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First view of Senna movie trailer
First view of Senna movie trailer
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Sep 2010   |  5:25 pm GMT  |  135 comments

You will recall I posted a while back on the feature film about Ayrton Senna being made by Working Title and Universal.

The first trailer for the film has come out in Japan and I’m posting it here so you can get a feel for the movie.

I’ve seen it twice, once quite early on when it was in development and then more recently I saw the almost finished version.

It is a fantastic film made by a very dedicated and meticulous crew. They tell the story of Senna, the man and the driver using actual footage and voice over from Senna himself and people who were close to him or worked with him.

The result is a very well crafted and balanced film which I think will delight fans who saw him race and will bring him a whole new generation of younger fans.

My F1 career started in 1990, when he was in his prime in and I had quite a few dealings with him; interviews, conversations and so on. He was an inspirational figure, gloriously talented, deep, intense and frighteningly competitive and this film captures all of that as well as his principles. It also captures the bitterness of his rivalries with other drivers and with political figures at the time.

There is plenty of amazing behind the scenes footage which I had never seen before.

I’m waiting to hear the release dates for the film – should be some time in the New Year in the UK – and the producers have promised me a special JA on F1 screening around launch time, just for fans from this site, with a Q&A afterwards which I will conduct with the film makers.

I can’t wait.

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I loved reading the posts on here. I caught the bug of Formula 1 motorsport in the mid-80s and really started to appreciate gutsy drivers like Mansell and slowly also Senna who were up against methodical intelligent drivers like Prost and Lauda. I suppose what we all like in life is authentic guts when trying to achieve any aim and it’s always going to be more attractive than any other human qualities. I think this “fair and gutsy” quality transcends into all walks of life including motorsport and we identify with these people as our ideal hero and heroine.

For me Mansell and Senna were like brothers, they battled fairly, argued yes but liked and respected each other. Prost appeared to be cast as the villainous cousin – quite unfairly – and ultimately Senna wanted to prove that guts and feelings/spirituality were more important than just using your mind to calculate logically.

I think he made his point and even Prost saw how important it was to respect this.

Having said all of that, and after reading and researching for may years now I truly believe that there have only ever been three people who ever had that almost unconscious spiritual ability combined with amazing physical and mental skills. And they were Nuvolari, Ayrton Senna and Ayrton’s own ultimate hero Jim Clark.

If you look at Ayrton’s driving style and overall racing strategies, they are derived from Jim Clark. Going out infront and waiting for people to come and attack you for example….you have to have truly amazing talent to be able to do what they did.

I started to research all about Jim Clark through reading about Senna and have come to realise what a collossus the man was and in doing so I have come to emulate him as my own hero (much like Senna did).

Jim Clark was an amazingly sensitive and aware driving genius who was sadly lost to us all far too early in similar circumstances to that of Ayrton’s death. If he had started driving in the 80s/90s up against the ‘golden generation’ he would have been the best followed by Ayrton I believe.

I think it is about time that we made something of this man who time has made us forget.

I cannot wait to see this film of Senna. I only hope that they make a film about Jim Clark also.



senna could drive okay, but schumacher=god


I started watching F1 after viewing a documentary on the crash that killed Ayrton, this was about 10 years ago. His character was also portrayed and after that I immediately began watching F1 and before I knew it i was hooked. Can’t wait for the release, I hope it has a similar effect on others and brings new fans to the sport as well.

Thanks James for the post.


I will admit that only until the departure of mansell at the end of 1992, I became more interested in Ayrton Senna. That said, you would not believe at what level of a fan I had became between then and May 1st 1994. I was so excited at the start of 1994 because this was going to be the year where he did the perfect 16 out of 16. That was my expectation although probably a little optimistic but he did speak of reaching absolute perfection and if anyone could there was only one man who could. But quoting the great Stirling moss, he can rest in peace, he’d already climbed the highest mountain.

