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Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton build an F1 car
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Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton build an F1 car
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Jun 2010   |  10:05 pm GMT  |  187 comments

As you know, I’m a keen student of viral videos; not many people do them well in F1 and there have been plenty of poor ones.

I quite like this latest effort from McLaren and Vodafone. They have done some lame ones, but the one where the two blokes build a remote control device and persuade McLaren to let them use it to drive a real F1 car was funny.

This one shows Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, left to their own devices by their mechanics, building what looks like a 2008 McLaren from a pile of parts.

There is some good chemistry and good humour here, which is what these things should be all about. The link to Vodafone is a bit tenuous, but it’s entertaining. It’s clear that Hamilton has far more of a feel for the spanner than Button, who asks at one point, “Did you do any work on your own kart?” because clearly he didn’t!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Saw this a few days ago and I have to agree.

The chemistry looks genuine too, which is nice.


A very false picture


Do you have any actual knowledge or do you just dabble as an internet psychologist as a part time gig?


Clearly you know nothing about Button, whose engineers have always noted him to be an affable team player. Incidentally, you make Jenson's ribbing of Lewis over the triathlon sound incredibly sinister...The man was bantering with another competitor at a time when their opportunities in F1 were pretty disparate. I'm not sure why it is that so many of you Lewis fans have this inexplicable image of Jenson as an evil, talentless fraud who is not be trusted and must be despised, but itdoesn't gel with reality. I hate this culture of "the teammate of my favourite driver is the enemy". To me, that is classless. It's certainly not an attitude that Lewis displays. I'm a big Jenson fan, but do I have a problem with Lewis? No, in fact I think he's turned out wonderfully.

Do not get the hate at all. At the risk of sounding like a hippie, can't we all just get along?


At no time have I said I hate Jenson.

In fact I like him , but not his father , and think he is a decent person.

My point was that in two highly competetive individuals there is going to be friction .

So I cast a cynical eye on media output which paints a lovey-dovey scenario


Can you explain further or is it just a hunch? I think its not an entirely false picture, when hamilton got out of the car in Canada jenson did look genuinely very happy for him, they both seemed very friendly and happy - not just as though it was manufactured for the cameras. I think this film is pretty funny, obviously they dont expect everyone to think that it must show the true relationship, but as colleagues they look pretty tight in general, despite the turkey incident.


This was a media exercise strictly for the cameras.

Button is very clever at playing the team member but just remember how he baited Lewis about his triathlan prowess and tried to goad him in to competing.

He will continue to play the *lovable* team member after Lewis has shown him who is the boss just to justify his lovely wages.


That's awesome.. LOVED it!!!

They have good chemistry for sure... Jenson is a true phlegmatic, who goes with the flow and tries to keep a natural balance at all times. And Lewis who possesses more of an extrovert personality fits very well next to Jenson. They would be great friends even if they were not team mates. Great video!!!!


It's obvious that the two drivers get along quite well and have fun. The ending is very funny. Kudos, but, as you say James, it's not at all clear what the tie-in to Vodefone is. Regardless, it's fun to watch.


They do actually look like mates! You should've put the Alonso 'Anything you can do...' one up too for comparison 😀


You can find that advert here:


Certainly the tone is very different - focused on one-upmanship. I remember liking it at the time though.

Rather too easy to turn these two videos into an analogy of what went wrong in 2007 vs what's been happening so far in 2010.


warm, friendly and engaging. great bit of marketing there.


When they both said, mine doesn't fit very well....They both were smart enough to know, and leave the driving of that thing for......Gary.


I like it.

Vodafone do alot of virals. My fav has to be the Singapore one where they attach lamps to the front wing. They also recently made one with Lewis and Jenson competing on who could change their tyres quickest. Lewis won.


I managed to find the Singapore one - it's quite subtle isn't it:


I'd never seen the pitstop one before, but found it here:



Thanks for finding those.


I'd not seen that one with the pitstop test either. I wonder if they did that one as a response to their comments about never having changed the tyre before?

You can see Lewis concentrating hard on winning in it though!


sorry above link was for mobiles only - heres the normal one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiLoANg6nNY


Ron must have watched that from his office, teeth gritted thinking "Does anyone else in this [] building ever do any [] work?".


