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JA on F1 looking for UK Fan Ambassador for all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi
JA on F1 looking for UK Fan Ambassador for all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Sep 2010   |  5:46 pm GMT  |  416 comments

How would you like an opportunity to become a Fan Ambassador, to represent the fan base of the UK at a unique event in Abu Dhabi?

Formula 1 visits Abu Dhabi this season for the second time. The fan base in the UAE is small, but growing fast. The UK represents a very mature market for F1 enthusiasts and I have an opportunity to take a Fan Ambassador to a unique event on September 28-29 where you can engage with fans from around the world and from the UAE, share your ideas and find out first hand what it takes to become an F1 driver.

Thanks to the people at Yas Marina Circuit, I am offering you the chance to come with me, all expenses paid to Abu Dhabi to take part.

But it won’t all be talk – you also get to take part in a very special two day driving programme on the Grand Prix circuit and you will feature in the video content we produce from the event, which will be seen all over the world.

Drive on the Abu Dhabi GP circuit (Darren Heath)

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does it takes to become an F1 driver?”, then here’s your chance to find out.

You will have “an entire racing career in two days”, starting in karts, working your way up through single seaters and GT cars to F3000, until recently the threshold of F1.

Alesi, Senna and BIanchi will help you to master the Abu Dhabi track (Darren Heath)

Yas Marina Circuit’s amazing two day event demonstrates all the mental, physical, and race craft skills that F1 drivers need to master. Nicolas Todt’s ART Grand Prix organisation has structured an exciting programme, bringing in top specialists from the world of F1, who will put you through all the behind the scenes training which real F1 drivers undertake – mind management, stress tests, diet, and physical assessments.

You’ll get tuition in karting, junior single seaters, F3000s, Aston Martin GT4s, and, to cap it all, laps in Yas Marina Circuit’s F1 two-seater.

On hand to give you their professional guidance will be F1 legends Jean Alesi, current F1 driver Bruno Senna and up and coming superstar Jules Bianchi. There is also expert advice from GT1’s, Jamie Campbell Walters.

The event is open to a select group of media representatives from around the world – Jake Humphreys will be there with a BBC crew – and as Yas Marina Circuit is committed to bringing the fans closer to the sport there will be fans from other countries including the UAE with whom to enjoy the activities and discuss the key issues in the sport.

We’ve done some interesting work with the Yas Marina organisers, including the on board lap viral last season and this is another great fan-centric initiative.

Now the twist is this isn’t something you can enter yourself. What you have to do is nominate someone to come with me as a Fan Ambassador, giving the reasons why you think they are the right person. I will choose the one who comes up with the best reason.

Note: If you want to come yourself, then you’ll need to get one, or a few of your friends to nominate you.

Post your nominations in the comments section below.

There are some restrictions on who can be entered. These are important so please check them carefully for eligibility.

*Must have a full driving licence
*Must be able to travel to Abu Dhabi between Monday 27th and Thursday 30th September
* Must have a reasonable level of fitness

The competition is free to enter.

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hello James,

this is too exciting to be true. Is the competition limited to UK residents only or can my Belgian friend represent the UK?!


I wonder how many people are entering with their wifes name but it's actually the husband nominating themselves.....that gives me an idea.....


hehe, yes - probably also a dog or a house cat here and there that will nominate daddy 😉


Wow. Fantastic competition. If anybody felt like nominating me, i'd be chuffed. This is a once in a life time opportunity.


Mate, I would vote for you, as long as you can not take part in the "F1 in Schools" competition, as you commented some days ago... 🙂

Btw, I like most of your comments, and many times I fully agree with you.


Thanks a lot, i appreciate that.


Great competition James.

Can I nominate the missus? Would love to get rid of her for a long weekend.


Chuckled out loud there. I nonimate you.


I'm from India. Can I nominate ?


No chance to go from Spain? (lived in the UK for 8 years where I got my fondness of F1:))


Sorry, we need the fan to originate from UK. We'll do something for the many fans from around the world at some point. The response to this has been overwhelming!


James surely you're not surprised by the response? This is an amazing opportunity for someone. Sadly I can't nominate my wife who would be an awesome example in the UAE because she's not available for travel. Good luck to whoever goes. Phil


I would like to nominated wife Claire. She has grown over the past 3 seasons to love formula 1 more than spending Sundays shopping for shoes. This is surely shows the power and pull of F1! For her to have a 1st hand insight into the paddock and the life of an F1 drivers career from karts to the real thing would be amazing. But what she would really bring (apart from her good looks) would be the enthusiasm of a new and fresh fan that is growing ever more in love with an amazing sport.


Could you guys annex Finland so I could take part?

Sounds awesome, gongrats to whomever wins that one 🙂


Hi James, Would this be applicable for people like me from India? India, like you know is one of the fastest growing markets for F1..


I know, we'll try to do something with the fanbase in India next year


Hi, when's the closing date for entries?


When we've had plenty of good ones


James...Can you please clarify if this is ONLY for UK residents? I'm from India and a die hard F1 fan for close to 17 years now. Given that I'm 28 now, I can get nominations for this starting right from my parents who saw me fall in love with the sport at the age of 11, to all my friends, colleagues etc. etc. 😀

Havent missed a single race for the last 9 years, not even one. Been lucky to go to a few races as well. Would literally die for this opportunity. So please let me know if I would be eligible.


P.S. Your competitions keep getting better and better!


Yes, we need a UK fan ambassador to go from London on this trip. There are fans from other countries going. I'm sorry this excludes many of the readers of this blog - 60% in fact are non UK readers, but I trust they will understand. There will be other opportunities for them in future with things like the Fans Forum and so on.


Mmmm... looking forward to knowing how many entries are registered by the closing time!


Seems James forgot that people from all over the world read his website. Apart from that, a very cool initiative.


I agree, there is barely any initiatives like this is canada where I happen to live 🙁


These are my thoughts exactly. James did not specify if only people from the UK can be nominated. I do not know anybody in person here, so it seems like a big chance to nominate a non British person. Will then my nomination be wasted?


Yeah 🙁



I second that.


I would like to nominate my husband Chris. Works like a madman for a social enterprise; has just booked that week off (his first holiday this year!) and is completely nuts about F1 - both the on track action and the off track developments. He is currently converting his office to the sport (they're all footie fans) and has already got some of them watching. If you give him this opportunity it would be a once in a lifetime experience for him, he would do you proud as an ambassador as he is a proper enthusiast and fan of the sport and this is something he will never get the chance to be part of again.


All great and good. But I don't live in the UK
But I'm sure I could find at least five friends to lie about me so I could win.
They could make the Dali Lama proud of me.


I'm going to nominate my husband Kevin. I can't think of anyone better suited to win this amazing prize. Firstly, because he is he a fountain of all F1 knowledge. He's watched the sport since he was a boy. He follows all the blogs and Tweets and chirps. He watches the red button, blue button and Jenson Button. He never misses a quali or race and he's even got me in to the sport! Secondly, he's an amazing driver. I always have to read on journeys because I'm a nervous passenger, and we always argue about my nervous reactions, but it's nothing to do with his driving. Honest. (I promise he's not reading over my shoulder ;o) ) And thirdly, he should win this prize because he spoils me rotten and it would be rather lovely if someone could spoil him rotten back. Oh, and he's funny. Really funny. He'd be good company for you for the weekend so he's really the best all round choice :o)


I reckon someone was leaning over your shoulder as you typed this Jennifer!!!??? Ha ha, Kevin sounds like a top bloke. Hope he gets the prize.


I nominate TinyF1 on twitter, he's what UK F1 fans are all about!


I'd like to nominate Graeme Hunt. He helped me become the racing driver i am today, and has changed my attitudes so greatly that i'm a new person. He's such a fan of f1, and yet always sees it was an objective point of view. He's a top bloke, who'd do anything to help anybody, and he deserves the best.


I would like to nominate my Dad for the trip. I have always dreamt of working in F1 and my dad has supported me for years. This year I got a industrial placement at mercedes gp, and I have to thank my dads for his support and help in getting me there. He has always watched F1 and never misses a race. Top bloke and would be the perfect F1 ambassador!

Thanks James! Top competition!

Ps if there is a second place I'd love to come too! (shameless plug!)


I would like to nominate my son Shivraj. I introduced him to Formula 1 some 15 years ago and his knowledge of the sport and its surroundings is incredible. It wasn't long before he knew more than me when he was only 13 years old. Not only is he knowledgeable of the current Formula, but it goes well into the 70s and 80s. He attended the F1 fans forum in London a few months back and relishes any chance to get into a F1 debate, at the expense of an argument on most sunday afternoons! So is he an ambassador for the sport? Yes, he has got soo many of his friends interested and even organises regular meet ups in London, I am very proud of him


Wow, James! Well done for this. What a super offer.


Hey James. Amazing competition!! I'd like to nominate my best man, Brendan. He's become a great fan over the past few years. He's a cardiology nurse and until this year hadn't been out of the country. He's making up for it in style now as we've just returned from Florida and he's off to new York next year. Please let him see the world and cement his newish love for f1. Please.


'Must have a reasonable level of fitness'

Or to put it bluntly - don't be fat!


I would like to nominate My husband Russell. He is a massive F1 fan & deserves a prize like this for looking after Me & Our son whilst I was undergoing chemotherapy, various stints in hospital for operations & then a slow recuperation period. He`s a star & deserves a star prize.


I would like to nominate my partner Paul as he has followed F1 for about 15 years now and is what you would call a die hard F1 fan. His passion and dedication to the sport is relentless so much so that he swaps days at work so that they don't clash with any of the races. His addiction and love of the sport has him checking up for any F1 related news on a daily basis on forums, twitter etc. It for these reasons and so many more why I would love Paul Cox to be awarded this once in a life time opportunity...


I would like to nominate my son Richard Butler who is now 22. He has just experienced a year with the Mercedes/Brawn GP team as an aerodynamicist but has just returned to university to finish his MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London. He's worked really hard to carve out a career in F1 and to become a Fan Ambassador this early in his career will build on his work experience at Mercedes GP and help him understand other aspects of the sport and industry in general. Regards Mark Butler - a proud father!!


James, this sounds amazing! Can Irish fans be nominated? We're PRACTICALLY in the UK 🙂


Assuming that I can not try to be nominated by my friends, as long as I live in Spain... I would like to vote for many of the people that post comments here. Most of them are enthusiastic, with strong likes and dislikes, but respectful and really enjoyable to read. I have learnt more about the sport reading your articles and the people's comments during this year, than ever since I am a F1 fan... and this goes back to many years ago.

So, best wishes and congrats for the happy ones that are finally chosen!!


Thanks for that. I agree with your sentiments


Hi James,

I'm nominating my friend Josh Convery. The guy is obsessed with F1, speaks arabic and just did an internship at Etihad Airways. Like me, he's from Australia and who knows when we are gonna have another Aussie fighting for the championship? 40 years?

Cheers James


Has to be TinyF1 the guys what F1 should be about!!


Hi James,

I would love to nominate Pushkar Modi for this competition . He's been following F1 for the last 15 yrs and his passion for F1 just seems to grow exponentially high ! He knows in and out of everything thats required in F1 and I think this would be a fantastic oppurtunity for a combination of passion + pace 🙂 .. Pushkar is highly enthusiatic . His passion for cars and F1 has also made him a great blogger ! He has been a FAN since his childhood and has all the qualities to propogate the FANHOOD across the globe 🙂 In short i would like to say Pushkar is Intelligence + Passion combined to be a PERFECT FAN 🙂


How many of these nominations are genuine, and how many are made with hastily invented pseudonyms? I wonder :P.


Hi James

I would like to nominate Suzie Ager, my wonderful, beautiful girlfriend and self confessed F1 nut, inherited from her F1 mad father

She fits all the criteria above, plus she's a professional Event Organiser, is passionate about all forms of motorsport, wonderful with people, has a knowledgeable respect of cultures, has run events in the Middle East, is confident, witty, incredibly organised, a very talented writer, full of enthusiasm and would make a perfect Ambassador to UK motorsport, both grass roots racing and corporate motorsport.

Apart from the 'Passionate about motorsport' bit, she is everything i'm not!



Hello James,

I'm nominating my boyfriend Neil Donnell.

Let me tell you about him. He's 32. Fit (works out every day). Funny. Not obnoxious. Smart. A man's man. Good looking. Kind. And an excellent dancer. (His backward tractor is second to none).

He's also the father of twins. Our babies Peach and Yoshi sleep in F1 racing baby gros. Every night.

He wanted to call our son Kimi like his dog, but I put my foot down.

We share an office at home. His seat is a racing seat. A proper racing simulation number with pedals and everything.

His screen saver: the back of a ferrari accelerating into the oily blue slick of a wet road.

The children's first shoes? Ferrari, of course.

He has worked on F1 racing games since he was 17. Our first dirty weekend was billed as 3 days in romantic Euro woodland: in fact it was 3 days eating hot dogs breathing engine fumes in the rain (Spa where else?).

He is a man obsessed.

He watches every practice, qualifying, race. Monitors every subtlety, twinge, creak in performance. Roars with excitement at every victory. Reads every blog.

Formula 1 is everything to him (and me & the kids are the rest).

He's also a wonderful bloke. This year he asked me to marry him. Made me phenomenally happy. If he gets to go with you as your Fan Ambassador it will make not his year, but his decade.

I'd love that to happen to him. He deserves it.

Please take Neil.


Wow that screensaver sounds really cool...

Alanis Morissette

Gotta veto Neil. Two points.

1) He didn't have the cojones to put his foot down and have a new Kimi as an heir.

2) He's a Ferrari fan. Please, for the love of all F1 enthusiasts, no.


I nominate Neil, we seem to have a lot in common, minus for the ferrari fan part. So good luck Neil Donnell!


florida here

I nominate Neil as well.good luck man


I would nominate Neil for what you wrote, Tashi 🙂


I'd have to back that nomination up as an impartial reader from the US, he sounds just like me (minus the married with kids part ;))


Well, let me just say that I wish my wife would follow the example of Tashi above, she sounds too F1-supporting to be true ....


Oooooh I think I'll have to 2nd Neil...... He sounds like a man after my own heart - I married on the Saturday and honeymooned at the British GP at Silverstone on the Sunday in 1993 🙂

Funny tho'...... can't think why but we separated in January this year - think she was getting too much of the cold turkey from me with no F1 on the box 🙂


Nice job James. Well done. Like the twist at the end as well. Problem for peeps like me though - I don't know anyone that likes F1. All my circle of friends really don't go for it at all.

Anyway, all the best with this.


I'm in the same situation as Stephen so he gets my nomination as well.


I'll nominate you Stephen.

I'm in the same situation on the other side of the planet.

So James,

I don't know Stephen, but subject to him being of sound mind and body, I nominate him as UK Fan Ambassador.

good luck.


Get someone to nominate you then!


I'm going to nominate my older brother for this. He wrote to a heap of F1 teams when he was about 7 years old and asked them what he'd have to do to work for them, as it happens, he did everything they said, and he has worked at Mercedes GP for the last year on a years placement. He's an inspiration to me because he followed his dream, and he's just about made it. He doesn't just watch the sunday race, he watches the practices and the qualifying and the race WITH the lap times on his iPhone next to him, i'm sure he's addicted to F1 but he deserves this trip to get a bit of time away from rear wing designing and all of the 24 hour shifts.

Thank you for the competition!


Should probably say my brother is Richard Butler - so this is his second nomination 🙂


I'm going to nominate my brother, who these days satisfies the criteria of having a reasonable level of fitness. He loves F1 and the analytical side especially. But more than that, he is comically useless at inserting earplugs so will at least provide some humour at the race.


Please please take my husband morning afternoon or at nite he never missis a race the only time was wen are daughter was born april the 23rd 2006 the race was imola Italy hood timing. We had a boy born in 2008 ganuary no formula 1 to be here'd or seen on tv girls hay. Me and the kids have to leave to let him watch the formula 1 on the Sunday so he can relax with the tv on loaud the laptop out so he can see the live timing and I think he has a app on the iPhone were it tells him were the cars are on the track my word what a geek. Do me this favour and take him away so I can finaly enjoy a Sunday with out that formula 1 and my husband love him really. And to top it all his best driver of all time is yes u guest Jean alesi, thanks


haha! made me chuckle


Hi James, I’m going to nominate my brother Sam. After reading about this opportunity I couldn’t think of anyone else who would better represent the UK fan base. It really would be a life changing event if he were to be flown off to the Far-East; I honestly wouldn’t hear the end of it! He has been an avid F1 fan for 12 years and continues to read every Autosport and F1 Racing that drops through the letterbox. His face lights up when he sees the logo through various other parcels. I don’t know how I understand all the history of the sport and current regulations but Sam really explains it in a way I can appreciate. He is well-spoken and driven with an appetite to delivery his very best. Even if he influenced one non-fan it would make his day. Sam is currently studying sports journalism at university and aims to be involved in the F1 fraternity in the future. I’m sure meeting you and other key F1 personnel would blow his mind and spur him on. He is a determined and enthusiastic individual with bags of knowledge about his “speciality” as he calls it. Every year he saves every penny to go to as many Grand Prix as possible. Please consider this nomination as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that he would grab with both hands.


I'd like to nominate my friend Paul. He adores his F1, and motorsport in general. The reason I'd like to see him represent the UK, though, is that he gives up almost all his spare weekends to Marshalling.

