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Ferrari unveils new logo
Ferrari unveils new logo
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Jul 2010   |  6:48 pm GMT  |  77 comments

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali unveiled a new look logo for the Formula 1 team in the Silverstone paddock today.

The Prancing Horse is probably the most iconic logo in the whole of F1, not least because of its history and the mythology attached to it. The simple Prancing Horse has been worked up into a modern design, combining the old and the new.

The new logo will come into force in 2011 and is noticeably different from the current one in that it does not have the distinctive bar code design which ran into some problems earlier this season, due to it’s association with the Philip Morris Marlboro brand. However the team continues to be called “Scuderia Ferrari Marboro”.

“We chose Silverstone because it was here in 1951 that Ferrari took its first Formula 1 win with Jose Froilan Gonzalez, ” said Domenicali, taking every opportunity to underline Ferrari’s long history in the sport, which has been a real theme in the last 12 months. “Although revealed today, the new logo will make its debut next season, starting in January and will be visible on all elements of the racing department; the cars, team kit, driver race suits and all initiatives linked to the Ferrari Driver Academy, so that the new design will be linked to all future Ferrari’s racing activities.”

The current logo with barcode

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Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Its certainly cleaner looking, but I don't quite understand the excessive expanse of red space. It would have been better to have formed a more horizontal logo.

And that tone of red....it's just not really Ferrari. Surely Philip Morris would get more goodwill from the fans if they were to let Ferrari use scarlet?

Or why don't they change the Marlboro packets to scarlet?


Yup I agree the colour seems far from right, and in all it simply looks a bit dull, not aggressive or sporty at all.


Well it could hardly have been worse than what they had already. Graphically, Ferrari confirms they are content to remain at least 15 years behind the curve.

I can only pray their engineering is not so limited. Let's hope that at Silverstone they will be more than just "less slow".

Hisham Akhtar

The old one was so much edgier...


Whats the betting that Malboro bring out a new logo on the bottom of their cigarette packets next year?


to me, this branding says "cigarettes" way more than the barcode every did or could. clever people.



completely agree, why oh why do they still associate themselves with tobacco in this day and age.

I think it does them alot of harm. They try and cover it up with a story about history etc but it just doesnt work.


What a stretch.....

Zobra Wambleska

My god, could they have made it any worse?


Yeah! They could have employed the primary school kids who did the UK Olympics logo


This is just a horrible, horrible logo!

The Ferrari logo alone is easily one of the most recognisable in the world, but this is just a mess.

I don't understand what the white shape is supposed to represent, it doesn't suggest speed or performance for one thing and the text, bold, angular capitals is far too overused in motorsport.


I guess it's intended to look like a packet of cigarettes seeing as they are still taking Marlboro money and including the name as part of the team designation.



It looks like the white box that used to be found on the engine cover of the Ferrari when they were allowed Tobacco sponsorship in some countries but not others


Hi James

Thanks for the great information. Just thought I would mention the typo "with the Philip Morris Marlboro brand. However the team continues to be called “Scuderia Ferrari Marboro”." Should that last Marboro not be Marlboro?


Can we add a third option to the poll:

o Like it

o Don't like it

o I fancy a fag


Is it just me or does the new logo look like the left half of the Marlboro logo?


No! Ir ia nor just you. Exactly what I thought. This logo seems pointless other than at another stab at a "Marlboro" look.


Even their graphical design department is falling behind McLaren now.

It's not awful, just.... uninspired. Bland. Uninteresting. Vigourless.

A bit like the cars at the moment.


Looks remarkably similar to a ciggy packet to me!...no surprises then


I like it more than the old logo, I have to say.

BTW James do you know anything about the Bruno Senna rumour that's doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment? Apparently he's been dropped for Yamamoto this weekend. Seems a bit out of the blue!


Yes. There are a couple of stories around, the other being that the team has acquired some of the assets of Toyota. I'm not at the track now, but will get to the bottom of it


Why didn't Kazuki Nakajima get the drive then if its Toyota involvement? Or do HRT not have enough front wings to last the weekend?


Probable they went through alot of samples an ideas in order to pick this logo, but reality is that is nothing extraordinary, it has too much white and is a bit square, so how that will fit with the shape of the engine conver remains to be seen.