I did like that. Red Bull, if you are listening, a suggestion. Get Mark and Seb in a room in front of an Xbox or a PS3 and have them play a Formula One racing game. Then crash into each other. Hilarity ensues, maybe a cushion fight. The End.


Thank you Jimmi, you comment made my day. I literally laughed out loud...


I would love to see that. And it would have been a far better way to manage the situation as opposed to pointing the finger at each other!


Brilliant! 🙂


McLaren have changed so much.


Agreed. They're a very friendly fan based team now, and i think all aspects of their team are showing this.


I'm not sure how much is real and how much is fake, but if it's half genuine it's good fun.

I like the banter, because it's nice that they appear to be getting on. I'm amazed when they start doing impressions of the pit stops - obviously neither driver has investigated it too far!

Whats interesting is the relationship - Lewis is a boy racer and Jenson is the elder statesmen, and it's clear than maybe what was said about 'playboy Button' might have some truth - he's obviously not hung out much with the pit crew or mechanics anytime soon.

It's a good fun video, none the less. Thanks for posting it, James.


I'd like to know when this was actually filmed...I would assume during the off season before testing etc got started...


It was filmed a few weeks ago I think. The McLaren Twitter account mentioned it and posted a photo of the car in bits saying they were filming.


Good video, a bit sugar sweet but good to see them together.

Has it been done to rub some more salt into the wound of RBR?


That's actually quite good! "I've actually never put one of these on before."

Great post.


Very funny and very good !


"but the one where the two blokes build a remote control device and persuade McLaren to let them use it to drive a real F1 car was funny"

Link please 🙂


I really like that, but you're right - nothing to do with Vodafone. Love the last line:

'Do you want to take it out?'

'Nah, I think we'll leave Gary to do it.'

Poor Gary - when's he going to get to race in a Grand Prix?

michael grievson

I think he had his chance a few years ago but turned it down. I could be wrong though


I watched that video...er, more than once yesterday. I absolutely adore it!

I thought it was kind of funny that neither of them had ever changed a tire on an F1 car. I think I'd want to try it if I were a driver, just to see what it's like!


What a giggle - it reminds me of the days of Innes Ireland. I'm surprised that they don't get more involved with the nuts and bolts. More please !

One from Ferrari would be great fun !


Alonso would take it so seriously, shout at massa if anything went wrong, blame the tools and all the while claim that if he built it on his own it would go 0.8 of a second quicker! It would be fantastic!


lol, loved it

but McL, beware, there's a thin line between funny and pretentious, (and between love & hate [ref: pretenders])


the last awesome viral video to come from mclaren's direction also featured excellent chemistry between fernando and lewis (plus mika).

no sooner had it been released, the whole operation came crashing to it's knees. i do like that the team aren't afraid to temp fate once more.


There is one difference though, the conversations between LH and JB were off the cuff - not scripted.


nice video...

Lewis looked at home...

seems like he pays more attention to details than Jenson


I think making any judgement such as "seems like he pays more attention to details than Jenson" is stupid given that they are both knowingly kidding about.


Attention to what? The drivers drive the car, they're not expected to build it themselves, EVER.


Or maybe Lewis has just spent a fair bit longer at McLaren than Jenson so knows more of the way the team does things, each team and each teams cards are very different...


Interesting observation


brilliant, i like the new easy going mclaren team


Very humorous, I enjoyed that a lot, thanks for posting the link. I do think there is a genuine friendship between these two to some extent, and the rapport seems true, perhaps I am gullible. I love the comment "leave it for Gary, that's what test drivers are for". When will we see Webber and Vettel do an ad together?


It's a lot of fun.

This is basically a Top gear style thing isn't it. I'd love to see them actually try it for real. Give them half a day and see what they came up with.


I'd love to see Top Gear try it..!! Any F1 teams willing to let them try??


I did enjoy it, but these guys need acting lessons...they were so wooded especially Button..

Fun though, hope they keep em coming. I agree on their chemistry, very laid back indeed.


I really enjoyed this video. Had me laughing to myself. Massively entertaining, exactly the kind of film teams should be putting together for their fans. So thank you Mclaren and thank you James for showing us it.

Agreed, the plug to Vodafone is a bit obvious through out - but then that's what the sponsors pay them for.


Well, that's funny as. Loved the coffee break aside.


I shudder to think what owner/drivers like Brabham, McLaren, Gurney and Surtees would make of this lot.


