Hi James,

What a wonderful competition! I think you will have a very tough time choosing from the many worthy entries above. I would like to tell you why I believe my boyfriend Patrick would be the perfect UK fan ambassador.

Patrick has been an F1 fan since he was a very young child, from the age of 6 I believe! It was Aryton Senna that initially drew him to the sport and after that Damon Hill, I know that Senna remains his greatest hero. His mother has often told me of having to keep Patrick out of school for 2 days following the faithful crash; such was his adoration for the man.

If I can paint you a picture, race weekends revolve around Patrick balancing his attention between coverage on TV and scanning sector times on the laptop. James he is obsessed! His favourite driver is Fernando Alonso and has been for the last number of years but I know he has a soft spot for Jensen too (my favourite). When he is not watching coverage he is surfing the web reading blogs such as yours and posting his own comments and views. He is like an encyclopaedia of F1 knowledge.

Since he saw the competition he has plagued me asking me to nominate him! So I hope I have done him some justice. I have written a little limerick to sum up why I believe he is the best man for the job of UK Fan Ambassador, I hope you enjoy.


Catriona Buckley

My nomination is my boyfriend Patrick,

Trust me he is a F1 fanatic,

From the age of six,

He has gotten his kicks,

From the sport he considers fantastic.

Now his 27th birthday in next week,

And I pray it will not be bleak,

Because his true birthday wish,

Is to feel ultra swish,

Driving that car to its peak!

The last year for us was no breeze,

The recession brought many to their knees,

This would mean EVERYTHING to a man,

Whose life revolves around being a fan,

James please pick him, oh please!


Dear James,

I would like to nominate my husband Sufyaan Patel, aged 26 and from Coventry. His journey and love of Formula One started on March 8th 1998, date of the season opening Australian GP. Prior to this day, he was a hardcore football fan but the events that took place on this day totally transformed his sporting interests:

It’s a Sunday afternoon, he returns home for a late lunch after playing football. His younger brother and father are flicking through channels, looking for something interesting to watch and settle on the re-run of the Grand Prix. It’s the latter part of the race, the Mclarens are dominating and Mika Hakkinen unexpectedly enters the pit lane and loses the lead to David Coulthard. A few laps remain and Coulthard slows to let Hakkinen pass and retake the lead. Sufyaan’s family all accuse the team and drivers of manipulating the result and spoiling the show. Sufyaan stands by and simply says “its teamwork”. They disagree. Sufyaan later found out that Mika and David had a pre race agreement, he was impressed by the fact that they stuck to their words. He also made sure of letting his family know of the drivers agreement. From that race onwards, he followed the rest of the season very closely and was thrilled when Mika took the title.

Since that day, he parked his interests of football and solely concentrated on Formula One. He purchased books, magazines, videos, dvds and spent several hours on the internet. In his words, he was making up for everything he had missed out on. He researched the current drivers at that time, also the past greats and was very emotionally moved by the stories of Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve and several others. Along the way, he has developed an interest for other motorsports but Formula One is where his heart his. Like he says… “F1 is the pinnacle”. He also refers to it as a “sophisticated sport”.

Over time he has built a vast knowledge base on Formula One. He is extremely passionate about the sport and loves the technical aspect, the engineering, the variation of team strategies and approach to a weekend, the physical aspect and so on. He has never missed a practice session, qualifying or race. He follows each with much attention to detail, assisted with the live timing and in advance, tries to predict which of the leading cars will be strongest in each sector, over one lap and a race distance. He will even go as far as taking notes!

He has managed to convert the whole family into Formula One fans. His friends, work colleagues and anyone he spends time with eventually follow suit. When he meets new people, be it at work, through his social circle or even a complete stranger, one of his first questions is always if the other has interest in Formula One. His pride and joy are his memorabilia, die-cast cars, team/driver clothing, magazines and books and also his secret file of newspaper cut-outs. His ringtone on his mobile phone is that of a Formula One car, more or less everything in his life has an F1 theme. His conversations revolve around Formula One, about improving the spectacle, improving safety and bringing it closer to the fans. On occasions I have also caught him doodling pictures of F1 cars and designing various track layouts to improve overtaking. I would also say he is a very skilled driver, he always wins in go karting and tops it off with celebrations done by Formula One drivers. His favourite is Fernando Alonso’s flamboyant style. His friends say he is a totally different person when behind the wheel. He becomes even more competitive and focussed. However, he does not translate such habits onto the road as quoting him here, “There is a time and place for speed… and public roads isn’t one of them”. He does not condone speed on public roads and always says to young friends: “You had a reset button on the console but if real life, there is no reset button!”.

There is much more that I can add, the list is endless. It’s a pity time is short as I have to get this in before 6pm! To top it off he is a lovely guy, easy to talk to, a fast learner, a committed and focussed individual. He keeps fit and ensures he eats a healthy diet and leads a healthy lifestyle. He would absolutely relish the chance of a lifetime that you offer. And I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy working with him and not regret it. Sufyaan lives and breathes Formula One. It has brought out another side to him. I would not say he is a man obsessed, but a man possessed! That is why I nominate him as the ideal UK fan ambassador.


