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Senna movie treat in store for F1 fans this Autumn
Senna movie treat in store for F1 fans this Autumn
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Jul 2010   |  10:47 pm GMT  |  159 comments

There is a film in production at the moment about the life of Ayrton Senna, which is due to come out in cinemas in the Autumn.

I was the first journalist to see it and I’ve now seen it twice, the most recent occasion with Martin Brundle, Senna’s rival from British F3 days, shortly before the Silverstone weekend. He liked it as much as I did.

It is an absolutely fantastic film and I’m sure that not only are F1 fans going to be blown away by it, but it will cross-over into the mainstream with many non F1 fans, especially women, drawn to the poignant human interest story at the heart of it.

The film is being made by Working Title, the leading British movie company who made most of the classic British films of recent years like Bridget Jones, Notting Hill and Pride and Prejudice.

Directed by BAFTA winner Asif Kapadia, this is a different kind of film, a feature length documentary. It uses original archive footage and footage from FOM as well as family movies. The material knits together very well and there are no talking heads telling the story, only actual footage with some voice-only interviews. It is a film about Senna in Senna’s own words to a large extent.

The project has the backing and co-operation of the Senna family, Bernie Ecclestone as well as key figures in the story like Ron Dennis and Frank Williams.

“Neither the Senna family nor Bernie Ecclestone have ever sanctioned such a project for the cinema before and we have made the film with unprecedented access to FOM and the family archive,” said writer Manish Pandey.

I’ll try to get a JA on F1 event together later this year for fans to view the film and talk with the film-makers.

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Do you happen to know the date that the film wil premier in Dublin, Its my brothers birthday this week and he is a senna fanatic I would love to get him tickets for the premier if possible


Hi James,

This film was only going to be released in Lighthouse cinema in Dublin but this cinema has just closed due to a row over rent. Do you know if it will be shown anywhere else in Ireland. I’ve been looking forward to it


I was looking forward to seeing this in lighthouse cinema but it has just closed down so I’d love to be included 🙂


Hi, Check out for your film festival. The movie has received a 5 star review here in Adelaide.


The movie had it’s Australian debut in Adelaide (of course) last Sunday the 27th Feb. It is “Sennasational”. @nd & final session Adelaide March 6th 2011 1.30 pm Piccadilly cinema. Don’t miss it!


Sorry, I meant 2nd session March 6th.



Any idea when it will be shown in Melbourne? I can’t find it anywhere!


Just rewatched the trailer for the nth time, I have had tears in my eyes every time… I will probably cry when watching the entire film.

Lets hope it gets a Canadian release date.


June in Canada, I believe.


Hi james i was wondering if you have any more information regarding mainstream release of the film in the uk ? Will it be in a few selected cinemas across the country or will it be released uk wide ?


I think it’s 40 + screens nationwide. Will post soon on the schedule


Hey James, any idea on a DVD release date for the film. My Dad raced against Senna in Formula Ford and he has always been his hero. I can’t think of any better Christmas present than this DVD.



DVD next Xmas maybe, but not before it opens in UK cinemas which is June 2011


New to the site, I am a huge fan of all increidble drivers, just recently I have re-discoverred Senna, tonight I watched a few clips on you tube, I recommend watching his ex-girlfrien being intervied ten years later on italian tv.. i think its italian, (the one he was with when he unfortunatly died). She paints a picture of her life with Ayrton and provides some interesting opinions that are worth hearing.

I simply stumbled upon this forum by accident and had to comment on someone’s idiotic post saying that senna was overrated. I appologize for making fun of that person. Anyway, I am in Canada but grew up in eastern europe, I would like to research some of the worlds top drivers from the past century… Tazio , Moss, Clark, Stewart, Michelle Mouton!!, Lauda,, Schuey (give him a chance please!), G.Hill.. I believe that not only do they share a sixth sense of some sort but I think its interesting how charismatic, almost untouchable they seem, specially the really tragic stories such as senna and clark, I am always blown away with their gentleman style of presentation.. Back to the movie… simply cannot wait and by the way… Schuey? has he lost the talent, too old and a little cautious I think, but speaking of senna has made me consider the worst – will his comeback end in heart ache/tragedy?



