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First view of Senna movie trailer
First view of Senna movie trailer
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Sep 2010   |  5:25 pm GMT  |  135 comments

You will recall I posted a while back on the feature film about Ayrton Senna being made by Working Title and Universal.

The first trailer for the film has come out in Japan and I’m posting it here so you can get a feel for the movie.

I’ve seen it twice, once quite early on when it was in development and then more recently I saw the almost finished version.

It is a fantastic film made by a very dedicated and meticulous crew. They tell the story of Senna, the man and the driver using actual footage and voice over from Senna himself and people who were close to him or worked with him.

The result is a very well crafted and balanced film which I think will delight fans who saw him race and will bring him a whole new generation of younger fans.

My F1 career started in 1990, when he was in his prime in and I had quite a few dealings with him; interviews, conversations and so on. He was an inspirational figure, gloriously talented, deep, intense and frighteningly competitive and this film captures all of that as well as his principles. It also captures the bitterness of his rivalries with other drivers and with political figures at the time.

There is plenty of amazing behind the scenes footage which I had never seen before.

I’m waiting to hear the release dates for the film – should be some time in the New Year in the UK – and the producers have promised me a special JA on F1 screening around launch time, just for fans from this site, with a Q&A afterwards which I will conduct with the film makers.

I can’t wait.

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I loved reading the posts on here. I caught the bug of Formula 1 motorsport in the mid-80s and really started to appreciate gutsy drivers like Mansell and slowly also Senna who were up against methodical intelligent drivers like Prost and Lauda. I suppose what we all like in life is authentic guts when trying to achieve any aim and it’s always going to be more attractive than any other human qualities. I think this “fair and gutsy” quality transcends into all walks of life including motorsport and we identify with these people as our ideal hero and heroine.

For me Mansell and Senna were like brothers, they battled fairly, argued yes but liked and respected each other. Prost appeared to be cast as the villainous cousin – quite unfairly – and ultimately Senna wanted to prove that guts and feelings/spirituality were more important than just using your mind to calculate logically.

I think he made his point and even Prost saw how important it was to respect this.

Having said all of that, and after reading and researching for may years now I truly believe that there have only ever been three people who ever had that almost unconscious spiritual ability combined with amazing physical and mental skills. And they were Nuvolari, Ayrton Senna and Ayrton’s own ultimate hero Jim Clark.

If you look at Ayrton’s driving style and overall racing strategies, they are derived from Jim Clark. Going out infront and waiting for people to come and attack you for example….you have to have truly amazing talent to be able to do what they did.

I started to research all about Jim Clark through reading about Senna and have come to realise what a collossus the man was and in doing so I have come to emulate him as my own hero (much like Senna did).

Jim Clark was an amazingly sensitive and aware driving genius who was sadly lost to us all far too early in similar circumstances to that of Ayrton’s death. If he had started driving in the 80s/90s up against the ‘golden generation’ he would have been the best followed by Ayrton I believe.

I think it is about time that we made something of this man who time has made us forget.

I cannot wait to see this film of Senna. I only hope that they make a film about Jim Clark also.



senna could drive okay, but schumacher=god


I started watching F1 after viewing a documentary on the crash that killed Ayrton, this was about 10 years ago. His character was also portrayed and after that I immediately began watching F1 and before I knew it i was hooked. Can’t wait for the release, I hope it has a similar effect on others and brings new fans to the sport as well.

Thanks James for the post.


I will admit that only until the departure of mansell at the end of 1992, I became more interested in Ayrton Senna. That said, you would not believe at what level of a fan I had became between then and May 1st 1994. I was so excited at the start of 1994 because this was going to be the year where he did the perfect 16 out of 16. That was my expectation although probably a little optimistic but he did speak of reaching absolute perfection and if anyone could there was only one man who could. But quoting the great Stirling moss, he can rest in peace, he’d already climbed the highest mountain.

I have seen all the programmes and surfed YouTube for senna footage and though there are many they start to repeat a lot so I just hope that there are a few unlocked archives of which I have yet to see when I watch this film.