Great ad. Just like a couple of blokes working on their old banger in the shed. Kind of.


Unfortunately my old banger and shed don't look quite as good as theirs!


Fantastic video James.

I'm not even a McLaren fan but that was a nice piece of footage of Jenson and Lewis. Best thing about it is that it didn't seem contrived. It looked like they were genuinely having a laugh!!


That is the best F1 video i have seen in some time.

Its clear that Button and Hamilton really get on which is really nice to see.


Oh yeah, this is great and I have on-viraled it. It's nice to see 2 drivers in a competitive team who really seem to like each others company.


Thanks James! Absolutely brillaint. That's a good example of British humour. I love it at the end when they joke about test drivers!


(Suprisingly!), a really cool ad.

I hope Lewis wins the 2010 WDC but Jensen has been an absolute revelation this year, much more than 2009, so I wish them both well.

If they can keep the chemistry/form and McLaren can produce the cars they could, (hopefully), sweep all before them for years to come.


Funny...but I wouldn't drive it.


You do realise James that Button was playing up to the camera? He's actually the better actor of the two rather than the lesser mechanic. 🙂

I loved the clip, and it just shows the pull that a major sponsor has that they can get McLaren to do this.


Excellent video, humour was good, the gel is obviously there between Jenson and Lewis and loved he shots of the confuddled Mclaren employees and whomever.

They can race an F1 car but give them a spanner and an air hose and their stuffed.


Cool Vid!

Nice to see drivers actually getting their hands dirty and not just smashing the thing to bits!!


Dear James,

I have been following your blog for ages now 🙂 (feels like ages!!). Interesting thing from the video i noticed, it really seems that the drivers know a little TOO less abt building the cars they drive! While it might be difficult to know all the nuts and bolts, am sure they would handle it better!! or is it just for the sake of the video?


It'll still outdo an HRT on saturday i bet...


Ha, brilliant! It couldn't be anyless reliable that's for sure.


Cool,really cool.


Poor Gary.

I think these are vids are hilarious. I've only seen ones with Jenson driving a taxi and giving a tour of the factory. Are there more?


rotfl. Very nicely done.


That was great, but I still think the Singapore night race one was the funniest.


I had the good fortune to meet Jenson Button at the 'F1 comes to Regent Street' event, held in London a few years ago. I was struck then by what a normal, grounded bloke he was without any of the airs and graces you might associate with a top sportsman. This video confirms that, in this important respect, he hasn't changed. The camaraderie with Lewis is just very pleasant to watch. Thanks for posting this revealing video, James. I can't imagine Vodafone would ever have managed to pull this one off when Alonso was in the team!!


Like it a lot, especially the "pit stop"!


It's quite amusing for what it's worth, it does at least show good solid chemistry between Button and Hamilton.

Wouldn't have seen Alonso doing this!


Actually, you would be surprised at what you would have seen if Alonso was there. Do you know he is a skilled mechanic?


I was more referring to the humour and banter part with a fellow team mate. I did know he is very hands on and involved in the development of the car, wasn't it Alonso who said I automatically bring 8/10ths of a sec to a car? 🙂

Prof Bolshaviks

Maybe HRT could hire Button and Hamilton to work on the reliability of their cars.


Just a bit of PR, they seem to be trying hard to convince us they like each other. I wounder if, "just like kids" when someone takes away one of there toy's they chuck a big tantrum. Next we will see Redbull doing the same. By the why James must be a slow news day.


have a laugh man!


There's no pleasing some people....


Excellent stuff, amusing and good humoured. McLaren really are doing a great PR job this year and its good to see. Keep them coming!




An excellent bit of fun.

I could see Heiki doing a similar thing with Lewis but cannot imagine Alonso... it saya a lot about how Lewis and Jenson get on - you could see they were sharing info!

F1 needs more of this sort of thing - like the raft race in Montreal.



Great video of Lewis and Jenson, but it does show these guys actually really do like working together.

Did they try and start the car ?


Nice video, quite funny really.

Gareth Aspinall

I really like this video and both of them come across really well in it! Jenson has done some very interesting interviews for the BBC lately and always comes across very well as a nice guy with a great sense of humour... Lewis on the other hand always appears to be a little guarded but then the media do appear to be "attacking" him all the time.... I think this shows Lewis in a different light and they do appear to have very good chemistry together... Good find James!



