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Hungarian GP: Who was the Driver of the Day?
Hungarian GP: Who was the Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Aug 2010   |  4:09 pm GMT  |  105 comments

We saw some great drives today throughout the field. Here are a few contenders. So who was your Driver of the Day?

Mark Webber
Lost a place to Alonso at the start. Was forced into a change of strategy by the safety car, deciding to stay out in order to have a chance to get ahead of Alonso. Took advantage of Vettel’s mistake behind the safety car and then pumped in over 25 flat out laps to build a big enough lead to pit and rejoin ahead of Alonso.

Fernando Alonso
Great start to jump Webber, then kept up a strong pace to stay in the game, albeit over a second a lap slower than Vettel. Moved to P2 after the Vettel incident and then pushed hard to try to keep the gap to Webber small enough to give him a chance to lead once the Red Bull man pitted.

Vitaly Petrov
Fifth place, his best result in F1. An almost perfect weekend for the Russian, he qualified seventh and his only slip was not holding onto the fifth place he took at the start. He was a little over cautious on the opening lap, having passed Hamilton and Rosberg and was repassed by Hamilton. He got the place back when Hamilton retired.

Nico Hulkenberg
Sixth place for the young German, his best result in F1 to date. Outqualified his team mate Barrichello and made a strong start, to hold his 10th place. Gained places from the retirements of Rosberg, Hamilton and Kubica and by passing De la Rosa.

Pedro de la Rosa
Qualified a fine 9th in the Sauber, lost a place to Hulkenberg at the start but kept it going well and held Button off in the closing stages of the race.

Kamui Kobayashi
The comeback king, once again he has come through from the back of the field to score points. After a poor qualifying session, he made a great start

Rubens Barrichello
Made a very strong start to lie 9th on the opening lap. Was up to sixth by staying out when most of the field pitted under the safety car. Didn’t have the pace to build a margin to hold onto a points position when he made his late stop. But on new tyres he attacked Schumacher and kept his foot in when the old champion pushed him into the wall, which he described as the most dangerous incident in his career.

(Photos: Darren Heath)

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Very close call between Webber and Alonso, but I give it to Alonso.

He got everything he could from the car today - great start and then a faultless drive for most of the race to keep Webber and then Vettel behind in massively quicker cars.

Great drives by Webber and the 3 rookies in the established teams too.

Credit also to the new teams and their drivers to get their 6 cars to the finish.


Webber's drive on Sunday was sublime, and this is coming from somebody that isn't a fan of Mark Webber. The drive he gave was definitely worthy of a champion. Vettel needs to up his game if he compete on that level.


To me the big winners today were Mark Webber, Vitaly Petrov and Peter Sauber. Maybe an honorable mention for The Hulk. The days of Teflonso getting any kind of vote from me are long gone.


Alonso drove well. But nothing special. Vettel was always going to struggle to overtake, thats the nature of the track, also the red bull was fastest in the second sector, but actually the ferrari was faster often through the last sector, and in a straight line, so overtaking would be bloody nearly impossible. Solid, good drive by alonso but nothing special.

Webber really did drive very,very well to take the win. that stint on those tyres is hugely impressive.


Agree Webber was magnificent and was overdue some luck.

Kobayashi and Petrov were impressive.


Another brilliant drive from Kobayashi. After an anonymous start to the season, I'm delighted to see him showing what he's got. Big future, I think.


Totally agree.

Webber gets my drive of the day but I have been very impressed by Kobayashi. Love his interview post quali on the BBC.


Completely agree - he has had a few great races in these more recent GPs. He seems to be a little less able to pull the best from the car in qualifying than he could be, but has raced very well. Also, everybody seems to rather like him, which is nice.


Yes, he did very well today. He's the best rookie around in my opinion, and he's learning fast.


Pedro, no doubt. The Last Gentelman in F1 races... he drove in a very strong a consistent way, being able to get an incredible 7th. He deserves the best. So my vote is for Pedro.


As much as I usually like to acknowledge the 'slower' guys, Webber's middle stint was mega. He gets my vote. But honourable mentions to all the guys listed, and the new teams yet again getting all the cars to the end and only a few laps down.

