Red Bull Istanbul collision is fans’ moment of year so far
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Red Bull Istanbul collision is fans’ moment of year so far
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Aug 2010   |  8:36 am GMT  |  51 comments

After three days of voting by readers of this site and over 230 comments, the clear winner of the moment of the year so far is the collision between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in Istanbul.

The second most popular moment was Lewis Hamilton taking pole position in Montreal, the only time in 12 races this season that Red Bull were not on pole.

Mark Webber’s win at Silverstone, after being relegated to the old specification front wing was the third favourite moment followed by the breathtaking pass by Rubens Barrichello on Michael Schumacher and the McLaren battle for the lead in Istanbul.

Other moments which fans appreciated this season include Kobayashi’s pass on Alonso at Valencia, Schumacher’s pass on Alonso at Monaco, the Alonso/Massa pit lane incident in China, Jenson Button’s pit strategy gamble in Australia.

No doubt a similar exercise on a German site would have rather different results, as would a Spanish equivalent, but I think for pure drama the Istanbul incident ranks as one of the great OMG moments in recent F1 history.

Thanks for taking part. The wealth of exciting moments has certainly proved what a great season we are enjoying.

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If i had to make a top 5 I would put it this away:

1- The Red Bull Collision at Turkey

2- The weekend at Canada specially the qualifying and the race ( for me all the weekend was a big moment!)

3- Vettel´s pole lap over the edge at Australia.

4- The Hamilton vs Button at Turkey also( Lewis taking back the position was sublime!)

5- Alonso move on Massa going into the pit, it´s a giant move and a great statement from Alonso.


At the time I thought Webber and Vettel were foolish, but in reflection my opinion has changed and I have respect for their bold competitive driving.


My favorite moment of the year was Mark winning at Silverstone after his wing was taken away and given to his teammate. 🙂


That was definitely my favourite too…It was this sense of ‘underdog’….and he went in with Seb’s old Luscious Liz….without the wing…and won…I cried with happiness…Hubby thought I was bananas!!! lol


Little off topic, but i would like to share My F1 story of the year 2010 so far is … Verva Racing Team in Poland. It will be huge event (21.08.2010) , which shows how Polish businesses going towards F1 (I think thanks to Kubica, but it`s not only reason) and I`m very happy that things are going this way.

Some say, that we`ll have F1 track even, and F1 partner LG is really helping force .


The interesting thing I find about the Turkey crash is how it seems to have become twisted in hindsight. Horner likes to say “we were criticised for letting them race”. Well no, thats not why they were criticised. They were criticised for blaming Webber for Vettel’s mistake, and then for messing with the engine modes, which they first denied.

And that doesn’t even go into the fact that Marko told the press that Webber should have let Vettel pass, and even said that his engineer was meant to pass on an order to Webber to move over. So someone hasn’t been telling the truth, but who is it?

So the story is sort of still developing, now Horner has decided to take the moral high ground over team orders. I find it quite interesting. Its sparked one of the biggest ongoing stories of the season, thats for sure.

Out of interest James, is Horner’s current version being bought by those in the paddock, that they were just letting them race and thats what caused a fuss? Or is it still seen as something more than that?


Im just so blown away by all the different (and incredibly interesting) situations that have arised from the racing this season. It has been so very compelling and full of drama. Spectator wise…I just think ‘OMG, who needs soaps, when we have F1’

I love Red Bull Racing, but yep, Turkey was a biggy….though I think Vettel’s drive through loss of position to Mark, was pretty darn close to being just as big. Seeing the behaviour of said driver, was an eye opener to say the least. I’m so looking forward to the next part of Red Bull’s season, it sure is going to be a nail biter!!!! 🙂


Interesting results. A crash being the best moment of the season, followed by the only time an RB didn’t make the pole, and completed by another near miss. Oh and not to forget as much slagging of Alonso as is possible.

Personally the ineptitude of both drivers or the possible mismanagement by RB made the collision one of the low points. I am much more impressed by all the poles taken by RB than the only one the have missed. The endless whining about Alonso is so boring (does anyone really think there isn’t two sides to every story?).