The wife and I introduced him to marshalling a couple of years ago (we are both Rally marshals) when he and his wife came to Goodwood with us to help out at the FoS. Since then he has been bitten by the bug. He's working his way through his trainee circuit marshal-ship and hopes to one day be allowed to marshal the F1 at Silverstone.

He's articulate and personable, and very dedicated, and I'd like to see him get a reward for his dedication. It feels appropriate given that a lot of the Yas Marina marshals are British too!

Marshals really are the backbone of motorsport worldwide, and it'd be awesome to see one given the chance at such a great prize!

Best wishes to whomever wins this awesome prize.


I'd like to nominate my friend and colleague Graeme Fowler. He lives and breathes motorsport and gives up most of his weekends to stand out in all weathers for no pay to marshall at various tracks around the country. He'd love to be a racer if he could afford it and this would give him a taste of what he so desperately craves!

Martine Mcpherson

Hi I'd like to nominate my husband Gavin, he's nuts about formula 1 and would love this. He works very hard but always tries to make time to catch the F1 coverage.


I'd like to nominate this guy http://www.getjealous.com/alexjsnell

Never met him, but he seems like a true fan.

"His name is Alex Snell, and it turns out that Alex is, quite possibly, the biggest F1 fan on the face of the earth.

About six years ago, Alex and a few mates had a few too many beers and came up with the idea of going to every single Grand Prix for one whole season. But, as Alex himself said, while most of his mates grew up and got realistic, had kids, got mortgages etc, Alex worked his ass off, saved every penny he could, moved back in with his folks and then, when the 2010 F1 calendar came out, started spending what he’d been saving for the last half a decade. " [http://tinyurl.com/26jn4nh]


I might be too late, but I've been at Goodwood Revival all day (a good excuse, right?) - I'd like to nominate my brother. A classic British F1 fan. Taken racing as a boy, done a bit of club racing as he grew up, watches all the races even if it means taping and catching up after family commitments... and he's much fitter than me or I'd nominate myself!



Excellent excellent Idea.

I would like to nominate me (although I have spelt my name as a mirror image on top, so its my mirror image that is nominating me)


1. I always thought I would be the best if i ever got a chance.

2. On a more philosophical level, I always think of what I would do IF I CAN PUT MYSELF IN THE SHOES OF PERSON IN QUESTION, be it Schumacher on a less than pole qualifying lap in Monaco in '06, or 'the' lap in Hungary '10 but more importantly I also want to see why people are so desperate that they come out of a nice warm family life at 41 years age, with nothign to prove, and everything to lose.

I want to see what it is that makes people turn up to track in Italy, when their mother expired in Germany the day before.

Finally these are the most super-human sportsmen, and I want to see how they got there, what it took for them.



(mirror image of Lalit - nominee)


I would wish to nominate my F1-crazed friend Stuart (@stuart_barr on twitter). He travelled to the circuit when it was dormant, just to see it.


I would like to nominate my fiancée, Ben G. He says if I do, and he wins, he won’t make F1 engine noises any more, ever. So I would be really grateful if you could please bear him in mind. Thanks.


I would like to nominate Marty Fullard. He has been a fanatical F1 fan since an early age and for him that would be the days of Senna, Prost, Piquet and Mansell. His F1 knowledge is vast stretching, from the beginning to the current day. Marty is also a dab hand in a kart winning his club championship at Sandown Park; however father time and various other circumstances meant he did not reach the very top step of the motorsport ladder. However I feel he would be particularly suited to the role of ambassador because of his current situation. Currently he is an expat living in the UAE, he works at Al Ain Raceway a kart track building up and nurturing young karting talent. He therefore understands the culture and is in fact a key element in trying to help extend the fan base further. Unfortunately he and his colleagues lack the platform to extend their vision further, I'm sure with the right forum he could deliver their serious ideas in a jovial and witty manner. There is of course the added benefit that he does not need flights out their and he can even pick you up from the airport. Even more is when the conference is over he will still be there, thus continuing to aid in the growth of F1 and general motorsport interest in the UAE. Plus you may get some free karting.


Ok, Im catching the first flight to the UK tonight!!


James, Congrats on this initiative, to bring common fans close to F1. My biggest complain about F1 is, probably this is the only sport(circus) which is insulated from Fans and fans likes/dislike, apart from sending out senseless( and inconsequential)surveys and charging them exorbitant monies to watch races trackside and PR events where the Drivers surrounded by their entourage shoos away the fans, thus treating the common race goer are most non requirement element (but for their monies and time).

So unless fan can afford the exorbitant “Passes” to visit pits/garages (where one can get pics of F1 personnel giving fake smiles) or know someone influential to lay hands on these passes, F1 is still a different planet away from common fans…

Media has not done much to alleviate the concern, since apart from once 5 mins footage of Jack Humphrey and Eddie Jordan BBQ amongst the fans at Silverstone this season, media too acts as elitists.

So thanks again for this small initiative and hope someday fans can have real interaction with world of F1…


I would like to recommend my good friend Ben.

I feel he deserves this opportunity for many reasons. Firstly, he believes he's a good driver, and maybe this will prove him wrong! (Or heaven forbid give him the proof he needs!) Ben's a passionate about motorsport as it gets, having attended numerous events over the years, including the JA on F1 event recently. As an aspiring journalist Ben tweets and blogs frequently, which would enable him to share this experience with other enthusiastic, on a more personal level. Who knows, it may even provide the footing stone to help launch his own journalism career.

As a struggling writer, Ben could never afford an experience like this himself, and while he knows a lot about F1, he can't really know what the spirit of F1 is until he's tried open wheel cars out for himself.

His passion for the sport is undoubtedly unhealthy. He keeps everybody up to date with the latest technical and political developments in F1, even the girlfriends who never used to be that interested. Over time his passion has rubbed off on them though, which is why i know he'd make a great sports journalist one day.

Most importantly though James, he's pale... and he needs to get a bit of a tan!


I would like to nominate Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic.

If anyone can be an ambassador for fans, it is him.

He is very knowledgeable, not only of the history and technicalities of F1, but also of F1 fans views and wishes.

His blog is outstanding and he is so committed to F1 fans, he even gave up his full time job to concentrate on the blog.


I'd like the third, fourth, fifth, or something Keith Collantine. Runs F1Fanatic and already brings news and insightful views to fans all over the world, so knows how to address an audience. And he's a terribly nice chap too.


Here's one more vote for Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic.co.uk, he has an excellent blog and live chat during the races, and is one of the two F1 related blogs I follow regularly (the other being JAonF1, of course)


If it can't be me... (boooo) then i'll also add my nomination to Keith.C aka F1Fanatic.co.uk


Me too.

Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic is the man for this.


I'll second that (ummm.. again)

I can think of no-one better to speak for me as an F1 fan than Keith Collantine. His genuine passion for, and commitment to the sport is clear for all to see.

Keith works hard to encourage healthy, informed debate, and it's safe to say he has a thorough understanding of what F1 fans want.


I'll second that.

Keith goes to incredible lengths to present interesting information, for example:



I'll third that... Keith's site provides a huge amount of F1 information and data after each race...


I'd like to second D Winn's nomination of Keith Collantine of F1 Fanatic.


I'd like to nominate my dad chris. He is a massive f1 fan and introduced me to the sport from an early age. The main reason i'd like to put his name forward is to give him a special thanks for everything he has done for me and to Cheer him up after he lost a close friend. Thanks james, great contest - good luck everyone!


I'd like to nominate my boyfriend Simon for this. I simply cannot express how excited he would be to get the opportunity to go on this trip!

He adores the F1, watching it avidly whenever it's on - even the qualifiers - personally I think that's real ddedication! He reads up the blogs about it. He's fascinated by the cars, the driving, the skills of the drivers, the tactics. He's so enthusiastic about the sport, and has often said that he would like to have

He loves driving - for his birthday last year I got him a Silverstone driving experience so he could drive on the track where the F1 happens - had a fantastic time, his only complaint was that he didn't improve enough over the 5 laps that he had! He wanted to spend lots more time so that he could perfect his racing lines, and increase his speed! And for the birthday before that we went go-karting, where there was much discussion afterwards about lines, speeds, corners, and the rest!

He would be thrilled at the opportunity to get the opportunity to spend some time getting a better impression of what it is like to be an F1 driver, and to drive such a variety of vehicles.

I know he would really value and make the most of this fantastic opportunity. So please take my lovely boyfriend 🙂



Do you have address of the planet where they produce supportive GFs for motorsport enthusiast 😀

Best wishes...


If Carslberg did Wives/Girlfriends...... 🙂


Idea for a new website?

ElaineB (mother) & CatrinB (sister)

We'd like to nominate our son, (and brother), Carwyn. He's 19 and studying for a degree in physics at Cardiff University. He has been a massive fan of motorsport since he was a young boy, making us have the television on during Sunday lunch so he could watch the F1 races! As he got older he's become gradually more interested in the technical side, as well as the actual racing aspects. His friends joke that he's a bit of an F1 nerd, having both the F1 live timing app and the driver tracker side by side on his laptop screen while watching the race on the television. And when there's no F1 on telly, he's usually hogging the family computer on one motorsport related website or another!

He's hoping to get a job in motorsport when he leaves university, and this once in a lifetime opportunity might be just the foot in the door he needs. He spent half his student loan on racing for Cardiff University in the British Universities Karting Championship last year, so you can't say he's not keen...!

Fantastic prize, best of luck to all entrants!


I'd also like to nominate Carwyn.

Never met him - but I can certainly relate to him.

Best of luck!


I nominate my husband Andrew Elia. He has been a great UK fan and advocate for Formula 1 for twenty years, starting as a kid in London. He remembers every race and is always providing historical information and observations - it can be pretty funny when he beats the TV commentator to the punch! He went to his first event a couple of years ago and couldn't have been more thrilled. He would be a great representative of the UK fan base.


Im going to nominate my friend Gemma Rathbone

shes always going on about the f1 and i know she is a huge supporter of jensen button.She is a great person and i cant think of anybody better to be a Fan Ambassador plus it would be great for her to actually experience a live race rather than watching it from the tv 🙂


I'd like to nominate Stephen Kellett (response 32) because although I don't know him he is in the same boat as me by having friends that aren't into F1.

Good luck.


And he knows a lot about F1, as he's forever posting interesting things here.


I'm nominating my friend Simon,

There's no doubt he deserves this prize. He always amazes me with his depth knowledge of motorsport, and his passion for all that is fast, aerodynamic and wheeled. He writes knowledgeably about the subject and regularly engages with the F1 community on twitter and on forums.

In addition it's been a tough few years for him with things still not looking up yet, and I'd especially like him to win this as I've not been able to be there for him as much as I'd have liked this last year.

Thank you,



I'd love to nominate by boyfriend Richard (richie675) for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

To me, Richard is a walking encyclopedia on F1 with chapters that include drivers, tracks, history, the cars, mechanics, famous stories and events surrounding the races, to name a few. He loves every aspect and has done for many years.

He would make a great ambassador and this can be shown through what he has taught me about the sport. I've watched many a race on TV with Richard and have had the pleasure of (if not sometimes tiresome)explainations about downforce, drag, wets and slicks, f-ducts....but you know what...?? i now know what Eddie and DT are talking about when they mention these things! Its fantastic! and i say, 'you taught me that Rich!' 🙂

Its not just the knowledge, Richard really loves and enjoys watching, reading, blogging and talking about F1 as a whole.

This opportunity would be a dream come true for him and something he could continue to talk about and share with people for many, many years to come.

Thanks for reading this James...hope it wasn't too cringy.



thanks becca x

i especially liked the text immediately afterwards about the dt / dc faux pas 🙂


I want to know more about f-ducts!!



id like to nominate My Friend Judith M

She is an F1 fanatic.

and keeps us all updated on whats going on in F1.

she has a brilliant sense of humour and im sure she'll enjoy the experience


i literally rushed to ask others to complete this for me - it's a dream opportunity and i cannot begin to hope for this to come true. i then thought long and hard, and there's only one real answer to the question you have posed, james.

since i was a little boy, i can remember watching this most complex and incredible of sports with my family. it brought us together and still to this day we text and call each other after every single race to talk through the events and our opinions of each driver and team and how the race unfolded - it doesn't envelope us and our everyday lives and we're not in the 'scene' but the incredible coverage of itv and the bbc in recent years has provided us with the most exclusive vantage point from which to feel a part of something that has been close to us for as long as i can remember.

it this that makes me want to nominate my father, david, who has been with us through some thick and thin for a long time and needs a real break to enjoy and takes his mind off more serious issues. i can't think of a better reason than wanting to repay the man who introduced me 🙂


I would like to nominate my finace, Paul, for this fantastic opportunity. He is a mad motor sports entusiastist with a view, comment and opinion on most things motor sports - especially F1. Paul spent his childhood visiting Silverstone on a Friday for the practice sessions and after we are married he has promised to take me to a grand prix every year! Paul sits and watches the grand prix religiously - even dodging family events to stay at home and watch in peace. Not only does he watch the TV, he is also simultaenously watching twitter via his iphone and has the track times on his laptop - god help our electricty bill! Paul accepts he is too old to be an F1 driver (29 is past it!), so he has started track days and looking to do his ARDS test later this month and no doubt spend more of our money on test days, cars and racing. So if nothing else this would be a great way of Paul learning what it takes to be an F1 driver and putting some of the money he would have spent towards our wedding fund - which will clearly be taking place outside of the F1 season! Paul would be a great ambassador - and a great person for you to spend the few days with! He is already supposed to be on holiday with me in Dubai at this time so this would mean so much to him I would let you take him for the couple of days as this would mean the world to him...it would also give me a couple of days peace lazing on the beach!


Amazing competition James - who wants to be nominated? You scratch my back..etc...

Seriously though, how are you going to choose from these, when they all sound so deserving? I think you should split them into categories and get us all to vote on them, or would that be the lunatics taking over..? My vote goes to Banjo, if that is indeed his real name!!


I'd like to nominate one of my best friends, Jon Clucas, who is a F1 fanatic.

He's been a F1 fan ever since Nigel Mansell presented him with his Cycling Proficiency at school in the Isle of Man 23 years ago.

Then, 3 years later, Nigel Mansell visited him in hospital after he crashed his bike into a van at 30mph and told him of for being stupid on his bike

His mum knew Nigel from the local village, and met him downstairs in the hospital!

He now spends every race weekend watching all the coverage on TV, with two laptops with timing screens and JA on twitter.

He would also be a great Fan Ambassador as he is addicted to all forms of motorsport, be it feeder series, rallying or F1.

He's your man - so please pick him!!!



whoa what a prize!. Got to get myself nominated for this because i deserve it.

Deborah Kerkhof (Fan and Girlfriend)

Hello James,

I'm nominating my boyfriend Ian Haycox for the following reasons:

1. He has been a fan for 20 years

2. He has never missed a single GP and has even arranged our holidays around them.

3. His enthusiasm has drawn me in to such an extent that I will also miss a whole sunny weekend to hide away behind closed curtains or stagger down in the middle of the night to watch qualifying, the build-up and the race.

4. Fridays, when he likes to kid me that he is at work I am well aware that the t.v. has been on the red button for practice.

5. He will hate me for saying this but the only time I have ever seen him cry is when he was watching an Senna documentary.

But Ian's enthusiasm for the sport doesn't just end with passively watching but he has taken time out to write a free Wordpress F1 prediction plug-in which is used to allow other fans to predict and get involved in the sport.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Thanks. Debbie.


Well get the kleenex ready for the Senna movie when it comes out. We'll have a special JA on F1 screening with a Q & A with the writer/producer in the New Year

Deborah Kerkhof (Fan and Girlfriend)

We're both looking forward to the movie. The kleenex is standing by but I'm sure we won't be the only fans to get emotional.



I come from Poland, so I don`t know does it count. I nominate my husband Baart. He love F1, and i`m interested too thanks to him. I also read sometimes jamesallenonf1 thanks too him also.

He is very fit, because he jog, play basketball and sometimes I laugh, that he is physically prepared like an F1 driver 😉

He work hard, he is very good husband, and I think, that he fully deserve it. If he won I think it will be few days "out of this world" for him, as he never watch F1 live (sadly we cannot afford it)

Fingers crossed for him and thank you James for your competitions.


I would like to nominate my friend Roger Kemp. He looks after me like I am his own son. Takes me to Goodwood FOS and has me round his place every Sunday when the F1 is on so we can get excited together and watch the racing. I would like him to have this as a thankyou for all he has done for me. It would be my way of saying thank you to a very special person who is in my life and helps me out. I do help him aswell, he says I keep him feeling young. Anyway I would like him to have this as a big big thankyou for all the help he has given me in my life so far.

Thanks very much. Wayne.


Hi James,

I'd like to get straight into it and nominate my close friend Owen.

Why?!? I hear you cry? Well, since you asked, I'll tell you. It's for the following reasons:

1) After the last couple of months he's had (I'll let him tell you the story), he's earned it!

2) Go on, you know you want to...

3) Not only does he love F1, he's managed to bring a growing circle of others (including myself) into the fold. Some of us had never sat through a race, let alone enjoyed it...until we met Owen.

I ask you, please give this enthusiastic, natural born, ready made, F1 evangelist a chance to shine. You won't regret it, and he certainly won't regret it.



