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What’s your favourite moment of the year, so far?
What’s your favourite moment of the year, so far?
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Aug 2010   |  9:40 am GMT  |  238 comments

I’ve just started the process of reviewing the season so far to pull out the best moments and blog entries for the JA on F1 2010 book.

And there is no doubt that this season has given us some fantastic moments. There has been notably less political confrontation than last season and the action has mostly been on the track, where it should be.

We’ve had great racing so far thanks to a combination of the best drivers being in the best cars and things not going always to plan for the fastest team, Red Bull, allowing McLaren to win four races and Ferrari two.

I thought I’d throw it out there to you to say what you think is your favourite moment of the season, whether on track or off.

Here are a few of mine.

Vettel’s pole lap in Melbourne – I’ll never forget the way the car went right up over the edge of the kerbs in the final corners, it was brilliantly captured by the TV cameras and it reminded me so much of Gilles Villeneuve extending the limits. Vettel is a fantastic talent. Things haven’t gone his way on track so far this season, but people forget he’s still very young.

Button’s early pit stop pays off as he wins in Australia – Many people, myself included, thought that Jenson was on a hiding to nothing at McLaren, but we underestimated how liberated he was mentally by winning the title last year. His win in Australia showed his racing brain and his new found confidence. People say he had to pit early because his intermediates were shot, but at that point most laps had been behind the safety car. This was a carefree Button going for it.

Alonso passes Massa into the Shanghai pit lane – Quite a controversial moment, but I loved it for what it said about the psychology of the two drivers. They both had to pit for tyres as conditions changed and Alonso had no intention of waiting behind Massa, so he took matters into his own hands. F1, like life in general, is all about making things happen for yourself and Alonso is top of the class here. Great champion or pantomime villain? The grey area is where the boundaries lie..

Webber celebrates Monaco win – Webber was untouchable in qualifying and the race in Monaco and he and the team had some wild celebrations in the swimming pool at the Red Bull motorhome. For a sport that is way too buttoned up, this was a spontaneous outpouring of joy on a very special day.

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Agree about the Button tyre stop - a great moment for a great person. He has confounded everyone, and is a quite brilliant advert for the sport (and for us Brits too).

But my moment (so far) is Kobayashi's last lap in Valencia. After all the worry after Bahrain about 2010 being the dullest season ever devoid of overtaking, to see a rookie passing a double world champion, and at a circuit where people say you can never overtake, was really uplifting. F1 needs more drivers like that.


Max is gone, the cars are close in performance, there are four drivers who could be WDC. There are two teams that could be champions. The whining about wings, ride height or team orders or foul play are espoused every race.How much better could it be? In seven more races we will all see whether Vettel or Alonso wins...


I think there are 5 drivers that could win, but you mention 4. As you include Fernando, currently the 5th, and Seb, who is the one that you discount (Lewis, Jenson or Mark)?


I believe Mark has a good shot at being champion. On current form the McLaren is simply not fast enough for both drivers to take points from each other and still have one of them win the title against RB or Ferrari. Which one will get the support?


For me it was watching Lewis make 30 odd overtakes on track during the early races....after Bahrain we were all worried if the sport had lost something due to the reg changes but watching Lewis pull pass after pass was great entertainment.


30 odd overtakes is a moment.

you learn something new every day.


I misread the title..thought it was plural. I was in a queue at Drayton Manor with my kids at the time using my phone...but in my defence each pass was a moment and I think they were all rather special...

...but your sarcasm was much appreciated.


Yep I agree... It's why I really like Lewis, some argue he has been manufactured into F1.... fair point, well they manufactured him well im pretty certain if you were to add up all the overtake moves this year, Lewis would lead the scoreboard


Jenson's win in Australia, proved his worth as a driver and a racer. Somehow justifying his status as 2009 WC. In the process revealing some of the skills missing in Lewis's armoury.

This was the start of both drivers learning from each other, by the end of 2010 we will have 2 much more complete British drivers. If McLaren can provide the cars both will be multiple champions for the woking team.



I think my favourite moment was Hamilton grabbing pole at Canada. I think everyone wanted to see someone other than a Red Bull on pole and we all thought Hamilton had blown his chance, but then the cameras shot back onto him just as he went through the 2nd sector timer and saw that he was just up on Webber.

I remember Martin Brundle saying that he just needs to fly through the final two corners, like Vettel had previously done and as Hamilton came round you could really hear the crowd roar (he's a favourite in Canada). As he came down the final straight, you could imagine millions of people being on the edge of their seats and he made it even more special by taking that completely straight line down the straight, almost looking as though was trying to put his hands out and get across the line, urging his car on.



It was an illegal lap since Lewis did not have enough fuel to bring the car back to the pits, though at that time the regulations allowed it.


Then it wasn't illegal, was it?!


- Absolutely. He does this thing on his final qualifying lap that no one else does where he drives straight to the line instead of going to the opposite side of the track to set himself up for the next corner. You could almost hear him yelling at his car to go faster when he charged down the pit straight.

- And yes, him sitting on his fuel-less car and waving to the crowd as it rolled down the circuit was a bonus.


...and let's not forget how he finished the lap off waiving at the crowd sitting on the side pod on his car ... like the Queen from her chariot!

I have to agree with you guys on this one - not just because i had the pleasure to be amongst the "ocean of fans at the hairpin" as DC put it, but also because that was one hell of a performance Lewis did in Montreal, not only in Quali, but the race itself

This is moments, before the pole finishing lap


Kobayashi's final lap in Valencia was also quite memorable... if only we've had access to Fernando's radio feed at that time.


completely 100% agree. I can't remember when we last heard a cheer from the crowd quite like that in F1...oh yeh, silverstone 2008 =D


Absolutely, my favorite of this year.


What about Schumacher v Barrichello at Hungary? So much of their past history bound up in one moment of craziness. That moment captured all of Schumacher's frustration and struggle since returning to F1.


Agree. That was my fav moment also.


Gotta agree with Jon. Some might say it was just a pass, but it was my favourite overtake of the season so far. With all that past history and the spectacle of the move itself. Great stuff. It never fails to amaze me how the media jump on those moments and start complaining about it, same with Alonso on Massa in China. These are great moments, those moments are what I tune in every fortnight to see!


I think it captured a lot of the old Schumacher too.


But of these ones, I'd say Button's pit stop decision in Australia. Looked like it really hadn't worked but then proved to be a stroke of genius. Showed his great racing brain.


If Button had gone on to repeat this feat we could all genuinely celebrate his 8 seasons of mediocrity followed by 1 WDC season with a controversial rule bending car but alas,he's been dragging Hamilton's chain ever since, so realistically it must have been a lucky call/fluke eh.

My favourite moment of the year was when Button unashamedly tried to pinch the win from Hamilton in Turkey but was put firmly back in his place.


Objectively speaking, have to agree with Bevan's post. Of course, for those suffering from cognitive dissonance, it may appear that Button is truly the talent he was touted out to be.