Growing up in an underprivileged family I saw in Senna an example of ambition and what hard work and devotion could do. My Sundays were filled with joy watching him on TV and an immense pride would fill my heart every time we stood on the podium holding the Brazilian flag. Senna will always be my #1 idol! Please bring this movie to San Francisco, CA. I really, really, really want to see it.


Hi James!

Any ideas when it’s gonna be released in Australia?

Mate, the trailer is bloody awesome!! And Senna…speechless…I guess I’ll start weeping here…



Australian debut was last Sunday in Adelaide of course. It is awesome. 2nd & final session March 6th.


Hey James, do you know where can i get some informations about the movie?

I am Brazilian and live in Ireland, but i dont have any ideia when it will be released here…

Thank so much


Currently living in Japan where the film has just been released. Fantastic viewing, though it was tough trying to decipher the Japanese translations of the Portugese. Very moving, slightly biased towards Senna with regard to the Prost sagas, but overall highly recommended.


hi james

do you know if the movie will be released in Australia? although i was only a month old when ayrton was killed he has played a massive part in my karting and id love to see this movie. every time i watch the onboard footage from monaco 1988 it makes me want to keep pushing to find more speed.


Not sure. But it will be on DVD there obviously


Hi James

Any idea when the DVD will be released?

I’m not to sure if it will be screened in Singapore.


Hi James

Is the movie going to be available in the UK cinemas and if so which ones will it be available in. I live in Northampton and really want to see it. Ayrton Senna was my dad’s idol and unfortunately due to me being so young – I never got to see his talent other than in the BBC Classic Grand Prix

Thanks a bunch mate



Is the movie coming to Finland?


senna era fodastico. viva o brasil, viva politica corrupta, carnaval, drogas, assalto, contraste social!!


Hi James,

I’m huge F1 fan. Please let us if there is a chance to get it available in Australia.

Senna forever!




Australian debut Adelaide (of course)last Sunday. 2nd & final session March 6th. It is awesome. It won best documentary at the Sundance film festival.


Not sure. Contact your local Universal office. They are distributing the film


Hi James,

This is indeed awesome, any chance that I can see this in Holland?




Hello James, I’m a huge fan F1 and your website. Please tell me, will this film be available in the United States?


I’m sure it will. I’ll find out


The “Tale of Senna” to me boils down to this:

(and it’s much more than just a likeable fast racing driver dying on the track).

First: Speed. The true measure of an ability to drive a car at the limit of physics, completely on the limit, fearlessly, is qualifying.

Senna: 65 pole positions out of 161 races

Schumacher: 68 pole positions out of 270 races

Second: It’s about a life lived in complete and absolute dedication and determination to one goal; winning. To a level of dedication only a few of us could even understand… let alone emulate, eventhough all of us yearn for that 1 single objective in our lives.

Senna dedicated himself to the point that he became a near recluse, family, marriages, girlfriends, nothing mattered in the will to win. Yet he never purposefully drove competitors off the circuit to win (like Schumacher did). When it happened it was always as payback to the other driver having done it to him before. (1990 for Prost’s 1989).

Third: Yet in this unwavering life dedication he did it in a framework of complete and absolute humility, empathy and virtue. His donations of millions to childrens charities (donated secretly), his respect and humility to even fans who attacked him and hugged him as he was walking. His public crying over the death of Ronald Ratzenberger in the Imola pitlane on Saturday. His jumping over a 2 metre wall to see Barichello after doctors wouldn’t let him in on Friday. His empathy to his fellow human beings, his recorded messages to the italian boy in coma urging him to wake and come to the Grand Prix (which worked). He was one of those who lived on another level of integrity and compassion, in his personal relationships with others some have said like a saint.

And of all men, racing drivers, for this life to be taken, in the way that it happened, is an event that some still struggle to understand.