Hi James,

I think my cousin Raph will be the right candidate to represent UK fans making the most of this valuable opportunity to exchange views of formula one with the other fans. Not only does he meet all the criteria but has an uncanny ability to handle any vehicle given to him with great precision and finesse. On top of this he's a thoroughly genuine and engaging person who has a real honest charisma that belies all the unfortunate events that he's been through in the last 12months. An event like this would make not only his life but many around him who share a passion to see him achieve one of his life goals and to share in what would be a very fortunate event.

On a side track like reading your thoughts on the race and love the F1 forum. F1 coverage has never been better!


I nominate my friend GrandPrixDiary (see him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/grandprixdiary or on his website at http://www.grandprixdiary.com) He never fails to tweet entertaining things and always makes me laugh with his now legendary Pub Visits.

Most importantly though, he's an epic Formula 1 fan and totally deserves this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He loves the sport so much, and has even organised an amazing quiz between the three new teams (Virgin, Lotus & HRT) that'll happen on Friday of the Singapore weekend. He's somehow got in touch with some absolute F1 legends, and got people like Stirling Moss, Jos Verstappen and Vic Elford to submit questions for the quiz.

You'll make his year if you give him this opportunity! He's one of my favourite people on Twitter and I just know he'd be deliriously happy if you chose him 🙂


I'd like to nominate LAURA MOHESS.

Laura has been an F1 fanatic for as long as i have known her, so much so that her life is planned around the race calendar. She is motorsport crazy. I'd go as far to say F1 is her life.

Laura is a regular at Silverstone and I know would love the opportunity to do her thing in Abu Dhabi so pick her to be the UK F1 fans ambasador!!!


Can I nominate my work colleague Peter Hall?

I'm not a football fan so am used to missing out on water-cooler discussions at work but since Peter joined, the chats turned more towards F1 – not just the weekends events but everything that happens in-between. The most exciting part is that now various other colleagues have “come out of the closet” and joined us in debates about the merits of Red Bull and McLaren versus Lotus and HRT. Given that we are fans of the sport rather than teams or individuals we end up chatting about Virgin's woe's just as much as Red Bull's dramas. It's Peter who made this possible as he's drawn us all together – prior to this we all enjoyed the sport privately.

Peter's not just a talker either, he's a goalkeeper for various local teams and in the past has dabbled in motor-sport having had the opportunity to race MX5's. He keeps trying to cajole me into getting a gaming PC so we can race against each other online – his main argument is that the F1 talent take part and I could see just how bad I am against them! Its hard to resist, but I'm sticking to being bad at MTB'ing at the moment!

I'll admit I've selfish reasons for nominating Peter – he's a great story teller and I'd love to hear all about his exploits first hand!

Thanks for the opportunity!



I'd like to second the nomination for Keith Collantine. I thought I loved F1, but this guy gave up his job for his love of F1 & to dedicate more time to his blog. And I'm sure he's alienated many a girlfriend too through his love of F1, only kidding Keith. He's already done a lot for other F1 fans by providing them with any little snippet of a story on those dark winter months. I couldn't think of a more worthy fan ambassador, it would be nice to see him rewarded for his devotion to F1.


I would like to third that nomination for Keith, his website is a testament to how big a fan of F1 he is and we can be sure that if he wins he will provide in depth articles about his experience on his website for us all to enjoy.


Yes good point Jarred, I'm sure Keith would be able to share his experience through his articles etc, which would be nice for everyone who follows his website. Everyone would be a winner.


I have to agree with Jasper. Keith Collantine would be the perfect nomination (for all the above reasons). Otherwise I'd have to choose 'Ned Flanders' who oftern writes on Keiths web page, F1Fanatic. In my small opinion he has a wide knowledge of F1 and would be very well suited for the task.


Oh James ... great , fantastic opportunity


I'm not from the UK , not living in the UK too !

what a shame I'm from the middle east and this is really really the life-time opportunity .

best luck to all entrants


I would like to nominate Chris Cook, a hard working colleague and fanatical motorsport fan.

I am short shifting and moving over, as team orders dictate he should win the race to Abu Dhabi. When giant spiders aren't stealing his fiancee's engagement ring, he's sat glued to his TV desperately putting up with Legard's commentary mistakes, shouting at Kovalainen to brake a bit harder in front of Webber, yelling "no, SAVE fuel!" at Button, frantically calculating the aero load on an F1 car's front wing and, perhaps most importantly, attending to the kids in his hectic household.

If he had a super license, he'd probably be WDC. Hopefully, an experience of a lifetime in Abu Dhabi will have to suffice!


You sure suddenly have a lot of supportive girlfriends reading your blog...



Clearly girlfriends are more than happy to share their men with F1 and to listen to their men talk about it. Infact off with the men so they can have a free weekend to shop.

Not to make fun but my girlfriend loved to go to races in Monza, Monaco, Montreal - any race really that's close to a shopping district infact. Her least favorite - Suzuka, Silverstone, Spa, Interlagos, Hungaroring, Indy - not a decent mall in sight.


Yeah, I normally like to get rid of the boyfriend to spend some quality time with my shoes.

Keith of F1 Fanatic seems like a pretty good person for the job!

Alternatively you could take my boyfriend who knows how to drive cars quickly, how to fix them when they break down and he loves both the racing and geeky technical side of F1.

Is it ok to nominate 2 people? Oh well!


I would like to nominate my husband Mike. I am disabled and he does so much for me - he works a full week and then comes home to catch up on household chores, look out for me and so on. Nothing is too much trouble. He was interested in motorsport but hadn't been to a Grand Prix until I infected him with my passion for F1 and he took me to Barca for the Spanish GP 2001. Since then he's been hooked and neither of us have missed a single race.

We both love driving and have passed the test from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, but my husband is stuck driving boring automatic run-arounds because my disability means I only have an automatic license. It would be amazing for Mike to have time away for himself, rather than doing something to support me, and I'm sure he would thoroughly enjoy the chance to try different cars and remember how it feels to drive something with a clutch again!

Mike is a lovely man - I genuinely don't know anyone with a bad word to say about him. He quietly gets on with supporting me and it's time someone did something for him. He is thoroughly deserving of this prize, I would love for him to have some fun where he doesn't have to worry about looking after me, and this is the kind of opportunity I could never offer him. I hope you will consider him for the prize.


I'd like to nominate Mike too 🙂


Sounds so good 🙂 I going to ask my dad to nominate me 🙂 I personally hope a girl wins it! Too many men are in Formula One, ans we need girlies in the sport! I'm really looking forward to Lee McKenzie hosting the coverage when Jake is at the Commonwealth Games! I would love to win this so much, at least the cap is on fitness.


From the USA and slight envious. Best of luck to all those nominated.

When the G.P. comes to NA how about something similar?


Hi James

What an amazing competition!

I would like to nominate my boyfriend of 8 years Matt. A big reason we started seeing each other in the first place (shallow as it sounds) was because of our mutual passion for F1, and for Williams in particular. Both of us grew up watching with our Dad's, and as adults we pretty much plan our social lives around the F1 calendar. Since being together our love for the sport just becomes more and more intense each year. Together we've been to 6 GPs and this year at Montreal I was amazingly privileged and got to have a sit in Keke Rosberg's 1983 Williams. While Matt was over the moon for me it was impossible to disguise his utter devastation that it wasn't him having a go. I nominate Matt because not only is he an enormously enthusiastic and loyal F1 fan, but also needs to beat me in the 'jammy sod' stakes!

Thanks for the opportunity James



I would like to nominate my kid brother, Danny.

(Daniel Johnson)

He is the only guy I know how is more into F1 than I am, he's almost 30, a father and a husband but I belive, in some respects at least, he still misses out in life as he is profoundly deaf and has been since birth.

We hear the cars on TV or by the track but if my bro was there he could feel them in his bones, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more or could respond better to an oppoortunity like this.

He's intelligent, confident, fit and a good all round sportsman. He's naturally quick, superb in Go-Karts and I belive a great advert for modern Britain.

Good luck to all.



I'd like to nominate Laura Mohess.

I first met Laura at the Festival of Speed and instantly found her smile and passion for F1 infectious. Now needless to say this has led to her being constantly ribbed for being an annorak but we secretly think she likes it!!!

Working in investment banking has made her highly analytical but she has an amazing ability to take detail and make even the most mundane of topics seem appealing. This is never more clear than on a Monday morning whilst she regails the thrill and spills of most recent race to her work colleagues. Colleagues who are now happily converted F1 viewers.

This young lady has passion for the sport by the bucket load and can turn just about anyone into an armchair team principal..... just dont get her started on tyre options!!!!

On a final note - she could do with the advice, if she insists on driving everywhere, there are cars other than her current hatch which she may enjoy just as much and still achieve driving perfection.

She's an assett to any project, a great collaborater, fun to be with a mini Ecclestone in the making.


I would like to nominate Laura Mohess for this fantastic opportunity.

Since being on Twitter and getting to know other fans i've been very lucky and really enjoyed getting to know some great people but Laura really has been somebody wonderful to get to know.

She follows the sport and her understanding and knowledge is just mega impressive. From ensuring she see's all the sessions around her busy work schedule to following the latest news and F1 talk. She really interprets things well over the course of the weekend, its always worth knowing her thoughts pre race as well as post race! She also has views on what is happening off the track and what could be happening in the upcoming seasons of F1.

It goes further than that because Laura is into all forms of motorsport. From charting the progress of Sam Bird in GP2 to telling you about her lovely chat with David Coulthard at DTM in Brands Hatch.

I'm fortunate to have made lots of good friends interested in F1 but Laura is the best and a top fan and person and to see her get this opportunity would, for sure, make her so happy. It would certainly leave me chuffed if she did get it. She has got me interested in other forms of motorsport and inspired me in what i do with my blog.

So i hope you pick Laura, she is away this weekend at the World Series by Renault at Silverstone (which shows her love of all motorsports!) but she is a young lady who deserves this and would make a tremendous representive for all the fans in the UK, somebody who is impartial and cares deeply for our great sport as well as making the most of getting to drive the various cars in the 2 day driver programme

Thank you


I would like to nominate my husband Richard. He has followed F1 for many years and watches every race if he is not otherwise engaged. He finds your website to be one of the best sources of information on F1 and enjoys the opportunity to have his say as well. When he retired early from work he built a racing car from kit and completed two seasons of racing. He now spends many weekends helping motor racing take place by being a marshal. When this clashes with F1 races he does everything he can to avoid hearing the result so he can watch the race "as live" when he gets home.


My brother in law, Doug Boyes, is about as crazy about F1 as you can get. Here are the reasons he listed, and were applicable, my comments:

1. I've been a keen (wife would say obsessive!) F1 fan for about 25 years.

Comment: True. He might not have a wife for much longer if he lives by his F1 above all else principles!

2. I've been a driving enthusiast since I passed my test & have done a

number of track days in a mid engined rwd car.

Comment: True. But he now drives a Skoda in real life.

3. All stag do's I've ever been involved were focused in some way towards racing, and I was great at it.

Comment: Rubbish. He's a terrible kart driver as he came in as one of the last ones... just before the guy who didn't even have a driver's licence.

4. I represented my country as an ambassador when I was at school...my

school was the first western school to visit China since the cultural

revolution. This included a trip to the Chinese Embassy in London to meet the

Chinese Ambassador before our visit.

Comment: No comment. Nobody would lie about that.

5. I've also met HRH Prince Charles & The Duchess of Kent.

Comment: See above

6. I've always kept myself fit in the hope that Red Bull would give me a

call if Mark Webber's injuries start playing up!

Comment: True. Although all the sweat in the gym have caused his hair to fall out, and he now looks more like Villeneuve.

So those were his reasons. Now for the real reasons.

My brother in law is not a fancy or flash twenty something. In fact he's a very ordinary 40 something, like the millions of people at home who devote Saturdays and Sundays to watching F1 on their tvs. He sits there all cuddled up with a packet of crips and his 2 boys watching and cheering on Hamilton and the likes, just like the millions at home. And he's content doing just that...

But I can't imagine his excitement if he would be chosen to go to Abu Dhabi to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I'm a F1 fan myself, and far better at karting than he ever will be, and I've been to the Math olympics (yes, they exist), but I would give up my ticket for him in the blink of an eye because I know how much it would mean to him.

So, Doug, I hope you get it!


I would have to nominate my girlfriend as she is dedicated to work and never has time off for things that she wants to do. She is a dedicated worker and has a passion for formula one and writes her own blogs when she can. I think that she would love this opportunity and this would be a brilliant thing to give her if we were able to have the chance to do it.




Hello James I would like to nominate my brother Richard Seymour for this fantastic oppotunity. He works very very hard and does not get much time for himself because when he isn't working he is looking after his family or our mother who has suffered from parkinsons disease for the last fiffteen years and its very tough. He also does what can to raise money for the parkinsons charity by running competions and all sorts of other things to raise awareness of parkinsons. When he does get a chance he will normally take his two young son's to brands hatch to follow all forms of motor racing and really enjoys it. He is a keen amatuer photographer and has some great photos on his website. He is also Massive formula one Fan and follows it in every way possible he is in good shape and would be totally blown away if he got this chance. It would be a massive supprise and a once in a life time opportunity thank you James.


Christine Montgomery

I would like to nominate my son Spencer. He has been an avid F1 fan since the Mansell days when he was a teenager, and reserves Sundays by the TV no mater what.

He has spent the last few years taking care of his aging grandparents, and in doing so sacrificed so much of his own life, and his own future. About 4 years ago he cancelled his trip to Silverstone, due to his Nan's illness.

To do this trip would be beyond his wildest dreams, and would be a lovely present for him, after all the gifts of his help and love that he gives to those around him.




I was going to nominate a friend just because I know they would love to go, but having read many of the nominations on here this one seems more worthy than mine... so I'd like to highlight this one as being fitting.



Damn - my girlfriend is asleep and so I can't get her to nominate me! So I'd like to nominate Stephen Kellett too please. True fan I'm sure.


James - this is your man!

Honest enough not to pretend he is his girlfriend. Join me JA readers in supporting Chris - pending a phone interview of course. 🙂


HI, just wondering if you have to be from the UK, as i am a massive F1 fan and but am from New Zealand


I want to nominate my son, Matt, for this great opportunity for a number of reasons. Firstly, he is so ridiculously passionate about motorsport, mainly but not solely F1, that I often think it's all he cares about. It's all he talks about and he must bore all his friends and work colleagues by constantly going on about the weekend's race or some current news in F1 etc. Because of this, he would LOVE the opportunity to get other people into the sport. I know for a fact that one of his favourite things is taking someone who's never seen a race car to Silverstone (just up the road) just so they can experience what it's like to see a touring car or an F1 car fly past! He took a friend to the British GP this year and the best part of his weekend was that his friend loved it and is now almost as obsessed with F1 as he is! It "made it worthwhile" in his own words.

Also, he has been trying for years now to get a break working in F1 PR/journalism. While he was studying for his A-Levels he managed to get hold of a press officer at Jaguar Racing and convince them (somehow) to give him some work experience. He's also recently gone off to Maranello (on my Birthday, no less!) and had a tour of the Ferrari factory where had the time of his life!

One word of warning, though, James - even though I think he's the best person for this, watch out! He'll be after your job!!!


Dear James,

I'd like to nominate my mate Hamish.

He is 26, athletic, and the sort of guy that is good to have a beer with. I know all people have interests in life but his following of F1 takes it to a new extreme, almost to the point of ridicule.

Hes a great friend but he has missed birthdays, BBQs and farewell dinners if F1 is on. If you arrive at his house when hes sitting down watching F1, he simply won't answer the door. Questionable behaviour yes, but we accept that the sport means a lot to him and is something he has followed with great passion since around 10 years of age.

Why him - well I think he thinks F1 is where he belongs in life. We'd had chats, as you do, and he has openly admitted that if he was to go back and do it all over again he would have left school, saved money, and tried to get into racing. Not only as thats his dream, but its something that he (and our circle of friends) believe he would do exceptionally well at. Instead he took the safe option and went to university, got a degree and now works a decent job. Not a bad life indeed, but I don't think he in content.

On top of the passion I think the skills that he would display over this weekend would suprise a few of you for a "couch fan". When we go go-karting we always place him at the back of the grid and he still always wins, we just don't understand it. A very fierce racer who can scare the daylights out of those racing against him, but at the same time he is never putting his friends into a wall or into danger - he is always just simply in control.

So James, with all respect to those that have entered, if you are looking for someone who will not only represent the F1 fans with his passionate knowledge of all 60 years of F1, do exceptionally well in the cars, but most of all be genuinely appreciative of this package and cherish it for the rest of his life look no further.



I vote for Roy Knaggs... Cos he asked his friends on Facebook to... he is a F1 fanatic!!!


I’d like to nominate my son Stephen English as a fan ambassador.

Why? Because he already is an ambassador for the sport at the moment, and has been for many years. In fact from when he was a child he has had an abiding interest in all motorsports-his first intelligible words were BMW!

An ambassador is a person who represents the views of their country and people. In the case of a fan ambassador it is important that the person will represent the views of the fans and transmits information back to them on the state of the sport that they love.

Stephen, a recent graduate, has devoted a lot of his time and effort to promote local, national and international motorsport. He has achieved this by contributing, gratis, a weekly Formula 1 column to our local newspaper that has fuelled passion for the sport amongst readers.

