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Barrichello’s 300th GP T shirt
Barrichello’s 300th GP T shirt
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Aug 2010   |  8:28 am GMT  |  100 comments

Rubens Barrichello will reach the amazing milestone of 300 Grand Prix starts at Spa in two weeks from now.

And to celebrate he has produced a commemorative T shirt, which he and his sons Eduardo and Fernando have been modeling in the last 24 hours on Twitter.

No doubt there will be a fair bit of public demand for these shirts. He has not yet indicated how many he’s producing and whether they’ll be for sale, but Rubens tweeted that there will be some kind of draw. If you want one, best thing to do is to sign up to follow @rubarrichello on Twitter and await further details.

I remember Rubens’ debut season in 1993 with Jordan very well. He was on for a podium in Donington, but then retired just before the end with a fuel pressure problem.

Although he is one of the oldest drivers in the field, he still has a youthfulness about him and a raw enthusiasm for racing F1 cars which belies his years. And as he showed in Hungary, when he passed Michael Schumacher through a small gap next to the pit wall, he’s still got plenty of fire in his belly.

Williams love him to bits and I understand that they are well advanced with renewing his contract for 2011. So the incredible total of Grand Prix starts will keep on growing.

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Congrats to Rubens he’s a one of the greatest F1 driver ever even though he does not have WDC to his name .

I can answer why he stayed at Ferrari so long in one word money.

He has a family and working for Ferrari all those years made him a very wealthy man.

Rubens owns a private jet and was nice enough to lend it services to Jenson last year after he won the WDC.

Rubens is a class act!


Maybe Rubens will one day say why he really chose to go to Ferrari all those years ago rather than Williams where he could have easily been a world champion…presumably until Frank and Patrick dumped him.

The Kitchen Cynic

It’s amazing that he’s done this many GPs while also holding down a job as Seattle’s premier radio psychiatrist…


Actually, he’s been hosting a TV show in San Francisco since May 2004.


Congrats Rubens, keep it going, but please keep the “poor me” stuff to a minimum, ala Germany last year .

I really thought he’d be a threat when he went to Honda, that one was a big disappointment. I’d love for Ruben’s and/or Nico to carry Williams to a podium this year.


I’m amazed at the few people who moan about Rubens. How is he a “moaner”? In this sort of topic, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it!

I think Rubens had it right when he was talking after the Great Ferrari Team Orders Scandal Pt.3 in Germany a couple of weeks ago. He said, to paraphrase, “I’d rather be known as a good, honest guy than someone who wins titles by cheating” and I think this sums him up. I’d love him to win the title but I love him for his personality, talent and enthusiasm for F1 than his results. This is what I meant by ‘true’ fans of F1 love Rubens, even if he’s not their ‘favourite’ driver – he symbolises all that is great about our sport and if he hasn’t won as often as he’d like to, I can live with that so long as he’s doing what he loves and is respected by his colleagues.


Not that it would ever have happened in reality, but it would have been very interesting to see who would have been quicker this season if Rubens had stayed at Brawn/Mercedes and partnered Schumacher.


I think that’s fairly obvious. Roobs!


According to Wikipedia and he had his 300th GP already in Hungary. Apparently Barrichello does not count his only DNQ., but imho it is even worse than a DNS or DNF so should count as well for a race.


I love his interaction with his team when he win or when his team is in a bad shape.


“Jenson is 2 sec quicker…. don`t make me laugh ” :)))

I also remember when he cryed in Germany 2000, he is so real and so emotional. I like his personality.


Fantastic, have been a long time supporter of Rubens. He was unfortunate to play number 2 to MS for 5 years, but as other people have said where else would he rather have been, no other team was consistantly competitive (competative at all in 2002 / 2004) in that time. He should know himself that on his day he won and in doing so beat the greatest driver in the history of f1 9 times. I dont every really remember him winning by default, he won because he deserved to. He would be the first guy on my team sheet if I had a team, so what if he is a serial moaner, so was Mansell.

Well done Rubens


James, how long do you think Rubens will continue before calling it a day?


Probably end of next year, is my guess. If Schumacher comes good in 2011 and RB wants to carry on he may find it possible


Congratulations Rubens. It is heartwarming to see that there is room for a gentleman inside F1.

Please go on.


Nicest guy in F1 and he’s still got it. He hasn’t had the breaks he deserves in F1 though – he made a poor decision in staying too long at Ferrari and when he moved to Honda with the promise of a decent car, it turned out to be a dud. I don’t think it’s fair to say Rubens is ‘too nice’ to win a championship. He just wasn’t prepared to let his moral standards down by way of poor sportsmanship – like many of his peers. Jenson Button proved last year that sometimes good guys do win!