I think they'd be in more trouble for getting some fluids on the floor than anything else.


Certainly will if Ron's around


It's good! Yes, it's corporate, but that's the whole point. An F1 video made available to the public which doesn't take itself too seriously, despite starring two of the most highly paid actors you could imagine. Nice work!


I liked it, My wife actually sent me this link the other day and I thought it was quite genuine...I doubt the two of them are that good at acting so I get the impression it wasn't that scripted..

I'd like to think they do get on that well and that some of humour was genuine, the pit stop practice made me laugh! I'm not one for drivers always being at each others throats and the media annoy me sometimes trying to stir up trouble...so a couple of good 'old British blokes having a laugh is sometihng i can relate to... Even if they are a millionaire racing drivers! They didn't start out that way and the karting reference was a reminder that they both came from more humble beginnings.

The world can be a cynical place, and these types of adverts are going to bring the cynics out in force, but i'm taking this one at face value and just enjoying the fun between two sports professionals I respect and enjoy watching participating in a sport i've loved for many years.


I think your first point is very valid. Neither is a good enough actor for that to be put on. Maybe JB is helping Hamilton chill out a bit in the same way as Berger did with Senna.




One of the funniest FI moments for some time. Complete opposite of the Alonso/Lewis video. Has a nice lighthearted natural feel. Can it last ? Can't wait for the Red Bull version....


Brilliant, shows everything that's great about McLaren.

Things like this is just the sort of things F1 should be giving the fans.


Love it, the sort of thing I want to see more of in F1. I think these two genuinely get on well and its nice to see F1 drivers getting into the mechanics world.

How about seeing them do a practice Pit-Stop next ??


That is a great clip! As you said, great interaction; their seeming appreciation for it all is fantastic. Love when they mention "how scary must this be" while trying to get the wheel on!

I'm surprised they had never, not even once tried to put a wheel on!


The chemistry really is much more obvious between these two than most driver line ups this year and they obviously had a bit of fun.

I particularly liked the line at the end about letting Gary take it out: "that's what test drivers are for?"


Great little vid. Its nice to see both of them looking like their having fun. (Even if it is staged some what) Would be nice to think its like that all the time with both of them at McLaren.


yeah great clip. Has enough human feel to make it interesting, and it even looks like they genuinely had fun.

Got to wonder whether it was shot before Turkey though?!

Nicholas Martin

Good video although I would like to see a red bull version of this, it would of certainly been better then that picture.


This actually made me laugh out loud. If mechanics dream about F1 drivers, F1 drivers dream about being wheel men! Brilliant.


Ha! I enjoyed that. They really do seem to get along well.


Maybe it is my phone, but I don't see the link to the vid.


What device are you using? I could see the video using Safari on my iPhone, but it doesn't look like Opera Mini on iPhone (and I suspect other devices) shows the embedded link.


Works fine as far as we can see


Thanks for this James, it did make me laugh and both LH and JB look and sound very relaxed with each other. I think Mclaren have finally got two drivers at the top of their game and actually like each other...


Now I would like to see the unedited version of this! And behind the scenes with the techs helping them get somewhere!


Yeah, the "making of" would probably be very funny


I like it too. I ve seen it quite a few times already...

i d like to point out Jenson's positive stance in general... He seem to be a team player. Although he could have created tension in the team in some situations this year he choosed to remain calm and focused to driving...

Again very nice video...


The great post. Thanks a lot, James.

Very intresting video. And here is next marketing level of McLaren team. It looks like Red Bull style. A little bit passion and a lot of humor. Guess it is very good to fun of F1.

What do you think about challenge of Lotus team to push middle forced cars? Is it possible to Michael Gascoyne?

Thanks for your great job! 🙂

BTW, last year photos of Moscow City Racing here are http://picasaweb.google.com/a.ryzhkov/BavariaMoscowCityRacing2009#


Laugh-out-loud funny.

If this was made in the last few weeks, it gives good sign for Lewis and Jensen actually getting on ok. Never a bad thing in a racing team. 🙂

Michael Grievson

Thats a brilliant video. You can see there is genuine friendship between them.

I bet non of them would take that around the track after they'd put it together 🙂


I'm very impressed by Jenson's friendliness. Lewis still looks a little wary but Jenson appears to have zero intention of psyching him out. Considering some of the team-mate stories we've all seen in F1 this is pretty amazing at the top level of the sport.


