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British GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
British GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Jul 2010   |  8:48 am GMT  |  167 comments

It was one of the most exciting British Grands Prix for a while, with lots of overtaking, partly due to the circuit layout changes.

There were some strong performances this weekend throughout the field. Who is your Driver of the Day?

Mark Webber
Missed out on pole by a tenth, got a better start from the dirty side and held a firm line through the opening corners to resist Vettel’s counterattack. Couldn’t shake off Hamilton, but the fastest laps chart shows that the Red Bull had more speed if he needed it, so it was a managed race from Webber.

Lewis Hamilton
McLaren tried a new exhaust blown diffuser in practice but chose not to use it and left themselves a lot of work to set the cars up. They were hard to drive in qualifying and Hamilton did well to get 4th place. He passed Alonso and Vettel at the start and held on to Webber’s tail throughout the race, the gap was never more than six seconds.

Nico Rosberg
Rosberg was 8/10ths faster than Schumacher in qualifying and started fifth on the grid. He gained a place when Vettel went off and another at the pit stops by staying out longer than Kubica and jumping him. Was able to hold Button off at the end. Finished third.

Jenson Button
Very disappointed in qualifying not to get more out of the car, as Hamilton had. Started 14th, but got a fantastic start and was up to 8th on the first lap. Picked up two more places at the pit stops. Then another when Kubica retired and another when Alonso was penalised. Finished fourth.

Rubens Barrichello
After a difficult start, Williams are finding some performance mid-season and Barrichello is exploiting it to the maximum. He qualified eighth and got a good start to be sixth at the end of lap one. Gained places from Kubica and Alonso’s problems, but lost out to Button on pit strategy. Finished fifth.

Kamui Kobayashi
Another battling performance from this popular Japanese driver. Started 12th on the grid, behind team mate De la Rosa. Had a great start and was up to ninth on lap one. Got ahead of Schumacher and then picked up places when Kubica and Alonso hit problems. Finished sixth.

Sebastian Vettel
Took pole position with another well judged lap. Got off line on the outside at the start in battle with Webber and may have tagged Hamilton’s front wing as he punctured on run down to Maggotts. Pitted lap 1 and was last. Slow progress through the midfield until the safety car intervened and then he was able to cut through and pass cars. Finished seventh.

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Has to be Mark Webber for a supreme controlled drive to not only overcome the rest of the field, but also his team working against him.

Amazing mental strength.


I agree that Mark's team, contrary to what Horner insists, is not behind Webber to the extent that they favor Vettel. I think it's clear where Helmut Marko's sympathy lies. Good on ya Mark!


Hahaha... ill second that.

Webber was totally dominating the whole grid even he had the previous gen car.


I voted Vettel, because he drove well in the race and performed some great overtaking.

I think that we could have included Massa in the list, if only for the way he caught the car when he dropped it coming towards the pits.

I was actually sitting in the Luffield stands and couldn't believe how he held that.

James, will you be doing an article about the British GP this year and how they have improved it? This was my first F1 race and I was very impressed with the way everything was handled, even the traffic management seemed to work this year!


Not sure about that, Vettel seemed to have a poor race until the safety car backed the pack up. Once that was done he did come alive and for the 1st time I can remember he actually made some overtaking moves that worked.

However he fluffed his start, going so defensive against Mark who got a blinding start was never going to work, and it dropped him back into the claws of Lewis who also made a great start.


In my opinion Vettel should have been penalised for bashing into the side of Sutil to get past him. There were many opportunities prior to that to make a clean pass on Sutil, but Vettel just kept charging right up behind him at the wrong times, rather than seeing where he was faster & making a legitimate clean move that stuck. Hopefully he learns from that, as it was amateurish to watch, he was relying on the car being faster to overtake, instead of just trying to outwit his opponent to get past him.

Also this probably won't make me popular but I believe Alonso's penalty was totally justified, Alonso wasn't far enough alongside Kubica to demand the right for space going into the right hander, hence why Kubica shut the door as was his right. Alonso then childishly refused to hand the position back, and as a result he paid the price when Kubica's car retired.

Had Kubica not retired, I'm quite sure Alonso would have just been told to slow down & swap positions again, but oh well thems the breaks & his bad luck. And what is with telling the team not to radio him for the rest of the race? Grow up mate. Alonso is supposed to be a professional (how much do the team pay him again??) , not some childish sook that throws a tantrum when things don't go his way.

How many of us can tell our bosses "don't talk to me for the rest of the afternoon, I'm in a bad mood because work has got me down". I know I wouldn't want to try that sort of garbage.


Not sure his manoeuvre on Sutil was that 'great'. More like something from Mario Kart. Lucky not to damage his car.

Harriet and Blah Blah Nyborg

James, I'm pretty sure Alonso set fastest lap of the race, not Vettel.

By the way, another fine drive by Kobayashi and Barrichello especially -- Valencia and Silverstone. As superb as Webber and Hamilton were, in their own league, I do wish the drives from the mid-field teams would get more attention.

What are the odds Kobayashi might even get onto the podium before the season's finished? I wonder if Sauber might be at that level in time for Suzuka? Wouldn't that be great for the Japanese home fans!


Agreed. I want to see Rubens receive more recognition for his efforts lately!


Alonso set the fastest lap, think he came in for some fresh soft tyres near the end.

I voted KK btw. Thought that Webber did very well but once he was away he wasn't going to be caught.

Seb made a mistake and got lucky with the SC and JB did well for the first lap but couldn't challenge Nico. This may have been due to being short fuelled.

Well done KK.


My driver of the day was mark, great aggressive start and was perfect from thier on in.

Also you said the fastest lap was done by seb but it was alonso who got that after a late stop following a puncture.


Robert Kubica was the driver of the day, shame he didn't finish the race.


Vettel did a lot to come back from the back into the points, but doesn't get my nomination as he had pretty much checked out until the safety car came out. Would have been lapped, even though he had a clear track.

I expect my drivers of the day to have more tenacity.

I think, while Hamilton seemed to work wonders in qualy, Barichello gets my nomination. I was about to give it to Rosberg, but no, Rubens gets my vote.


No picture for Webber? O.O number 2 indeed. 🙂

I voted for Webber before you all slate me.


Vettel's brave passes on Schu and Sutil were 2 of the year's best. Bravo!


Yes that pass on Shu was very similar to the crash with webber in turkey, however Shu pushed further than webber did as Sebs wheel was on the grass but this time seb did not cut back (which may explain Sebs thinking that webber would simply move aside...) - althought web could take a tighter line into the following corner - unlike turkey.

I didnt here any complaining about Shus defending this time....


vettels passing attempts seem wooden compared to an imaginative maestro like LH, if lewis has any kind of car advantage, he's on you, and passed you!


I agree with Lopek & Illy, Vettel's driving (especially on Sutil) was garbage, & he only made it past the others because he had a MASSIVE car advantage (Note this didn't help him with Sutil, so he just rammed him out of the way, nice driving there NOT!).


Vettel's pass on Sutil was rough and he was damn lucky to get away with it. He pretty much used Sutil as another brake.

Was more like a touring car move, I was shocked that either car survived it.

Most the the rest of the passes were easy with a dominant car on sitting ducks... when he finally woke up when the safety car came out.

Surprised that Vettel even made the list, never mind getting some votes.


I agree with Lopek.