I am a married 31 year old with two kids and very occupied, but I reckon Ayrton occupies my mind a good few hours a week without fail. He really was my hero. I don’t know if anyone can relate to this but when I look back at my life events or anyone elses for that matter for whatever reason, I instantly have a deviding point in the time scale, there’s Pre May 1st 94 and post May 94. This may should strange but it’s the way my mind is now set and it will probably never change.

Clark, Fangio, Stewart, Lauda, Schumacher, Prost, all great. But in my opinion and with much respect… Senna easily comes out on top.

Anyway thankyou James Allen for this post, the film trailer is great and I can’t wait to see it.


I’ve seen the Senna movie tonight, and a young father brought his toddler along. Almost an early lesson of “What Good Pilots Do”.

Good times when pilots fought the System, on head-on battles with the big-shots at FIA. Jean-Marie Balestre, I personally hope you’re frying in Hell right now.

Now I see my fellow countrymen Massa and Barrichello selling out their top positions in race for “team play”. Man, this kind of things kill any passion for Formula One or car races at all.

The Senna movie was well balanced, passionate and complete: sent a message to the new generation drivers and fans of what a good pilot is made of.


Thanks for the report


I can’t wait for this film. If you ever get the chance go to his memorial at Imola, do it whether there is a race or not! I went in 2004 and this year and the whole thing just oozes what we lost when he died. Like all great sportsmen he was at the top of his game in his early years and had so much more to give before he was tragically taken from all of us. Imagine the kinds of races we could have had with him and a slightly older Schumacher!!


Senna was my Hero!

I cried so much when he died.

As Tina Tuner sang to him “Simply the best”.

He will be always on my heart and on my memories.

A big loss for Fomula 1!!!

Mourning forever in Brazil.

Of course the others are good too, but Ayrton Senna was the BEST!

Only Senna made my heart beat faster on Sunday mornings.

Greetings from Brazil/England \o/ 😀


Senna was and will forever remain the best…Such was his driving as divine truth.


I cannot wait to see this movie. Long time coming. We all should know the story but any chance to see Ayrton Senna is a huge thrill for F1 fans worldwide.


Does anyone know when and if it will be released in Australia? I am a massive Ayrton Senna fan, sadly he died before i was born and would love to see his life in a movie so that i could better understand the myth of Ayrton Senna. Cheers in advance for the reply.



any news about the release dates of the Senna movie? except Japan and Brazil (october and November)

do you know if it will be released in Belgium?

I contacted the movie theatre here and they were not aware of any Senna film…

I really really want to see this on the big screen!! 🙂



James, I will be staying tuned to see when the screening will be arranged for. I am more excited about this movie than any other in my life (and yes, that includes the Return of the Jedi in 1983!!)

My fingers are crossed that Universal realise the demand there will be to see this movie and will make it a countrywide release!


woh! thats looks FANTASTIC.. cant wait!!!!!!!


That looks awesome, can’t wait


I really can’t wait for this. Thanks for the sneeky peek James.

If any one’s bored and wants a Senna fix; type in “Senna Heal and Toe” into youtube. If you haven’t seen it already, you’ll be mesmerised!


The “Tale of Senna” to me boils down to this:

(and it’s much more than just a likeable fast racing driver dying on the track).

First: Speed. The true measure of an ability to drive a car at the limit of physics, completely on the limit, fearlessly, is qualifying.

Senna: 65 pole positions out of 161 races

Schumacher: 68 pole positions out of 270 races

Second: It’s about a life lived in complete and absolute dedication and determination to one goal; winning. To a level of dedication only a few of us could even understand… let alone emulate, eventhough all of us yearn for that 1 single objective in our lives.

Senna dedicated himself to the point that he became a near recluse, family, marriages, girlfriends, nothing mattered in the will to win. Yet he never purposefully drove competitors off the circuit to win (like Schumacher did). When it happened it was always as payback to the other driver having done it to him before. (1990 for Prost’s 1989).

