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Belgian GP – Who was your driver of the day?
Belgian GP – Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Aug 2010   |  5:41 pm GMT  |  135 comments

We had some strong performances and some races to forget today. So who was your driver of the day?

Lewis Hamilton
Brilliant final lap in qualifying to improve despite the track getting wet. Got the jump on pole sitter Mark Webber and lead from start-to-finish for only the second time in his career after the 2007 Hungarian GP. Survived a scary trip through the gravel traps at the end when the team insisted on leaving him out on slicks in the rain. Used the McLaren’s excellent mechanical grip to its full potential in changing conditions.

Mark Webber
Celebrated his 34th birthday not with a Great Victory, but with a Great Escape. Webber recovered from a bad start, which dropped him to seventh place to finish second. But it means that as polesitters Red Bull have only won three from 12 poles. It’s Webber’s best finish on this track. Showed the consistency and calm that wins championships, especially when so many title rivals had bad days.

Robert Kubica
The Pole did a great job to qualify and finish third. It could have been second but for a late mistake in the pits. Renault made a big step forward this weekend with the new F Duct system and Kubica got the most from the car.

Felipe Massa
Still struggling with the demotivating blow of being told he’s number two at Ferrari now, he had a strong day, when his team mate made mistakes and ultimately crashed. Massa outperformed Alonso in qualifying and the race and that will put a small smile on his face.

Adrian Sutil
Another fine drive by the German in the Force India car. Fifth equals his best result of the season. They are now a regular solid points scoring team and Sutil got the most from what was a pretty competitive package this weekend.

Michael Schumacher,
Fought his way up to 14th from 21st at the start and finished seventh. However he hit Rosberg on his way past early on and then got some payback later in the race, when Rosberg repassed him and put the great man on the grass. Fantastic stuff!

All Photos: Darren Heath

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I’ve been wondering for the last two days, how come there has been no penalty for Felipe Massa because of his starting position? He started with his car WAY out of the starting “box”, at least a metre and a half, and noone (stewards, drivers, team crew)has said ANYTHING about it. You can look for “formula 1 belgica anderson” on youtube and watch it.


Kobayashi was great again!


Hi James,

I know everybody has moved on.. but out of the top three Webber is my pick as he had a completely incident free run. He mentioned to martin brundle on the grid that the race was about survival and thats what he did.The start was a car problem, not his and then on the back foot managed to stay in 5th. In the first lap rain incident he was the only front running driver to stay on the track and from then on kept doing exactly that. he didn’t have the fastest car, clearly Lewis had him there and he picked up the places as those made mistakes ahead of him. He could have been first except for the lucky escape through the gravel trap by Lewis. So error free second place on a very difficult day. Championship winning stuff……


Thats easy, Kubica would have taken it hands down if its wasnt for the slip in the pits. Instead the crown goes to Hamilton for that stellar quali lap and the win in the face of Maclaren ineptitude.


Just further proof the proper race tracks create good races.

The climate at spa always creates opportunities for people to

isn’t it funny how after race 1 everyone was saying it would be a processional race year. I’m pretty glad it has been one of the best battles for years.


big prediction here, but I don’t think vettel will ever deliver on the obvious talent he has.

I can’t help thinking he is another montoya.

I would vote for


Thanks James for the ‘inside touch’ that your website provides, much appreciated.

Lewis Hamilton is a legend in the making.

We are all blessed to watch it as it happens.

Peace and Respect


I was doubtful in 2008-9 but now its clear, hes clearly Senna reborn.


I agree with you. It is a real privilege to be around watching Lewis Hamilton from the start of his career.


I voted for Michael.He reacted quickly to the red mist that surrounded Nico’s eyes after that restart.Else we would have had 2 DNF’s for Mercedez GP


James – Over the last few years Alonso has always been labelled the “most complete driver on the grid” and the best by most pundits.

This year however, Lewis seems to have really grown as a driver, he isn’t just an aggressive driver anymore, he seems much more rounded and certainly the criticism of wearing out his tyres too early can’t be used anymore and for me he has jumped Alonso this year as the very best on the grid.

Would you agree or is this just a bit of an off year for Fernando and is he still better?


One area Alonzo needs to improve on is perhaps his ability to drive in wet conditions.

Where as Hamilton, Vettel, Button and Webber seem to have better records in wet races.


Agree with that


As much as I dislike Alonso, I thought he was the next rain master when I saw his driving in Hungary and it was painful for a Schumi fan.

IMHO I do think that the most “consistent” guy is nothing but a pure myth. He was consistent when he was leading the championship by a large margin which is something you would expect from a world champion.

But I feel that since 2007 when he had to chase for the title, he cracked under pressure just like everyone else. It’s always been like that all the time if you noticed. What do you make of that James?