Sutil was defending superbly and it took Vettel to bash him off the road in order for him to pass...despite Vettel's car being about 2.5-3 secs per lap faster (He pulled a 5-6 sec gap in the last 2 laps after he passed).

He did make progress thru the rest of the field well, but in all honesty, all those other drivers defensive driving was worse than AIDS.


Rubens, purely because he is faster than the Stig!!


Considering how much adrenalin Mark must have was pumping through his veins since qualifying then it would have been difficult to even see straight - Congrats Mark - Great Race.


Had to be Button for once again showing that he can race. No matter how bad he qualifies he always seems to make more of the first few laps than anyone else.

Hopefully he will soon start to get the most of the car in qualifying and then he can concentrate on winning rather than fighting his way up the field in the first few laps.


I went for Button too. I'm a bit surprised that Webber has so many more votes than anyone else; granted, he reacted positively from the adversity faced in qualifying and that's far easier said than done. He also had to win the start from the dirty side of the grid. But from about lap 3 he was the clear favourite to win; Red Bull were the class of the field Vettel's puncture meant he couldnt fight for the win.

Button made up a lot of his places at the start too but I think this is harder to do when you're 14th on the grid and need to pick your way through a pack of fighting cars when its easy to get involved in an accident (rather than starting 2nd or 3rd with the poleman in front, for example). This is particularly true at Silverstone where the run down to Turn 1 (Copse corner) is pretty small. And even though he started well, if he had decided to stop early or failed to capitalise on the extra laps on soft tyres then he may not have jumped Barrichello, Schumacher and Kubica (I can't remember if he jumped the latter before he retired, but the fundamental point still holds).


Button yet again didn't have the go to get by the guy in front - Rosberg. He coulda, shoulda. I voted Webber


He didn't have the fuel to do it


I've been wondering about the fuel situation, James. Do you think the FIA would ever consider a rule that stated categorically that you _have_ to fuel up for the race with enough fuel to finish on 100% power? I mean, yeah, it adds to the tactical game, but if you take the fuel out of the equation, then surely the tyres and their degradation would take a more prominent role in the tactical game instead? It would also resolve the whole "drivers taking it easy" bit that seems to plague the races this year and would add another differential for performence in the fuel consumption game.

For me personally, I would have liked to see Webber go for it full tilt from the word go, instead of him streaking ahead at the start and then setting his engine to whatever mapping it took for him to get to the finish while keeping Hamilton behind. That just doesn't seem like racing. That's more like the actual thing, the actual F1 race, is playing "F1 manager, the computer game".


Not sure that would work JimmiC, all the teams would do is make thirstier engines that burnt the fuel quicker, making the racing faster and then turn down the wick once the race was 'won' which usually happens before the chequered flag. The teams are too cut throat not to try and find some way to take advantage of such a regulation anyway they could.

I also don't think the FIA would go for it, because they are on a drive to make the sport more green... and giving the teams the desire to have as fuel efficient cars as possible is all part of the wash.


Anti racing? If Button hadn't taken the risk on carrying less fuel he probably wouldn't have been able to overtake all the cars at the start.

My vote is for kobayashi despite what the bbc experts seem to think. He is driving a BMW Sauber!


If I could add a future regulation, it would be that all cars carry a certain amount of fuel that will allow them to reach the finish with litres to spare. It's anti-racing to underfill a car and then ask the driver towards the end (when mechanical issues and tyres can be a weakening factor to competitors) to slow because he's running on fumes.


With 9 of the races 19 televised overtakes, it pretty much has to be Vettel. Add that to the bash at the start with his puncture and tap from Lewis, he certainly gave us most to watch!


I think you would love watching a destruction derby then! It fits all your qualifications, 1. You don't care who wins, 2 you want to see action 3. you want to see the fight in drivers. 4. You want entertainment.

Actually there was a bit of destruction derby on the 2nd last lap when Vettel decided that he would ram Sutil, seeing as though he couldn't find a way past him in a much faster car using driver skill alone.

Are you sure you are following the right sport? 🙂


Not sure I follow... he failed to do the most important task he had in front of him (keep Webber behind) and was forced to make up places thereafter after a bit of bad luck with Hamilton.

Without the safety car I imagine he'd have been lucky to be in the points.


I suppose it depends on what makes your driver of the day. Webber was of course the most successful, as he won, but did he add to the enjoyment of the race I sat and watched on TV? Not really. He drove round and round a track by himself for 52 laps. Not very exciting.

For me, Vettel was way more exciting. No matter HOW he got pushed back, the fact is, he overtook lots of people, he ran off the track at the start and I wasn't sure if he was going into the barriers. That to me is exciting, and what makes a race worth watching. I care more about who is entertaining, than who wins.


Webber did a good job with the best car. The way he ran Vettel off the track was the weekends real payback, as Vettel had just tried to squeeze him seconds before. In doing so, he lost out to the ever excellent Hamilton, the man he should have concentrated on racing in those first corners.

Lewis' driving, Quali laps, racing, performances, are just amazing, he is maturing into the dominant talent of the field by a clear margin.

Last year Jenson and Brawn won because they efficiently maximised their car advantage, then the Red Bulls dropped the ball in front of an open goal when Brawn got swallowed by a very close field. Looking at how Red Bull are loosing out now, despite having a massively superior car, it really does look like Lewis can nick it from under their noses. With an excellent Team mate in Jenson you have to go with them for the Constructors Title too.


I totally agree. But Red Bull could easily still win on their awesome downforce.


Webber the driver of the day,

McLaren team of the day


Why is Vettel on the list? He wasn't trying until the safety car came out, no doubt if it hadn't come out RBR would of said his car was damaged from the puncture.

My driver of the day is Barrichello, didn't see alot of him or Kobayashi on the television coverage though.

Webber had a good drive in the circumstances but all he really did was get of the line well and then just had a massive speed advantage.


My heart says Webber, remembering the context of his inverse immelman at Valencia and the front wing issues at Silverstone

My head says Jenson, P14 ->P4 is simply an amazing performance.

In the end, I clicked Webber. Its difficult to describe how good it looks to an antipodean when one of us wins at Silverstone. The long history or Kiwis and Aussies making the lonely trek to England to compete. In 1980 Alan Jones said the British was 'the one he wanted' and when Webber and Hamilton went round at the end of the first lap, oh lordy, what a great moment.


Couldn't agree more.

I just wish JB could get his act together during qualifying.

AS a fan of JB & LH I was looking for one of them to win yesterday, but Webber winning just felt like the right result.


As an Aussie of British ancestory, I was so proud to hear the crowd on its feet roaring as Webber & Hamilton roared past them on the 1st lap!


In my opinion Webber has to be driver of the day. After his huge crash last time then to have his front wing taken off him to be given to Vettel, who else could have driven such a commanding race to the win.

Other drivers had great races, including Button starting 14th to finish fourth and Vettel after a poor start fighting his way back into the points(I hope the new wing helped him!)

If there were a driver of the day for Saturday qualifying I would have to give that to Lewis, throwing his car around the track to get such a good starting position.

As usual Silverstone did not disappoint, with another fantastic race.


I think that, out of the selections, all the drivers bar 1 deserve driver of the day for different reasons when you consider their current circumstances.

Webber - brilliant controlled determination into turn 1 of someone increasingly forced to go solo.

Hamilton - typical instinctive driving on the first couple of laps to harry Webber.

Button - mature recovery drive, getting over frustrations from qualifying in running to the end game.

