Webber gets a new deal for a fifth season with Red Bull
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Webber gets a new deal for a fifth season with Red Bull
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Jun 2010   |  11:52 am GMT  |  112 comments

Mark Webber will be Sebastian Vettel’s team mate for 2011 after the Red Bull team confirmed today that it was extending his contract. It will be Webber’s fifth season with the team.

It was expected anyway, but it seems that the furore over the collision between the pair last week and the reaction to it may have hastened the confirmation.

Webber, 33, is in the form of his career, leading the world championship with four poles and two wins this season. “It was an easy decision to remain with Red Bull Racing,” he said. “We began talking very early this year and were in a position to sign by the Barcelona Grand Prix. The decision to extend for a further year was a mutual one; it’s widely known that I’m not interested in hanging around in Formula 1 just for the sake of it and at this stage of my career, I’m happy to take one year at a time.

“I continue to feel very comfortable here – I have a fantastic relationship with the whole team and the factory at Milton Keynes feels like home. It’s been incredible to be part of the team as it’s moved forward from a mid-field competitor to one that is challenging for the Championship.”

Red Bull is based on the old Jaguar team, which was a serial failure in F1. Webber committed himself to them in 2003, but it didn’t work out and he went to Williams in 2005, just as the relationship with BMW fell apart. When presented with a chance to go back to Milton Keynes to what was now Red Bull in 2007 he took it and the team and he have risen up together. It doesn’t happen all that often in F1; Schumacher did it with Benetton and the Ferrari team of the late 1990s, Button did it last year but there aren’t many examples. Most of the winning is done by the established teams and newcomers don’t often get a chance to break into that dominance.

Webber speaks of a collective desire to win the world championship rather than a personal one. “I hope we experience more success together in the future and achieve our ultimate goal of winning the world championship, ” he says.

As a rule, F1 drivers’ income is 70% retainer and 30% bonus, based on podiums, wins and championship position. My sources suggest that Red Bull operates slightly differently with more like 40% retainer and 60% bonus. Vettel and Webber get around €3.5 million each in retainer and so they could more than double that on current trends of results this season. Next season Webber would expect to have a good car again, so he has a chance to earn very well.

The announcement comes ahead of what are likely to be two of the toughest races of the season for Red Bull. With long straights and no high speed corners, Montreal will be tricky, as will Valencia to a lesser extent.

Meanwhile Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko has been interviewed on Italian website 422.com and he confirms that Red Bull will not use the drag reducing F duct rear wing.

Here is a snatch of the Q&A with him.

What is now your position on the accident?
“The accident is over. We had the meeting in Thursday and
everything is over and solved, also for the drivers.”

Will it change anything in the way you manage the drivers in
the next few races?

“It will change nothing in our policy for the next few
races. The two drivers can still freely battle, but they
always have to let through each other. That was the

What do you answer to the criticism that you are favouring

“We don’t favour anyone. Clearly we have two drivers who
have the same rights.”

The second answer is the interesting one. It has obviously been decided that in a situation where one team mate decides to have a lunge for a pass, the one in the lead has to let him through. That should make for some interesting situations as the championship reaches its conclusion.

It’s good that Red Bull takes this attitude and wants its drivers to race. They have a lot to lose potentially, but I think that the fans will respect them for letting the drivers race, especially now that the whole area of the team allegedly favouring Vettel has been aired and put away again, which is a positive. And before you ask, there is no chance that this new deal for Webber is some kind of sop to let Vettel be the favoured runner for the championship. He would not have accepted a deal like that.

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I have to have a slight maon at one comment in that post “Red Bull is based on the old Jaguar team, which was a serial failure in F1”. Ok, from Jag on yes, I agree, but if you look at it When Jackie made it, it consitently punched above it’s weight. Tell’s us a lot about Jakie and something about the importance of a decent man at the helm. I’m not at all convinced by Horner, this teams sucess rests squarely on Newey’s shoulders I think. Can’t help but wonder if a stronger manager wouldn’t be able to reign him in a little and make him build a bit more strength into the car…


As a team owner, you CAN basically do whatever you want with the team. You can have a preferred driver, you can mouth off to whoever you want, you can blame one or the other and you can say the complete opposite to the press. It’s your team, you own it.

If MW was told he’s second in the team, but we will say different to the world, that’s his job description basically.

It all depends on team philosophy, how you want to be perceived and what you want to accomplish.

I don’t get RB at all, they have shat their own pants and don’t know what to do about it. Either they are trying to make things better by appearing as an open team, perhaps they are afraid of FIA scrutiny, they are afraid of splitting the team having it pulled from two sided and thus trying to act diplomatic after the fact.

