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Ferrari plan to offer a third car to new teams: Fans’ Forum video 3
Ferrari plan to offer a third car to new teams: Fans’ Forum video 3
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Jul 2010   |  5:44 pm GMT  |  47 comments

Ferrari have clarified that when they speak about a third car, they are not talking about a car which would be run by the Scuderia, but one which they would make available to a new team, such as ART GP, should they win the 13th franchise for 2011.

Speaking at the FOTA Fans Forum, powered by Santander, Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said that “We would give them a competitive car, unless it is the one from last year.”

The suggestion that test sessions, such as the one which used to take place at Silverstone, should return and give the fans a chance to get close to the action, was another of the ideas to come out of the Forum. yesterday.

The ideas came out during a discussion on the subject of “Cost control vs Technology”.

The panel for the Forum, which brought fans and key team members face to face, was led by Martin Whitmarsh, FOTA chairman and team principal of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and featured Tony Fernandes, team principal of Lotus Racing, Jock Clear, Senior Race Engineer, Mercedes GP Petronas F1 team, Luca Colajanni, Head of Motorsport Press Office, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and Paul di Resta test and reserve driver, Force India F1 team.

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It is all for bringing MOTO GP champion in to the F1.


I have looked at the video (part 3) and see nothing being said about this 3rd car thing? Do you know where I can view it James?


The only way for the customer car concept to work in f1 is if they are forced to run a different engine. This keeps manufacturer control to a minimum. Along the lines of redbull techs arrangement with toro rosso.


Luca’s comments on the third car actually swayed me. Before, i was very anti-third car. But if they’re being run by a different team, much like the Torro Rosso – Red Bull arrangement a few years back (except with out one being owned by the other!)then i see no reason to oppose it.


Ferrari blocked McLaren supplying a chassis to Prodrive … But it’s OK for them to do it.

I hope they’re told in no uncertain terms where they can stick their idea.

Stuart fenton

So by thrid card they REALLY mean giving a car to an associated team? Isn’t this just the “customer car” rule that was banned for 2010?


Call for Scuderia Rossi…


I believe that 3 car teams will increase the racing at the front because instead of 4/6 drivers having the chance of winning, we will have a fight between 6/8 drivers! More drivers would be able to show their skills and be competitive!

The smaller teams should not be against the idea, as if their intention is to run at the front in 3 years, they would then have 3 cars!


Why this obsession with “pinnacle of motorsport”, “highest technology”?… if manufacturer’s want to develop new technology, it should be done separaterly, not use F1 as an experimental lab. It worked for a while, years back, and now it has reached breaking point because it is clearly hindering overtaking and making rules ever more complicated. Comes a time where concepts need to be thought inside out and many business models will show that going back to basics is the solution for improved success. Absolutely nobody gives a hoot about Kers, adjustable rear wings and double diffusers. F1 should not consider that taking a step back to basics is some kind of defeat over the development of these past years. F1 will always find a USP to position itself as a high adrenalin sport, in its own best interest. Especially at a time in which it is such a global brand involving so much money. Simplify!!! and enjoy!!!


I seriously doubt that any manufacturers get new techs from F1 these days. I mean FOTA bans stuff all the time *because it works – the F-duct and KERS for example.

Except for the fact that it doesn’t have 200 mph aero on it my Grandma’s Caddy is more technologically advanced than an F1 car.

Road cars everywhere have ABS, Traction control, active suspension, movable aero devices, and lately KERS.

And, btw there are also different engine types – y’know, like turbocharged diesels and rotary engines.

This “pinnacle” stuff is self-delusion. They need to wake up.


The test days used to be great fun to attend. For a relatively small amount of money (I think it used to be £20) you can spend a whole day watching the F1 cars hurtle around the circuit. We used to go to the Silverstone test every year, and it was always a good day out. I thinjk there were something like 20,000 people went to the last one back in 2008.

I would love to see F1 bring back these days, but they should publicise them a bit more. Hearing the scream of an F1 engine at full revs is an experience like no other, and if you can’t afford to go to the race weekend, or just want to see the cars and drivers, it’s a great day out for kids and enthusiasts alike.


The fear for me is to have one team dominate F1. The ‘Ferrari years’ was the time when my enthusiasm for the sport was at it lowest. To be fair, there was other factors, one specifically, that were more to blame but if there had still been competition at the front then all the politics would not have mattered so much.

This would, one assumes (and hopes), be the cheaper option, one which would require less investment and lower development costs through the year. But Lotus, Virgin and HRT, and even possibly Williams, have shown that it is possible to run a team on a shoestring. Lotus’ achievements have been quite dramatic, and to me surprising.

One assumes, or is hopes more apt, that these teams will become competitive in subsequent seasons. But if an entrant buys something off the shelf because they can’t get sufficient backing then what is the point of them being there? Their fame for fifteen minutes?

There are other ways for young drivers to gain experience of F1 cars. Paul Di Resta was certainly grateful for being allowed track time on the Friday. Well done Force India there.