His breadth of knowledge of the sport in general and Formula 1 in particular is all consuming and it is with this that he has brought many new fans to the sport; I for one include myself amongst that number. I remember the early morning F1 parties we hosted for the races in Australia and Japan when my then eleven year old son would prepare a full English breakfast for me and his cousins. While these events started out amongst family it quickly added friends of mine who wanted a free breakfast and an education on F1 (not necessarily in that order)!

This transferring of knowledge is something that Stephen has done from an early age and continues with his dedication to his column as well as his blog. While every poster nominating a friend or family member will feel that their nominee is most deserving I am in no doubt that Stephen’s application to his sport is second to none and that this allied with the enthusiasm and knowledge he has of Formula 1 would make him an excellent Fan Ambassador.


i want to nominate my brother for this


He is just entering his third year in university in Media communications so has aspirations close that of yours. During his course he has focused keenly on sport and media, with Formula 1 one of his passions he has written multiple essays on the sport success, including gender in sport citing masculinity as well as females in Indycar such as Danica Patrick, and also media representation. This has created new interest in the sport among his classmates.

He is 20 years old but has been to multiple formula 1 grand prix events and weekends having followed the sport religiously since 1996. Though he is young this would surely make him ideal for being the right person to introduce new fans to the sport.

He also has driving credentials after having competed for the university karting team, proving successful as well as a track expierence race day in a formula ford for his 18th. he would be very capable in this opportunity and would put him in an amazing position for his future.


I would like to nominate my best friend, Andrew Thomas. I have not come across a more dedicated F1 fan with more knowledge and passion for the sport.


I would like to nominate my friend Owen, who it is an honour to introduce.

Firstly, his wife has had a favourite aeordynamicist since she was young. It may not seem a great first point, but is crucial in understanding how much Owen and his wife are into F1!

Secondly they camped at Spa, enduring relentless German techno/metal from the tents next to them, and still had a good time. He deserves a proper F1 experience though.

Thirdly he got me into F1 in the first place. Until a year ago I just didn't get the fuss, now I'm going to be watching the Japanese Grand Prix live at his! (For a student like me, 7am is not a welcome time!)

Finally, there isn't a person who would have a better time in the whole world, or who would be such good company. He's a fantastic friend and to not meet him yourself would be to miss out on meeting a true great.


Hi there,

I would like to nominate my mate, Andrew Thomas. Story goes like this… I have recently (Jan 2010) left London and had to leave my F1 buddy behind. Each weekend we would watch qualifying and then on Sunday I would wake him up and we'd ignite the day of F1. Bring out the cooked breakfast, a Pims and pull the couch outside and get into the F1. Awesome stuff. I 'm not over there anymore but he is and we both still watch form the other side of the globe(I'm in Melbourne now so 12am commitment most Sundays).

He is about as good a fan as you'd be able to find, his dad used to work in the industry, his brother worked in the industry in the 2009 season and he has been left out to dry ; ) but he is a true fan, knows the drivers, knows the sport and I think this would do it for him. God bless and go Lotus.


Hi James,

What an excellent twist.

I have to nominate my Dad. An F1 fan since birth he has followed the sport in an unbiased way, supporting Formula One as a whole rather than a particular team or driver. He wasted no time passing on the F1 bug to my brother and I, taking us karting several times to scratch the itch for racing. He also took us to watch the British GP in 2000, an amazing experience which I will never forget. An all-round top bloke and real F1 fan, and also somebody you can enjoy a conversation with, a good laugh!

Once again, thanks very much for this, what an excellent idea to nominate someone deserving rather than the usual prize grabbing! Hope you and whoever you choose have an excellent time!



Hi there,

I would like to nominate my mate, Andrew Thomas. Story goes like this… I have recently (Jan 2010) left London and had to leave my F1 buddy behind. Each weekend we would watch qualifying and then on Sunday I would wake him up and we'd ignite the day of F1. Bring out the cooked breakfast, a Pims and pull the couch outside and get into the F1. Awesome stuff. I 'm not over there anymore but he is and we both still watch from the other side of the globe(I'm in Melbourne now so 12am commitment most Sundays).

He is about as good a fan as you'd be able to find, his dad used to work in the industry, his brother worked in the industry throughout 2009 season and he has been left out to dry ; ) but he is a true fan, knows the drivers, knows the sport and I think this would do it for him. God bless and go Lotus.


i'd like to nominate Keith Collantine. He works so hard for his blog f1fanatic that, as mentioned earlier, he gave up his job to work the site full time. he puts in massive effort for small reward, i think he deserves this trip.


I would nominate Keith Collantine of f1fanatic.co.uk. There is no better ambassador to the fans. He's very impartial on his site, but his dedication to and passion for the sport is second to none.


hey so my friend Andrew (thomas) told me to write here, probably the biggest fan of F1 I know. He tried to make me go for MacLaren but since only started this year I like Lotus. Anyway if anyone should go and bigup the sport it would be him, half the time I don't know what he says but he knows exactly when they are going to pit, and who will overtake what.

and he is also going prematurely bald - please take pity on the boy


I too would like to nominate Keith Collantine of F1 Fanatic, his well written, even-handed and analytical writing on F1fanatic.co.uk, as well as his obvious passion for the sport and the community make him, to my mind, the best possible ambassador for F1 as a sport today.


I would like to Nominate my friend Tim Morgan. Although a bike rider and thus an avid fan of MotoGp this is not an exclusive thing and he is also a massive F1 fan. He has traveled the world and thus brings a fresh view to thinking about many things including F1. His take on Fan related matters and also the environmental stakes is not as traditional as most. Tims enthusiasm has peaked again in the recent years (especially this year) with the incredibly close racing and tight championships seen of late and has many idea's on how to make the spectacle even better. With a good mind to be able to discuss the varying topics no doubt open on this trip and a racers ethos he is a clear choice. Also he is unaware of this nomination and it would be a great surprise seeing as I now live on the other side of the world and rarely see him


I nominate my friend Franc who was born in Spain, grew up in America, lives in England and is a fanatical Alonso supporter.

He's always cooks me paella when we watch the GP together so I think I owe him a favour!


I'd like to nominate Keith Collantine @ F1Fanatic. I've been reading his articles and joining his live blog for several years now. I don't think there is a better up and coming F1 journalist in the business. I'm sure that if he gets the trip his experiences (both good and bad) will be well documented in his blog.

Cheers, Alex


My ancestors came to Australia on the 2nd fleet of convi... ahem, settlers... Does that count?


Im want to nominate my friend Gemma Rathbone. She loves F1 and is a huge fan of Jensen Button. She would be an ideal Fan Ambassador and I know from my own experience watching the Moto GP live that she would get an enormous thrill from being there and watching it live rather than from her sofa at home.


I nominate Keith Collantine, the editor of f1fanatic.co.uk


I would love to nominate my husband Jamie,F1 crazy; our life revolves around F1 weekend either front of the TV or difficult/exciting corners on the various circuits’, Siverstones, İstanbul Park, Sapang, Singapore, Spa etc. or some occasions on the circuit himself driving different car at Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Nürburgring or sometimes pathetic small carts on the go-carts 🙂 . Do I need to tell more ...............?


I am going to add a 3rd vote for Kieth Collantine. His website is fantastic, very in depth reports, and really gets the "community" together. The quality of his articles are 2nd to none, and i fully appreciate his efforts on his website. (I rarely comment, but it is my 1st tab opened every morning, and last at night.) His Daily roundups are brilliant, i feel he deserves it fully.


Good Evening James,

It's been a long day, a late night and so may it continue. To the point, I would like to nominate my son Andrew. He is 24 and has an extremely strong passion for Formula One. He has written quite a few well received articles on another website, even though his background isn't in journalism.

At university he raced in the British University Karting Championship for a couple of events, but this was short lived due to having to spend his time focusing hard on his studies which I am very proud of.

Andrew plans his entire weekend around Formula One. He watches every practice, quali and race. During the race, not only is he watching it, but sitting with his laptop monitoring the live F1 telemetry data (what's available) and also watching the new BBC race tracker. If something is about to happen, he often knows it long before the commentators do.

If it's Formula One, he lives it, breathes it and preaches it. He has 7 years no claims bonus, on his licence. He is definitely free for those dates. And he has a charity 10km run coming up in the not too distant future.

He should be your man for the job.


A loving Father.


p.s. A few years back, he even planned his travels of South America all around the Brazilian Grand Prix. Which of course, was the highlight of his travels.


Sorry for linking to another journo's blog, but I nominate this bloke, Alex Snell.


Never met him before, probably will never meet him, but jeez, what a champ!


I will like to urge you to pick my Husband Kelvin for the trip to Abu Dhabi.

He is not only a diehard F1 fan, but he is into everything motorsports. He worships Valentino Rossi, Sebastian Loeb and Lewis Hamilton more than our God!

After watching an F1 race, he could spend the entire night pouring thru replays and arguing whose at fault for SV vs MW's incident or KR vs LH at SPA for great lengths over planetF1 or IM with his pals. I was never a F1 fan until i met him, and now Kimi became my fan .. (still hoping he will return to F1 in 2011 though.)

He got himself a go kart a few yrs back and proceeded to fit a data acquisition system that costs as much as the go kart itself. (it was meant for a Formula car for goodness sake!). There is more wires running around his kart than my TV console! The weirdest thing on Earth, he spends more time cleaning, tweaking his kart and pouring thru data than driving it!!

His classmates were all doing the normal programs in University when he chooses to build a crazy FSAE instead!!

I've never seen him exercising until he got himself a kart. Now he wastes his time jogging, working on his upper muscles and those RIDICULOUS neck exercises ... he even do repetitions of neck exercises before he sleeps every night!

PLEASE .. take him away to Abu Dhabi for several days! Wake him up, let him know he is wasting his time ... he will never become an F1 driver! I BEG YOU 🙂


I would like to nominate smellyden, as he has a massive intrest in F1, and this would be a dream for him!


Who do I have to kill to get this???


India was part of UK- will that count?

Oh well, great competition to win. One of the best offer ever created for F1 fans, I think!


I would like to nominate Keith Collantine.
Although I've never met him I follow his excellent Website F1Fanatic on a daily basis. He is not only a true F1 fanatic but also shares his enthusiasm with F1 fans all over the world like you do.
I love to read his report if he wins this competition.


I would like to nominate one of my salesman Paul cox. He is the biggest f1 nut I know and seems to spend most weekends at work checking out what's happening in f1 by the web or apps on his iPhone and of course the tv is also on for qualifying in the showroom on a Saturday and funnaly enough he never seems to have any appointments between 1-2pm... He also seems to have a knack of ruining the Rita by swapping all his Sundays to avoid missing a race. I know if he is on a day off it's probably f1 related wether it be at the local f1 driving simulator or go karting or even on his playstation. I think he would be a great ambassador ad he is great with people and his f1 knowledge knows no bounds.


I want to nominate my good friend, Mick. I introduced him to the sport a few years ago and he has developed into a huge fan, which culminated last weekend in us going to the Monza GP. Mick had a huge crowd around him as he had the brains to bring his laptop with live timing on it.

Mick and I both worked as international rafting guides for a very long time. Mick worked in Uganda, New Zealand, Turkey and Australia on some of the biggest and wildest rivers in the world, so he is no slouch when it comes to being in a tight spot. He is also one of the funniest men alive and has a unique ability to make celebrities treat him as one of their own. As rafting guides we spend a great deal of time on camera, and Mick is a natural at it. He also has a great technical brain, recently topping the UK with his thesis for his quantity surveying degree.

KC's Mum - Carole (see nomination from last night)

Hi James

I am KC's mum and Paul's mother in law to be. I too think Paul would be an amazing ambassador to go with you to Abu Dhabi. Firstly I would like to apologise for my daughter’s poor spelling - Paul is her fiancé! She was clearly too excited when she saw this opportunity! Secondly that family event was mine and until today I was told Paul was preparing important work for the following week- that's the last time I believe that excuse!!!

Paul is an amazing person that absolutely lives for the F1 season. As you can probably tell KC is the same!! I know that KC loves Paul so much that she would give up their entire holiday together to let him follow his dream of becoming a racing driver – if only for a couple of days.

Having spent a holiday with my husband, son, KC and Paul which funnily enough incorporated a grand prix, I can promise you Paul's knowledge on the subject is endless! He is definitely more than just an everyday fan.

Finally, I just wanted to check whether any medals or trophies were given as part of this fantastic opportunity? As I sometimes go and help them with cleaning as their bedroom houses his ‘stag do’ karting trophies - although funnily enough not all of them are still in one piece after those weekend! Despite this they are still on display! I am confident he would be that amazing, dedicated and a great ambassador that another would be added – even if I had to buy one myself!

Paul is a great person who is always the first to help with anything no matter how big or small - as long as it does not clash with a grand prix weekend. He would give anything for this opportunity - including leaving my daughter on their holiday (although I know she won't mind).



I would like to nominate my friend Jo. He is a big F1 fan, speaks German and follows the sport as much as myself. He is learning to become a civil aviation Pilot and loves fast cars. Hope he wins!


I want to nominate a good friend of mine but like avery one else he is a hard core fan so what can I write that some one else hasn't allready put on here, like avery one he has never missed a race or a qualify or so he says am sure ther is at least one, again like avery one he puts formula 1 be for work and be for alot of other things to. The only thing maybe different I can put on here is my word he knows how to commented on a race it's stupid how he dose it even be for the tv commentater comes up with it it's to late hits allready been said on the sofa, so that's the only thing can think of that some else won't put on the comments,


Oh sorry just noticed his wife has entered this to cancel mine just in case


Hi James,

I would like to nominate my friend;

Adrian Johnson

He's top bloke and has been a motor racing fan since he was old enough to turn on the TV set.

Now 47 years old, he's had an unfortunate year and is on the back end of a recovery from a mountain bike accident. ( A bit like Mark Webbers, and has now more metal work than Barry Sheene.)

Adrian has raced Karts, he put himself through Jim Russell school at Silverstone, but realised that he would never get the sponsorship to make anything of the experience.

So he did what a lot do and just quietly went off to make a successful living for himself and is happily married with a beautiful daughter. This year due to the accident he is inbetween jobs so has the time available.

Adrian would just represent the thousands of loyal Racing fans, one of the unsung special people that keep the various sports going.

He would make an excellent ambassador.

I'm off to Italy in about an hour so wouldn't get chance to see the result.

You can get him on adrianpjohnson@hotmail.co.uk

if he's lucky enough to be selected.



Hi James, thanks 1st for given people the oppertunity to spill out there sympathy sob stories. Some are humerous. Likw a night in watching x-factor. Anyway I'd like to nominate Jonathan Cooper. He's already an ambassador within reason and is a great source of knowledge. He is a frequent poster of many motorsport forums and recently attended the FOTA meeting in London taking with him many point and questions brought forward by the general public on said forums etc. He get's nothing in return for his commitments and this would be a good gesture. Cheers


I'd like to nominate my husband Niall. A true supporter of F1 (when it's on, he has the tv on, his iphone app going, computer on - can't get enough of it! The house genuinely comes to a standstill in F1 season. Please, for a whole family's sanity, take this man away and give him a taste of the real thing. He's a true ambassador of the sport and truly deserves this treat. He's a full time stay at home Dad for 4 kids, and made that choice to allow me the opportunity of a good career. Just a truly wonderful man who deserves this opportunity as he always thinks of himself last.



I would like to nominate Nick Dunn. The manager of Puretech Racing (http://www.puretechracing.com/). He manages this racing 'simulation' centre by Gatwick airport. The centre has given people like my self the opportunity to experience F1 as close as I will ever get. Likewise, I'll never be able to afford to participate in motor racing but this certainly fills the hole. The centre has also been used recently as part of Mike Conways rehabilitation which is covered here - http://www.itv.com/meridian-east/racing-comeback60677/. He deservers this for managing such a great facility that to an extent, makes peoples dreams come true.


It’s an awful cliché to use James, but representing the UK fans in Abu Dhabi would be a dream come true for my 19-year-old son, who I’d like to nominate.

The Formula One bug has bitten Andrew very hard. I’m only a casual fan, but the excitement of a Grand Prix Sunday is something really special when he’s at home. His knowledge of the sport is staggering in my mind, but it’s the sheer excitement in Andrew’s body language when the lights go out that makes him a truly passionate fan.

As someone who exhibits the mad enthusiasm for the sport that UK fans have to offer, I believe he would be an ambassador that represents the whole of our country’s fanbase- I’m sure the fans in Abu Dhabi would also take warmly to his extrovert, yet very friendly and polite demeanour. As well as savouring the sights and sounds of Abu Dhabi, I’m sure Andrew would equally enjoy his role, which I know he would take very seriously- he won’t let you down.

I’m certain Andrew would revel in your company on the trip James, I’m already smiling at the thought of you two wittering on about all things F1 while everyone around you on the long-haul flight tries to get some sleep!


Would like to nominate my twin brother Richard Hill.

Has been a F1 fan for many years, does a passable impression of Murray Walker (don't we all after a few pints).

Currently drives a diesel estate so he may struggle to get to grips with a powerful single seater racing car. Nevertheless, he has promised to bring me back some duty free if he wins.

Fingers crossed.


Second that nomination


Agree, right man for the job


Surely the best candidate so far.


Can I vote for my twin brother twice?


I would like to nominate both of these people, but since I can't, I will pick one. Since one of these people already has some nominations, I'd like to nominate Cari Jones from F1Fanatic, for admirably attending to the site, while Keith was at his wedding. Good luck Cari!



