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European Grand Prix – Who was your driver of the day?
European Grand Prix – Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jun 2010   |  8:00 pm GMT  |  89 comments

There were some strong performances in the European Grand Prix at Valencia, with drivers throughout the grid putting in some great runs.

So who was your driver of the day?

Sebastian Vettel
Was fastest in qualifying, made an assured start and fought off Hamilton in the first corners. Pulled out a gap quickly in the first stint and controlled the race from there.

Lewis Hamilton
Another race where he blended brilliance with controversy. Attacked Webber off the line and took second place, then had a go at Vettel, damaging his wing slightly in contact at Turn 2. Followed Vettel’s race strategy, pitting under the safety car, but by then he had already overtaken the safety car, which brought about his drive through penalty. Lucky that the penalty took so long coming he didn’t lose a place when he served it.

Jenson Button
Made up a place at the start, passing Mark Webber, his result was decided by being the first driver to pit when the safety car was deployed on lap 9. This got him ahead of Kubica and the two Ferraris, but behind Kobayashi in third place. Couldn’t pass the Japanese, but picked up the place at the end when he finally came in for tyres.

Rubens Barrichello
Gave Williams its best result of the season so far with fourth place. Started 9th, he was up to 7th at the start, passing Hulkenberg and Webber. Made the same quick call as Button, pitting immediately when the safety car was deployed. On days when your car offers you a chance to compete you must take it and Rubens showed he is still sharp.

Kamui Kobayashi
Many people have been asking what had become of the warrior Kobayashi, who lit up Interlagos and Abu Dhabi last season in the Toyota. Here he had another poor qualifying session, but starting on the hard tyre from 18th on the grid, he took advantage of the tyres’ durability to leap to third when the safety car came out, by not stopping. From there it was about what he would be able to do in the closing laps after a switch to softs. He passed Alonso and Buemi brilliantly.

Adrian Sutil
Started 13th, was 12th on the opening lap but passed cars and fought his way up to sixth at the flag.

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Kobayashi for sure, it cannot be someone else.

With an inferior car he showed his brilliance. I know many will laugh at this but put this guy in a Red Bull or Mclaren and he cannot be beaten.

He is a true racer, balls to the walls.



Runs into the back of a slower car and blames the other driver.

In Australia he ran into the back of a faster car that was being held up(that was a Racing Incident).

Turkey comes together with a car of similar speed (his team mate) and its not his fault.

Mark, it may be your driving thats the problem?


What I said of Mark Webber was a bit tongue in cheek.

I like him, tell you as it is, but the facts are he crashes to much and he will not be world champion unless he becomes a better decision maker.

Let Vettle through and finish second in Turkey, wait two corners to pass Heikki and pick up some points from the European Grand Prix. In Australia let Alonso & Hamilton fight each other and pick up what is left.

Alonso picks his fights, that why in he is only 5 points behind Webber in a Ferrari that has not exactly set the world on fire this year.


Classic post Tom. Ignores all statements of truth and professional opionions of unbiased F1 drivers.

Web never blamed Kovi - Only said he was braking 80m from where MW normally brakes taking him massively by surprise but "that must be where the Lotus needs to brake".

Webber took the blame in Aus as his mistake.

Vetel turned into him. Vetel's fault - end of.

I do agree though that it was our best crash to date.


I would agree as Mark didn't say much at the race but in a quote today he said:

"What’s frustrating was that this accident should never have happened,"

"I mean, how long was Heikki going to stay ahead of me? Another 15 seconds?

"He must be asking himself whether it was worth it."

He seemed to think it was worth it try to hold off a faster team mate in Turkey when he got crashed into and lost the win.

When Mark's in the lead it's the man making the pass who's at fault and who must avoid a crash. But when Mark's trying to make the move it's the guy in front that should yield?

Which one is it?

After hitting Hamilton from behind in Australia on a botched pass attempt he blamed the car for "losing downforce".

I was becoming a Webber fan but unless he can make up spots on the track I don't see him winning a championship.


Sutil two Votes till now?

Now, that is unfair. If there would be a awarad called "Driver of the day", yes - that would most likely goes to Kobayashi.

However, in terms of racing, overtaking and so on Sutil has done a good joob too.

