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British GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
British GP: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Jul 2010   |  8:48 am GMT  |  167 comments

It was one of the most exciting British Grands Prix for a while, with lots of overtaking, partly due to the circuit layout changes.

There were some strong performances this weekend throughout the field. Who is your Driver of the Day?

Mark Webber
Missed out on pole by a tenth, got a better start from the dirty side and held a firm line through the opening corners to resist Vettel’s counterattack. Couldn’t shake off Hamilton, but the fastest laps chart shows that the Red Bull had more speed if he needed it, so it was a managed race from Webber.

Lewis Hamilton
McLaren tried a new exhaust blown diffuser in practice but chose not to use it and left themselves a lot of work to set the cars up. They were hard to drive in qualifying and Hamilton did well to get 4th place. He passed Alonso and Vettel at the start and held on to Webber’s tail throughout the race, the gap was never more than six seconds.

Nico Rosberg
Rosberg was 8/10ths faster than Schumacher in qualifying and started fifth on the grid. He gained a place when Vettel went off and another at the pit stops by staying out longer than Kubica and jumping him. Was able to hold Button off at the end. Finished third.

Jenson Button
Very disappointed in qualifying not to get more out of the car, as Hamilton had. Started 14th, but got a fantastic start and was up to 8th on the first lap. Picked up two more places at the pit stops. Then another when Kubica retired and another when Alonso was penalised. Finished fourth.

Rubens Barrichello
After a difficult start, Williams are finding some performance mid-season and Barrichello is exploiting it to the maximum. He qualified eighth and got a good start to be sixth at the end of lap one. Gained places from Kubica and Alonso’s problems, but lost out to Button on pit strategy. Finished fifth.

Kamui Kobayashi
Another battling performance from this popular Japanese driver. Started 12th on the grid, behind team mate De la Rosa. Had a great start and was up to ninth on lap one. Got ahead of Schumacher and then picked up places when Kubica and Alonso hit problems. Finished sixth.

Sebastian Vettel
Took pole position with another well judged lap. Got off line on the outside at the start in battle with Webber and may have tagged Hamilton’s front wing as he punctured on run down to Maggotts. Pitted lap 1 and was last. Slow progress through the midfield until the safety car intervened and then he was able to cut through and pass cars. Finished seventh.

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Can anyone tell me where can i find a video with Lewis onboard images from the start? I saw them on TV anda i guess he didn’t touch Vettel’s car as everybody says. Is there any replay in Youtube?

Thank you!


You’ve identified all the top candidates there and added a couple I wouldn’t consider worthy of the accolade, Vettel being the main one. Having had the unscheduled stop he allowed his head to drop and was at best cruising and in danger of being lapped. Only when the safety car gifted him his lap back did he come alive and then still failed to shine coming through the field with his last attempt ripping the side out of an opponents car. He could have finished much higher had he got on with it from the outset.

For the record my vote went with Webber but both McLaren boys also did very well under the circumstances.


My driver of the day was Nico Rosberg. I am a big fan of Schumacher, but I have to say that Rosberg performance this weekend was just awesome, he really got the most out of that Mercedes in qualifying & the race & even though Alonso would have been on the podium without his penalty (which he deserved by the way) Nico just kept his head down & got a well deserved result. Congratulations!


I voted for Webber, he always had enough speed to cover Lewis. Also, is it me or is Lewis getting over enthusiastic at the starts, in Silverstone and Valencia he did touch Vettel. I know they’re racing incidents but there has been more than one occasion.


I think we have the most exciting drivers since the Senna/Prost/Mansell era. The main difference is that these guys are younger. Mansell and Prost were late 30s at the peak of that time. Not sure if any of them is as good as Senna, mind..



After a few days of reader submissions, it would be interesting to hear your own opinion on who was driver of the day.


I think I would go for either Hamilton (amazing quali and race in a difficult car) or Barrichello (also outperformed the car and very canny at the start)


I voted Webber. But it is a difficult one as there were some superb performances put in by a few drivers – Lewis, Jenson, Rubens, Niko. Even Vettel showed that he could overtake someone with getting into a panic.


For people that are saying that Vettel was slower than Webber- remember that he was on the hard tyre while Webber was on the soft. When Webber went on the hard one too, his were much fresher than Vettel.


It’s driver of the day, not car of the day? Robert Kubica was the best, without a doubt! 1. From sixth to third on the first lap

2. Manages to hold Nico Rosberg back, when he pits, Nico Rosberg makes the fastest lap at that time in the race, which shows he’s about 1.5 seconds faster than Robert Kubica and yet he can’t overtake him.

3. Defends his position against Fernando Alonso in an excellent way.


Driver of the day was Hamilton. He drove the wheels of the thing to get 4th on the grid and then harried Webber all thru the race. Had he been in a Red Bull he would have won by 2 laps!


Button gets my vote. 14th to 4th in a car he was less than comfortable with is fairly impressive in my book!


This was my first live GP. Did I luck out on getting a rather good race, or what? The exhaustion does make me wonder how you guys (the journalists) manage to do this two or three times a month though…

I was in Woodcote, and there was a serious cheer from around Luffield/Woodcote when we heard (in my case via Kangaroo) that Webber was in the lead, followed by the German whine of “puncture!” – and that can only have been really heard by people with TV/Radio. I reckon Webber’s win was met with a very popular sentiment, even among the Lewis & Jenson clans.

And I reckon Jenson got a far bigger response than Lewis too…


Lets start with the negative… I agree with a couple of previous post – Vettel had checked out until the safety car, so was in no position to even merit any decent overtakes through his own driving skills, but I have to say that I did enjoy the one on Schumacher. Watching Webber and Hamilton inexorably getting closer to lapping him (before the SC) was pretty ignominious, and I mark him down for that – and he shouldn’t have been on the list.