Red Bull's flexing front wing is bending the rules just as much as the double diffuser.


um... He's still doing quite well this year. Fourth. 14 pts off the lead. "8 seasons of mediocrity ": blame Honda engine in part for the last few. He's quite a sharp driver. Look at the big picture.


Has to be Webber at Monaco, the celebrations afterwards were really special and after years of having Schumi dominate, its so nice to have another season of multiple winners.


Webber celebrates Monaco win


For me the Webber Monaco thing was great but watching Rubens stick it to Michael down the Pit Straight in Hungary and not backing off was pretty special.


I would say Lewis pole lap Canada. Very significant as it was the first ( and only ) time red bull has not been on the pole this season.


Kobayashi's late drive at the Euro GP in Valencia was good to watch. Pitted with 6 laps remaining then had the audacity to overtake Alonso, and then Buemi, to pinch 7th on the last corner of the race!


My favourite moment so far is Turkey, when Vettel tries to overtake webber on lap 40, turn 12 , and crash in to the side, making both drivers spin off the track, then to see Button challenge Hamilton at the same corner on lap 48 to take the lead, then Hamilton fight back the lead through the next few corners.


Agreed. There have been some great moments -- and these were two of my favorites happening within minutes of each other.

Great stuff.


I agree with you. Turkish GP is my favourite moment of the year. Team-mate battles with opposite results. I also think the highlights video on the F1 website captured this race very well.



+1 F1 needs that sort of thing, keeps the gossip colums going and everyone loves taking sides.


How can we forget turkey? for me, best moment was lewis pole position in canada. class!


I would chose Alonso overtaking Felipe in the first corner of the first race, fair and square. Everything seem so different today...

Among the moments you chose, I would vote for Fernando passing Massa into the pit lane. It's the kind of things that make this competition, so many times boring, much more entertaining.

I could add some, and probably the most of them have to do something with the "impossible to understand" world of the Rule Book. I mean Schumie overtaking Alonso under green flags (that IMO mean "run!") and falling out of scoring positions because of the time losing penalty; Kubica pushing Fernando out of the track and getting no penalty - in fact, the Spaniard was penalised for cutting the corner; Schumie again, almost pushing Rubens out of the track and getting a penalty... and I will not mention Lewis and the SC affaire 🙂

I would also like to mention two very important moments for me: Vettel crashing into Mark's car trying to overtake him in Turkey, which costed 28 points to the RBR team, and of course, German GP and Felipe yielding to Fernando. You can compare both situations and think of what would have been your decision if you were the Team Manager... being sincere, I bet that you would agree with Ferrari's decision.


The Vettel and Webber crash at Turkey was a stunning twist for the race and the championship. No one saw it coming, and it ignited a proper teammate rivalry.


My personal favourite moment is when Hamilton got pole at Montreal and his fuel ran out. Seeing him get out and sit on it while the car was still rolling along and patting the car, then getting off and pushing it was really sweet.

The controversy after it spoilt things slightly but it was a really nice moment.

PS This and James examples above show that for the fans, this is a driver's sport. Even if everyone is in teams.


Good suggestion. If only the stewards weren't such killjoys we'd see more of that sort of thing. I miss the old days when drivers gave each other lifts back to the pit.


I'll have to go with the Turkish grand prix:

- Vettel crashing into Webber (Yeah I said it)

- Redbull becoming center of attraction

- Hamilton's first of the season

- No podium celebration

It's a good thing I taped it.


Webber winning in Britain with the wrong wing was sweet, be it justice or revenge; his hour of qualifying on Sunday in Hungary awesome.


The start of the German Grand Prix - cause I was there to witness it


Rubens overtake of Schumacher at Hungary! It was fantastic!


Well I liked Rubens' pass of Michael at Hungary. Real heart in the mouth stuff that could have ended so differently and it said so much about the character of the two men.


My most memorable moments so far have been the 3 most controversial.

First was the collision between the two Red Bulls at Turkey.

Second was Vettel getting Webbers front wing at Silverstone after his broke.

Third was Massa letting Alonso past for the win.

As you can see I love the drama 🙂


My favourite moment by far was Barrichello taking Schumacher, squeezing down the tightest of gaps against the wall.

Every time I see it I hold my breath.

Whether you think Schumacher pushed it too far or not, either way it was a show of 2 racers right on the edge, pushing each other to the absolute limit.


The Turkish GP.


For sure!! Even better for me since I was there


Did you pick up any spare pieces of Red Bull after the race 🙂


After considering your options and other great moments of the season so far I would go for the Button victory as it was unexpected and so opportune.

I would not get so hung up on Vettel's age. Hamilton won the world championship at the same age and in his second season. Don't forget this is Vettel's fourth season albeit he started 2007 partway through it. Great effort but perspective is required.

Who will be the next young superstar capable of breaking records with regards to age? Guttierez from Mexico? A lot will depend on the machinery at his disposal.


For me it was the webber/vettel accident in turkey, that really was a big moment that expressed both drivers aggressiveness and explained a lot about the relation between the two of them.

Also the Schumacher/barichello fight in hungary, seeing rubens trying to show to Michael that he is now simply better. And the reaction to that incident


I expect you'll get a lot of votes for Webbers flying lesson, which was by far the most spectacular moment of the year! The fact he just walked away from it was the most relieved I can ever remember being watching F1, I honestly thought serious injury if he was lucky!


A fantastic season. My top two moments whilst watching were;

Button and Hamilton fighting each other in Turkey, just after the two Red Bulls had come together.

And Rubens overtaking Michael so close to the pit wall in Hungary.


I agree Button and Hamilton fighting in Turkey has me on the edge of seat, every time that I see it...


I would go with Webber's win at Silverstone. Not bad for a number 2 driver!


I agree.


None of these. For me it has to be the team-mate overtaking moves in Turkey - the Red Bull move that went horribly wrong as they tried to show each other who was boss, with both ending withg egg on their faces, followed by the dice between the McLaren boys, showing how it's done properly. Great piece of driving by Jenson and Lewis, fighting for the win.

(take note of that Ferrari - the Germany "fight" for the lead wont be it, quite the contrary)


Yup, Ferrari should take note of how things are to be done: I imagine Rob saying something like... "Felipe, you have to save fuel; Fuel is critical". And no problem at all.


When Schumacher passed Alonso in the dying moments of the Monaco GP. Of course the (unfair in my view) subsequent reversal and ballyhoo ruined it somewhat; but at the time when everyone (Schumacher included) thought it was a perfectly legit move it was electrifying, and deeply satisfying to a Michael fan hungry for more flashes of glory!


I agree that the penalty was too harsh. Actually, nobody was pretty sure on how the rule should be applyed, and MSC overtook under green flags! On the other hand, Alonso (and I think that Lewis too) had been told from team radio that no overtaking was possible as the race was to finish during a SC situation.

This shows how important should be to have clearer rules in order not to have so many "hard to understand" decisions form RC.


Webber in Monaco and Britain. Both were brilliant wins. Just hoping he can get a few more this year!