202 to 2 Votes just isnt right.


You made my day with that comment. XD

" European Grand Prix – Who was your driver of the day?"


I agree. I had to vote Kobayashi, but it was one of Sutil's finest drives to pass his teammate and Buemi on worn tyres.


But the poll is for driver of the day?


Yeah it is.

Sorry, its just a little hard to describe ;).

My point is: We dont even know who made the call at Sauber. "All" Koba did in the end was a anonymous begining, holding p3 and then 2 arguable not so hard passes with new tyres.

Yes, it was a good archievment, but not great racing. At least not for me. Good racing is Overtaking in the midfield, staying out of trouble.


Perhaps he didn't do much overtaking, except for the 2 paces at the end on fresh tyres, but he did defend his position from Jenson for many laps - even when they were lapping the back markers which looked particularly tricky today with Glock so intent on passing Senna there was at times no way through.


Who are the muppets that actualy thought button was the best driver today. Seriously who can you actualy say that. He even admitted it was all about the safety car today. It has to between sutil or kobayashi. Vettels lock up was lucky to get away with it


If the stewards had handed out the normal penalty for the safety car infringement, 25 seconds, then Button's fast laps at the end of the race would have looked pretty clever.

He'd saved enough fuel and tyres behind Kobayashi to put in some blinding laps at the end which would have gained him 4th place over Alonso by 0.2s. As it was the effort was unnecessary because the penalty was only 5 seconds, but he still drove an intelligent race to make the most of his slice of luck, and set the fastest lap. He's just as deserving as Rubens I would say, and Rubens has more votes.

OK, it's true, neither of them is driver of the day, clearly it's Kobayashi, but it's wrong to suggest that one has to be a "muppet" to appreciate Button's efforts.


surely your contradicting yourself there when you say " clearly its kobayashi". im not saying button didnt drive and ok race but thats all he did. i am sticking by what i sayed. only a madman would think buttons drive was the best on display


It would only be a contradiction if iceman had voted for JB - he hasn't said that he did that at all. In fact, his saying that "clearly it's Kobayashi" probably indicates that he is being objective and didn't vote for JB.

There are always going to be people who vote for their favourite driver regardless. I've seen plenty of comments on here from Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Schuey fans who feel their driver can do no wrong, and I'm sure most of those would vote for their man if the poll was about who had the nicest house.


James, everyone seems to be talking about kovi but from the replay it seems Webber was into the breaking zone at increased speed yet wasn't breaking. In your opinion do you think Webber would have made the corner if he hadn't have run into Kovi?


and why he got into Kovy` slipstream anyway - he had enough speed to take a clean outside


Good Question. James, I would love to have you throw some insight into this whole thing. I too agree that Webber was too eager to overtake and I find it ridiculous that some would say that Kovy should have just let him through...I thought it was called racing for a reason...

Driver of the day: Kovi 😛


Kobayashi is an amazing driver, isnt he? A fan-favorite from the first time we saw him, he cemented a reputation as a ballsy racer in Abu Dhabi and here he showed it again when he had the slightest chance. That last-corner pass on Buemi was brilliant!


Just fantastic yesterday. But where has that Kamui been for the previous 8 races? Hopefully this is a return to the form we saw last year and not just a blip.


It was an extraordinary performance from such a new driver and the execution of his bold moves was both precise and decisive. Totally unintimidated by experienced World Champions such as Button and Alonso and able to outthink and outmanouvre them when the chips are down. An absolute joy to watch - Peter Sauber's record of picking talented young drivers is unmatched!


Agreed, Kobayashi is lovely to watch. He really doesn't care about others pedigree. As M said, balls to the walls. Where are the sponsors for Sauber?... Please?


Alonso - the one who behave according to rules.


Sure, like in 2007 and 2008.



How would Button's race have unfolded if Hamilton had not overtaken the safety car and instead had been ahead of Jenson in pitstop strategy priority?


I think Button would have been 2nd, and Alonso's probably right that Hamilton would have ended up a place or two ahead of him.

Pit stop priority didn't come into it as Hamilton had already passed the pit entry when the safety car was deployed. Button was the first who had the opportunity to pit.


KOBAYASHI clear Driver of the Day! Wonderful drive, doing on the Valencia track what two WDCs in the form of Alonso and Button could not - overtake.