Maybe Ferrari rushed a bit to present the new logo and they shpuld have wait to Monza to present it, giving more time to the designers to do more developing.


"it has too much white and is a bit square"

Sounds a bit like the cars themselves this year!


Maybe they should have given up on the 2010 logo and concetrate all their efforts on developing the 2011 logo.:)


Haha that is brilliant!


spat my cornflakes out!

hehehe.. nice one!


And also unveil it at a "promotional filming" session !


Whoever did that logo did a poor job.

You can't really call that logo at all.

The shape goes nowhere. It doesn't have neither a flow nor strong stand.

Line seems so inconsistent that it might have been drawn by a kid in MS Paint. It has no ballance. I mean, there's everything wrong with it.


They couldn't have a straight line, then it would have looked too similar to the fag packet ...

Philip Morris

Yeah, that's plenty subtle, let's just hope that no-one in the EU has access to a mirror:



Yeah, that's what I saw the second I laid eyes on it. They really are a clever bunch.


Well spotted.


That's what I saw too Mr Morris lol



What this about Bruno Senna losing his seat? Is this a tempoary thing?


Brighter and lighter - but, graphically, quite feeble. It'll lose any impact when it's reduced down to fit on small locations. The old one had more impact/density but was perhaps becoming a bit dated.

Is it just me (probably!) but does the profile of the curve irritate anyone else? It has at least three sections to it rather than a smooth, assymetric shape. Maybe it's done to create a talking point - in which case, it's worked.


It's a very awkward curve, horrible logo


Great! They dropped reference to Marlboro lettering, and focused on the Marlboro diagonal red-white combination instead. Good work by the design team, to again include the subliminal marketing...


To me it is just a new way of putting marlboro into the logo! If you mirror the first image of this post (horizontally), you get exactly the marlboro logo.

Also the red lines that come together with the words "scuderia ferrari", in a slightly 'italic' position, are made to look similar to marlboro logo.


Can't say that the style of the lettering hints at a M*rlb*r* logo to me, but I found those little red flashes in line with the lettering immediately suggested the filter end of cigarettes, the body of such being said lettering. And I've never smoked! 😀

N. Machiavelli

When Ferrari starts winning again, THAT, and not a redesigned logo, will be worthy of note.


Agreed. An old axiom in advertising: people love the brand because of the product, not the other way around.


I dont like it!


Hilarious. This is even more like marboro branding than the previous logo...



That is all.


Get rid of the daft red triangle and put the Ferrari logo bottom left. Then hey presto, alot better. You could even put the red triangle across the top so it is pointing down towards, Scuderia Ferrari. Either way Ferrari have never been much good at marketing.


On it's own, it looks quite poor but the triangular white section suggests to me that it will fit quite well on the air intake of the car.


They came out early with this logo to see if they could get away with it, maybe? The Marlboro advertising isn't even ambiguous now. Marketing at Ferrari is surely having a laugh...


I don't like the new designs of 458 Italia and California, at least i am happy to see that logo is going to be beautiful.

Cameron Isles

Look at what Christopher Hitchens has facing him the next few months. Knowing what we know, how can any company, let alone a famous sports team, entertain thoughts of maintaining the slightest partnership with the tobacco industry?


From Ferrari I'm not impressed at all. Nothing unique.


Amusing, that the white edging around the red triangle, doesn't quite complete a full lap!!


Ugly. Ferrari should just put the shield over a scarlet rectangle or Just put Marlboro up. They are not fooling anyone that this is more subliminal advertising. Not that I dont care if they put up Marlboro tbh but this just looks ugly.

Kimi Raikkonen has the last championship for Ferrari and the last Tobacco branded win ever in Formula One


Phillip Morris actually own the rights to the whole Ferrari livery : all of the other sponsors rent the space from Phillip Morris, who pay a flat fee to Maranello.


When was the last tobbacco branded win? Is Marlboro actually printed on the cars at any GP now?


I'd vote but for some reason I have the strange urge to pop out for some cigs.

Really, have these people no shame?


It sucks.

But then, so does their car so I suppose there's some bit of symetry.


Wow, there's a bigger whine hear than a British Airways engine.


Why didn't they build the logo around the globally recognised prancing horse, rather than diminish it's prominence in favour of a typographical approach? Reclaim the prancing horse!