That was the sweetest looking McLaren car ever made. I wonder how long ago this was filmed though?


I actually enjoyed that video! I have to admit to being a McLaren fan, but I think it is good to see. I even found a few bits quite amusing.

Two thing struck me particularly:

1) What a world apart this is from those Santander ads in 2007 which emphasised and exacerbated the difficult relationship between Hamilton and Alonso at McLaren. This seems rather better thought out.

2) This demonstrates an appreciation of the fact that the fans enjoy what those in the thick of F1 may regard as mundane. We don't get to see a lot of the cars or drivers outside of a race context. It is nice to see. I have to admit to popping my head into the Ferrari Store in London this week, and being struck by the F2005 plonked in the middle of the store. It was a thing of beauty and gave me (and others) an opportunity to get closer than we ever usually could.



Obviously, I wasn't literally struck by the F2005... that would have been rather painful.


I really enjoyed this video, both guys come over really well, (much more natural than the Lewis Fernando videos that tried to mask their issues in 2007). Jenson is he's usual charming self but even Lewis who has had much critism over the last few yrs is also quite endearing, a reflection on a subtle change/improvement to how he presents himself this year I beleive.


Lewis has always presented himself well and has more often than not been great friends with his teammates (exception Alonso) in F1 and pre-F1. He just gets such negative press in Britain and I don't see that changing any time soon. Button gets much better press, but he's not a nicer guy in my view. I wish the British media would get behind both of them but whenever Hamilton does well in a race, the reports usually try to take something away from his performance, especially if they can big up Button at the same time.


It's a nice video but not addictingly special. What us noticeable is how much better that car looks compared to the current one. Cheers!


Great vibe between the two drivers and clearly an indication of why things appear to be going so well on the track. As you pointed out - Lewis does know his way around a tool box - perhaps a certain former British world champion could take a view on this before being so critical of Hamilton in the future....


It's a very good video.

How much would it have cost them for 2:30 or airtime on the world main TV networks? God bless youtube.


Great stuff. 🙂

Nice to see Lewis and Jenson handle that good with each other.


I'm wondering whether or not the fact that that is Alonso's car is simply coincidence. Love the irony there!

The creaking noises when they rolled it backwards and forwards were quite funny too...poor Gary!


McLaren posted this on facebook not to long ago, it may be just an advertisement for vodafone but what an incredible way to reach out to the fans and what an insight to the drivers personalities.

This further proves the point previously made that mclaren are using the social side of the internet to give something back to the fans

well done mclaren for breaking the trend of exclusivity in f1!


Delightful! These two guys may be rivals on track, but they have reminded us what it is to be team-mates, too. A great example of sportsmanship as it used to be in motor racing. Long may they continue.


Love this!


Fun watch, definitely a good rapport between Hamilton and Button going beyond the corporate F1 pretense. Could prove useful for McLaren and them both if they're both still in contention for the WDC at the end of the season, non-self-destructive at least. And Lewis obviously with some basic garage skills.

Robert in San Diego

That was really cool. I bet there are not too many teams where the drivers can have fun together without a fight breaking out. Lewis does appear to be the better spanner twirler, but not by much.

Fun video for what is so often a really uptight sport.


Thoroughly entertaining. Found myself smiling the entire time.


I think thats fairly cool, they do certainly seem relaxed together and having fun. Of course we don't know how scripted/staged it all was but I enjoyed it.

can anyone provide a link to other one that James mentions 'but the one where the two blokes build a remote control device and persuade McLaren to let them use it to drive a real F1 car was funny.'


Likewise, i'd like to see this other video. I gave it a go on youtube but couldn't find anything.


Thanks for finding that. This is the remote control clip, everyone


It took a bit of searching but I think this may be the one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiLoANg6nNY


Brilliant James!

Its pretty good to see the human side of the to guys and talk about how difficult it must be to perform pitstops as us viewers also think.

God knows if they put it together properly but its funny anyhow. Good promotion for maclarens sponsers.

Ps. I'm not a maclaren or Button fan! Lewis i rate!


Silly, but w/e...

The only laugh I got was from the discussion at the end as to who would test it. "Thats what test drivers are for."


- Hilarious! I love the part when they are making tea. "Two? That's sweet tea!"


Denny used to work on his cars, but HE knew what he was doing!