Also, I don't remember any significant moments where a new team held up anyone, so kudos to them for that as well on a track so tight with only one racing line.


For me it's a toss up between Kobayashi for his sensational drive from the back of the field to finish in the points, Petrov for a solid all round weekend and Hulkenburg. I think all three did a fantastic job this weekend. It's good to see Rookies having good drives, and i think this year we've some great Rookies.

My vote went for Kobayashi though.


Webber put those fastest laps after fastest laps was amazing.


Difficult to vote for just one. All of the listed drivers were phenomenal today. So I won't vote for just one, because it's difficult to put one on top of another.

James, can I ask you why was Alonso pretty slow after safety car period until the final 5-7 laps when he set 1.23.1 but before that he was looking to just pace himself. I'm sure you have much more info on that, if you will please... thanks


Maybe he was hoping to back Vettel into Massa which would of made it easier for him to stay in front and possibly improve his championship chances if Massa could go past, Massa was closing slowly but not quickly enough.


Alonso drove no faster than necessary to hold station ahead of Vettel and lock in the points for second. No need for heroics when there's a championship at stake and Hamilton is sidelined this time.


Webber edges it for me with his middle stint. It was very exciting to watch. But all the others mentioned did creditably. I know his victory was as a result of an error by Vettel but he took full advantage of the opportunity, which is all one can ask.

I nearly chose Rubens on the strength of his post-race interview on the Schumacher incident. And even more so for the way he reacted to MS's comments.

I was hoping that Vettel my try a move on Alonso but was disappointed. A shame. The main excitement was from Rubens after his late pit stop. It was a shame it ended the way it did.

As races at the Hungaroring go this was one of the better ones. It remains, though, as awful place.

The best bit, though, has to be the standings in the WDC. Twenty points separating the top five.

Role on the rest of the season.


Agree agree agree Webber outstanding, although I actually voted for Petrov for a great drive.

But in all the artificially created dramas of safety cars, messy pit stops and Schumacher antics, it easy to forget that this track is still and has always been terrible.

Vettel being forced to hold station behind Alonso despite their speed differential shows how terrible the track is.

At least we have some of the goodies to look forward to - Spa and Monza - untainted mega tracks.

And thinking of mega-tracks, how sad I was to be reminded of old Hockenheim last week. At the start the helicopter was flying over the forest showing where the track used to go. Wow - what a track it was.

My favourite Hockenheim moment back in 99 (i think) 2 Ferrari's (Irvine and Salo) running side by side with two McLarens (Mika and David) all slip streaming each other through the forest at 360kph.

New Hockenheim shouldn't even be able to be called "Hockenheim" under some sort of fair trading law, it is a disgrace


Mark Webber driver of the day without doubt. Hopefully now he can push on for the title.


Alonso for keep Seb (in a much faster car) behind him for so many laps.

Shows how difficult overtaking is.

We need to create dual driving lines.


Mark Webber was definitely the driver of the day for me. After the safety car period he posted fastest lap after fastest lap consistently. Simply a superb drive that no one else out there could touch. Barrichello's late run at Schumacher was a highlight for me, but for most of the GP he was holding up a large pack behind him due to his tyre choice. The rookies did a great job, but again did nothing but hold position. I think Webber excelled today.


I pick Kamui Kobayashi - fantastique recovery


It was a good race. A bit boring, given it was probably too long but it was solid.

Both Webber and Alonso put in great drives. Mark was brilliantly opportunistic and Fernando displayed excellent race craft.

Although, i'd have to give this one to Fernando: he managed to beat the odds today and outrace a superior car. His battle with Vettel actually reminded me of Imola '05, when he kept a faster Schumacher at bay.

Hopefully, Germany would have been the turning point. I'm beginning to see the Alonso we saw at Renault re-emerge, his drive today is a reminder of his consistency and ability to pull a hefty no. of points from the bag.


Does anyone have a video of kobayashis first lap? Must have been exciting.