Barrichello - here is a guy that clearly has not lost any of his love for driving and desire to win.

Rosberg - quietly getting one over his more illustrious team mate. Not getting the airtime, but clearly silencing the hyperbole around Schumacher.

Kobayashi - seems to have found his feet now and putting in the consistent performances.

And now, the bar 1! Vettel. He didn't wake up until the safety car. Webber was running 1 second quicker than him for much of that time. He seemed to have given up when there wasn't a sniff of points. Compare with Alonso - similar position but he just went for it.

All in all, cracking race!!


Well put. If I could have voted that way, I would have!


Couldn't agree more.


Agreed. I didn't think Vettel was all that impressive. The overtake on Schumacher was fairly standard when you see how much of advantage his Red Bull has and how Schui is struggling with the new tyres.

And as for the move on Sutil, I thought he was lucky to get away with that without damaging his car or even getting a penalty.

Don't get me wrong, not saying he was awful either. But there were some very stand-out drives in this GP. Some we didnt really even get to see (Rosberg and Barrichello).

I found it a tough call to click on my winner. Had to go with Webber in the end (even though he had the best car by a mile). Looking back that's what you'll remember.


It's got to be Webber for me, not much to do after the start but controlled the race, no mistakes.

Of topic, Alonso desperately unlucky again with penalty/safety car, but a resonable decision from stewards. FA lost out big time, and SV/RedBull gained big time. That's just in the nature of the safety car. Ferrari handled it better this time, but you have to feel for them they must be wondering when they can catch a break.


I hear that the stewards told Ferrari 3 times to let Kubica through. If that is so, it's not so surprising that Ferrari & Alonso didn't dare moan after the race. And Alonso was lucky not to be black-flagged for insubordination - he could have been if Kubica hadn't retired, judging by what happened to Schumacher in 1994.


Agreed. I was just glad to see FA not vent his emotions to the press and thereby toss gasoline on the fire. What a year for him! But it's not over....


I don't agree that it was a reasonable decision from the stewards... I think that they had decided to switch Alonso and Kubica around (which Alonso should have done himself right away), but then with Kubica retiring, they felt they had to be seen to be doing something. That's the wrong attitude for the stewards to have, in my opinion. With Kubica retiring, they should have left Alonso alone and just reprimanded him (reminding him to cede the place next time) after the race. The face that the safety car came out simply exacerbated the punishment and is plan bad luck - nothing they could do about that.


The other issue with that, however is that this is the same guy who whinged and whined over Hamilton not being penalised earlier in the last race. He knew he had done wrong and should have given back the place immediately rather than continuing on his way.

If it's good for one it has to be good for the other. His penalty was as a direct result of him trying to get away with an illegal overtake. If he'd given the place back earlier, they wouldn't have had to find a new punishment for him.


Really difficult one to call for this race.

Webber drove superbly making a fantastic start to get ahead of his team mate and then looked comfortable but then he had the fastest car on the track (that hadn't been hit by karma).

Lewis and Jenson both managed to get the most out of an out of sorts McLaren, both putting in brilliant drives.

but my driver of the weekend has to be Kobi, he is really showing the promise he hinted at last season and deserving his seat and making his team mate look like an old has been.


Actually I want to change my vote...

Rubens was driver of the weekend... not only did he have a brilliant race but he beat the Stig in a reasonably priced car!!!


Webber for his dominant performance and the victory, Kobayashi for his determination wish the other Japanese (Nakajima, Yamamoto,...except Takumo Sato) were as good as him or as entertaining to watch as him


James, was it not Alonso who set the fastest race laps (the last 2 laps)?

Source: Ferrari Twitter feed and F1 live timing


James, you forgot to mention that Rubens also had another success this week...topping the Top Gear F1 Drivers Lap Time board...


Is it just me that wants Hamilton back there ?

His lap in the wet was fantastically quick - only marginally slower than the others in the dry. Am glad Rubens beat The Stig, he's a top bloke.


First of all, I apologize to those who speak the league from Shakespeare to translate this text with Google and the errors that may exist.

To see if Hamilton deserves the honor of the day driver would have been better to put his images onboard. In Valencia the FOM has not given an image of Hamilton overtaking until we could hear the radio message Alonso. The Spanish people watched surprised that Hamilton was second and twelfth Fernando and we could not know the reasons for the great movement of englishman even need it to change the front wing. What do you think of this?

But curiously, in England we are witnessing a great overtaking of Hamilton at the start winning two positions and we could not see the onboard of its fantastic action but we could see Alonso, Webber and Vettel. All this makes us difficult to know the merits of Hamilton to achieve his position once more. What do you think?

Possibly the best thing for a follower of Hamilton is looking to the future and not wonder about the past and try to prevent others from doing so. But the fact is that Mr. Hamilton is having a privilege that the other drivers do not have. You can skip rule after rule in many races without receiving any penalty and then the FIA denies all other drivers who can repeat the same action which has been a good number of points.

In this context. It is "funny" to punish Alonso. In this case, the penalty could be questionable in times of Max Mosley, but much controversy in the days of Jean Todt. But accepting the decision of the stewards, it seems that in this case the delay was both timely and lethal to the Spanish.

James Allen believes in luck? I know that Fernando did not, but has no choice but to cite.

I'd like to read from an English journalist like you, that the treatment to Hamilton is the same as for the other riders in the paddock. But for that we must justify the facts that are not emotional opinions.

Facts are: Hamilton can do weaving to defend their position; he can step on the slow lane of the pits twice very close to the mechanics, he may qualify with less fuel than the rest and may even overtake the sc. You may just assess this, but please do not ever pronounce the sentence fair & square, many people in the world is not stupid.

Yours sincerely.


Sorry Alonso got punished because he didn't obey the regulations... If you overtake off the track by cutting a chicane then you are required to hand the place back... if he had dropped back behind Kubica and then challenged again later (not at the next corner, which some other driver found out was against the rules after the rules where changed) then no punishment would have happened.

Alonso was very unlucky yesterday getting the penalty was one thing but to get it just before a safety car period was desperately unlucky, but at the end of the day there is only one person to blame - Alonso and one organisation to blame - Ferrari... If they had followed the obvious regs for an obvious infraction then Alonso wouldn't have suffered all that bad luck.

The Lewis situation was totally different, whilst he did break the regs it wasn't immediately obvious that he had, and lets not forget that race control had a fair number of other things that where of similar importance if not greater importance to deal with at the time of Lewis' offence.


The stewards had no choice but to impose the penalty on Alonso. Regardless of whether Kubica retired it still released him to put in some hot laps to ensure he stayed in front of Button and Rosberg at the pitstops.

If he'd have given the place back as he should have done then he probably would have been jumped, therefore he gained an advantage.


Why have so many others seemingly transferred Alonso's Hamilton obsession to themselves?

I can understand HIM being sick about it (outclassed by a rookie in 07, booted 08 (and rookie wins WC), having to resort to Flav's race-fixing 09, joins Ferrari 2010 and has quickly realised, I think, that Ferrari sans Brawn and Todt is going backwards fast relative to RBR and Mclaren, where, if it weren't for that pesky rookie Alonso would probably have another one or two WCs to his name, had he stayed..) Yes, I'd be miffed too. But I don't get how that's been transferred to so many 'fans'..