Very funny, especially the part where they say "let's leave it to Gary [Paffett] to take it out, that's what test drivers are for..."


I don't think you could fake camaraderie like that, Lewis and Jenson are F1 drivers, not actors, so whenever this was shot, clearly they are quite at ease with one another off the track...

Whether this can remain the case as the season wears on, is another story!


Great to see them so relaxed together. The December calender comment was a cracker! Good fun.


Hamilton and McLaren know, they have to keep Button's chin up. It won't take much for it to drop like a concrete block. And that will mean the end of the WCC title.

There is nothing geniune about these videos... it has marketing gimmick written all over it.

After Button tried to cheat his way past Hamilton - there is no friendship left.



you mean after they were both told to run 131's and lewis could only manage a 133.x ? (JB did a 131.9).

Was simple, lewis did a slow lap. stop making something out of it that purely isnt there.


"Hamilton and McLaren know, they have to keep Button’s chin up" - I couldn't disagree more!!

Button has achieved his dream of becoming the drivers championship - his name is in the history books - he is, apparently, a great ambassador for the sport, eloquent, engaging and more than happy with his lot. He's at a team that is developing the car throughout the season; he is right on the tail of his team-mate (who the majority of people thought would destroy him on-track - me too, I admit I thought Button had made a mistake going to McLaren). He's getting due respect from other teams now, for his performances on and off track.

I also feel that Button has pushed Hamilton to a new level, not in terms of pace or speed on track, but in terms of nursing the tyres, managing the engine\fuel (whilst still posting good lap times) and bringing the car home. "To finish first... first, you have to finish".

I feel confident in saying that, if Button can't win the drivers championship for himself, he'd want Hamilton to win it.

Sure they have a rivalry on track - and that's how it should be - but off-track, generally, they seem comfortable with each other. And as others have said, it's nice to see McLaren (as an entity) chilling out a little and engaging with their fans.


Ron Dennis, is that you?



I noticed they did not put in the famous Alonso 6/10ths when building the car.

Do you think it was on purpose? Or they simply not need it anymore, judging from Montreal 😛



I like the video much the same as most other people here... They seem to get on very well which is great as they're basically my two favourite drivers but a question for you...

Do you think that this friendliness between them is down to Button knowing his place? That would be second to Lewis?

I think Button is a fantastic driver and champion but ultimately Lewis is fastest and will probably come out on top at the end of the season.

Jenson went to McLaren for the challenge of racing against arguably the fastest driver in F1 in one of the very best teams in F1... When he made that statement it appeared that he knew Lewis would be fast and that he would be happy with a close second...

Do you think this is the case? And do you think that if Jenson was more hell bent on beating Lewis rather than just being close they would enjoy the same relationship?

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Hi James,

Any comment from you on Pat Fry to Ferrari?

Is this the latins finally admitting that they lack the anglo-saxon work ethic?

PS - Before I get any cries about sterotypes...please look at where I live?!


This video was filmed on the Thursday after the Australian Grand Prix. I think tensions between the two of them have increased since then.


Isn't it a MP4-22? In 2008 Ham had #22. In the ad we see #1 on the nosecone, so (if the number is true) it's the 2007 car and it's Alonso's #1 car. If so the things are seems funny 🙂


It looks like a 2008 spec MP4-23 instead(I don't recall XTB being a MCL sponsor until recently)


The ad was supposed filmed sometime in May 2010, Lewis was already sporting some facial hair by then but have yet to have his ears pierced..

From the looks of it, the ad doesn't look very scripted and both Lewis and Jenson seem genuinely having fun there..


I think you're right, it is the 2008 car. But it's this years livery, and so i'm assuming they're using the number one as Jenson has it this year.


My favourite Mclaren viral video has to be the involving Alonso and Hamilton trying to go one better than each other, only to have Haikkinen to show them both who is the daddy at the end. I think it was a Mercedes advert in 2007, very funny.


A very fun between the Hamilton and Button!! My respect for MCLAREN is risen. ^_^


Perhaps Red Bull should have made MW and SV to fix the damage together after Turkey. You guys broke it you fix it.
Remember Jack Brabham used to start with a chalk mark on the floor of thr Cooper garage and a pile of ally tubing. Graham Hill started as a mechanic so they both new about getting their hands dirty.


McLaren lead others follow, simply brilliant.