It's definitely Alonso. Great start where he jumped Webber and almost overtook Vettel.

And definitely for keeping Vettel at bay for almost 40 laps without making any mistake who was also in a car that is almost 2 seconds faster per lap.


It was the track that helped him stay ahead of Vettel. Read Alonso's comments in the post race press conference. Especially the Q&A with journalists at the end. And also look at the results of the poll. 😉


But it is a track people can pass on.

Hamilton took Petrov.

Rubens took Schumi.


Kobayashi has done an impressive performance, but for these 25 amazing laps, Webber is the driver of the day.


Don't know, but logic tells ,Hi- tech,money to get the best,Red Bull would not be in top three

un less you cut the corners.

I suppose in the next week or so all will come

out in the wash,as the saying goes for every action there are consequences.

I feel for Mark Weber,simply he is a super driver and does not shoot from the hip.


I think it's worth a mention for the Sauber pit crew, especially the wheelman(if that's the correct term) of the left rear tyre. They managed to emerge unscathed from Rosberg's errant wheel.

On the question, my vote is for Kobayashi. He's showing the form that made Toyota sit up and take notice.


The wheel passed through the Sauber Pit Crew and hit a member of the Williams Pit Crew. BBC say that he was ok to do his duties during Rubens Pit Stop...A lucky person. 3 incidents that could have been a lot worse, F1 as a whole has to count itself lucky today!


What was Webber saying to Charlie W after he got out of the car? Webber seemed to check his crutch as he stood up in the car and allsorts of pointing at the car to Charlie. And when he spoke he kept his helmet on in a rather conspiratorial way.


Think Webber and his pit crew pulled out all the stops today.

He knew he had to build up a lead enough to keep position. A perfect pit stop and he rejoined with plenty of breathing space.

I was expecting a late charge from Alonso but it just wasn't his day.

Good on ya mate!


Barrichello! - some demons were put to rest today 🙂


Apparently Rubens Barrichello!

You have done everything you can to punish your old teammate's ridiculous move,to OVERTAKE ruthless Michael Schumacher.


Rubinho's Keyfob

Given the evidence we've seen over the last two weeks, I'm beginning to think MSC really is the Stig after all ... 🙂


Not an easy choice this week, but I think it has to be Mark Webber. After a bit of a poor start he drove a faultless race and managed to open out a huge lead after the safety car to allow him to pit and come back out and still having a decent gap over Alonso.

Kobayashi did a great job to start at the back and finish in the points, he definitely has and shows a lot of racing spirit.

Petrov did well on the back of his best qualifying, managing to keep a good position throughout the race.

Great to see that Rubens was not intimidated my Schui. I think that a lot of drivers would have either backed off or had an accident in that situation, but he kept it going and found the almost non existent gap.


Petrov, for a great drive, showing us what he is capable of and putting in a performance clearly better than Kubica for the first time this season.


- Webber had a good race, and showed that he could be fast when it was needed, but the Red Bull was in a class of its own today.

- Alonso did well to stick close enough to the RBs to profit from Vettel's penalty, but never had the speed to look like a winner.

- The rest also had good performances, but Petrov was the winner of that midfield race.


Close for me between Webber, Alonso, Petrov and Kobayashi.

In the end I voted Webber purely because he didn't make any mistakes in the race, and his determination to open the gap to Alonso was inspiring. It was reminiscent of his win in Germany last year. You don't often hear people talk about him as a future champion, but he is starting to gain some momentum. I think he has a real chance, particularly after all the team orders and favourtism rows we have had. I wouldn't bet against him, Alonso or Vettel. We are in for a fight down to the wire this year!

Petrov really stood out for me today and all weekend. To out qualify Kubica was impressive, but he raced very well and apart from braking too early when under pressure from Hamilton he drove an excellent race.

michael a cooper

Well i glad it's not turning into a Alonso must win at all costs campain Red Bull have other idears, but lets hope the trouble he had at maclarn and then renault and now ferrari,will not mar the racing but trouble follows him and his efforts to win the world title, massa has now found out what its like to have him as a team mate, but will it carry on into the rest of the campain lets hope not because it will spoil F1


Got to vote for Webber. The way he pulled that gap out on Alonso before pitting took me back to his drive at the Nurburgring last season, fulfilling a drive through and still never not leading. Great drive, and fully deserves to be leading again.