This year he's in danger of making himself into a real joke, just as memories of 07 are fading, with all that whining on the radio in Valencia and yesterday's illegal pass (not to mention the China start and Monaco quali mistakes). The guy, and his fans, should stop wallowing in self-pity, stop obsessing over Hamilton, and get a grip - end the season by showing us what a great driver he really is (I believe so, anyway), like Hamilton in 08 after Spa. Otherwise, he really is in danger of becoming some kind of caricature of a stroppy, whining has-been. F1's equivalent of the bitter guy in the corner of the bar who goes on and on about the unfairness of his divorce (from Mclaren)... Come on Alonso, buck up, give your fans something to cheer about for once.

Q. Still think Hamilton is favoured by stewards/FIA?

A. Spa 2008. 'Nuff said.

Rubinho's Keyfob

I think you make some valid points here. Yes, I have my favourite couple of drivers (doesn't everyone), but there's another five or six that I have real respect for despite either their "rivalry" with my favourites or unfortunate periods in their history, just because I find it exciting at times to watch them race.

Alonso fits into the latter group even after the dubious events of the last couple of seasons that you refer to. For example, the pit-lane entrance overtake of Massa this season - brilliant stuff.

However, my respect for him is dwindling with each of these "events" from the last few races. He got a bit of respect back with his "No more radio for the rest of the race!" demand on Sunday - I took the positive view of that ("I know what I've got to do and I'm doing it, so leave me to get on with it"). Obviously, if his brakes were going to fail on the next corner, they were going to tell him - he knew that and they knew that. He just didn't feel like being stroked and encouraged.

If he can keep up with that attitude, then he will continue to be fun to watch and continue to garner respect (though perhaps still not be a good teammate to have! :D). If he keeps up with the whining while he's supposed to be concentrating on pointing his car in the right direction, then I think he will continue to slide in a lot of people's estimations.

I don't remember him backing up Schumacher after SafetyCarLineGate - in a way, his punishment was worse: a retrospective time penalty that the stewards knew was going to cost him several positions rather than a simple "giving the position back" even for an "offence" that they agreed was partly down to the unclear rules. At least in Alonso's case on Sunday the penalty only had a similar effect due to circumstance (the SC) _after_ it had been given, so the stewards probably didn't expect it to be so harsh when it was decided.

This probably sounds a bit anti-Alonso. It's not - I just hope he decides he's better off focusing that aggression into his drives and not over the radio, pointing fingers at other drivers and the stewards.

Actually, I've always thought Massa was a bit of a whiner, too (not that we've heard much from him this season) - if Ferrari aren't careful, they're going to need to set up a creche in the paddock.


Alonso has the right to feel aggrieved about both Valencia (delayed penalty) and Silverstone (overly harsh penalty), but it's not like McLaren (and Hamilton) have some sort of free pass on misdemeanours. Spa 2008?


Sorry Alonso has no reason to feel aggrieved over either.

In Valencia Lewis was lucky but beyond DELAYING deploying the SC and MC when Mark was in the air to allow Alonso past the line before the SC passed the line I can't see what any of it could have been handled not to penalise him.

As for Silverstone... Sorry but even Stephano didn't try to skate on that ice, he just muttered a tiny bit of gibberish about racing then quickly said he agreed with the penalty and left. Alonso jumped Kubica by cutting the chicane, the regs state that if that happens the driver has to concede the place (the whys are wherefores are irrelevant). By not letting Kubica back past Alonso gave the stewards no option but to investigate and as the pass was clearly dodgy they had to interact... their hands were tied.


You seem to be forgetting Hamilton being given penalties for weaving, or and this is the best, Hamilton being given a penalty for re-overtaking a car after letting it past before two corners had been passed, BEFORE it was even a rule!!

Hamilton gets no real favouritism. The drivethrough was given in time for Alonso to get into the pits and serve it before the safety car was deployed. You can clearly see him pass the pit lane entrance after the penalty is announced. This was Ferrari trying to advance his position and having it all backfire on him. It was plainly obvious that he would have to give the position back, but again, his team said to not give it back until FORCED to by the stewards, not caring about the spirit of the rules, or sportsmanship.

Ferrari tried to get away with it, they then tried to get as little penalty as possible with the 3 lap rule for when you have to take a penalty (a rule designed for drivers who need fuel, not as a way for drivers to try and minimise the penalty with tactics), and they paid for it. They have no room for complaints.

Alonso can complain all he likes, the rules have been relaxed for him plenty of times*, he just doesn't like it when the world doesnt revolve around his ego**.

He doesn't like it when Hamilton gets a penalty for his safety car issue last race, and manages to drive his way around the penalty, then when HE tries to do EXACTLY the same thing next race, and the attempt backfires, again, it is unfair. It seems to me it is only unfair when he doesn't like how it turns out.

* Knowing that Piquet was going to plant his car in the wall in Singapore

* Being in on the McLaren spying and getting away with it

** When he was in McLaren and they gave both drivers equal treatment he behaved like a spoiled child.

** Now he is in Ferrari, a team famous for having first and second drivers, it is well reported he is isolating Massa and making sure he gets all the support.


I support neither Hamilton nor Alonso, but the fact is both drivers committed an offence (Lewis overtook SC, Fernando cut the chicane without which he might not be past Kubica) and both drivers got a drive-through penalty.

Unfortunately Fernando was unlucky because the safety car bunched the pack (I've said before I do not like safety car), Lewis was lucky because a slower driver built a gap to enable him to serve his penalty without losing a place. I guess in that sense it is not fair.

Please also understand Alonso has a lot of supporters in UK too, British fans do not just follow British drivers.


I support Fernando, but I admire the style and skills of Lewis. I am not happy having to admitt that this year Lewis is driving more consistently than Fernando, but that's the truth.

The facts are that Lewis was not given his penalty until it became useless, as far as it only meant a 18s delay, whithout any position lost.

And the sense is that Race Control is ruling against Alonso whenever they can. Don't you think so?


They have made how many rulings against Alonso this season? (and don't count Valencia because that wasn't a ruling on Lewis, it was only Alonso frustration that made him kick off about that)

Honestly I can't think of any reason to suspect bias against Alonso (or Ferrari), Sunday was a mixture of Ferrari arrogance (the attitude they had with MS was to get on with the racing and sort out the damage later) mixed in with a large dose of really bad luck in both having Kubica's car retire and a safety car coming out at the worst possible time for Fernando... To see any conspiracy there is just daft....

Rubinho's Keyfob

"And the sense is that Race Control is ruling against Alonso whenever they can. Don’t you think so?"

No. If that were the case, then given the circumstances with the unclear rules and the green flags being waved at Monaco, they could have reasonably let MSC keep the position he took from ALO.

They didn't.


Sorry but it's just bad luck for Alonso. He had the opportunity to build up a 25 second lead like hamilton did in valencia. If the safety car had happened just after hamilton's penalty was given he too would have been sent to the back of the pack. Besides hamilton's penalty did actually cost him the chance to win the race, given the changes to the scoring system this is quite a big deal.

James what do you think of the new scoring system as of now, if the championship finished today hamilton would win despite having won less races. I thought this is what the fia didn't want?


I think it's been great so far.

Zobra Wambleska

Why would they do that?


Lewis is always there, with his fantastic style and aggressiveness, overdriving an inferior -yesterday- car, with great outcome. But this Sunday it was Mark's race. Definetively, Mark "Number Two Driver" Webber.


