Webber “We are in uncharted waters”
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Webber “We are in uncharted waters”
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Jun 2010   |  11:49 am GMT  |  315 comments

Red Bull has put out a video with Mark Webber talking about Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix and his collision with Sebastian Vettel. And faced with a torrent of criticism on the team’s website and elsewhere, team boss Christian Horner has issued a statement which rows back on the position on Sunday night and seems to place more of the blame on Vettel.

Webber looks rather contrite in the video, but he also seems quite resolute. He talks of his own championship quest and the fact that it is going to be uncomfortable at times with two team mates fighting at the front, but makes the point that this is nothing that teams like Williams, Ferrari and McLaren haven’t dealt with in the past.

He is obviously talking on the Sunday evening after the race. The tone of the video is “all for one and one for all” and he talks about the team needing to work together to put the controversy behind them.

From experience, the rather stilted way he’s speaking is actually the way he talks to foreigners, he does it in media briefings, almost as is he feels he needs to speak more clearly when answering a non-English speaker.

“Sebastian tried a move, both of us.. in the end it didn’t work out, ” he says. “One of us could have won the race, but in the end we only got one third place.

“If you look back obviously after it all happens you of course want to do things differently. That;s something we learn as a team. We are in uncharted waters, both of us leading the championship. The team collectively with the drivers need to learn how to deal with these situations better in the future.”

“We are a new team. We are still learning. In Turkey we learned in a way which was not in the best way, but McLaren and Ferrari have had these days, They know how it can be when you have some adversity. We need to be united as a team and keep going.”

It comes at an interesting time for Webber as he was into discussions about a contract renewal for next year. How this situation unfolds over the coming weeks will obviously have a bearing on that.

The public reaction to the way Red Bull managed the crisis on Sunday has been largely negative, particularly in the English speaking world.

It’s impressive in many ways that Red Bull has left the comments section open on its website as there is overwhelming negativity in the 1000 + comments left there about the team’s pro-Vettel stance and in particular Dr Marko’s statements about the incident, which Horner has rowed back on a little with his Tuesday afternoon statement. The team now classes it as a ‘racing incident that shouldn’t have happened between team mates’ and Horner noted that Dr Marko also fully shares that view.”

Horner defends Vettel for having a run at Webber, because he says that to back him off would have led to him being passed by Hamilton, but he notes that Webber held his line “Which he was entitled to do. When Sebastian was three quarters of the way past he moved to the right.”

Red Bull likes to be seen as an edgy brand and they are certainly getting that at the moment, albeit they would prefer the message to be success on the cutting edge, rather than their internal politics splashed all over the media.

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Vettel was in front of Webber so webber is in fault of an accident. (test for webpage)

Steve of Cornubia

Actually, he wasn’t ‘in front’. By definition, if he was in front, hecould have swerved to the right without hitting Webber. The fact that he DID hit Webber proves that he was only ALONGSIDE.


I challenge ANYONE to show me a link to Princess Sebby’s (successful) overtakes – from this or ANY other formula!

Tick tock… Ah! I didn’t think so!

(S)He has a long way to grow before moving from mere ‘speedster’ to true ‘Racer’!

Good on Webber; next time Seb will be more circumspect around him. Maybe he should watch Hamilton’s overtake reels to learn how it’s done! 😀


I challenge anyone to show me a link to all Princess Sebby’s (successful) overtakes… Ah! I didn’t think so! He has a l-o-n-g way to go before he can call himself a racer. Right now he’s merely a speedster.


Over 2000 posts on Red Bull(ies) web site.Better than 90% critical of Vettel, Horner and Marko.

There is some censorship going on tho as I posted a copy of an email I sent to the FAI and CAMS here in Oz and it didn’t get a guernsey. Wonder why. Could be the suggestion that the FAI and Todt needed to address the suggestion of race fixing.


From Mark Webbers Twitter Feed (AussieGrit):

Bloody hell guys, thank you for your support, sport can be amazing sometimes, huh, that is why we love it! Head down for Canada


Assuming SV had managed to save 1 kg of fuel as per CH’s statement and that a typical consumption at a high speed circuit like Turkey is 2.5 kg then the available window to use the additional power was slightly more than 1/3 rd of one lap.

Strange that it coincided with the instruction to or action by Webber to reduce the power of his engine.

it smacks of preferential treatment.

Given that SV ran in clear air for the stint up until the 1 st stop then he is unlikely to have been using less fuel. When was it that he was able to save the kg of fuel mentioned.