Two really edgy moments... The Hamilton-Button battle in Turkey, and the Barrichello-Schumacher battle in Hungary.

Both fights were too close for comfort, and both show how much commitment is out there, whether its for maximum or minimum points.


Surely the crash in Turkey! A real 'can you believe it' moment.


I am an avowed Webber fan and hope to see him win this year's WDC.

Nevertheless, my vote is for Jenson's win in the wet at Melbourne. All though last year people were saying that it was Jenson in a Brawn that was winning, and not jenson alone. A wet track takes away the advantages of being in the right car and leaves the quality of the driver as the major differentiator.

When he won again two races later in similar circumstances, I thought 'what a worthy champion'.


It's been a standout season so far with so many great moments,but me being a fan of the underdog,I'll go with Kobayashi at Valencia.

The way he was running at the pace of the leading Mclarens on old tyres was impressive enough.Then when he finally came in with 10 laps to go and nailed Alonso and Sutil on the last lap made me jump for joy.

This performance came just when people were questioning whether Kobi was just a flash in the pan,but that day proved he has a heart of a racer.


My fave moment so far was Fernando in the pit lane at China where he showed Massa not to mess him around....Also Vettell taking himself outta Turkey was pretty hilarious, just a shame he cost Mark the win!! ,,,,, Tricky on Barrellroller was a classic and Shammys transmission failure had us all in stitches here......when are they going to put bumpers on these things?? 🙂



I think Barrichello gets moment of the year for the way he managed not stick it in the fence in Hungary.


I'm a bit stumped as to what mine is. Sorry to say it but none of yours really inspire me James! I thought the Red Bull Monaco celebrations were fun, but I wouldn't say it was one of my highlights of the season so far.

Thinking about it, I'm not sure I do have a favourite moment, but instead there are trends and themes that I am enjoying. A closely fought WDC battle. Teams surprising us with their competitiveness (or lack of competitiveness) at certain tracks. The team mate battles not following the patterns that some journos and fans seemed to think were pre-ordained in the preseason. The unpredictable nature of the current season in general. I am enjoying all of these things much more than any single moments.


Buttons win edges it for me. It was the timing, so early in the season, to silence the critics. A great win. Supprised the Alonso/Massa overtake at Hokenhiem didn't make the list!


Has to be Webber driving straight past Vettel at Silverstone. It was a massive up yours to the team, Vettel and anyone else who cared to listen. It was only made better in the end of the day with the not bad for a number two driver comment

Great day to be a Webber fan 🙂


I agree...being a webber fan it was the only moment so far this season that i jumped up out of my chair and yelled at the TV. And i was in a streetside cafe in Hoi-an in central Vietnam. the locals must have thought i was a lunatic......


Webber and Vettel crashing fighting for the lead!


Hamilton taking pole in Canada, the first time the Red Bull dominance is broken on a Saturday.

Including of course cheekily pushing his car back to the pits...


I would have to say the greatest moment of this season so far was watching the battle between Jenson and Lewis at Turkey, having watched Vettel turn into the side of his team mate already in the race it was amazing to watch 2 born racers taking each other on in a beautiful set of moves as 1st Jenson drew alongside and passed Lewis, then Lewis coming straight back to retake the lead a couple of corners later.


Hamilton passing Rosberg in Melbourne.


that was stunning


Funniest has got to be both of Buemi's front wheels jettisoning themselves as he hit the bump in China 🙂

Other moments are Button's two wins albeit both in changeable conditions - but those wins and his current position in the Championship has a) underpinned the fact that he is a worthy World Champion and b) somewhat silenced his critics and those who said he would be blown away by his team mate.


Schumacher collecting a 10 place grid penalty for squeezing Barrichello! Run a close second by Red Bull Management trying to look happy when Mark Webber wins a race.


Turkey - the Red Bull's hitting each other, and then the Mclaren's side by side.


For me it has to be the collision between Vettel and Webber. If Red Bull fail to win either the drivers or constructors championships this year, this will be the incident they will be blaming.


I think it would have to be a recent moment - Barrichello proving that he has balls the size of melons and that you can overtake in F1 if you want to enough (and the other guy's tyres are shot..)


The moment when Hamilton regained the lead from Button at Istanbul Park. The pecking order at McLaren was established there and then.


It will probably come as no surprise for an Aussie, but Mark's qualifying in Malaysia, very reminiscent of JB in Melbourne, and Mark v Sebastien at the start of the British GP--that was electrifying. I really can't wait for Spa.


For me, Alonso is the perfect pantomime villain, and Ferrari are his ideal partners in that role. So one of my favourite moments was their protracted reaction to Hamilton's penalty for overtaking the safety car at the European Grand Prix. They had a point in there somewhere, but it was so overblown, it just became entertaining.

On a racing front, definitely the paint-swapping antics of Button and Hamilton in Turkey, especially coming right after the infamous Red Bull incident. Breathless stuff.


agree about Alonso being the panto villain. It's hardly a brillant racing spectacle but there were a number of moments with Alonso talking to his team on the radio which were just priceless.


Hi James,

Just curious as to what is up with Nick Heidfeld & the Pirelli tire testing is it happening today?

Why would they use a last year's Toyota?


and Mercedes test driver - good for Merc but not for everyone else ...


Last year's Toyota is a known quantity and not linked to any current teams.


I'll go with Schumachers pass on Alonso at Monaco, deemed illegal thanks to some contradictory rules, it demonstrated exactly what Schumacher is all about. He was on the ball and Alonso wasn't, if the drivers knew they weren't able to overtake on the last straight they'd have not all booted it down the straight... The facts were simple on this one, Schumacher was more awake on the final lap than anyone else out there. A great bit of driving (and positioning in the second to last corner), followed by some idiotic rule book waving and '25s is the minimum we can give' (unless it's valencia right!?!). It was the sublime to the ridiculous.

The Alonso Massa pitlane entry move was equally brilliant I must add.

I really enjoy seeing these kind of moves.


exactly how was Alonso not on the ball?

He knew the rules - or Ferrari did - and if Mercedes want to do something stupid so be it.


I suggest you re-watch that, no driver knew of that rule, hence they all raced to the finish line. If they'd know the rules they would have cruised over the line saving, none of them did.

So that's why Alonso was asleep, they all presumed it was a race to the finish, Alonso included, yet he got passed by Schumacher.

To suggest Alonso knew the rule is laughable!


NOPE. Ferrari told him to hold station - he asked them.


Besides what James have pointed out : Michael's move against Rubens - controversial, but had me jumping out of the chair, screaming, not exactly knowing what's going to happen - with a wild heartbeat - honestly, I though Rubens is going to be dead in just a few seconds ... Next, Vetel and Webber's crash - both very fast, battle til the end. Alonso finishing 6-th in Monaco (started 24 from the pit) - this guy is a fighting bull, he will run over you to get to the points. Mark Webber's crash with Heiki - I support/like RBR team, and I definitely didn't like that accident. I liked Renault's progress on slow tracks, and loved to see 5 drivers in just 20 points. The interesting stuff is yet to be seen, IMHO.