A "inferior -yesterday- car" where did you come up with that assessment?


yesterday, his car was inferior. He's trying to say next race, it might not be, but in this race it was 2nd or 3rd best


I just looked at his team mate performance on the race... and both cars' performance during the whole weekend... Wow.


It's the "In your face!" drive by Mark Webber that made him driver of the day!


James, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for bringing some credibility to Australia's pre race broadcast on ONE HD - it's always a relief when I see someone who knows what they're on about on the show. Sometimes I feel like I know more than what the Australian crew know.


What does HD stand for? normally I would assume 'high definition' but wasn't aware that F1 were aware of this technology.




You're right. ONE HD is just the name of the channel, F1 isn't broadcast in HD, sadly.


"Sometimes I feel like I know more than what the Australian crew know". Mate, I reckon half the viewers know more than them.

I also echo Liam's comments. Thanks for your Channel One pre-race chat. Any chance you can give us a post-race chat too?


Webber and Hamilton by a country mile.

Button good, but pretty lucky there was mayhem on the opening lap (watch his in-car for how things opened up for him), but still good.

Vettel got a dose of karma.

Alonso auditioned for the Marx Brothers.


Without question, my driver of the day was Mark Webber. Poetic justice at it's highest level. Two fingers to Red Bull management as well. Absolutely loved it.

(and I'm not Australian either)


Vettel didn't set the fastest lap in the race, that was Alonso in his final lap on his fresh tyres:

He did set his personal best on the very last lap, but not overall.

Just A Bloke (Martin)

I wanted to vote for Sutil, I thought he held off Vettel really well. I voted for Rosberg, basically because Schumi is no mug and Nico showed him the way home in the same car.


I'm a parochial Aussie and therefore a Webber supporter, but once again Hamilton drove beyond the cars capabilities to put himself where he probably didn't expect yesterday and definitely got my vote.

And unfortunately Lewis just has that extra zing this year and is so relaxed and enjoying his racing that it's going to be his championship again, sorry Mark.


Mark Webber held his head high ('wingate') and took the win with pride.

Kobayashi with another outstanding performance.

Button as usual looming somewhere and earned 12 points.

Lewis as expected.

Rubens showed he's no old horse.

Once again Rosberg thrives. Congrats.

And who said Vettel can't overtake. He did quite a fair bit at Silverstone.

Overall it was a thrilling race.


"Button as usual looming somewhere" - love that phrase


Very tricky one!

Two stand out drives - Lewis Hamilton, the McLaren was a nightmare of a car on the Friday, and taking the blown diffuser off meant they were playing catch up on Saturday. To qualify 4th, make a great start, and keep pace with Webber (sandbagging or not, there was never more than 6 seconds gap) is a strong drive.

But Webber - coming from anger and harsh treatment, and channelling that into a great drive, to push his teammate out and lead from the start, without letting the events preceeding the race cloud his performance. He could easily have 'done an Alonso' and let his temper get the better of him. Instead, he saved his outburst until the flag.

Button did well, but benefitted from a good strategy. We all know he's kinder to his tyres. Nico did well but it wasn't a steller drive, the same can be said of Rubens and Kobayashi - fantastic results, but didn't make a huge impact.

My driver of the day was Webber


What on earth is Button doing in this list?

Without the misfortune of others, he would have ended up in an unimpressive eighth place.


Apart from overtaking Rosberg, he drove the perfect race given the cards he was dealt.


Making up 10 places with a car he's not happy with is pretty good racecraft. Of course he benefited from a couple of others' misfortune, but making up 6 places at the start was pretty decent, and being able to look after the tyres and put in the fast laps when required to leapfrog others when they've pitted is just as valid a way of gaining places as overtaking.

He wasn't driver of the day - Webber was - but his drive was at least as good as Lewis's and I can guarantee you that if their positions on the grid had been swapped and it was Hamilton who'd made up ten places everyone would be lauding him.

JB's weakspot is his qualifying, but his racing is as good as anyone else's.


If there was ever a driver of the day in a grand prix race, Mark Webber is right up there based on the incidents around Red Bull drivers during the British Grand Prix 2010. It’s no secret that it’s not the first time that Red Bull convinced every F1 fan very publically that they are not an impartial team & the management have significantly low morale. Plus the ex drivers as stewards proved to be one of biggest blunder in F1 history. Great students don’t always turn out to be great teachers. We all discussed about the inconsistency of the penalties imposed by the stewards throughout the season. 2010 British Grand Prix was the worst of the lot. Alonso did not deserve any bit of that penalty. Enough is enough, when are we going to see some fair contest again? Red Bull is just following the path of stewards (unfair play), nothing different.

James, Martin Brundle said in his commentary that he believed that Alonso had the 2nd best car on the grid. Do you share the same view? If so, why is that? If not, why not?


I doubt that the driver has as much influence on the stewards as you think. Alonso's penalty was totally clear cut- there was no way he was going to get away with not giving that place back. I doubt the stewards needed to consult Mansell.


Possibly at Silverstone once McLaren's update didn't work. But I think the second best car moves between the two


Good recovery drive from Vettel (once the safety car had bunched the field), but had a poor start, and then wasn't sensible enough to settle temporarily for 2nd. Even without the puncture he took a big risk of tangling with other cars when he went off rather than lifting and slotting in behind.

Button gained a lot of places at the start (obviously two of those were pretty easy - Vettel and Massa), then had a steady race with no mistakes.

Steady races for Rosberg, Rubens and Kobayshi.

Hamilton didn't put a foot wrong, and did everything possible to push Webber and get the win if Webber made a mistake or the RB failed.

I think it's got to be Webber, though. After Saturday the pressure must have been incredible, and likely enough if he finished behind Vettel that was it for any championship aspirations (and the way things look at RB, maybe he never had a genuine chance at the championship anyway). Regardless of that, he absolutely nailed the start, held his nerve when Vettel tried the traditional "squeeze", and then took the racing line perfectly. After that, he made no mistakes, especially in the critical periods early in the race when Hamilton was able to stay close, and after the restart.


It was Mark Webber's day no doubt about it. A confident measured drive with the right amounts of firmness as well as 'brio' when needed. Now Mark has found the 'knack' of winning he has become a formidable competitor given a competitive car. But Hamilton, Button, Rosberg, Barrichello and Kobayashi will also have left Silverstone with positive memories of their days.


It wasn't Vettel that set the fastest lap, it was Alonso


Webber, if for nothing else than helping Vettel off the track.


i think the fact that fernando alonso turned jean todt down back in the early 2000s isnt helping the current situation towards ferrari.


I was never a Webber fan... in fact I didn't like him in the Jaguar era against Pizzonia.. I didn't like his ways if competing with his team mate. I thought Pizzonia was a talent lost partly due to intra team politics.

Also in the Williams era I thought he was overrated, never getting his race setups right..

But having seen Webber coming back from his accident, and just not giving up against favourite son Vettel, and I guess having more understanding of his sense of humor and one liners, I respect and like Webbo much more.

If not Lewis, I'd wish him to win the WDC.

ps. I find Red Bulls driver management close to disgusting


Hi James, why not start the biggest disappointment of the season?

I would say it's Alonso and Schumacher. It's very painful to say and watch because they were the kings in 2006. I was hoping to see another battle between the two because they were "the class" not the form.

Unfortunately, for their fans, there are so many drivers doing a better job.

As for the driver of the day, I voted Koba, the guy is just one of the biggest winners of the season. With limited testing and equipment, he finished a head of multiple world champions a few times which is remarkable.