I think the very interesting thing is that McLaren have rebuilt themselves into a team that people are prepared to like so quickly after last year.

Last year it was a bit lonely trying to put in a good word for McLaren.

The combination of Martin Whitmarsh, Lewis grinding through a bad season and then Jenson bringing his relaxed happy to be here approach has really worked a change, which makes this video work: timing is everything.

I used to dislike McLaren which I think was based on 16 out of 17 (and no Brit likes a winner, by tradition) wins and being a Williams era fan, but Lewis in his first year was such an exciting time in F1 and he personally has kept that up.

Love then or hate them, McLaren are the team to bring real colour into the sport.


I think these types of vid are great. I do think they genuinely get on well.

Hi James,
as an aside I noticed a little air duct/slot just above the main air intakes on the mclaren (to the left of the driver). Just interested to know what that is? Part of the f duct mechanism, which I know is mainly in front of the driver for the duct ? Electronics cooling ?


Nice to see your still using any excuse to have a poke at JB james!

You talk about things being tenuous, then you say that JB clearly never worked on his own kart just because he asks LH if he did - why bother mentioning it!


Hater's gonna be Hatin'


LOL James....you cant please everybody, can you?

Some people will just not see beyond their preconceptions, no matter what or how you write.


I can't imagine McLaren with this same relaxed feeling with Dennis running the show. Whitmarsh has moved the team forward at a more rapid development pace then I can remember from past seasons and that was definately video of a couple of guys that get along. Harmony in a top notch race team is a real danger for the other teams.


Hahahaha, that was good.

Finally first team try to entertain the public. It`s not "look at us, we`re racing" but more "Look at us, and join us" stuff. Like it !


The partnership has started off well and it's nice to see team mates genuinely getting on so well. I wonder in the heat of the championship fight towards the end of the season will they be so amicable towards each other


"the one where the two blokes build a remote control device and persuade McLaren to let them use it to drive a real F1 car was funny."

Where can I find this video? Very curious to see it.


The link is in several of the comments if you scroll up


Thanks James. Got it. That was pretty funny. Don't know whether it's because Whitmarsh is at the helms now but McLaren is a totally different Team than what it used to be under Ronspeak. In terms of how it is with the fans and such. Perhaps even more than just the media aspect of things with what they're doing with FOTA and the likes. Considering what they're doing with Force India and how they really tried to help Brawn last year when they needed an engine and the likes. Under Ron they probably would've invoked their right to make Mercedes not provide them with the engine... I used to love the company and they lost me a few years ago, but they're slowly earning my respect again. I wish more teams and F1 as a whole would embrace the internet age because it could really help F1 grow more than it already has. Mostly in the U.S.


Lovely video, i watched this a few days ago and it made me laugh then - and it makes me laugh now - both guys look like they are having fun. 😉

I like the attitude between them both, lewis seems very comfortable in his skin and that is GREAT to see (espeically after the events of lie gate last year) - No doubt both will be ruthless on track, within reason - we know that lewis is a good natured man and i dont think that Frank Williams would call someone a gentleman racer without good reason and he has used that term to descibe jenson on a number of occasions.

great video, i am loving how mclaren seem to be more friendly thesedays.


I just think it's a genuinely fun viral - not the worst way in which Vodafone might try and sell us products. Without wanting to over analyse things do you think that Jenson making an extra effort to justify his move to McLaren? Not that I think he needs to given his relative performance to either of the Mercedes drivers.


Speaking as a director who has made a fair few viral's in my time, i think that is absolutely brilliant, and LH and JB either really get along well, or should quit F1 now and get themselves over to Hollywood cos that would have to be of the best acting I've seen.

Its great how McLaren who have traditionally been the "Business-like" team of F1, can take advantage of that reputation and have fun with it, and al the other end of the spectrum you have Red Bull who are desperate to be seen as the Cool "on Edge" team in F1, but beneath the vener are probably just as business like and ruthless as McLaren are reputed to have been.


Thanks James for posting this. Even though it's a Vodafone PR, you can't help but notice the genuine friendliness and respect that exists between Lewis and Jenson. It seems like McLaren has got the correct formula this year...which doesn't bode well for the other teams on the grid. If this keeps up, McLaren may just run away with both championships.


Great genuine chemistry between the two, but i predict it wont last.