Third: Yet in this unwavering life dedication he did it in a framework of complete and absolute humility, empathy and virtue. His donations of millions to childrens charities (donated secretly), his respect and humility to even fans who attacked him and hugged him as he was walking. His public crying over the death of Ronald Ratzenberger in the Imola pitlane on Saturday. His jumping over a 2 metre wall to see Barichello after doctors wouldn’t let him in on Friday. His empathy to his fellow human beings, his recorded messages to the italian boy in coma urging him to wake and come to the Grand Prix (which worked). He was one of those who lived on another level of integrity and compassion, in his personal relationships with others some have said like a saint.

And of all men, racing drivers, for this life to be taken, in the way that it happened, is an event that some still struggle to understand.

In the end it sealed the circle, and the modern legend of the Tale of Senna was born.


Can. Not. Wait.

I have the 2 disc Senna DVD package that his sister put out a few years ago but the footage in it is terrible. Hopefully this will put it right. Senna #1 forever. 🙂


will it be shown in the U.S.?

I sure hope so as I am on the west coast of America. Let’s see.


Hi James,

Where can I find the trailer?



I was just hearing some info on the 2013 rules draft, and it looks like more ground effect will be part of the package (i.e less win based aero reliance which makes it so hard to follow cars).

Any chance on an article from Frank (Dernie), on how they might achieve the ground effect (are we talking flat bottoms, bigger diffusers, smaller wings)?

Just watching some of the 80s footage from the turbo era where the cars are literally sideways under breaking and coming into the apex. If we got back to that it would be awesome.


My dear lord in heaven. First the return of slicks and now this??? 🙂

If we could only get rid of that cursed double bottom and that ridiculous plank of wood under the car and get back to a proper F1 car (millimetres of the ground), We’d have sparks again! Imagine that on the onboards!

All that remains then is going back to the 2 metre wheelbase instead of the current 1.8m sissy width.


I know john. When you look at the cars senna drove at mclaren, now they were f1 cars!


Seriously, how hard would it be to make a F1 car from either the mids 80’s to late 80’s safer and stronger? Make these cars and the racing will be of men…not robots like today. Sorry but F1 died in the early 90’s…and i have watched F1 since 84….


Not often the launch date of a film is something I would put on my calander….

As well as the film itself, I am looking forward to taking my two lads along as well.

Although they watch the Gps on a Sunday and take a small amount of interest in the history of F1, I am afraid to say that all “Senna” means to them is a YouTube clip…somthing I am sure this film will put right.



I have my fingers crossed that the screening will be in London. Are you taking names / bookings yet as I would like to attend.




No, nearer the time. Keep tuned in


wow – the hairs on my neck rose at watching that.

it shows the dramatic and compelling viewing F1 can be – you dont need to write a movie script – its already there!


I would have to polish up on my Japanese but I can’t wait for the movie either!


Wonder why they put Barrichello’s accident in there?


The footage used of Barrichello’s accident demonstrates the velocity and deceleration involved in an impact such as those experienced by Ratzenberger and Senna. But without the unacceptable realization that one is viewing an irreversible tragedy. I find it appropriate and informative.


Hi Oliver,

Senna was deeply moved by Barrichello’s accident, and, being two days before his own emphasises the great man’s incredible compassion for other drivers. I think we’ll find Barrichello’s accident is an integral part of the film.


Certainly true, but he was also carrying a furled Austrian flag in the cockpit when he died in memory of Ratzenberger, which in all likelihood moved home to a greater degree, for obvious reasons. It just seemed odd that in the trailer the only racing shot that didn’t have Senna it it was the shot of Barrichello. Anyway, looking forward to the release like everyone else here.


Thank you so very much, James for the good news, the trailer and the great words about Ayrton!

Can’t wait to see the film!


Can’t wait to see this film, I’ve been waiting for it for year and years it seems


James when you get the dates can you get us dates for Australia and the rest if the world for us fans please?


Someone on a facebook group spotted this yesterday, and it looks like ‘in the New Year’ is correct but how far into the new year is a bit disappointing.