Great to see Petrov getting some good points, I hope that's the signs of him being truly comfortable in the car now.


My driver of the day was Kamui. You have to give it to the guy who came from 23rd on the grid to 9th! Sauber are also really improving quickly and are now regular top 10 runners, just praying that they can get major sponsors and much needed injection of cash so Koba will be around next year. Cult hero in my book!


Webber delivered again today when the opportunities arose, i still feel that RB do not really convert all of the promise into solid results, this happens time and time again, otherwise they really would be the very best of the bunch.


Webber and Kobayashi...Webber drove like there was no tomorrow even on those softs, and Kobayashi rode the circumstances of the race perfectly once again!


Gotta be Webber - alright, he lucked into his position, but he put in the fast laps to make it work.

Credit to Petrov too - but he needs to keep it up!


Sublime drive by Webber !


Alonos deserves it. He drove brilliantly to punch above the Ferrari's weight. Even though it is difficult to overtake on this track, he still had to defend to keep Vettel(superior car today) behind him over many challenging laps.


It has to be Petrov... outqualify kubica and then 5th place behind the redbulls and the ferrari without the "flexi wing" !!!


As much as I don't like Alonso as a driver, i appreciated his defence strategy with Vettel, but i don't think Webber did a superb job today. He was lucky that SC was deployed when he got stuck behind Alonso, and with a reasonable team strategy, he pitted late but really very late, because it took him too long to build a 20s. gap between him and the following Ferrari. It's just sad that Vettel was not informed of that SC rule.

I'm surprised Kobayashi received so little credit, though. He jumped up from the back of the grid really quickly. Not a champion material perhaps, but he's really fast.


Yes, I agree with you. Webber did a good job but not superb, actually the car underneath him was insane this weekend. At one point after he got his new hard tyres, he lapped 3 seconds faster than Alonso. I know Alonso's tyres were old but nonetheless the RB6 is a beast a wild one that is. So nothing very special. Seb for me was very very quick this weekend. He stampeded the Aussie in quali and was set to win until he took a quick nap behind the SC. For me Kamikaze Koba, Petrov, Pedro, Rubinyo, Webber were very good, infact this is a nice post from James, pretty exciting to read and run our minds and appreciate these drivers for their good day at office.


I could drive a successful defense strategy in Hungary, its rather simple, you only have to do one corner quickly in the whole lap. Webber pulled a second a lap out of Alonso on tyres no one else thought would last, that is slow ;). Seb needs to be told the rules, rules that were instituted after he crashed into Webber behind a safety a few years ago, costing Webber his first possible win. Don't let facts get in the way of your opinion now.


Kamui seems more and more like a special driver, doesn't he? He has driven some remarkable races since his debut.

I wonder if any of the top teams are looking into his contract status. It would be a shame to let Kamui live life in the mid-field!


The kid's clearly touched with genius and those amazing drives in the Toyota last season were no flukes. He drives from the head and learns fast too and he's an amazing passer in the same league as Hamilton and my much-missed Heidfeld.


I nearly choked on my tea there... I really like Nick Heidfeld, but I wouldn't put him in the same league as Hamilton when it comes to passing!


Nick is a good overtaker, but he waits for mistakes, but when there is one he will pass. Double passes are his speciality.


he made the most of the opportunity, and pushed as hard as he could without over driving it off the track or taking too much life out of the tires.
koby gets a close second for me. put him in a top 4 car and he'd be a world champion contender.


Kobayashi, I think he is by far the most underrated driver out there on the grid. Last year Singapore, Valencia this year and today.. wonderful drives.. A driver in Hamilton Mould.