In the end it sealed the circle, and the modern legend of the Tale of Senna was born.


John, great post, I agree with everything you said, you just left out the time Senna jumped out of his car in the middle of a qualifying session, to help Eric Comas, who had just crashed in front of him. You can search it on you tube. That episode still brigs tears to my eyes for the Human and sportlike behaviour one should always have in competition. For me that episode sums up Senna’s Humanity and Personality. A fierce competitor, but always a man, a gentleman driver.


Can’t wait for this movie!! Top Gear did an incredible tribute to an incredible driver.


Put my name on the list, when and where, I’ll be there!!


Hi james, is there any further update on the release of the documentary? The Top Gear tribute was great, but I think we will all be blown away when the film is released Just like Senna did to all his rivals! Thanks for the insite to the movie.


Really great news for me too! In fact, I was looking forward for such news since many many years ago and I was wondering why they hadnt already make a film that has to do with the life of one of the gratest drivers af all seasons nad one of the greatest personalities of this world! Thanks a lot James! I am from Greece and I am a keen supporter of Ayrton, a fan of hims! Please, tell us if you can, the exact date of the film release, its length and the exact tittle of it. Thanks a lot again!


Any more news about this? Release date, full title?


Could you please post all international date of release?


Saw the comments regarding the film appealing to us ladies and can I just say some of us can’t wait for it to be released – any news on a date as yet ?. I know me and my mates are F1 followers but there can’t be anybody left over the age of 30 who doesnt remember what Senna did on the track and for the sport of motor racing and the huge outpouring of grief (quite rightly) when he was taken away from us at such a young age


so pleased to hear about this I can’t wait!.. I can get the 2010 official F1 game for Xbox/PS3 and watch a film about Ayrton! Any ideas when this will be out roughly?

Looking forward to watching the poignant human interest story but mainly his skill and talent in racing and the F1 🙂

I hope the ending is more.. a celebration :/


I’ve been thinking about this film a lot today after finding out about it this morning. Firstly, it is really fitting that it will be released during the year that the Senna name made a comeback to F1. I would love to see footage of “the race of champions” in 1984, when Senna was in his first year of F1. I also hope that reference is made to his rally car test. There is some old video footage of this (from 1986). Word has it, that given a few events Ayrton could have been up there with the front runners in rallying – if he put his mind to it.

We all know that Ayrton was so much more than a racing driver, but driving cars faster than anyone else was the way he expressed himself to us all. Not only was he the ultimate professional, but he also held a supremely strong philosophy and stuck up for his own beliefs. On top of that, he focussed that belief and left us all in awe…something extremely rare in a human being.

If Webber doesn’t win the race today, then I hope a Brazilian does, just for Ayrton’s legacy.


I’m looking foward to watch this movie. Senna is not only my idol but also one of the biggest idols of my country, Brazil.

Senna’s death made our whole nation, Brazil, go into tears. All brazilians remember that day and everyone cried when that happened. Senna was able to touch the heart of everyone here, because of him, even people that were not fans of motorsports would watch the races.

When Senna was alive, every Sunday, my family (my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even my grandparents) would sit together to watch Senna race. When he died everyone in my family cried, we were all in shock.

Around the world, people might remember Senna because of his amazing driving skills, but in Brazil he was seen as more than just a great racing driver, he was seen as an icon, an idol and a great human being.

He is unforgetable in the hearts of all brazilians and he’ll forever live in our memories and our hearts.


Hi James

Cant wait for the film! How about organizing a special screening in Singapore in conjunction with the Singapore Grand Prix! 🙂



I think the scenes from his funeral were what really made me realize what he meant to his fans and to Brazil as a nation. Watching the current crop of F1 drivers comment on TG on who was their number one driver was pretty cool. Even Schumacher said he was #1(thought he was going to call on his idol Stefan Bellof) I cannot wait to see this film and hope that it will open up people in the US to Senna and hopefully F1. The world needs more people who showed the compasion to humanity that he did.


Sign me up for that James!