They should have come clean straight away, they should not avoid questions like they are. They should cut the crap, tell things straigt and don’t act so bloody defensive. We don’t like defensive drivers and we don’t like defensive answers. That just means you are afraid of the real answer. RB are doing the same mistake as SV. Thinking they only have one chance, going for it, messing up, loosing control and blaming anyone but themselves.

Enjoy the race weekend!


I love this blog, so many great comments.


Sounds like they didnt want to risk letting #1 go to another team in 2011..

Plus who else are they going to put in the seat? Better the devil you know.


Two thoughts-

1.without an f-duct this weekend RBR are screwed.

2. Vettel’s interview with the BBC- complete lack of contrition, no regret about the crazy sign, stated he was in front and it was his right to dictate where to go- what a p**k!


For a guy with no apparent position on the F1 team that guy Marko sure runs his mouth a lot.

Wouldn’t a *real team boss say to him “stfu I’m in charge here?”


Marko reports to redbulls owner detrich doesn’t he. So horner would be in no position to veto…


What a great move by Webber. Leads the championship, gets pay equalisation he didn’t have before (that is money out of Vettel’s pocket in this budget cap world), and Marko at least talking equality of opportunity and feeling like he has to slither around more quietly from now on and always now being fearfull of getting caught.

Can’t wait to see Webber’s next trick, this one was a beauty!


Well deserved, long anticipated and sensible contract renewal.

There seems to be limited comment about Mark’s most important value to Red Bull, that is his close relationship with Adrian Newey and his genuine talent for car development. Webber has always been a top-10 driver but not one who is naturally, instinctively talented, however he possibly stands alone with Schumacher in terms of car analysis and feedback.

Newey is a genius no doubt, but Webber’s contribution to the RB6 should not be understated. He has, in effect, helped develop the car around himself over the past 4 or 5 years, and this is likely a huge (but little-referenced) factor in the success he is finally achieving. It is not hard to imagine that this might contribute to Vettel’s unease at times also.

Whether Mark is officially equal, number one or number two driver at Red Bull, Christian Horner knows well that continuity of car development is best served by maintaining the Newey-Webber axis as long as it continues to be productive.


In the immortal words of James Hunt, “And all I can say to that is… Bullsh*t”


Good news to Webber he will have another year to fulfil his WDC aspirations as i guess RB has already costed themselves both titles this yea, they have already been caught by mclaren and soon by mercedes and ferari.


What price now Vettel leaving, perhaps to Mercedees if Schumacher decides to abort his comeback attempt?


Agree Ginger, Lewis will be near unbeatable this weekend.


He won’t have Kimi to run into on pit road & take them both out again.

Carlos E. Del Valle

Hey the light was red. It was not Kimi´s fault at all


I know that the light was red. Kimi handled it with class, grace & aplomb. He got out of his car, went over and put his arm around LH’s shoulders, and just pointed to the lights. No yelling, no swinging, etc.. 🙂

Jon had said that Lewis will be near unbeatable this weekend. I agreed that it will be easier for him because Kimi won’t be there for him to run into and take them both out. Of course, there will still be many others to run into. 🙂

Eric Weinraub

I am happy for Mark. He deserves it. I am frankly shocked by some of the comments about driver movment. Firstly, Schuey is going nowhere. He knows next year’s car will have strong input from him and he should be fully on pace. Kubica is staying put. The Renault is getting stronger and stronger. He’d be nuts to move. Massa presents a fast driver who will not get in Alonso’s way. I expect the top teams to remain static for next year.


Good move by RBR. I like many am very pleased for Mark. I just wished that I had backed him at the start of the season. I am sure that he was about 15-1. I thought it represented value then but didn’t get the card out.

Lewis for the win this weekend…..


anybody has a link to a video from marko talking to the media about the accident?


I think it is a smart move for mark. Even if the current shennanigans with marko and redbull carry on, he won’t find a better car in the pitlane that is available.

At 33 the last thing he wants is to go to Ferrari in their current form. I can’t see them getting right back on top for a while yet.

Here’s one for all you helmut marko fans out there. Webber for back to back wdc 😉 ? Highly unlikely but I would love to see it. I think he has rattled seb.

I am going out on a limb and saying webber or button for the wdc. Bet there aren’t many who would agree but that life 😉

on another note I was Reading the item about mike taking some tech guys he has worked with from force India. On intellectual property it must be very difficult to stop a tech guy from taking what he knows to his/her new team. Surely that’s what they are bringing on board?

is the fondtech case specific to lotus use of the mock up tyres from force India?


You can bet Force India will be studying Faux-Lotus’ cars for the *slightest signs of proprietary features!