Pardon me but Kobayashi wasn't there in Singapore or Valencia last year. He debuted in Brazil and also took part in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2009 F1 season. but I agree, wonderful drive today and similar drives in recent GPs


He debuted in Singapore replacing Timo Glock in a Toyota in Singapore last year. And he was on the limit with the word go and was running in top three (second I suppose) to Hamilton... not sure about his position maybe James would be able to refresh and confirm that but nonetheless, he drove a lovely race.

Valencia this year and not last year I was referring to 🙂


I'm not much of a fan of Webber's, but he managed to exceed what was required of him today, it was a great drive.


Webber's drive was straight out of the Top Draw. I don't subscribe to the theory that he lucked-in to his lead. To pull such a gap following the Safety Car was great to see. Although I would like to see the McLarens at the front and winning, I'd have to say that if Hamilton and Button can't win, then it has to be Webber for me.


Webber easily and mostly because of the way he grasped the opportunity to win with both hands. Sometimes the cards fall your way but you still have to work hard. The middle stint was brilliant and won the race for him.


My vote goes to Petrov,out qualified team mate Kubica and drove a solid race with no mistakes,for his first year in F1 i think he,s done well and each race it appears learning his craft equally as well.

Alonso drove as a double world champion should,aggressive,tactical and never gave in to Vettel under pressure,very impressive.


Tough one to call. I would say that Webber stands out as he pulled out the times lap after lap when he needed to. I reckon the original target would have been to get out in front of Alonso, so the team could get a 1-2, but I reckon Webber was told to step it up another notch when Vettel got a penalty.

Alonso was impressive. The car clearly wasnt as good or as quick on the harder tyres compared with Red Bull, but he drove his car around as if it were as wide as the track to keep Vettel behind. This will no doubt be a massive help in his title push.

Petrov was very impressive. Best of the rest this weekend, and has probably done himself a massive favour to secure his seat at Renault for next year by grabbing all those points. Could be crucial at the end of the season too, might just pip Mercedes to the post.

Finally, Kobayashi. He apparantly said he aims to be in 12th place by the end of the second lap, and he wasnt far from it either! I sense that he has secured his place at Sauber for next year and is enjoying himself at the moment. I reckon he could be a race winner in years to come.

I think Webber just edges it, but good drives from all the above today.


I do think Kamui is a genuine racer. he is just enjoying the action coz the team is not really competitive to fight for high positions in the championship table, there is less pressure on the drivers and it lets his talent shine.

I still give my man of this gp to Petrov because he has shown what he can do despite the increasing pressure. Renault is not really a good team for a F1 rookie, is it? ask Grosjean...


It just HAS to be Reubens. That was such a ballsy move! He has to stay in F1


I'm starting to become a bit of a Mark Webber fan.

Despite all the rhetoric he seems to be working against the team, he rarely makes a mistake these days, almost always maximises the situations he is in, or inherits. He is dignified in defeat and is magnanimous in victory.

He clearly has Vettel rattled, and I can only see him getting stronger through the season, and the yet to mature Vettel, making more mistakes.

If he goes on to be champ, he will certainly be a worthy one in the most competitive season for donkeys.

There is a long way to go yet, and I hope it goes down to the wire.


(1) Webber (not that I'm biased of course) simply because he did everything that could be asked of him on the day, and those fast laps when it really mattered were masterful.

(2) Curiously Vettel is not on the list, he drove magnificently fast and tried all day, just one small error in the safety car period destroyed the opportunity of a win, pity.

(3) Finally Barrichello - gave it his all - a great driver, all heart.


I'll vote for the 'safety' car driver...He caused the most excitement - good and bad - during the race.

By the way, it's interesting how dangerous F1 race gets when the safety car is deployed...I bet the pit crews dread the SC signal!


Without a doubt, it's Webber for his 40 lap stint on the super soft. Gosh, he pulled away from Alonso at almost a second and at some points 1.3 or more per lap. Bloody amazing!

Alonso must have been so stressed out with Vettel on his tail, but he did very well in holding his position. And not a mistake was made.


Worst driver:

The one and only Shumi. What an awful push on Rubens.

A rather ruthless move but shameful.

A very dramatic and incident filled race. Certainly it ain't boring.

