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Winners of British GP Grandstand seats competition
Winners of British GP Grandstand seats competition
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Jul 2010   |  1:06 pm GMT  |  24 comments

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the British Grand Prix grandstand seats competition to win two pairs of tickets for this weekend, one for qualifying day and one for race day. We had almost 1,000 entries.

The seats are courtesy of Santander, the British Grand Prix sponsor and the backer of last week’s Fans’ Forum.

All you had to do to win the tickets for each day was to guess which row and which two seat numbers in the Copse A grandstand you would be sitting in.

We had a massive entry, with lots of people in the hunt for some last minute tickets to see the world’s best drivers in action.

The competition rules are that the first person posting the correct answer wins the prize and our winners were pretty quick off the mark.

Leonard Owen, entry number 206 correctly guessed that he and his guest will be enjoying the Grand Prix itself from Row F Seats 7 & 8. Afterwards they may watch the post race concert and even take in the World Cup final on the big screen, if they feel like it.

And Dan, entry number 433, had the foresight to guess that he will see the Red Bulls take on the McLarens and Ferraris for pole position from the unrivalled position of Row M, seats 23 & 24.

We will contact you at the email address you entered with to get a postal address and if you respond in time, the tickets will be sent out today.

You also get a voucher for a Kangaroo TV set, with which you can follow the action, the lap times and the team radios, as well as Crofty and Ant Davidson on Radio 5 Live. You also get a Park And Ride voucher and a refreshment voucher.

Have a great day!

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I put row F, 7&8!!! argh!!!!!


I put F 6 & 7 argh!!


sorry that was row F 5&6 i put, so close!


Congrats Leonard and Dan - v envious 😉


One row off! Damn. Congratulations to the winners.

Nick Thornton

Very Lucky!


Contratulations to the winners.

Have a great day.


Dammit, I went for the next seat along, in the row behind! That was too close! Well done guys, have an amazing day.


I just wanted to say many congratulations to the winners of this competition. I have been lucky enough to go to the British Grand Prix for the last two years and have to say it has such a fab atmosphere you will have a wonderful time!... hopefully seeing Jenson take the victory this year!


Barstards !!

no seriously, well done guys, I couldn't be more pleased for you !

Row J....what on earth was I thinking !

Ashish Sharma

I hope you keep running these contests till such a time as we have an Indian GP. Good to see so many initiatives towards interacting with the fans.


I won! I can't believe it!

Thanks James, this is absolutely fantastic!

I've been a fan of F1 since I can remember, but have never been to a race. Can't wait for the big day now!


I'm delighted for you. The tickets went out this afternoon special delivery to be signed for. Have a great time and don't forget to write!


Congratulations hope u enjoy it as much as we normally do! Us lucky losers are gonna be left to listen to legard! Come back James Allen please!


Congratulations ( he says through clenched teeth )


Congrats to the winners.


Well done to Leonard. Enjoy every minute!!


I am the other winner for qualifying, and i too cant believe it, was buzzing all night at work like a big kid and busy pulling in favours to get sat off!! Many thanks James, and will let you know how it went.


It's kind of funny to think of all the people in the grandstand hunched over little screens, watching the race on TV.


If Dan fails to respond James I will glady take his tickets...lol


Gutted, got the correct seats, just wasn't quick enough. Well done Dan for guessing Row M, seat 23 & 24. Well done Leonard as well.


Only one word from me "ENVY"! Congrats to the winners.



Enjoy the race!!

Ibrahim Patel

well done to the winners, enjoy

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