Ayrton was a legend in every sense, loved the TG special last night, and I would love to see the film, if you do a special event JA pls pls count me in!


As Brazilian It sounds like a relief for me!!Specially after the F1 results from yesterday !! Many tks for the info!! 😉


Excellent News! As a massive Ayrton Senna fan I have been waiting years for a film on his life. I was lucky enough to meet Ayrton 3 times as a child and he gave me his Nacional cap on the 2nd time of meeting him! I hope the human side of Ayrton that I was lucky enough to witness first hand comes across in the movie!

Please count me in if their is any pre viewing of the film.

Many thanks for the Info James.

david paul pantling

lost the best for me in 94 .senna was the best f1 driver . f1 lost its way after is death .now they dont seem to be racing just picking up the money .my hearts not in it any more .david p p


I would love to see the film with a group of fellow petrolheads and a chance to chat before and after but I’m not a subscriber to the “greatest driver ever” title for Senna.

I believe that title belongs to either Fangio or in particular to Stirling Moss for both his F1 and Mille Miglia drive ( which has to be the single greatest drive in history, bar none ).


Spine tingling!! Just from the brief description. It would be great to see this film! 🙂


Yes, finally, a film about the greatest F1 driver ever. I’m living in Asia, and during that time, they didn’t have live telecast of the race on TV. I was devastated when my father told me the news of Senna’s death the next morning. I was put off F1 for a few years after that….there’s nothing to watch anymore. Finally came back to F1 a few years back.

I won’t be able to make it to a JA on F1 event, but when it comes out on disc, it’ll be at the top of my list.

RIP Ayrton….”Gone Too Soon”.



I hope a screening or distribution of this film in Latin America! Thanks for the information, I was waiting for it since a long time ago, despite I was too young when Senna passed away. Anyway, thanks for Internet, I can understand the interesting driver and guy he was.

Oh, for me it would be finally a good reason to go to the cinema if there is a screening in Colombia.

Thank you!


James, thanks for the update. You say ‘in the Autumn.’ But any idea as to an actual release date? I take it, as you’ve seen it twice, it’s all completed and ready to be screened?

I would be very interested in attending a JA on F1 screening! (Doubt very much my local cinema complex would show it; if it’s not a cartoon in 3D or a summer blockbuster they’re not interested!)

Would you say, even for a Senna fan who has the various official DVDs there is a fair amount of previously unseen footage?

Finally, must say ‘lucky you!’ for having seen it already. Keep us posted with more details!



James, thanks for this. I would very much like to attend this screening event should you manage to organise one. I live in Australia so I will need some notice! Please keep us informed. Thanks again.


James, me too! I’m in Brasil but could get over on short notice not a problem.


we should all meet up at the trafford centre and go and watch it when it comes out.


I’m a little surprised at the comment about the film appealing to women because of the “human interest” story. I think that is rather sexist if I may say so. I’m a woman and I have been a fan of F1 for over 30 years…I don’t need human interest stories to enjoy sport.

I am looking forward to the film though, I adored Ayrton and F1 has never been the same for me since he passed away…though Lewis Hamilton is becoming a worthy successor.


It’s not meant to be sexist, the point is that women who aren’t particularly into F1 will get a lot out of the film because it has a story which will appeal.


It’s sent a shiver down my spine reading some of the comments here. I think it’s fantastic that Senna has touched so many people, young and old. He really is a legend.

I can’t wait for the film and would love to be part of a possible JA event for it.


Thank you very much, James! Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to see the film about Ayrton!


Here’s an interesting issue. If they will put such a thing aside, there will be people that will talk about it, specially in Brazil. That’s why I have some doubts in my mind about this kind of film. Will they cover everything or it will be some sort of lengthy tribute to the pilot?

Knowing the pedegree of Working Title, the film company, and the tradition of british documentary, I hope that all my fears will be unfounded… after all, as a boy who grew up in the late 80’s, I’ve waited for this quite a while!

Patrick McLaughlin


That is great news !

I was apprehensive to say the least as to how the world of cinema would portray my favourite driver, when I first heard it was in production.