Jenson Button proved last year that sometimes good guys do win!

>> Even the good guys need, team management in their corner. Brawn(and BAR/Honda before that) was always Jenson’s team and things (design,understeer, strategy etc) were done with Jenson’s preferences in mind.

No driver can become series championship if his team is not behind him wholeheartedly & last year more than once it was evident that Ruben’s side of team was compromised more than once on strategy and minor car related gremlins (poor race starts). Team only let Rubens win, when Jenson started messing in qualifiers after the first half of season.


My coment regarding Jenson Button didn’t really relate to Rubens’ time in the Brawn team. I only noted that, like Rubens, JB is one of the good duys in F1.


The German drivers can learn a lot from Rubens, how to be a champion guy as well as a champion on the track!


What’s worrying is that I was stood at a wet cold Redgate in 1993 and it doesn’t seem that long ago .


I started changing nappies at the end of Rubens’ rookie year…and now it’s drivers license and uni….it’s ages.

p.s. without looking it up, I think the record is Patrese, 256 or 257 ish.


The amazing thing about Patrese’s previous record (yes, 256 starts; 257 entries) is that it accounted for almost half of the F1 GPs ever held at the time. Adelaide 1990 was the 500th, and his 224th if I’ve counted right.

And, of course, there are other links with Rubens: his last season was Barrichello’s first, and they’ve both had Michael Schumacher as a teammate. It’s extraordinary to think that a current driver once partnered someone whose first GP was in 1977.


Doesn’t it? Feels like ages ago to me. A lot’s happened since then. Amazing that a sportsman’s career can stretch over such a long period


Rubens would be a very popular WDC indeed. I hope it happens someday. I’d rather have Rubens as WDC than my country win world cup!



This is off topic. Do you know if or how much reconditioning of engines is allowed should a team start to use up the alloted amount of new engines by the end of the season and would FIA monitor this reconditioning?


Not allowed to break seals etc, so limited amount that can be done. Race engines get re-used for practice etc


Rubens deserves all he’s got cause is such a nice guy.

James,Sam Michael few months ago said that he,patrick and Frank consider Rubens should have been champion.What is your opinion on that?


He’s got great skill and clearly an amazing appetite, but lacks the ruthless mentality of a champion, in the company he’s been racing against.


Good to see him reach this milestone. The first full F1 race I watched was the Hockenheim race, which he won with slicks in the wet. Hooked me on to F1 since then. There’s is certainly a feel good factor for the “nice guys” in the F1 world where, rightly or wrongly, ruthlessness is needed to win.

Anyone know whether he is still the only driver to brake with his right foot? Must have pretty good reflexes. Any insight as to how he brake throttles? Actually, do F1 drivers brake throttle? James?

Good luck to him!


Rubens is a lovely guy. but must he keep on talking about Schumacher?


To be fair I’ve only heard him talk about Schumacher once this year (after Hungary) and he had every justification to do so!!


Fantastic indeed. Parabems, Rubinho. Hats off to 1st 300 starter ever!


I knew him in F3 and despite screwing up the start of many races, he was always a racer and didn’t take any prisoners. He showed that same spirit in his early F1 career, but his decision to knowingly go to a team where he would be contractually obliged to give way to his team mate was a poor decision, and not one that many of these ambitious young men would take lightly. Personally I find it sad that someone with so much promise and fighting spirit chose the lure of racing the red cars (with the accompanying salary) knowing the best he could do was come second.

For all of the longevity of his career and nice guy attitude it will be that decision that defines his career for me.


This is what I think of Rubens Barrichello:


I also have never been a great fan of Rubens, think of him more as a great number two driver. But what made me re-evaluate this thinking is the amazing pass of Schumacher, and the unbelievable photo of it. It just shows the size of his balls and his almost too perfect control keeping the car within 1Cm of the pit wall ….


He looks like he’s busting out of that shirt, maybe need a size bigger to fit in rubino.


“I started 300 Grands Prix and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”


Haha! Wonder if anybody will cheekily sell ^that^ shirt side-by-side with the “official” one at Spa!