I agree with you about Lewis. I was saying last winter if you remember that the tough year in 2009 had improved him. He’s still quite dependent on his team to make calls for him but what he’s doing week in week out is top drawer. He’s becoming the driver we expected him to when he burst onto the scene in 2007

Eamonn Mc Cauley

Not Rubens. 300th race and he was the first out. To busy giving out T shirts than thinking about his race weekend. Schumacher on the other hand 21st to 7th. What could he have done if Rubens hadn’t nearly put his car into the wall in Hungary and then cried about it to the press. At least he can “always smile”.


15% for Schumacher ? You’re having a laugh. He made up ground at the start, but Petrov made up more, then he knocked a bit off his team-mate’s car, and finally got nutmegged at the end by the same team-mate, who had spent half the race with an handling disadvantage. Hardly stellar.


not vettle.

a prat.



I think Petrov had a very understated drive. From the back of the grid to finish in the points was fantastic. While his qualifying let his weekend down, surely a recovery drive like that would impress Renault?


Everyone knew that the MP24-5 was going to be strong at Spa and Hamilton had a clean race due to Webbers misstake. How on earth can he be the driver of the day? Especially when he made a huge misstake, unthreatend!


I can understand the votes for Lewis as he was the race winner, but in reality he was inches from a DNF and had a pretty easy ride up front the whole race, especially with Button backing up the pack. My vote is for Michael, he earned it with the charge from the back.


I’d say Lewis. He’s better composed these days, and is showing a maturity that Vettel is yet to.

For balance, can’t we have a Muppet of the Race poll too? I can think of a few candidates!


Have to go with Lewis as driver of the day, but really enjoying Mark’s driving – but very worrying aspect to to Mark’s post Qualifying and and post race interviews as he blatantly sings Lewis’s skills and whilst I think he’s right, I just think he needs to not rate him so much and be super proud of himself to make himself push for the championship otherwise he’s gonna give Lewis the Championship.


You would have to say Hamilton was the driver of the day. Webber then Kubica and I hate to say it. “Schumacher”

James was Webbers start problem his fault today. He does seem to have a poor record with his starts.


Yes, although in the press conference he seemed to imply that the technicians had set it up for the start and that if it happened again in Monza he’d be “getting the boxing gloves on” – so a hint of tension there


I think Hamilton would have won even if Webber had had a good start, he was in a league of his own this weekend. Drove superbly.


Wow, you mean the mechanics tried to sabotage his car to favor their NO1 driver?

If that’s the case that just very very bad. I cannot believe that a racing driver cannot his own mechanic. I know F1 is a dodgy business but never thought F1 driver needs to worry about something like that, not even Alonso in Maclaren 2007.


I wouldn’t think that would be true. Maybe it’s to do with having no chance during the w/e to set it up in the dry. But at this level you’d think it’s something they should be 100% sure on.


Yeah well I’ve been thinking for a while that the cars must have some sort of “launch” or “traction” control because we rarely see any tyre smoke/wheel spin at the starts any more, so maybe they have adjustable progressivly engaging clutches like they use in drag racing, no reason why not. And RBR may not have adjusted it quite right.



Easiest call of the season so far: Lewis was the driver of the day by a long shot. Took the lead at the start, survived accidents, SC, weather and a moment on lap 35, capitalized on the car’s strengths and now leads the WDC. And McLaren’s race management expertise remains best in the paddock, still.


Wasn’t there kind of team order-cooperation that helped Lewis?: after Button got passed Kubica, he had a very slow pace to help Lewis getting advantage of 9 seconds. I’m sure that Kubica was able to keep Lewis pace as he said that.


You clearly didnt watch the race if you believe jenson was slower on purpose.

My drive of the race: Lewis Hamilton.


Button had damage on his car


The poll result agrees with you




Come on it had to be Vettel, again he has shown that he is an appauling driver, and seems to have no regard for others on the track, especially in the wet. So for me he is the most outstanding driver of the day, he hit everything accept for the pace car..


Has to be Hamilton.
Driver of the year so far, without doubt. I know vettel has been a shade unfortunate with failures in Bahrain and Australia but wow, think about the points Hamilton would have on the board if not for technical failures in Barcelona and Hungary… Would have been a race-win out in front in a car that largely has no business being there.


I think they all did quite well. Petrov, too.

I’m very sorry but I just simply cannot summon any respect for Schumacher. Not then, not now.


Petrov, did exactly what he needed to do with his seat in doubt and following a silly mistake in quali.


Sutil! and Hamilton


VETTEL – Not!!!

What a plank the guy is turning out to be – maybe now the flexi-wing and the flexi-floor are on the way out, he thinks that is the way to win – he should have learnt from his mistake on MW in Turkey.

Why people rate him SO highly, I will never know…

Driver of the day – Liuzzi…

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