I would like to nominate Laura Mohess ....... Laura is an avvid F1 fan. For the 15 years that I have known her, Laura has lived and breathed F1. On race days, all her friends know that for the duration of the race, that she will be incontactable!!!!!!

This year alone, Laura has forgone all her leave so that she could attend the whole weekend at Silverstone, and is now at a point of considering a career change so that she can follow her passion of motorsport.

Laura would give anything for this opportunity .... We hope that you will award Laura your winner, and help make her dream come true!


Hi James

I'd like to nominate my partner, Rhiannon George.

Rhiannon has been a big F1 fan for many years. She has avidly followed the paddock since the end of the Schumacher years and is a massive fan of Rubens Barrichello.

As a trained chemical engineer, Rhiannon grasps the technical side of the sport. She has driven single seater's before, so understands the process of driving these vehicles.

As a fan, Rhiannon would represent a different fan base, showing that F1 is not exclusive to men. Growing the number of women interested in F1, I believe, is incredibly important. She is fiery and incredibly enthusiastic, unafraid to state her opinions and justify them to all comers!

She is also a skilled writer, and her other great love is food. She blogs regularly about this, and could bring these skills as well. She has recently blogged about the perfect food for an F1 race weekend.


I think she would be a perfect ambassador for the sport - even if she is slightly worried she won't be able to reach the pedals on the single seater!



James I'd like to nominate my friend Simon White and his wife Angela for this.

They are both really enthusiastic about Formula One and would make fantastic ambassadors for the sport's fan base. They are both very knowledgeable, I've known Simon for several years as a contributor to my Fantasy F1 game site and they watch every race avidly. Whenever I meet Simon the conversation is inevitably at least 80% F1 and he's one of the most passionate fans I've ever met.

I know they'd love this opportunity and be a credit to British F1 fans.

Paul & Taryn da Silva

We would like to nominate Roy Knaggs to be your UK F1 Fan Ambassador. We honestly have never met a person more passionate about the sport. Roy takes the time to explain the F1 rules and regulations an anyone who doesn't know and after a few lessons with Roy, you can't help but become a fan of the sport yourself!!! Roy travels to as many F1 races as he can and comes back on cloud nine and doesn't come down for weeks! Roy is an extremely intelligent man, who would be dedicated to representing the sport with as much passion and professionalism as one possibly could. We highly recommend our friend for this position because we don't believe there is anyone else in the world who would deserve it more.


I would like to nominate my brother, Nathan Smith.

He is a normal guy who loves Formula 1, maybe a little too much! He actually won a competition you ran last year about naming the best drivers. He also doesn't let me forget that he bet on Button winning the title last year at silly odds.

He's never had a chance to do anything like this before and I think he would be perfect for it. Not only is he knowledgeable and passionate about the sport, Nathan is also very easy to get along with and deals with F1 in his job. He used to work in marketing at a company that sponsored Williams and McLaren and now he works for a company that supplies F1 teams. I'm absolutely certain that this would be a dream come true for him.

I'm also sure that you would enjoy spending time with him and if you picked Nathan, you wouldn't regret it.



I would like to nominate myself.

1) If you're interested in driving in the top formula, even for two days, you should be able to sell yourself well.

2)It would be an exciting experience, that as an American would be a strong social marketing tool to bring the gap between the Formula racing series in the states, as well as using the footage to leverage JA on F1's marketability.

Contact me, if interested.

-Davin Sturdivant


Great competition James!

I'd like to nominate my friend Graham who for the last 15 years that I've know him has watched or been to every F1 race and qualifying. A real die hard fan. On his wedding day, he taped the qualifying so he could see it straight after the wedding.

This would be a dream come true for him, please make it happen!




I would like to nominate my brother, Ollie, for this. While we don't have a story that would pull any heart strings, like everyone else he really is a great brother and I think he would be a perfect ambassador for you.

We've been karting on and off since we were kids in which there has always been a bit of rivalry. Anyway, after reading your post last night, with a local karting trip in Oxfordshire planned for this morning, we agreed that the loser would be forced to recommend the winner. I have to say despite my clearly superior talent I have no qualms in nominating Ollie.

Like everyone else on here he never fails to miss any of the red button Practise Sessions and reads all of the websites and blogs out there.

As a final year student at the University of Birmingham though, I think he is an ideal ambassador - rather than being wrapped up totally in the history of the sport he is engaged in the future of it. As such, he would represent a huge market in an emerging F1 region and has the potential demonstrate the youth and attractiveness of the sport.

That aside, and perhaps what sets him apart, is that he is at a similar age to the new breed of F1 drivers, and as he has some driving talent and experience, would be the perfect ambassador to demonstrate the rise through the categories.

James Holland


I, like many other before me, would nominate Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic. His blog is above excellent and is my first stop for F1 news on the web (Sorry James!) and Keith would be a well deserving winner.


Morning James

This trip to the Abu Dhabi will be absolutely perfect for my little friend LAURA MOHESS, so I would love to nominate her for the following reasons:

1. She puts me to shame with her extensive knowledge of F1, both past and present.

2. She is an absolute fanatic with this and other motor sports in general for many years, but F1 is her first love.

3. She is kind, thoughtful, considerate to all her friends and family and would definitely help 'muck in' with whatever was asked of her without hesitation (just as long as she had a nice pair of racing overals so her dress doesn't get dirty). So for her to win this once in a lifetime trip will be something all of her friends can give back to her.

4. She will not plan anything on a Sunday when a race is on if it means her missing it, so this is ideal.

5. You are looking for an Ambassador to represent the UK. Well this lady can talk for England, literally! Especially when it's something she is passionate about.

6. It would be quite easy for her to get away at short notice as all of her 'Babies' will actually be at the Yas Marina on that same weekend. All 24 them!

7. Finally, I know she would be absolutely brilliant company for yourself as she has accompained me to various events......

Also, she is quite a fitty which helps 😉

This is a unique event that needs to be represented by a unique person and that my friend is definitely Miss Mohess.

Many thanks,



I would like to nominate my boyfriend Jon Rowlandson.

He turned 25 this year and has finally had to accept the daunting realisation that, no matter how much it has been his dream to pursue a career as a Formula 1 driver – his time has passed, and it will never be.

And this is sad.

Sad because it is coming from a man that has immersed himself in the sport since he was a boy. Sad because he is already such a vocal ambassador online as well as of it. Sad because, like every other nomination here, he "could've made it if he'd had the chance". Sad because he always wanted to be in a position to positively impact the sport that he loves so much. And sad because he's painstakingly designing his own racing helmet; to be painted and polished but, alas, destined for the mantel piece rather than the track (that is actually just sad come to think of it).

I'm sure that there will be many other, well deserving people entering this competition, but I can assure you there will be no better ambassador to represent the dedication, knowledge and passion of the British fans, and the creative input they can bring to the sport.

And I'm still convinced that he started dating me all those years ago because of my name.

Thanks for your time, Mika.


I'd like to nominate my friend and old secondary school class mate Judy M. She keeps me updated on all things all F1 with gusto and passion to the point where I've stopped wondering why a bunch of men driving round in circles is supposed to be interesting. She hasn't quite got me into watching qualifying rounds (yeesh?) but I'll take her onboard commentary anytime complete with rants and all. She'd love this opportunity and I might have to get away to avoid from hearing all about it when she gets back if given this wonderful opp. But she is undoubtedly a fanatic.


I would really like to nominate my friend ROY KNAGGS, he is a serious fan of formula one and I think that he would be a great ambassador for the sport. He works really hard and this would be an opportunity of a lifetime for him that he would very very very much appreciate. I can't think of anyone nicer to receive such an amazing opportunity.

Thank you very much



I would like to nominate one of my school's technology teachers, Mr Turner. Mr Turner is fond of F1 and has been to a few of the circuits. He also runs the school Karting team, which in its first year came 3rd in Northern Ireland. He has spent 6 months fighting in Afghanistan and really deserves this opportunity as a reward for all of his hard work.


I would like to nominate my son Dan Wells. He was 18 when he decided he wanted to pursue a career in motorsport (very much out of the blue as he was top 10 in the country for his economics and was only drawn to F1 when Lewis Hamilton came to prominence!). With his academic abilities he went on to learn as much as he could about Formula One, to understand the political and economic challenges which the pinnacle of open wheel racing has gone through over the decades.

He had his first kart race in Rotax at Clay Pigeon in late 2009 - taking 8th place after starting 24th (novices start at the back) and had the fastest lap of all the drivers in only his first race - something no novice has ever achieved. He subsequently went on to a podium in his second race.

After a few months in karting he stepped up to Formula Ford 1600 this year and has a 50% class win rate so far. Given his huge racing inexperience this is a tremendous feat, but as we are currently looking at sponsorship for next year (which is very difficult of course) it would be a huge boost to be able to show what he can do on this trip to Abu Dhabi. It is his goal to become Formula One World Champion one day and it would be fantastic to be able to help him on his journey.

Yours sincerely, Ann Wells


I'd like to nominate Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic.co.uk

A fantastic blog run by someone with a brilliant love of and dedication to the sport.


Hello. I would like to nominate Daniel Thorn. He is a huge F1 fan and for him to win this once in a life time oppotunity would be a dream for him.

Driving is a passion of his, as a child he would drive around in his little F1 car all day.

Daniel Thorn is a hard working individual who always trys his best at whatever he puts his mind to.

Daniel is also a big admirer of James Allen and would loves to win this. Daniel is 21 on the 20th of october, what a great present this would be.

Dan is a great guy, he deserves this.

Like daniel I too am a James Allen fan, and would just like to add; you are the bomb!



I would like to nominate my boyfriend, John Lloyd, 26.

This is such a fantastic opportunity and I think John would be absolutely perfect for the job! I have never come across someone who is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about F1 and motorsport in general. He watches every single practice, qualifying and race and reads every forum going – even between seasons. If we are away for a race, he always finds a way to watch all the practice sessions, quallies and races – including BBC build-up and post-race footage. His passion is infectious and he has managed to make me and all my family completely F1 mad too! His knowledge about the sport in general is unbelievable – I often tell him he would be a fantastic commentator! He knows everything going on, from technical improvements and controversies to race tactics and driver history. He is also brilliant at explaining everything going on in the race and communicating his passion without making things complicated or unclear.

I also think he would be able to drive all the cars well as he has experience in competing at both motorbikes and rallying. He raced motorbikes (125 and 250) when he was a teenager and has since rallied Peugeots and Ford Fiesta ST’s. He would definitely have the right attitude and respect for driving all the cars on the day (and would probably be quite fast too!).

Finally, I’d like to tell you something about John himself...

John is kind, generous and funny. He is intelligent, hard-working and incredibly motivated. He is my best friend and has been there for me through everything. He always puts other people first and this is why he totally deserves this amazing opportunity for himself. He would be professional and trust-worthy, and fantastic at relating his experiences to the rest of the fans like him.

I hope I’ve done John proud in my nomination because he really is a fantastic person and have no doubt that he would do you proud too James... If you are considering John, please give him a call and you’ll soon see his infectious passion and great personality! Thanks, Daisy.


Hello. I would like to nominate Daniel Thorn.

Dan is someone who I admire very much; his passion, dedication and raw enthusiasm to motorsport is infectious and it often reminds me of just why I love F1.

Dan's spent his time and money banger racing just so he could capture some of the thrill of racing himself. It's his 21st birthday soon and it would be lovely to see him receive this.

Obviously this would be an absolute dream for any F1 fan and whoever manages to get this is a very lucky person but for me, I'd be delighted if Dan could go as I couldn't think of anyone who would appreciate the chance more and he'd soak up every minute of the experience.

Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity James. You, the people at Yas Marina Circuit, ART and everyone else involved have been beyond generous. I hope whoever wins has the absolute time of their lives and best of luck to you all!


My boyfriend Jon would love this. His first experience of the sport was when he turned the TV on back in May 1995 to see the F1 drivers observing a minute's silence in honour of the great Senna - he was hooked and he hasn't missed a race since. He used to disappear from the Sunday dinner table mid-roast to watch the action and before long managed to get his entire family hooked on F1 too. He watches every session of every race, often watching the highlights later in the day to see it all over again, and he rewatches his DVD season reviews ad nauseum. He exchanges literally hundreds of text messages with a fellow F1 fanatic during each race. For last year's season finale his fingernails were gouged deep into my arm until Button's championship victory was secured. He also loves the history of the sport and his favourite F1 book is "The Lost Generation" about the talented trio of British drivers who died back in the 70s before they had the chance to fulfil their potential. Oh and by the way he's very quick in a go-kart and wishes he had taken it up earlier in life - this event would let him sample the life he could have had 🙂


I want to nominate Gylen Boardman. One of the most passionate persons I ever met.

Not even the worst crash that nearly had cost him his life this summer could put him off his passion for the tempting world of motorsport.

Hardly anything could keep this guy from doing things he enjoys in life – and if he was forced to, he would feel even more attracted by those things… such as ‘absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones, as wind extinguishes candles and fans a fire’.

I don’t know any other person with whom I am doubtlessly sure to be the right one to nominate for such an opportunity that acts out all your lifelong passions.


I too would like to nominate Gylen, after his terrible crash he deserves a trip like this. His passion for F1 is second to none and his determination to get racing again has really inspired me.


What a fantastic prize .... 🙂 . Very easily I could grab a friend to nominate me but I won't as I don't have a full license which sucks and rules me out. Whoever wins it is a very lucky person and should cherish every last moment of it, everyone that watches F1 should, 3 weeks ago, I was told by a specialist, I am going to go blind in the next couple of years. Been in and out of hospital for the last few weeks having tests. i don't mind going blind at an early age, 28, only thing that saddens me is that soon I'll never get to see my favourite sport :(.


I would like to nominate my boyfriend Daniel Shires.

Dan has had F1 in his blood since he was a child and has watched every race, knows every statistic and has recordings of every season since his first in 1989 or so. Our house is full of mini champ diecast models of previous racing cars and Dan is always to be found reading F1 blogs or working on his own when he's not watching practice, qualifying, races, forums or highlights! I am a Silverstone widow every July , our honeymoon is already planned around the Spa GP in August despite us not yet being engaged and for our anniversary we spent a weekend at the Gold cup in Oulton Park.

My reason for nominating Dan, however, is that many of these were my suggestions. His love off the sport has done the impossible and I now LOVE motor sport and especially F1, almost as much as he does. When we met, I couldn't understand the attraction but now its a part of me as well as a part of us. F1 isn't just in his blood, its in Dan's heart and he has helped me to feel the rush of every race, the anticipation of every terrifying corner, the drama of team orders(!) and the thrill of every victory. He is already a true ambassador of F1 and winning this prize would make his day, week, year, decade and century!

I know it would be a dream come true. Please pick Dan!


I'd like to nominate Brett Williams, an Australian living in Hammersmith. Not only has he travelled half-way across the world to watch F1 races, but I'm sure he'd be very willing to do it again!

Further to being the definition of a modern gentleman, he has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Formula One. He has spent numerous Monday mornings at work exhausted, due to the Australian time difference. That's only a small facet of his dedication, as he has also driven all night from Melbourne to Sydney (there and back, without missing work) to get to the Albert Park Grand Prix.

Though I'm jealous I'm unable to make it, Brett's mere opportunity is an absolutely fantastic prospect. I can not think of anyone more suited to the role, and though I have given this nomination, there are not enough adequate superlatives to elucidate just how much he deserves this. Give him a call yourself, and right away you'll know he'll be perfect for this.


I would please like to nominate my friend Paul Bendrey (twitter name Monkimedia) as your UK fan ambassador, because I can't really think of anyone more perfect for the role... He is completely obsessed by F1 and as well as all the usual dedication that involves, he made me cycle around Silverstone for charity in the summer as a homage to the track where he has been going since childhood. I have photographic proof of this!! He knows every corner of EVERY F1 track, attended the F1 fan forum in London recently, has a degree in IT and electrical engineering so understands all the techy stuff but explains it to non-believers patiently in a passionate and articulate way, drives a ridiculously fast car very fast!! and very well so would relish the chance to get involved in the practical stuff, has converted his mum to watch F1, recently spotted himself on the F1 footage of the Monaco triathlon sat chatting to Lee Mckensie, can talk to people from all walks of life, is genuine, polite and really very funny, twitters relentlessly, and his dream is to have a job in F1!!

What more can I say? Really??

Thanks for reading!

Julie 🙂


"They said he might never win an F1 competition. HE'S DONE IT! Daniel Thorn wins the James Allen Abu Dhabi Trip of a Lifetime. GET IN THERE!"

Just as Jenson Button once thrilled James Allen by winning the Hungarian Grand Prix, I think James would be equally elated to see Dan receive this special prize. A huge driving enthusiast and the biggest F1 fan I know; I nominate DANIEL THORN.


You would love to have my brother with you. He could actually go at high speed on the track without getting a speeding ticket!! Plus of course he is a great F1 fan, been to the Italian GP a few years back. So if he is the lucky one you willhave some fun and he would do you proud


I nominate Brett Williams to be the UK Fan Ambassador, because he would be an awesome UK Fan Ambassador


I would like to nominate my friend Alex Hurley, 21, in order to help express my gratitude to him as without him, I would simply have no friends.