The Canadian Grand Prix.

All of it!


Bingo. Absolutely stunning Grand Prix and I had the pleasure of being in the stands!!


A GP that will take some beating. Still got it on Sky+ and watched it again over the weekend. A great way to fill the weekends until Spa!


Red Bull self destructing at turkey


I would have to say that Button's excellent strategy and driving style in Melbourne has to be up there. People had to re-evaluate their claims that he would be second rate next to Lewis Hamilton after that convincing race. I also have to give credit to Alonso there as well, for fighting through the field to get a strong points haul.

I think Webber's drive in Monaco was also top notch, sub-lime and the subsequent celebrations on the Red Bull boat were amazing scenes to watch. I would have loved to have been there to part of it!


MS fighting off the young guns in China

Even though he hasn't had the car underneath him and is taking a bit longer for him to get up to speed. Watching him throw his weight around and not 'giving presents' was fun to watch. Especially at the restart when Hammy tried a move around the outside but all he got in return was a face full of curb and grass!


I would say Turkey GP.

I remember holding my iPhone with F1 app constantly on, but not to check the lap times (as i usualy do)... I was constantly checking when somebody will try to pass, especially if the TV was showing other cars then the front four. Red Bulls and McLarens were so freaking close it was unbelievable. It wasn't even worth checking their lap times. You could feel something was going to happen sooner or later. And it did.

And come, when was the last time we actually saw team mates RACING each other for the win. Probably in Prost-Senna era.

I wasn't pleased with the outcome of the race, but action on the track was just great.


I agree and posted the same below!

Jonathan De Andrade

Hi James,

I would consider other few points,

Barrichello's overtaking over MS in Hungary.

Mark Webber's astonishing 20/23 flying laps, also, in Hungary building the gap needed to return from pit stop in front of Alonso.

Mark Webber again, flying crash over Kovalainen in Valencia. How lucky he was, and how safe the monocoque seem to be these days!

Michael Schumacher performance, very disappointing considering the amount of expectancy that was created, not just from the media, but also from R. Brawn, Mercedes so on.

The creativity that flourish brilliantly this season, with the McLaren F-duct,Red Bull's approach on the flexi front wings, blow diffuser. Adrian Newey!

Also mention Renault's "Renaissance", how good is to see this guys back on track and delivering so consistent results after all that they have been through last year!

of track, I'd put Fota Fans Forum, what an achievement from the fans perspective. I personally really enjoyed it! Thanks to you in putting all that together!

Also, the live broadcasting of some radio communication, which brings fans much closer to what is really happening within the teams boundaries.

Negative points for me: is about the cars weight not being made public. I can not understand the reason behind that measure. secondly the USF1 deception ... no comments!

What an year this one of 2010!!


My top 3 are:

1) Schumacher's opportunistic pass on Alonso at Monaco.

2) Lewis charging through the field in Australia, Malaysia, China. Great, clean racing and overtaking.

3) Barricello refusing to give in against Schumacher in Hungary


1) pointless move.


It has to be Lewis Hamilton getting pole in Canada; it's the only non-Red Bull pole of the season so far, so deserves some recognition!


Mine has to be Schumacher's last corner pass of Alonso at Monaco, completely outwitting him. Whether a legal move or not, it was opportunism at its best.


Agreed. I think Schumi just gave Alonso what he was craving for.. a jolt back into life of intense competition.

This is what I looked forward to since 2006 when these two would fight for position .. during qualifying!

Also, i think it made Bernie happy, because the new generation of drivers can only drive when everythign is nice and dandy, but its this kind of opportunism that makes the difference when all thigs are equal..

I think of all the people on the grid, only Alonso would be able to pull off something like that.. other than the Masster of course.. 🙂


How do you outwit a driver who thinks they are supposed to finish in the order they are in?

Alonso thought they were supposed to maintain the current order.


'outwitting' , how exactly? Are you outwitted if someone jumps the lights? And who had the last laugh?


For me, Mark into the first corner at Silverstone. A man on a mission.


Hamilton and Button owning Alonso in Canada


My moment of the year would be Bahrain qualifying, when Schumacher was behind Rosberg. That has set the scene for the rest of the season. Schumacher is a pale shadow of his former self and the new generation of drivers has well and truly taken over...It is sad to see a great champion struggle so much, but I think his disgraceful blocking of Barrichello in Hungary shows his desperation...


Maybe he wasn't so great? Now we see him without all his built in advantages?


For me it has to be Rubens passing Michael on the straight at the Hungaroring. It was a frightening moment, but one in which Rubens settled a few old scores, he didn't have to keep his foot down, but he did. Brilliant!


I am a McLaren fan, but also an Aussie. For mine Mark Webber's win at Silverstone was the highlight. The way he rose above the controversy before the race with Seb getting the new front wing to dominate the race was great to watch.

Of course I am a little biased, but that is the moment that stick out for me personally.


You do not need to be an Aussie to appreciate Mark Webber.


I also vastly underestimated button. I think it's clear so far that Hamilton is quicker, but I thought button was going to get absolutely obliterated.

My fave moment was webbers win at hungary, watching the live timing while he scooted away to get the gap fot the win was nail biting.


Any of Webber's win would do it for me, but especially his win at Monaco. His jumping in the pool to celebrate is right up there with Button's pit-straight run last year!!

I've always liked Webber, but would never have really called myself a "fan" until this year. But seeing how biased RBR appears to be towards Vettel has made me want Webber to win the WDC even though that will mean neither of the 2 Brits win it...


Barichello's move on Schumacher in Hungary. High drama from two former teammates with little love lost between them. Ruben's manned up and shoved his way through. One of the better moves in F1 in a long time.


My favorite moments would have to be when Sebastian Vettel drove into Mark Webber in Turkey, and post-race Silverstone during the slowing down lap; When Webber quipped, "not bad for a no. 2 driver."

Those two moments were not only great on track drama/action, but it also spilled over off the track and defined Red Bull Racing's culture/atmosphere.


+1 for Webber's Monaco win.


1. Malaysian quali - Ferrari and Mclaren panic Q1

2. Monaco quali - Webber and Kubica switching P1 in Q3 - onboard cameras - just loved it.


Webber winning in Britain with the wrong wing was great, his decisive first corner. It's great to see a driver refuse to accept number two status, take on all comers including his own team and still come out on top. I hope he goes on to win the championship this year and doesn't come to regret the points lost in the unnecessary Valencia incident.


Webber sticking up for himself with those comments at silverstone. I really admire him for that and, now, who i want to win the DC


Webber winning at Silverstone after wing-gate

2nd would be Webber at Monaco


Webber @ Silverstone

Especially since it was after his Valencia crash.

And his comments post-race were the stuff F1 has been missing for years.