Your point appears to ignore the fact that Kobayashi had a poor qualifyng position allowing him to choose his tyres at the start of the race. This tactic paid off when the safety car came out allowing him to gain places. Keeping Button and co behind him was achieved on a track that does not lend itself to overtaking. The overtaking at the end was due to his skill, but let's not ignore the fact that he was on new tyres. Kobayashi in effect put in a long qualifying run knowing that he did not have to look after his tyres. Kobayashi deserves credit for his driving yesterday, but his performace in Montreal (or Brazil 2009 where he moved across on the Williams sending it into the tyre wall) and at other circuits should not be ignored either.


I think that Kobayashi drove a great race with some great tactics coming from the Sauber team. Staying out on the prime tyres and not pitting until a few laps from the end was an inspired strategy that could have backfired but really paid off. The final 2 overtakes were brilliant, especially on the final corner.

I think Lewis was a little unlucky - he clearly hesitated when the safety car(or was it the medical car?) was exiting the pits - perhaps he was checking with the team if he could pass or not??

Otherwise I think Vettel drove a faultless race to lead from start to finish, and I believe both Mercedes drivers drove better races than their qualifying pace showed - even if their finishing positions didn't reflect this.

I am curious though how the marshals decided on a 5 second penalty for those speeding after the safety car was deployed - I thought that normally a time penalty applied post race was the equivalent to serving a drive through or a stop-go during the race? If so surely this should have been nearer 15 seconds rather than 5??


Bueme seems to be quietly getting on with it each weekend and doing a good job. I was wondering if any of the 'big' teams have been noticing him?


There was some talk recently of him been promoted to teh senior RBR team later on when MW is gone (his contract is only for 1 more year I think)


I voted Kobayashi, very good pace on the harder tyre through all the race and two great passes at the end.


Kobayashi had a great race today, glad to finally see the same driver we saw at the end of last year again.

Just wondering if Sauber could have pitted him on the last lap for tyres as their garage is before the start/finish line? Would have been a quicker strategy surely with less time spent in the pits and an extra 4 laps or so wouldn't have destroyed his tyres. Or is there something in the rulebook stopping such a strategy.

Oh well, if they had it would have robbed us of his two brilliant overtakes. Happy with the way it ended up!


That's an interesting idea - effectively only doing half a pit stop during the race instead of a whole one!

If that is against the rules, then Sauber had to pit him when they did really. Kamui's pace was beginning to drop off, and in the previous couple of laps Alonso had matched his times so the lead was no longer growing. It was time to change and give him the maximum amount of time on the new tyres to take the place back.


Clever... sort of idea that would create a huge uproar then a quick rules change. I'm guessing the FIA thought of that when they wrote the regs.


Remember Schumi doing his penalty on the last lap? I´m 99% sure that the textbook says:

"You have to !use! both tyres"

What use exactly means ... is up to you.


25.4 e) Unless he has used intermediate or wet-weather tyres during the race, each driver must use at least one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the race.

"Use"....I think driving for a few metres counts as "using" tyres, doesn't it?


Schumi doing it with his drive through was exactly what gave me the idea, as much as I hate to steal an idea I hated so much at the time it just came to me in the race yesterday.

If that is what the rulebook says it sounds perfectly legal to me.


What about Alonso with his fantastic radio messages? 😉

They definitely made the race entertaining


Alonso radio feed:

"Ahemmultun befor at pawzeeshon 2 .... afta pemawltee at pawzeeshon 2, nawt fairuh! Alienz comspeerasea want me looz race! And Ahemmultun in 2007....oh wait Luca, a white car just passed me...check the rules book to see if we can get him a penalty because I can't pass him even though his car is slower".


Thought John McEnroe had moved to driving a Ferrari the way that the crying and screaming was coming from the Red car. !!!!!!!


Agree 100%... Though I empathize with him here, this guy moans a lot... when i say a lot, I meant a LOT


Well, he's in the right team then.


Game, set, match Lulz!


Kobayashi, no question. Vettel had a fairly simple flag-to-flag cruise and didn't have to work at keeping Hamilton off his back due to the safety car, Hamilton had good pace, and did well to buy himself the time he needed for his drive-through while the stewards were messing around, but didn't really excel himself, while Jenson failed to get past a Sauber that in theory was much slower than him.