I love F1 almost as much as Alex does, and like to talk about it as much and for as long as physically possible. Unfortunately my passion for F1 is not shared by many of my fellow students, least of all my housemates. Therefore Alex bravely allows me to literally talk his ears off night and day saving my other friends from going insane with my enthusiasm. Not only that he also humours my lack of technical knowledge (which he has in bucket loads) and accommodates my inability to grasp why Lewis can’t just break a little later and get past the guy in front – which would apparently be obvious if I had ever driven a car round a corner quicker than the 30 mph my driving instructor will tolerate.

Not only has he saved me from being friendless but he has also spent many hours trying to find a way to get an experience just like you are offering. For example, he has worked for our university TV group in the hope that one day they will have the budget to nip off and cover the GP or go round the McLaren factory– showing he is not only kind but forever the optimist!

Finally Alex is a genuinely nice guy who would easily be able to express to the viewers and the people he meets the joy and amazement at the experience he will have. This would be the experience of his life.

Please please please help me pay him back for his friendship!

Thank you!



I'd like to nominate my friend Sam. He is a fantastic individual with a great passion for F1 and motorsport in general. He is going go-karting Sunday 26th with me having qualified for the Teamsport Semi finals in the UK. If he advances to the finals (Which i'm pretty sure he will, he's quite fast!) then this would be a fantastic way for him to improve his technique and meet some living legends. He is overflowing with F1 knowledge and this experience would be a dream come true for him. Thankyou James! Jake.

Alexandra Granville

I vote for Lauren Granville F1 FANTIC for UK Fan Ambassador and this once in a lifetime experience. I think she would make the BEST UK Fan Ambassador. Lauren is a F1 fantic & loves all aspects of racing, attends races where possible, watches all the coverage, reads all the magazines, blogs&actively debates the issues. Lauren is a total petrol head!Even in her part time job she tries to be as close to F1 as possible, even seeing you James at the vodafone mclaren launch this year! When Lauren graduates from uni, she aspires to work in formula one. Lauren has competed in kart racing&is the race secretary of her uni's motorsport club. Motorsport is a family passion but lauren most definately got a lota races genes. I know she would revel in the opportunity and really make the most out of it- doing the fans proud as she is a die hard fan herself.

I vote for Lauren Granville F1 FANTIC for UK Fan Ambassador.


My friend Lauren Granville would be the ideal uk fan ambassador. She is such a motorsport enthusiast, F1 is her passion and her dream. It was only when we moved in together that I realised how fanatical she was about F1,with all sorts of racing constantly on the tv or her laptop, she also follows who's who of motorsport on twitter, never mind the endless supply of autosport, F1 racing and motorsport magazine subscriptions forever coming through the door! She's a dab hand at racing too. Lauren kart raced when she was younger in Northern Ireland. After she finishes her law degree at KCL she has aspirations to work in Formula One. I think this opportunity would be ideal for her and she is the perfect candidate with the knowledge she already has and the enthusiasm she has to learn more about the sport and driving. She would really appreciate and embrace the opportunity to learn about the challenges of becoming a formula 1 driver and relish in picking the brains of F1 elite! She is also returning to kart racing this year in the British Univeristy Karting Championship, I'm sure she would appreciate and put the advice of the racing drivers to good use! I'd love to see her do this, she's the girl for the job! Lauren Granville for UK Fan Ambassador!!!

Melanie Granville

James what a great competition. My daughter was over the moon when she read this. I would like to nominate my F1 obsessed daughter Lauren Granville, 20. Since Lauren was tiny she followed in her grandfather&fathers footsteps in adoring nothing more than fast cars, driving&F1. Lauren is racing in the BUKC and loving it. Lauren would LOVE the opportunity to represent all of UK's hardcore F1 fans at this exciting event. Lauren is extremely excited at the chance to gain an insight into becoming an F1 driver&gaining the chance to speak to such greats! Lauren loves nothing more than watching the coverage of an F1 weekend&sharing her views on race tactics&team politics. last night she took us to a restuarant with a Senna F1 car on the wall&got stuck into chatting and discussing recent tactics&paddock politics with other fans.

This would be like all her christmas's at once.

I vote for Lauren Granville for UK Fan Ambassador she would do the fans proud with her endless enthusiasm for F1 and thorough knowledge - if she could do a degree in F1 she could teach the class. Thanks.


I would like to nominate a good friend of mine, Josh Pettet. He's 21, and has religously watched F1 for many of the years he has spent on Earth.

He is a big follower of F1 and reads several blogs and websites, including this one to have up to date knowledge of the goings on. I too am just the same, and thus we can spend hours talking about F1.

Josh has had a broader involvment in motorsport than just being a follower of F1. He ran the University of Plymouth Motorsports club last year, dedicating in a lot of time. He organised several events for differing levels and abilities of enthusiasts. The club at the university is all about making motorsport accessible to everyone no matter what the ability, as well as catering for the more hardcore racers. Josh has raced in the British University Karting Championship, Le Mans 24 Kart Race, on two occassisions as well as many arrive and drive kart races, in which he has put in several great drives.

Josh should be an ambassador as he is enthusastic and, more importantly I think, young. F1 is trying target the younger generations, and by having someone of Josh's age representing F1 fans of the UK, this will be a perfect opportunity to help further breach this market.

Best of luck to all applicants


Phil Tucker. Because he is the only man I know who would sit on a rubbish bin at spa for 3days to get a better view. When it was sunny the wasps were perioulsly close to his behind. When it rained the water poured through the bin and over his ankles. But at least he didn't have to look through a fence. Me, I'm ashamed to say, watched on a camping chair with an umbrella, through a fence.


I agree with Alexandra Granville, I would like to also vote for Lauren Granville as F1 Uk Fan Ambassador. This would mean the world to her, she is obsessed with F1 and has been for years and years!! You would be crazy not to choose Lauren!!! Lauren Granville for F1 Uk Fan Ambassador!!


James, do you remember a young boy aged 10 and his dad comimg up to you at a restaurant in Stavelot in August 2000 at the Belgian Grand Prix to ask you for your autograph, saying that you would be the "new Murray Walker"?

Well, that was my son David, whom I would like to nominate.

David's passion and enthusiasm for all forms of motorsport has consistently grown since then although participating only on the periphary, such as karting and a track day in a single seater.

His ambition is not to be a top driver (too late now and I'm too broke to support him), but to have an active involvement with the media side of motorsport. In his words, "to present or produce on Top Gear or BBC F1

David will start his final year of his Media Communications degree in October and his ongoing 10,000 word dissertation is about the press reception given to Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in light of them being in the same team and same nationality.

His knowledge of F1 is spot on but only from an outsider looking inwards on the sport, so this unique opportunity will enable David to have the experiences, which he can use to excel and progress with his motorsport dream within the media.


James, fantastic comp as always. What next, a trip with Branson on the first virgin galactic flight 😉

I would love to go but I'm in the same book as many others who post. A lone f1 fan 😉

So I'd go for nominating banjo (always a regular contributor).

Unless I can find 50 nominees 🙂

Best if luck to everyone nominated.

Lynnette Roberton

Why you should pick my son Charles Roberton.

The F1 fan.

Since 13 years old he has been a devoted committed fan. Sea cadets, sailing, everything else was forgotten. Cars

and motor sport took over, all free time was spent on cars, working and learning how things work. He passed his

driving test 3 weeks after his 17th birthday. He does not miss an F1 race, always live with timing and gps

positioning dominating the room. Any incident doesn't get missed and more often than not has commentated on

something before the tv does, even the stuff they miss.

The racing driver.

I have always believed in his natural ability and enjoyed his driving in and out the car. But as a single parent

money was limited, just too many 0's. He did well and could of got further up the ladder, two of his competitors

are now well known in other formulas close to F1. He cold called at Goodwood and got a job working for Mithril

racing and has been there for eight years, also for four years helped out with mechanics for sports 2000, managing

to do two races in that time. The last was two years ago and with no practice for over a year, was first in class

and fourth overall.

The person.

An experienced professional person, a practiced communicator who uses innovation and flexibility in a personal

performance role and relates easily to colleagues and members of the public. To me he is the selfless son who

became the main provider while trying to keep the seasonal job he loved, meaning no social life or holidays, just

work and worry. Supporting me through bereavement, loss of professional career and home, bankruptcy, a lack of

support from other areas to being on income support with arthritis in both hands. This is when he should of been

following his dream.

Please give him this opportunity to enjoy the challenges it requires to extend his skills.


I would like to nominate Keith Collantine, of f1fanatic.co.uk.

Keith shows a great enthusiasm, and a true understanding, of formula one particularly and motorsports as a whole. His website and community add a great deal to my enjoyment of the sport - a sentiment shared by, and with, people all over the world. With respect to my fellow fanatics, Keith stands out as being suited for the role of Fan Ambassador.


I would love to nominate my husband, David. He has lived and breathed F1 since he was old enough to sit up - I don't actually think he has ever missed a race (our wedding and honeymoon were planned to coincide with the summer break!!). He has coached our 2 year old to recognise all the cars and drivers and is in danger of becoming a bit of a F1 nerd if I'm honest!!!
After what has been a seriously rough year for one reason and another, I would so love to see his reaction if he were chosen! (and make up for the fact that he enters EVERY f1 comp going and never wins!)
Please help me put the biggest Cheshire cat grin on a true F1 fan's face! (and to give me a week off the F1 discussions!!)


Had I been in the UK I'd be badgering people to nominate me right about now, but as it stands, I'd like to nominate Gylen Boardman. He's an avid motorsport fan who spends his spare time riding motorcycles, thrashing sports cars around the local circuit or commentating the races. Couldn't think of a better man for the job.


I would like to nominate Brett Williams, because not only is he a fantastic guy, he is so into formula 1 and a dedicated fan from Australia. Not long after they arrived in London, his girlfriend bought him tickets to go to Belguim for the formula 1 for the weekend. Despite the weather being shocking (lots of rain and he was camping!) he had a fantastic time and made the most of the opportunity. He even decided that even though it was raining, and there was a shuttle bus to take him back to the campsite, he would walk the 10km's, stopping at a small town on the way for some food. As it happened, the traffic was so bad, he actually got back to the campsite before the bus! It must be that great attitude and willingness to get stuck in that makes Brett the ideal UK fan ambassador!


Please choose Chris McKenzie my hubby! he is the biggest F1 fan, a fantastic husband and Daddy! He was due to go to Malawi earlier this year with his work, to help schools for the blind. He is so dedicated to the work he was going to do out there and to experience the country. A week before the "dumpling" dislocated his kneecap and was not insured to go. He was so disappointed. Chris always puts others before himself and there is nothing i can do to thank him or give back to him. this would be perfect - his escape from life's demands is through F1... he also thinks you've the best job in the world James!


I would like to nominate my good friend Richard Warren because:

*He has a full driving licence

*He is able to travel to Abu Dhabi between Monday 27th and Thursday 30th September

*He has a reasonable level of fitness


I would like to nominate my best friend Gianni Fasulo for this trip. Gianni is the most passionate person i know when it comes to Formula 1. That's why this trip would quite literally be a dream come true for him. Gianni follows all forms of motorsport very closely and never misses a race for any of them.

Gianni is also a fantastic karting champion for Peterborough raceway, he always comes 1st in every race. Gianni has the ability to size up any race track instantly thus allowing him to perform at his best when racing.

Having known Gianni for years i can say with great confidence that he would love every moment of this trip and would never forget it.


My husband would be great for this:

- he gave up motorcycle racing to start a business
- he loves relaxing to f1 with our 3 month old boy, who he is certain will be f1 champ one day
- he isn't short of opinions, is a fast learner and would be great company to his hosts

Oh, he hasn't had a holiday in 3 years and it is his 32nd birthday on the 27th September!



I would like to nominate a dear friend LAURA MOHESS....

My plea is this.... with Laura winning this amazing opportunity it could quite simply save my friendship. I have to hold my hands up and say that I have almost no knowledge in this sport and have no idea what she is talking about most of the time... I say most of the time as there is not a conversation that I have had with her when she has not spoken of a race, a driver, lap time, a point system which I cannot even begin to get my head around and even tyres have come into a conversation! Whilst I have tried and obviously failed to embrace F1 I owe it to my friend to nominate her in this competition as it would waver all the long pauses, awkward moments and tumbleweed scenarios when she has informed me of some cars " Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems" - I don't even know if I have spelt that correctly, thats how lame I am.

What I do know is that Laura is absoultely the ideal candiate to be the UK representative as her passsion and love for this sport is apparent to all that know her and all that meet her and no-one would appreciate this once in a lifetime opportunity more than her and by her winning this prize it could mean I get to keep my beloved pal's friendship, with converstaions about tyres and all.


I would like to nominate a very much loved member of my motorsport forum her user name is silverfan she recieved more nominations than anyone else on my site, she's a wonderful person and she is passionate about the sport and would be a wonderful ambassador for all the fans here in the UK, she never misses a race and she always makes wonderful contributons to my forum, i would love to see her chosen.

Proof of the nominations:



Philip is a loyal supporter of Formula 1 and has been since a young age even getting up to watch the early morning races firsthand each and every one of them LOL . This opportunity would mean that he would be able to fulfil a lifelong dream of being involved in some way with Formula 1. We have never been able to afford to attend a Grand Prix as we have four children, but Philip was delighted to be able to take our children to visit the circuit at Spa and the Nurburgring a few years ago when we were on holiday in Luxembourg. We had to drag both him and the boys out of the Nurbergring Visitor centre at closing time LOL.

Philip has never complained that he has never been able to attend a formula 1 weekend, he did promise that he would take me back to Spa for my birthday as we both fell in love with the circuit but we were unable to do so. Phil has watched every race and his most memorable occasion was watching his favourite, Nigel Mansell win the championship. Watching Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button win were all a close second. This would be the opportunity of his lifetime and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Thanks.


I nominate my son Alex Jennings an ex football fan now converted to F1. McLaren Fan. Lewis Fan. Doesn't just watch the whole weekend (practice on line) reads every website and after the race, re-races it on F1 sims modded to the current season, with his own commentary. If he were a stick of rock he'd have 'F1 Fan' all the way through. His dream is to be an F1 official photographer and this is a fantastic opportunity to show the world what a true Fan Ambassador is as well as to taste F1 close up.


Hi James. I would like to nominate my son Richard.

Why should you take him I hear you ask?

Well most normal people don’t have a life size picture of a Formula One car on their wall. An interest in F1 is an understatement; he lives, breathes and (recently I have noticed) even sprays Formula One on himself, although even to this day, it mystifies me how they get the sport into a single deodorant can. Yet, the best part of his passion is not the smell. He has an uncanny ability to convey his knowledge (even that acquired from an engineering book) without boring the socks off me! This certainly comes through on race weekends, when he treats his guests to a superb personal commentary, almost on a par with you James!

The driving will be no issue. Back in the day, he dabbled competitively in karting as much as my wallet could provide and he’s regularly off to any other experiences he can afford, even if that is just the local F1 simulators!

Despite all this he’s only 18, but has the confidence and determination of someone far older. I think he demonstrated this at your recent FOTA Fans Forum. Undeterred, he approached the two team principles, asking them if they had any work opportunities. He must have impressed as he is now in email dialogue with one of them.

I rest my case.


Hi James. I would like to nominate my step-son Peter Wallace.

Peter's passion towards has always been with him since he was a very young boy and to have the chance of becoming an F1 ambassador would mean the world to him. Even when the cars aren't on track he is constantly keeping up to date with every aspect of F1 and he is constantly badgering me for my opinion! Unfortunately, my knowledge is not as expansive as his and this is why I believe that having the chance to communicate with other F1 fans from around the world would allow Peter's insurmountable passion and insight to be expressed in the environment it is meant to be placed. I believe that such desire and commitment towards following F1 is deserving of becoming an F1 ambassador and with him only being 20 it would show that the sport respects the fervour of its young fans as F1 looks in to the future.

Further, he has always had the dream of working in F1 and this desire has been shown through him setting up his own blog where he provides insight and opinion to his blog followers. Naturally, an experience such as the one you are offering would give Peter an insight in to what F1 is all about and it would also give him the chance to discuss with other likewise committed fans about their opinions on the sport.

Ultimately, his life-long passion, his desire to be involved within the F1 paddock, and his commitment to keeping up to date with every tiny detail of F1 provides the perfect backdrop for Peter to be accepted as an F1 ambassador. He always tells me how F1 should be a sport that can bring people from all parts of the world together and to see this in action for himself in Abu Dhabi would be awe-inspiring for him.

I can think of nobody else that is more deserving of this opportunity to become an F1 ambassador.


I nominate Jenson Button! A fantastic driver, World F1 Champion 2009, no less, but could do with a bit more circuit time in the build up to the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as to maximise his chances of trumping his title rivals in the season finale. Hamilton, Webber, Vettel and Alonso will all be playing slot machines at Marina Bay Sands casino after the Singapore Grand Prix, whereas Button will be flown back to Abu Dhabi to fine tune his racecraft for the upcoming races in what will ultimately be described as an 'unofficial test', and therefore within the Sporting Code (pending Christian Horner appeal).


I nominate my son Desmond.

I won't give a big spiel about how much he loves F1 as I'm sure everyone nominated in these replies adores the sport as much as he does.

My son has had a great passion for motor racing all his life. I feel it would be a fantastic opportunity for him to have the once in a lifetime chance at learning to drive some of the machines he has always dreamed of being around. He no doubt has the skill, and he very nearly made it to the GT Academy final which took place at Silverstone earlier this year.