Ferrari; a Billion Dollar high-tech organisation with a $5 clip-art Logo.

Classy, sophisticated, cutting edge?... er no!


At the time that Ferrari first unveiled the first bar code markings on the car I distinctly remember a news story about how Marlboro did an extensive study to determine that the bar code designs were the most effective at recall & recognition of the Marlboro brand by the study groups. They looked at dozens of abstract designs and the bar codes worked the best.

I had to laugh at the Ferrari denials that the bar code marking had anything to do with Marlboro branding.


I agree with you. It was obviously just coincidence that the barcode appears on Ducati Marlboro Moto GP bikes and unrelated to them both having the same title sponsor



So, McLaren brings an entirely new car to Silverstone. And Ferrari brings... a JPG.

Could they be trying to distract attention away from something else?

Weird how the biggest team in F1 has become a bit of a joke in the space of 2 years...

Wired Spaceship

Manufactures come and go in F1 but Ferrari has been there through some good and sad moments. I also think Ferrari has influenced McLaren and Williams to stay in F1 longer since they started.


Looks a bit cheap 🙁


That won't scale down very well and I don't think they've heard of the phrase "less is more".

Just needs the crest with the stacked 'Scuderia Marlboro' next to it. Ditch the odd slash.

I assume the red skewed rectangles on white fulfill the Marlboro subliminal element.

Should have given it to me to design!


..Ha ha! They may as well just have a red and white box on the back of the car that throws packets of cigs into the crowd.

Honestly, baccy advertising and F1 are meant to go together. Let's be honest for a minute - were you offended by it when it was around? Is there any harm in a very occasional tab to help you enjoy a coffee outside when the sun's shining. No. Let's have some common sense and stop making pinnacle racing teams, nay global institutions, degrade themselves in this way!

(psst... that said; nobody mention that sales of Ferrari merch have slipped a little in the last year or 2 and could do with a little 'massaging'...)


I do not like this logo at all but it is actually a very good logo. It's uninspiring design will be perfect for the baron years ahead.


Looks better than the old one. At least it doesn't have a cheap looking font and gradient effect.

Overall though, I'm not a fan. Would have thought the design team for a huge brand like Ferrari could do a better job. Looks like their efforts were focused more on making it look like a Marlboro packet than on making it look good.


Looks like a better fit to a cigarette box than the old logo.

Btw, is Ferrari the only cigarette powered team in F1?

(I'm not a smoker!)


Its too big. I like the older rectangular one better.


It's a tough ask for their advertising agency.

"It needs the Ferrari badge, seperate 'Scuderia Ferrari' logo and it needs to echo Marlboro ciggies because they are giving us shedloads of cash..."

I would imagine the agency came up with a better option, but they probably let Marlboro decide which version they liked best.


Looking at the number of comments linking the logo to a 'cig' brand, I think the designers have done a bloody brilliant job:)

They could have very well come up with some impressive designs but this design is to may be resemble 'something' and they got it spot on.

Now to get back to racing and grabbing some wins in the remainder of the races.


That design blows harder than an F-Duct working at full efficiency ...


Rather than go after teams for advertising whomever pays their bills, why don't special interest groups go after governments and get them to make all tobacco products illegal?

Oh yeah, they do and that's why governments respond by hiking taxes on tobacco products, which coincidentally further lines government coffers but never really makes a dent in the industry.

While they're at it, why not have a go at the alcohol industry which can and is just as fatal to health. Oh, no, can't do that, alcohol is a social vice that makes economies in the world go around, just like tobacco products!

If our health is so important, why don't doctors and other medical agencies do more to have tobacco products made illegal? Oh yeah, if no one gets sick, they'd putting themselves out of work! Hypocritically enough, they seem to be having a grand old time in trying to ban tanning beds, why not tobacco products? Oh, yeah, the tanning bed industry is small potatoes compared to tobacco, what was I thinking?

I know this sounds cynical, but let's face it, the tobacco industry is so deeply embedded in our economies that governments will not do anything "real" about banning their products.

Ferrari may not be doing the morally "right" thing; but, then who of us can actually say they always do the "right" thing?!


Wow looks even more like Marlboro. Not an impressive logo at all but Ive to say some marketing genius got it spot on

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