3 weeks is a bit too long for Spa, but the F1 entourage need a good break for all the hard work and entertainment they've given us fans.

Cheers to all.


James, without a doubt Mark Weber gets the drive of the day. His drive had the "grit and determination" of his fellow countryman Alan Jones.

I am looking for him to win the title this year.....



All of the drivers in the list pulled out special performances.

Mark Webber edges my vote though.

Sure, it may have been a 'bit of a gift' for him to win.

However, ou take the rough with the smooth, and anyone who knows Mark's F1 career, knows how much bad luck he has had.

I canno think of a more deserving potential champion.


Without doubt Webber, race craft and jumping at a opportunity, won him the race... it must have been difficult and frustrating for him at the start with Alonso getting in front, but he kept his cool.

Remember, it was not that long ago that Webber just had a string of bad luck where nothing went right... I think he deserves to win and Vettel has plenty of time ahead to get the big one.

I'm starting to get sick of drivers getting the sulks up on the podium (exception for Massa). I mean they are lucky to be able drive a F1 car as their job let alone get a podium result... grow up guys and especially Vettel who is starting to act like a little brat!!


Read your post race ITV blog - brilliant and spot on as usual James and better than anything on the rest of the internet at the mo. Keep it up!


I see lot of people going for Webber and I don't disagree with them but I reckon if Seb was in Webber's situation, he would easily at least done the same or even better. But what Kobayashi did was difficult to replicate, Petrov beat the Pole the whole weekend and scored a solid points haul, Pedro DelaRosa also did very well after not scoring the whole season, Alonso did well but nothing special, I think he was looking after the engine and the tyres, Rubens overtake and courage were outstanding, difficult to put in words for me really, many drivers in his situation would have lifted but that could have resulted in a huge shunt for both. So I still can't vote for just one, all of them put absolutely memorable drive and with this year's changes, I think F1 at the most boring tracks has become very exciting, I loved the race. I know Seb could have gotten ahead of Alonso but this is grand prix racing, it is difficult to overtake but there are many other intriguing aspects, Lewis' retirement, Button performing badly this weekend, championship standings now, the strategies, the lap times and some remarkable drives. So I love F1 as it was, I love it as it is and I will love F1 forever...


Lots of impressive performances in this race, but I voted Webber for his incredibly consistent high pace when he needed it.

I have been very impressed with Alonso this season, and once again this race he demonstrated his ability to achieve a result that was better than his car deserved - something that perhaps only Hamilton can match.

Good performances down the field too, much needed for Hulkenberg and Petrov who still have a bit to prove, well deserved for De La Rosa who is taking his chance to show he's more than just a test driver.

I'm as happy as anyone that the very likeable Kobayashi is at last confirming the talent that he showed last season, and as for Barrichello yesterday demonstrates that he's certainly ageing more gracefully than his former Ferrari team mate...


James, off the topic.

Renault was fined for pit-stop accident along with Mercedes for another pit-stop accident. In case of Renault during the race Kubica had been already penalised with stop-and-go penalty. Is it OK or had happened before the team and driver were penalised twice?


After the race, one Red Bull driver said that he relied too much on input from the pit wall... I seem to recall something similar being said for a McLaren driver too - anyway, Webber no doubt had plenty of input from his team, too, to change his strategy, but he then had to drive like a demon, to build a gap big enough for a pitstop. Just like another legendary driver did in Hungary, once. 🙂

Good on Webber. It is so good to see a nice guy win, isn't it?


What surprised me from Petrov performance was that he allowed Hamilton to overtake him by braking 'a la Massa' 15 m before the usual braking point at a curb of which I cannot remember the number. What a considerate politness! was my thinking then.


I guess memories of Alonso biting his tyre were still fresh =)


You did not put michael Schumacher on your contest.

The scare he gave Rubens was worth watching the whole boring GP.


Driver of Day: Alonso probably, picking up 2nd in a car that really didn't deserve it, plus he made a great start.

Other than that I think Vettel had a great race bar the safety car thing (which I suspect was team orders to help Webber out, seeing as he hates Webber so much right?). Anyhow Seb was the fastest guy all weekend long, including the race, had the safety car not come out he would have walked it.