Button had to pass 6 drivers of rather better opposition for his position in the first lap, with his next 2 being due to a good stint on his (presumably) saved tyres – and showed a good sense of proportion in sitting further behind Schumacher, but holding off Kobayashi, to give him that possibility. A good mix of the 1st lap overtaking, and well-thought-out strategy, but still not good enough to get my vote today.

Hamilton did well off the start, and then later to stay in touch with Webber. His was a pretty good day, but his handling of the poor car on Saturday was closer to getting the “drive of the day” title.

Webber is the one to get my vote. He channelled his red mist rather better than Alonso, and gave his young upstart team-mate the karma he really thoroughly deserved. Often Mark can take his anger too far, and cause himself a problem on-track, but not this week. In the face of the off-track provocation, it was the perfect response.

Rosberg should get a commendation for quietly holding off the opposition (Button in the closing laps), and for yet again quietly reminding Schumacher that the class of 2010 is no pushover. Quiet is the operative word – is he being a bit Button-esque?


For all those saying Webber has blown Vettel away and he is inconsistent, lets have a look at the facts. Vettel lost wins in first two races due to reliability issues ( -38 points), of which Webber has suffered none so far. Additionally he suffered in a broken suspension during Turkish qualifying which robbed him of a certain pole position and should thus have led the race for a win and finally he suffered a punctured tyre robbing him of atleast a podium. In spite of all these lost points, he is still just 7 points down on Webber. He also silenced all those who said he cant overtake, its just a shame that the blame of team’s actions is being laid on Vettel. I think the most equitable solution to the front wing problem was to let them settle pole with old wing and then give the new one to the pole sitter, though I doubt it would have ben different considering Vettel’s pace wuring P3. I am still certain Vettel is quicker than Webber both in qualifying and in race, provided he doesnt continue to suffer from the reliability and bad luck he has thus far.


To be the driver of the day is not driving from pole to victory most people have voted webber based on sentiments and also not vettels fault for being favoured by his team.

P.s same scenario last race at valencia webber pushed to the back crashed into the lotus.

Dis weekend reminds meof monaco 07 ‘i ve no 2 on my car’ quote by hamilton may it not comeback to bite him in the butt when he makes his usual mistake again karma is never one-way.


Hamilton did not get a chance to race against Alonso in Monaco 07. Also in Melbourne 07, they also gave Alonso preferential treatment over Hamilton. Hamilton had every right to think he was the No. 2. That’s what makes all these Spanish fans who carry on that Alonso was disadvantaged hard to understand. If they can give examples and facts, that is good. But to simply say Alonso was disadvantaged, when overall he was favoured, just shows national bias.


True, but then in Indianapolis Alonso felt he was faster and should have been let through


Such a difficult one, as there were so many great performances. I think Lewis just edges it for me. After all the problems McLaren had in practice, to qualify 4th and then keep Mark Webber’s superior Red Bull honest for the duration of the race was absolutely sensational. Lewis got more out of that McLaren than should have been possible, something he has done quite often this season.


I’m going for Lewis Hamilton. Drove the wheels off the Mclaren today and did well.

As for Michael Schumacher he should give up and give the seat to Kimi Raikkonen. Mercedes need to sign him up for 2011 before Renault or Redbull do.

Either way the Kimi Raikkonen come back begins to gather momentum. Hopefully it happens!


James , do you think Christian Horner is being made a scapegoat ?

He and Mark always seemed to have a very good relationship.

Are there unseen forces dictating policy which portray Horner in an unfavourable situation while they continue to make sure Vettel becomes WDC ?


I think you’re right there. You get the impression that Horner is getting pulled left right and center.

I dont like whats going on at Redbull, but I very much doubt it is just Horner and Newey.


I think he’s between a rock and a hard place


James, we need to change the poll format to an Alternative Vote system 😉

I would rate the driver of the day in the following order;








Button and Barrichello made superb races themselves, but Mark Webber was absolutely fantastic on this GP – specially considering all weekend conditions


Sergio as you said, ” The Spanish people watched suprised that Hamilton was second and twelfth Alonso “…….So that’s a good reason for a Spanish fan to throw a beer bottle at Hamilton, while he maybe driving over 100mph.

Mark Webber driver of the day, and clearly showed that he wasn’t a #2 driver.


Webber, “for sure”.

For showing such determination with all the intra-team angst that must be going on- and not letting Vettel have his way on the track. He thoroughly deserved the win and I’m happy for him. I now hope he (or Lewis) win the championship.


JA can we please in he future…have polls with “other” in it, so we are driven to selection by just the names you chose….IN the spirit of fairness 🙂

Maybe this post will be kept.


No problem, but isn’t the same thing achieved by not making a selection?


No, cos then we can’t identify our Driver of the Day, which I thought was the whole point!


i think KOBAYASHI out drove his car, to hold that position was an outstanding drive, webber i agree drove well but in that car, on that track you expect nothing less, he certainly didnt do anything out the ordinary. vettle i think drove a blinder, to get through traffic like he did was great commitment although his pass on sutil i think was too agressive.

Steven Pritchard

Rubens was my driver of the day, outperforming the car by a good margin.

Jenson made his own life hard by struggling in qualifying yet again – he really has to sort this out, or Hamilton will continue to creep ahead.

Vetel was lucky he had a safety car to help bunch the pack up a little. Still not convinved about his overtaking skills! Nice to see Webber on the top step. Poetic Justice indeed. And a small point: if (as Red Bull are stating) that front wing had no real performance gain, why swap it anyway?


I think that McLaren may have naturally built the car around Hamilton again. No blame, but Button is having to adapt and like Schumacher he can’t do that overnight. Also notice that he has never said any of this, always taking responsibility for his own performance. What a man.

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