I feel my husband Johan might be the right candidate even though we live in the US – California. (We’re originally from Sweden). He’s been a lifelong fan of F1 and I don’t think he’s even missed one race back to the days of Ronny Peterson. And for more then 20 years now he has been crawling out of bed in the middle of the night every other Sat/Sun to watch his F1 (not easy being a fan in the US.). I also know that one of his all-time F1 favorite drivers is Jean Alesi making this even more special. I know he would be great ambassador as I feel he understand both the driving side. He’s a skip barber graduate as well as loving to bring family and friends to the local “public” go-kart tracks. He’s also like to read & discuss the technical side of the cars incl. ideas on how to make them perform even better. I know he would convert the biggest F1 skeptic in to a big F1 fan.

So there you have it, this is the reason I think my husband would be your no. 1 candidate for the F1 ambassador job


Susanne Forsman


Hi James,

I would like to nominate my brother who is in love with Formula One just like myself, however with one difference; whereas I love a couple of sports, my brother is solely obsessed with Formula One.

We talk about it everyday, in season and pre-season, analyse tactics, drivers, conspiracies etc. He sits through the entire broadcasts with his F1 app in hand, analysing every drivers strategies and mistakes.

This opportunity would not be wasted on my brother as he has always believed himself to have racing driver talent and by the sounds of it this experience would be able to dispel that myth from his mind lol.

He would be absolutely ecstatic to be tutored in all the different formulae and would relish the chance to test himself on the various mental and physical challenges. In addition to being the perfect enthusiast to take full advantage and enjoyment of all the goodies and programmes on offer, he’s also a good for a craic!

As I said, I know my Brother would be the perfect Fan Ambassador for the UK because his enthusiasm for the sport is just as much as mine, perhaps even stronger and as such you couldnt go wrong picking him 😉


Paul Wiredu (nominating my brother Michael)


If I could show you the look on my boyfriend’s face when he first clapped eyes upon the description of this competition I feel sure that it would save me from even needing to write a nomination. It summed up the passion and excitement which fuels (no pun intended) his adoration of Formula One and has done so since the days of his childhood; sneaking to the television in the middle of the night to watch F1 coverage without being caught by his parents. As with many a poor misguided soul out there, I met this man thinking that Formula One was a boring display of cars zooming around a track again…and again… and AGAIN. It only took a matter of months for him to pass on the racing bug to me, and I’m celebrating my third anniversary of acquiring it. I’ve watched the same thing happen to friends and family around him. I’m fairly sure he has converted a number of strangers along the way too! I am constantly struck by his enthusiasm, and his insight into the sport. His fandom goes far beyond a favourite team, a favourite driver, or simply supporting a nationality. With each team and driver he forms detailed, well researched and unbiased opinions, which make for very interesting discussions. I feel certain he would get on fantastically with any likeminded F1 people from all areas of the sport. I’d like to avoid a sentimental spiel about his character, but I can’t resist mentioning that he is fantastically charming, with a great sense of humour. Having never been able to go to a Grand Prix due to financial constraints, this would be an incredible opportunity, and, I highly suspect, the highlight of a lifetime for him. In the meantime, I’m sure he will continue to get his fix on the karting track, where he takes delight in whittling down the milliseconds off each lap. Perhaps if his parents had given into his desperate pleas to have his own kart as a child, he would have been the next Schumacher! So he may be a (fairly) ordinary human being, and there may well be nothing in this nomination that hasn’t been heard before, but I hope to have conveyed that I (and probably everyone he knows!) believe that he is incredibly deserving of this opportunity. His name is Thomas Bray, and it would mean the world to me if you could consider him.



Could you please fix it for………

My close friend Ian to have this fantastic opportunity. Ian has been a great friend to me over the past four years. It wasn’t until after a few months of knowing each other that we realised we were both big f1 fans.

Not only did he introduce me to some great friends, he also introduced me to JAonF1 which i now check morning, noon and night….

Anyway, i could give a hundred reasons why he should be picked, eligibility criteria etc etc, but most of all i believe he would be the ideal ambassador for the UK, your website and fellow readers.





I would very much like to nominate my friend Morgan. Morgan is a great friend with a passion for motorsport that exceeds that of anyone else I know. His knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious, but unlike many other fanatics, whether they be of motorsport or any other sport/hobby, he manages to avoid the obsessive and pedantic traits that can make others such bores and In doing so he is able to convey an excitement and energy that is genuinely contagious to those around him.

Morgan is more than just an armchair motorsport fan. His passion has led to him entering the national hill-climb championship with his wife this year and despite having 10 month old son to look after they dedicate all of their spare time to the sport. Unfortunately their year has taken a rather nasty turn, with Morgan’s wife being involved in a fairly serious accident that has had her in a back brace for several months now. Having spent the last few months looking after his wife and son, as well as trying to repair their car and get ready for the end of the season I can think of no one better deserving of the prize than Morgan.

He is a genuine enthusiast who has time for anyone. He will talk to and help anyone he comes across who needs his time. There is never any ask too great, or favour too far.

This trip would be an amazing opportunity for a genuinely talented, likable and deserving man.




I want to nominate Mardy Ratnayake as the UK Fan Ambassador to travel to Abu Dhabi. He is studying Automotive Engineering, in University of Sussex. He is insanely crazy on motor racing and his head is completely jammed with crazy stuff on all kinds of motor sports.

He watches F1 whenever its on, live timing on the pc. He covers the technological enhancements in cars to improve performance. He gets wired with Le Mans for the entire 24 hours eagerly following every turn of events and technology. Inside his head live all the personalities in the form of drivers, designers, pit crews, a whole lot of fans and every body else related to motor racing.

I am pretty sure he is the best ambassador you could find and he he will do better than that.


Lal Ratnyake

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