1st: Alonso

2nd: Seb


Kobayashi gets an honourable mention in despatches, P23 - > P9 must have involved some substantial on-track passing, which is a rare achievement in Hungary.

In the end, I chose Webber. I think he was hung out to dry by Red Bull management during the safety car when they once again refused to consider banking up the two cars in the pits. His driving that followed was inspired

Prior to Silverstone, RB management appeared dodgy and deserving of critisism, but now Vettel is visibly making poor decisions that are harming his championship.

James, I remember hearing Vettel yelling on the radio during the broadcast, so what's this story that his radio stopped working only during the safety car period? Is it an excuse from SV, or did RB ask Seb to go slowly after the re-start to help MW jump FA? Its all a bit fishy


Christian Horner said the radio transmition was "intermittent". I don't think he was letting Mark get away, because on-board he was warming up tyres like he didn't know the safety car was coming into the pits.


Wonder why we didnt hear any "Save Fuel" messages in the pit to car Radio. Esp given that the the top 4 were almost on a race of their own and pushing each other hard. Either the teams have worked out the exact amount of fuel to finish the race or they were just hidden team orders, James whats your take?


Or they were behind the safety car for long enough to save fuel so there wasn't a need for any radio messages?

One conspiracy theory put to rest.



Alonso. Good start, then passed no-one, held Vettel off didn't really do anything with stategy.

Petrov, good start, then got passed by Ham, didn't really do much,

DeLaRosa. Good Saturday, didn't do much on Sunday.

Hulkenberg at least passed someone.

Barrichello ditto, and his pass on schumacher will be in anyone's highlights of the season edit.

Webber. The combination of Safety car, and Vettel's Penalty gave him a chance but he really needed to put the lap times in and make the soft tyres last. Things are won and lost by who capitalizes on their opportunities and who doesn't: Webber did.

Kobayashi - fought through from the back. I'm always a sucker for those, especially on a track where there is supposed to be very little overtaking. So Kob over webber in my view.


The Safety car was definantly the 'STAR OF THE RACE' - Why oh why do we keep returning to the Hungaroring when no one can overtake!


Coz it's the only eastern european track at the moment...


What no driver-of-the-day selection for Michael?? IMHO, whilst it was dangerous (no doubt), RB had the option to back out all the way along the straight. But he didn't. It's not MS's job to get out of the way - that honour belongs to Felipe M.

If we had more 'racing' like that and less procession, then F1 would be the richer for it.


don't forget hamilton's drive up to where his gearbox failed. He is always outperforming his machinery.

he drove an mp4/4 for an ayrton senna special on top gear. Anybody knows how to watch that on the internet? That the drive of the week to me.


Webber and Pedro for sure. Clever strategy from RB and nice drive from MW, but more credit to Pedro who doesn't benefit from having a supersonic car. Not a big deal for Alonso, but he now looks very motivated and very focused. by the way, ¿where's Massa? ¿Didn't he had to convince us all that "he's no number two" at Ferrari?


My two pence: As a big Sauber fan I'm pretty happy for Pedro. Good job. And I don't think Felipe Massa is "very motivated" and "very focused" after what hapenned in Germany.


Voted for Petrov. Very strong weekend, especially considering all the talks about who's gonna be Kubica's teammate next year, the guy is under some serious pressure at the moment.

About Kobayashi... Yeah, 7 cars over first lap is impressive, but overtaking 6 of them is not something you'd be really proud of since they are so much slower than the rest of the pack. Then all the cars that were in front but didn't finish, what a bonus)) Good spirit nonetheless


Michael Schumacher is ok, he just got frustrated at the Hungary GP, Rubens always rapping on that Michael made it was a dangerous move, it werent Michael's fault, its the way Rubens cant hack it. and cant do things right. just leave Michael alone, he is the best finest and greatest driver in formula 1.


it must go to webber

making the super soft tyres last 43/44 laps

was amazing and doing 25 pole laps at the end of his first stint

red bull should be supporting him as much as they back vettel

he has the experience and mind management that vettel doesnt have just yet .