How is it that the MW pit stop for four tyres was able to take 6-7 secs stopped time as against a best practice of 3.5 – 4 seconds?

If he was a further 3.5 seconds up the road would the fuel issue have arisen at all?


Was a gun put to his head to make this video just after racing a formula 1 race?

Maybe RBR will just let him drive for the rest of the year and even support him to win the WDC and let him have his year while then making sure Vettel has it all his own way next year. This would be the best way for them to keep their brand name in tack which is the important thing for Reb Bull at the end of the day.

One things for sure, the sooner they get rid of marko then the better everyone at Redb Bull will be.


I’ve read most of the comments and what a great blog site..!

My question is (and has been asked but only opinions have answered), if this occurred between two opposing teams would this have been referred to the stewards for investigation ?


Well it is surprising that the stewards didn’t speak to the drivers. That was the definition of an ‘avoidable’ accident – all parties have said as much!

Steve of Cornubia

I am very disappointed in Red Bull’s treatment of Webber, and my dismay continued today when I read that Kimi Raikonnen might be considered as an RBR seat next year, replacing Webber.

If this is true, I’m guessing this is a shot across Webber’s bows and another example of poor Mark’s mistreatment.

Webber deserves a clear shot at the title in what could be his last year.



Will the F1A investigate this incident?? From a stand point of driving standard, should the causer of the accident be punished for their actions on the track??If it were Vettel taking out a Mclaren or Ferrari I’m sure there would have been a penalty….Why no penalty or investigation into this incident?? Cheers


No sign of that yet


Why haven’t we heard anything from Vettel since Sunday?


Because he IS in the wrong (even though he was following team instructions – which is why he thinks he’s right), and anything less than a public apology is not acceptable to the fans – so better kept silent.


The only one who’s really done anything wrong is Marko. It’s 100% his fault that this rubbish has blown up in everyones face.

I think both drivers will acknowledge they could have acted differently and prevented the incident (whatever % you want to aportion to each of them is up to you, but there needs to be some blame either way).

And if it had been left at that, with CH rightly putting the blame with both of them, then we all may have moved on by now.

But with Marko constantly running off, giving his own views on it – it’s basically ruining any of the good PR that Horner and Mark have come out with in the last few days.

The one who has suffered from this most is Sebastian, which is unfortunate – as the only thing he did wrong was his % of the accident on Sunday. Sure the reaction out of the car was wrong, but it’s not like we haven’t seen motorsport drivers do that before.

I’m a Seb fan, and I’ve enjoyed the absolute pleausure of meeting him – and he was honestly the nicest person I’ve ever met, and the personal rubbish that has been directed at him following this has been nothing short of scandalous, and disgusting.

His mistake was on the racetrack, he shouldn’t be copping it for what Marko is banging on about.


Perhaps it is time to consider preventing the teams managing their drivers’ fuel consumption because it has become obvious now that this facility can be (and is) misused in order to fix the race result to the liking of the powers that be. I am thinking of the particularly blatant example recently when one driver was told to save fuel for almost the whole race in contrast to his team mate who wasn’t. If team orders are not allowable then surely this type of potential race fixing using the intercom should be investigated now.

My thinking is that the car’s computer display could show the driver the estimated number of laps left at current fuel usage, if fuel consumption is actually a limiting factor, although obviously other measures could be used as well. Drivers would also logically need to have a say in the amount of fuel on board to begin with.


Webber can no longer take the word of the team as gospel any more when asked to change the dynamics of the cars performance if his team mate is behind him.

The TRUST is now gone, whether or not he is the quicker driver.

On the flip side if Webber is behind Vettel by say 5 seconds and gaining 0.5 a lap they could tell him you only have little fuel so conserve (as the competition is way behind) so as to not threaten Vettels lead even if he is fueled at that setting till the end of the race.

The TRUST is gone between driver and team.


Some of the Upsides in all this

Webber Comes out looking like a Fast Mother Teresa

A lot more people are starting to see that Vettel is a bit of a flog

The F1 world will be right on the axis of evil(Horner/Marko) if they try to pull any more shenanigans against Mark

I found a cool F1 blog where people share semi intelligent opinions on all things F1

I almost feel like thanking the RBR Managment 🙂


Cristian Horner’s comment to the question…

Were there any team orders given for Sebastian to pass Mark? :

Neither driver was given any instruction to change position. There are no team orders within Red Bull Racing, other than that the drivers should race each other with respect.

I think Vettel was right to try to pass.

I think Mark was right to defend in a respectful way.

Vettel moved offline during his overtake.