But I don’t see the answer to the problem of lack of testing being such a major risk as obstructing new teams in their attempts to join. There are enough obstacles in their way without introducing more.

Martin Whitmarsh’s comment about who cares who won the lower classes at Le Mans generated a response from the audience that suggested not everyone agreed with him. However, you have to say that when there were two championships in F1 the only people who took notice were those who compiled pub quizzes.

There seems to be this suggestion that Ferrari are only doing this to gain an advantage. My feeling is that of course they are. That’s the reason McLaren developed the F-duct. This is what F1 is all about, stealing a march on the opponents. If the other teams object then that is reason enough for Ferrari to push it. Hardly a condemnation of them. Indeed, this time they seem to be waiting for the regs to change so are not trying to move the goalposts. Or make anything else move come to that.

I’ve said it before so sorry for the repeat: we need lower formulae designed to bring on teams, to allow them the develop the necessary skills and relationships, not to mention sponsorship. We need teams coming into F1 on the level that Jordan did after serving their apprenticeship at slower speeds, not only on the circuit but as regards development as well.

I know that perhaps these feeder series have suffered over recent years, for whatever reason, and generating interest and support at a time of cut-backs is probably going to be difficult. It’s a long term solution. But we should not look to short term fixes that would hinder new teams which would develop their own cars.


Loving these videos. Thank you James & FOTA. Please keep them coming! 🙂

Timothy Collett

I do not understand any long time F1 fan dismissing 3-car teams. I long for more freedom. I remember watching BRM entering a 5-car team for the 1971 US GP. Jo Siffert, Howden Ganley, Peter Gethin, Helmut Marko anf John Cannon all running Yardley colours.


That’d be fine except for the fact that then whoever could afford to run more cars would win the championship. It would increase everone’s costs by 50% and no new teams would bother to enter. Probably only half a dozen teams could afford it and you’d have fewer cars on track.


Which is probably exactly what Ferrari would like to see rich.

Lots of ferraris and top cars, and no second or third tier cars.


Almost every word out of Ferarri’s mouth is some idea to utilize their billions of Lira to gain an advantage. They used to run what amounted to a complete second team just doing testing and running thousands of miles a year, did they not? This would be a way to once again prove they are superior to those ghastly ‘new’ teams.

They are definitely dancing as fast as they can on this one.


SO…why not exploit all you can to win…you think other teams DON’T ?


Not at all. But I think the Big Red Machine feels they have lost their number one weapon: billions and billions of Lira to blow on testing.


I don’t think a customer car is necessarily a gateway to a spec series. F1 already has customer engines, at one time had customer tires and so on. Surely there could be a way to ensure that Ferrari or whoever is supplying the cars is not getting an unfair advantage or that lesser teams will be penalized by having these cars. Maybe by making the customers develop the cars themselves once the season starts?


Talking about the 13th Team ! I have not heard any news lately on submissions or possible submissions and it seems like it’s getting really close to the time for a decision to be made so that the winner{!} wou;d be able to get the cars built.

James, do you have any thoughts ?


Submissions are in.


A great idea if rules were stable. In this F1, the last year car is minimum obsolete, very possibly is breaking the new year rules if not modified. On the other hand, patched “last year car” won’t be quite competitive. Much better to offer the new year car, then delaying a few monts the (official) updates to the private teams.


This is just how F1 should be, about time the teams started to really try and connect with the fans and the point made about testing and race weekend ticket prices is an excellent one.
|Well done to FOTA and than heavens you know who is not more ❗


James, what and outstanding success this was. Congratulations.


So does that mean Ferrari wouldn’t care racing against four RB7 chassis next year?


Aren’t they racing against essentially four RB6’s this year?


No–Toro Rosso had to build their own chassis this year.


I think the testing concept is commercially untapped. Sell cheap tickets to fans at popular venues like Silverstone and end each session with a non-championship sprint race in the style of a football friendly.

It would make it affordable fit working class fans to get close to the action. Maybe start a golden helmet competition like Speedway used to have.

It baffles me that such a commercially aware sport like F1 can’t make more out of testing.


Good point. Maybe they could also have some kind of micro-sponsorship deal where small businesses or even individuals could have their logos on the cars or pits during testing only… who knows?

Between ticket sales, test-only sponsors and paid-for pitlane hospitality passes a testing session could not only pay for itself for the teams, but funnel a bit of extra cash back to the coffers…


Will the car come with a licence that requires the team to stay out of Ferrari’s way but hinder others?


Like Sauber do?


so can I clear something up here, Ferrari will offer 1 car to the new team that joins but only 1 so that team will still have to build another car – am i reading this correctly


Just wanted to say thanks James

This forum is superb

Just gutted that I wasn’t one of the first 150!

Keep up the great work

This is my primary source of F1 information and leaves all other websites standing



Right. And they’re going to put Valentino Rossi in that car run by Newboy Backmarker Racing, are they?

I really do wish Three-Car Monty would put a bung in it.

On the other hand, if it gets Ferrari to shut up about how terrible all the teams more than a two tenths slower than them are…


“Three-Car Monty ”

I lol’d! ;D

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