The one driver who had a really good race was Kobayashi, first in holding off Button and pulling out enough distance so he could pit, then in his daredevil passing in the last few laps on fresh tyres.


I said it on the other webpage but I think that Button never really attempted to make a run on Kobayashi. He played the long game waiting for a slower car driven by a less experienced driver to give up the place in a pitstop instead of risk that the overtake would turn out like Vettel-Webber. Strategically it was the right call since I don't think that Button would have caught Hamilton anyway, and Button got the podium finish.


Yeah absolutely. Button obviously worked out pretty quickly that he had nothing to gain from fighting Kobayashi, and everything to lose. He showed his true pace by setting the fastest lap of the race after Kobayashi pitted.


True - Button was never really in a race with Kobayashi. However, it seems to me that if Button could have passed Kobayashi, he could have maybe grabbed second place, especially after Hamilton got handed the drive-through penalty.

As it turned out, Lewis had to really charge after getting the penalty, and didn't come out of the pitlane very far ahead of Kobayashi - if Button had got past the Sauber he might well have ended up second.


Button and Kobayashi have tussled before, so think Button was playing the safe game, and letting the race come to him.


If JB had overtaken Kobayashi earlier though wouldn't be right up there with Vettel and Hamilton? I think he waited too long to pass in the first few laps and was ok with just getting 3rd...I guess that's a better decision than what MW made though 🙁 thank God he is alive and OK.



I totally agree with you - JB had no need at all to pass Kobayshi knowing he had to pit. He also knew how far up the road LH and SV were so had a pretty much guaranteed podium, and a mechanically unstressed car at the end.

I did notice that there were no pit radio transmissions for JB today - or was I asleep???


Definitely Kobayashi.

His defending against Button when the two back-markers tangled in front of him showed some great alertness in a high-pressure moment.


Alonso was the fastest man on the track before the SC came out.

Terrible FIA decision making. Makes F1 a farce and defecates on the fans.

I've had enough. Fed up of the F1 being pants.


A similar situation occured in Singapore in 2008 with Nico Rosberg didn't it?

I wonder why Fernando wasn't so outraged on that day?

People that live in glass houses.........


Who made the most of his opportunities today? S'gotta be Hamilton surely? OK, he was lucky, but he also made a lot of his own luck. And to wind up Alonso so much has gotta be worth something

Maybe Vettel, got pole, held it, and covered his mistakes enough not to lose position. More Steady Eddie that DotD

Kobayashi, yes, nice to see him doing well, but being a roadblock on a no-overtake track + overtake with fresh options isn't game changing.


I wonder why James didn't put Rosberg on the list...


Because he raced a very average race perhaps?


Of the drivers listed, Vettel and Kobayashi are the only ones who didn't break the rules and gain an advantage by doing so.


Vettel was fortunate that the safety car waited for him to pass before leaving the pits though!


I have no second thought to vote for Kobayashi. Given a better car, I think he can some driver's nightmare !


Kobayashi is my man of the day.

I loved the moment before the podium ceremony where Button was saying that it was impossible to overtake on this track, about 5 mins after Kobayashi had done Alonso and Buemi on successive laps. I know it was mostly down to tyres, but you can overtake 🙂


Actually, thinking about this, weren't the 2 cars Kobayashi pass using the same Ferrari engines as well?


Kobayashi, hands down. Valencia may not exactly encourage overtaking, but keeping the world champion behind you for 30+ laps without making a mistake and lapping pretty damn close to the other McLaren's pace in the process isn't easy. Especially given the fact that the Sauber isn't a quick car. The soft tyres certainly made those overtakes possible, but he had to have the guts to attempt them and seventh place was fully deserved. Give him a better car and he could really surprise people.


I'm sorry but Kobayashi is hardly driver of the day. He benefitted from not pitting and holding up a TON of cars on a track that is KNOWN for NO overtaking. Then he pits near the end, gets fresh tires and of course, passes a few drivers. If he had come out of the pits behind Hamilton, trust me, he would have overtook him. If it was Vettel, well, Seb would have taken Kobi with him ;]

I loved him at the end of '09 and he obviously has a bad, unreliable car this year... but he was clearly off the pace and didn't deserve being 3rd leading a procession that we all affectionately call a "Trulli Train." I'm sick of this. The Mercedes cars have done this several times this year. It denies us all proper racing as drivers can't overtake and go their fastest and the front runners leave the rest of the field behind.