He’s too nice, this does not a champion make. I remember when we suddenly saw what he was capable of, when Jakie Stewart gave him regular cuddles and he drove the wheels of the car. Then there was the early part of last year when jenson was just plain faster than him and he started shooting his mouth of blaming Ross was being Biased, proper paranoia. Understyandable I guess after the Red Barron years. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy and when he finally leaves F1, it’ll be a loss, but let’s not make him a saint cos he’s driven 300 GP’s. Yes, despite that, even I can’t help but smile when the guy does well 😉


I’m sure Rubens would have made very different choices if he could do it over again. While Ferrari certainly made him very rich, it was at the expense of his reputation. I noticed it last year with Jenson’s championship – many F1 “fans” dismissed it because he had Rubens as his teammate and not a “top-flight” driver. This year has made it very clear that Brawn had a very strong driver line-up last year. The Hulk is the real deal (probably the best to come out of GP2 since Lewis), but Rubens is handling him rather easily. Ross would never admit it, but if he could get Jenson and Rubens back instead of Rosberg and Schum he would do it in a heartbeat.


Interesting point. I wonder. Rosberg has done really well this year, I think, better than I expected certainly. I think with the characteristics of the car Jenson would have struggled, especially in qualifying.


Interesting, because Jenson has claimed the reason Schumacher is struggling so much is that the Merc was designed for his driving style. That implies that the Merc, at least as it was at the beginning of testing would have been best suited to Button. Obviously since testing and 11 Grand Prix starts it has evolved towards Schumacher and Rosberg, but arguably had Button have stayed with Merc he would have started put much happier in the car than either Schumacher or Rosberg and evolved the car in a direction that suited him.

Having said all that, it does appear – based on the last two seasons – that Button is not the best driver at dealing with a car as it develops. But it is curious you say he would probably struggle in the car when Button has implied it was built for his style of driving.


I remember when he arrived as a young boy wonder who was going to set the scene on fire (at the time he certainly grabbed my attention more than a certain shoe maker). He had a big accident and then he went to Ferrari which I think was a big mistake because it labelled him as a second class driver for the rest of his career (hence the dust up with Michael last race). Most GP’s raced is certainly an accomplishment, and the fact he has not slowed down at all is a testament to that especially given the fact so many drivers are nearly half his age but for all his talent he really should have been a champion.


And about Rubens. I wish him to win in Brasil finally !! He deserve it !


About Twitter. I already follow Rubinho, but i don`t think, he noticed. Like You James 🙂


I was speaking to a chap who used to work for the Honda F1 team a couple of weeks ago and he said that Rubens was just as nice a chap in real life as he comes across on TV.

Rubens might not have won a world championship but the fact his peers and F1 followers all hold him in such high regard must be almost as good an achievement. F1 is a tough cut throat business and for him to last 300 starts with this kind of reputation is an amazing feat.


Rubens is a nice guy but talks too much.


I think everybody loves Rubens. He’s just a top bloke.

I’d love one of these shirts. Am i right in thinking he’s the first driver to ever reach 300?


Yes it’s a first


Rubens has indeed shown his pace and spirit in recent events.

I hope he gets a few more moves over Schumacher in the remaining races. Its gotta feel great sticking it to The Micheal as Mika would put it.


Rubens is the man with the most smiles in F1.

And you can tell he’s a good father.

He deserves more for his achievement than his 300 drives.

Wished Rubens becomes WDC before he says goodbye to F1.

T-shirt looks cool!


Good for Rubens. He’s a high-brow class act in a sport that has very few.


Rubens is quite simply a legend. I’ve been a fan since his F3 days and its amazing to think its almost 20 years since those days! His talent on the track has (so far!) not resulted in the World Championship it deserves, but off the track he is truly a champion. Such a wonderful personality, kind, modest and charming. The love he has for F1 and racing in general is so clear to see, as is the love he has for his family, his homeland and the appreciation he has for the fans who has stuck with him through thick and thin. While he was winning podiums and races last year, its wonderful to see him still fighting the good fight with Williams and I think his exploits have won him many new fans this year. He certainly seems to have revitalised Williams of late and hopefully we’ll see the rewards with a podium before the year is out.

Acelera Rubinho! You carry the passion of every true F1 fan with you!


Well done Barrichellos and if he ever decided to sell these shirts I am sure they would make a lot of money for his favourite charity.

Well deserved and it will be a sad year when a race starts without him.

Thanks for the first 300… look forward to the next 300…


Good on ya, Rubens


An amazing feat by an amazing driver!! To sheering have the enthusiasm to travel with the circus day in day out for 13 odd years is no mean feat, not to mention some of the amazing drives the man has produced.

While we all know that the Super Domestiques are never meant to win, but just assist their teams and #1 drivers in their team win championships, for this affable Brazilian the script of the circus is changed for once.

Congratulations Rubinho! Keep going on!!!


ruben is a great guy i was very lucky 2 meet him in paris in 2007. and can only wish him even more grand prix to his name


Very cool I’d like one of those!