What is clear is that the viability and success of the relationship depends almost totally on Jenson. His laid back, easy going attitude helps to defuse any potential tension that may arise between them. This attitude definitely puts Lewis more at ease than he would otherwise be.

This is a benefit, but also a disadvantage to Jenson. He lacks that competitive edge, the selfishness, the killer instinct, and single mindedness that propels greats to want to win at ALL costs. Put simply, as most people already know, Jenson is simply a "nice guy".

Lewis however, is much much more competitive. This means that he will NEVER let his guard down totally against someone he considers a rival - even if he values the relationship. He will throw that relationship under a bus - if he feels it will hinder his chances.

This is what propel drivers like Senna, Schumacher to push the limits, bend the rules and tether on the edge in their pursuit of glory.

If Lewis ever feels his chances to win are being compromised by the team, and if he ever feels Jenson is part of that, prepare to see a Lewis that WILL disobey team orders, push the limits of team play, stop sharing info, going into "single minded mode" to win the championship. I predict McLaren have a powder keg on their hands if this scenario ever comes to pass.

The only thing driving Lewis is his desire to win - The team comes a close second to that. That is why he is always unable to mask his annoyance if the team ever cost him a win. He believes that if the team do their job properly, he will ALWAYS do his - And most of the time he does. If you give Lewis the car, you are almost guaranteed he will deliver.

Lewis will NEVER accept to be second - unless it is by his own hands.

Some may see this as a flaw - but it is flaw that usually separates the greats from the good.


wake up and smell what you are shovelling,

lewis shamilton is rubbish, he will never be great like Ayrton Senna although he wishes he was him!

He talks like everyone loves him, but really put him in a lotus and he would still be a back runner as he would not be able to give the team information like Senna, or even do what Schumacher did for FERRARI!!

One other thing, I don't believe the rubbish he said 'I only wear this yellow helmet so my dad can see me on the track!' What a load of crap!! look at the green and blue strip just like Ayrton's, so in actual fact he has no creativity to design his own helmet, starting at a top team.

Well atleast I can say this, enjoy it while it lasts as it is only downhill for him now!!


Made me laugh. Good fun. Well done boys.


When Hamilton and Button are enjoying themselves, but still sparring a little, it gives me some hope towards seeing some good decent competitiveness between two of the best drivers in the world today.

Some have suggested that this might be just for TV, but I do not think F1 drivers are extremely good actors.

Hans Westbroek

I remember just such a video, oozing camaraderie with Hilton hotels getting the attention rather than Vodafone. Remember that one? Had the sauna scene at the end with Mika Hakkinen and a certain Fernando Alonso in it. It all looked like good fun until they got to Hungary!


Sociological body blow for Red Bull


This is just a PR stunt but who cares, McLaren are a superb team with two awesome drivers. I wish the sceptics and haters out there would just shut up and let the boys do what they do best... race and compete. There is obvious chemistry there and I'm sure the lads want to beat each other but if they dont win personally, I am sure they are hoping the other will do well. Its called being a team. I just want to see that silly grin spanked from Alonso's face.


i don't understand why there is so much emphasis on them getting on after all they share language and culture, a slight tilt of the head or flick of an eyelid is understood by the other. has there ever been teammates of the same coulture who never got on? conflicts are always a result of misunderstanding and they're less likely to misunderstand eachother than if they were of different cultures.
i find it interesting to read james allen's claim that hamilton clearly did work on his kart. no one uses spanners in that manner without experience. if he didn't work on his kart then he must be exceptionally talented to handle the spanner fo well. i suspect he worked on his carts for long periods. let's not forget he started racing at 8, first met ron dennis at 10 and was signed up to mclaren at 13.
as for the film, i think it was scripted and excellently shot. it's extremely difficult to get all those perfect shots a film crew coordinated by a director. every time i have seen f1 mechanics at work on tv, they wore gloves but button and hamilton only wore gloves for the tire change exercise.
great film nevertheless.


It was a really funny video, but the down side is that they missed alot more parts on the car. The engine did not even run, it was unable to turn over. The fluids was not added to the car like oil and coolent. So much more to building an F1 car besides driving it. I myself have the knowledge of driveing an F1 car i can also design and build an F1 car. Hey FOM,FIA, F1 teams, and F1 drivers do you want a challenge?


Loved this video, also saw the campervan one too recently, even better than this one in my opinion! Also not been mentioned here



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