If Martin and you rate it, that is high praise indeed ! Puts my mind at rest.

Looking forward to seeing it now and would love to attend any JA on F1 event related to it.

Any ideas as to when will we see trailers in the cinema ?


Please could you give a bit of notice, so that I can book my flight??? Or do something in the US…


I ever read an article on last June’s F1 racing magazine,said this film was going to be made using previously unseen footage of Ayrton,plan to release in cinemas worldwide this year,so I’m really looking forward to see it!

Besides,It seems Working Title knows how to make films favored with women such as Pride and Prejudice,Bridget Jones; So agree with James, this time could also draw a large crowd of female audience. And in expectation of some beautiful music as well.

Surely I will go to the cinema with a box of tissues.


A friend was invited to a screening at Working Titles and couldn’t stop talking about the film the next day. He said they should have called it ‘When they were Men’. He said that the drivers had so much personality in those days and Senna was the best. He was blown away by seeing it on a big screen!


I cannot wait, Senna was my teenage hood hero he inspired many people in a very positive way.

Please James, let us know when the movie will be released in Brazil (especially in the capital – Brasilia).


Hi, James. I’m a journalist from TV Globo, from Brazil, and I wonder to know if you have the e-mails contacts of Senna’s movie producers or director. Thanks a lot for your help!


Senna is a legend and will always be so. His life and his death had a profound effect upon me.

I can’t wait to watch this movie.

Anthony Paraskevas

Great news James. Don’t forget to hold a JA-on-F1 event of the Senna film here in Montreal… There are plenty of Senna (and JA) fans willng to see it with you ! I’m even willing to help organize it and promote it on “Linkedin F1@Montreal”.


Put me down for a couple of tickets in the UK.

Also, any chance you can show it back-to-back with Grand Prix? (link for your younger viewers –


I followed Senna throughout his F1 career and I’m greatly looking forward to this. What a great film it should make even for non followers.


Ayrton was my hero, my role model growing up. I was 14 when he died. It was the darkest day of my life thus far. This movie is something a lot of us have been waiting for patiently for 15 years or so. I would do almost anything to be part of this showing James, so please if I can be included it would be greatly appreciated. I have spent the last 6 months monitoring the internet for details about this movie, so thanks.


Something to very much look forward to. I hope that it gives a real insight into the character and humanity of the man and not just the stories of his romances and driving career.

I seem to remember as a kid, an old school friend of mine telling me of a test session that he attended at Silverstone. He managed to find Senna in the pits somewhere and started talking to him. A journalist ran up apologising to Senna that he was running late for a pre-arranged interview that he had. Senna told the journalist to f-off several times and then talked to my mate for about an hour. Seemed to inspire him enough to join Tyrrell once he had graduated from University.


Hi James

I’m sorry to inform you that you were the second journalist to see the film… But in my case it was more as a consultant or a witness of that fascinating era. The way Manish and Asif have make it happen is really amazing. I definitely recommand to watch it on the big screen instead of waiting for the DVD version.

All the best,



Will we need to bring tissues?



It sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I would love to see it.

You have my contact details from Nick.

Hope to see you again soon.



There’s scant info so far on the Internet Movie Database:

The movie should be well worth seeing, especially for those of us privileged to have seen the legend in action. My trackside view of a Senna qualifying lap at Adelaide in a “grenade”- powered turbo car, lives imperishably in my memory.


Mikey, if you are talking about the 1:19.843 that Senna did in 1985, then I was there in Adelaide that day too, as an 11 year old kid with his Dad. I was hooked on F1 from that moment, until his untimely death. I couldn’t watch a race after that for several years, and then the MSC years bored me after that.

I can hardly wait for the film to be released. It would be fitting if it was released at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Me and a friend are thinking of going to Sao Paulo for it this year.


Excellent – thanks James for giving the heads-up & I look forward to the event !


I’m glad to hear that you think it’s great, I was always worried that any film made would be a mess and ruin everything good we remember about him and those days in general.


