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James Allen and Martin Brundle’s Silverstone circuit guide
James Allen and Martin Brundle’s Silverstone circuit guide
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Jul 2010   |  10:35 pm GMT  |  25 comments

Here is a video I posted in early May when Martin and I did a shoot day up at the new Silverstone circuit. For those who missed it then, it is an in depth look at the new corners on the revised Silverstone circuit.

We look closely at what has been lost, such as the classic Bridge corner, and what as been gained. See if you agree with our views. Let us know yours.

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Hrand Baghomian

Hello Martin and James,

For my 70th birthday present, my son Simon wants to take me to see the British Grand Prix next year (the last one I went to was in 1959).

I watched your video many times to chose the best grandstand to watch the race from, but I am unable to make up my mind.

If you were assigned this task, which one would you choose?



I think I would try the new section a Village. And there will be more seating there next season.


I totally agree with all comments.

James to partner Martin next year.

There is no chemistry between Legard and Martin.

Dunno what idiot decided to give Legard the job of commentating , he seems to be reading out of a manual , but without any real feel for F1.


It’s about time the BBC got their act together and got you back on the commentary alongside Martin. It worked so well whereas at the moment the commentary is dull and boring.

Great video!


Great vid. Thanks for re-posting it.


Good video, James you need to work on your appearance abit. Not sure if being away from the camera has taken its toll but the stress is showing in your hair I think.

On another note, I personally like your articles definitely this is your niche, as mine is commentating rather than driving 🙂


Been watching practice and looks like a few are having interesting moments bottoming out on Abbey corner.

I absolutely love the Silverstone race (apart from the year I slammed my car boot lid on my sisters hand in the car park behind copse corner – I have never been allowed to forget that), and the changes to the circuit wont change that.

Looking forward to the race on Sunday. Come on JB and Lewis!


Great video, so looking forward to this weekends race (hope Webber does well)

All the new corner names are good except for “The Loop” maybe that should be renamed?


James, any rumours as to the Bruno senna situation?


Wow James Great video! its almost like you read my mind 🙂

Thanks for this


Honestly this is the most enthused I’ve seen Martin since 2008.

The new Abbey corner looks awesome, I wonder if the run from the Arena loop up to Brooklands will lead to any overtaking.


Nice work James. Good to see you back with Martin.

When are we going to see you commentating on F1 again?


Finally a good demonstration of how the track has changed. Shame about the chronic weather though; reminds me why I left the UK to live in a place where the sun does not disappear for days on end. Wet and miserable will be good for racing this weekend (though not for the spectators), and with the teams having to get used to the new layout we could be in for another great race this weekend.


Excellent video! And who is a director and responsible for film editing? A very professional production indeed!


I agree. Beautifully done.

Any info on the car? Is it the McLaren 2 seater that was around in the 90s?

Steve of Cornubia

Change for change’s sake? Maybe not entirely, because the new layout supposedly offers more viewing choices for spectators. However, I don’t think it adds anything much, while we have lost yet more iconic corners. I will particularly miss Bridge.

All in all, it reminds me wht I prefer tracks like Cadwell and Oulton Park to the vast, new tracks that feel more like airports.


Even though the previous layout was not anywhere near as good as the incredible pre-1991 layout (like Patrick Head said, it used to be “our Indianapolis”. I’m thinking of that tremendous dummy Mansell sold to Piquet in 1987. And then Piquet took it home and raised it as his own son, but that’s a different story…), it still feels a little sad to see those corners go, especially the Bridge corner.

After two decades of Grand Prix there (and racing the track plenty of times myself on the PlayStation etc), it just feels like watching your old school building get demolished or something like that!


Brilliant!! more of these please!

Thomas in Australia

Looks great, wish I could be there!

Here’s hoping for a crazy race and a fierce battle between Red Bull and McLaren.

As an aside to anyone attending – keep an eye out for Codemasters employees and try to get yourself a sneak peak at their new F1 game 🙂


Hi James & Martin – great video!

Totally agree that the changes are positive.

New abbey is going to be AMAZING and the tight infield section looks well engineered for close racing.

I Can’t wait!


Intresting that many of the drivers dont feel the new section will produce overtaking.

I was watching the Superleague formula races from there a few days back & noticed that the new tighter/slower Vale/club layout seemed to get the cars more strung out than the old layout which hindered overtaking into the old Abbey chicane They were running the new layout till Abbey but the old section from Abbey to Brooklands).

I like the new Abbey/Farm corners as they look pretty quick but I can’t stand the slow corners at Village/The Loop & I don’t really know what to make of Aintree yet.

I think the new Abbey/Farm make up for losing Bridge, However I used to quite like the Abbey Chicane, Was always nice to see the cars go through there as you often used to see some sideways action there as they ran over the 1st kurb. I don’t think the slow Village/Loop section will be as fun to watch the cars in as the old Abbey chicane was.

Overall I thin kthe new section’s OK but im not expecting it to improve the racing for F1, Although Im hoping it will.


I can never watch this video without welling up slightly.

We miss you on the box, James.


Great to see you working with Martin again. Let’s hope the BBC see sense and get you involved next season, would be great to have you back.


Hi james i agree 100% with what yourself and martin say yes we have lost bridge but hopefully the new parts will pose a difficulty to the drivers and give us a great race to watch! who can you see doing the business.




Great video James – Good to see you both working together.

What did Martin and yourself think of the tightened Club corner?

I believe it’s more two tighter corners than a long continuous right hander . I was standing on the exit there for the MotoGP practice and the bikes were running out wide on to Farm straight over the shallow curbs. Do you think Silverstone should put large curbs on on outside of Club to stop the F1 drivers taking advantage of the wide tarmac run off area?

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