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What’s your favourite moment of the year, so far?
What’s your favourite moment of the year, so far?
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Aug 2010   |  9:40 am GMT  |  238 comments

I’ve just started the process of reviewing the season so far to pull out the best moments and blog entries for the JA on F1 2010 book.

And there is no doubt that this season has given us some fantastic moments. There has been notably less political confrontation than last season and the action has mostly been on the track, where it should be.

We’ve had great racing so far thanks to a combination of the best drivers being in the best cars and things not going always to plan for the fastest team, Red Bull, allowing McLaren to win four races and Ferrari two.

I thought I’d throw it out there to you to say what you think is your favourite moment of the season, whether on track or off.

Here are a few of mine.

Vettel’s pole lap in Melbourne – I’ll never forget the way the car went right up over the edge of the kerbs in the final corners, it was brilliantly captured by the TV cameras and it reminded me so much of Gilles Villeneuve extending the limits. Vettel is a fantastic talent. Things haven’t gone his way on track so far this season, but people forget he’s still very young.

Button’s early pit stop pays off as he wins in Australia – Many people, myself included, thought that Jenson was on a hiding to nothing at McLaren, but we underestimated how liberated he was mentally by winning the title last year. His win in Australia showed his racing brain and his new found confidence. People say he had to pit early because his intermediates were shot, but at that point most laps had been behind the safety car. This was a carefree Button going for it.

Alonso passes Massa into the Shanghai pit lane – Quite a controversial moment, but I loved it for what it said about the psychology of the two drivers. They both had to pit for tyres as conditions changed and Alonso had no intention of waiting behind Massa, so he took matters into his own hands. F1, like life in general, is all about making things happen for yourself and Alonso is top of the class here. Great champion or pantomime villain? The grey area is where the boundaries lie..

Webber celebrates Monaco win – Webber was untouchable in qualifying and the race in Monaco and he and the team had some wild celebrations in the swimming pool at the Red Bull motorhome. For a sport that is way too buttoned up, this was a spontaneous outpouring of joy on a very special day.

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The RED BULL crash at Turkey!!!! Unbelieveable


thinking about it with all this talk re overtaking – it is much better to see 1 or 2 quality overtaking moves in one race rather than 10 artificial overtaking moves.

because those are the ones you remember from the races.


My favourite moments of this quite remarkable year so far are:

1. Jenson winning in China

2. Jenson winning in Australia

3. Canada – every moment of it

4. Turkey – every second of it

My own personal favourite moment was when we were at Silverstone, sitting in the Vale stand waiting for them to come into view for the first time, not quite sure what had gone on at the start, the memory of the roar that went up when we saw Lewis in second, and the even louder roar when we saw Jenson up to 8th from 14th still gives me goosebumps, a truly standout moment.


The post above show how F1 is a game of perceptions. Alonso passing Massa in the pit lane entrance? Weber celebrating? Vettel hitting curbs on Q1?

How about real racing like the start in Hockenheim where Vettel cut on a diagonal to block Alonso and Massa through thank you, or Barrichello pass on Schumacher in Hungary…


The entire Canadian Grand Prix. End of.


End of what?


Oh yes, and Rubens keeping his foot n it – not that he had much choice.

The best moment – Schumi finally calling it a day – is yet to come.


Webber cleaning up Vettel off the line in Silverstone, just as Martin Brundle told him he could during his gridwalk.


Webber’s 20 qualifying laps, before pitting and coming out to retain the lead at Hungary is definately the best drive of this year and i think one of the best drives of his career. It obvisously helped that his car was about 1.2 seconds faster than Alonso in second, but to pull it off on the prime compound and to stretch the life of the tyre without losing anything much in lap times was phenomenal. 100 marks and 25 points to him. Reminded me of Schumi’s and Brawn’s 3 stops at Hungary a few years ago.


Maclaren team’s orders in turkey telling button not to repass hamilton: “save fuel….save fuel”

Racing not Politics

and the confirmation email confirming my tickets to Abu Dhabi – can’t wait for a season finale


my best moment is Spanish and Hungarian GP when Hamilton could not cross the finish line.


