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Fans Forum ready to go and here’s how you can follow it too
Fans Forum ready to go and here’s how you can follow it too
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Jun 2010   |  7:34 am GMT  |  48 comments

The FOTA Fans Forum, powered by Santander, takes place in London this Thursday at 1pm UK time.

Formula 1 fans will get the chance to meet face to face with leading figures from the sport at this groundbreaking event. It is a unique opportunity for the fans and the sport to come together and exchange ideas.

The panel for the event is led by Martin Whitmarsh, FOTA chairman and team principal of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and features Tony Fernandes, team principal of Lotus Racing, Jock Clear, Senior Race Engineer, Mercedes GP Petronas F1 team, Luca Colajanni, Head of Motorsport Press Office, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and Paul di Resta test and reserve driver, Force India F1 team.

Taking the form of a 90 minute discussion in a “Question Time” format in the theatre at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, in London’s Piccadilly, fans will have the opportunity to ask questions and to offer their points of view on all the key talking points in the sport at the moment. I will act as the moderator of the discussion.

We asked fans to apply for the 150 places last week on a first come first served basis and we were very oversubscribed. The places were more or less filled within 24 hours.

For those who are not able to be there on Thursday, you can still follow the action in real time starting at 1pm UK time and soon after the event you will be able to watch the discussions and add your voice to the debate.

If you go to you will be able to see what’s being said via a live Twitter feed from fans, journalists and team personnel at the venue. Tweet your views and comments to @jamesallenonf1 and we will take a look at the comments at the venue as we go along.

After the event the content will be released in video chapters via You Tube. We will post the videos here on the JA on F1 site and you can leave your comments, which will be passed on to the Formula 1 teams.

The idea came from the comments section on this site. We’ve regularly taken fans’ questions and suggestions and put them to people in the sport.

Now this event, organised in conjunction with the Formula One Teams Association, goes one step further and brings fans even closer to the sport. It offers the chance to engage face to face with key decision makers from the pit wall and to have your voices heard.

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Have you already decided the running order and which questions will be asked?

Will we be advised when we register if we will be asking our question or not?


Yes we've decided the order of the topics, The first person asking a question on each subject will be advised. We will try to get through as many as we can.


What is Alonso so upset about, is it because he can't race these days or the fact that Hamilton is showing him up on the track?? If Hamilton had done what Alonso wanted him to do & not go past the safety car which btw was still on the other side of the white line from the pits, then Alonso would have hit Hamilton up the rear end & complained about that....

Alonso's problem is, he wasn't able to do anything during the race & instead of admitting how crap he was, he wants to blame everything on Hamilton..

He also tried to get the 7-8 cars in front of him deducted time so that his inept driving wasn't highlighted but instead it backfired on him & he's throwing his teddies out the car... grow up[mod]...


Maybe the thing alonso is upset with is the fact there are stupid people out there who cannot see what has happened not only here but in 2007. People always blame alonso for everything but if it was his fault why have mclaren gagged him from ever talking about his time there. The Brits cheated AGAIN and got away with it AGAIN


I don't blame him for everything.

However, get over the idea that it's the big bad brits, and that Alonso is some knight in shining armor...

You do know that there were recorded emails showing that Alonso was knowingly involved in the use of Ferrari data while at Mclaren???

Then he goes crying to Mosley and gets granted amnesty in exchange for grassing out his employers for something he was involved in.

Sounds a bit like Piquet really. Oh, wait, the same Piquet who's cheat resulted in Alonso getting an undeserved win. Which of course he knew nothing about... RIGHT!


Non-disclosure agreements are standard anytime a contract is ended prematurely.

He gave evidence to the FIA, after failing to blackmail Mclaren, which gave him ammunity.


I don't know how happy Alonso would be if someone complained about him and Renault 'manipulating' the results by gifting him the win in Singapore 2008

Stephen Pattenden

I was one of the lucky ones to be selected to attend this forum and I am very much looking forward to it.

James, will you be confirming our pre-submitted questions with us before the meeting starts, or are you happy for them to be re-worded on the day?



You will be given the question you submitted on a card. We will try to get through as many as we can in the 90 minutes


Really looking forward to this. Who else managed to get a place to go? Look forward to seeing you there.


I'm coming, see you there


Me too! Can't wait!!


I got an invite but due to work had to turn it down (better to let someone else enjoy than me potentially turn up late).

Have a great time guys!

The only day in the year I couldn't rearrange work (auditors .....)


I did! I almost had to give the ticket to my wife, because of a last minute work meeting but I manage to explain about this event to my client - and they let me reschedule! Thanks to CyberSports for allowing me to attend as planned!


This is such a great idea, and a brilliant use of new technology. Good to see the media playing a positive role as a medium between fans and the sport. Can't be there and can't wait for the video. In other words, no worries: being there is best but I won't be missing it, after all. Well done, James.


I second this.

Thanks James for organising tweetfeed and YouTube.

A great alternative for those of us living on the other side of the planet.

I look forward to the event.


Hm. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to this, but sadly as it's being filmed I don't think it's something I'm comfortable with... Should I notify the organisers so they can re-allocate my place?


Yes I'm bunking off work too ;o)

They think I'm going to a meeting with Santander (one of my clients) which is roughly true.

This is too good an opportunity to give up so I'm working on the basis that no-one here will visit an F1 site and see me on the video, at least that's what I'm hoping...