UK release 3rd June 2011 (- D’oh!)

Can you shed any light as to whether this is accurate, James?

Facebook group also says it’s to be released in Brazil and South America first and then the rest of the world.

(Might have to get hold of Brazilian DVD release instead, which will probably come out before it’s on at the cinemas here, thank god I can understand Portuguese!)


I’ve sent your comment to the producers and will get the answer for you


Great, thanks! 🙂

(hopefully not the bit about me going to buy the DVD instead…)


Will be the highlight of the season for sure.


I could not hold back tears before the end of the trailer. It’s what racing is all about. The absolutely golden era of F1. Nobody comes close to Senna, as far as racing spirits.


Wait til you see the film then. Go with a box of Kleenex…


Amazing, I can’t wait.


Sad to say that I got introduced to F1, because of Senna’s death.

It was exam time (higher secondary) in a southern town in India. Overheard a couple of rich guys talking about how Senna died while racing. I was intrigued. I read all news papers from that day, nothing was there – it was a remote town and F1 interest in India was very minimal. The overheard conversation intrigued me for a while. I kept browsing Star Sports channel and tried to get all information on F1. Shortly after that, I became a BIG F1 fan and never looked back. I keep telling my wife this story again and again and she patiently listens to this. A sad things to remember, while it feels nice to celebrate Senna’s contribution for us F1 fans.


No better tribute then this is ‘the’ man….sorry MY man and the sole reason I loved f1 as an 8 year old!

McLaren fan for life.


Where do I signup Mr Allen???????


Nearer the time, here


OMG is it the new year yet?


I absolutely can’t wait to see this. Hopefully we get it here in my home town in country NSW. If not, I’ll drive the 6 hours each way to Sydney to see it. No problems.

I’ve always found Senna to be a totally captivating figure. Even before his death. In part that may be because I was just discovering F1 – I think you are more impressionable when you are younger.

To me he had an intensity and complexity about him makes him totally fascinating. Then to die so young and tragically almost adds to the mystery. I think it is because I want to get to understand what made him tick, what makes him so brilliant and yet controversial. For instance this guy is my absolute hero, but he definitely had his faults. As much as I love him his actions at Japan in 1990 is definitely NOT something I can watch these days and say to myself “he was right to do that”. Does that mean he is no longer my absolute hero and idol though? Not at all. Why? I don’t know – again more of that complexity that I will probably never be able to answer.

To me Senna has now become one of those almost “immortal” figures that die tragically while still in their prime. As another poster said – “long live the King”.


Not only an amazing F1 driver, but also an amazing man. He had a spiritual and almost symbiotic connection with his cars, and everything he said about racing, he spoke on behalf of his car also.

I regret not being old enough to follow F1 as closely as i do know when he was around, but with films like these, fans like me, will be eternally greatful in being able to now witness his reign in F1.



Any news on a release in north America?

Still miss him.


Please tell me it’s going to be released in the US!!! Senna was the best…ever.


Can’t wait for this to hit the cinemas! I’ve been very lucky to see bits of the production already and it looks stunning, would lobe to see it at a JAF1 screening too….


It will be good day when we all can see it.


Although having never actually met the man, Senna seemed to be an amazingly very driven man – It’s kind of funny but sometimes when you are living through an era like that when someone like Senna comes along you don’t necessarily realise at the time what you are observing is history in the making.

This may seem a bit odd now but back in those days I remember watching Senna getting pole week in and week out, then during one year (must have been ’88 having just had a quick peek at the stats :0) ) watching him dominating a massive percentage of races by starting from pole putting in some stonking early laps to create a gap then controlling the race by maintaining the gap keeping it at around 10 seconds. If the guy in 2nd put in a quick lap on one lap he would put in a quicker lap the very next lap to re-instate the gap – I remember sometimes thinking it was becoming a little boring with Senna winning so many races in a season you kind of new Senna would be on pole and he was most probably going to win it – a bit like more recently when Schumacher was dominating. It’s only later that you realise what a genius behind the wheel you were witnessing you didn’t really grasp or comprehend that at that time.