It was just a bad overtake IMHO.

Why RBR can’t see this and acknowledge it, stinks of favouritism towards vettel.

Nett Result:

Mark Webber.. Still going up in my estimations.

RBR.. Looking a bit amateurish.

Vettel.. Usual behaviour from this type of racer.. I don’t have too much problem with that.

CH.. Losing my respect.

I think Mark has now become the driver everyone wants to win. Rather than RBR being the team anyone wants to win.

Good Luck!


I really want to see mark win now, even as a jb and lewis fan. What price

Red bulls antics are beyond belief and I hope to see mark at Renault next season (I think kubica will go to Ferrari).

Stuart Fenton

Vettels biggest down fall so far this season and potentially more so in the future is his disgust at loosing. It blocks his judgement, he get’s impatient. Mark can cope with a bad result and make the best out of it


Love how they’re doing the whole “win as a team, lose as a team” spiel – shame those words hold very little water having already played the blame game with Webber. Unfortunate they didn’t practice what they preached then they blamed Mark on Sunday.


I read the article a few days ago also. I understand that Horner means that their candidate for the WDC is Vettel and, despite being very fast, Webber is no more than a tool to make Vettel work harder. However, extracts of an interview can sometimes transmit the wrong message. Disappointing nonetheless.


G’day James, if you have the chance have a look @ this autosport link that Christian did with Italian Gazzetta dello Sport 3 days before Turkey, & ask him 1) does he still stand by his comments, 2)now that Mark has a 15 point lead over Vettel, do you think Mark has a chance @ the title. His comments only seem to fuel the speculation that RBR favour Vettel over Webber!..http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/83897


Webber is a classy guy. He’s got my vote.

Vettel needs some maturing. It’s something that comes with age and experience.

The rest of the team need to sort out their communication strategy.


When will we hear from Vettel? Mark seems to be the one that has to act like a man and front up, while Vettel, the spoilt child who has always had everything handed to him on a plate, gets to sulk away behind closed doors. Let your results keep doing the talking Mark. You have Vettel rattled and it’s obvious from his action in Turkey that he doesn’t respond well to pressure.


From Vettel’s website, dated Sunday, May 30:

“Ich habe keinen Fehler gemacht. Ich war viel schneller als Mark.”

Or: “I did not make a mistake. I was much faster than Mark was.”

Probably released at the heat of the moment. Interesting that RBR did not post it in their F1 site; they usually feature all of Vettel’s race weekend diary entries. Vettel’s German website also won’t automatically translate this particular entry to English as it does for other stories. Damage control, I’m guessing.

The only way for him to redeem himself is to issue a public apology, and win races convincingly—with well-executed overtakes, I should add. I’m disappointed with him, but not about to write him off just yet. People have done stupider things at 22, after all, though not always in front of cameras.


“I did not make a mistake. I was much faster than Mark was.”

Because the team told Mark to de-tune his engine..


Yes, very poor show Vettel, stop crying and accept that it was your own doing and do something Schumacher never could. i.e. say sorry ❗


What I want to know is who on earth in their right mind sets up a structure where the team principal does not have control over what someone in the driver training system says??

Red bull need to sort out their management structure, you can’t have someone meddling in team matters.

Horner needs to put his foot down on this. I don’t see how he can do his job if he’s got Marko meddling in this.


New where is Vettels video to apologise?


The bigger issue in my mind – and one for which the accident has become a smoke screen – is that with around 20 laps yet to run, the leading four cars in the race were on fuel management strategies that precluded them from actually racing to the full extent of their abilities.

Another by-product of the refuelling ban, and annoying to oonsider that were it not for the accident, we would likely have had a procession for the remainder of the race as all concerned managed their fuel consumption rather than trying to get past the guy in front. I’m sure glad I wasn’t paying to see the “race”.


Except that they weren’t, were they? Vettel was faster. It’s exciting to think that a driver can find a potentially thrilling advantage for a lap or so which could make a late race overtake possible. THe turbo days were like this and many said that was the best time ever


James, you may know the layout of the RBR steering wheel.. What do you think Vettel changes on lap 40 between corner 7-8..?? You can see on the on board footage.


It’s not a real race though, Webber was told to rev down and expected to let Vettel pass him. Is that how the turbo era was like? I’m kinda disappointed, it’s all about save the tires, save fuel, save the engine. with pitstop strategy, at least you have 15 or so laps when man and machine are at its maximum.


Maybe Vettel’s waiting to do a ‘Fergie’ and make his apology on ‘Oprah’?

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