I'm not for the artificial rear wing rules coming next year and feel overtaking should be earned. But everyone needs to get together and do something about faster cars not being able to get by. That what is frustrates me the most about the current state of F1 racing (politics and stewarding aside). You see a driver flying in clean air 0.5sec-3 sec. faster than the guy in front, he catches him annndddd.... stays there. Obviously, aero needs to be done away with and possibly ground effects return. I doubt that will happen but I believe several drivers have commented that the brakes are too good and that with late braking points, it makes overtaking impossibly as seen on various tracks where its always a procession (Valencia anyone?). So maybe, use some lower tech brakes. I know that goes against the spirit of high-tech F1 but if it improved the show and lets drivers properly race and overtake... well, why not ?


I thought Barrichello was driver of the day for me personally.


Barrichello got my vote.

Outstanding drive with a midfield car and a Cosworth powerplant.


How could it not be Kobayashi?

In a vastly inferiro car, he kept Button, Buemi and Alonso at bay as well as overtaking the latter two.

I am not one for modifying the rules to create artificial overtaking (i.e. movable rear wing) and this shows that it is possible to overtake with a different tyre strategy and a comitted driver.

Sauber was clearly inspired when he signed Kamui to his team.

Thank you Kamui and Sauber for the entertaining end of the race.


Because if not for the safety car & the fact that KOB qualified so badly that he could choose his starting tyres, he would never have been there. No great drive, but a good drive & a very good roll of the dice strategy wise.

Honestly I'm wondering why Schumacher didn't do the same, he was cruising around in front of KOB before he decided to pit & then get held in the pit lane??? If Schumacher had of not pitted then, he could have done the exact same thing KOB did for the rest of the race, it certainly would have landed him in about 6th rather than 17th.

Mercedes are HORRIBLE with their strategy this year, & now its really starting to cost them.


For me it has to be Kamui Kobayashi for his spirited drive and two lovely over-takes on fresh tyres.

Definitely Adrian Sutil would be my runner up in what looked to be a relatively off the pace Force India.

I have to say however I am absolutely shocked to see Lewis Hamiliton manage to gain almost 10% of the vote for driver of the day! I don't want to criticise him too much for what in the heat of the moment was a simple error on his part but it completely compromised his race potential and should be considered a mark down on the days performance. Are Hamiliton fans so biased that they have to vote him driver of the day regardless of the facts?

Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against Lewis, in fact I thoroughly enjoy watching him race but I am a little bemused by his poll results.

Personally I am a fan of driving and appreciate any driver who puts in an admirable performance rather than choosing one a sticking by them. I think what makes F1 a great sport is that a fan can support any driver who are puts in a good performance. As an example I personally do not believe Felipe Massa is quite in the top tier of drivers (GB 08, Malaysia 09, China 10) but he is welcome to prove me wrong with some good drives, in fact I absolutely encourage it! I wonder if people who blindly support one particular driver regardless of what is actually occurring would not get more from their F1 watching if they supported the whole field rather than just Lewis or Fernando or whoever. (again nothing against either of these drivers, in fact quite the fan of both, though Nando could bite his tongue once in a while)


The drivers were all handicapped by the excessive aero of modern F1 cars... another fine failing of Charlie Whiting and his OWG group...

Therefore Kobi has to be driver of the day, as he is the only one that managed an overtake...

The rest were just part of the procession... only thing missing were trumpets and floats...


Cowboyashi, hands down no competition!


Driver of the day goes to Kobayashi.

Pilot of the day goes to Mark Webber - maybe he should have a go at the Red Bull Air Race after he retires from F1?


... I also thought Rubens had a good drive also. Stayed out of trouble and significantly out-performed Hulkenberg - before his team-mate's car troubles.