The Istanbul crash and the ensuing McLaren battle deserves a mention too


Button's wins were really cool and showed a mastery of modern f1 and his own skills; the celebrations in Monaco were a perfect summary of the whole audience's jubilation and Vettel's lap was awesome (I too remember those slides out to the far reaches of the track and the curbs!)... but i think Button and Hamilton going toe-to-toe after the red bull crash was pure F1 🙂


Lewis pole in Canada and he Pushing his car home after the fliyg lap:


In fact, this was on the most cool thing that saw in F1 in the last years...


Silverstone for me.

It was a very aggressive Webber at the first corner marking his territory.

Also loved the 'not bad for a number two' radio transmission. A lot of drivers would have never had the guts of voicing their discontent in such a public manner.

Carlos Del Valle

Turkey. And Hamilton´s early charges. And Kobayashi´s late charge at Valencia. And Barrichello´s overtaking at the Hungaroring. Many more.

Well, it seems we have a classic season here, eh? Thank God they banned refueling. This would have been veery boring with that "longer than him" nonsense.



These were all great moments, and for different reasons, but it was interesting to see the level of posts to some of the more controversial points of the season.

What has created the most number of posts and discussion so far this season? From memory ... Red Bull front wing episode, Schumacher's block on Barichello and Ferrari's team orders ranked highly.

From a blog point of view it seems to be that people are perhaps more likely to want to have a go at sticking the knife in about a perceived wrong doing, than to compliment a driver, track or team on a great move / race / spectacle.


The most comments were definitely from the Ferrari team orders - over 1,100!!


That's impressive - a busy couple of days for you!!

A quick question about Ferrari if you wouldn't mind, with the WMSC hearing taking place just before the Monza weekend ... have you heard anything since Hockenheim, or do you have a gut feeling about what the likely outcome will be?

I'll be there supporting Ferrari, but slightly edgy that they may feel the need to be seen to throw the book at them. I never thought what they did was terrible, more handled badly, and what a lot of other teams have done in a more covert fashion anyway. Is it likely that Todt and Di Montezemolo will get together and work out a way of punishing Ferrari but keeping the championship battle alive on their part?

I'm not even sure that Todt would chair this hearing, but i'm just trying to work out what they might do to Ferrari before their home race.


That's comforting that you think that might be the outcome. I hadn't considered the last point as I thought the stewards said the result would stand. Perhaps it would be a bit harsh on Alonso, if Ferrari had said no team orders and to race for position I would have expected him to pass Massa under normal conditions. He made half hearted attempts but I guess that was more to flag up to the team to say 'hey look i'm faster'.

Well I hope they don't interfere with Alonso's points, the stage is set for a fantastic 5-way fight - minus a hungry and focused Alonso would be disappointing!


Given the timing I think that some new clearer guidelines about team orders will come out of the hearing, for the WMSC to then vote on. Likely outcome is points lost by team but not by the driver, in my view. They may reverse the points to Massa gets 25 and Alonso 18.


I want to say Mark Webber's win at Silverstone, which I missed, but even just reading about it online afterwards was sweet!

But really it was the moment after Webber's crash when his head moved and he flung the wheel out of the car and it was obvious he wasn't badly injured.

I'm a Webber fan, in case it wasn't obvious.


There's been one person's performance that has blown me away this season. I've never liked the chap, and come to that still don't, but I have to say that he has confounded me. And many others. Patrick Head springs to mind and for him to be wrong: well!

I had dire forbodings over Todt but will now admit to being very wrong. Being better in the job than Mosley and Balestre is not, perhaps, much of a recommendation I suppose. That said, we were all, well a lot, talking of him being a clone and that he would attack this team or that, favour one over the other. But what do we get?

I, like most people I bet, do not like being proved wrong. But in this case I will make an exception. I am so pleased that (up to yet. I'm still watching) Todt has not put a foot wrong.

Every time we get an incident I expect there to be someone descending from on high to ruin the whole purpose of F1. And then everything is left up to the stewards.

So my memorable moment are those when I have had to admit that Todt has done a good job.

It won't last of course. We'll find out he's found the McLaren millions and run off with it or that he's burned down Marenello but the upside to that is that I'll have been proved right.

But until then I have to placate myself with the thought that at least Formula 1 appears to be run better than for such a long time.

(Gritted teeth mode off.)


Oh dear... there were so many moments this season so far that it's impossible to pick one. So let's see...

- I love these moments when you think that everything is set and done, you turn your head away from the TV for a second and when you look back, everything is upside down. That's why I would go for Lewis retiring on the last laps in Spain when running second and (above all) Sebastian and Mark crashing into each other and then the McLaren boys nearly doing the same thing a few munutes later in Turkey. And the shock and zero celebration on the podium. Priceless!

- From your list James I think I would pick Alonso passing Massa in China - that was a great moment that clearly showed the attitude of both drivers. The agression and ruthlessness of Fernando is what makes the difference and what makes Alonso double world champion.

- Apart from that, I would also mention Alonso's coming backs and great drives from the back of the grid to the front - in Australia, China and Monaco (nevermind the reason why he had to do it, but you have to admit that he recovered pretty well in all those races and had to fight his way throuh more than any other driver this season so far). I sometimes think that this man can't have it easy and has to make it difficult for himself when the race seems to smooth.

- Also: Rubens passing Michael in Hungary and Michael passing Alonso in Monaco, which showed that his instincts are still there and he's willing to grab any given opportunity.

- And the qualifying session and start to the Malaysian GP. It was kind of fun to have the free world champions (Alonso, Hamilton and Button) + one vice-champion (Massa) starting from the end of the grid. I must admit - that was I think the first time in my life when I didn't really pay that much attention to the front rows as the back ones were even more interesting for me.


Eddie Jordan getting progressively sweatier in the China pitlane until someone decided to stick a BBC rain jacket on him.


Far and away, my favorite moment of the season was the Webber-Vettel crash. Not because I enjoyed it (I did not) but because it served as a stark reminder that humans can (and will often) screw up a perfect situation.


What about Kobayashi's last few lapes in Valencia OR Webber's "Schumiesque" quali-like laps in hungary?

But of the ones you mentioned, Vettel's lap in Melbourne. This guy is amazing and most exciting guy to watch for me this yr. Pure raw talent and once taken care of the few rough edges, he'll be unstoble.


The two best for me are Hamilton's Montreal pole, and Webber's radio talk to CH.


Lewis's pole lap in Canada and the wonderful shots of him pushing the car! Great stuff.


McLaren gave him half a lap less fuel.


And he was better than 1 lap's worth of fuel over Vettel.


Half a lap of fuel is worth nothing time wise. He would've been on pole anyway.


Button's win because it just shocked everyone


It's been such a brilliant season that there are too many moments to choose from- i think in every race!. As dull as the Bahrain opener was, there was still a moment to savour with Massa on the podium in second place on his return to the sport after a life threatening accident last year. From there it's just been getting better and better. Can't wait for the summer break to end!


Mark Webber's start at Silverstone, taking the lead from Vettel and pushing him wide at turn one. Just perfect.


This season has had so many moments....

All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain.

Alonso team radio in Valencia when quizzing his engineer about what position Lewis was in when he came out after his drive-through penalty......." What position was Lewis before the penalty ? Answer: 2nd Fernando. " .....and what position is Lewis now ? Answer: 2nd Fernando.