It is the family side of Sennas life that I am looking forward to seeing and learning more about.

His exploits on the track are well known of course and for F1 fans I expect we will learn little new here, however the chance to see this action on the big screen will be worth the ticket price alone I expect.

It will be the personal things about the man that capture the interest.

I also hope they use the music that Chris Rea composed in tribute to him.


I imagine the family side will conveniently miss out any mention of his girlfriend Adriane as the rest of the family didn’t like her. If this side of him is part of the film I hope they don’t exclude her, it’s a bit off to re-write the personal life of a 34 year old man just because you didn’t like his choice of girlfriend.


James, I am affraid I do not exactly understand what do you mean saying “…the mainstream with many non F1 fans, especially women, drawn to the poignant human interest story at the heart of it”. That men and women have different interests when chosing a film to see? Or maybe different aproaches to sport? I have to children, both girls. Can I ask them to go and watch the film… “ok, girls, you will enjoy it no matter you are women, because of the human interest in the story”?

I simply can not believe that I could read this kind of things on 2010!!


Try opening your mind a little


Ok, I will. Maybe someone else should try to open his mind also, and try to assume that women can be interested in F1 as a competition, and that men can be interested in the human part of the story…


Ok, James. I will try to open it, believe me. And I will go to my children to see the film about the greatest ever, no matter they are girls… Anyway, thanks for the news, like always. Keep up the good job!



Following the recent fans forum, if you pull off a special viewing for your readers it will be amazing.

This website is becoming to F1 what Wisden is to cricket, Jane’s to aircraft and Guinness to record breaking! With the fabulous educated and sometimes off the wall comments of the members responding to your incise articles this must surely be a site that F1 management and every team take notice of.

Well done and thank you.


Exciting. Can’t wait.


I like so many others from my generation grew up on senna and prost and thought that this was the norm in F1. It sounds like a really intresting watch!


James, I thoroughly enjoyed the London event on 1st July (which is also my birthday coincidentally) I’d definately be up for an event in association with a film about Ayrton too! Really looking forward to the film either way.


Would love to see the film and would be very interested in your event screening – great idea!


You mean there will actually be a reason to go to the cinema??!

Great! I was getting tired of seeing advertisments for films like this…



Actually my 6 year old son is all fired up by that movie. Bet he’d prefer CGI animated pets over any sunday race. 🙂

Looking forward to the Senna movie. Any idea wether it will be in the cinemas in Denmark?

James! Any chance of you doing a documentary about Schumacher? You could use “edge of greatness” as inspiration. 🙂


Finally a movie about the greatest of all time in F 1 who left us too soon, too young.

I have been trying to make this film for the longest time from Hong Kong, but am so happy it’s happen now…..

It will be one of the greatest gift for F 1 fans…


I think it’s great for the younger generations (like me), to really get an idea of Senna’s impact on F1. Any chance of an Australian screening/distribution?


It is here now! Adelaide Australian debut last Sunday. 2nd & final session March 6th.


What an excellent idea – will definitely make time to see that.


This one went under the radar? It sounds fantastic though, I will certainly be watching.


This sounds like a great film – and a JA event to watch it with other fans would be great.


This movie will also be released in the US, right?


Yes of course


Would you happen to know if the movie is also released in the US?


I think this is really great for the younger generations (like me) who don’t have the slightest idea of what Senna really meant to F1. Also, is there any chance of an Australian screening/distribution?


It won best documentary at Sundance film Festival. It is awesome! I saw it At the Australian debut Adelaide on Sunday 27th Feb. 2nd & final session Sunday March 6th. Don’t miss it.


This sounds fantastic!! I originally got interested in F1 during 1991, and was immediately impressed by this man’s talent and single-minded tenacity. His untimely death saddened me greatly, and always left me feeling that I’d missed out.

I’m really glad that Working Title are doing the movie, I’ve got a lot of respect for them.

Hopefully this will tell the real story of Senna, even warts and all – I’m well aware he wasn’t an angel!!