Still I was pleased that Rubens took MS in such gripping style! I was equally pleased to see MS make an ass of himself in the follow up interviews…


No-one said “best moment”, it was “the moment”


The great thing about 2010 is the diverse range of entertainment we’ve been having. Technical innovation, wheel-to-wheel stuff, and (importantly!) tension between the main characters.

Every race has had a talking point – even Bahrain!

With great tracks still to come, and a new venue, fingers crossed it’s even going to get better!!


A point the (visceral) Barrichello brigade conveniently forgets

is that the Williams had brand spanking new tyres

and so had a major traction advantage against

the Benz. If that move was the magnum opus of his career, then that tells us all about Rubens’

ability. If he is this sensational phenomenon

that he has been made out to be this couple of weeks can I ask:

– when has he ever had a memorable drive in the rain?

-when has he ever had a memorable drive when driving with a problem?

-when has he ever had a memorable drive defending his position esp. against a faster car?

The fact that such questions are even being asked

to a 300 GP veteran tells all we need to know about Mr Barrichello



no one’s making Barrichello out to be a “sensational phenomenon”. Those are your tainted words trying to slant the argument. What he HAS been made out to be is one of the few genuine guys in pit lane that had a date with poetic justice at the Hungarian grand prix a fortnight ago. Between him and Mark Webber it’s turning into somewhat of a theme for this season.


I’ve watched all of RB’s races,it’s clear you haven’t.

I remember him giving Senna a hard time in an inferior car “in the wet” in Brazil.

First win at the old Hockenheim on slicks “in the wet”, started 19th on the grid I think.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the first line from his Wiki Bio…

“1993–1996: Jordan

Barrichello had an effective rookie year. In his third race, the European Grand Prix, he started from 12th place in very wet conditions but was fourth by the end of the first lap.”

what the hell, here’s the next bit…

He ran as high as second and was running third, having passed the Williams of Damon Hill and Alain Prost, before encountering a fuel pressure problem. His Jordan’s reliability in 1993 was poor, and he finished few races. Barrichello regularly outpaced his more experienced teammates, Ivan Capelli and Thierry Boutsen.

look it up.


Well true he did have fresh rubber however I am not sure how a set of fresh rubber helps overtaking down a straight on the dirty side of the track being forced within a millimetre of the pit wall on a track where overtaking is next to impossible even with a massive car advantage (ie Webber and Vettel unable to pass Alonso) – if you are going to make an oversimplified argument then at least point to the average top speed advantage of the Williams against the Mercedes of 7.7 km/ph. Yes his fresh rubber may have given him better traction out of turn 14 but I think you will be hard pressed to find many people who wouldn’t agree that that was one of the bravest overtaking moves they have witnessed.

I am a Webber and Red Bull supporter to clarify.

Going back to the “OMG” comment – I think the words coming out of my mouth at that time were more representative of the acronym WTF!


I think you may get a barrage on this one, and not just from RB fans. A memorable drive in the wet? How about Silverstone 2003, a masterpiece? Or Germany 2000, his first win, staying on slicks in the wet?


Silverstone 2003 wasn’t a wet race, I’m afraid! That was the 1st race i ever went to (could I be more lucky?! will never forget the cheer when the marshall tackled the Irish priest!!) and sitting on the pit straight grandstand I definately didn’t get wet!!

Agreed, though, it was an absolutely AMAZING performance by Rubens that day – probably his best ever drive in my opinion…although Valencia ’09 was pretty faultless as well.

Rubens made about 6 sensational moves at silverstone 03: Kimi at Abbey, Ralf at Abbey and Kimi going through Bridge side by side spring to mind!

Shawn from Florida

Or even his drive in the absolute disaster of a car honda produced in 2008 at silverstone where he put it on the podium in the pouring rain when (almost) everyone else were busy spinning like tops. Maybe you should pay attention & you would see ol’ Rubens isn’t as bad as you seem to think. I’m not suggesting he’s the best driver out there, but he’s surely far from the worst & clearly still has the speed and commitment to compete at the front.


I will let the tifosi handle this one as even the most hardnut of Ferrari fans will find it hard to criticise Rubens.