That was so funny !!!

So many say the golden era of F1 was Senna Prost Mansell Piquet but honestly I think we are seeing the best F1 right now there has ever been, Lewis, Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Massa, and others, all real characters, same with Lorenzo Rossi Stoner Pedrosa in Moto GP.

Their celebrations, their sulks, their petulance, their determination to win....awesome.


Mine favorite moment of the year was the lap at Malaysian GP qualifying when Fernando Alonso in Ferrari drove an penultimate lap in wet conditions even though he didn`t make it through Q2.

His lap was awesome and with the commentary of Steven Slater it was awesome to watch...


3 things come to mind immediately:

1) Michael's (controversial) last-lap move on Alonso in Monaco

2) Vettel & Webber crashing

3) Redbull's Monaco pool celebration


Alonso's passing Massa in China.

Fernando was playing "nice" teammate up to that race. However, he realized that nice does not win you any F1 championships. Therefore, he decided to strap the team captain band on his arm that day.


Well, My favs are:

Turkish GP - Red bulls and Mclarens

Alonso passes Massa @ China and Germany

Barrichello passes Schumi @ Hungary


Rubens showing the good will out in Hungary!


Lewis taking pole at Montreal, then cheekily pushing the car back. Very sweet moment. In fact the entire Canadian GP has been my highlight of the season.


The two Red Bulls coming together in Turkey is something that has been replayed over and over again, and is a pretty symbolic moment in Red Bull's season, as they regularly seem to trip over their own tails when in winning positions.

Button's inspired pitstop in Australia and Webber's awesome Monaco performance stand out, as well as about half a dozen great moments from Lewis Hamilton as he regularly has wrestled his McLaren into places it shouldn't really be. His final qualifying lap at Silverstone, where he salvaged 4th on the grid after a nightmare weekend for McLaren was remarkable.


Mine are not 'moments' as such;

1. The change in regulations to ban fuel stops and having to race a full distance on a full tank of fuel (although I would prefer it if there was a proscribed minimum of fuel the cars had to carry so that we could avoid the teams running in 'fuel saving mode'); and

2. The Turkish GP. Not the spectacle of the crash and the shenanigans that that caused, intriguing as it was, but the ‘RACING'.

Not since I was much younger and watching various British GP's on the banking at Brands and Silverstone have I been so engrossed in a contest between the front four cars. It was a thrill to follow the sector times throughout the race up until the Red Bull’ crash. Watching the gaps, the to and fro of fastest lap, the little spurts in individual sectors; it was everything a Grand Prix should be and that I remember from days gone by.

It was a true contest between four drivers, in the best cars, at the top of their games.



mine is more of a long drawn out "moment" in hungary, when mark webber was on the charge to make up enough of a gap to allow him to pit comfortably. The few laps before he pitted were the most exciting for me. every time he passed the pit entrance i was like an excitable child "He's not pitting!!!! he's going again!!!"

literally on the edge of my seat shouting at the tele "watch your tyres mate!"

with my wife peering in from the other room with a look that said "what are you on?". It's moments like this i use as an arguement when i get hit with the same line "F1 is so boring, just cars going round in circles". aye just cars goin round in circles eh?.........


Eddie Jordan grabbing Stefano Domenicali after the German GP - Genius....


Button get's my vote followed by Lewis's overtake on Nico in Australia. Not a lot of people would have expected to be overtaken into that corner! Other candidates would be Webber taking Vettel at Silverstone and Hamilton's drive in China.


My favourite moment of the year has nothing to do with the racing.

Rubens beating the stig.

Then recieving a t shirt saying "I beat the stig", then giving some of the other drivers an "I didnt beat the stig" t shirt.

Hats off to Jenson, I saw him wearing one at the race weekend. A small reminder that F1 is not all about politics and very serious drivers.

My fav moment on the track, Kubica at monaco. On it all weekend. Between him and Lewis they can wring the neck of a car cant they.


Webber winning at Silverstone: amazing how much pace a wronged man can generate. True grit. And hats off to him for giving the world the 'not bad for second driver' comment - Aussie truespeak, not PR guff.


It HAS to be Lewis Hamilton taking pole in Canada and pushing his car down the track, I was even sad enough to take pics of the my television showing it.


It would have made it right up there for me if he'd had the same amount of fuel as his rivals. That lap, good as it was, really wasn't on a level playing field.


Actually, Paul you will find it was. Hamilton qualified on pole over 2/10tenths faster than than Webber in second place. Every lap of fuel you carry around Montreal GP will cost you about a 10tenth in ultimate lap time. Weight adjustade, Hamilton still would have been comfortably fastest.


Canada is a short lap - you're only talking hundredths of a second difference. Hamilton still would've been on pole by two tenths.


I hear what your saying, but good on them for exploiting the rules. Still think he would have managed pole anyway. And good on him for pushing his car down the road, images like that we rarely see in F1... sometimes a bit of theatre is good for F1


Strange choices James

My top three would be:

1. Hamilton's pole, completely unexpected - outqualifying his team mate by over 6/10s if I remember correctly

2. Vettel and Webbers crash - a classic

3. McLaren's 1-2 in China with Button and Hamilton's different styles both producing brilliant results.


For me one of the "cheekiest" moments was Alonso passing Massa entering the pit lane,completely uncompromising,and what was even funnier,the media were in a frenzy about such an audacious move,Alonso? Utterly oblivious," If we were not team mates you wouldn,t be talking about it"!


For me it was watching Kubica challenge the dominant Red-Bull's for pole in Monaco. He was wringing every ounce of performance from that car and was truly an example of a driver "overdriving" a car.


Turkey was interesting for the Vettel/Webber crash - creating a still ongoing controversy on Red Bull's favourite driver; followed a few laps later by the Button/Hamilton tour de force - cooled down when McLaren asked Jenson to look after his tyres and fuel. Insight on team (and driver) management.

A great season so far, we are spoiled by choice of favourite moments!


Hamilton pushing his car so it didn't run out of fuel at Montreal. Like they say, keep walking.



Rubens beating the Stig's lap time.


My favorite moments were in the Turkish Grand Prix, all the incidents and duals between team mates. If anyone other than Hamilton would have won it would have been perfect.

Second to Alonso's stamp of authority on the team in China, you have to take what you want when it is available because you are not there to make friends.

Some of those poles the RB drivers have pulled off were also amazing as was Webber's flip through the air.

Funniest moment was Buemi's two wheels simultaneously coming off, though it probably wasn't too funny for him!

Bonehead moment of the year was the mechanic who left the cooling cover on Button's car at the Monaco Grand Prix which caused his lump to prematurely expire!


Bonehead moment of the year clearly goes to Vettel for turning into Webber at Istanbul.

Then showing how much of an immature little premadona he is after getting out of the car


Absolutely agree with the comment and the sentiment...

I had started to lose respect for him as a person after his attitude following Webber's pole and win in Germany the year before and this incident just reinforced it.