I've always thought that Alonso has a weak spot in his driving of the first lap - that he runs a little on the over-arrogant side that means he can suffer from too many first-lap incidents.

Yesterday that arrogance was shown in his radio-message about being forced-off by Kubica. Maybe if he had a tiny slice more humility, he might have been capable of recognising his own part in the event, and given the place back immediately.

With Kubica out, the stewards only had one option, but I would agree that it was terrible timing for him from the report of the investigation, through giving the penalty, to deploying the SC.


You're right - Ferrari have had yet another terrible weekend. And they're having far too many of them. I read an article today saying Alonso is more convinced after Silverstone than ever before that he's going to win the title. He's losing it.

Alonso qualified well, but he's making many mistakes in his races which are ruining his weekends. In my opinion - which i'm sure some will think is wrong, Alonso should have given he place back straight away. Not wait until told to give the place back. I personally believe the only thing the stewards could have done is to give him a drive through. It is unfortunate the Safety Car ruined his race, but, that's luck.

Schumi had a bad weekend, first off qualifying so far behind his team mate, 0.8 seconds is a huge margin for two people in the same car. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt though and say it was just an unlucky scrappy lap. Hopefully, like he keeps saying, this year is just to get back into it - and the real championship push will be next year.


If Alonso is disappointing this season, then what is Massa? I think Alonso is bring much more out of the Ferrari than just about anyone could. He probably should have let Kubica back past straightaway though.


There is no doubt that Massa also is a disappointment but it takes a fan boy to assume that Alonso is bringing much more to Ferrari than anyone.

I am sure guys like Lewis or Kubica wouldn't have made as many mistakes and bring home more points.

The fact of the matter is that he may be faster than Massa but he made more mistakes than any other contender. Back in 90s, Michael Schumacher had worst cars with loads of unreliable problems, yet he made less mistakes and won races where he shouldn't have won. So the point is that "just about anyone" simply isnt true.


Who voted for Vettel???

Watching Webber's times lap after lap they were super impressive... As was Hamilton's ability to push and respond but just didn't quite have the car to do it.

Webber gets my vote as it can't be easy knowing that the management are not supporting him...

Shame to see another English team boss with German driver working to manipulate an F1 team... Bring back memories???


Wasn't Jean Todt the 'boss' at Ferrari during the Schumacher era?

What do the respective nationalities of Horner and Vettel have to do with this? Did you consider it a shame when McLaren gave preferential treatment to Hamilton over Kovalainen?


Vettel didn't do any overtakes that weren't simply just driving around the opponent when his superior car had better traction. The only overtake that wasn't like this was the desperate one on Sutil which almost cause a collision!


In my eyes there were two stand-out drivers on Sunday, and they were Webber and Hamilton.

Webber was under enormous pressure and he responded with a brilliant start and first corner, and then he simply drove away from the field. He was a class act all weekend. Completely untouchable.

Hamilton did very well to stay in touch with Webber although to be fair to the Australian, there was plenty of speed left in the Red Bull if he'd needed it. McLaren need those new parts badly.

One person who certainly was not the pick of the drivers was Vettel. Come back through the field he did, but so what? For long periods he was a second slower than Webber and Hamilton - and if they'd stayed out for a few more laps before pitting they'd have lapped him. The safety car saved him in a big way.

If only Vettel had not suffered the puncture - what a race that would have been!

Rubinho's Keyfob

"For long periods he was a second slower than Webber and Hamilton – and if they’d stayed out for a few more laps before pitting they’d have lapped him. The safety car saved him in a big way."

I agree with you - they were definitely closing on him and I believe the SC did spare him that embarrassment. At one point, I mentioned to my wife that Webber must be able to see Vettel in front of him for most of the lap (SV was always about to turn the next corner _after_ MW had turned the previous one).

How would I even know this? The most excellent BBC Driver Tracker feed! Please, please, please BBC, do not stop supplying this after the "trial". I was able to read so much more into the race (and as someone mentioned on the original topic regarding this, I was pointing out lots of things 10s of seconds or even longer before the TV commentators mentioned it - though of course they were busy talking about other stuff at the same time).


For me Webber must be the driver of the day and here why.

In the British GP, Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso and Button were all under scrutiny and pressure for different reasons.

Webber - Vettel had a very eventfull week end with the wing saga.

Hamilton and Button needed to deliver in front of the Briish pubblic

Alonso has to deliver having a very fast car and compromised a number of races this season.

So Webber was the only one that brought home points, momentum in his team and most of all credibility in the paddock.

Vettel and Alonso messed up the start, both did not go out of the line as they should and tried to make amend in the first lap.

Hamilton was unable to capitalise at the start and Button had his race compromised since quali.

Looking at the season developing we can see some trends.

Webber is more experienced than Vettel to handle pressure, did he mess the start because under pressure from Webber?

Alonso looks like he has lost the plot, look how many times has committed mistakes in the last few races, what is that waving your hands to others while driving, you are not in traffic in Rome!!!!

Hamilton and Button, despite an inferior car compare to Ferrari and Red Bull are racking points at every single opportunity and it will count at the end.

It will be a very interesting second part of the season and it could be a 3 horses race, Webber, Vettel and Hamilton.


I voted for Barrichello. This is supposed to be the strongest grid ever and he is no kid anymore, not even is he closer to 35 than he is to 40. So to make a Williams punch above its weight is a very impressive deed.



One vote for Nico, with is Mercedes

- Overtaking

- Resistance in front of Kubica,Alonso & Button.

- Good strategie with good lap before pit.

From five to podium, wath esle....

Go Nico!


You know it has been an interesting race when there are 5-6 meritorious contenders for the drive of the day.


These polls are driven to vote for one of the ones you chose....please to keep it fair...put in "other".


My driver of the weekend was Hamilton - for over all i think he did a fantastic job. He out performed his car in qualifying, and his race result was fantastic all things considering.

I think Webber did a great job, but, lets not forget how much of an advantage his car has - and so for that reason i can't consider him for driver of the day.

Kobayashi and Barrichello both drove an understated drive, but ended up with brilliant results. I think they both drove past the potential of the car and for that they deserve high praise. Especially as Kobayashi is still in his Rookie year.

Button qualified very badly on Saturday - but, his drive on Sunday was a mature and impressive one. So, over all i think it's a toss up between Button, Barrichello and Kobayashi. All three impressed me greatly on Sunday.

Vettel did have a good drive on Sunday - but, again, lets not forget how big an advantage he has with his car - especially other the slower teams. This, combined with the fact he got his one stop out of the way early, and was helped considerably by the safety car rule him out completely for driver of the day for me. His over taking move on Sutil should have been penalised in my opinion too.


Vettel didn't get a lot of TV footage when he passed the newer teams at the back of the pack. Maybe that was the reason that some people think he was asleep until the SC came out. Also, considering that Vettel put in those moves after the SC on tires that were used for three quarters of the race at that point, that was a very commendable effort.

James, we've read several times that Vettel has yet to put in a drive where he rips through the field to salvage points and not just cruise to a win from the front row. Do you think that this drive vindicates this?


Nah. Before the SC he was within a gnat's whisker of being lapped, rather than overtaking anyone else. There wasn't a hint of any redemption there.

The luck gods definitely took from Alonso and gave to Vettel with the timing of the SC.

On the other hand, it would have been good to see him on the podium, cos I'm pretty sure he'd have been booed.