I think Des would also be a great Ambassador as he is enthusiastic, charismatic and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of F1. He dreams of one day working with the BBC in the broadcasting of Formula One, and I think that this would be a great opportunity for him to prove that he has what it takes to the people that really matter.

All the best,



Hi James,

I would like to nominate my very good friend Brett Williams. I know how much he would love this opportunity. It would truly be an experience he would never forget, especially as a true fan!

With Warm Regards


I'd like to nominate my boyfriend Richard. He is a massive F1 fan (of course) and joining you in Abu Dhabi would be his dream come true. Since he moved to Bergen, Norway (my home town) two years ago he has been doing everything in his power to watch EVERY race weekend without fail. At any cost. He even installed a massive satellite dish especially for the live coverage. Along with his fellow F1-addicts he is frantically checking blogs, tweets, you tube videos and the likes whenever he has a spare moment.

Because most Norwegians aren't that bothered about F1, he has no other choice than to bombard me with the latest news (in detail) as well as historical facts from Jim Clarke to Ayrton Senna (and everything in between). I might just have (unwillingly of course) become one of Norway's greatest F1 experts ! And I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually starting to enjoy it..


As well as a great traveling companion, I know that Rich would be a more than worthy ambassador for the British F1 fans.

Lykke til alle sammen ! (good luck everyone)



P.S. No problem leaving from London of course, as Richie goes back and forth all the time !



I'd like to nominate my brother Chris for this incredible opportunity. Chris absolutley adores Formula 1 and has done so for as long as I can remember. When he was 13 years old he asked for the 1992 F1 season review for his birthday, and as a result I can tell you pretty much tell you anything about that year given the amount of times we've watched it!

Over the last couple of seasons Chris and I have been at Silverstone for the GP and quali. This year, we hit traffic trying to get into the circuit and I've never seen anyone get so agitated simply beacause they were going to miss a few minutes of the third practice session!

Chris loves the sport more than anyone and you can tell it runs deep. He's not the most techinical person I know yet he can still tell you about the intricatcies of Red Bull's blown diffuser...

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who love F1 as much as he does but he's an accountant (albeit a fun one!) and an opportunity like this would not only make his year but most likely, his decade.

He also backs himself as a bit of an Alonso. So it would be interesting to see if he can actually walk the walk!


Please send my friend Brett Williams, for two reasons:

#1 - He thinks Formula 1 every time he presses the F1 key on his keyboard.

#2 - I fear his sanity will be compromised if he does not accompany you to Abu Dhabi.


James, Indonesia has 200 million people and I cannot count the percentage of F1 fans, can I dominate one of them ?



Please take my fiance Andy. I can then watch my programmes when he's away!

He's been in love of F1 for 30 years and would be a great guest and ambassador!


I nominate Roy Knaggs for UK Fan Ambassador , who has the greatest love and knowledge of F1.


Dear James,

I would like to nominate my brother Daniel. He is an avid F1 and general motorsport fan.

Obviously I have to prove he is worthy of this chance of a lifetime but I truly believe he is the perfect candidate.

He has been a motorsport fan for as long as I can remember and am sure that if he were alive when the Greeks invented the wheel he would have been the first to suggest to get rid of the horses and whack a great big engine on their carts.

F1 is the highlight of his life, so much so, that when it came to my four month old son coming round to visit on race day - he was none too happy! Despite this inconvenience though he realised what an opportunity he had on his hands and set about being the perfect ambassador for F1 and guiding my son through all the intricacies of it all. Scarily, my son lapped it up (no pun intended) and was mesmerised by the whole experience even smiling each time he saw a Ferrari (this did not thrill my brother being a McLaren fan).

Next time I saw my brother he looked a little glum, when I enquired if there was anything wrong, he simply replied...."you can only get F1 driving clothing from 3 years onwards!".

Now, if my brother can give me an hour of peace by enchanting my four month old son with his passion for F1 I'm sure he can be the perfect UK Fan ambassador to all ages.

Here's hoping!



I nominate my lovely, pretty, F1 nutty friend Laura Mohess. She knows everything there is to know about F1 and has the ability to make any subject interesting, yes, even paint drying on a wall would be the major news on all TV channels if Laura was presenting it!

Laura would be an amazing fan ambassador, I hope you pick her!


Can I nominate Mike Thompson from Beverley... you should take him as he's a totally great bloke and you will have a laugh with him. Oh and he LIVES for F1.... it would make his dream come true...


I would like to nominate my lovely 'F1 obsessed' boyfriend, Jiten Mistry for an ambassador.

I don't think you could get a bigger fan than himself.

From age the age of 6 Jit found his first 'true love' whilst browsing through the channels to find something to entertain him.F1 had come on, being amazed he then waited, everyday at the same time for the F1 programme to come, when he finally realised it was only on at certain times.

Since then his love for F1 has grown and grown. Everyday regardless if he has a lecture or work, he'll no doubt in the morning as soon as he's awake get on the internet and read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with F1 e.g the F1 website, forums etc just to make sure he's up to date!

His passion of F1 doesn't stop there, he'll not only watch the qualifying and the race once, but he'll record it and watch it literally several times.

Last Christmas I had bought him a few books,including one from James Allen, one was just about the race tracks and I could show him the track and cover which one it was and he could tell what the name of the place and track was.. now that is passion!

He's so passionate towards F1 he is considering a change after studying Pharmacy to do engineering so he can be closer to F1 and work on the pit stops!!

He has recently went go karting for the first time and he was determined to win the race with his friends, and so he did. He came 1st with the fastest speed throughout the race and this was to do with his love for F1.

I could go on and on about how much passion Jit has for F1, but there simply isn't enough space to write how dedicated and passionate he is. He truly deserves this opportunity I know this would mean the world to him.

I really hope he gets this opportunity because he is the one and only F1 obsessed fanatic!


Please pick my Dad. I am eight and he is the best Dad in the world and is always watching formula one with Mum and his friends. They cook food to match the country every race. And he's always reading formula one stuff on his phone and on our computer when I want to play games. Please pick my Dad because he helps me with my homework and plays on the tramp with me and my sister and he takes us skating and swimming. Mum always says he could do with a break because he has to work away during the week and I want to see him on tv because then he will be famous and I can tell my friends at school. Love Chloe


PS. From Chloe's Mum: her dad is Michael Thompson


my name is millie and i love my dad michael patrick thompson.he plays with me and i love it when he bounces me high on the tramp. he watches cars and shouts go lewis at the telly. i just laugh and play on my bike. sometimes i sit on his knee and he tells me about the cars. please pick my dad because i love him.


From the bottom of my heart, I hope your DAD gets it!!!


My husband Michael deserves to win this extraordinary competition. He's been driving since age 2 (lol well actually he drove the neighbours car into a fence further down the street), he lives and breathes F1, we and two other friends watch every race together even cooking food to match the country (in a childish attempt to pretend we are there!!), we've had days when they come dressed as the BBC F1 team, Mike due to his short spiky hair and affliction for funky shirts has be be EJ! Well, some would say funky. They also seem to have an uncanny knack of making race comments moments before Legard and Brundle. Mike is awesome, I know I am biased but it is absolutely true, he would make the most of this opportunity James, he would meet and greet people with a smile, he would take part in all the racing activities with such enthusiasm and attitude and he will do well - he always does much to my frustration lol. He is just all round excellent and really really deserves a treat just for himself. He works away every week, comes home at the weekends with a smile, plays with our girls, helps about the house, makes me laugh and watches F1. He rocks. I have everything crossed that he might be the one. Thank you.


Dear james

I also would like to nominate Michael Thompson for this extroidary trip.

I am Michaels Step Mum I guess as I am married to Michaels Dad.

Michael has always loved formula 1, when he was younger his Dad used to take him to the races in Pukekohe NZ and they came over to watch the indy in Australia, he loves cars and eveything Katrina and Chloe and Millie say is true he is a fantastic Father and I hope he wins this adventure.




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I'd like to nominate my son Mike, he's been glued to F1 since in nappies. There's obviously petrol in his veins!

I'd be surprised if he's missed any of the races over the last 15 years. His enthusiasm for the sport has rekindled my interest in the sport after I'd been swayed to motorcycle racing. He's also managed to persuade his mum to watch as well and that's something I've never managed!

His interest envelopes all areas of the sport, he'll regularly raise aspects of the car's design, team tactics and tracks prior to a grand prix weekend. He's the only build up to a race weekend i need! We'll regularly meet at his house now on a Sunday in anticipation for the start as his enthusiasm has rubbed off on us all.

I'd say Mike would be the perfect candidate to represent the fans as he's not at the level of total fixation but neither is he a casual watcher. I think he'd bring to the table a perfect example of an average F1 fan a balance of analytical interest from the armchair! He doesn't claim to know every in and out of the sport but then again I don't think that's the person you'd be looking to chose?

I'd like to think Mike would see this opportunity as a way of giving back to the sport what its given him.

Thanks for your consideration,




I would like to nominate my 22 year old daughter, Ali. Having been indoctrinated by me from an early age in the compelling & exciting world of motor sport and my heroes Clark, Rindt, Petersen, Jones & Senna; she has developed a true passion for F1. In my view she is a true afficiando and, unusally judging from some comments on the various topics on your site, has an unpartisan approach and an appreciation of all aspects, teams & drivers in F1. In addition to F1 she is a keen follower of the BTCC series and supporting formulae, GP2 and MotoGP. A highlight so far has been taking part in the Ferrari experience at Silverstone and posted a, marginally(!), better time than me. Finances have dictated that she has so far not attended a GP (she is a pre-school teacher) but has satisfied her petrol-head tendancies with the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the past 3 years. Obviously I may be accused of being a little biased but I believe she would make a worthy recipient of this prize.

Good luck to all entrants & thank you for this opportunity.


I'm guesing you can't be nominated if your 3 months pregnant?! Bugger because this sounds like the most amazing oppotunity of a lifetime!!


I would like to nominate my boyfriend wayne martin...his a die hard fans of F1 ever since. Sometimes he would prefer to watch F1 than me ahahha joke but its true ;)but it doesnt matter to me...just want him to be happy cos i know he really loves F1. He got loads of pictures and A magazine of his F1 idol. I would say F1 is in his blood. I hope he will be the F1 ambassador soon!love you hun

Dr Nick Gilfillan

Dear James,

I would like to nominate my sister, Lauren Granville.

Never have I met someone more dedicated to the world of F1. She would make an excellent ambassador due to an extensive knowledge of formula 1, along with the teams and drivers, past and present. Lauren is determined to make F1 her life and would be grateful of the opportunity to enter into the world of motorsport. She has started from the grass-roots, by driving karts in Northern Ireland and participating in Formula 1 based corporate catering events. Along with helping to expand the fan-base in the UAE, the added goal would be to meet the media representatives on the trip – Lauren has the attributes and drive to make this not only a fun trip but to carve out a career in F1 if given this rare and exciting opportunity.

Thank you


I would like to nominate my good friend, Anthony Cruice.

Let me be completely selfish for a second. I would like nothing more in the World to win this opportunity for myself. So it means a lot when I say I can think of no single person better suited to the task than Ant.

Some of my fondest memories are of Ant and I as kids, running alongside our remote controlled F1 cars (I was a Ferrari F310, he, being a Williams man, plumped for the FW19) on our self devised tracks around the pavements where we lived – I still rate the first corner by my Grandad's as one of the finest in F1.

This enthusiasm for Formula 1 has never left him, and although we live at opposite ends of the country now - him in York, myself in London – many a Monday morning is spent debating and analyzing the previous race via email (or playing our "Remember the Obscure Driver Game").

I can think of no better gift for a lifelong friend, who's dedicated a serious proportion of his life following a sport that he loves. But I've got to stop now, because I've got a lump in my throat.

Thanks, Jon


Our family watch F1 from the sofa and from the stands, other sports divide us, F1 doesn't. We all love F1 but our son Dan now has a depth of knowledge that surpasses being a fan, at 27 he is a fully fledged nerd. He sits with an open laptop following the timings and positions and now he lives in London we miss his “extra commentary”. He is a young computer graduate, now guitar tutor, who is self employed and therefore available for the trip. He is extremely fit and could even play the title music for you. He would never embarrass you with loud shirts like Eddie and what’s even better he is diplomatic and polite, so you wouldn’t have to go around apologising for him. Do we think he deserves this trip? Of course we do, but even better we think if you have a look at him via his website you will think so too. His parents. http://www.danielhoyes.co.uk/


And it is his birthday today. . .what a great present!


Dear James

I would like to nominate my boyfriend Jesse. He is a regular reader of your blog and the biggest Grand Prix fan I have ever known (bigger then my dad and that's pretty serious!).

He has been in love with Formula One since he was a boy. His father used to live in Montreal (was a bit of a celebrity back then, I understand) and he took his young son on a tour of the pits. They stood behind one of the huge Renault cars just as it was lit up for its first practice session of the day. He often describes this moment with a bit of tear in his eye.

He is such a hard working guy he would really deserve this. We have been working so hard to start our own business and he has not had a holiday in over two years.

I'm sure everyone will be saying that they know the biggest fan of F1 but in my case it's true (his commentary is often more insightful than the TV guys on Sunday, its certainly louder!).

Hopefully I will hear from you soon. Many thanks




You have issued quite a challenge to nominate someone who should be your UK Ambassador Fan.

Of course many already have wrote and each nominator have given you a whole string of reasons why their nominee should be selected.

But I don’t think you asked for that, in fact you asked for a reason and here it is.

“Tom Page will be the best Ambassador Fan because you will be introducing to the world of F1 media coverage a 24 year old, potentially a future F1 commentator, whose knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to present is sufficiently good enough to stand as an equal to yourself”


Dear James,

My name is Livia, I’m 26 and I would like to nominate my husband Pasq.

I cannot think of anyone who deserves this chance more than him; he is a mechanic who spends the majority of his free time immersed in the world of F1, including your website which he logs on to every night!! This is an opportunity that I would never be able to arrange for him, not only for financial reasons but mainly because I simply do not have any contacts in this world.

I feel frustrated that my husband is so knowledgeable about this sport and takes so much interest in it and will never have the chance to get behind the scenes and learn more about what he has dedicated most of his life to.

Pasq’s love for F1 journalism started when he carried out work experience at a car magazine when he was 15. Since then, and definitely since I met him he has not missed a GP, not gone a week without buying Autosport and has an F1 book collection that makes the sports section in Waterstone’s look miser.

After much begging, compromising and consideration back in May Pasq and I went for the first time to the Monaco GP. That weekend, despite not having pit passes, we bumped into Massa’s race engineer, an ex F1 driver and some mechanics. His enthusiasm was contagious and I could see that those who spoke with him were taken aback by his comments, feedback and humble nature. These events made him the happiest I have ever seen him, in fact seeing him so thrilled made the whole trip completely worthwhile.

Please, please James give my husband a chance! He is very charismatic, confident and someone you cannot help but like, but most of all a real fan, with a real love for this sport – you would make his dreams come true, something that I plainly cannot do.


Ps. Pasq is extremely fit and an avid karter at Streatham Kart Raceway, South London.


Hello James, Thank you for a great site and fantastic competition.

I would like to nominate my partner Mark Pearce to be your ambasssador.

He isn't a fanatic but he is a good fan...fitting in F1 around his work, family and life in general. Aiming to watch the qualifying and races, but sometimes only managing to catch the highlights, or the updates on red button (teenage daughters can be awkward). The same with practise...tricky when at work but the red button and web sites all help keep in touch.

He is in short totally representative of your 'average british fan'. Mark is a lifelong McClaren supporter, and also thinks he's a pretty good driver (again your typical guy). Unlike others here I can't claim he has been to grand prixs around the world but he has managed to get to a few over the years(Silverstone,France, Germany and Hungry)when finances allow ('cos for your average fan F1 is seriously expensive to follow).

Mark has travelled abroad a lot through his work as a trainer so is comforatable speaking and listening in large groups from all walks of life which is probably his only fault in being representative of the average uk fan however if you need him to speak loudly and slowly he would be able to.

Best wishes and thank you for considering this nomination

p.s he is 'reasonably fit' too in that British and 47 years old kind of way 🙂


Hi James,

I would like to nominate my son Mark (age 19) for this trip. He has always followed F1 since his Grandfather introduced him to it at the age of six. Since then he has watched almost every race, as well as following the latest news and technological developments avidly every day (even if he is at work or abroad). We live near Williams F1 and a few years ago he managed to get some work experience there, which was the highlight of his year!

Unfortunately my wife and I do not follow as avidly as he does, and I know he would love the opportunity to actually discus F1 in depth with fellow enthusiasts, who would actually understand what he was on about, without requiring a lengthy explanation! He really would love to have proper discussions about all aspects of F1, while actually representing the sport on some level. Sadly he just does not get those debates here at home, and I feel this is an opportunity for me to put his name forward and possibly provide this experience he so craves. This really would be a dream come true for him, and I know he would remember it for the rest of his life.


Hi James

I would like to nominate my son, Joe. I find it hard to imagine there being anybody out there who is more enthusiastic, more passionate, more knowledgeable, more fanatical about motor sport, and Formula 1 in particular.