Turkey had been such a great race prior with the top four within 5 seconds or so for a number of laps. The McLaren race for first after the Red Bull crash was fantastic as well.


Perhaps because it's freshest in the mind, but Ruby's cigarette paper pass on Schumi in Hungary was the most memorable moment for me.

1. Sweet justice for Ruby after lears of being Schumacher's lackey

2. A reminder as if we needed it, that Schumi's lack of track etiquette is as prevalent as ever.

3. Ruby having the cohones to pull off the pass given the narrow margins and extreme danger present


A full 24 car grid in Bahrain was very nice. Sauber, Lotus, Hispania and Virgin all bravely present. And these new guys were not as hopeless as I expected.

Another moment was Kobayashi in Valencia. This is what "mandatory soft/hard tyre" rule is all about. He could do very good laptimes on both, and passed cars on a circuit not so good for overtaking.

Initially I was going to say Button in Melbourne as well. But to be honest, a man can not control weather, he was lucky to get the right tyre. He went off too on his out lap, so although I like this guy( and the fact that not only Lewis can seemingly turn things into gold), it was too lucky for my taste.


F1 is littered with multiple GP winners who have been lucky at some stage during their careers. Fisi in Brazil due to a fortunate Pit Stop followed by the Webber and Alonso Crashes, MS due to Mika breaking down on the Final Lap in Barcelona and Rubens first win in Germany (fan on the track & rain). Luck can also be a someone given the best car for one season only. It's a subjective argument, but sometimes you have to make your own luck or simply deal with the situation in which you find yourself. It would be interesing to know how you define a win that requires no element of luck (excluding pole to poles) or 'too much for your taste'.


Agreed, seeing all those cars heading for Turn 1 was a great sight.


Seeing Webber moving his head in the cockpit after the terrible crash in Valencia. I honestly thought we had lost him.


Hamilton and Vettel side-by-side down the pit-lane for me.


If it comes down to how pumped I was at the time then I'm afraid that schadenfreude wins the day here, and it would have to be a close call between Vettel/Webber taking each other out in Turkey and Vettel going out on lap 1 at Silverstone.

As for the moment that stays with me, however, then it would be Hamilton and Button at Turkey... with Kobayashi's last lap at Valencia a close second.


Two moments stand out for me so far this season.

First the Australian GP in full. After the Bahrain race served up a Sunday snoozefest we all feared for the fate of the season. Aided by the weather Melbourne came good. From the green light to the chequered flag it was full of excitement, incident and intrigue. First lap smashes led to a tactical guessing game, Algushari v Schumi, Webber v the world and Button winning. It set the true tone of the season.

The other highlight was Webber's move on Vettel on the first corner at Silverstone, it summed up everything life should be with those unjustly treated rising to triumph.

Special mention goes to Schumaker's move on Alonso at the end if Monaco, perfectly legal and just. the fact the rules had to be changed afterwards shows how legal it was. Such a shame Schumi has since lost the respect of most following his forceful driving since.

I think the best is still to come this season too.


I would have to say the whole Turkey GP. It was probably the best GP i've seen in years.

With the awesome battle between Webber, Vettel and Hamilton, and Button just hanging on, then the tension broke with the Vettel/Webber crash and finally Button having a go at Hamilton!



regardless of what else happens this year, or how ultimately the title is decided, the "moment" of the year is VET crashing into WEB in Turkey.

It will be this moment that the season is remembered for, and maybe even more so depending on the final points margins after Abu Dhabi. It was a pivotal popint in the championship, and if it never happened, the championship standing would look quite different at this point in the season. For one thing, the RBRs would be further ahead.


Hi James

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Part of the fun of the book is taking what has been online, adding some new content and printing it! But that said, we are looking at it for this year. There will be far more new content than last year's book. Thanks


Schumacher Alonso @ Monaco


After a lot of thought and reading all these replies, there really have been some fantastic moments this year.

For me it's probably seeing Mark throw his steering wheel out of the car in Valencia.

I was so relieved he was okay,but maybe more relieved that his title chances were not too damaged.

Webber is finally getting the results I expected to see in a Williams BMW.


Well, I don't have a favourite moment since Schumi hasn't won anything yet, but Canadian GrandPrix is my favourite since I was there in person 🙂

As for the moment I enjoyed the most, Vettle taking Webber out in Turkey. I was shocked, as I have only followed F1 closely from 1998-2006 and don't remember anyone taking their team mate out like that. Awesome 🙂


The moment that has impressed me most this year was watching Alonso driving a car with a defective clutch, figuring out how to drive around the problem and managing to still set competitive times (2nd fastest lap?).

Was great to finally see Barrichello stand up to Schumacher, he's such a nice bloke and it's great that he had an opportunity to re-address the balance and offload some bagage from his Ferrari years.

Similarly, it's been great watching Webbo finally get some results and in my opinion prove more than a match for Vettel.


The opening laps of the Turkish Grand Prix, genuine racing with genuine overtakes (Hamilton on Vettel for second and Button on Schumacher for fourth) followed by really intense laps as they pulled away from the pack. It's been the only time this season we have seen two teams virtually identical on lap time and running flat out for the lead and has shown even without a the random elements of rain and safety cars or dodgy tyres Formula 1 can produce gripping racing.

I would rather watch 60 laps of that, with the potential of an incredible overtake that never gets made than 60 laps of push to pass, or any other form of unevenly balanced overtaking.


Favorite moment without doubt - Webber's start at Silverstone. And any race whose result wasn't artificially screwed up by safety car.


Mark Webbers launch into orbit.

Did you know mark really is an F1 pilot.

If you have followed his career you know he has more "Air Time" than anyone else 🙂


Three best moments this year, Webber winning Monaco, Webber surviving his "Red Arrows" prang at Valencia and the first three corners of the British GP when Webber got the jump on Vettel who was off the track two corners later.


My personal favourite moment so far is Button's gentlemanly handling of his blown engine in Monaco. No whining, no crying, he handled it like the true champion he is. It was a refreshing refrain from the likes of Hamilton, Vettel and the other prima donnas in F1.

Sport requires sportsmen...


Hear hear.


I agree. Sometimes you have to accept that mistakes happen.


Lewis' first ever overtaking maneuver on Michael...I loved the way he gave respect to him, who wudve otherwise been ruthless. Hope Michael does the same to Lewis this year or next 🙂


My favourtie moment was Webbers pole at Malaysia. He made the gamble to go intermediate tyres, drove the car on a knife edge and got the pole. Its a shame he didnt win the race, but for me that qualifying lap is the highlight of this season.


1. Alonso's hairline squeezed through Massa at China.

2. Vettel almost taking out Webber but retired himself at Turkey. Loved the twirling finger after incident.

3. "Save fuel", the Button and Hamilton overtaking moves which left Lewis confused at the podium ceremony.

and must add - Webber's "Not bad for a no.2 driver.