Up to a point, yes, some great passing moves. But it didn't really get started until the safety car


How could anyone say Vettel was? Equipped with the best car since probably the active suspended Williams helped massively by the safety car, gifted Schumachers position and then stuck behind a Force India until he resorts to uncouth barging tactics, Awsum!.


has to be Webber

N. Machiavelli

This is not really a question with more than one

good answer, at least it's not for anyone who doesn't

have an agenda.

It's Mark Webber, obviously.

As far as I am concerned, he's the driver of the whole

damned season. The man has class, courage, restraint, dignity, and he is a gentleman. His father must be terribly proud of him, and justifiably so. If Webber

quits racing next week, he will be remembered for

his behavior both on and off the track, for a long time.

I hope he wins the WDC, and then leaves Red Bull.

Red Bull do not deserve Mark Webber, after the blatant and ugly favoritism they have displayed toward their

favored son, S. Vettel. Apparently the minds at Red Bull's marketing department are unable to see the damage done to their brand by Horner / Marko / Mateschitz favoring Vettel in such an ugly way. This is

so bad it's comical, really. I've started drinking coffee

again instead of Red Bull, for my own part.

Need I mention that Webber has cojones of solid gold to have won after the horrifying crash he had in the last race ?

Webber is a driver from a bygone era. I'm sure Moss,

Stewart, Emerson, and the other gentlemen pilots

would agree.

Hats off to Mr. Webber !


James, while i agree that Alonso should have given position back to Kubica, I can't help but wonder if overtaking a safety car and overtaking competitor over the apex deserves the same punishment? Surely, overtaking safety car should get you much bigger penalty?


Hamilton had a split second to deal with the Safety car coming out, and had a moment's indecision at a very unusual event. If it wasn't such a close call then I'm sure Hamilton's penalty would have been greater.

Alonso *knew* he'd overtaken off the track, his team could all see it, and he knows that the correct thing to do then is give back the place. He didn't do so.


As a huge Button fan and definitely pleased to see a great recovery drive my vote went to Hamilton.They only driver to stay with and look like stealing a win from the Red Bulls.

Webber simply did his job. Drove the fastest car on the grid, did it well yes, but the race asked nothing more of him.

Vettel did nothing, lost it on the first corner by trying to force his team mate into the wall and was gifted points by sheer luck of the safety car.

He only had to pass a slew of very slow cars, something he admittedly did better than Webber last time out, but he got stuck against Sutil and had to risk taking them both out to get past. That was a very poor show. He has speed but absolutely no craft and tends to do best when he doesn't have to pass anything to win.

Rubens drove a great race and good to see Williams moving in the right direction, but poor show from Ferrari and it's drivers yet again.


Something about kobyashi is just awesome, love the lad

Got to love Webber too, great drive from a top bloke


I personally loved watching Alonso throw his car around in a red mist! One of the highlights for me.

Slightly off subject, I assume you know Nigel Mansell personally James, and I am not assuming that he would be anything but utterly professional in the task, but do you think that perhaps there is something wrong with having a British, ex-world champion assist the stewards at the British GP, when two other Brit World Champs are fighting at the sharp end, all in front of a crowd the three of them love? I just wonder if Button or Hamilton would have received the penalty Alonso did.

... this isnt an anti-anyone comment incidentally, just wondering what you think!


Mansell has made a few Anti Hamilton / Button Comments this year. Such as Lewis having an easy route into F1 and Button making a mistake to go to McLaren. I can't imagine Mansell would favour anyone!


You know that none of them would have received such a penalty... maybe Michael - surely indeed, but obviously none of the ones you mention.


I like the choice.

There were a number of good drives, all worthy of praise. I've chosen Rubens, not necessarily because his drive was in any way better than the others but because I was just so pleased for him.

His move to Ferrari was probably the worst thing he could have done. It seemed as if he alone in the pitlane, and come to that, the stands as well, did not know that he wasn't going to be treated the same as Schuey. He's had a few difficult seasons but now, with Williams, he can show us what he's capable of when managed correctly.

Let's hope Williams repays his efforts by keeping him on for another season at least.

I'm not sure if the inclusion for Vettel was for anything other than a laugh. His qualifying can't be taken into consideration as that was yesterday and we are looking at driver of the day.

On Sunday he was sitting in the fastest car, on pole and just scraped in the points. I don't see any positives in his drive.

Hamilton deserves praise although it would appear that the McLaren handles better when loaded than it does when on fumes so he was able to keep in touch with Webber. A good, sensible drive. A season or two ago he might well have gone for victory and gone into the tyres.

Webber's victory has a sense of the biter bit but his argument wasn't against Vettel but his team. Hamilton had the crowd's support, Webber had that of his resentment.

And Kobay and Rosberg both put in creditable performances that deserved more airtime. D’you think they also deserve a feature on them during the gap between races, James?

But seeing Ruben's sheer delight when interviewed by the BBC team was enough to convince me that he was my driver of the day. Is there anyone watching who wasn’t also smiling?

When you consider all the vitriol that used to follow the races just a year ago you’ve got to say that this new regime under Todt is a real improvement. I’ve never taken to the bloke, and in this I am hardly unique I understand, and was anticipating a bit of same old but I was wrong. And how pleased I am about it.

All the interest and all the headlines are about the teams, the races and such. The politics of the FIA has seeped in a bit but even the over-the-top comments about them hasn’t led to a fatwa. How times have changed.

Things aren’t perfect of course and I believe that these penalties can be managed better. Alonso is, no doubt, as one with me there. But from what has gone on recently I believe that it will be improved and fairly rapidly.

I never thought I’d say it but: Well done FIA.

Steven Pritchard

Rubens was my driver of the day, outperforming the car by a good margin.

Jenson made his own life hard by struggling in qualifying yet again - he really has to sort this out, or Hamilton will continue to creep ahead.

Vetel was lucky he had a safety car to help bunch the pack up a little. Still not convinved about his overtaking skills! Nice to see Webber on the top step. Poetic Justice indeed. And a small point: if (as Red Bull are stating) that front wing had no real performance gain, why swap it anyway?


I think that McLaren may have naturally built the car around Hamilton again. No blame, but Button is having to adapt and like Schumacher he can't do that overnight. Also notice that he has never said any of this, always taking responsibility for his own performance. What a man.


i think KOBAYASHI out drove his car, to hold that position was an outstanding drive, webber i agree drove well but in that car, on that track you expect nothing less, he certainly didnt do anything out the ordinary. vettle i think drove a blinder, to get through traffic like he did was great commitment although his pass on sutil i think was too agressive.


JA can we please in he future...have polls with "other" in it, so we are driven to selection by just the names you chose....IN the spirit of fairness 🙂

Maybe this post will be kept.


No problem, but isn't the same thing achieved by not making a selection?


No, cos then we can't identify our Driver of the Day, which I thought was the whole point!


Webber, "for sure".

For showing such determination with all the intra-team angst that must be going on- and not letting Vettel have his way on the track. He thoroughly deserved the win and I'm happy for him. I now hope he (or Lewis) win the championship.


Sergio as you said, " The Spanish people watched suprised that Hamilton was second and twelfth Alonso ".......So that's a good reason for a Spanish fan to throw a beer bottle at Hamilton, while he maybe driving over 100mph.

Mark Webber driver of the day, and clearly showed that he wasn't a #2 driver.