There’s was quite a lot of rumour or “folklore” that surrounded Senna during those years that used to make me laugh – how much of it was true I don’t know.

One story I heard was that it was Senna who made made John Watson question his own future in Formula 1 and finally made him realise it was time to stop – apparently he (Watson) was in a McLaren at Brands Hatch during practise for the 1985 ) European GP and he was, in his mind on a good lap, happily going through Dingle Dell as quick as he could (a much different corner in those days than it is today it used to be an elongated quick chicane – quick flick right/left right then onto Stirlings) when a car overtook him THROUGH Dingle Dell at an unbelievable rate of knots – that in itself is pretty amazing if you know that corner in that configuration – Watson said at the time that the back of the car that passed him was absolutely on the edge of adhesion with it’s rear tyres virtually dancing over the Tarmac – apparently Watson aborted the lap and went into the pits totally stunned and he knew at that point it was time to hang up his driving boots and make way for this new breed of driver. The Car that past him was a John Player Special Lotus….. the Driver a little known at that time Ayrton Senna.

John Watson never drove in an F1 Race again after that weekend.

On a lighter note the relationship between Gerhard Berger & Ayrton Senna used to make me chuckle – Berger being the practical joker…..

There’s a story of an incident at Monza where in a joint helicopter ride Senna had been showing off his new tailor made briefcase. Having been made of carbon fibre composite, Senna argued that it should be virtually indestructible. Berger, without much hesitation and much to Senna’s disbelief, opened the door of the helicopter and threw the briefcase out, to test the hypothesis.

Another one was that Berger filled Senna’s bed with animals. Senna understandably infuriated, confronted Berger by saying;

“I’ve spent the last hour catching 12 frogs in my room,” to which Berger replied, “Did you find the snake?”

The funniest though being an incident in which Berger replaced Senna’s passport photo with what Ron Dennis described as “an equivalent-sized piece of male genitalia”. Senna’s fame meant he rarely had his passport checked, but on a later trip to Argentina Berger’s prank resulted in officials holding the Brazilian for 24 hours. As a response to this gag, Senna superglued all of Berger’s credit cards together.


Those are brilliant stories. I love the briefcase one.


I’m looking forward to this, but really a new year release date for this is wrong, attention is being raised now by the trailer etc and will fade by then I would have thought… plus it is quite a long wait for die hard fans..


Oh Lordy, what to do to get to the screening?
Sounds like a real treat.


Definitely looking forward to seeing this


IMO Senna is/was to motor racing what Muhammad Ali was to boxing!


One to bring the girlfriend/wife to. They’ll really enjoy seeing you cry at the end (aw he has emotions afterall!), i know i’ll shed a tear or too…..


its about time some body made a real film about

the greatest driver that we ever saw .

the man was a god to us all who saw him and he will never

be replaced .

his 6 monaco wins will never be beaten in my opinion

the best ever you got that right james

well said


Thanks for that James, can’t wait too.

When he’ll see the movie, my 12 years old son will know what I mean when I’m talking about Ayrton and this fantastic era.


This is going to be fantastic. Thank you for sharing.


lots of anticipation to see how this turns out. Btw did have people checked the recently uploaded doc from his Lotus days on youtube? It’s marred by a problem with the sound balance, engines roaring over the narrator etc but is otherwise superb. It scores very highly as lifestyle sports portrait.


I think having engine roar much above narrator can only be good, eh? 🙂

As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather just hear engine and tires screaming for 2 hours on race days. 🙂


The most amazing sports personality ever… undeniably the fastest racing driver ever… He raised the level of the sport beyond a point of human impossibilty… Have been his fan since I was a kid.

According to me, he stood for life… we all fight life with whatever is given to us and those of we who fight the hardest and most consistently.. prosper… This is what Senna taught me as a kid… Long live the King 🙂


Beyond the level of human impossibility, only maybe to that. Lotus released some results from their testing on the 78. At one point, Ronnie Peterson drove beyond the theoretical limits of the car’s performance, telemetry logged. It’s stuck in my mind for more than thirty years.