I have seen all the programmes and surfed YouTube for senna footage and though there are many they start to repeat a lot so I just hope that there are a few unlocked archives of which I have yet to see when I watch this film.

I am a married 31 year old with two kids and very occupied, but I reckon Ayrton occupies my mind a good few hours a week without fail. He really was my hero. I don’t know if anyone can relate to this but when I look back at my life events or anyone elses for that matter for whatever reason, I instantly have a deviding point in the time scale, there’s Pre May 1st 94 and post May 94. This may should strange but it’s the way my mind is now set and it will probably never change.

Clark, Fangio, Stewart, Lauda, Schumacher, Prost, all great. But in my opinion and with much respect… Senna easily comes out on top.

Anyway thankyou James Allen for this post, the film trailer is great and I can’t wait to see it.


I’ve seen the Senna movie tonight, and a young father brought his toddler along. Almost an early lesson of “What Good Pilots Do”.

Good times when pilots fought the System, on head-on battles with the big-shots at FIA. Jean-Marie Balestre, I personally hope you’re frying in Hell right now.

Now I see my fellow countrymen Massa and Barrichello selling out their top positions in race for “team play”. Man, this kind of things kill any passion for Formula One or car races at all.

The Senna movie was well balanced, passionate and complete: sent a message to the new generation drivers and fans of what a good pilot is made of.


Thanks for the report


I can’t wait for this film. If you ever get the chance go to his memorial at Imola, do it whether there is a race or not! I went in 2004 and this year and the whole thing just oozes what we lost when he died. Like all great sportsmen he was at the top of his game in his early years and had so much more to give before he was tragically taken from all of us. Imagine the kinds of races we could have had with him and a slightly older Schumacher!!


Senna was my Hero!

I cried so much when he died.

As Tina Tuner sang to him “Simply the best”.

He will be always on my heart and on my memories.

A big loss for Fomula 1!!!

Mourning forever in Brazil.

Of course the others are good too, but Ayrton Senna was the BEST!

Only Senna made my heart beat faster on Sunday mornings.

Greetings from Brazil/England \o/ 😀


Senna was and will forever remain the best…Such was his driving as divine truth.


I cannot wait to see this movie. Long time coming. We all should know the story but any chance to see Ayrton Senna is a huge thrill for F1 fans worldwide.


Does anyone know when and if it will be released in Australia? I am a massive Ayrton Senna fan, sadly he died before i was born and would love to see his life in a movie so that i could better understand the myth of Ayrton Senna. Cheers in advance for the reply.



any news about the release dates of the Senna movie? except Japan and Brazil (october and November)

do you know if it will be released in Belgium?

I contacted the movie theatre here and they were not aware of any Senna film…

I really really want to see this on the big screen!! 🙂



James, I will be staying tuned to see when the screening will be arranged for. I am more excited about this movie than any other in my life (and yes, that includes the Return of the Jedi in 1983!!)

My fingers are crossed that Universal realise the demand there will be to see this movie and will make it a countrywide release!


woh! thats looks FANTASTIC.. cant wait!!!!!!!


That looks awesome, can’t wait


I really can’t wait for this. Thanks for the sneeky peek James.

If any one’s bored and wants a Senna fix; type in “Senna Heal and Toe” into youtube. If you haven’t seen it already, you’ll be mesmerised!


The “Tale of Senna” to me boils down to this:

(and it’s much more than just a likeable fast racing driver dying on the track).

First: Speed. The true measure of an ability to drive a car at the limit of physics, completely on the limit, fearlessly, is qualifying.

Senna: 65 pole positions out of 161 races

Schumacher: 68 pole positions out of 270 races

Second: It’s about a life lived in complete and absolute dedication and determination to one goal; winning. To a level of dedication only a few of us could even understand… let alone emulate, eventhough all of us yearn for that 1 single objective in our lives.