My favourite moments are watching how far Vettel can spit a dummy, how far he can throw his toys when he chucks them out of the pram and how far out he can stick his bottom lip when he perceives some injustice or wrongdoing going his way. If there was a world championship for spoilt brats, he would really be the new Schumie.

On a more positive note, Webber's victory jumps. When you consider how broken one of those legs was just over a year and half ago, has to be the best positive story of the year.


My favorite moments are--------Mark Weber "the MAN" winning races, and Vettal "the spoilt BRAT", loosing races!



My fsavourite moments are Kubica challenging the Red Bulls at Monaco for pole/race and Kobayashi's banzai final stint in Valencia.


I thought the pictures of John Button and Anthony Hamilton together were heart warming.

I don't suppose we will see F1 wives Corinna (Schumacher) and Silvana (Barrichello) out shopping together any time soon.


Hard to choose James, all moments are brilliant, but i would go for:

"Alonso passes Massa into the Shanghai pit lane"!


Felipe, Fernando ... is faster than yooooouu !


Ya. Great said buddy. That was my most favourite moment too.


In no particular order:


Webber-Vettel collision

Vettel's pole at Australia really was one of the sickest laps I've ever seen

Rubens overtaking Schumacher


I was going to pick Webber at Silverstone.There was a man on a mission if ever there was one.

But thinking about it, my favourite moment of the season so far was at Hockenheim - at the very start of the race. While Alonso and Vettel were slowing each other up, it was Massa who took the opportunity to sail round the outside of both of them, and into the lead. That was a fantastic moment.

What happened subsequently I would rather forget, but just a few laps, it was great to see the little Brazilian deservedly out in front.


As Brundle was saying during a race, Vettel going hard over the kerbs is something that might be causing his poor reliablity.

Seeing how a flexing floor is something that would allow harder kerb riding, it will be interesting to see if he still will be going over the kerbs so hard if the flexing tests are actually revised.

With regards to Button pitting early in Australia:

"People say he had to pit early because his intermediates were shot"

Button was actually one of those people ...

In fact he claimed that the fact that his inters were shot was the signal that it was time for dry tyres.

My favorite moment of these would be Webber's celebration.

Hamilton's pole in Canada was amazing too.


Best moment this season was qualifying in Montreal. The only time pole had not been won by a Red Bull. Great to see the fight go to the fastest car of the year. Possible to see how hard Lewis and Mclaren fought to win it by how he stopped out on track trying to save the 1L of fuel in his tank for FIA inspection. Great qualy. Not won by the biggest or smallest margin, but what a lap from Lewis! Leaving rubber on every wall just how it should be on a part street circuit! Cant wait to see Lewis in a competitive high downforce carr


Has to be webbers celebrations after winning monaco gp!


My 2 picks are:

1) Alonso during the Malaysian GP , driving almost the entire race with a broken transmission and overtaking Button momentarily before it failed.

Says a lot about his skill and I'm still amazed and in awe.

2) Kobayashi in Valencia.



My favourite moment would have been Massa winning in Germany exactly a year after his horrendous accident - but sadly, it was not to be.

So, instead, I'll choose the Canadian GP. All of it. Unpredictable and full of action, and wasn't it just great to see someone who wasn't driving a Red Bull start from pole position?


the FOTA / Santander / JAonF1 fans forum


hey don't forget hamilton's tyre failure in spain and his DNF in hungary... those were AWESOME!


I feel sorry for you James, you've got an extremely hard job trying to narrow down your choices of what to include. This year has been a truely fantastic season, a classic for sure. Good for the fans. Bad for you!


special mention has to go to Rob Smedley for his radio message to massa "Fernando....is..faster..than you..do you understand?" you could tell how much he hated giving that message.


My favorities in order are:

1) Hamilton, Button passing each other - Turkey

2) Hamilton pole lap - Montreal

3) Webber, not bad 4 a number 2 driver, Silverstone

4) Webber, Vettel crash - Turkey

5) Hamilton & Alonso side by side in Montreal pit lane

6) Rubens passing Schumacher - Hungary

7) Kobayashi passes alonso - Valencia

8) Hamilton vs Petrov - Malaysia

Least favorite - Bahrain, i'll say no more


I think this is a classic F1 season, so it includes many and many great moments. These are mine: Jenson's driving in the early part of the Chinese GP...it was awesome 🙂 Lewis' overtakings at the Aussie, Malaysian and the Chinese GP. They're not so good, but: The 2 RB cars collided in Istanbul... The Mclaren team forgot to get away the cover of the radiator from Jenson's car...these moments would be able to decide the championship.


Luke A....said it all. When Lewis went green in the first sector at Canada, on his last lap of qualifying, I was on the edge of my chair. When he staight lined down the straight towards the checkered flag, I thought that he might do it....and he did....with a roar of approval from the crowd....great moment.


A close call; Webber dealing with Vettel on the run to turn one, lap one, at Silverstone is number two. Kobayashi throwing it up the inside of Alonso at Valencia has to be number one, especially in the context of commentators and drivers bemoaning the fact that it's so hard to overtake, broadly in modern F1, specifically at that track.


my best moment is Spanish and Hungarian GP when Hamilton could not cross the finish line.

Racing not Politics

and the confirmation email confirming my tickets to Abu Dhabi - can't wait for a season finale


Maclaren team's orders in turkey telling button not to repass hamilton: "save fuel....save fuel"


Webber's 20 qualifying laps, before pitting and coming out to retain the lead at Hungary is definately the best drive of this year and i think one of the best drives of his career. It obvisously helped that his car was about 1.2 seconds faster than Alonso in second, but to pull it off on the prime compound and to stretch the life of the tyre without losing anything much in lap times was phenomenal. 100 marks and 25 points to him. Reminded me of Schumi's and Brawn's 3 stops at Hungary a few years ago.


Webber cleaning up Vettel off the line in Silverstone, just as Martin Brundle told him he could during his gridwalk.


Oh yes, and Rubens keeping his foot n it - not that he had much choice.

The best moment - Schumi finally calling it a day - is yet to come.


The entire Canadian Grand Prix. End of.


End of what?


The post above show how F1 is a game of perceptions. Alonso passing Massa in the pit lane entrance? Weber celebrating? Vettel hitting curbs on Q1?

How about real racing like the start in Hockenheim where Vettel cut on a diagonal to block Alonso and Massa through thank you, or Barrichello pass on Schumacher in Hungary...


My favourite moments of this quite remarkable year so far are:

1. Jenson winning in China

2. Jenson winning in Australia

3. Canada - every moment of it

4. Turkey - every second of it

My own personal favourite moment was when we were at Silverstone, sitting in the Vale stand waiting for them to come into view for the first time, not quite sure what had gone on at the start, the memory of the roar that went up when we saw Lewis in second, and the even louder roar when we saw Jenson up to 8th from 14th still gives me goosebumps, a truly standout moment.


thinking about it with all this talk re overtaking - it is much better to see 1 or 2 quality overtaking moves in one race rather than 10 artificial overtaking moves.

because those are the ones you remember from the races.


The RED BULL crash at Turkey!!!! Unbelieveable

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