"Jenson Button

Made up a place at the start, passing Mark Webber, his result was decided by being the first driver to pit when the safety car was deployed on lap 9"

This isn't true. According to Kubica he was the first driver who entered the pits just one second after the SC was deployed followed shortly by Button and Barrichelo:

"After that, we got lucky when the Safety Car came out: I was already braking for the last corner when the message came on the steering wheel, so I decided to head straight to the pits. Unfortunately, though, we didn't manage to take maximum advantage of the opportunity: I was the first car into the pits but the third car to leave. If everything had gone smoothly, we could have finished on the podium this afternoon, but unfortunately we didn't manage to do so." "

For Kubica disappointment his team wasn't prepared because 10 seconds earlier they called for Petrov to box on this lap (quote from Alan Permane):

"We reacted very quickly to the Safety Car to stop Robert, but unfortunately we had already planned to stop Vitaly on that lap and the mechanics were waiting in the pit lane with his tires. So there was a dash into the garage to swap the tires over, which cost us some time and meant we lost a couple of places to Button and Barrichello."

url: http://www.renaultf1.com/2010-European-Grand-Prix-Sunday.html?lang=en


Thanks for posting that, I didn't realise that was what had happened to Kubica.


wow two thousand + votes for kobi! what a legend


No doubt for me - it's Kobayashi. Very good move on Alonso, briliant!

Question to James - have you changed, a bit, your mind on Schumaher if you compare cases like: in China, with Schumaher when he was passed by Petrov like Kobayashi passed Alonso in Valensia?

Btw: no one says about Alonso who couldn't protect his track position in a very few laps and where, in Valencia, with a very little chance on overtaking ...


He's certainly struggling at the moment


James, I think Nick is actually asking if you have changed your mind about Schumacher in light of the fact that it actually appears easy to overtake when the other driver is on harder or older tyres, like what happened in China when Petrov (new tyres) overtook Schumacher (old tyres). I believe Nick is asking if maybe you now believe you may have been a bit too critical of Schumacher?


No, personally I don't believe you have been overly critical, more just pointed out the facts. Lets face it Schumacher DID have a terible race in China by his own admission Nick.


Is he though James? In Canada he was flying before having to pit with his puncture, and in Valencia he and the team erred badly by pitting when the SC came out (he was ahead of Kobayashi at that point, so in theory everything that Sauber achieved, so too could Schumi) but he was badly screwed by the daft pit lane light rule. And the Mercedes has been a relative dog of late... so is he truly struggling?


It was interesting watching him on the BBC on-board feed. He's working hard in that car, often making multiple steering corrections on the way in and out of corners. Reminiscent of Felipe Massa's early days.


Have to agree that Kobayashi proved that he's got the skill to race competitively. As someone else has already mentioned, out him a Mclaren and he'd be one of the top. Having said that I really do believe that the Sauber is up there with Force India in terms of performance.


Koboyashi was brilliant and Hamilton was quick again. Championship wise though, can't help but notice that both Alonso and Button though not grabbing headlines seem to be points gathering machines. Should make for a cracker of a 2nd half of the season.


Kamui Kobayashi was my driver of the day. Made an unusual strategy work, made no mistakes under pressure, set great lap times on very old tyres and, new tyres or otherwise, made two superb passes at a circuit at which drivers and commentators seemed preoccupied with the notion that overtaking is so difficult. He's put a below par car in Q3 at three races this year. Stirling Moss said, pre season, that he "wouldn't be suprprised if Kobayashi is World Champion one day". He's fantastic, a real racer. Well done Peter Sauber for taking him on.


Is it me is DC being ridiculous in saying that the slower cars should just let the faster cars through... that is just nonesense. If the faster cars are that much faster, then they shouldn't have a problem overtaking the slower (as in the backmarkers) cars. Unless, wait for it, the driver does make a difference. DC is ridiculous even in retirement! That was all Webber's fault. I don't see any reason for Kovi to have just let him go.


Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why Schumacher didn't stay out on his hard tyres like KOB when the safety car came out? He could have run the exact same strategy as KOB from that point & finished probably 6th, rather than 17th or wherever he ended up. I thought it was an APPALING decision by the Mercedes team to bring him in when they did.

Does anyone know if I am missing some reason why they did not do this?


Kobayashi for sure, a racer, no doubt. So brilliant in this race I'm sure every team will have to revise their "security car" strategies.

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