Ayrton did that about every winter test session. He was known back then for breaking theoretical laptime limits.

They used computer software to simulate the best possible (perfect) lap, i.e. at the limit of adhesion. Senna was known to break those times by 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. That’s where he got the nickname “Magic” Senna.


Fantastic that looks like the real deal. It’s incredible that we’ve had to wait so long, 44 years since John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix, for a quality (sorry Tom, Days of Thunder does not count!), big screen, motor racing experience.


I can remember that sunday evening very well, i was about 14 or 15 and when it was announced senna had died, i burst into tears and probably didnt stop for an hour. He was my first real sporting hero.


I was 17 and decided to tape the GP as I was busy fitting a new engine into my Mk1 Golf at the time. Was looking forward to sitting down in the evening to watch the race. My mum is a big fan and I just remember her coming out into the garage all in a panic telling us the news…. she knew never to tell me anything about a race to spoil it but I guess she just couldn’t hold that to herself


I saw it live on tv. He never moved and I knew immediately it was all over.

I also saw a track worker at the Vancouver Indy Car get run over. He, too, was killed instantly.

It really is a death-defying sport, and every now and then we are brutally reminded of that.


Ditto, I was the same age and whilst I would watch F1 and obviously knew of Senna, I wasn’t a huge fan. Yet when I got home that evening and asked my mum if there was any news, I just burst into tears when she told me. I distinctly remember my mum almost surprised that I reacted that way.

Haven’t missed a race since.


Looks fantastic, and it might be cheeky but any chance of getting a few tickets for that screening?


Nearer the time I’ll do a first come first served offering, as we did with the Fans Forum in July.


I think I will set JA.F1 as my home page. I love the idea of putting a prize up for grabs to fans and this website is unique because of that and not just for that, obviously.

Big thanks to you James.


Will keep my eyes open 🙂


I hope that they give appropriate credit to Damon Hill for his Courage in getting back into the car at Imola and racing hard, what was in his mind I cannot imagine. Perhaps only someone who had contact with F1 in the 60s when it was usual to loose someone close could cope.


Trailer looks fantastic. I can`t wait !!! Few days ago I have watched THIS race.



Anyone know when its realease is in europe?


James Murray walker says fangio is the best ever. Who do u think is the best. If not senna were would you pit him. Better yet give us your top 5


The stat that always sticks out in my mind is pole positions.

Senna managed 65 poles in 162 races (40.1%). In those races, he only had 19 fastest laps. So, it seems pretty clear he was putting cars on pole that had no business being there. That’s something not many (if any) of today’s drivers are capable of doing, in my opinion.

Schumacher has 68 poles in 263+ races (25.9%), but had fastest lap 76 times. Not saying Schumi isn’t a great driver, but he clearly had some superior cars along the way.

Fangio had 29 poles in 52 races and 23 fastest laps. Not sure how comparable Fangio’s era is to Senna’s and Schumacher’s and it’s well before my time. I also seem to recall that Fangio had a knack for being in the best car available. But regardless, Fangio was dominant in his era.


Maybe he made it the best available. Ever thought of it that way?

Im sorry, Im Argentinian and biased 🙂


Senna’s the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t compare him to Fangio as I never saw him race. Same with Jim Clark. My Dad raced with Clark and saw Fangio many times and he reckons Senna was the best of the lot.


I never knew your dad raced. I think you should post about that!


I will over the winter


what’s the story on your dad? I didn’t realise he was an ex racer? Intrigued to hear. Thanks


A Le Mans driver I think. At a time when F1 teams would let their drivers compete in other series (F2, Indy 500, etc).


Any news on an American release? Or DVD? Or cheap flights to London for the screening?


I saw this on Youtube yesterday which was linked from a internet forum, although there was concerns amoungst the forum users as to it being genuine or not. Im trusting you James that by linking it yourself. that it is infact the real deal. My most striking memory of F1 when i was but 10 is watching that fatefull race and hearing of his death hours later. Im glad that no 10 year old (or anyone really) has had to hear such news about any F1 driver since and have similar memories.

