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F1 prediction: Win 2 top grandstand tickets for British GP
F1 prediction: Win 2 top grandstand tickets for British GP
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Jun 2010   |  2:40 pm GMT  |  872 comments

I’m delighted to be able to offer two top of the range grandstand seats for the British Grand Prix on 11 July, courtesy of my sponsor FX Pro, the Forex trading company which sponsors Virgin Racing.

You could be trackside at Silverstone in two weeks time (Darren Heath)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and predict what the margin will be in qualifying at Valencia between the two Virgin drivers and in whose favour. The times in F1 are measured to 1/1000ths of a second. So for example if you think Timo Glock will be faster, you might answer “Glock by 0.123 secs”. Please do remember the three digits after the decimal point.

To give you a guide, in Turkey Glock was faster than DI Grassi by 1.245 secs. In Montreal the gap was down to 0.734s again in Glock’s favour.

In the event that no-one gets the correct answer, the person getting the closest to the time will be the winner. If two people get the same correct answer, the one who posted first wins. If one of the drivers fails to set a time, the person who predicts that wins.

Obviously, as with the Fans Forum, only people who are able to physically get to the event should answer. If you are in Canberra with no chance of getting a flight, please don’t enter and spoil it for everyone else. Or enter for fun, but declare that you do not wish to claim the prize.

Entries must be in by 12-00hrs UK time on Saturday 26 June.

We will send the tickets and information pack out early next week.

The full JA on F1 Silverstone package courtesy of FX Pro

· Premium grandstand tickets to Saturday and Sunday’s events

· Large TV screens so you don’t miss one second of action

· Packed lunch with Virgin Racing cool bag

· A tour of the Virgin Racing garage, F1 Paddock and autographed team merchandise

· Kangaroo TV set

· Official F1 Programme

· Virgin Racing ticket lanyard with map, time table and Virgin Racing info

· Virgin Racing gift bag

Good Luck!

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There should be no pressure from the fans in this competition for Michael to risk his life while driving. The media gave him enough coverage to unstable his mental activities. He is Human not a puppet. Do not raise him up and throw him down whenever you feel like. He is passionate and there, only for his fans. There are no speed limits on the road to Excellence.


Oh & Alonso is such a saint when he’s driving, he’s as bad as Webber for complaing about other drivers but when it’s their fault, they’ve never done anything wrong!!! Funny but if it had been the other way around, Ferrari would have gotten away with no drive-thru pentaly because they get away with alot more than other teams do & if you say they don’t, then you’re as blind as a bat!!


— (for your eyes only 🙂 —

Great fun this contest, James!

Please, repeat it in the future!

Do you want me to set up a web page so that people could log their guesses and then the winner be automatically computed??

I will do it for free… but I will be very happy if you buy me a beer and give a invitation to a GP… 😉


My punt on di grassi by 0.001 seems less ridiculous now than it did last night. Amazing to see the two Williams in the top ten on identical times.

21. di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth 1:42.086

22. Glock Virgin-Cosworth 1:42.140

If my maths is right official gap of 0.054.

My gap 0.053 so I allowed myself a glimmer of hope of winning. Didn’t last long with at least one quickly better (I skimmed going back so don’t trust my results…

727 # Suzi

June 26th, 2010 @ 11:07 am

DI Grassi by 0.030 seconds

Suzi’s gap of 0.024 really close target set so even better luck to any person going closer.

Here’s hoping for an entertaining race tomorrow and Silverstone. Enjoy your day out.


First check through suggests the closest was #429 Ibrahim Patel with 0.047, so he was only 7/1000ths of a second off. We had loads of entries within a few hundredths. And you though F1 was close.

Will check and post soon


Im very disapointed. Everytime i try to tip it fail.


Ahh I think I finished second….Gutted!


Well what a time for Di Grassi to out perform Glock!


Well don’t all you guys who said Glock look silly 🙂


So did you know something, James?

Cracking idea. Made Q1 interesting.


A hunch. Unbeaten runs are there to be broken.


James, who won the tickets? You had a chance to check yet

not very often my wife outpredicts me, but I fell for timo to beat Lucas!


Looks like I was very Close.. but close enough? Here’s hoping.


Once again F1 shows how unpredictible it is ! Di Grassi in front of Glock. Amazing


wow, digrassi did it! 🙂

haven’t seen anyone commenting in favor of him but congrats if there is any 🙂


Wow, well done to Di Grassi, and good luck to the 1% of people here who chose him to beat Glock 🙂


Glock by .221 seconds


Glock by .587


Glock by 0.453 seconds


Glock by 0.731

Stephen Farrall

glock by 0.786


Glock by 1.116


Glock by 0.610


Glock by 1.123

Thanks for the opportunity


Di Grassi by 0.214 seconds


Glock by 0.324


Glock by 0.348


Glock faster by 0.235


Glock by .333

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