Not to take anything away from Jenson’s title, but had Rubens won it last year, it would have been very special.

Every cynical grand prix fan i know, shed a tear when he won his first race.


Yeah I remember cheering when he won in Hockenheim with that fantastic drive in the wet on slicks, was also hugely cheered by the number of Ferrari haters who put their hatred of the team aside to celebrate 🙂


I have really warmed to Rubens since he left Ferrari, his honesty, humour and enthusiasm shine through in every interview he does.

I also think the way he behaved after Shumi’s bullying in Hugary was exemplary.

300 GP’s and counting, keep on trucking Rubinho…


He has only started 296 to date, he’s entered 299


As far as I understand, he is not saying anything ’bout starting or entering. This is his original comment via Twitter:

“next one is our 300th…I think you are going to like my different helmet colours for this race.I love it”

You can check it at

So there is no need to discuss this point IMO.


You can’t give us that, without telling us which races he was entered for but failed to start and why…

Oh and the figure will be 300 at Spa, its currently 299 race entries.


One that comes to mind off the top of my head would be Imola ’94. That’s probably considered a start as he was entered and ran that weekend, but after his wreck he obviously didn’t participate in the race.


Spa in 1998: Both Stewarts were damaged on the opening lap on the run to Eau Rouge that took out 80% of the field. Herbert got the spare car and RB didn’t contest the restart.

Barcelona in 2002: the Ferrari failed to make it off the grid for the warm up lap, was wheeled back to the garage and didn’t appear for the rest of the day.


What I said


Yes I agree – come on, tell us which he’s entered but not started!!

James, what does have a driver have to do to be classed as someone who competed in a ceratin GP? line up on grid for parade lap? line up on grid for race start? or be at pit lane exit for start of race???!!!! its not something thats ever really been explained!


There is no official answer to that. Some statisticians insist on a driver taking the start of the race, others on taking the restart in the event of a red flag etc. For me, you have to have qualified and been on the grid. Whatever happened after that was good or bad luck.


Indeed. But there’s a nice excuse to celebrate 300 twice.


Reubens most certainly has a youthfulness about him, yet a vast depth of experience. If I was a team manager/ownerI’d snap him up! He has seen many drivers come and go in his time, and many different rule changes and disciplines in the sport. He’s just who you would want to help develop a car and assist one of your young drivers. As shown at Brawn last year and Hungary 2 weeks ago he still has the ability to fight at the top, and as seen on Top Gear, he is a cracking guy! Keep going Reubinho!!!!


He is faster than the Stig… need anyone say anything else? Well apart from the fact that he seems like a genuinely great bloke!


I’ve always been an admirer of Rubens, as a driver and as a man, so congrats to him on his 300th start. It’s a shame he had to spend so many years in Michael’s shadow, but as he himself has said, what other team would he have been better off driving for during that 2000-05 period of Ferrari dominance? It would have been great to see him win the WC with Brawn, but hopefully Williams can come good in 2011 and he can maybe sign off his career with one more win…

Eamonn Mc Cauley

Thats what’s wrong with the world. Quantity over quality. If Jenson didn’t luck into a fast car and Ross Brawn last year, his carrer would have mirrored Rubens’, mediocrity. Well done Rubens the most experienced number 2 on the grid. Soon to be replaced by Jenson when you retire. Even the history books won’t be able to tell me i’m wrong.


If I recall correctly, Ruby lucked into the same car and team owner and failed to win 6 races out 7 while the car was the strongest on the grid.

Jenson may not be the most complete driver but Rubens has had a few spectacular cars and failed to bring the team and his speed together to win races and championships.


That’s the thing about history books, they tend to take more note of the facts and figures than what actually happened….


How utterly puerile. The reason JA’s Blog is so admired is that the majority of posts are intelligent and considered. Please don’t spoil it.

Eamonn Mc Cauley

I’ll try not too. 300 races and how many wins?

Eamonn Mc Cauley

The funnig thing is I used a dictionary too check my spelling.

Eamonn Mc Cauley

Look, it’s like this. Lewis is the benchmark. Lewis is faster than Jenson and Jenson is faster than Rubens. Jenson is a good number two making Rubens an ok number two. Which is a valued commodity in F1. Thats why he’s been there for so long. You don’t want Redbulls problem of having two drivers that are too close, relatively speaking. Before you say any thing Jenson is lucky to be this close to Lewis this year. The two wet races and Lewis droped 18 points at Spain. I’m I wrong?