i voted petrov as was faster than kubica almost whole weekend and drove a fast and calm race and could have gone quicker if not stuck in barrichellos dirty air. I think people have unrealistic expectations of rookie drivers as testing restrictions really impact on them getting up to speed. Petrov continues to improve race on race and deserves another go next season


I watched most the race in a pub, after the race a couple of old boys sat there grumbling that "Webber shouldn't have won as he is not a proper driver", I almost spat my beer out. Made me wonder what they had been watching for the previous two hours since both Webber and Alonso displayed faultless drives. Also nice to see Petrov finding his feet, maybe just in time to save his race seat.

It did look as if Vettel had tried to back Alonso up to help Webber slot back in to second after his stop. If this was as a result of a team instruction it would help to explain the extent of his anger after he got his penalty. Lucky it wasn't Massa backing every one up as Alonso scampered off or there would be another 900 posts here by now!


I agree with Webber that it was a gift of a win for him. I do feel for Sebastian, he out qualified Webber by almost a half a second. Everyone talk about how he did 42 laps in the soft tire, I cant believe how one sided it is, Sebastian would have done every one of those laps half a second faster. Also, the RedBull team talks about how they had radio issues, but funny that they were able to give the message to Sebastian that he got a penalty or he was being investigated!! In my eyes, it was a complete lie, radio issues, my a##. Red Bull messed up, and its costing Sebastian. People talk about "The Wing" was given to Webber, but he is the one who did not think it was helping him, so he should stop complaining and shut up. I am tired of the media being biased towards one side saying Webber was so brilliant, he was slower than Sebastian by half a second in qualifying, how can that be considered as brilliant, Michael Shumacher, driving in the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix, stuck in 5th gear, now that is brilliant. Also, Sebastian did a few laps in 2nd place behind Webber before the penalty, and Webber was not pulling away from him. I am not a huge Sebastian fan, but I do not like when unfair things happen. I also think, all radio messages should be in public, so teams cannot hide anything. Its us who pay for the sport, without the fans, it would be nothing, so we have a right to know whats going on. I also think that race stewards are giving penalties to the people they feel like giving and its inconsistent from race to race. I used to be a very big fan of F1 but now I am loosing the interest and getting very disappointed with the sport, sorry, did I say sport, I ment politics with business. Thanks for reading.



Vettel maybe faster in qualifying but Webber has a better race craft. If Vettel needs to rely on the team radio then he is clearly not ready to be a number 1 driver. To me he is coached through all his races, if you look at some of the comments made from the pits, it is clear to me he is still learning his craft.


I understand your point, but I still think that there was instructions from the pits to Vettel to hold up Alonso, it is why he was angry, he just took it for the team, saying it was his fault. It explains why even after the race he was angry. I would be too, also, if you were in that situation, you would be angry too, dont tell me you wont, and I think every race engineer would say to keep calm and focus because he was still in 3rd place. Its communication from the pits to car, Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Massa, they all talk with the team during the race. TV just does not pick up all the communications. Its easy to talk about the situation, just put yourselves in Vettels place, see how frustrated you would be. I must also point one fact, Vettel won a race in a Torro Rosso, thats the only race they have won.


I wouldn't say it was a gift for Webber, he still needed to build a 20 sec lead before his soft tyres wore out otherwise Alonso would have beaten him


Webber was a class act and absolutely earned the win. It's one thing having a car that is faster than the rest, it is another thing to drive it to its full potential.

Various comments have been made that Vettel would have been even faster, and I agree that he does pull out fastest laps but he lacks consistency and reliability. It was a stupid mistake falling so far back under the safety car and his comment that he didn't realise that the safety car was going in is irrelevant as the rule applies for the whole safety car period. The drive through penalty would probably have only cost him one place but for Webber's masterful drive. Question needs to be asked whether he should have had a greater penalty?


Pathetic sulker of the day = Vettel.

Poor poor millionaire...boy needs to grow up and realize the having a long face on the podium of the greatest racing series in the world is absolutely shameful.

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