The man can not be a poor racer if he has hit the 300 Mark, can he??????


I agree, not really a well though-out comment from the OP.

Rubens isn’t best of the best, but he’s a darn good driver and a worthy guy to have around in F1 for the last two decades.


Ditto Diane’s comment! 🙂 My wife was fetching a snack from the kitchen (she is a fan also and we watch all the races together) and I just shouted to her “Oh my god, they’ve crashed!” I love when F1 gives you those “shout out something completely involuntarily”!


Oops, should have read “those “shout out something completely involuntarily moments”!


Are you sure this isn’t a Spanish or a German site? Your readers seem fairly representative of most parts of the world, which I think is a big compliment to you.


Well that’s true, we have a lot of Spanish and German readers, Germany is in fact the fourth largest group after UK, US and Canada.


James, I bet that you have many readers both in Spain and Italy (actually I knew about this site reading some of your friend Manel Serra’s articles in Spanish “El País” newspaper).

I thought about this especially after reading your article “Alonso fumes as Title rival Hamilto gets away with it”, on June 27, about the SC incident in Valencia, and all the reactions and comments.

I read many comments (there was almost 600!!), probably 2 out of every three saying that Alonso not only had no reason to complain, but also is a spoilt child who is blaming everybody else but himslef when thins go wrong for him, and things like that. I do not believe that many of this comments come from Spain or Italy.

Then you have the poll, and there you find that 62% of the votes agreed that “Ferrari and Alonso (were) right to say that the management of the safety car was a scandal”. I think that a big part of the votes (from a total of 12,000, wich is 20 times the number of comments) came from Spain, probably from Italy as well.

My opinion is that many of us, Spanish readers of your site, are not especially good at writting in English, but we can understand your articles and of course vote. And that’s the reason fur such a difference.

So, I agree it would be interesting to know about the nationalities of your readers.

Thanks for making this long lasting three weeks break so much more entertaining with all this stuff. Keep up the good work!!

Thomas in Australia

Fairly large “Aussie grit” contingent here too based on some of the user names I’ve seen.

JA, you really should plug your website next time you do some correspondence for 1HD.



It would be interesting to see your readership nationality breakdown top to bottom.

I love a list.


For me the difference between the Red Bull cock-up and the Ferrari “managed win” says loads about the teams and the spirit in which they race.

At the time I thought the Vettel-Webber crash evidence of a very inexperienced team still finding their way at the front of the grid, but I’ve come to feel it more properly reflects a respect for the true, and hopefully we all feel this, nature of the sport..that being one of honest and open competition between all drivers, even teammates.

Likewise, the correctness of the Ferrari team orders has seemed more and more about business and “return on investment”…certainly decisions of the head not the heart, and seeing Massa’s dejection after the race, it was my heart that resented Ferrari’s manufactured finish.

These two events are very revealing of the teams involved, and opposing positions in the sport.


Interesting, I don’t feel that way, in my opinion both incidents were related to team orders,(Weber was told to save fuel, ie slow down), and I’m of the opinion teams cannot run their team without team orders, otherwise why have a team manager? He’d look pretty stupid standing there NOT giving orders!



I’m an Australian F1 fan that has been engrossed in the dramas and spectacle of this sport for over 2 decades now. To be able to see Mark Webber do what he has done over the past year has been a phenomenal arm-chair sporting experience. Spain then Monaco, standing up for himself against Vettel in Turkey fairly and sportingly, the race to the first corner at Silverstone and those 20 perfect laps in Budapest. Fingers, toes and whatever else firmly crossed, what a season. ps. great site, having happily found it whilst yearning for more F1 during this ridiculously long break. keep it up.


I totally agree, Mike, and I’m an NZer!!!!!



Car Equalizer ? pretty sure the F-Duct and merc engine made a difference down that long back straight in china. Having said that, I’d have to agree, Hamilton was absolutely fantastic to watch in that race, mansellesque, brilliant. (comment of a non-brit)


Hey, I’m from Germany and I voted for the Red Bull collision. It was pure drama. =)


Hi James

Just a thought about a piece you could do on here – which I’m sure would get a lot of response – which kind of follows on from this piece about favourite moment of the year.