Forgetting what the history books tell you about win totals, if he was such a complainer and a second tier driver he would have been fired long ago. Instead, team principals have decided repeatedly for the last 18 years that he’s worth shelling out huge sums of money to make him a part of the team. That fact, plus his general good humor and great victories in the past, tell me that he deserves the recognition he’s getting for his 300th start. By the way, the dictionary will tell you that there is a distinction between “to” and “too”, maybe you should check that out while you’re laughing at Rubens’ record.


11. Which is infinitely more than yourself, myself and about 95% of people who have raced in F1. It puts him joint 24th amongst all drivers who have ever won a race (72).

And some of those wins (and some that didn’t happen in the end) were because he had the legs on a seven times world champion.

Sure, he’s no Ayrton Senna, but he’s a decently fast driver.


More than most other drivers will get in their careers, no matter the number of starts.


For Jenson @ least his team backed him into winning one championship. The Brazilian was never that lucky….


I’m surprised Williams love him to bits actually…I thought Frank and Patrick preferred gruff, hard racers to mercurial types with a proven record of complaining… Their longest ever driver was Ralf, which might surprise some, but actually they always seemed to rate him as a very fast driver with the kind of iron discipline they loved – on the day of his very first test as a Williams driver he noted that some of the engineers had arrived a little late, and this no-nonsense approach apparently impressed F & P greatly…

So I wouldn’t have thought Barrichello would have been their cup of tea… Very interesting.

Zobra Wambleska

Maybe they learned something from their days with Ralph.


He wears his heart on his sleeve, that’s for sure. Hopefully he can make it to 400!

The Kitchen Cynic

I remember his early days well, as I was keenly supporting the local upstarts, Jordan.

I seem to recall there was some interest from McLaren in ’94, but equally, that same year there was some talk of going to Indycar. Funny to think that if things had worked out slightly differently he might have had a career like Christian Fittipaldi, rather than breaking the record for GP starts.


Well done and congratulations to Rubens. A true gentleman! Joining Williams GP appears to be a good partnership. In business, you quickly learn to value experience, and Rubens has plenty. FW has left the day to day running of Williams GP to Adam Parr. My hope is, with help from Rubens, we should Williams GP start to make their way up the grid. Once again, Congratulations Rubens!


I am a big Williams fan, but was always lukewarm in my support for Rubens. I respected him, but I can’t say I was ever a fan. I think he has been a big part of Williams’ improvement this year – he seems to have given the team direction and someone to rely on.

This has not gone unnoticed by us Williams fans. I can’t think of a single one I have talked to that isn’t impressed and releived by Rubens’ efforts with the team this year.

He’s really grown on me this year. Williams do seem to love him to bits, and so do us fans. And I never thought i’d hear myself say that when he was signed last year 🙂


Barrichello is brilliant.


He’d make a very popular world champion.


Dare I say most popular?? I mean, how can you not like the guy?


I don’t hate the guy but I certainly can’t like him. Because sometimes he acted like he thinks he is better than he actually is.

“Oh if I were Ross,I would have fought to keep me at Brawn GP”.

And also, I didn’t like him when he criticized Ferrari. Yes he was not treated fairly (despite millions of dollars). But in life, everybody works for a bad company or a bad boss at some point but it is YOUR responsibility to rise above all the challenges. There is no point complaining about a company which he worked for like 6 years. It just a major weakness in his character which is why he will never be a champion.


Sam I think you are the one who was completely wrong. If he wasn’t treated fair in a team he can change teams. What’s the point having a fast car if you are not allowed towin championships? That excuse was just plain lame. He accepted that no2 and no point complaining after six years. After all it was his pace, rosberg don’t get that treatment.


You are totally wrong.

When you are tied to a contract (in which you signed to be on equal status) there isn’t all that much he could do. He could have moved to an inferior team and not had a chance of winning at all, but he stayed, and showed us that he was a match for Schumacher on a few occasions. Rubens is clearly an emotional man, and the Ferrari days hurt him a lot, then at Brawn it all happened again (that was after he thought he might be out of a drive altogether). Rubens is about to complete 300GP’s, he’s risen above the challenges that F1 has thrown at him.

Rubens is probably still the most popular man on the grid, and I still think it’s an injustice he hasn’t won in Brazil!

Let’s hope Williams build a brilliant car next year!


Very easily actually.


One of the nicest guys in F1…..


Amazing, well done Rubens a true champion and to me seems to be a very down to earth humble guy… watched him on Top Gear the other night where he beat the Stigs time and all other F1 drivers to date!!

I would say the fire has been stoked even more since Hungary 🙂


A link to Top Gear video, pleeeease!!!

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