Cant wait for the film to come out, hopefully sooner then later. BBC’s Topgear teased us with their moving tribute to the man the other week.


I was watching the footage of senna on a banzai lap recently on in a mclaren with one hand on the wheel and one on the gears. It was turbo era and a massive reminder of just how great a driver he was. He went past a couple of cars as if they were not even there. Absolute legend.

Can’t wait for the film.


Not out until next year?

The distributors would have been better off releasing this towards the end of the F1 season, not in the New Year, during the winter months/off-season as suggested.


Wow! It looks fantastic!!


Hi James!

I cant wait for this either. Even had a go at editing my own tribute video last night. Here’s the finished product:

On a side note just finished reading your Schumacher book ‘the edge of greatness’ Loved it. Class.

What other F1 books would you recommend?



I’d recommend Fangio: the Life Behind the Legend by Gerald Donaldson..


To hell and back by Nikki Lauda is quite a read.


On F1 books I personally would recommend I really like Koen Vergeer’s “Formula 1 Fanatic”. It’s a bit more of a fan perspective than a weighty discussion of an individual driver/team/season, but it’s a very enjoyable read.


Very nice piece, thank you for sharing .


Thanks. Anything by Richard Williams, David Tremayne has written some good ones and Maurice Hamilton.


Best book on the subject is ‘The Death of Ayrton Senna’ by Richard Williams.I have just read Christophers Hilton’s book on Toleman which gives a great insight into Senna’s first year in F1 through the eyes of people like Pat Symonds and Rory Byrne.Had many faults but what a driver!


Great! Thanks for that. Will give the Frank Williams book by Maurice Hamilton a read.


I would personally recommend in addtion to James’s sugestions either of the books by Gerald Donaldson on James Hunt & Gilles Villeneuve as being fantastic reads.


Wow, I can hardly wait. Most motor-racing films are not great (although the in-car footage in Grand Prix is staggering), let’s hope this one is.


The difference with this one and all he other ones is that this one is about a man who just happened to race F1 cars.


Can’t wait. It’s not often I get excited about films but I’ve been itching to see this since I first heard about it.


I was worried this would end up being cheesy, but from the trailer this looks very good. I really wanna see it now.


A release date of next year is a blow. Doesn’t sound like it’ll get screened across the country in cinemas either.

If it does, though, I’ll be delighted.


When is the release date set around the world? We are getting it here in Japan from October 8th, already have my ticket!


Should hit DVD quick


‎”I will have to go back to 78, 79, and it was pure driving, pure racing!”

🙂 🙂


I loved that too 🙂


Awesome. Cant wait.

BTW it reminds me there used to be other tire suppliers – Goodyear for example. What ever happened to *them?


Goodyear pulled the plug at the end of ’98 and I don’t think they have any involvement in open-wheel racing anywhere else, but they do have the NASCAR contract for their home market. Would be great to see F1 with Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin……maybe some day!


Great to hear Murray & James Hunt! Can’t wait to see it.


The opening shot of that trailer is amazing, when the McLaten and ATS? move out of the way the camera fucuses on the Lotus, and then you realize its Senna, wow, just wow!


The second car is Patrick Tambay in a Renault.


I just realized its Prost on the McLaren! I cant wait!!


That shot means a lot. “Move over Prost, Senna is coming”.


I disagree, it shows Prost was at the front and he was the man Senna asset out to beat


Maybe it would be best to inform readers that there is footage of his fatal crash in that trailer – I would have rather been warned before seeing that.


Why it does not show what happened only the aftermath.


The crash footage shown isn’t of his fatal crash.


yes it is, hth


I haven’t been so excited about a film coming out in years! Looks great!


Great! Really looking forward to seeing this.