A close call; Webber dealing with Vettel on the run to turn one, lap one, at Silverstone is number two. Kobayashi throwing it up the inside of Alonso at Valencia has to be number one, especially in the context of commentators and drivers bemoaning the fact that it’s so hard to overtake, broadly in modern F1, specifically at that track.


Luke A….said it all. When Lewis went green in the first sector at Canada, on his last lap of qualifying, I was on the edge of my chair. When he staight lined down the straight towards the checkered flag, I thought that he might do it….and he did….with a roar of approval from the crowd….great moment.


I think this is a classic F1 season, so it includes many and many great moments. These are mine: Jenson’s driving in the early part of the Chinese GP…it was awesome 🙂 Lewis’ overtakings at the Aussie, Malaysian and the Chinese GP. They’re not so good, but: The 2 RB cars collided in Istanbul… The Mclaren team forgot to get away the cover of the radiator from Jenson’s car…these moments would be able to decide the championship.


My favorities in order are:

1) Hamilton, Button passing each other – Turkey

2) Hamilton pole lap – Montreal

3) Webber, not bad 4 a number 2 driver, Silverstone

4) Webber, Vettel crash – Turkey

5) Hamilton & Alonso side by side in Montreal pit lane

6) Rubens passing Schumacher – Hungary

7) Kobayashi passes alonso – Valencia

8) Hamilton vs Petrov – Malaysia

Least favorite – Bahrain, i’ll say no more


special mention has to go to Rob Smedley for his radio message to massa “Fernando….is..faster..than you understand?” you could tell how much he hated giving that message.


I feel sorry for you James, you’ve got an extremely hard job trying to narrow down your choices of what to include. This year has been a truely fantastic season, a classic for sure. Good for the fans. Bad for you!


hey don’t forget hamilton’s tyre failure in spain and his DNF in hungary… those were AWESOME!


the FOTA / Santander / JAonF1 fans forum


My favourite moment would have been Massa winning in Germany exactly a year after his horrendous accident – but sadly, it was not to be.

So, instead, I’ll choose the Canadian GP. All of it. Unpredictable and full of action, and wasn’t it just great to see someone who wasn’t driving a Red Bull start from pole position?


My 2 picks are:

1) Alonso during the Malaysian GP , driving almost the entire race with a broken transmission and overtaking Button momentarily before it failed.

Says a lot about his skill and I’m still amazed and in awe.

2) Kobayashi in Valencia.



Has to be webbers celebrations after winning monaco gp!


Best moment this season was qualifying in Montreal. The only time pole had not been won by a Red Bull. Great to see the fight go to the fastest car of the year. Possible to see how hard Lewis and Mclaren fought to win it by how he stopped out on track trying to save the 1L of fuel in his tank for FIA inspection. Great qualy. Not won by the biggest or smallest margin, but what a lap from Lewis! Leaving rubber on every wall just how it should be on a part street circuit! Cant wait to see Lewis in a competitive high downforce carr


As Brundle was saying during a race, Vettel going hard over the kerbs is something that might be causing his poor reliablity.

Seeing how a flexing floor is something that would allow harder kerb riding, it will be interesting to see if he still will be going over the kerbs so hard if the flexing tests are actually revised.

With regards to Button pitting early in Australia:

“People say he had to pit early because his intermediates were shot”

Button was actually one of those people …

In fact he claimed that the fact that his inters were shot was the signal that it was time for dry tyres.

My favorite moment of these would be Webber’s celebration.

Hamilton’s pole in Canada was amazing too.


I was going to pick Webber at Silverstone.There was a man on a mission if ever there was one.

But thinking about it, my favourite moment of the season so far was at Hockenheim – at the very start of the race. While Alonso and Vettel were slowing each other up, it was Massa who took the opportunity to sail round the outside of both of them, and into the lead. That was a fantastic moment.

What happened subsequently I would rather forget, but just a few laps, it was great to see the little Brazilian deservedly out in front.

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