Button and Barrichello made superb races themselves, but Mark Webber was absolutely fantastic on this GP - specially considering all weekend conditions


James, we need to change the poll format to an Alternative Vote system 😉

I would rate the driver of the day in the following order;








James , do you think Christian Horner is being made a scapegoat ?

He and Mark always seemed to have a very good relationship.

Are there unseen forces dictating policy which portray Horner in an unfavourable situation while they continue to make sure Vettel becomes WDC ?


I think you're right there. You get the impression that Horner is getting pulled left right and center.

I dont like whats going on at Redbull, but I very much doubt it is just Horner and Newey.


I think he's between a rock and a hard place


I'm going for Lewis Hamilton. Drove the wheels off the Mclaren today and did well.

As for Michael Schumacher he should give up and give the seat to Kimi Raikkonen. Mercedes need to sign him up for 2011 before Renault or Redbull do.

Either way the Kimi Raikkonen come back begins to gather momentum. Hopefully it happens!


Such a difficult one, as there were so many great performances. I think Lewis just edges it for me. After all the problems McLaren had in practice, to qualify 4th and then keep Mark Webber's superior Red Bull honest for the duration of the race was absolutely sensational. Lewis got more out of that McLaren than should have been possible, something he has done quite often this season.


To be the driver of the day is not driving from pole to victory most people have voted webber based on sentiments and also not vettels fault for being favoured by his team.

P.s same scenario last race at valencia webber pushed to the back crashed into the lotus.

Dis weekend reminds meof monaco 07 'i ve no 2 on my car' quote by hamilton may it not comeback to bite him in the butt when he makes his usual mistake again karma is never one-way.


Hamilton did not get a chance to race against Alonso in Monaco 07. Also in Melbourne 07, they also gave Alonso preferential treatment over Hamilton. Hamilton had every right to think he was the No. 2. That's what makes all these Spanish fans who carry on that Alonso was disadvantaged hard to understand. If they can give examples and facts, that is good. But to simply say Alonso was disadvantaged, when overall he was favoured, just shows national bias.


True, but then in Indianapolis Alonso felt he was faster and should have been let through


For all those saying Webber has blown Vettel away and he is inconsistent, lets have a look at the facts. Vettel lost wins in first two races due to reliability issues ( -38 points), of which Webber has suffered none so far. Additionally he suffered in a broken suspension during Turkish qualifying which robbed him of a certain pole position and should thus have led the race for a win and finally he suffered a punctured tyre robbing him of atleast a podium. In spite of all these lost points, he is still just 7 points down on Webber. He also silenced all those who said he cant overtake, its just a shame that the blame of team's actions is being laid on Vettel. I think the most equitable solution to the front wing problem was to let them settle pole with old wing and then give the new one to the pole sitter, though I doubt it would have ben different considering Vettel's pace wuring P3. I am still certain Vettel is quicker than Webber both in qualifying and in race, provided he doesnt continue to suffer from the reliability and bad luck he has thus far.


Lets start with the negative... I agree with a couple of previous post - Vettel had checked out until the safety car, so was in no position to even merit any decent overtakes through his own driving skills, but I have to say that I did enjoy the one on Schumacher. Watching Webber and Hamilton inexorably getting closer to lapping him (before the SC) was pretty ignominious, and I mark him down for that - and he shouldn't have been on the list.

Button had to pass 6 drivers of rather better opposition for his position in the first lap, with his next 2 being due to a good stint on his (presumably) saved tyres - and showed a good sense of proportion in sitting further behind Schumacher, but holding off Kobayashi, to give him that possibility. A good mix of the 1st lap overtaking, and well-thought-out strategy, but still not good enough to get my vote today.

Hamilton did well off the start, and then later to stay in touch with Webber. His was a pretty good day, but his handling of the poor car on Saturday was closer to getting the "drive of the day" title.

Webber is the one to get my vote. He channelled his red mist rather better than Alonso, and gave his young upstart team-mate the karma he really thoroughly deserved. Often Mark can take his anger too far, and cause himself a problem on-track, but not this week. In the face of the off-track provocation, it was the perfect response.

Rosberg should get a commendation for quietly holding off the opposition (Button in the closing laps), and for yet again quietly reminding Schumacher that the class of 2010 is no pushover. Quiet is the operative word - is he being a bit Button-esque?


This was my first live GP. Did I luck out on getting a rather good race, or what? The exhaustion does make me wonder how you guys (the journalists) manage to do this two or three times a month though...

I was in Woodcote, and there was a serious cheer from around Luffield/Woodcote when we heard (in my case via Kangaroo) that Webber was in the lead, followed by the German whine of "puncture!" - and that can only have been really heard by people with TV/Radio. I reckon Webber's win was met with a very popular sentiment, even among the Lewis & Jenson clans.

And I reckon Jenson got a far bigger response than Lewis too...


Button gets my vote. 14th to 4th in a car he was less than comfortable with is fairly impressive in my book!


Driver of the day was Hamilton. He drove the wheels of the thing to get 4th on the grid and then harried Webber all thru the race. Had he been in a Red Bull he would have won by 2 laps!


It's driver of the day, not car of the day? Robert Kubica was the best, without a doubt! 1. From sixth to third on the first lap

2. Manages to hold Nico Rosberg back, when he pits, Nico Rosberg makes the fastest lap at that time in the race, which shows he's about 1.5 seconds faster than Robert Kubica and yet he can't overtake him.

3. Defends his position against Fernando Alonso in an excellent way.


For people that are saying that Vettel was slower than Webber- remember that he was on the hard tyre while Webber was on the soft. When Webber went on the hard one too, his were much fresher than Vettel.


I voted Webber. But it is a difficult one as there were some superb performances put in by a few drivers - Lewis, Jenson, Rubens, Niko. Even Vettel showed that he could overtake someone with getting into a panic.



After a few days of reader submissions, it would be interesting to hear your own opinion on who was driver of the day.


I think I would go for either Hamilton (amazing quali and race in a difficult car) or Barrichello (also outperformed the car and very canny at the start)


I think we have the most exciting drivers since the Senna/Prost/Mansell era. The main difference is that these guys are younger. Mansell and Prost were late 30s at the peak of that time. Not sure if any of them is as good as Senna, mind..


I voted for Webber, he always had enough speed to cover Lewis. Also, is it me or is Lewis getting over enthusiastic at the starts, in Silverstone and Valencia he did touch Vettel. I know they're racing incidents but there has been more than one occasion.


My driver of the day was Nico Rosberg. I am a big fan of Schumacher, but I have to say that Rosberg performance this weekend was just awesome, he really got the most out of that Mercedes in qualifying & the race & even though Alonso would have been on the podium without his penalty (which he deserved by the way) Nico just kept his head down & got a well deserved result. Congratulations!


You’ve identified all the top candidates there and added a couple I wouldn’t consider worthy of the accolade, Vettel being the main one. Having had the unscheduled stop he allowed his head to drop and was at best cruising and in danger of being lapped. Only when the safety car gifted him his lap back did he come alive and then still failed to shine coming through the field with his last attempt ripping the side out of an opponents car. He could have finished much higher had he got on with it from the outset.

For the record my vote went with Webber but both McLaren boys also did very well under the circumstances.


Can anyone tell me where can i find a video with Lewis onboard images from the start? I saw them on TV anda i guess he didn't touch Vettel's car as everybody says. Is there any replay in Youtube?

Thank you!

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