I picked up the sept issue of F1 Racing the other day – first issue i’ve looked at for a little while – and noticed that they are now running a feature where readers can write in about “the best race i’ve been to”.

I sent in my account of the BRILLIANT 2004 Belgian GP, which I was lucky enough to have attended.

(May I add that I recorded the ITV highlights, which I watched when i got back to re-live the drama of that memorable day. James, your commentary as Kimi crosses the line – “and a MAGNIFICENT win for Kimi Raikkonen” – has sent a tingle down my spine every time I’ve looked over that tape since!)

Hans Seeberg has confirmed to me that my little story will be in the next issue, but, basically, 2 years earlier Tomas Enge (Prost driver at end of 2001) stayed at our Bed & Breakfast in South Wales when he came to watch the Wales Rally GB. When my dad and I went over to Spa in 2004, he stuck to his word, responded to our phone call, and came to meet us at paddock gates and took us into the support paddock and gave us a tour of his F3000 garage! I then stood on the old pit wall as the F1 cars came screaming down towards Eau Rouge in quali. Amazing!

I just wondered whether you might like to share with us some of your memories of the best races you attended before you began your career in F1 in the 1990s? Or even your stand out memories of the races you’ve been to since your career in F1 began? The readers of this site can then comment below about their experiences of the Grands Prix they’ve been to. (sorry about this post being a bit long!)


Great idea. Thanks.


I’d say my favourite moment was watching alonso perform miracles with no clutche and problems downshifting still hussling it round Malaysia at quite a speed. For me best drive of the year along with webber at Monaco


Oh yes! I remember when I was at the race. Was moving around the grandstand and taking videos while Alonso speed seems strange I noticed. Only after watching the recorded race that his problem was revealed. And Alonso did well managing the situation. Thanks for the reminder.


Hi JohnBt,

I’m planning to attend next year’s race in KL and am looking for some tips.

Would you mind contacting me via please, so as to have a chat if that’s OK?


Hi Frenchie,

Oh dear, I don’t have a twitter account.

I can’t seem to register twitter for some reasons.

James, hope it’s alright to post my email address.



Agreed, that was pretty special


You so right! lol… I did say “OMG” i even made a international call to a friend to comment about it and we both agreed it was Vettel fault 🙂


Did you call Germany or Australia?


I believe in years to come we will be talking of Rubens breathtaking pass on the ‘legendary’ Schumacher and will rank prob in the top 10 passes of the decade.

James posted a insightful coloumn which gave a racers view which was, each knew where the other was, there was just enough room for an f1 car to squeeze by, there was……. Just. So is this not what we expect from the top 20 drivers in the world?

As a life long Mclaren fan seeing the redbulls implode was up there.


Rubens was pushed off the track onto the grass so no it’s not what we expect Kishan.


The pass itself wasn’t legendary (the Williams had fresh tyres and several seconds per lap advantage at the time), but keeping his foot in was.


One of my favorites was Lewis’ double overtake in China when he took Vettel and Sutil. It was after a long chase that Lewis had behind Vettel and he ended up winning this duel. It was raining, and rain is always a good car-equalizer, makes the battle more challenging for drivers.


Agree with the Istanbul drama, Il not deny that weekend i was hoping for a British driver to win, and sitting with my brother and his girlfriend (also wanting the same as myself) we simply couldnt believe what had happened. With hindsight, its clear now that the drama that followed within the Redbull camp was showing itself from that weekend.


Defining moment for Vettel


And thanks for the opportunity to comment on our favourite moment James. Your site and the use of twitter has made 2010 a whole new experience compared to previous years. Certainly gives us all a chance to feel “part of it”


No surprises there I think. Even though it may not be many people’s favourite moment as in their fondest memory, it was clearly a significant event, and one we will probably be mentioning years from now whenever discussing battling team mates and/or favouritism. And its not just the moment itself which is significant, but the extended fallout afterwards, which could still have ramifications on the championship.

I think for a lot of people, it is a pivotal moment in what has been one of the most surprising team mate battles in years.


Will all these moments be published in your season review James? Also, how long after the season ends until it’ll go on sale?

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