I have been learning quite a bit about Senna from Prof Sid Watkins’ 1996 autobiography, where the first chapter deals with Imola ’94.

He wasn’t an angel as you say, but he did a lot and worked hard towards improving driver safety, and I have even seen footage of him witnessing a horrible accident where the driver was thrown from the car. Senna parked his car on the racetrack, and runs over to see how he can help (since I think he was the first on the scene). How many current drivers would be so noble?


I remember that Lotus Renault “grenade” and his qualifying around Brands was staggering. I remember standing at Becketts in 1991 or 1992 and watching his Mclaren sparking through every corner, yet the Williams looked serene. Considering F1 cars are so stiff in build, I was watching this carbon fibre machine bending to Senna’s input.

I remember Donington 1993 and knowing I’d been truly blessed that day by his sublime skill.

Lastly, I remember meeting Ayrton briefly at a Silverstone test session, and not being able to speak because I was awestruck.

All the books I have about this man, all the races on DVD, all the Senna DVD’s. I will no doubt see this film also, and I hope that the crew behind it do the man justice. But for me, nothing will ever replace my memories of the man.


That was the Spanish GP at Jerez in 1990, the driver was Martin Donnelly, who’s Lotus was destroyed when it slammed into a barrier head on. Senna stopped at the scene and afterwards returned to his motorhome for privacy. He went out later and beat hs own pole time. Remarkable concentration.

Also, the day before his fatal accident at Imola, he attended the crash scene of Ratzenberger during qualifying.

A true legend


That is well covered in the film


One of my favourite things to read about Senna is the tricks he and Berger played on each other; I hope that’s included in the film.

If there’s a JA on F1 screening in London, I’ll be there.


Any chance you can do the event in New Zealand James ?

Let the Poms travel down under to watch it. We will show them a good time in Kiwi land.


The film is released through Universal, so I’m sure it will be on all over the world.


You consider, “Bridget Jones, Notting Hill and Pride and Prejudice” as classic British films? I guess you never saw Frost/Nixon…


And of course ‘Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie’.


They did that one too..


Count me in also 😀 What an awesome event that would be 🙂

David Jerromes


Hope we can get to see it out here in Dubai.

Excellent info. Thanks James.

How do you ever find time to be with your family??!!


+1 for a Dubai showing – maybe we could have an outdoor screening either on the beach or at my villa – hehe.


I would absolutely be up for going to a screening of that!

Do you know how the film has been put together? I don’t recognise the name of the writer (unless he’s an Indian cricketer!)- do you know if they enlisted the help of biographers/journalists (e.g. Tom Rubython?)

I can’t wait- there is some great footage of Senna out there, like his mesmerising description of Monaco qualifying… I’m excited to see what footage they have dug up and how it knits together.


It’s expertly done. They have consulted widely


Interesting to know about this. Looks like that the movie industry is starting to look at motorsport with keen interest. I know about “Go Like Hell” and it’s intentions to turn it into a film (read the book, and it’s phenomenal!) ald also about the chance of having another documentary about the period between 1968-83.

Let’s see what will come from this. Now, I’m curious.


Cannot wait to see it down here on Aussie. Does it use actors or real footage?


Awesome news, although I thought at first that it was going to be a dramatised film, and immediately wondered who they’d get to play Martin….


In time, let us know what the terms are James (can we bring friends, how many people this will be limited to, etc).

It sounds pretty good. I started watching F1 just a few races after he was killed, so do not know as much as I’d like.


Count me in on the Boston event!


but it will cross-over into the mainstream with many non F1 fans, especially women, drawn to the poignant human interest story at the heart of it.

Ok but if my GF kills me when I try this on her be it on your head Mr Allen… I would imagine that most women won’t fall for that, well apart from the sensible petrol headed ones… but then I will imagine they will be going to see it as fans.


I dont wish to sound morbid but can you give anything away regarding what the film shows with his accident as in anything we haven’t seen before?