Aawwhh, that's so human. Good luck and enjoy!


I just talked very nicely to my boss; it's sort of work related!


Looking forward to this - should be fun



Brilliant effort to get this to happen, James. It's just a shame that no-one from the FIA is going to be there; they, more than anyone, need to hear what the fans want, like and dislike.

Maybe next time?


Ah well.. there is going to be a senior FIA figure there.


Done. Thanks.


I'm one of the lucky few going and can't wait. For those who can't make it, if you think you have a better question than me then reply to this with it...


Hi James

Thank you for a very informative and authoritative website; always highly enjoyable reading.

I just wanted to make a small comment about the heading image of your Euro Grand Prix item for Valencia. I know you are a linguist and I wonder if you delberately chose that road sign in the centre for ironic effect. It gives a minimum speed limit apparently of 98 km/h. No problem for our F1 drivers, I think!

Keep up the good work.



James I was going to ask you to sign my copy of your book....but you already have!


Managed to nab a place, looking forward to it!!

@howardhughes are you operating undercover or something?


Flying into London to attend this meeting while the misses goes shopping in Oxford St, perfect!


Im lucky too and will be there. I must have lucked in by checking the website shortly after the invitation went up. Im really glad to be part of something F1 in what is a largely intimate gathering. Thanks James for setting the wheels in motion for this.



I'm so jealous I can't be attending this! Would be a great experience, it shows how far our sport has come and that FOTA really do want to listen to the fans.

James do you think this will be a one off event or do you think there may be another similar event in the near future (i sure hope so!).



I submitted a question for which i got a response asking if i will be participating in the event. Unfortunately i do not live in the UK which did not make it feasible for me to attend. Do you have time allocated for questions gathered from your website from people who would not be making it?


Hi james, really looking forward to this event, its a brilliant idea! In the email confirming my place it said not to use filming equiptment, are we allowed to do an audio recording or is that not allowed? Would be greatful to find out. Thanks again!


What a fantastic event. I appreciate that you will post it on the Forum James.

I hope the fans respect the speakers and ask serious questions and not make it a "B and moan" session.


I wish I had known about it sooner, but with current commitments, I can't make it down there, so didn't apply.

James, have you considered a system for submitting questions by people that can't make it, in case someone who isn't there may have a really insightful question, you could pick say 5 questions and ask them yourself, time allowing?



I am lucky enough to be going on thursday & i can't wait! one question though - my question was regarding tyre supply which has since changed/confirmed - can i re-word my question for it to be relevant or ask a question on another subject?




James - Could you ask about re-implementing the 2007-2008 Safety Car rules, with the pit lane being closed until the cars are formed up behind the SC?

That rule would have eliminated most of the problems with the Valencia SC period, and now that refueling is banned we don't have to worry about cars having to pit while the pits are closed in order to not run out of fuel.


Hi James, I have a question that id like you to put forward to Fota, not necessarily in London but maybe sometime in the paddock as its something i feel very feel strongly about.

As a passionate fan of F1 i would love to go to as many race as possible but today's ticket prices just dont allow this, Fota talked about this a year ago with their breakaway threat but nothing materialised.

With the impending cost cuts this is an area F1 could really give something back, hope i havent rattled on too much but i just feel very frustrated as many other fans do that its no longer affordable to go multiple races.


Romeo ( MEX in USA)

James I want to thank you for everything you do for F1, and for this blog. Maybe you could one day create special discussions on things that could improve competition. I want "Canada" style tire changes, even more steps in the tires and 8 to 15 lap tires. 5 to 6 tire changes per team would create a strategy war. Thank you Again, and good luck in the forum.


I too am one of the luck ones attending on Thursday, i'm really looking forward to it, again a big thank you to you James for organisng the event. I look forward to seeing you all there.


I hope someone raises a point about the safety car rules.

If I am correct, 2009 introduced new SC rules due to refueling. Now that refueling is gone, perhaps the pit lanes should once again close during SC period?

The current ruleset puzzles me a bit: we saw Ferrari more or less get punished for doing well in the race before the SC period.

I think what I mean is clear but in case we're not on the same page this is what I mean: Ferrari were in 3rd and 4th place (respectable race pace) but were sort of "screwed over" for passing the pit entrance before SC was announced. The result was that all the midfield teams were able to pit while Ferrari had to do an entire lap before pitting again. We all know how that changed their afternoon...

However, had the pits been closed then NO ONE would have been able to pit and in fact the running order would have remained intact.

I feel like maybe the old rules were more fair?


Well, my last comment doesn't go well with the steward. I dunno what's wrong with it. It's just that I'm gay about the 'real time' ie live streaming. Am I wrong about it?


hi James - I submitted 3 questions.. can you tell me which one I will be asking?

thx b


I am also one of the lucky ones going, looking forward to it.

Also thanks to James and to everyone else involved in setting up this event and giving up their time to do it.


Hi James,

Just wanted to say that i cant wait for the event tomorrow, really lloking forward to putting the fans view to those responsible for the f1 "show"!


I'm one of the lucky ones and am looking forward to tomorrow! Hope it's not going to be too stage-managed.

James, thanks for organising. For the next one, perhaps you could summarise all the online questions and let those people who can't attend vote for the one(s) they'd like to see asked and answered.

Looking forward to seeing you there!



Is it being shown live on the web?

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