It was the 2001 Brazilian GP that got Joe hooked, and he tells me the 2008 French GP is the only race since that he has not watched from start to finish! We drove up to Silverstone in 2003 after watching quali at home, and he didn’t get a minutes sleep all night because he was so excited, so he decided to get up and walk to the circuit at 4.45am to see what he could see, before coming back for breakfast. Sitting next to Joe in the pit straight grandstand watching him witness the most thrilling and exciting Grand Prix for years unfold was about as good an experience you can get as a Father. It was worth every penny.

At home in South Wales I run a Bed & Breakfast. In late 2002 we had a group of Czech blokes stay with us, who’d come over to see the Wales Rally GB. As they were enjoying a cuppa in our kitchen soon after arrival, Joe walked in (aged 13). His eyes lit up. He had instantly recognised that one of those men was Tomas Enge, who competed in the final 3 Grands Prix of the 2001 season. Joe immediately recalled Tomas’ practice crash at Suzuka 2001 and that he had a VHS of the qualifying session. He flicked through to see if Jim Rosenthal had showed a clip of it – which he had – and so took Tomas to his room to show him the crash and ask him what he remembered of it. It was met with a wry grin!

A couple of weeks ago, Joe wrote to F1 Racing magazine to tell his story of the 2004 Belgian GP, which you can read in the October issue. In this, Joe’s love and passion for the sport shine through. He talks about how we met up with Tomas Enge, before Tomas gave us a tour of the paddock and his F3000 garage. His eyes were out like saucers. The expression on his face as he stood on the pit wall watching F1 qualifying said it all.

In the 12 months before Spa, Joe took up writing for his weekly school newspaper. He came to realise that motor sport journalism and/or broadcasting was what he wanted to do in life, so, aged 15, he wrote to his local newspaper, the South Wales Argus, asking if he could write about F1 for them. They said ‘yes’, and he subsequently had several GP previews published, before deciding to concentrate on his GCSEs.

Joe then obtained work experience at The Autosport Show – where he ended up working as Jodie Kidd’s trackside camera man (Jan 2005, with some footage appearing on Motors TV) – and at BBC Wales a few months later.

His determination to succeed and become a journalist has never wavered, and he began writing for his university newspaper soon after joining Cardiff Uni in Sept 2008. His loyalty, enthusiasm and energetic writing style led him to being appointed Sports Editor in his 2nd year. At the Cardiff Student Media Awards in May he was awarded ‘Best Sports Writer’ (judged by a professional journalist). This summer he obtained work experience at The Guardian, and got his name in the paper several times, before writing a premier league match report for online!

And not only has he shown such obvious enthusiasm for the sport over the years, and such obvious commitment to becoming a motor racing journalist, he is also a very good driver!!

He passed his test aged 17, and four and half years later he hasn’t had one bump – not even a scratch to his car.

This summer, for his 21st birthday my wife and I took him to Castle Combe circuit for a driving day. The instructors said afterwards that any score above 90% is truly “exceptional”…anyone with above 90 is a “natural”, they said. Joe scored 86%! And on the skid pan, he was 2nd fastest (out of 16) in the end of session race!

I appreciate this is a little longer than most of the nominations, but I hope you now feel that my son, Joe, really deserves this prize – certainly as much as anyone else. This prize will give Joe the opportunity he has spent the last nine years only dreaming of. He has attended 6 Grands Prix; worked as a camera man at the Autosport Show; written about Formula 1 for his school newspaper, local newspaper, uni newspaper….this is an opportunity he richly deserves, to get that bit closer to the sport – and some of the people in the sport – that he has spent most of his life following.



So much love and passion in the nominations.

Sincere and hilarious at the same time.

Whoever gets it deserves the treat from JA!

Mr.Allen, you are a kind man.


I would like to nominate my boyfriend Wayne Martin to be the F1 ambassador in uk. He really loves F1 and his one of the die hard fans ever since. Upto to the point that he almost forget me lol he watch the F1 news all the time never runs out of information about it got loads of pictures and a book of his idol Jenson button. I know deep within that he got this passion towards the race. I know if only he can afford to see the race he will be there but sad to say he can't. So I would like to grab this chance. I want to see him happy to let him know that I'm supporting his greatest passion in life.Hope he will be chosen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and to my Hun I love you. x


If you're looking for somebody to represent the finest F1 fanbase on the planet and spread the UK's love for F1 around the world, look no further than Owen Edwards.

So much of F1's greatness is tied to its history. Without that history, the F1 World Champion is just one of many champions crowned every year by the myriad of racing series around the world. If we forget F1's history, names like Senna and Fangio are just Latin American sounding names that mean nothing. The history of our sport is a grand drama, full of tales that are so extraordinary that they could never be believed if they hadn't actually happened. Any new F1 fan can go to a race and see the spectacular sights and hear the awe-inspiring sounds, but to truly appreciate the sport's greatness, one has to sit down with a scholar of the sport's history, somebody who can tell them why the action they're seeing on the track means so much.

I have never come across a greater scholar of Formula 1 history than Owen Edwards. I know it's cliche to call somebody a walking encyclopedia, but in Owen's case it's more than appropriate. He devours every fact he can find on F1's history with a truly astonishing hunger, he remembers practically every bit of the sport's days of old with a memory that boggles the mind, and he is all too happy to regale all who pass with tales of the sport's glorious past.

Of course, Owen's credentials go well beyond his knowledge of F1's history. He's a genuinely good bloke - friendly, funny, diplomatic, and incredibly passionate about the sport. He's the exact kind of person that our new fans would latch on to and relate to. If the goal of this ambassador's trip is to turn a group of fans who are curious about the sport but have yet to learn the greatness of F1 into a pack of passionate aficionados with the passion for and knowledge of the sport to match the UK's fanbase, then I can think of no better teacher than Mr. Edwards.


I want to vote for my friend Donna Clark, why? cos she's great and would love to go more than anything else in the world, oh yeah and she's made sure she's free that weekend. Go on choose her, you won't regret it ppppppppppplllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeee


James, i think you should take my friend Ian. There's no overriding reason why, it would just come as a complete surprise to him, and i think would represent what's sadly missing in soceity today. Doing great things for others, selflessly. He is a huge fan, and Abu Dhabi is always the GP he has mentioned that he wants to see. I want to make this dream happen for him.


I think you should take my best mate Jon Wilde to Abu Dhabi as he is not only a huge F1 fan, but also an up and coming business star, having become a Director of a large drinks company at the age of 27. 

Jon has been a motor sport fan all of his life, his first word was Volvo (poor taste I know) and would sit at the window naming all the lorries that went by as a young child. 

We have been to many GPs together, but I'll never forget Thursday at Spa where we dodged the security guards and made it up to the paddock gates, just as all the drivers were arriving. While collecting autographs, Jon spots Marcus Winklehock from the other side of the carpark just from the personal sponsors on his cap, I think Marcus was more surprised to have a fan than I was that Jon had identified him from only a baseball cap!

Jon has applied for a couple of F1 jobs and I truely believe Bernie is poorer for not having employed him.  

However the main reason I think you should pick Jon is for his business head. You don't need the biggest F1 fan you can find, you need some one who can enthusiastically present their ideas of how to take F1 into a new market, someone who people will want to listen to because he understands how to translate the opportunity UAE have into lucrative fan base. Someone who isn't interested in the 'all expenses paid' aspect, but someone who has been to the region and who knows how to grow the sport he loves. I know Jon would be so keen to attend this event even off his own back.

Plus, I always beat him at karting so he needs all the track time he can get!        

Stephen Greenwood

Hi my friend Jon Dye 1, i can't think of anyone who would love this more 2, hes the only person i know who does a full race weekend on the playstation and i mean a full race weekend 3, he got a gun to my head and he thinks hes a racing driver already

Simone (Mum) and Corey (age 11)

I'd like my Aunty Schumacher to win(Laura Mohess) because she always watches the grand prix even at night and she talks tome about itafter.And she reads top gear magazine withme.



Age 11

From Mum....

As a family, we would like to support Laura Mohess who is Godmother to our son Corey. Both our son and daughter refer to Laura as their aunty Schumacher as when Corey was a small child he associated this name with her from a very early stage. She would sit with him and tell him all about the happenings of each race. Initially this was of no real interest to myself or Coreys Dad Simon, but as Corey got older, he was hooked. Over the years,thanks to Aunty Schumacher, Sunday has become a time (probably the only time) when both my Son and Daughter sit still with their Dad and enjoy some time together. I get to cook lunch whilst they are all hapilly consumed by their new hero Lewis Hamilton. Through Lauras influence my 11 yr old boy has a great sporting role model (whilst of course, like his Dad remaining a loyal Arsenal fan). Corey has just started high school and has been able to find like minded friends who are into the sport too - and hes proud as punch to say his aunt knows more about cars than their Dads!!!!

Pick Laura and you'll find an true inspiring figure who appeals to all ages, sports fans or otherwise. A truly engaging individual who has a smile to capture everyones hearts.


I would like to nominate Tom Witcomb. He has been a F1 fanatic since he was a child. He has even managed to convert me into a F1 fan having disliked the sport until I met him. Tom loves anything car related, he spent his last year of university working 20 hour days to build a car for the Formula Student competition, which came top UK team at the international event in Hockenheim, Germany. This would be such an amazing experience for anyone, but Tom would appreciate it so much, he would be a brilliant UK ambassador, please take him!


i nominate my brother .Long time fan a complete fanatic.A background in advertising and therefore a great comunicator.

His name Maris Silis


James I would like to nominate my son Matt who is a complete F1 geek and would make a great Fan Ambassador because he is knowledgable, very enthusiastic and passionate about the sport as well as being a great communicator and enjoys creating new friendships. This would be a fantastic opportunity for him and something he would love to do and he would be able to use the passport he had to buy so that he could register at a job agency.


I would like to nominate my father. At the age of 17 he bought a ‘one of’ racing sports car and converted it for road use by changing the engine, suspension and making it 6” longer, but it had no doors. Having worked in engine rebuilding workshop near Rome to earn money, he then drove it all over Europe for two summers, visiting many racing circuits.

After that he bought Skoda works car intended for Le Mans, directly from the factory. Rebuild the engine, road registered it, and crossed Germany in January blizzard, 10” of snow and ice, no heater, no roof. That car is now a museum exhibit.

The day after he arrived in UK (to study engineering at Imperial College) he attended the British Grand Prix, and two weeks later he was helping a racing driver at Mallory Park. Instead of studying he spent most of this time driving lorries and repairing damaged sports cars to pay the bills. In the summer he worked for Formula Ford manufacturer, F3 and F1 teams attending many races.

Later he got managerial position at Mazda Cars, bought damaged Formula Ford and did some races, but loss of a job shortly after purchasing a house put paid to his racing ambitions.

Technical job at Jaguar helped him to purchase an abandoned Lamborghini 350GT, take to US and have some amazing adventures with that jinxed car (long story), including visits to Montreal and Watkins Glen.

It wasn’t until he made good money in IT that he resumed racing, 2 seasons in FF, 2 and half in Vauxhall Lotus. Stab at F3 was short lived, a deal felt trough, F3 proved beyond his means. He met and raced with many, now famous, drivers: Irvine, McNish, Coulthard and Barichello to name few.

These days, weekends without GP are spent maintaining his small collection of sports cars, the last ever registered Lotus Elan Sprint DHC (rebuilt twice), old Porsche and putting finishing touches to his latest rebuild, a Lamborghini Miura.

Unsurprising remains committed F1 fan, never missing a race. And he keeps showing me BTCC Ginetta Junior races with Sarah and Luise winning races !

Naturally he reads your website every day, and occasionally comments, mainly on F1 future.

I would be surprised if you could find a bigger “petrol head” (he would hate that moniker) and F1 fan. Of course his biggest ambition is to drive a modern F1 car (he did have few laps in friends F5000 and historic F1), but F3000 car would be very nearly as good. Pretty please, please James…

Felicity (16)


Can I please nominate my husband for this. He deserves this because he is a lovely bloke and completely obsessed with F1. He fits all the criteria being very knowledgeable about F1 and interested in all its ins and outs. He is fit (just come home from doing the Great North Run)and is a fab driver. The highlight of his life so far has been having a question read out on the New Zealand TV coverage of the 2003 season in the middle of the night, so this would be beyond his wildest dreams.

He is truly a fan and I think he could well represent other fans.

thank you very much

Kirsten xx


I should be a lady, that's how the fan base has moved on in the uk. Lewis Hamilton has turned F1 in to a family sport more than ever before and as such, the lucky candidate shouls be a lady, preferably a mother. The family linch pin.


I nominate Alex, a fan since age 5 when Nigel Mansell signed his t-shirt at Brands while he (Alex) was still wearing it. Numerous other GPs including Monaco 2006 with Hamilton winning the GP2 race; sleeping on the hill overlooking Rascasse, when not falling down it; watching Schumacher parking his Ferrari. And so on and so on right up to Silverstone this year. Early 30's, eloquent, resourceful, with a totally unshakeable belief that he would be better than Hamilton if his father had only bought him a kart when he was seven. The ideal emissary for British fans.


I would like to nominate my boyfriend of 9 years Ian Astles who has certainly been F1 and motorsport obsessed for as long as I've known him. Over the years together he has done anything and everything he can to be involved in motorsport. This included introducing me to weekend camping at a variety of racing events across England, managing to sell the idea to me as 'a weekend away' although the reality of it was not quite as I had expected! Ian's love of F1 made him more enthusiastic about going to as many race weekends as possible across the country, and in turn, seeing the action live convinced him further that he had to be involved in the world of F1 one way or another. This led Ian to work voluntarily in his spare time with a Mini 7 race team to gain experience of working with a race team. Ian did this while completing an electrical apprenticeship to eventually fulfil his dream of working within F1.  For 3 and a half years Ian dedicated every spare moment he had working with the Mini 7 team at circuits across the country. How do I know this? Because he persuaded me to go to every race with him and his infectious passion even rubbed off on me and I too am now a fan! In 2007 Ian qualified as an electrician and finally fulfilled his F1 dream of working for Mclaren racing team. I will never forget the phone call he received from Mclaren telling him he'd got the job with the test team - Ian, his mum and I jumped and danced around the room for a good 5 minutes laughing, crying and hugging! Ian probably won't thank me for sharing quite so much detail of this incident but I think it shows his passion, dedication and commitment to the world of F1. A year later budgets and teams were changing at Mclaren and Ian had to leave. He continued to dedicate every spare moment to follow all aspects of F1 - tv coverage, online news and updates. Ian would be the ultimate fan ambassador because of his knowledge of being not only a fan of F1 but also his experience of working with an F1 race team, plus his infectious passion for Motorsport and endless energy and ideas.


I would like to nominate my boyfriend Tom for the F1 Fan Ambassador.

Like all the people who have been nominated, he is passionate about the sport and knows just about everything there is to know about it. So passionate in fact that he nearly puts a hole in our living room floor every time a race starts, leaping about and shouting.

Aside from that I think that anyone who so determinedly cheers on Bobby Kubica each and every week deserves some reward for his loyalty to make up for the constant frustration. The fact that he has actually gotten me interested in a sport I previously had no understanding of definitely deserves some recognition...

I would really love for Tom to have the opportunity to go on this trip as he would make the most of every minute of it.


I would like to recommend my friend Dominic who is an all round good egg as well as being a lifelong F1 fan who would both delight and excel at being the UK Ambassador at this event. He is even prepared to bring his own Ferrero Rocher!

I would say he is mostly presentable, maybe a little scruffy around the edges, but is well spoken, intelligent and very knowledgeable on Formula 1. He is very much a 'people' person and would relish meeting other fans from around the world and in particular from UAE.

He would get a massive kick out of the 2-day experience the career of a racing driver (who wouldn't?!) and is fascinated by all things the drivers have to do, the skill of driving, the fitness and mental agility, toughness and concentration required.

He is available, very willing and would be a proud UK Ambassador.


I'd like to nominate my friend and work colleague Giles Hindle. He is a huge fan of F1. I think he would be grinning from ear to ear for the rest of his life if he was offered this fantastic opportunity. I honestly believe that he would be a perfect Fan Ambassador. I really enjoy our F1 chats, even when we don't agree!


Dear James

I like to nominate my dad as he is the best dad

he takes me every 2 weeks to my kart races

has taught me about every thing he knows about F1 including what it means to become a racing driver

he has followed F1 from James Hunt till present

we whatch all the away races together and really knows how the race will unfold

untill i can get my first win this will be a great surprise for him and the world fans will like him to

i do not have my own email address so i used his

so if you select him it will be great

we went to Monaco 5 yrs ago and he drove the race trak in a car and got stoped by police for speeding

but it was great as he was telling me and my sister about the layout

if you do choose him it will be really great for him

from Andre Nicodemou

Many Thanks


I nominate the person who has made the most worthwhile contribution to this website by posting comments( other than you James! )during this season. This is because over a period of time they have proved their devotion to F1 week in week out and have enhanced the enjoyment of others by making thoughtful , and informed comments to provoke debate amongst the fans. James you will know say the top 5 or 10 contributors , out of them you could ascertain those who fit your "restrictions". You would then arrive at a shortlist and either you could chose or you could set them a task to comment on an article of yours about some F1 topic and then pick the best, either by you making that choice or by throwing it open to the rest of us for a vote.


I second the proposal from Liz, It is by far and away the best one posted yet. It is the informed contributions prompted by your thought provoking articles that make this site compulsive reading. So far I can only recall seing a single nomination for a name I recognise out of a host of nominations for WAGS! Don't waste the opportunity to give a real fan an insight into the world of F1

from PGTips