Senna dedicated himself to the point that he became a near recluse, family, marriages, girlfriends, nothing mattered in the will to win. Yet he never purposefully drove competitors off the circuit to win (like Schumacher did). When it happened it was always as payback to the other driver having done it to him before. (1990 for Prost’s 1989).

Third: Yet in this unwavering life dedication he did it in a framework of complete and absolute humility, empathy and virtue. His donations of millions to childrens charities (donated secretly), his respect and humility to even fans who attacked him and hugged him as he was walking. His public crying over the death of Ronald Ratzenberger in the Imola pitlane on Saturday. His jumping over a 2 metre wall to see Barichello after doctors wouldn’t let him in on Friday. His empathy to his fellow human beings, his recorded messages to the italian boy in coma urging him to wake and come to the Grand Prix (which worked). He was one of those who lived on another level of integrity and compassion, in his personal relationships with others some have said like a saint.

And of all men, racing drivers, for this life to be taken, in the way that it happened, is an event that some still struggle to understand.

In the end it sealed the circle, and the modern legend of the Tale of Senna was born.


Can. Not. Wait.

I have the 2 disc Senna DVD package that his sister put out a few years ago but the footage in it is terrible. Hopefully this will put it right. Senna #1 forever. 🙂


will it be shown in the U.S.?

I sure hope so as I am on the west coast of America. Let’s see.


Hi James,

Where can I find the trailer?



I was just hearing some info on the 2013 rules draft, and it looks like more ground effect will be part of the package (i.e less win based aero reliance which makes it so hard to follow cars).

Any chance on an article from Frank (Dernie), on how they might achieve the ground effect (are we talking flat bottoms, bigger diffusers, smaller wings)?

Just watching some of the 80s footage from the turbo era where the cars are literally sideways under breaking and coming into the apex. If we got back to that it would be awesome.


My dear lord in heaven. First the return of slicks and now this??? 🙂

If we could only get rid of that cursed double bottom and that ridiculous plank of wood under the car and get back to a proper F1 car (millimetres of the ground), We’d have sparks again! Imagine that on the onboards!

All that remains then is going back to the 2 metre wheelbase instead of the current 1.8m sissy width.


I know john. When you look at the cars senna drove at mclaren, now they were f1 cars!


Seriously, how hard would it be to make a F1 car from either the mids 80’s to late 80’s safer and stronger? Make these cars and the racing will be of men…not robots like today. Sorry but F1 died in the early 90’s…and i have watched F1 since 84….


Not often the launch date of a film is something I would put on my calander….

As well as the film itself, I am looking forward to taking my two lads along as well.

Although they watch the Gps on a Sunday and take a small amount of interest in the history of F1, I am afraid to say that all “Senna” means to them is a YouTube clip…somthing I am sure this film will put right.



I have my fingers crossed that the screening will be in London. Are you taking names / bookings yet as I would like to attend.




No, nearer the time. Keep tuned in


wow – the hairs on my neck rose at watching that.

it shows the dramatic and compelling viewing F1 can be – you dont need to write a movie script – its already there!


I would have to polish up on my Japanese but I can’t wait for the movie either!


Wonder why they put Barrichello’s accident in there?


The footage used of Barrichello’s accident demonstrates the velocity and deceleration involved in an impact such as those experienced by Ratzenberger and Senna. But without the unacceptable realization that one is viewing an irreversible tragedy. I find it appropriate and informative.


Hi Oliver,

Senna was deeply moved by Barrichello’s accident, and, being two days before his own emphasises the great man’s incredible compassion for other drivers. I think we’ll find Barrichello’s accident is an integral part of the film.


Certainly true, but he was also carrying a furled Austrian flag in the cockpit when he died in memory of Ratzenberger, which in all likelihood moved home to a greater degree, for obvious reasons. It just seemed odd that in the trailer the only racing shot that didn’t have Senna it it was the shot of Barrichello. Anyway, looking forward to the release like everyone else here.

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