I think the case was something to do with use of force indias tyres or somethink like that. Not a case of force India leaving an aero model and lotus saying I’ll have that 😉

might be wrong. I think lotus will continue to make strides on their own.

It’s interesting to me that maybe hrt will be overtaking virgin soon


I’m somewhat confused; who speaks for Red Bull, Horner or Marko? If Horner is team principal should he be the one who is making definitive statements about team decisions?


The Kimi Raikkonen come back looks to be all but over for next season then. Unless Ferrari want him to replace Massa. But Kubica will do that anyway.

The only other possibility is for Kimi to lower his price and take over from Michael Schumacher at Mercedes.

Either way Webber and Vettel are a strong driver line up.


Looks like Ferrari must of read my comment.

They have just signed Massa up till 2012.

The only way Kimi could come back now is with Mercedes. But they can’t afford him.


I thnk you mean ‘replace rosberg’, how can

Nico retain any dignity as a top team driver

by being unable to convincingly beat an

ageing man who up until this year had not

turned a wheel in anger for 3yrs, not only that

Schumacher has beaten him for 3 races in a row now

despite not having returned to his peak yet


For Ageing Schumi to beat his team-mate, he had to resort to his trademark trick of forcing team to do away with chassis, that was working well for his team-mate.

Its not as if he/team has suddenly set the world ablaze with new Chassis, but never the less Nico who was running with Redbull,McLaren before the Chassis swap is now stuck behind the Schumi train…


Great news Nadeem, not just for Aussies, but for many of Mark’s fans throughout the world. Anybody who receives a drive through, as Mark did at the Nurburgring last year, and still win the race, is a driver that the sport still needs.


The clowns slap each other and spectator’s blood start boiling. The Clowns quietly go backstage and give other a slap on the back for “Great show”.

Isn’t F1 really a wonderful circus 🙂

A round of applause for the ringmaster and his clowns.


“40% retainer and 60% bonus …”

No wonder nobody wanted to yield in the fight for the lead.


On Autosport’s website they have a quote from Vettel, admitting that he turned into Webber, “I had already passed Mark and then obviously tried to come slowly back to the right. At that time I was the leading car so usually then the leader dictates when to go. All of a sudden we made contact and that was the end of the race for me.”

When asked if he would do the same thing again,”You do at the time what you think is right, and in that case you would do it again because you thought it was right.”

So, RBR’s new team orders to Webber are to make room otherwise Seb will drive you off the track!?!?

Is this any way to run a racing team? At least be honest about having a #1 driver, but dont lie to fans and take them for fools.


Marko’s comment about “always have to let through each other” is lunacy.

If there are any future incidents it can be pinpointed back to the conclusions after the first one.

If you say “always let each other through” that means whoever goes down the inside has the right of way.

In normal situations the drivers will be ok, but in heated pressure situations like in Turkey.. there will again be alot of room for problems. What if the drivers tries a late dive from a long way back? If they crash, he can just say “I was expecting more room”.

Are they allowed to defend and block against each other or what? Surely they aren’t expected to yield as if they are being lapped (which is what Marko wanted Webber to do in Turkey)?

We saw what Webber thinks about yielding in Turkey, and I can’t imagine Vettel thinking any differently either.

I can’t ever see Vettel yielding if Webber throws it up the inside.

I read just a few mins ago on BBC site, that Webber didn’t ask Vettel to back off, and that he was only asking what engine settings Vettel was on. And that after Vettel left the circuit, in the drivers debrief, Newey, Horner and Marko “laid into” Webber. Apparently it will all be cleared up in Canada GP weekend.

There is obviously some conflicts behind closed doors. The only thing I can think is that Webber sees this as a necessary evil in order to get a race winning car. It’s not like he has better offers elsewhere, anywhere else he would have to be #2.. so I guess.. “better the devil you know?”


What about the thoughts that Ferrari will be redoubling their efforts to get Valentino Rossi in the car next season after his big accident has put him out of MotoGP this year?


Signing for 1 more year was always on the cards – it’s how Mark prefers it. The smart timing is that the questions he will face in Canada will be more focused on the extra year and not that of the relationship between Seb. It is clearly a publicity thing in the timing of this. PR Class 101

At the end of the day this is great news for Mark, but so many unanswered questions about how fuel, tyres and other bits will be used from pit wall to control the drivers adjustments to the car to potentially “fix” a race to suit maximum points and not the leading driver. But hey that’s F1 – and why we love it !

Great weekend for Aussies, AEST 2:30 am race and then Aus vs. Germany world cup at 4 am – going to be a long night of sport for the Aussies – GO WEBBER !

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