My abiding memory of Ayrton Senna was when my sister and I went to the Italian GP in 1992 at Monza, Ayrton won of course after the Williams hit problems. We sat in the then Goodyear Outer stand at the first chicane and before the start a young lady carrying a huge Brazilian flag walked up to the back of the open stand and stood for the entire race holding the flag staff. On the slowing down lap Ayrton stopped in front of the stand and beckoned, the girl ran down and threw the flag over the fence like a javelin, a marshal picked it up and gave it to Ayrton who with a cheary wave set off on his victory lap the Brazilian flag fluttering. The afternoon he lost his life I cried, not just for his passing but somewhere at Imola I could see a young lady holding his flag.


Touching words Peter. Thank you for sharing your story about the great champiion! Senna.


It is funny, several years after Senna’s death, he seems to be a good person, however he was into deep problems to keep himself as a F1 driver (please remember he almost drove free for Williams)

Ayrton Senna was too problematic to F1 championship and even he was considered as a dangerous driver (even Prost said that)

Fangio, Prost and Schumacher (three of the greatest drivers ever) only they missed one simple action: Dye in the track. Senna because had a horrible car accident was considered immortal, but please you should remember: Piquet, Lauda and other three time champions are not so famous and even they were great drivers.

Please do not be so dramatic and Senna was like others, only he could fulfill the good formula for a legend: be faster, live faster and die younger.



Please do not put down greatness senna could do more a with lesser car than what others needed to do in perfect in perfect car as for schumacher he raced against boys other than kimi and mika the rest were fools who couldn’t they lacked the hunger than it takes to be a legend like Senna is will always be Also if a driver is not willing to take risk then that driver in not going to be world champion


To Carlos

I can ensure you lots of people disagree with you. I am not sure where your logic comes from. but one thing I was and am sure is that Ayrton could beat others in less powerful cars. And for you rationale of dying in the track was absolutely disgusting.


First at all, thank you to James Allen for this post about Ayrton Senna’s movie. At the contrary as some opinion – and of course I do not comment for obvious reasons- Senna was depart to early.

I remember when in 1984 [the video is still in YouTube] Emerson Fittipaldi allows him to drove a Mercedes C190 in a ex-champions of F1 and active champions in a commemorative race. It was a wet race. Every body with the same car. And Senna beat by near 12 seconds all this race. In this race. Alan Jones, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, and so on, was racing.

The next F1 race, his 7th, Senna was so close to win in Monaco in heavy rain. The legend about this genius was starting.

I saw epic triumphs as Brazil 1991 [ he won with only 2 gear in the last 10 laps], or Brazil in 1993 in rain. Or the best in Donington Park the 26th of April. His first lap was considerate as the best ever in commemorative plate.

Senna, Fangio, Clark and Rindt was the only drivers that beat his pole time in a race. Imagine that for a king of pole. His rivals was a braves one. Mansell the Lion King for example. And his nemesis:the great Alain Prost.

Senna never was a controversial man. He only said the truth in a very sincere way. In his times, the FIA’s comendatore, a french man [he admit in 1996 his “little help” to Prost] was by far the worst of all F1. He change the pole place in Suzuka for the first time ever. And put in the dirty place Ayrton. The story every body knows the rest. No mention the what happens in the previous year in 1989.

But Alain Prost has a respect for him. He drove in intense manner. But clean. A great champion needs to be a fair sport man. And Senna was.

Despite his skills , recently autosport [ this magazine has 60 years old] design a complicated survey between the real experts in F1 [the pilots] since 1950 to 2009, 217 pilots select Senna as the greatest of all the times. Planet F1 this year perform the survey between the 22 of 24 pilots and 12 select Senna as the number one.

Top Gear, this year show us a great tribute in his 50th birthday. Lewis Hamilton, drove for first time his MP-4 McLaren 1988. It was great.

Senna, today is a hero for young drivers. And example for young people, because his Ayrton Senna Institute in Brazil.




I remember myself playing with model cars with my friend around 1991 (around 9 y.o.).

I remember he always wanted to play with Senna’s model car, but I really can’t remember which one I was playing with – It was probably Nigel Mansell’s

Seems there was something about Senna’s character.

Though I never realized it until the day of his death – seemed like something was missing after that day.

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