I’m guessing the best we can hope for in the US is a Blu-ray release in another year, but I’ll let hope spring eternal that the big screen is a possibility here 🙂


I would love to be involved with that and can do London or Boston


Hi James –

Do you know if there any plans to release the documentary in the US? I would love to see it on the big screen – although I know a copy will eventually end up in the DVD collection at some point.

Cool to hear that it will include a couple of scenes of him in Karts, one of my brushes with F1 (other than working with you on the Mansell book) came during my brief sojourn at ZIP Karts before going to Uni, when I built up a chassis for Senna when he was in the UK racing in FF2000. – Watching him in a kart you could see that he operated on a completely different level to anyone else.


Alan J. Porter

Twitter @alanjporter


Cant wait to this film. Senna forever!


I’d be very interested in attending this potential event, even willing to travel down from the Midlands should the timing be decent on it.

There have been far too few motorsport related films, the last one I remember is Driven, which erm… wasn’t great.


Excellent, count me in on the viewing James.

I was reminded when watching Jenson and Lewis sitting in Ayrtons McLaren just how much respect he garners amongst past and present drivers.

I then went onto youtube and you just forget how much those guys used to do behind the wheel (pre semi auto gearboxes).

An absolute legend. And still very sorely missed.


Fantastic! This is the first i’ve heard about this and i’m excited all ready. I hope it’s a fitting tribute to the great man. As for a JA on F1 screening of the film – I cannot think of a better way to see it. Put my name down for that now please!


I would love to see that!!!! It sounds fantastic! I was too young to remember Senna, but I’ve seen some of his races… I understand fully why he was a favourite with the fans.


Not really interested in this to be honest. Senna was extremely overrated, and the constant praise for him posthumously is very disingenuous. I think I’ll watch Predators instead.


You mean predator, not predators, maybe u should watch care bears, sorry but for someone to make such a comment as that, I have to cut you up a little, even if my comment is not funny, I simply had to say something. Oh ya, I am sure M.Schumacher was overrated as well, and perhaps Sampras only got lucky and Arnold’s mr olimpia wins were all staged, Gorbachev was a nazzi collaborator and the earth is cone shaped so it could travel to your black hole (ass) faster and kick some sense into it!!



[mod] I am biased and I will openly admit that, but to describe a 3 time F1 world champion as overrated is complete rubbish.

I have visited Brazil, and San Marino in 2006 to pay homage to a man that not only captured the hearts of racing fans the world over, but for me, a man that inspires me in every aspect of my life.

The man was the best, will always be the best, and that is that.

Putting my bias aside, Schumacher would not have won in 1995, 1996, 1997 if Senna was around…….effctively making Senna a 6 time world champion.



But Schumacher DIDN’T win in 96 and 97, Michael…


He gave millions to charity lets not forget


No way! You gotta be kidding!

We use to know how a driver can do better than other in a race track. That’s usually understandable even if you are not a racing expert – as you show us, I must say.

But with Senna it’s impossible. We can’t figure that out and that shows he was in a different level, a much higher one. Indeed he wasn’t a normal driver. No doubt.

Watch him in one race, just one, and then you’ll get it.

So, again, you gotta be kidding!


Yep, he was overrated indeed… actually a bad driver, as we could assess so many times…

Clackers, stop smoking that sh*t. You will do a favour to yourself and to the rest of humankind.


You need F1 knowledge. Get educated.

Senna! Simply the best!


Didn’t you notice the irony? Oh dear!


Provocative comment! Get your tin hat on..


Clackers obviously does not know anything about F1. Praised long before he died.


Chris Partridge

I’d love to see that film James. Sounds great.


Can’t wait.. sounds great!


Any chance you can do that event in Boston, USA?


Hi James.

This film sounds absolutely fantastic. I do have a question. I have a massive interest in Senna’s karting days. Many may not realise what a phenomena he was in karting, but also his deep passion he had for karts.

Does the film include any other his karting days?

I, as many others, would love to have more insight into his time in karts.

Keep up the good work dude!


Funnily enough….I cannot give anything away, but there are two scenes, yes


Can’t wait! Cheers for the reply dude!


Please… please count me in on that now…

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